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Victor Creed (Scenesys ID: 600)
Name: Victor Creed
Superalias: Sabretooth
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Assassin and Enforcer
Citizenship: Genoshan
Residence: Bludhaven
Education: The School of Violence
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Rogues Gallery
Apparent Age: 196 Actual Age: 196
Date of Birth 16 Apr 1824 Played By Ryan Hurst
Height: 6'6" Weight: 275lbs
Hair Color: Dirty Blond Eye Color: Amber
Theme Song: "Run Through the Jungle" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Character Info


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Slasher. El Tigre. Der SchlÄchter("The Butcher" in German). Murder Lord of the Eastern Hemisphere. So many names and the one that Victor Creed is known best by? Sabretooth. Known in select circles as an assassin for hire, a black ops boogey man employed by more nations than would ever admit, Victor has left a bloody path across the globe under many banners and causes. A primal, sadistic mutant with a penchant for overkill, make no mistake that Sabretooth is still quite active in his chosen profession. With the fall of Genosha, government agencies world wide are left to wonder and worry... where will Sabretooth resurface next? It's not a matter of -if- it happens. Just when and how many casualties.


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* 1824: Victor Creed is born in what would soon be named the Northwest Territories of Canada. It's all downhill from here.

* 1836: Young Victor manifests his mutant gifts, murdering his brother Luther over a piece of pie. Then chained and confined to the cellar for years, his father proceeds to pull out his "devil teeth" repeatedly in a brutal attempt to "fix" the boy.

* 1840: After chewing off his own hand to escape his imprisonment, Victor brutally murders his father. His mother, surviving brother and sister are spared. Now unleashed upon the world at large, he takes his rampage across three Canadian provinces. The next handful of years are spent working for a railroad and laying low.

* 1850: Victor begins systematically torturing his brother Saul each birthday. Eventually told by his sister Clara that Saul was killed by someone else, Victor leaves Canada in search of revenge. Twisted as his motivations may be.

* 1865: Creed begins work as Nathaniel Essex's assistant. Free and encouraged to feed his violent urges, he descends into a level of blood stained savagery that even Essex deems unprofessional... yet quite effective.

* 1880: Leaving America for Japan, Victor is left to his own devices. Becoming something of a myth and urban legend while racking up a body count during his times of boredom or unemployment between gigs in organized crime.

* 1905: Returning to Canada upon learning the identity of his brothers murderer, Victor exacts an extreme vengeance upon the man, his lover and the community around them over the course of three nights.

* 1915: Victor returns to America briefly, he soon finds himself overseas taking part in the first World War. Using the confusion and upheaval as a smoke screen, he slips away from capture and charges of war crimes and various atrocities.

* 1938: In Nanjing, at the side of Ogun, Victor Creed is there for the entrance into the city by General Matsui and the resulting massacre.

* 1954: After fighting in the Korean War for the United States(under a different name, of course), Victor again slips free of any military tribunal by escaping to Madripoor. Again falling into the habits and company of organized crime.

* 1959: Recruited out of Madripoor by Nick Fury for a black ops team, Victor takes part in a mission to halt the production of metahuman army. Revealing his unrepentant ferocity in their nearly single handed destruction, Creed and the rest of the team are pardoned for their past crimes.

* 1965: With a "clean" record, Creed enters the Vietnam War. A veritable playground for the man known for decades as Sabretooth, he sinks further and further into a primal state of stalking and killing. Legions of soldiers left shattered and broken, Victor emerges rejuvenated and motivated.

* 1985: Abducted into the Weapon X program, Sabretooth proves to be an enthusiastic recruit. While not subjected to the adamantium bonding, he still had massive segments of his memory wiped and reworked with implants.

* 1995: Freed from the Weapon X program, Victor thrives in various countries as a contract killer, enforcer and all around nightmare for pay. Expanding his resume, he sets himself up some side action in drug trade and smuggling out of Madripoor and Gotham.

* 2010: Recruited to the Brotherhood, Sabretooth makes use of his particular brand of violence to augment the fearsome reputation of Magneto's liberation force.

* 2011: Fought the X-Men under the banner of Magneto's Brotherhood. Yet another clash with his long time enemy and one time friend, Logan AKA Wolverine.

* 2018: Using Loki's attack on New York as a distraction, Victor Creed re-enters Gotham and leaves a bloody path in his wake. Slaughtering an arms dealer and nearly half her organization, he takes over to expand the outfit into a brief metahuman smuggling ring.

* 2020: Following the fall of Genosha, Sabretooth uses the ensuing upheaval and discord and returns to his legendary status as one of the worlds deadliest assassins and wet work agents for hire.

IC Journal

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Once Creed sets his sights on something he truly wants, his path becomes a very straight line. Obstacles torn through with little afterthought. He wants what he wants and, when you ask Victor, he'll tell you that he -always- gets what he wants. Perhaps single minded in that regard, he follows through to the end no matter the blood, sweat and broken teeth left behind. His, theirs... doesn't matter. The goal is the goal. Over a hundred years of military orders taken, contracts finished and enemies buried, he's a goal oriented kinda guy.

You never see him wearing flashy suits or sunning on exotic beaches. No five star restaurants, no private jets unless it's enroute to the next wartime atrocity. He's an assassin, a mercenary, a black ops boogie man for governments and shadowy organizations. Of course, Sabretooth -enjoys- his work. A little too much in most cases but it's never enough. He always stays busy. Taking contracts and lives... for money. For influence. For the challenge. He hoards his riches like a dragon. Amassing a fortune he never has need for but doing it all the same. He can't help himself. He wants more, more, more. Just because.

Victor Creed is a violent psychopath and cold hearted sociopath. A psychological double whammy that most people can see from a distance. This isn't wacky, comical insanity. Sabretooth is an amoral beast in a man skin, abusing his power in a relentless display of dominance and death. There are reasons for this but at the end of the day, he's not going to change. He'll die violently and the world will breathe a sigh of relief. Unhinged and often seeing humanity around him as little more than prey animals, it's no wonder that he's said to have given SHIELD psych agents nightmares and a wealth of material.

He's displayed this penchant for spite constantly. Sabretooth takes things too far every chance he gets and he does it purposefully. It's not the blind rages really, it's not feral hunger so much as him seeing the line and then ripping apart anything on the other side of it. He'd burn down your ancestral home for cutting him off in traffic. Not even to teach a lesson. Just for his own entertainment.

Victor prides himself on a few things. His kill count, his ability to make upturn Wolverine's life at the drop of a hat and... the fact that not a damn person can keep him held down for long. He goes where he pleases. Hunts and kills who he wishes. No prison on this planet has been successful in restraining him permanently. Victor Creed lives a life wild, free and bloody as he wants. Maybe that's the cause of his oh so pretty smile.

Character Sheet


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Apex Predator:
Whether through pheromones, posture or sheer force of will, Victor Creed appears to cow even the wildest animals with a snarl or a glare. They know what he is. They can -feel- it. It's the law of the jungle and no-one understands it more than Sabretooth. It's natural. Lions, tigers and bears all tend to give Victor a wide berth, some going so far as to flee from his scent or markings.

Enhanced Strength:
While not Hulking out any time soon, Victor is capable impressive but not completely improbable feats of extreme strength. His mutant gifted power, amplified by the enhancements given to him in the Weapon X program put him leaps and bounds above mortal men. Capable of punching through brick walls, ripping clawed fingers through an engine block or biting bones in half like toothpicks. Already physically imposing, this raw might is often quite expected. In times of complete feral overdrive, he's been known to push his limits higher at the cost of his own wellbeing.

Hyper Regeneration:
While not weighed down by the Adamantium skeletal bonding that slows down Wolverine's still legendary self-healing powers, Sabretooth is capable of bouncing back from and fighting through some truly horrific damage and injury. Able to rapidly regenerate the vast majority of damage or destroyed areas of his anatomy. Minor cuts and bruises heal almost instantaneously. Gunshots or deep puncture wounds? Mere moments. Limbs or major organs may take a little longer, depending on the cause or severity. This process is automatic, painful and incredibly efficient. So much so that it slows fatigue build up, decelerates his aging and overcomes a laundry list of viruses, diseases, drugs and other toxins. In short? Sabretooth is immensely hard to keep down.

Rage Out:
Unspeakable fury. It's always there, boiling beneath the skin. Victor Creed is not opposed to scratching through the surface and letting it all bleed out. Often willfully releasing himself from higher thought, Sabretooth is capable of a focused rage that blocks out not only pain and fear but also has been known to resist low to mid tier psychic assault or probes. In a truly feral state, this can even slow down but not halt the effects of stronger mental manipulations.

Superhuman Senses:
Blessed with the extremely enhanced senses that he has, Sabretooth becomes a supremely adaptable and capable adversary. Each of his senses are expanded and deepened past the human experience. His sight is so keen that he's capable of low-light or complete nightvision, he's also capable of seeing infra-red under certain conditions. Acute hearing allows him to pinpoint light breathing from over two hundred feet away. His senses of smell and taste are so potent that he can track the barest scent with ease for near a whole night. Scent memory also enhanced, he can "lock on" to a particular target among -many- other scents. Touch? He's unlocked a wall safe just by turning the dial with a free palm over the door to feel the tumblers click.

Tireless Enemy:
Enhanced stamina mingled with an insanely potent healing factor combine to keep Sabretooth on his feet and pushing himself far, far beyond the norm. Fatigue comes in days later, not hours. Running and tracking near endlessly. Fighting tooth and nail for hours upon hours. Victor Creed won't give up. He almost physically can't.

Tooth and Nail:
The name of Sabretooth couldn't be more apt. Even prior to the Weapon X enhancements, his pronounced fangs could bite through a cow femur bone with ease. Those claws on each finger and toe could rend flesh like butter. After the fact, his natural weaponry has been enhanced doubly. Able to carve through stone and some metals, bite through brick with little resistance, when he brings that awesome strength to bear? It ups the ante and body count quickly. While his claws may be almost completely retractable, his fangs are not.


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Fearsome Fighter:
Few will ever compare to the outright ferocity, power and sheer brutallity that Sabretooth brings gleefully to bear. The combination of a hundred or so years engaged in warfare, violent clashes, assassinations and worse have given Victor an expertise in not often seen and even less often survived combat techniques. Having extensive training in hand-to-hand combat, he's only sharpened these skills during his time with the CIA, Weapon X and various masters of the craft. While there may be a small handful of people capable of besting him by skill alone, it would be a rare person indeed that can match his outright savagry.

Gun Play:
While not the first thing someone thinks of when Sabretooth comes to mind, Victor is no stranger to pulling a trigger. His history on the battlefield, the deep training found under various mentors(some of which even lived through it) and the occasional frame up job have given him a familiarity with firearms of all shapes and sizes. He'd still rather roll up his sleeves and get his claws wet.

Stalker Supreme:
With the extreme senses of Sabretooth, his prolonged stints in the wilderness and a dedication to finishing what he started, few can escape when a scent is locked to his memory. Even with his massive stature, Victor has always been a shadow in the dark. Employing counter-tracking techniques out of habit, he moves like a ghost through even the densest jungle. Chaotic urban environments are hardly a hurdle. The only trace he leaves behind are the bodies he's paid to put down.

The deep wilderness, war torn cities, underground tunnel mazes, Victor can and will thrive in even the most remote or inhospitable environments. His unique gifts make him unnaturally hardy, combine that with years of military survival scenarios, his long periods of seclusion in the wild places around the globe and you have a man more at home in untamed environments than in civilized society.

Wheels and Wings:
Let's be honest here. Victor isn't going to be fitting in a Honda Civic but military vehicles? Easy. He's got more time behind the wheel or the stick than most people currently walking around. While he doesn't often offer up his services as transport, his talents remain well practiced. Just as comfortable behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler as he is in the cockpit of a Chinook, he can secure an evac for the team with ease. Even easier if it's just him but don't tell the others that.


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Blood Money:
Decades upon decades of high profile killings for hire. Black book assassinations for politicians, generals, warlords and dictators... it's lucrative work. Amassing a stockpile of cash, narcotics, weapons and more as payments over the years, Victor can live extremely comfortable for a lifetime or three. That is, if he cared to use it. For the most part, he holds these piles of riches because he doesn't really care for flashy cars or diamond encrusted watches. Simple tastes, to be honest. This still doesn't stop him from continuing his collection. It's part of the business.

With the contacts and resources he's amassed over the years, Victor Creed had quite a few choices when it came to alternate income. In the end, he seems to gravitate toward smuggling. Moving illegal goods and, sometimes people, it's just another hobby to him. The money is nice, sure... but when it comes down to it? He just likes to spread the love of all things dangerous and frowned upon. Operating out of Gotham recently, he's started to focus on moving military weaponry but has his eyes on the budding metahuman trafficking business.

Underworld Ties:
When you work the most dangerous corners of the globe for fun and profit, you tend to pick up quite a few "friends". Victor has taken jobs from cartels, rebel groups, black ops government agencies, supervillain teams and some stranger sources over the years. The bridges he hasn't burned to cinders have left him open to contacts all around the world. Favors of information, safehouses, connections to other like minded individuals and sometimes even a little backup from time to time. Not that he'd ask for that last one unless the situation was dire indeed.

Well Traveled:
Well Traveled: So many years, so many miles. Victor may have started in the old Canadian north but he didn't remain there long. Globe trotting assassins and conflict seeking has put him everywhere from the front lines in Korea to the dangerous back alleys of Madripoor. He's picked up some local tongues(literally once or twice) along the way. French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Spanish are languages he's quite comfortable with. He's picked up some slang and curse words for various others but nothing overly useful. With time spent in other nations and cultures, he's made it a point to learn local customs. All the better to operate under the radar.


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Actual Monster:
Victor Creed is, without question, a complete and utter plague of violence upon the earth. A remorseless, psychopathic sadist that revels in the carnage he leaves in his wake. When left to his own devices, he will -always- drift into pure, nightmarish behavior not suited for any society past or present. Even when kept on what someone would consider a tight leash, he will push the envelope and cross any line of moral standard just because he can. He revels in this. It's what gets him out of bed in the mornings.

Carbonadium Toxicity:
With his ramped up regenerative ability, it's widely known that Sabretooth is damn near unkillable without something to level the playing field. Carbonadium is one of those things capable of turning the tables. Carbonadium, a resilient and radioactive metal, can slow that healing factor down to a slow crawl. While still faster than the healing rate of a baseline human, the effect is still enough to turn the tables on him. Whether ingested or used in the form of weaponry, as long as the metal remains in his body, the effects will continue until either removed or death.

Corrupted Memory:
Some say time fades memories and they wouldn't be wrong. The addition of extreme conditioning, surgical mental blocks and invasive telepathy have not only twisted some of his existing memories but have erased large portions of his past as well. These voids in his longterm memory have largely been ignored by Victor but the past has a way of coming back and biting him. Foes long forgotten, deeds completely erased, any good that Sabretooth may have accomplished in his past has been swept away in favor of the monster created in the Weapon X Program.

Game Over:
He's been burned alive. Blown apart. Shot in the face. Stabbed, electrocuted, ect, ect. It's a long and ever growing list but when someone has the death of Sabretooth in mind? Their options are limited. Brain trauma heals. Spinal injuries slowly correct themselves. Decapitation? That's a done deal. Drowning is also a likely option, as is outright incineration if the heat is intense enough and sustained for quite some time. All said and done, if someone wants Victor off the board? It'd be best to aim for overkill.

Given Creeds insanely ramped up senses, extremely bright and sudden lights can cause him pain and temporary blindness. Sonic attacks can bring him low, gas and chemical agents possibly slowing him down to a more manageable level. Any of his heightened senses can be overloaded if given the proper stimuli. At high enough levels. Which often tend to be more than enough to outright kill an average man.

War Criminal:
Sabretooth may have had some of his past sins erased but others are just too horrific to wash away. His times spent on the front lines of various wars were marked by ever increasing brutality, often culminating in wartime atrocities that have left deep scars on communities and cultures alike. These breaking points have often ended with Victor escaping across borders, unpunished but never forgotten. There whole nations that would love nothing more than to capture and very publically execute Sabretooth for closure and a chance at peace. To say he has enemies would be putting it lightly.



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Victor Creed has 53 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Declawing the Sabretooth November 15th, 2023 Emma Frost pokes about in the brain of Victor Creed. And gives him that most painful, horrible thing. A conscience. And offers to take it away again... In return for a favor to Mystique.
Checking In On Mystique November 7th, 2023 Victor stops in to check on Raven after the attack on the asteroid, the talk a bit, flirt a bit, and drink beer.
It Was A Beautiful Day In Space November 6th, 2023 A violent attack on Asteroid M finds Mystique to have been the primary target. Numerous heroes, human, alien and mutant alike come to the aid of the station and save it from being blown to the planet below. As the dust settles... Magneto returns.
Scent in the Water October 24th, 2023 Victor Creed tracks down a familiar scent of blood in the water, and informs very politely one River Banks that he's the new owner of her debt -- and he'll be calling in favors until it's paid in full.

Now all he has to do is think about what he could use the water-weilding former bank robber for?

Cat Claws and Sunburn September 21st, 2023 Kori and MJ meet and talk at the beach, Victor lurks and schemes
Talking with Titania August 2nd, 2023 Drinks and dialogue had by all.
Byron The Bull July 6th, 2023 Byron
Cruelties and Creeds May 25th, 2023 Victor Creed and M brawl once more. M survives by the skin of Creed's teeth.
One, Two, Too Many April 26th, 2023 An assassination turns into a semi-friendly competition between killers.
The Odd Job March 13th, 2023 Gabby and Bellona run into Victor Creed who was hired by some old enemies to assasinate Gabby. Some talking ensues, and a plan is formed to get them off her back for awhile. A messy plan.
Extreme Problems call for Extreme Measures March 6th, 2023 The hunter becomes the hunted becomes the guy buried under a burning warehouse. Kate's definitely doing fine. Just fine.
A Game of Cat and Bat - Round Two February 27th, 2023 Victor finds Kate on his turf and unprepared, and leaves her with a message.
Big Game Hunters February 23rd, 2023 It has been done
Master Plan February 18th, 2023 No description
Cheetah plans to play Tiger Queen and Rob a Zoo. February 17th, 2023 Cheetah and Saberooth leave the zoo with four large pets. Totally not fleeing juggernaut.
The Hellfire Club's Valentine's Day Mixer February 15th, 2023 Many a bond is forged. Some end in DOOM.
Commuter Train to Elsewhere Not Here February 7th, 2023 No description
Mutant Libersion Makes No Friends of Humanity January 9th, 2023 The Mutant Liberation Front attacks the Friends of Humanity. The two groups have enough hate and murder on both sides that they can't be told apart. Some things are universal about humanity.
Somebody Spilled Their Beer January 6th, 2023 Sabretooth is on the hunt for someone. Kate Kane is on the hunt for trouble. One of them finds what they're looking for and the other one gets a lead.
The Hunter Hunted December 12th, 2022 Wynonna's target meets a less savory end - Victor's claws. At least she has a story to tell the folks back at the watercooler, though!
A Sabertooth Walks into a Bar... no joke, he really did June 19th, 2022 What starts at Victor and Mystique talking in the bar, turns into a small gathering for conversation and brownies.
One Night in Madripoor May 9th, 2022 Victor takes Maddie into Madripoor as a way of showing his appreciation. Surprisingly, no one is harmed but a roulette table, and one gambler frightened out of his mind.
Private Charter May 8th, 2022 Victor hires Madelyne Pryor as a pilot for a business trip that goes terribly wrong. A few gangsters are harmed in the making of this scene.
Claws and Magnetism April 9th, 2022 Lorna spars with Creed in a simulated Madripoor landscape. Creed ultimately wins but not without getting a chest full of shrapnel in the process.
Meeting the (Distant) Relatives March 14th, 2022 It was RP of some sort. I forget what. Forgot to close log.
Shopping in Salem March 5th, 2022 There are discussions of art and violence with fashion and personas.
Refugee Wrangling January 31st, 2022 Lorna, Clarice, Creed and Juggernaut have a chat over how to handle the human refugees from New York. No one seems to agree on much.
Noonan's Snooze-nans January 9th, 2022 An exhausted Clarice, Victor, Lorna, and Paris enjoy drinks in a bar. Topics range from reading, to murder, to raunchy humor.
Drinking in Public January 2nd, 2022 Paris and Victor go drinking, running into Roberto and Karla in the process. Posturing and one up'ing all around.
The Problem With China: Resolution 2 October 10th, 2021 With the children of Xinjiang, China safe and sound in Genosha, the laboratory in Tibet is breached and the children there taken for medical assistance. The Zhongguo Xiongdi Hui is awoken and ready to move against their own government.
Missing In China September 21st, 2021 The Chinese Government will think twice before messing with mutants again. Rogue, Warpath, Blink, Spectra, Wolfsbane, Sabertooth, Toad and Magneto personally saw to the rescue of Mystique and a not to subtle note to never repeat their actions against mutants again.
So, While You Were Away... August 31st, 2021 Mister Creed returns to the Asteroid - and discovers his pup's all grown up. And that he's suddenly... an Uncle?
One of many meetings... August 2nd, 2021 Sometimes being in charge of a massive mutant organization means giving orders you don't like, Clarice may be sidelined for this one, but Mystique will hate having to do it.
Blink's on the Blink July 14th, 2021 Victor and Mystique find Clarice on her tropical island - and whisk her off to the Asteroid for Medical care. Unfortunately, a collar seems to be the only thing that can stop her from uncontrollably opening portals at random - for now.
Drunken Utterances July 5th, 2021 Clarice admits more than she would like, to try to steer drunken conversation away from the topic of Mister Creed's bod. It certainly doesn't help with Victor shows up.
Cry the Children: Endings are beginnings June 30th, 2021 The Beast is defeated, more heads spring up
What's with all the screaming June 29th, 2021 Carnage ensues when Blink and Sabretooth find even more people who really suck.
The Origin of Monsters June 14th, 2021 Clarice and Creed do a good deed, share some beers, and discuss the origin of murderous tendencies.
To the Island of Prior Carnage June 7th, 2021 Although there will be no peace for some, those who remained after X-Force left them, guided by Dalyah (mate of Dannou), return to Asteroid M for medical assistance and relocation.
Welcome To My Parlor Said the Spi... Mystique to the Nocturne... June 4th, 2021 Blink Status Membership may become a thing for the Brotherhood! TJ spend the night with 'old' friends, and Mystique may be a grandmother... ho boi.
When Your Best Isn't Enough June 3rd, 2021 Clarice tells Mystique and Sabretooth about her Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Whiskey and beer is consummed. Murder and torture is discussed. She makes her day worse by nearly driving away the only family that she has - before they manage to patch things up.
Unleash the Hound! May 31st, 2021 Sabretooth squished a bug, a really big bug.
Genosha Burns: Resizing the People of Genosha August 9th, 2020 The heroes restore the people from Genosha's bottles... but at what cost?
The Great Outdoors August 8th, 2020 Bobby, Julio, and Lorna go for a bike ride... and Creed shows up.
Footprints in Blood August 1st, 2020 After the Genosha fight, Victor heals and chat with Domino.
Ambushes and Audiotape July 31st, 2020 Victor and Domino make plans related to Genosha.
Luck of Mutants July 28th, 2020 Domino and Lorna chat, and then Creed shows up.
Scent of Purpose July 25th, 2020 Victor and Domino talk about Genosha and that jerk Wolverine, while posturing a little.
Genosha Burns: Brotherhood's Back in Town July 24th, 2020 Acolytes ambush the X-Men to try to get the shrunken Genosha... and Magneto!
Back into Play July 23rd, 2020 Victor and Clarice discuss Magneto's location.
Creed crashes a training montage July 20th, 2020 Logan and Lorna meet up in the wilderness for some hand-to-hand training, but are suddenly interrupted when Logan detects Victor's scent. Lorna and Logan both crash a rendezvous between Clarice and Victor. Logan and Victor fight (big surprise), Clarice reveals Victor saved and trained her in the past. Blink leaves with Sabretooth. Lorna and Logan do -not- approve.
Contractual Obligations July 10th, 2020 Domino STILL has a visitor, and they make mercenary-plans.
Just a stray July 9th, 2020 Creed and Domino have a merc meeting about potential targets.


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