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  Ms. Marvel  
Kamala Khan (Scenesys ID: 1076)
Name: Kamala Khan
Superalias: Ms. Marvel
Gender: Female
Species: Inhuman
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: Jersey City
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Date of Birth 3 Jan 2004 Played By Sophia Taylor Ali
Height: 5'4 Weight: 125 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Adam WarRock - Marvelous

Character Info


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Kamala Khan is your typical Pakistani-American teenager. She lives in (and loves) Jersey City, she goes to school where she is a solid B-grade student, she writes fanfic and hangs out with her friends at the Circle Q in her neighbourhood. She is also Ms. Marvel - a name she originally appropriated thanks to the hangups of her own subconscious, but which has stuck with her ever since. One of the newer generation of Inhumans, Ms. Marvel is already shaking things up, and the world can expect big things from her soon!


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2004: Born and raised in Jersey City to Yusuf and Muneeba Khan, younger sibling of Aamir Khan (21).

2004-2018: Lived ordinary life. Became close friends with Nakia Bahadir & Bruno Carrelli. Also became giant nerd.
2016: Was in the background during some Justice League antics where they saved a large number of civilians - Carol Danvers specifically saved her and her friends, cementing Carol's place as the greatest hero in Kamala's mind!
2020: Found a mysterious crystal which broke, causing wild hallucinations and awakening her powers. Discovered (and is confused by) her Inhuman abilities. Has used them to save one (1) horrible person.

IC Journal

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Some people are reluctant to help others; some struggle with their dark impulses or deeper issues. Kamala is not one of those. She has a very strong moral compass, and she is driven by the pure-hearted and noble desire to help people. 'They who harms one person, harms all mankind. They who saves one person, saves all mankind.'

Whilst Kamala may struggle with the burdens she takes on, and whilst she really does not like the harm that she has to inflict, she is a strong soul who stands firm in her beliefs and her principles. She does not ask or expect for praise and admiration; she does not do the good things she does for any other reason than them being inherently good things to do. She is very pure in that way, some may say naive.

Kamala does not refrain from speaking her mind and she has a very moral heart. She is more than happy to contradict people when she thinks they are wrong, even if they are in positions of authority over her, and she has a talent for sarcastic comebacks and quick wit. She is assertive, confident, and plain in her opinions - she has absolutely no talent for deception, either, though none of these qualities are taken to such an extreme that she is a difficult person to like. She is reasonable and she does not go out of her way to look to pick arguments or continue them past the point of reasonableness... most of the time.

Whilst Kamala is not a genius and she does not have the kind of incredible knowledge base to draw on that many in this universe do, she is a resourceful individual who can often use outside-the-box and lateral thinking in order to find solutions to problems. She's not got an IQ of 170, but she's quick-witted and doesn't just fall back on brute force to solve every issue.

Character Sheet


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Healing Factor:
Ms. Marvel can heal extremely rapidly from even significant injuries such as bullet wounds or giant robot punches- however doing so requires that she return to her original look so she cannot use it whilst disguising herself as another person or object. This also increases the drain on her energy reserves and she is liable to pass out if she relies on it too heavily.

Ms. Marvel's primary power - and the one she is known for the most - is an ability to change her physical shape. Most commonly she can use this to grow or shrink - both specific body parts and as a whole - up to the size of a three storey building or down to a few inches tall. She can also use this to disguise herself, changing into other people or into things which look at a surface level like inanimate objects (though she is still a living being so there are a variety of ways this latter power fails when subjected to scrutiny).

This power is not unlimited; it goes through her reserves of energy and she needs to replenish that fuel by eating after using her powers for a signifcant amount of time.


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Kamala is a huge nerd and fan of the entire superhero world. She reads and writes fanfiction regarding all manner of superheroes (her Wolverine fanfic was #3 community pick of the month recently!). She has a deep knowledge of old superhero and supervillain lore, though she only knows the publicly-accessible information and this is not an excuse to engage in any form of metagaming! If you would LIKE Kamala to fangush over your character please let me know and we can see what can be worked out!


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Kamala relies heavily on the love and support of her family. Her father works for a bank, her mother looks after the home, and her brother is a devout man who does not currently have a job. They provide the emotional and nurturing home that she needs not to go completely insane as a teenager who was dealing with an enormous number of pressures even before the whole superhero thing took off.

Kamala has two extremely close friends.

Bruno Carreli, who has an IQ of 170 and knows about her superhero double life. He is in love with her, though she is currently not allowing herself to see this extremely obvious fact, and has helped design her a costume which can change effortlessly as she does. He is extremely capable at analysing various ~weird things~ with the aid of the school science lab.

Nakia Bahadir, who is Kamala's closest friend and a regular at the mosque. She has no particular powers or abilities but is a social activist and a strong defender of her local community in those terms.


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When Ms. Marvel uses her shapeshifting powers, she glows bright yellow. This rarely comes up, but it can conceivably be a problem if she needs to shift and is trying to hide in a dark space at the same time!

Kamala has to balance her home life, her superhero life, her schoolwork and her obligations to her friends. She yearned to be like Carol Danvers; who to all the outside world looks like she lives a simple existence of being beautiful and kicking butt. Now that she is living that life herself, she's finding that superheroism takes huge amounts of time and only adds to the stress of an already stressful existence. Life is hard, and now she is often trying to live it on just a few hours sleep...

Ms. Marvel's powers are susceptible to electric shocks. Her general healing factor is less capable of preventing incapacitation by electric shock, and if she receives non-incapacitating shocks these are still usually enough to remove her cell's elasticity and return her to her 'true' size for some time (generally between 30 and 90 seconds).

'You're too sweet, squishy muffin. You give people way too much credit.'

Kamala is naturally inclined to believe that most people really want to be good people. Even worse (for her) she doesn't like hurting people - and hurting people is, sadly, something you have to do when you are a superhero. Kamala will always go out of her way to try and achieve the greatest possible outcome for the most people, even if doing so runs herself ragged; even if doing so puts her in extreme danger. And when she is forced to back down by circumstances she truly can't overcome, she will beat herself up about it.

In a total twist of irony, whilst Ms. Marvel has a superhuman capacity for physical flexibility, Kamala is not gifted with that when it comes to her opinions. She is a hard-headed girl who does not have much respect for authority on its own merits and will do what she thinks is right regardless of the opinions of those around her.

This stubborn determination to live life the way she has decided to can run her into all manner of problems, especially when it is coupled with her Soft flaw.



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Kamala Khan has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Stretching the Truth January 15th, 2021 Scott meets a suspiscious Kamala and lays upon her his woes of a leggy redheaded stalker. While robbing Pym-Tech. Again.
Wings and Warnings January 9th, 2021 No description
Coincidental Collision December 19th, 2020 No description
Bake sale for up and coming Superheroes! December 11th, 2020 The bake sale was a huge success! Lots of money was raised for up and coming superheroes in New York City! Well it was a huge success other than the VERY obviously fake Doc Oc imposter in a poorly made, paper machet and one piece spandex suit, with dime store goggles trying to rob the money box.. his brief and failed heist ended after he lost his temper and punched Drax with all of his might... right in the stomach. With a very broken hand, the would-be criminal cried, and wept all the way to the hospital! Kamala Khan's donated sweets are also a huge hit! It was a good day and the money will reach the heroes who need it!
On Your Left December 8th, 2020 Hank and Kamala discuss various scales of growth and the fleeting nature of fame.
Bludhaven, you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany. December 8th, 2020 Kamala Khan, The Shadow and a mysterious girl with green hair (Spoiler it's Viv) disrupt a nefarious deal going down at Bludhaven docks. Things get a little mayhem-y.
Rascally Rabbit December 7th, 2020 Kate finds out a lot more about Kamala.
Stealing Christmas December 2nd, 2020 Candy Cane Stabbings. Selfies. Fans. Alien Attacks. Busy Christmas season for Kate and Kamala.
Ms Marvels Marvelous visit! December 2nd, 2020 No description
Timing is Everything December 1st, 2020 Miss Marvel and Spider-Man ruin the Clock King's timetable.
Science Time with Dr. Banner October 16th, 2020 Kamala Khan seeks advice from Dr. Banner
Temper Tantrum September 27th, 2020 The Juggernaut decides he doesn't want to beat up a kid and leaves.
Simply Marvel-ous June 17th, 2020 Spider-Man and Red Sonja foil a bank robbery with the timely assistance of a new superheroine.


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Kamala Khan has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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