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  Black Queen  
Selene Gallio (Scenesys ID: 1429)
Name: Selene
Superalias: Black Queen
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Nova Roman Goddess
Citizenship: Nova Roma
Residence: Manhattan
Education: N/A
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Hellfire Club
Apparent Age: 30s Actual Age: Around 17000
Date of Birth 15000 BCE Played By Olivia Wilde
Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: ... what?
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The self-proclaimed first mutant and the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, Selene has recently left Nova Roma to haunt the modern nights.


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Origins: Selene is born in an area that has since become Central Europe. Upon being born, she instantly drains the life force of her mother while being held. Her tribal elders recognize her power and the tribe eventually drives itself to extinction to feed Selene. Selene drifts from prehistoric society to prehistoric society, acting as a goddess, sorceress, seer, astrologer, wizard, oracle, cult leader, cunning woman, et cetera. She makes many powerful enemies, and drives numerous embryonic cultures to ruin.

Ancient History: Selene settles in Ancient Rome. At the height of the Empire, many cults surrounding Roman reinventions of foreign gods exist, and Selene styles herself as the goddess of one such cult. She is betrayed by her beloved servant Eliphas as she tries to feast on the humans of the city, and is mortally wounded over it. She roams the land for centuries of years until she founds a new, better Rome in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Recent History: Nova Roma is discovered by outsiders. Selene, who had contented herself with being the goddess of Nova Roma for centuries, becomes once more aware in a meaningful way of existence beyond what she controls. She comes into conflict with the explorers from the outside world and is defeated, and realizes she has grown complacent and the world has evolved outside of her. Driven out of Nova Roma, Selene makes her way to New York, and quickly amasses power within the Hellfire Club.

Last few decades: Selene becomes the Black Queen of the New York City Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, and watches gleefully as mutants slowly take over and cast the former members aside. She does not help them, but she does enjoy the changes nonetheless.

IC Journal

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Selene does not understand meekness, and her set of virtues are certainly set on the selfish side. Young mutants might see her as wretched and evil, but Selene doesn't judge herself by these measures. Selene does what she does because she wants, and because she can. She indulges in strange rituals, she kills mortals without any reservation, and she only stops when her hunger is sated, or she is made to.

Selene has been around a while. Things get predictable, people get boring, and at a point she has seen almost everything at least once. She often forces experiences to fit a mold that will entertain her, even at the cost of her own well-being. This is not something she controls or even something she is aware of. Selene will converse with her enemies before killing them, she will torture those she hates to savor their anguish and she will even spare those she considers amusing.

Selene is over 17,000 years old and has spent much of that time styling herself as a goddess on Earth. While many of her tactics in amassing followers and building power bases are less 'goddess' and more 'effective cult leader,' it should almost go without saying that Selene buys her own hype. She expects to be treated as a goddess should be treated. She deserves it, innately. She is a goddess because she is Selene; she is Selene because she is a goddess. At the end of the day, nothing else really matters except that truth.

Selene is uncompromising in her desires, and has zero regard for the sanctity of human life, the betterment of society or the planet, matters of the mortal soul, and so on. She will do whatever it takes to achieve her objectives, and possesses no moral or ethical sensibilities that would limit the ways in which she might do so.

Character Sheet


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Selene is immortal and can only be truly destroyed by the touch of another External. She may be defeated, but she can never be truly destroyed, unless that requirement is met.

Life-Force Enhancement:
Through the syphoning of someone else's life-force Selene can greatly enhance her own physical attributes, greatly bolstering her strength, speed, stamina, reflexes and so on. Through these feats she can become a lethal hand-to-hand warrior if she so chooses.

Psychic Vampirism:
Through touch, Selene can take the life-force of other beings unto herself to empower her body and rejuvenate any signs of old age or wounds. By taking the lives of others (and their memories), Selene is immortal. She can also apply these powers to control those she feeds from, if she so desires. She says mutant souls are the tastiest of all.

Selene is one of the oldest sorcerers in the world, and has challenge some of the most deadly practicioners of said craft over the eras. She is capable of turning herself into the stuff of shadows, summon demons, teleport herself and an assortment of other feats.

Selene is a powerful telepath capable of establishing links, controlling empathic reactions, project herself in the astral realm, hypnotize her foes and defend against these powers. Not the most subtle at her craft, but her raw power makes up for it.


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Selene is a student of history, because she lived said history. Ask her about the Black Plague! Or Morgan Le Fey, or Kulan Gath or how humanity used to walk around hunting and gathering. Selene might be able to give you a personal account on why certain civilizations fell.

Selene is great at speeches. You don't lead a cult on looks alone. Well, she does, but Selene could be quite the leader if she bothered dumbing down her motives so that her inferiors could understand them. When she cares to, the Black Queen is all passion and hard to resist.

Selene loved Rome, then she made Nova Roma, now she is Manhattan. The woman knows how to party, from how to make one to how to enjoy herself in one. Dancing, singing, whatever may come her way, Selene can do it if it means indulgence for indulgence's sake.

Selene could take her subjects by force, use her powers to make servants, but she is seldom so crass. Selene offers, for a price. She knows how to tap into the hearts of people, their wants, and offer them riches, power aand fame in exchange of servitude.


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Cult of Selene:
Selene has a lot of servants in many places, some of which are not even human. They all owe her favors, they pay for her things and they would do much more if only she wanted. Selene can tap on those if she ever wanted, but servants are kind of boring. They are an option, though.

Hellfire Club:
Selene is the Hellfire Club's Black Queen, and that means she has the access to the Club's facilities, resources, contacts, and so on. Selene mostly uses such for parties and clothes, as she is terribly uninterested in human politics.


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Selene is a goddess in her own mind. She follows arcane rules that determine what she is, what she should do, and when she should take a threat seriously. She can often be thwarted, or even reasoned with, through the use of her own haughty behavior.

Selene requires food to live, and most, if not all, her powers require she feed. That presents the problem, of course, that if she does fight, then if Selene survives, most certainly lives will be lost to get her back in her favorite state of being. Large expenditures of her powers cause her to age, which then requires feeding on more life force to undo.



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Title Date Scene Summary
d8, e8 Meet. February 2nd, 2021 Shaw and Selene reconnect, and plot the next move for the club.
Scream Queens July 27th, 2020 Two vampires meet. One of them creates friction by trying to be devious when the other wants to be straightforward.


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