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Lonnie Machin (Scenesys ID: 1672)
Name: Lonnie Machin
Superalias: Anarky
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Revolutionary
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City
Education: High School graduate
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 01 Jan 2000 Played By Cameron Monaghan
Height: 5'10" Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Bombtrack" by Rage Against The Machine

Character Info


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Lonnie Machin doesn't exist, in any legal sense. Anarky is only beginning to grow his name, a disruptive influence breaking the pattern of societal obedience, a firebomb thrown in the face of the oppressive status quo. Hacker, terrorist, villain, hero, revolutionary - Anarky defies labels in pursuit of a different kind of justice.


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* 2000: Lonnie Machin is born in Gotham City to a single mother.
* 2007: Lonnie undergoes his first round of standardized testing, demonstrating extremely high intelligence. He is denied access to advanced education and gifted resources due to restrictions in the Gotham school budget.* 2008: Lonnie is gifted a used laptop for his birthday. He uses materials scavenged from a nearby abandoned tech store to increase its capabilities and to give himself illegal access to high-speed internet.
* 2012: Lonnie's mother grows ill. Her financial struggles and attempts to support them without work lead to Lonnie growing further radicalized. Having honed his hacking skills, he makes sure the family can get the help they need. He invents the online identity of MONEYSPIDER as his hacker alias.
* 2015: Recognizing that mere online action isn't enough, Lonnie designs the costumed identity of Anarky as an antidote to the establishment-promiting fascist methodology of the local costumed vigilantes.
* 2018: Lonnie's mother succumbs to cancer. He wipes records of his existence and goes underground, building a lair in an abandoned part of the old Gotham subway.
* 2020: Anarky begins direct action, starting a campaign of sabotage, disruption, protest and chaos to undermine the system.

IC Journal

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Lonnie has a hard time trusting people. It's not even just a personality thing, he recognizes the insidious influence of powerful forces may push people to have agendas and perspectives they may not even be aware of. He's paranoid enough to be constantly scrubbing his existence, all evidence of his face or person after every encounter. He is very slow to let other people into his life and definitely only rarely gains trust in someone else (after a lot of research).

Lonnie is extremely detail oriented. He is organized (although his organization often seems like chaos to those around him). He makes sure every aspect of something he works on is vetted, tested and verified. He is never careless.

Lonnie has a variety of mental illnesses and conditions which significantly affect his behavior. He has depressive periods where he wrestles with despair and can become almost catatonic in his numbness. He has manic periods of inspiration where he works frantically, sometimes going days without sleep. He can be extremely sensitive and suffers from violent and uncontrollable mood swings in response to stimuli. His cognitive and language centers are significantly atypical and he often sees the world in extremely idiosyncratic ways.

While this fits in with his zealotry, Lonnie is, put simply, someone who cares a great deal. Whatever artificial or distorted vision of himself he puts forth in the Anarky persona, he is not some robot or computer without feelings. He hates to see people suffer and believes that the suffering in the world is attributal to significant cultural and economic forces designed to profit off said suffering. He's not going to tolerate it and he often uses the resources at his disposal to help those in need.

Lonnie believes in his cause. He doesn't tolerate compromise and considers the pursuit of justice his life's work. Like many young people, he tends to take his beliefs extremely seriously and has a habit of cutting out people or things that violate his sense of personal ethics. He would be considered a fanatic by many and even he wouldn't necessarily argue the point.

Character Sheet


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Whether or not his intellect qualifies as superhuman, Anarky's cognitive abilities far exceed those of an average human. Put simply, Lonnie's a supergenius. He doesn't subscribe to IQ tests, most of which he considers flawed, biased and offensive, but he has an undeniable brilliance. He learns rapidly, has a photographic memory and can perform complex mathematical calculations in his head. He's capable of multi-tasking and maintaining several trains of thought at once. When faced with a problem, he can think his way out of it rather quickly and is extremely gifted at making swift and correct decisions under pressure, assessing all the options available and selecting the optimum solution. He can multi-task dozens of streams of data at once and comprehend everything, read an entire book at a glance and, in general, possesses an intellect of almost quantum and superhuman measure.


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Anarky designs all of his own weapons and trickery. He's capable with electronics and mechanical manufacturing, using scavenged parts and tech gathered through the internet. He's good at hijacking the tech of others and can often defuse or rewire things to his own purposes.

Anarky is a world elite hacker, operating under the nom de cyber MONEYSPIDER. He's extremely skilled at bypassing electronic security and firewalls. He can craft viruses and apps capable of devastating computer systems and stealing information with ease. He's a master of the so-called Dark Web and adept at identity theft and electronic espionage. He's earned his stripes in financial hacking, shifting digital currency from the wicked and unworthy, draining the coffers of the secret masters of the world and rendering justice while undermining the capitalist underpinnings of the Western world. Well, at least that's how he characterizes it. Sometimes he just likes messing with rich people.

Mixed Martial Arts:
Lonnie has studied a wide variety of martial arts through theoretical and internet study, but most of his direct training comes in the modern mixed martial arts style. Combining boxing, jujitsu and Muy Thai, he has focused skills with heavy striking and grappling skills focused on joint attacks and immobilizing opponents.

Lonnie's intellectual gifts provide him with the ability to rapidly learn and master languages. He is currently fluent in Latin, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Pashto, Dutch and Persian, along with Egyptian heiroglyph, Babylonian and Sumerian.

Even beyond his specific areas of interest, Lonnie has a wide array of learning, his sublime intellect devouring data constantly, like a singularity of intellect with its own internal gravity. He knows countless details from subjects as widely arrayed as architecture and literature, genetics and linguistics. None of these are professional level skills, akin to experts, but a conversational knowledge that lets him engage with those subjects and incorporate them holistically into the gestalt of his overall worldview.

Anarky is a meticulous planner. He often has strategems within strategems. He's gifted at misdirection, chaos and using the strengths of his opponents against them. He is unconventional in his tactics but they are highly effective.

Lonnie has a natural gift for pattern recognition and understanding systems. He sees the interconnections that other people often overlook. He knows how aspects of a system, be it societal or technical, influence one another and the ways in which they can be manipulated. This allows him to bypass complex securities, solve puzzles, infiltrate bureaucracies and maneuver corporate and financial assets undetected. Of course, understanding the system means knowing how to sabotage it, making him expert at disrupting systems in precise ways to get the outcomes he likes.

Lonnie started out as a pickpocket and burglar, stealing computer parts and educational tools the old-fashioned way. He's a good pickpocket, excellent at stealth and can bypass and break into most conventional home security systems with relative ease.


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Costume & Gear:
Anarky's costume consists of a bodysuit padded with kevlar, fire resistant and designed for both flexibility and protection. His mask resembles something between a blank faced mannequin and the traditional Guy Falk mask. The mask has a heads-up display connected to his ANARKiPhone, a gutted and rewroked cellular phone using his own operating system, containing apps allowing him to both hack on the go and to analyze incoming data. The mask is equipped with nightvision and telescopic capabilities, with an onboard antenna capable of intercepting virtually any wireless signal in a fifty foot radius. He carries a variety of standard issue vigilante gear: grappling hooks, smokebombs, caltrops, lockpicks, glasscutters, etc. Beyond hand-to-hand, his primary weapon is an extendable shock baton with an industrial strength taser in the tip.

Anarky maintains a headquarters in an abandoned subway station, allowing him to tap into the extensive underbelly of wiring, cable and fiberoptics that provides the essential structure of the localized internet and power grids. He has a substantial cache of spare electronics, parts and salvage, along with a functional kitchen, sleeping area and a very wide variety of entertainment options. He has incredible wifi speeds on an encrypted network undetectable by conventional law enforcement.

Money Is a Lie:
Lonnie is all too aware that currency is a social construct deeply rooted in the historical hoarding of wealth and resources among a chosen few, rationed out in tiny measures sufficient to keep the masses at bay. That said, it's difficult to operate without money. Rather than participating in the hoarding, Lonnie either blatantly steals from the rich through a variety of hacking endeavors or simply creates the illusion of money with artificially generated credit and computerized shell games that keep the simulation of wealth shifting back and forth and doing what he needs it to do without actually requiring him to earn, save or count anything. While he can in theory use great wealth in this way, extremely exorbitant uses are conspicuous and attract attention: he prefers microtransactions and good old fashioned barter when he can in order to avoid trails.

On the Dark Web and among his hacker brethren, MONEYSPIDER is a feared and recognized name with a reputation for near omnipotence (deserved or not). That cultural cache gives him leverage in such circles and can help him recruit or use other hackers to do his dirty work.


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While many operatives in the costumed realm operate in simple terms of good and bad, black and white, Anarky operates in a middle ground, where his perception of virtue and vice may differ substantially from the norm. He fits in neither with hero nor villain, operating in his own space on the fringes of both.

Lonnie breaks the law every day. He steals everything from electricity and internet to credit and identity, using them all to further his agenda. If uncovered, he could potentially serve decades in jail for his crimes (if they could convict him).

The Rich & Powerful:
Anarky targets the wealthy, the powerful, the influential and the unjust. Suffice to say, the people who want him stopped have immense resources to put to the task and he is often targeted by mercenaries, assassination and investigations from the private sector.

Lonnie is mentally unstable and without treatment, as he has trust neither in Big Pharma or in the medical-industrial complex as a whole. He's prone to bouts of mania, paranoia and depression, making executing his plans sometimes difficult, especially if he just throws them out in a fit of disgust or pique.



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