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  The Punisher  
Frank Castle (Scenesys ID: 359)
Name: Frank Castle (Francis Castiglione)
Superalias: The Punisher
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapiens
Occupation: Vigilante
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Mobile
Education: Jamaica High School, Queens
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 41 Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth 15 Nov 1978 Played By Jon Bernthal
Height: 6'3" Weight: 225 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Rooster" - Alice in Chains

Character Info


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A former marine commando, Frank Castle is one of the deadliest vigilantes operating in the world. After the justice system got his family killed and tried to silence him, Frank has gone on to wage a global war against the underworld.

Stubborn and extremely skilled, his methods have earned him the title 'The Punisher', whether he gives the mercy of a quick kill, or does decidedly unpleasant things to his prisoners to send a message to the rest... and even after years of his One Man War, there's no sign of him slowing down.


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1978: Francis Castiglione is born in Hell's Kitchen.

1990 - '91: Frank enlists in the marines out of high school, looking for an outlet for his aggressive tendencies.

1994 - '03: Frank spends the better part of ten years serving and training in the Special Forces to handle all manner of vehicles, languages, martial arts and weapons. He also legally changes his last name to Castle. He also meets Maria, his future wife, during this time, on leave.

2003: Frank finishes Scout Sniper training, and is tapped for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

2004: Frank's first child and daughter, Lisa, is born.

2005 - '07: Frank has a second child, Frank. Jr, but Maria cannot inform him of the child due to his severely classified status in Cerberus Squad. He's a ghost for two years.

2008: While at home on leave, Frank's wife and children are killed in a violent sting operation gone wrong in Central Park. Frank narrowly survives and is hospitalized under a fake DNR to silence him by Samantha Reyes. It doesn't work, and Frank wakes up on his own. He spends the next several months preparing for war against those who killed his family; the start of his war against Samantha Reyes and associates. Captured in the course of this killing spree, Frank is convicted and officially sentenced to life in prison. Already preparing his escape, Frank is approached in prison by a powerful mob boss who wants to free Frank to go after his rivals. Frank agrees... and breaks the deal once he's out of prison.

2008 - Present: Frank is active throughout the United States and the world, earning the nickname 'The Punisher' for his brutal methods and his MO of torturing captured criminals for information or just to send a message. He becomes something of an urban legend, a boogeyman, to the global underworld, that criminals are terrified of.

IC Journal

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"How do I sleep at night? I don't. And if this is the choice you make,
you won't either."

- Untold Tales of the Punisher (2012) #5

One look in Frank Castle's eyes reveals an icy demeanor that only comes from desensitivity to the world around him. He has seen the horrors of war more closely than most men and suffered from the crippling loss of the only thing that kept him tethered. Though he does not suffer from the classical symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, his life was destroyed that fateful day in the park. Now, he tries to find peace in making sure what happened to him... never happens to anyone innocent ever again.

"It's not a soldier's job to put the enemy out of action. It's to
destroy him completely."

- Blood and Glory (1992) #1

Frank feels no guilt about what he does. The criminals he faces out in the world were already dead the moment they chose their evil lives, and it was only a matter of time before the Punisher caught up with them. His view of the world is almost excessively black and white, with a plain demarcation between good and evil. All who cross the line into evil are targets, and targets are eliminated. There is no degree of guilt in Frank's eyes. Though he may sometimes be lenient to those who have done good things in the past or even attempted to redeem themselves, this leniency is usually little more than providing them an opportunity to run.

"And then I'll spend the rest of my life sending more of your people
after you, I tell the dead man. Until you and your kind are gone
from the world."

- Punisher: The Cell (2005) #1

When his family died, Frank Castle died with them, and would in time come to devote himself to enacting his vengeance personally. He is a man at war, a war that will stretch on forever. There can be no armistice. There can be no reprieve. There can be no quarter. He is wholly devoted to his personal mission and nothing short of the complete eradication of those who would destroy the lives of others or help them to so can satisfy him. He cannot be swayed, he does not give up, he does not flag or tire. Frank is less a man and more a force of nature, a creature that cannot be bargained with nor deterred. His convictions are absolute, and he regrets none of his kills.

Character Sheet


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Frank is one of the best guerilla warfare specialists the marines ever produced. He was a natural at both guerilla warfare style hit and runs and in covert operations with no firearms use. Stealth comes as naturally to him as using guns.

Since he began his crusade, he has since learned how to blend into crowds and has learned improv acting to infiltrate organizations, making it seem like he belongs there.

"I hit criminals for a living. Sometimes they hit back ... once. But
I refuse to give any criminal the pleasure of seeing me in pain."

- The Punisher War Zone (1992) #23

Frank is only getting older. There's no super soldier serum coursing through his veins. He wasn't bitten by a radioactive marine while in Siancong. His body ages and is as susceptible to wear and tear as any other. However, what he has learned is how to keep himself fighting fit. Frank has the sort of exercise regime that keeps him in near-peak physical condition, affording him physical strength, agility, and stamina that is extraordinary for a man of his age and size. Though he is not capable of superhuman feats and may still get sick, exhausted, or injured, his body has been conditioned to withstand much more than the average man. In addition, Frank knows the exact diet, exercise, and training regimen required to maintain this for years to come.

As part of his interest in tactics, Frank has learned to a minor degree the basics of engineering, wiring, and enough computer science to support Microchip's work in the field.

He's no master at any of this, but it's enough to know where to put C4, how to disable electrical systems, and where to put that wifi hub so Microchip can hack into a system remotely.

"Trouble with a bomb is there's no one to get your hands on, no way to
return fire."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #7

Sometimes the subtle crack of a pistol is not enough to get the work done. Luckily, Frank is well-versed in the use of explosives. He has handled anti-vehicle weapons, grenades, grenade launchers, and all other manner of military-grade weapons. Additionally, Frank understands the composition and properties of plastic explosives (such as Semtex and C4) as well as how to create them from scratch using common materials like gasoline and fertilizer. Not only does Frank know how to correctly employ explosives to get the result he is looking for, but he also knows how to tell when they've been used and even what it takes to disarm or simply survive them. He's as competent as any bomb squad veteran, and likely several times more experienced.

First Aid:
"Pull the glass out and stitch it up. I'll handle the rest."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #7

Frank has seen almost every possible kind of violent injury that the human body is capable of sustaining. He has experienced a number of them personally. While he is no doctor and certainly has no interest in healing the sick, he knows how to treat injuries in combat and to keep a wounded person relatively stable until they are able to be tended to by a proper doctor. He can set bones, stitch up cuts, and even fish bullets out if the need arises. He can clean a wound and knows enough about anatomy to tell exactly what has been injured and how badly. He's mastered the art of patching himself up, since it isn't like he can just walk into a hospital or a clinic.

Improvised Weaponry:
"Kill the burners. Then turn the gas back on. Then get the hell out."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #13

From time to time, the weapons Frank brought with him just don't fulfil his purposes. Maybe his rifle runs out of ammunition. Maybe he didn't bring explosives with him, maybe he's being ambushed in whatever safehouse he's opted to sleep in. Whatever the reason, Frank has learned to improvise when it comes to weaponry. He knows how to turn a gas stove into a bomb. He knows the right way to break a bottle to turn the neck into a stabbing weapon. He knows what common household cleaners react explosively when mixed together. In short, even without a gun or a knife at hand Frank knows how to be eminently destructive.

"Nice bluff, Mick. But I said I was going to kill you now - that
doesn't mean you're going to die right away."

% - The Punisher War Zone (1992) #1

There are some vigilantes who are deft at intimidation, scaring the information out of their quarry without ever using violence. Others are skilled at using pain or the threat of pain to get what they want. While these types may crest up against the line, Frank crosses it without so much as batting an eye. His time in the military and time as the Punisher has allowed him to amass a catalog of interrogation and torture techniques. Without going into the gory details, he knows just how much trauma he can inflict without bringing on catatonia or death. He is also an incredibly intimidating man, and the weaker willed criminals will often willing divulge anything they know in the vain hope that he will spare them.

"Obvious place to start is Tony Pizzo's. Low-level punk turned capo,
in way over his head. Cavella wants a rank or two of cannon-fodder,
Pizzo and his trash would fit the bill."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #22

While the Punisher is certainly known for seizing the opportunity to rid the world of criminals where he finds it, the majority of his operations come from careful planning. He sets his sight on a particular outfit - typically organized crime, but it could be anything from a local drug runner to a supervillain - and sets about gathering all the intelligence he needs to dismantle them and their operation. He keeps himself apprised of the criminal goings on, especially in New York City and concerning the various Mafia families. He knows how to chase down leads, do his research, and learn everything he needs to know. He's not a detective, but years of doing this have definitely put him on par with the most seasoned criminal investigators.

"He saw the conviction growing in my eyes. His pistol started rising
towards the aim. He was bigger, younger, stronger. It was a nice
surprise to find out I was faster."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #53

This is what Frank Castle is known for. The Punisher is an avenging wight at the other end of a high-powered firearm, bring death to any who defy the black-and-white notions of justice by which he operates. He possesses the skill to accurately, efficiently, and effectively use almost any firearm he comes across. Even the most unusual and customized weapons tend to abide by certain inexorable laws of physics that he can compensate for. He can track multiple targets at once with a weapon in each hand and has the accuracy that would allow him to strike a target from record distances. Even in the heat of battle or when on the move his bullets land precisely where he means them to, able to avoid collateral damage (for his part, at least) in even the most chaotic firefight. It is a rare event that Frank misses his shot without some sort of outside intervention, and those who can even approach him as a marksman are few and far between.

Martial Arts:
"Okay, here we go. Pretty standard right cut ... mixed with some
Systema, our boy spent some time in Russia, I see ... ooh, nice
Jiu Jitsu. Muay Thai, too ... he just cherry-picks from all over
... okay, and a lot of Krav Maga. I could've guessed that ... "

- Deadpool vs the Punisher (2017) #3

Frank's special forces training afforded him martial arts training across a wide variety of disciplines. After he began his career as the Punisher, he has continued to train and pick up new disciplines here and there. He does not rely on any single one, instead blending them all into a style that suits him by picking and choosing among the various forms and moves that suit his purposes. As well as a host of East Asian martial arts he has picked up the likes of Krav Maga, smatterings of the Russian Systema arts, and even boxing and military close quarters combat. All of it comes together to make him a deadly opponent even when he has no weapon at hand, able to prove a match for even numerically or physically superior foes.

"A sharp-edged object is man's oldest tool. In this high-tech age, it's
good to get back to an honest, primitive weapon."

- The Punisher Summer Special (1992) #2

Frank is well-known for his use of a dizzying array of firearms, but they are far from his only weapon. As a marine he was trained extensively in the use of a Ka-Bar combat knife and has owned several throughout his life. He is an extremely capable duelist with a knife, able to use the weapon to deadly effect both in close quarters and within throwing range. Though he prefer knives, Frank has also ensured he is competent with weapons such as swords, clubs, broken bottles, and more exotic items such as chainsaws and butchers' hooks. Frank is just as deadly with a knife as he is with a gun.

Military Vehicles:
"The U.S. sent this chopper down to wreck coke factories. Let me show
you how it's done."

- The Punisher (1987) #2

During his time in the military, Frank ran through the gamut of special forces operation. Part of this training was learning to proficiently handle military vehicles including tanks, ships and all manner of aircraft from single-seat aircraft to attack helicopters to transport planes. If it only takes 1-2 people to crew it, Frank can probably use it effectively. After he left the military, his experiences throughout the world have led him to develop skills in a number of other craft as well. Though he is not an ace pilot, he knows how to get them in the air and (if they have them) employ their offensive functionality effectively. He might come out on the losing side against a highly skilled and specialized pilot, but he's quite adept for the breadth of his understanding.

Since he began his war against the underworld, he's specialized in using the Battle Van as well.

"I turned a lone gunman into a machine that runs at optimum efficiency.
Because of me, what he does can truly be defined as war."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #2

Frank applies tactics and strategy to his every decision. Even something as routine as raiding a criminal hideout is approached with an eye to all possible points of egress, potential dangers, environmental factors, and contingency plans. Frank is not a mindless beast wandering from place to place murdering whatever criminal crosses his path. He's not adverse to attacks of opportunity where they present themselves, but he would much prefer to have a plan for every situation. They are not always foolproof and he has been ambushed and outwitted in the past, but it takes a clever mind indeed to pull one over on him.

"I've opened the lizard-core of your brain. Lean in - my clairvoyant
rage consumes you."

"Tell you the truth ... doesn't feel different from any other day."

- The Punisher Annual (2009) #1

Whether it is a product of his scarred-over psyche, determined focus, intense training, or a combination of all three - Frank possesses an incredible strength of will. He is able to push himself to go on even when the odds are overwhelmingly stacked against him, and he won't bat an eye facing off against dozens of highly-skilled and well-armed opponents at once. He long ago learned to compartmentalize any fear he felt so it would not get in his way on the battlefield, and now that part of him wholly expects to die in a gruesome firefight he rarely feels the same dread that others might. As well as his strength of will, Frank possesses a preternatural resistance to mental influence and telepathy. Though his thoughts may be read easily enough, it is extremely difficult to utilize mind control in order to influence Frank in one way or another. It is likely only the most proficient and potent of telepaths would be able to effectively control him, and even then not for very long.


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"I still say we could've tested the Kevlar armor against this new 9mm
without you in it - why do you insist on punishing yourself like

- Punisher War Journal (1988) #1

Frank has manufactured for himself a bodysuit made of Kevlar, capable of holding up against small arms fire provided it is not hit too many times in the same place or from point blanc range. It is fire resistant also, though a bladed weapon will still penetrate it or cut with the grain and it does little to reduce blunt force trauma. The suit itself is a fairly simplistic design that Frank typically wears beneath his clothes, and bears little more in the way of bells and whistles than its resistance to damage.

Battle Van:
This intentionally non-descript vehicle is the Punisher's highly customizable command center and main mobile armory. Generally speaking, the inside has a high powered computer station, well stocked armory, and room for the various vehicular devices and concealed weapons. It'll usually have an AI controlled M134 or custom mini-rocket pod concealed in the rooftop and custom M249s ready to pop out of the sides.

However, with prep time, the Battle Van can have a lot more (or a lot bigger) weaponry mounted if necessary.

A Master Technologist and genius level computer specialist, a grey hat hacker among the best in the business, David "Microchip" Lieberman is the technical and field support behind the field operations and commando work of Frank. He customizes all of the gear the duo uses, and invents new gear as needed for dealing with the superhuman elements of their war.

"You take money from the mob, Frank. You buy ordnance, improve your

- Punisher MAX (2004) #5

Crime pays. What's more, criminals tend to keep their money in cash form out of fear that it will be seized by the authorities. Frank has, many times, come across vast piles of cash in various criminal safehouses in all manner of currencies and denominations. Frank generally takes what he needs to purchase new equipment or to otherwise improve and prolong his operation. Some of it he leaves stashed in various safe houses should he ever be in a tight spot and have need of it. What he doesn't need, he destroys to make certain no criminal will benefit from it. He's not the sort to return ill-gotten goods to their rightful owners.

The Foxhole:
If the Punisher were to have an HQ, it would be this place. Situated deep under New York in the abandoned tunnels, Microchip and the Punisher have taken great pains to conceal this place. Over the years, the Punisher has collected the largest private collection of military (and beyond) weaponry on Earth. He can find everything from your basic MP5s, to autocannons, miniguns, and sometimes even otherworldly or alien weapons (OOC: otherworldly and alien are by plot only. The Punisher has limited resources for these and doesn't take them out on a whim).

"I won't ask how you slipped inside my combat van, Spider-Man."

- Giant-Size Spider-Man (1974) #4

Frank keeps a number of vehicles in storage for ready use, mostly unmarked cars, trucks, and vans that allow him to move himself and equipment from place to place without drawing suspicion. As well as these cars, Frank also occasionally customizes a van to suit his purposes. These armored vehicles can withstand small arms fire and are generally equipped with surveillance equipment and other modifications that allow them to function in the war zones that typically spring up around Frank.

"The final touch is that this is a smooth-shooting gun. Between the
weight and the clever design of the internal mechanism, there is very
little recoil. Is this finally too much gun? Naaaaah."

- The Punisher Armory (1990) #2

The Punisher is known for his impressive armory. Over the years he has come up against all manner of well-armed opponents, and when he comes across something he likes he is unafraid of claiming it for his own. Frank can get his hands on almost any weapon of either civilian or military grade, even obtaining some ultra-modern prototypes here and there. He generally prefers the basics such as his service weapon - the M16A2 rifle - and this is what he typically brings with him to battle. Not every safe house will have every kind of weapon he needs, and even if Frank doesn't have something he requires he knows well enough how to obtain it quickly. Anything within the spectrum of military hardware is either owned or obtainable by Frank.


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"It's Omaha Beach. Wounded Knee. Rorke's Drift, the Killing Fields,
the first day on the Somme. World War Three in North Jersey. And only
now, pouring automatic fire into a human wall - do I feel something
like peace."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #1

Most people who look at Frank Castle and walk away will get the sense that he is a pitiless, unfeeling man who enacts a grim and grisly vengeance on the world. That he is a man with no inner life, fixated solely upon the murder and destruction he wreaks on those who would pray on society. A force of nature who does not sleep, does not eat, does not think - he just does. It is easier to view him that way, certainly. He is easier to hate this way. But it is untrue.

Frank's wartime experiences left him a shell of a man, burning away any semblance of normalcy within him. The loss of his family left him completely untethered. Now the only salve for his inner pain is death. The death of those he hates. The faceless, infinite mass that he collectively hates for what has become of him. He often avoids sleep because of the terrible nightmares that plague him and throws himself into his work because being alone with his thoughts is even more terrifying than a dozen well-armed mobsters. Frank's greatest enemy may well be himself.

"The old man from the park is long since dead; so are his soldiers,
so's the shooter. So are the people who called the hit, and hundreds,
maybe thousands more. But the war goes on."

- Punisher MAX (2004) #1

The true tragedy of Frank Castle is that he is bound forever to his mission; his war. He has become obsessed with the idea of wiping the criminal element from the face of the Earth, no matter how impossible the task might be. There is no real end goal for him. There will never be a day when he has done enough, and he can finally rest. His family will always be dead, his youth will have always been spent in the service of a country that crafted a predator and then lost all use for him. He has become so bent on his personal war that he has turned every waking moment of his life towards it, fueling his obsession. He cannot rest and rarely can he even be compelled towards to working on the side of the good and right unless his interests align. Violent retribution against criminals is all he knows anymore.

Rap Sheet:
"I don't think we need to waste the court's time with bail. The
defendant is one of the most notorious criminals in our city's - no,
our nation's - history. Not that his exploits have been confined
to America. His homicidal rampage has extended to Nicaragua, Honduras,
and the Dominican Republic making flight a very real - "

- The Trial of the Punisher (2013) #1

Frank has killed more people than cigarettes. The list of homicides that can be definitively traced back to him is a mile long, with likely hundreds more that have never even been investigated by law enforcement. Frank has no regard for the law in the service of his mission, willingly possessing illegal munitions and taking ill-gotten money as a means to fund himself. While there are certainly police officers who admire what he does and might even turn a blind eye to him, there are countless more who would love to make a name for themselves by being the one who brings Frank Castle to justice. Regardless of which criminals he kills, Frank has become one himself and will likely be pursued forever with only life imprisonment or a death sentence awaiting him if he's captured.



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Frank Castle has 33 finished logs.

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Oh no, April was kidnapped. (Again) September 6th, 2021 Frank rescues April from a group of kidnappers.
Touched August 30th, 2021 Gangbangers go down, lives are saved, but at what cost? Might be best not to borrow trouble before it's here. But that advice came from someone that's already a tad 'Touched'.
Small Beginnings August 22nd, 2021 Rocket and the Punisher meet over a deal gone bad. Rocket gets some toys. Punisher gets supplies.
After the Storm August 17th, 2021 Frank meets up with Peggy to offer his help taking down what is left of HYDRA.
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The Dead are Rising July 27th, 2021 If Midnite thinks John's paying that debt to Samedi, voodoo bloke better think again. But, with the help of a good woman and a couple of total strangers, the zombie infestation in the Cemetery Belt is handled, maybe not neat as a pin, but neat enough.
When In Rome: Part Two June 1st, 2021 The students and faculty of Happy Harbor get to visit the catacombs, but not without it becoming a bad time fast. Oh and the Punisher blows someone up. They probably deserved it though!
Punitore al parco May 31st, 2021 Sometimes it's best to just go straight back to the hotel after work. Things happen.
Funeral Entrapment May 13th, 2021 April meets the Punisher in the middle of an explosive ambush in a funeral home. 'Rescued' from it, she gets a bit of 'interview' time with Frank himself. And a new phone.
A Bunch of Jerks Being Jerks April 17th, 2021 Kaida and Frank stop some bad guys from beating up a homeless man, but Frank takes it further than Kaida would like.
Meeting the Man in the Van. April 7th, 2021 Frank visits Titans tower, making plans to attack the people responsibility for Irina.
Genetic Raid March 22nd, 2021 Mutants saved! More info gathered.
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Look up from your phone - Danger is Lurking! February 26th, 2021 A few moments of silence for the lost Nintendo Switch
Tracking and Following February 15th, 2021 Rose chases people and Frank shoots them.
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Goliaths Win! a riot January 2nd, 2021 The riot comes to an end. But the questions are just beginning...
A Maze for Tails December 28th, 2020 No description
The Saudi Arabian Heist December 10th, 2020 SHIELD and The Punisher successfully heist a secret Saudi Arabian gold reserve vault. State secrets were stolen, but the desert claimed the vault back in the end.
Revenge of the Paw November 22nd, 2020 The violence in Gotham is dealt with. For now. Will the Bat Clan hunt down Frank Castle? Will the city develop a squirrel proof dumpster? And who will track down the hidden hand behind the Paw of the Beast first? The Bat Family or Shiva?
Buy You a Beer November 17th, 2020 No description
Before the Hotel International November 11th, 2020 After the Punisher helped at the attempted assassination of a diplomats son, he shares intel on who is behind it, as well as his approach to negotiating.
Bloody Aquisitions November 5th, 2020 Wolf Spider intervenes in one of the Punisher's operations to grab some new guns while taking down an uppity gang. He manages to save a few thugs... and gets shot at for his troubles.
A 'neutral' meeting November 4th, 2020 The Punisher 'meets' Cecily in his own way.
Diplomatic Immunity October 31st, 2020 While investigating an attempted assassination of a diplomats son, three mercenaries brazenly pretend to be SHIELD agents but are caught in the act.
The Traditions of the Trade October 25th, 2020 Spidey and Punisher fight Ukranian gangsters in a bath house
A Morning Meeting August 25th, 2020 No description
Urban Tracking August 22nd, 2020 Frank fills Peggy in on his current investigation after a spirited bout and some minor explosions.
Caught in Translation August 20th, 2020 A funeral turns into a ball of chaos, with Cecily in the middle of Peggy and the Punisher's work.
Rooftop Run August 20th, 2020 Frank and Elektra chase down a trio of kidnappers on the roofs of Hell's Kitchen
Black and Black August 9th, 2020 Gangster blood is spilled in a territorial clash between Jonah and Frank.
Street Justice April 9th, 2020 Spider-Man has to deal with both Silk and steel when they run across the Punisher for the first time.


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Frank Castle has 33 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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