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Sorcerer's World -- Cloudy with a Chance of Doom
Date of Scene: 16 July 2022
Location: The Border of Latveria
Synopsis: Felix Faust has found a means of sending his 'monsters' beyond the magically imposed borders of Latveria, but a group of assorted heroes and Agents of SHIELD proved up to the task of dealing them. The threat that the mad magician presents is proving to be almost enough to make an ally out of the most unlikely foe of all; Victor von Doom.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Natasha Romanoff, Betty Ross, Michael Hannigan, Valeria Richards, Zatanna Zatara, Reed Richards, Hyperion, Thor

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The revelation that Felix Faust is actively working on a means of extending the magical infused borders of Latveria to encompass more and more of the surrounding nations has lended a certain sense of urgency to the ungoing humanitarian crisis on those borders. The flow of refugees has slowed to a mere trickle, but all of them tell tales of impossible monsters growing in number on the other side of that shimmering wall of magical energy that rises up, that completely surrounds the nation. Demons and dragons and goolies of all sorts.

It is enough to have brought a fair assemblage of itnerested parties together. While SHIELD might be overseeing and protecting much of the relief efforts, they are certainly not the only party that has proven interested in the situation. In the interest of determining the best means to proceed an impromptu discussion has been set up in the makeshift pre-fab conference room, screens showing some of the various other heroes involved with live feeds setup to the Hall of Justice and other locales for those unable to attend in person.

Of course it is not just SHIELD operatives and heroes that have found themselves on the border. Only a short distance away the camp setup to deal with the refugees remains grounded, many of the Latverian citizens still waiting for transport further away from the crisis area. The Pre-Fab SHIELD shelters do lend a more permanent look to the place, and so many of the customary issues have been solved with solid logistics. There's even entertainment on the menu, with a stage having been setup at once end of the camp, a slate of performers having rotated in for the past several days to provide a more lively air to the place.

Of course, even with all of that it is difficult to overlook the huge, menacing elephant in the room; in this case that huge, shimmering wall of magic that rises heavenward, ripples of color and flashes of energy making it almost hypnotic to stare at. It remains more translucent then a solid sheen, odd, inhuman shadows sometimes discernable on the far side of that barrier -- the only thing keeping the technological and scientific suppression from rolling out across the rest of the globe and perhaps even beyond.

And while it might be subtle, those flashes of energy are slowly growing in intensity...

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
SHIELD is not particularly fond of Doom. But Doom is a known quantity. They're used to what his goals are and how he proceeds, and waht his targets are. Felix Faust is far from it - someone unkown is possibly even more dangerous and chaotic. So going with the devil you know over the one you don't.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Natasha Romanoff, one of those SHIELD personnel on standby is scanning the area ahead with a set of binoculars. They've already had monsters come ou tand seen them within. So when they're getting shifting energy signals, she's gone to try and call for an evacluation of the civilians and getting them into nearby shelters. SHe's got a heavy amount of weaponry on her.. WEll, whatever the SHIELD personnel have on hand. WHehter or not it will be of nany use here is something entirely different. So they can just engage the things and if possible stop them.. And hten go after the cause. She goes to speak to a comm curtly. <<Hostiles will likely be inbound shortly>>

Betty Ross has posed:
    Off to the side with the pre-fab shelters, a tall red female figure is watching the slowly expanding shield, her arms crossed over her chest where she's dressed in a military looking form fitting black outfit that leaves her shoulder and arms and bare. "Sooooo....we're going to try and stop that from expanding more?" she asks, frowning.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
So, here's the thing. Refugees need a bit of fun too. And being that Drago was one of the acts booked to perform in Latveria at the time Faust pulled off his takeover. Well- It may take time but Drago honors his tour obligations one way or another.

Due to the amazing scheduling work of one Wade Shaw. Nick made it to his destination with plenty of time before the planned concert to get some rest. So he's currently operating on a full tank and using some of that free time to speak with some of the residents that happened to have tickets to his concert that fateful night. But concerned whispers nearby draw his attention over towards to the disturbance. The wild haired musician frowns. .

Oh. That can't be good..

Dammit. Is he EVER going to get this place crossed off his TO DO list?

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a few reasons Valeria is on the border of the dome. The main reason. Making sure that any Latverian refugees are taken care off. This is sorted mostly by throwing a bunch of her own money at things. Paying for food and medical care and all the good stuff. Flying the flag of their true Sovereign. DOOM! In all his benevelance. Or borrowd from his God Daughter.

The other is what she's actively doing.


In which a Fantasticar is loaded with the tech of numerous ancient but advanced civilsations that the Fantastic Four had picked up over a very long time of being adventurers. Attilan. Atlantis pre and post cataclysm, Wakanda, Kree. And so on. Mostly small stuff so Val can load a lot and test functionality. The big fun weapons can come later if experiments work.

Before she tests stuff though she does do the tour of the camp and check in with the folks gathering.

The blonde setting her full body Val Suit to the same colors as the Latverian Flag. The emblem on the front of her chest. Boots and gloves in gray.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Sitting not far from the SHIELD contingent is a raven-haired woman dressed in elegant black. Gone is the hand spun clothing that had replaced their clothes on the Latveria side of the border. The wall of magic is endlessly fascinating. She has dragged her director's chair to the edge of the open-sided tent to have a ring-side view and listen to plans for the next step of their return.

There will be no stage shows for the magician, refugees needing entertainment or not. Frankly rattled by their latest escapade, her pale skin shows show blue half-moons under her eyes testifying to little sleep. Hand in one pocket, weighed down by a square object, an occult mirror, to be exact, she studies the magics dancing along the border.

Reed Richards has posed:
FantastiCorp is rather an unknown quantity. Usually understood as a tech and research company with a known budget larger than most nations. When this crisis manifested and the UN stepped in FantastiCorpoffered any and all assistance. Teams of exparts in ancient technology. Logistical support, data analysis and collection. Doom has always been a particular interest of Reed's and he knows in his very soul that there is an end game here. Victor would /never/ cede his beloved Latveria. He stares at the field from far closer than any of the scientists. There is a sea of Fantasic Blue mixed with Shield taking reading and gathering data performing experiments large and small. An agent has a slinky. One of Reed's senior scientists manuevers a steampunk aitomaton clad in copper so to resemble a golem, towards the field. There are sections for physics chemistry and biological experiments. Reed intones, "What are you up to Victor, what am I missing?" Reed is looking at a tablet frowning and shaking his head, "I am beginning to suspect there is more at play than history." Reed smirks at his progeny, "You may be overselling it. Pur biggest sucesshas been clean water."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
There has been relatively few threats of incursion thus far, thoughthere is not enough solid intelligence to say why. Only when the borders were actually pushed out a couple of hundred feet -- the result of enchanted gemstones radiating light and expanding that shimmering field -- did any assault take place. But only on the far side of the field. Perhaps it is a result of the fact that the creatures that have answered Faust's call can't survive without the twisting of the natural laws taking place in Latveria.

But that is a dangerous assumption to make. Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it can't happen.

Within the conference center where what firm intelligence has been gathered is currently on display, the Green Lantern speaks from back at the Hall of Justice, "...not sure if we have enough information to clearly assess the threat level, but we probably need to stop him from rolling out all those crystals. He seems to have complete control over what rules are in place on the other side of that border. If he can keep pushing out that field we may be facing serious troubles. I think an orbital entry from directly above the Doomstadt might be our best option..."

While most in the attached refugee camp might be suitably distracted by the performers up on stage, not every single one can be so easily distracted from the memories of their harrowing and recent escape. As such it is no surprise that their eyes would be on that shimmering field, that they might notice the strange play of mystical energies surging, that they would turn NIck's attention that way to give him warning that something was wrong.

SHIELD's scanners on the other hand register little change -- the problem with magic of course -- though those of a mystical bent might feel that sudden surge of energy announcing that something is very wrong.

Such disturbances might ironically be more difficult to pick up so up and close to the barrier. Still Reed and Valeria Richards are more keen observers then most and even as they unload some of that gear from the Fantsticar they may notice the growing intensity of the nearby field. That possibility likely grows dramatically when the shimmering field suddenly swells dramatically...

...and an instant later a figure breaches that field, familiar and not at the same time. For just an instant the metal armor covering him is a full set of plate mail instead of the more advanced power armor that would be more familiar to the pair of Richards. A sword is gripped in his hand, definitely not the sort of weapon normally there. But as he emerges from that field entirely, that armor around the man seems to morph back into the more familiar, the stark grey and green cloak that marks him.

"Run fools," Victor von Doom barks as he races from that wall of magic, not even looking back as a lance of sheer energy bursts from one hand, firing blindly behind him.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would go to speak over to Red She-Hulk on the comm, "Whatever comes uot, we deal with it and neutralize it. Then we trust the experts when it comes time to counterattack or to pursue. If anyone can find a way to neutralize much of the.. Methods that our enemies have, they could." She's still waiting cautiously in case the exiled dictator makes his own appearance here.
    She goes to load up a heavy sniper rifle that she's putting in some nastier forms of ammunition in to cover the bases. And she has some of the more dangerous poisons that she doesn't use all the time in the field available as backup. She's seen the types of enemies that they've run into so far and her own weapons had been of little use over.
    And then as the Latverian dictator does come through, sheg oes to clip on her comm and keep him covered with her weapon. <<Richards, suggestions here?>>

Betty Ross has posed:
    "Right. So, punch it if it tries to eat us or the people here." Red says, rolling her neck idly as she watches the barrier, then blinks as Doom steps through, briefly medieval, then back to normal as he urges them to flee. She goes more on alert, bracing herself as she watches the field closely for what might be bad enough to be chasing Dr. Doom to the border...

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well If I wanted to ho nuts on it I'd also have my hair braided into side buns. The water is the least of what we can do to help Dad." Valeria says with a smile. It's probably the green tones she's wearing that's over doing it. Doom is still family to her.
Heratching herself into any comms. The blonde hmms at some of the goings on. "That wasn't power arrmor you made right Dad?" she states and watches the field expand. With that she grabs something smaller. To anyone watching she just shows off what it is. A holoprojecting equivalent of an alarm clock with a few things liike weather tracking and some music from the time period.

"Fifth century Attilan. Figure if it's old enough to start with. Kinda all or nothing." she explains and moves to walk herself just to the border of the field.

With Uncle Doom himself emerging from the dome and warning folks off Val just shakes her head. "If people are okay Uncle Doom, then testing things should be fine. It's not sending you're level of tech knowledge to the dung ages I hope? Weird ass mind whammy magic is gonna suck." she says and hunkers down at the dome where it stabilises and slips the ancient clock just inside while still on to see what happens.

Her wrist computer and even the tech in her suit that she uses to enhance her strength or power her personal forcefields will probably go by by but that's to be expected.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick's brows widen as he's getting a Very. Bad. Feeling. The appearance of a figure leaping through and shifting to a look that most everyone would recognize does little to quell that sense. The running either.

Why yep. There's something going on.

"Get to the other side of the camp." Nick cautions the refugees near him, indicating to the side furthest from the disturbance. "Listen to what security and the camp workers tell you to do."

Caution given, Nick studies the shimmering border and then takes note of where the refugees are clustered and starts walking over to another group to try and give them the same heads up

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Light shifts in the aurora borealis of magic marking the edge of Latveria, exaggerated shadows looming on its other side until it blooms into the shape of Victor von Doom. Magic distorts and twists, turning her stomach. Zatanna stands knocking her chair over and clutches the mirror in her pocket.

"Mirror, what pursues Doom?" For Doom has surely escaped Faust's clutches and has a stream of enemies on his tail. And run? Run where?

"Hal" she calls, "The refugees! I can open a portal for some but not everyone."

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards moves like a wave, it is unusual for him to embrace the nature of his ability so wholly as he places himself between Val and Doom and between them both and the magical field. It seems a brash and uncharacteristic gesture for those who weren't present to watch this man go toe toe with Doomsday, or the dozens of time his altercations with Doom have gotten pugnacious. Reed was watching the border as much as his sensors can see through the field and saw nothing following Doom through the portal, but he keeps a wary eye, "Victor! Thank entropy. You're out, tell us what's going on." Reed reaches to pull Val back from/out of the field.

     "Stay back, Natasha, not sure what any of this means" Reed gives a whistle and a rally gesture. At two distinct points portals are opened the majority of non essential FantastiCorp and Shield personnel can move to the rifts in reality. Gathering refugees as they go. "The energy requirememt is hellacious bit we can buy everyone some time, Zatanna."

Hyperion has posed:
    Fortunately for Hyperion, the injuries that he received in the last outing healed up -very- quickly once he was out of the field. Out from under the dome... and most importantly, out where the ambient energy level of the universe was back to the usual OMG overload he is used to.

    Quite literally, his arm over someone's shoulder to help him limp out became... about a minute later, him back to full power. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, he gave succinct reviews to the SHIELD operatives on site, and did his best to contribute in ways that were more than merely being a walking forklift.

    And so, when news of the next foray into the field reached him... mind you, he was away at that moment, helping refugees in Uganda. Anyway, he wrapped up what he was doing and rushed to Latveria once more.

    Sure, he was a bit behind everyone else, but he's here now. And now he knows what to expect when under the dome... reduced energy levels, which means reduced power level for him once he expends that first initial bit of energy. But things are not -under- the dome this time, and he comes down to make .. well not a classic Superhero landing so much as just descending to crash feet into the dirt. Facing the field, and the potential threats. "Do so Zatanna. I will do my best to provide you with cover while you evacuate the refugees."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Has Doom been pushed out of his own nation at last? Or perhaps he did receive word that SHIELD and the interested parties also engaged on dealing with Faust wanted a word with him reached his ears on unseen wings. Either way, it does not appear as if he has arrived without pursuit and now, outside the near blinding light of that magical veil it does not exactly appear as if Doom is at his very best. Both stark grey armor and green cloak are ripped and scorched. He even hobbles with a bit of a limp, a weakness that he would rarely allow himself to show.

Equally concerning perhaps is the fact that, unless he's simply threatening, he appears to be genuinely concerned that something may follow him through the barrier. Perhaps they are more at risk then they would like.

Just what he is concerned about emerges seconds later and for an instant it is difficult to tell what exactly it is. It seems to be cloaked head to foot in black. Huge certainly, more than eight feet in height, but oddly shapeless. At least until it becomes apparent that the black is in fact a robe that completely conceals it's features. As that blast of energy from Doom's hand lashes out of it a gleaming scythe seems to appear in it's hands, slicing straight through the beam as if it were nothing. It moves swiftly, inhumanly graceful and while it's features might be hidden away, it is almost possible to feel it assessing which of the trio directly in front of it is the greatest threat.

It is not the only shape to emerge as more than a dozen other shadowy shapes follow after -- not as massive as the Reaper in the fore. These are closer to human sized and shaped, but even under the cloudy, mid-afternoon sky they are hard to make out, seeming to instinctively move and twist to avoid the eye. Nor do they seem as fixated on Doom the the pair in front of him, already starting to spread out, as if chasing their own prey now that they've been unleashed.

As concerning as all of that may be, it rather pales in comparison to the shape that bursts out of the field fifty or feet above the ground. Yep, you guessed it. There's no mistaking that shape, the leathery wings of an actual dragon emerging from the field. Unlike the shadowy shapes below, it is impossible to miss that a thick collar encircles the dragon's neck. Almost lost in all of that is the small shard of a black diamond embedded in that collar. It's great maw opens and a flash of fire briefly fills the sky. And on it's back? A man sits, perched in a sort of aerial saddle, a staff in his hands. Where he levels the head of that staff -- it's peak mounted with a black diamond as well -- a cone of darkness sweeps over the ground below. That cone clips the edge of one of the pre-fab shelters and it is much like watching Doom's emergence in reverse as the building almost instantly melts away, replaced by a dilapidated thatch hut.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Understood Zatanna. Do what you can do to get the refugees out of there. I'll see who's free from the League to help and then I'll be on my way as well," Green Lantern promises, though even he may not be in time to do much more than clean up if the worst should happen. "I believe you should have Hyperion on site shortly," he does offer up. That is definitely something.

Fortunately others are on the scene and keeping their heads. While panic threatens to grow in the refugee camp, Nick's calm instructions suppress it at least temporarily and those he was speaking to run off, seeking out the nearest SHIELD personnel. Of course, watching as some of those shadowy shapes start to head their way there is still much to be concerned with.

The mirror in Zatanna's pocket gives a muffled 'Uh oh," and it seems to quiver at her touch. "I'm feeling a lot of Vengeance coming from whatever the incursion is, beautiful," the snarky mirror replies. "Very yucky, do not like," it warns.

"This is no time to play hero, Richards!" the deposed monarch snaps, though Reed's instinctive bravery draws the Latverian Despot up short as well as he whirls to face the emerging threats. "Demons. Faust has found a way to let them breach the wall while keeping all of their enhanced magic from the other side," he cautions. He does spare a solemn nod for his god-daughter as well, and briefly sneaks a peek at just what the pair were doing, his eyes perhaps narrowing with some interest behind that stark metal mask.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff goes to keep her weapon up and over and would grumble. <<Demons? What's our best method of engagement?>> That's sent to the rest of the group as well as Zatanna. If only they had a couple of members of WAND around wtih them to give backup. <<Are they things we can handle wtih conventional firepower or not?>> She would go to click her tongue and then go to switch channels to send over to Betty.
    <<Agent Ross, when they break through.>> She would grin <<Please smash.>>

Betty Ross has posed:
    Red grins big. <<On it.>> she says simply, the very picture of arrogant poise. One of the down size of being Red She-Hulk? Leeeetle bit of an impulse and ego problem. She's never actually fought demons before, but she's willing to give it a shot as she puts herself between what's coming and the rest of the camp.

    Then the dragon comes out.

    "....oooooooooh." Rulkie says, eyes shining like a child given that Barbie Dream House she always wanted as a kid that her militant father never would. Or the Castle Greyskull. She would have taken either.

    Either way, she digs in her toes, crouching, then kicks off, launching herself like a crimson missile at the dragon, drawing back a fist as she aims to deck that dragon snoot off course and away from the pre-fabs.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards smiles, "It's always time to play hero, Victor." Reed pulls a claymore sword from the ground and tosses it to Doom as he moves towards the demon. Reed moves like water flowing and ebbing feinting and attacking. He skirts that scythe as he closes with the figure. He tosses three small discs which produce force fellds in an attempt to trap some of the shadowy figures, "Nat, Cold Iron is always a good bet... also how much salt do you have?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Being yanked back by her father Val pouts and drops the clock inside the field. "Daaaaaad!" she calls out like an embarrasssed teen instead of one of the smartest people on the planet.

She is still only twenty.

Looking through the barrier as best all the swirling colors and energies of mystical mojo. The blonde woman crosses her fingers. "C'Mon Clarke's Third! Babygirl needs some new power armor!" she hopes as if she were rolling dice in Vegas. If she wasn't premptively banned from every casino on the planet.

"Demons? On this side. So folks on this side can still like shoot and punch and stuff right?

Turns out her test failed. The attilanian clock. Way older tech than anything of the spell's enforced time period "Dad, do we have any like Nth metal and the like in decent amounts at home? Uncle Doom, we have any at the Embassy." she ponders and looks rto the others. Mentally taking measurements.

Of course when things start getting hairy Val engages her suit tech while it's still viable on their side of the barrier.

"Val Rings, such awesome bling!" she voice activates while putting her fists together. There's a further swipe of her wrist computer to further add Doomtech forcefields to the mix. Kinetic absorbsion is handy but mystical attacks may not work. Still every little bit helps.

"Umm, I should go help the refugees get clear!" she suggests and looks out to the people needing to get away.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As the severity of the situation grows with each passing moment, Nick's steps become more and more frequent. "MOVE." He barks to one cluster of refugees that appear frozen in place watching. A hand gestures in the direction they should go. The same way the past group goes. "Follow them. Follow instructions."

Does he follow his own advice?


Although the shapes ARE concerning and reminiscent of another incident.

Breaking into a run, Nick heads over to a nearby tree. Glancing to the ground, he picks up a recently lost branch. Pressing one end to the ground, he stomps at the mid point to give him two easier to wield sticks. Holding them together and picking up a third, he lines them up. Taking a breath and starts to murmur something under his breath.

'Michael lead the way
When danger's near
In the darkest day
Remove our fear.

As we go the length
To make things right
Please lend your strength
Your will, your might.'

There's the faintest of glows building up between the sticks, a line of energy connecting the three. The glow soon dies down, leaving them to look - Well, like sticks.

Guess enough time's gone by to use the spell. Thank you demonic banhammer spell.

Newly armed with three embued sticks, Nick holds two in one hand while he starts moving towards the trouble.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards frowns considering as he dodges, ducks and weaves. It becomes obvious as he moves that even Reed's attacks are feints as he uses his ability to try tying up the attacker. "Thanagarian Nth metal? No, not in quantities. There may be some on the Watchtower."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Time. They have no time. There is a sickness on the land and it rides a black dragon and wields darkness. Face upturned to the menace moving on them, Zatanna stands frozen in place until a familiar voice breaks the trance. "Hyperion, I will."

A muttered word and a purple line shimmers into existence, wavers and holds, creating a doorway which she steps through. The other side of the door, unseen to the people in the conference center opens next to the open air kitchen where a large number of refugees stand in line. Screams go up when they see what has appeared overhead. Panic is about to dissolve the camp into chaos.

After a hurried conference with a camp coordinator, Zatanna erects three portal doorways and sets them in place with a spell drawing its energy directly from the earth. Seldom has she felt so drained by elemental magic, the fundament of her power.

Yet, they stand. She lets other organize the evacuation and with an effort portals back to the conference center.

In her hurry, she had neglected the snarky mirror. "You don't say?" Zatanna comments slapping it lightly in its hiding place. "Come up with a plan! Kibitz, why don't you - instead of commenting on my looks. Other magic beside the dark doom riding over their heads flares into existence and she orients to it like a compass to see Nick. Those sticks!

"raepS," she commands and holds out her hand. A bronze spear, perhaps familiar to an ancient Greek appears in her hand.

"Hyperion! Catch!" she shouts.

Hyperion has posed:
    Okay. There's a dragon. There are reapers... and one giant reaper. This is all just fabrications made by magic. Right? Well, Hyperion is not going to go harrying off chasing after one creature or another when there are refugees being evacuated. He plants himself in the path and will not be moved aside. He is prepared to pull a Gandalf if needed. But he has no oversized stick, staff... not even a spear.

    Then he hears it... 'Hyperion! Catch'... and he turns his head, lifting a hand to snatch the spear out of the air. The same spear that he turns and points towards the oncoming swarms of evilnastybad(tm) entities. He watches Rulkie launch herself skyward, and waits... he watches Reed weave forward, and waits. He is not going to abandon the refugees.

    He -does- lash out with Atomic Fusion Heat Vision at one reaper or another. And while he's always wanted to slay a dragon.. that's Rulkie's fight. If she appears overmatched... then maybe he will get involved. But again... so long as people need cover, he's staying put.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
While there might be any number of impossible foes emerging from the other side of that mystical barrier, for the moment at least all of their technology seems to be working. At least anywhere that has not been swept by the dragon-mounted rider and his staff. A few SHIELD agents line up below and begin to rake the giant flying lizard with suppression fire, but that cone of shadowy energy sweeps over them a moment later and those same agents find themselves dressed in hunting leathers and holding bows. Fortunately by now all of those on scene are prepared for what to expect and they keep lancing those arrows upward, though admittedly to little visible effect.

For a moment that black beam sweeps precariously close to Reed, Valeria and Victor but before the Dragonrider can make things more difficult for that trio Rulkie is leaping upwards, that gap between her and the dragon covered with remarkably speed. Do the dragon's eyes actually widen in surprise? Maybe. It's hardly used to having it's meals delivered to it but become that gapping maw can open once more and simply swallow Betty that fist plants itself square in the dragon's snout. The flying beheamoth's head actually rocks back, it's flight path diverted as it drops a good ten feet almost instantly. The rider somehow manages to keep his saddle, but that staff whips about erratically, the black beam that seems to carry the reality altering magic from the other side careens about wildly and without purpose for several seconds.

Down at the very center of the incursion the Richards force fields seem to keep things contained, at least for the moment. The flailing black cone of shadowy energy comes perilously close a few times, but their technology stays intact. The Reaper and the other shadow creatures are held at bay for a moment, those features inscrutable on the far side. Then that scythe appears in the Reaper's hand once more and it simply slices through the energy field as if it isn't even there. That field shimmers and dies, the shadowy demons dispersing with surprising speed, some moving towards the SHIELD teams while others race towards the refugee camp.

As the field comes down, Doom once more opens up with a barrage of energy blasts towards that massive demon that still bears down on them, more buying time then anything else. "You may inspect my vaults for what you might find child," Victor says to Valeria, "But only /you/," he immediately adds, not even glancing Reed's way to suggest who he principly wants to exclude. Is he likely to have that much Nth metal stashed away? Highly unlikely. But there might be various other prizes of a mystical or scientific bent that could be useful.

Hopefully at least, if the Reaper is any indication of the type of creature serving Faust. It simply shrugs off the energy directed towards it by Doom, swinging that scythe in a wide arc towards the trio in front of it.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
That flailing black beam does eventually sweep across the communications center and the feed from the Hall of Justice is abruptly cut off as the SHIELD structure is reduced to a ruin of broken stone walls and rotting wooden planks between one heartbeat and the next.

They are on their own it seems.

While the shadowy demons roll out towards the refugee camp, it proves to have rather capable guardians. With the portal opening at the heart of it, frightened refugrees begin to flood through Zatanna's magical escape hatch to shafety, escorted by several of the SHIELD personnel on the scene. More than a few staring up at the magician with gratitude before vanishing from sight. But those shadow deemons get closer and closer.

Then Hyperion is there, those flaming eyes sweeping over an advancing group. For a moment they are outlined in that Atomic energy. Then there is only ash.

Still, they are difficult to spot and a pair of them sneak through, flowing towards where only Nick stands between them and the crowd still waiting to step through the mystical doorway. They slow for just an instant, almost looking as if they're sniffing, as if they smell something... wrong. Then both are lunging towards the man and his three sticks...

The mirror in Zatanna's pocket gives a 'harumph' sort of sound, it's own shadowy face not visible tucked away as it is. "So demanding. Eeeesh. Mmmmm, I'm sensing darkness. The Heart of Darkness. Broken into thousands of shards. The shards are what's powering them here on this side," the mirror says, it's typical snark wiped away by concentration and focus. Don't worry, it won't last. "That's the weakness."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
The enemy is coming out in numbers. And as Reed goes to share his advise along the comm link, Natasha Romanoff goes to reply <<Not enough.>> She goes to thens houlder the heavy rifle to herself ,and goes to sweep it around the area. The Reapers seem to be focused on the others, even as she moves to sweep up with her weapon to aim over at the demon. Whether or not a standard shot would work on it.. Well.. That's why Natasha's not using a standard weapon.

She lines up the hypervelocity railgun over with the demon, and goes to sweep her weapon over it. she goes to line it up over with the eye of the thing, and moves to take a quick shot as a SABOT styled round is fired at more than Mach 50. Even if the thing treats conventional firearms like a child does logic.. Well, it's still hopefully going to sting. Natasha goes to rapidly fire teh gun again as soon as the railgun is ready, moving to fire the next shot into the other eye of the demon, and then her third up and over at the throat.

She has to trust the other agents here and the other heroes. Now she's best as a distraction. Presuming that in all the thatamurigal chaos her weapon is still working, then she'll yank it along with her. If it's turned to something else once more in the way this magic has, she will do the same. Going to stalk along and trying to sneak about, she watches the fight with the demons and the dragon.. As she moves to switch up for some of those very nastily done poisons she'd spent tie preparing just in case. She's going along at a quick jog, trying to get in behind the advancing 'lines' if she can to try and flank them without being noticed.

Betty Ross has posed:
    No matter what anyone says: it just feels great to punch a dragon. Red mentally marks that off her bucket list as she finds herself victim of the laws of physics, in that the impact of the punch has pushed her backwards through the air.

    Perhaps she didn't plan this as well as she could have.

TThere's a quick scramble as tries to snag on to a wing or foot of the beast before she continues to fall past, at which point she'll deliver a nice solid kick to its side if she can.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The extra strength is mostly so Valeria can give herself some space if need be. The Thing Suit tech enhancing her strength topping out at about two thirds of Ben Grimms actual output.

The real test is if ger forcefields when she starts expanding them can protect any refugees trying to get away from the battle field. Val herself nowhere as good a fighter but tech support and forecfields are things that should be more than doable under normal circumstances.

Fighting demons and dragons however are not normal circumstances.

"You're like the best Uncle Doom!" she yells out beaming brightly like she just got handed the keys to one of Johnny Storm's cars. But she has possible plans.

For now though she's got to get her barrier maiden schtick on.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Despite the amount of refugees heading the opposite direction, there are enough gaps in the crowd to where the move is not hindered much. Eventually Nick breaks through the back line in order to see two shadowy forms heading after the crowd. His steps slow for a moment as he watches their pace shift. And moving to him.

Well at least that saves him the time from distracting the creatures from the refugees.

Eyes narrow as the hand holding the two sticks cinches them together. He had intended to give at least the third to another but those in a position to fight are nowhere near him. And since they're both lunging towards him.

The right arm moves first, striking out at the figure approaching from that end. While it is safely on its mission, he brings the left arm up to strike at the other. It's likely not the most ideal of situations but if he can connect with at least one of them that should free up his attention to the other

Reed Richards has posed:
Between the Red Hulk and the riflemen turned bowman and the mad clinging to remain on the beast. Reed glances at Doom and nods taling three gargantuan steps, grabbingbhold of the dragon and pulling himself aloft. His first target in the necklace at the dragon's throat, seeking to detach it with the skillful dexterity of a man married to a beautiful woman who enjoy jewelry for thirty years. Even one without super agile fingers.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Reality falters, magic with its own internal logic taking its place. The scythe swings and another swatch of the world is absorbed in Faust's dark magics. Zatanna looks down on herself, expecting the worse. The elegant suit is now replaced with a black mantle over a white under gown. The mirror still safe, riding in a drawstring bourse hanging from the belt girdling the mantle.

While dragon snouts meet fists and Demons meet resistance like they have seldom known, the homo magi draws on the elements. The power of the ley lines that race under the earth in this locale will fuel her spell. Hand held out, palm open to the sky, she conjures a faceted white stone into existence. It glows with an inner light, lighting the area around her with its silver glow.

Brows drawn into a frown of concentration, she directs the light at Doom's staff and the shard of darkness imbeded in it. "!ssenkrad siht hsinab thgiL" (Light banish this darkness.)

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
In its purse, the mirror snarks, "Thatta girl. Go getem."

Hyperion has posed:
    Okay. The refugees are safely gone. ... -NOW- Hyperion can move. He enters hyper-speed and takes a few moments to peer about. Everything seems to be moving in super duper slow motion. It's like he has plenty of time to consider his next course of action.

    And then he launches himself. He is a missile aimed at the chest of the dragon. A missile with a very sharp, very magical tip made of some sort of super material. That is, if you believe the hype.

    Instead of aiming for the neck, the gem, the head... or anything that can move quickly out of the way, he is aiming for center mass. But that is not his true intention.

    He is hoping that the dragon, or the rider, try to maneuver out of the way. His real target is the rider on the back of the monstrous beast. As he flashes past the dragon's body, he shifts the spear and lashes out at the rider with his full strength. Enough to topple skyscrapers and the like.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
For sheer potential damage, that dragon does probably represent the greatest threat. Those who have already encountered them on the otherside of the mystical barrier have seen the desolation left by that firey breath. Having it sweep the refugee camp would be an absolutely nightmare to be sure. Fortunately Rulkie seems to have that well in hand. Or at least is proving to be quite the diversion.

As the fallen red giantess plummets past the dragon as lays a solid kick to it's side, the great black beast lets out a roar of pain that would surely shatter windows nearby, practically twisting itself into a knot to try and get it's revenge. A gout of fire lashes the green field forty or so feet below, turning it into a field of char but missing it's target. Still, those clawed talons rake at her -- though it might also indavertantly give her a perch as well should those razor sharp claws miss.

Of course, while the dragon is thoroughly preoccupied with Betty, it never notices Reed stretching up to meet it, those hands finding purchase on that thick leather collar. The tiny black diamond in the middle of it sparkles enticingly, but as soon as the collar is freed the flying beast almost seems to freeze in mid-air. It's earlier contortions are nothing compared to those that wrack it now and it gives a high-pitched wail as it abruptly starts to wither away, leaving it's rider to plummet towards the ground.

The Dragonrider proves to have a few other tricks at his disposal and almost immediately starts to float in midair. With that new stability, it turns it's attention to Reed, eyes narrowed as it looks him over. Did he guess? Does he somehow know the master's secret? Either way, that cone of darkness starts sweeping towards the pre-eminent scientist in the world (though Doom might very well disagree). Of course that preoccupation with Mr. Fantastic leaves him very open indeed when Hyperion swoops in. The armor he wears clearly saves his life, holding up even under the assault of the flying man. Clearly enchanted -- and up close it is possible to see the black diamond worked into the metal scrollwork. Still, he might not be rendered unconscious when bowled over, but his breath still explodes from him and the staff -- also tipped by a black diamond -- drops towards the ground.

Of course Reed's departure does leave Victor and Valeria alone, facing down the Reaper Demon. Again, it shrugs off every blast directed it's way. Those that are not cut out of the air by that deathly scythe simply seem to be swallowed up by the dark cloak that drapes ot's form head to toe.

A fitting representative of Death indeed.

Fortunately the duo are not entirely left on their own and as the Reaper bears down on them those shots from Natasha begin to hit home. An ordinary rifle might not even give it pause, but when one has the complete resources at SHIELD at one's disposal, finding something a little more... exotic is not all that hard to do. While it does not seem like the railgun is actually hurting it, even it can't hold it's ground under that sort of assautl. Knocked off stride, it is forced to take a few steps back, an unearthly hiss sounding from beneath that cowl as it swings towards the Black Widow.

Of course that also buys Valeria a moment to continue to reinforce those forcefields, providing the front line of defense for the evacuating refugees.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
As for the last line of defense? The two shadow demons seem to flow like water towards Nick, almost seeming boneless in the way they move. They lash out, as if expecting easy prey -- a quick and easy death and then a feast on those refugees still flowing through the portal. Up close they almost look insubstantial and the eye has a hard time following those disjointed motions. But while shadows they might be, those sticks in Nick's hands keep them from finding him, bringing those clawed talons up short. Again the demons hesitate for just an instant before lunging for him again.

While that careening black ray might sweep over part of Zatanna and render her outfit rather... unique, it would seem that with the help of the mirror she too has gleaned the source of the problem. As that spell builds the rather grey afternoon day brightens considerably, the stone seeming to cast it's warming light across the field they find themselves in. The demons assaulting Nick pull up abruptly, cowering away from the touch of that light and leaving themselves temporarily defenseless. Those other shadow demons assaulting the SHIELD teams do much the same and the light snuffs out that cone of darkness eminating from the fallen staff. Even the Reaper seems to pull back before aruptly rearing back and hurling that scythe towards both Zatanna and that magical stone of light.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
They're covering the area enough to act for evacuation. Now that that's done, Natasha Romanoff is waiting to see if those better versed in these matters to make the determination. Natasha goes to dive over behind cover now as she evaluates where to hit. The large Reaver seems to be the largest threat on the battlefield, and her weapon doesn't seem to hurt it. She doesn't have any sort of specialized things on her thatw ould be effective on something of that scale.. And attempting to ask one of the others for something in this chaotic, spread out battlefield will not end well.
    The thing goes to turn to face her, and Natasha goes to whip up the railgun as the thing goes to pursue her. she moves to charge it up to maximum power, goes to leap through the air and perform a sommersault. Presuming she can, with the railgun at it's highest setting she goes to try and slam it into the mouth of the beast to then pull the trigger. Presuming she could as well, she would slam the overheating weapon with the magnetic inside melting and detonating down the head of it.. While then trying to land up and over on the back of the thing. From there, going to take out her Widow's Bites to try and point blank stab each of them into the eye of the infernal creature and then disengage, if possible just leaping and flipping off it before it can retaliate.

Will it hurt the thing? Unlikely. But hopefully it will disorient it, enrage it, and gives the others an opening.

Betty Ross has posed:
    The solid kick at least redirects Red's fall, enough she can grab hold of the dragon and duck behind its wing to avoid the spray of fire. "Hah! Missed me scaly! Now I'm gonna-OOF!" She grunts as one of the slashing claws as she's knocked flying, the claws leaving furrows in her skin as she grabs hold of its tail. "Now I gotcha!" Then the necklace is pulled off..at which point the dragon starts to disintegrate. "..well, crap...." The red amazon plummets to hit the ground with a loud THUD, leaving a good sized crater. "..ow." She sits up, rubbing her neck, then jumps up, reorienting herself. Well, Hyperion has the rider under control it looks like...

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Not feeling a strike either upon the end of his sticks or upon himself, Nick is uncertain on how to take this. But he's still moving and they're not progressing beyond this point. And at the moment that might be all that matters.

When the light hits them and they react, so does Nick. The sticks in hand are brought back and swung out at the figures once more in an attempt to strike.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards nods to Hyperion in thanks and snatches out catching the staff in mid air as he extends himself towards the ground. He holds tight to the staff resisting any efgort to wrest it from his grasp. He has the collar in his free hand. "Nat target the black diamond." Reed breaks in on the JLA comms as well, "All points, the creatures each have a black diamond, remove it."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Most of what Val does is work a wrist computer to continually monitor the power of her shields, a lot of impacts imparting their energy to keep them active. And it is Doomtech powering it so some extra metaphysical stuff might work and get absorbed.

But Val also knows that he suit's capacitors have upper limits to how much they can take and transfer. Most of the strength from the Thing Suit tech used to brace and keep Valeria from getting knocked on her backside like a glowing hamsterball in green synthetic leather.

"Convenient weakspot." she chimes in while occasionally expanding and contracting the shields as needed.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
The glowing orb of light that Zatanna holds up marks the magician at its center, a slender column of black, lungs burning for breath as she reaches the limits of her power. Demons draw back from the tide of light burning their toes, while a scythe swings, a pendulum of death, the end of her mortal time.

The mirrors screams in panic, "DUCK!"

With her off-hand, the magician throws up a shield, golden wheels within wheels of golden glyphs, and follows the mirror's advice. She ducks and rolls, stone tucked in her hand, coming to a stop with her impromptu shield held above her.

Hyperion has posed:
    Hearing Reed's words, Hyperion glances down. He expects to see the magic staff in the hands of the mage. But seeing in Reed's hands, he just lifts his brows. Then he turns his head and surges towards the Dragonrider, reaching him in a blink. He strikes with a shoulder ram aimed downward. Intending to drive the rider into the ground. Perhaps in a suddenly made crater that erupts from the impact.

    That done, he rises up and places a foot upon the Dragonrider's torso... raising the spear before plunging it down to try to work the tip under the edge of the diamond worked into the scrollwork of the armor.

    he is fully intending to pop that diamond loose.. and he'll suck up whatever pain he must to do that. Be it blasts coming from the guy he is beating on, or scythes... it's all going to hurt. Stupid magic... but he will not be denied.

Thor has posed:
    There is the whirl and flash of wicked energy, that scythe slicing across the distance and crashing toward the SHIELD agents and Zatanna as she brings that shield up. Lashing power blasts forth around and about, though abruptly as the sky roils it becomes apparent that whatever power that may be it comes not from the reaper's scythe so hurled, but instead from the clouds above parting as rainbow energy explodes downward before the agents, the sorceress and the demons so.
    A luminescent blaze of power that cascades and burns sizzling the earth beneath it as five figures suddenly seemed limned within its depths, tall armored figures with four that snap sharply into stance their spears lowered.
    And the fifth raises his hammer and /smashes/ the scythe aside with a resonant /WHOM/ followed by a /CLONG!/
    Then the voice carries across the battlefield, "Einherjar at them! For Asgard!"
    And that voice doubled so as it is heard on SHIELD's comm frequencies. Perhaps to a momentary detriment as Thor charges forth, with Mjolnir raised high...
    Then crashing down with a burning sizzle of lightning dancing across the field of battle.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Their foes are swiftly vanishing to be sure, the field of battle quickled cleaned of dangers. Mostly. The dragon is gone -- even if it leaves Red She-Hulk to plummet back down to the scorched field. The Dragonrider has been disarmed at least -- the powered down staff safely in Reed's hands for the moment -- and under the light of Zatanna's spell the shadow demons seem to much less of a threat. Just where their black diamonds might be hidden is hard to see -- though as Nick lashes out at the pair that cower close to him those sticks strike right through them, reducing them to piles of ash from which the glittering dark gemstones can be seen sparkling enticingly.

And then there is the Dragonrider himself. Whatever powers he might have at his disposal without his staff, they're no match for Hyperion's man-handling. He is flung about like a ragdoll, hurled to the ground and while he claws at the man's boot pressing down on him he can do nothing as that bright spear digs into his armor, prying out that black diamond. Dark energy ripples back up the spear in turn, reaching for Hyperion... and then dying away just an instant before touching him as the gemstone cut from the Heart of Darkness flicks away to glitter amongst the scorched field.

But not every threat simply falls. The dragon might have been the most obvious threat but it would seem that the Reaper-like demon might have more in the tank at the end of the day. Wherever it's black diamond happens to lay, it would seem it has at least some protection from the lgiht that comes from Zatanna's spell, enough so that the hurled scythe flies true. It slices through that stone of light, seeming to devour the magic that it has conjured. The hurriedly conjured magical shield meets the same fate, delaying the inevitable blow for only an instant.

But before that finaly blow can strike home and put an end to the Justice League's foremost magician the sky seems to open up. That light pours from the sky and an answering host is there. And an answering weapon. Scythe meets Hammer and the scythe is batted aside.

The Reaper straightens all at once and it lifts it's hand. There is no travel time, no motion -- one moment the scythe is across the battlefield and the next it's back in it's hands. It starts to glide forward once more, starts to move towards where Victor and Valeria stand in its path.

Which is when Natasha is suddenly there, flipping over it with railgun in hand. The weapon is jammed forward, beneath that cowl, pushing back those heavy robes for just an instant to reveal the truly terrifying features that lay beneath. Hopefully the sight is brief enough because as she pulls the trigger that high powered projectile is sent straight down the demon's gullet. It's rocked back, flying towards that magical field at it's back, landing just short, the cowl somehow back in place, concealing it's features.

Then, impossibly, it starts to rise once more. It blurs, moves impossibly fast and lashes out with that scythe once more, only Valeria's force shields keeping the blow from landing. But again, that scythe seems to drink up the power offered and the little Richards will watch as the power levels in her suit begin to plummet.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff goes to quickly dart along to the side as she would bounce off the Reaver's head. <<Thor, can you remove that thing from the battlefield if we can't neutralize it?>> Always a possible if one couldn't defeat something on the field of battle then to sipmly take it somewhere else. Natasha's remaining weaponry isn't going to do much over against that Reaver's body, even as she hears over the bit on the diamond. Natasha goes to maneuver along towards cover. All right, the thing seems to not be hurt by anything.. So now it's time to switch it up.
    She goes to flip through a series of small packed grenades she has with her, goes to arm them.. And then flips them through the air as she gives a warning <<Deploying elemental explosives>> As seh flings several small cannisters. They're a concoction of rather nasty things aimed over at the face of the beast. The first being as close to a weapon that could hit the coldest temperatures that munitions technology could achieve to hopefully just freeze -up- a chunk of the thing's upper body. THe next being a flung duo of incendinary grenades. White phosphorous that would hopefully impact the scales that had just been super-frozen. The third is then flung which is a widow's bite detonator with stingers that would if her aim was right give it a brutal shock if it worked. She wasn't in a position to be able to make a play for the diamond.. but hopefully she could distract it so the others could hit at it. Or that Valeria could disengate some.
    <<Options. If we can't keep this thing down can we dismember it or hold it down long enough to rip out it's power source?>>

Betty Ross has posed:
    Red sees that the Reaper is definitely going to be a problem, especially when it shrugs off the railgun round and zips right back to start smacking at Valeria's field. Well. That's an issue. She's guessing that people haven't been able to find its diamond as of yet.

    She figures she can fix that by holding it still.

    <<I can hold it, find that diamond thing!>> she says over comms, as she falls into a runners stands then bursts forward, rock and debris flying behind her from the rut torn in the ground by her boots, then throws herself forward, trying to grab hold of the cowled monster from behind around its neck. Granted, it's big...but she pack a lot of leverage in her bright red package.

    Plus, she'll probably be fine with everyone else throwing stuff at it. Right. Probably.

    ...okay, this may sting a bit, but at least she can try and hold it still!

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val eeps as the scythe seems to have abigger power draw than what her shields are capable off and the energy flickers and struggles to keep up. Natasha's shots hitting the shield does bolster it but Val also gets the idea that maybe bigger needs to get out of the way so a swipe of her wirst computer controlling the system shrinks the field enough to offer protection but no obstructions.

"Little help please! Dad, Uncle Doom!?" she asks rather worriedly.

To the reaper swinging at her and Doom and trying and nearly bringing down her forcefields. "Hey, my other Uncle isn't here to tell it but the clock I have is saying some thing." she states and looks as everyone else starts lining up a shot against the scythe weilding entity.

"Clobbering time!" she says with a wicked tone and smirk to match.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Something hits. As Nick is greeted with the glimpse of bursting ash, he instinctively turns his head to shield his eyes from stray pieces. There's no telling where these things have been. The sticks are pulled back. Not seeing any more coming his way, he brings a hand back, sliding stick number three through a belt loop.

As Nick's head is tilted downwards, he looks to the glittering gemstones.

Nick pokes a stick at one.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards glances at Hyperion snd nods in a trust me sort of way. He launches the staff towards Doom, "Victor, augrment your armors power supply with this. It should enable you to read as one of them." Reed sighs as the truth is that no it should not and none of this makes any sense to his stridently technical mind in fact the wrongness of it threatens to overwhelm him, But decades spent fightng this man tell him this should work... he hopes.

     Reed sling shots across the field directly at the reaper. Dropping the black diamond collar at Val's feet as he moves with the studied grace of a judo grandmaster, one with decades of experience ahainst the stongest ofvfors. Reed help Red Shulk bind him moving over the demon frisking him down in search of that diamond.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Eyes closed, Zatanna winces, huddled under the shield, as Doom's weapon sweeps her way. The stone is knocked from her hand, the scythe winnowing her powerful shield away like chaff. She opens them to witness Thor's arrival in a great wash of light from on high.

"Whew, that big guy saved your bacon, sweetheart," the muffled voice of the mirror in its bag observes.

Holding a hand to the stitch in her side, Thor's large hand engulfs hers, and he tugs her to her feet.

"Thank you," she calls to the retreating figure launching himself back into the fray.

Darkness is scattered across the field, holes of darkness that drink both ambient and mystic light. Zatanna gathers herself for another spell, and casts her hands into the air, .ssenkraD fo sdrahS ,em ot emoC"

To the mirrors screeching dismay, she hold its pouch open ready to receive the shards where they to answer the command.

Hyperion has posed:
    Okay. That warrior defeated, Hyperion just kicks the dislodged gem aside casually. Then he lifts his head and turns to lift off the ground and peer over the edge of the crater he made. That done, he narrows his eyes. Spotting the storm arriving, and its bearer nearby... he takes a half second to glance to that spear in his hand, then to the Reaper.

    With a grin on his face, Hyperion takes one step, then a second... and then a third. As he takes that third step, he releases the spear in what could be considered a textbook throw. I mean.. it is a textbook throw. He learned it from a book. What?

    Either way, as the spear arrows in on the large Reaper, he yells out, "Thor! The spear is a lightning rod! Use it when it hits!" And of course, he threw it hard, but not with his full strength... he didn't want it to pass totally through the creature and keep going.

    His feet slow him to a stop near the Reaper... where he inclines his head and says, "Reed. Are you telling me that you decided not to give the staff to a mage we trust, but instead gave it to the one man who you of all people should never trust? Smartest man alive they say.. yeesh."

Thor has posed:
    Even as the Einherjar move to create a perimeter, their spears slashing on the attack as their shields collide heavily with targets that press too close. Thor stands amongst them though turns to offer a gauntleted hand to Zatanna to help her rise even though his first few words are meant for SHIELD and Natasha in main.
    << Aye, Natasha. I shall make it my life's work. >> Even as he gives a moment to shift his gaze to the stage sorceress tilting his shaved head as he quickly murmurs, "Twas not a thing," Then he smiles and sets Mjolnir to spinning then is drawn up into the sky with a short sharp leap that has him rising high.
    Higher as he surveys the battlefield, a flash of lightning illuminating him briefly, then another connecting to the ground and smashing into an errant demon who never had the chance to see what struck it.
    For a time his armored silhouette is limned against the sky by another blast of electricity then the strong voice of Hyperion is heard as he calls out to the Thunderer though the only answer he gets is a sudden blast of four, five... six more lightning bolts that key into Thor, dancing across his armor and flesh then into the mighty Uru hammer that glows with a brilliant light that pulses around its surface, only for Thor to roar out perhaps a warning to those near or a battlecry meant to strike terror into the heart of this creature as the hammer comes down, down pointing straight at that spear embedded into the large reaper.
    And suddenly the world is illuminated, lightning joins the figure of the flying Asgardian, the spear, smaller blasts dancing about around the other figures near the monstrosity that defies the heroes of Midgard causing a tremendous explosion of power as Thor's cape flares behind him...
    Then abruptly ends as power dances over Thor's bare scalp and narrowed eyes.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
For his part, Doom hates to feel indebted to anyone. But like it or not, everyone present is here defending his people. He might be a tyrant and a dictator, but the people of Latveria are his, and none threaten them. Not while he still draws breath. And despite any disagreements he might have with Reed, such disputes are not extended towards his daughter. So as the Reaper tries to reach her, Doom is by her side, adding the force fields of his own armor to reinforce hers. "Doom shall always stand at your side," he says, anger building in that tone.

He does not bring his power to bear on the Reaper otherwise. But he doesn't have to. The cursed Richards has an excellent notion and as that staff comes through the air the armored man turns long enough to snag it. Like does indeed call to like and while Victor might scowl behind that iron mask that conceals his unnaturally youthful features, his rival's notion is an excellent one. The black diamond at the tip of the staff begins to glow -- and hidden away beneath the heavy robes of the Reaper an answering glow answers from the center mass, right in it's chest.

The location of it's black diamond revealled.

"I hope," Doom says through gritted teeth as he pushes that staff towards the Reaper, dampening it's power enough so that when Rulkie lunges past to grab hold of it, it can't twist away in time, "that I do not have to tell any of you," he continues, "not to let your flesh touch any of those diamonds. Even enchanted by Faust I have no doubt that the power of Eclipso flows through them," he manages.

Fortunately Zatanna seems to be on top of that, and as the sorceress regains her feet and unleashes her spell across the battlefield the dozen or so black gemstones begin to tremble and shake, rocking back and forth. And then abruptly they shoot from their location on the ground, flying straight towards Zatanna. Or more the pouch she holds open. One zips right in, clicking at the bottom followed by several of the others.

Of course some are no so easily summoned, like the one held in Reed's grasp, embedded in the dragon's collar. The two at Nick's feet resist for just an instant as well as that stick prods at them.

For the singer, it is as if there is a voice in his head, urging him to reach down, urging him to pluck one of the diamonds from it's resting place amongst the ash. << Does this not all make you angry? The threats to innocents? The lack of respect for your talents? Take me up, let me help you right all those wrongs. Embrace your anger, your rage. Embrace vengeance. >> that unseen voice urges the musician.

The magical spear hurled by Hyperion flies true, perhaps truer then he knows. The Reaper might be more slipper then greased lightning, but it can't get away at the moment, not when held by Rulkie. It twists, tries to pull free and finds itself wrestled back into place -- letting the spear strike it dead center in the chest -- right where that black diamond glows beneath the robes.

Sometimes timing is everything and as the Einherjar advance, cutting off all avenues of escape that bolt of lightning drops from the sky, veering towards the golden spear. Natasha's bombs suddenly explode all around the demon, blinding it so it never sees the electricity that races down the haft of the magical weapon, that channels straight into it, straight through the hidden diamond.

Betty might get a little scorched as well, but when everyone's vision clears the Reaper Demon hangs loosely in her grasp for just a moment. Then it seems to simply disintegrate, a poof of dust dropping towards the ground along with that last black diamond.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Natasha Romanoff would go to pull out along a pair of pistols after the Reaver fwould go down, seemingly for good this time before she would call along the comms <<Report status all personnel. Is anyone down or injured and requires medical evacuation? Are all hostiles down and immobilized?>> Presuming they are, it might be time to see if there was enough of any of them intact to haul in for Jemma to inspect. There might be something useful to glean from it if Agent Simmons could cut it apart and see if the things had a weakness to something a bit more readily available than anti-magic weaponry

Betty Ross has posed:
    Red is in a great position to see Thor charging up as she struggles with the Reaper. "...oh no." she mutters, then tries to duck down behind it right before the lightning stabs into the spear, the electricity burning through the monster's body. And into her a bit, since she's touching it. She twitches, her hair standing on end for a slightly painful moment, before it's done....and then the Reaper under her crumbles, dropping her to the ground. "....ow. Again."She picks herself up, brushing some of the dust after her face, then running her fingers unsuccessfully through her hair trying to tamp it down a bit as she prods at the crumbling robe. "Well....that got him." she says, coughing out a little puff of smoke.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The buff to the shieds via Doom's own gets Val looking releived and appreciated. "Thank you Uncle Doom!" she says very appreciatively for the help and the warning. "Latveria needs Doom back on the throne. The collar with the black gemstone lands and Val takes a moment to control her field again so the jewellry can be picked up and examined. She refrains from putting the thing on and around her own neck. It wouldn't really fit around it.

"If I grow horns and wings and tails and stuff. Someone gimme the number of that blonde that I've seen with Doctor Strange. She looked fun." she states with a grin.

Val completely unaware that the woman, Illyana Rasputina-Strange is his wife.

What she does do is start looking at how to connect the diamond to her own suit's power supply. Without corrupting herself. It might take some time and poking about in a lab and not a field. "So think we found our in at least!" she ponders and bounces the collar in her gloved hand.

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Lightning from Thor's hammer splits the sky converging on the spear sticking from The Reaper's chest. Zatanna bares her teeth in a grin at the display.

The magician's spell hops and jumps across the field, gathering shards of darkness like so many poisonous mushrooms to fly to her bidding and disappear into the maw of the drawstring bag. Those sharp shards are a menace to any that touch them.

Before the first piece of stone arrives, Zatanna withdraws the mirror. "Now, who saved your bacon?" she asks, imperiously.


Some tug, she can feel their resistance and others come like hungry cats to milk to join each other at the bottom of the bag. The magician scans the field, turning in place. Because not all the stones have come, their dark magic pulls at her attention, black holes wishing to draw the unsuspecting into their thrall.

Thor has posed:
    Landing with a crunch of crushed gravel and debris, Thor falls from the heavens and spins Mjolnir loose in the grip of one hand, turning his head one way and then the other as he tries to see where further the fight might take them. Then he espies the crimson hulk and lifts a hand, "I beg your forgiveness, good lady. Needs must, and I took what care I could. Are you injured?"
    Though as he asks he touches a hand to his ear and informs Natasha, << Thor here, I am well and the warriors with me have gained much glory. >>
    Though he does plant a boot upon a convenient twisted bit of rubble and manages to look... a touch heroic as he speaks into those comms.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
While the stone he wasn't prodding flies on its merry way to Zatanna, the one pressed down by the stick lingers in front of Nick. He listens, frowning as the voice states its case by asking questions to how he feels.

Nick takes a deep breath. Yes. It does. The constant attacks. The constant dismissals. The feeling that no matter what you do it will never-


Lips part as the musician takes a deep breath. "Your timing sucks." Nick jerks the stick back and backpedals away from the stone, allowing for it to zoot to the awaiting bag. Watching the stone's final flight, he glances up to Zatanna. A small smile forms on his features as he lifts up the stick in a bit of a wave.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards staggers upwards to his feet. The electrical power shunted along his suits nanotech as it was designed but never that much as it whole suit smokes. "I'm so glad you showed up, Thor." He deadpans with a cough, "Valeria are you all right?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The replies start rolling in over the SHIELD comm-frequencies. Remarkably enough, there seem to be no actual casualties though a number of agents are certainly going to require medical attention -- something made a little more complicated by the fact that the makeshift medbay has been turned into a crude looking tent stocked with plenty of herbs and leeches but few other modern medical necessities. Still, the fact that there were so many heroic types on scene certainly helped to keep things from going much, much worse.

And as for leftovers? Unless one counts the little dust piles -- or the two black diamonds claimed by Victor and Valeria respectively -- the only other thing left from the assault is the Dragonrider. Though striped of his black diamonds he proves to be a thin, balding man who seems confused and uncertain of how he came to be laying in a field in a suit of armor much to big and heavy for him.

The last of the free stones zips away, soaring over to Zatanna and that opened pouch as Nick meets his moment of temptation -- and passes with flying colors. Behind him, the last of the refugees he help safeguard steps through the magical portal that Zatanna conjured up. Evacuation successful it would appear.

Up close to the magical barrier, Victor von Doom looks on, glancing about those that have dealt with the attack so capably. It is not that long ago that he would have arrogantly lectured them for daring to believe that the monarch of Latveria would ever need any assistance -- let alone from people like them. But it's been a difficult few weeks. As he does let his gaze roam, it falls briefly on the sorceress gathering up those dangerous black diamonds and eyes narrow beneath that mask, an armored hand making a waving motion as he murmurs a low incantation. The staff in his hand fades from sight, as those the collar that Valeria holds. "Perhaps we have. And I have no intention of letting our prize be taken from us," he says lowly, conspiratorially to his God-daughter. "I cannot stay on this side of the veil for long. Doom will not leave his people undefended. But perhaps I have time enough to raid my vaults to see if there is anything there that might be of use when I return to provide what help and resistance I may within Latveria herself," he muses quietly.

Resistance from within... while perhaps others can aid his nation from without. For just a moment Doom glances at his oldest enemy -- his oldest friend -- and gives the briefest of inclinations of his head. Damn you Richards. He owes him one.

Thor has posed:
    "Ah, Professor Richards!" Thor says and gives a strong nod to the elder statesman of Midgard's Defenders. He thumps the man (lightly) on the shoulder and murmurs, "Forgive me for taking as long as I did, word passed to me slower than I would hope, but for now I am glad to be of what aid I and my comrades could be."
    He gestures to the spearmen in their armored suits as they move about the battlefield, securing it as they can though they keep a reasonable distance close to Thor as likely he is their charge.
    Though for now the battle seems to have been won.

Betty Ross has posed:
    Red She-Hulk dusts some of the reaper dust off her pants (ick) then smirks at Thor. "I'll be fine. Already healed up." She frowns, trying to get her hair to unfluff. "I'll just need to, um, wet this down...."

Zatanna Zatara has posed:
Those black stones whisper enticements from the bag. Zatanna eyes it cautiously and makes a decision while behind her Thor claps Richards on the back.

She draws a shimmering line in the air, it opens wide enough for her to fit the bag through it. Back in Shadowcrest, a vault with wards fit to face the Scythe of Doom opens and takes it in. With a knowing nod and a half-smile, Zatanna returns Nick's smile.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards picks up a bacpack from the trunk of the FantastiCar and hands it to Doom. "It has water purification tablets, antibiotics,aspirin, MREs, some basic medicines and survival equipment that Faust has not realized was developed in the modern era. The diamonds are the key, Eclipso you say?" Reed raises his eyebrows.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Distant "Haaaaaaay" visual complete and finding the evacuation complete and nothing else coming at him, Nick lowers the sticks. The impromptu weapons faintly glow for a moment before wisping away from wood leaving them back to what they once were.

The sticks make little sound as they are chucked back to the ground. As Nick turns to look around him once more, he ends up fidgeting to pull that third stick out of his belt loop. That also gets thrown in the pile.

Well, guess all that's left is to reschedule.


He's never going to do the concert, is he?

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'm good Dad. And while Uncle Doom is stomping and tromping on the invaders I'll play around at the Embassy in New York. See what I can do with this thing!" Val indicates the black diamond choker. "Should be fine and safer to mess with mystical tech hybrids there. Make use of Uncle Dooms wardings already in place." she adds.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
As the local forces start to deal with their wounded, to deal with the inevitable clean-up that follows such things Victor starts making his own preparations. His lip might curl a little as Reed offers up that backpack full of supplies, but it would seem that Doom has grown a little more realistic about things these past few months. While he might never categorize himself as a beggar, apparently he is not going to be a chooser either. "My thanks Richards," he says through obviously gritted teeth. He hesitates for a moment, as if it actually physically pains him, before handing his old rival a trio of crystals. "Here," he says flatly. "Perhaps you can give one to those who defend this place. If I am correct, it should allow us to communicate through the veil of magic. I've spent weeks enchanting them so do be careful," he says before turning back to Valeria. "If you would inspect my vaults, let us be off. Doom cannot leave his land while such a menance threatens my people," he says, holding out one hand to his God-Daughter while conjuring a portal with the other.

Reed Richards has posed:
Old Man Richards coughs good naturedly as he is thumped by Thor. He seems used to it, "Well, seems you were just in time." He nods and pickets the stones, "I will,"