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Sledding X-Man Style
Date of Scene: 07 January 2023
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Xavier's students and staff take to the sledding slope for a day of wintry fun.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Monet St. Croix, Henry McCoy, Scott Summers, Franklin Richards, Tabitha Smith, Marie-Ange Colbert, Logan Howlett

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A bunch of snow was dumped on the Westchester overnight. Students and faculty waking up to find fluffy, deep snow outside. Overhead the sky is partly cloudy, the sun peeking in and out but not so often as to set too much of the snow to melting.

Down at the hill that leads down to Breakstone Lake, people from Xavier's School have gathered to sled. There are all sorts of sleds available. Red Rocket runner sleds, toboggans, discs that are impossible to steer, and even cafeteria trays. Various students have used their powers to make their own sleds even, or just designed their own in shop class.

Halfway down the hill in one spot some of the students have gathered up the snow at a natural little bump to turn it into a bit of a jump. Presently at the top of the hill, Hambone is getting situated right above the jump.

"Now watch this," he says, trying to get everyone to watch. "I'm going to zoom down," he says, using his hands to demonstrate his course, "And hit the jump at an angle and then in the air do a- WOOOOAAAAHHHH!!"

His rendition is interrupted as to other students push him suddenly and send him and his runner sled sliding down the hill. Hambone hits the jump and lands without the sled, tumbling down to the bottom, picking up snow on the way so he looks like a snowman by the time he reaches the bottom.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
IT's still better than the winter break from last year. But a great many things are an improvement over that. So, aftermath of holidays, no accidental awakening of eldritch abominations (at least by the X-Men, one could never be too surew hat the other superhero groups were up to) after all.. Then Monet is out with the others while going to watch Hambone go down the hill.

Wondering what Jubilee would offer her in return to arrange a little 'accident' for the waddler then with her head cocked over to the side. Looking over at Kitty with a 'pretty please' face over and then a gesture over at the lardy one. Just a little bit more of a shove..

Henry McCoy has posed:
The good Doctor was there, his reinforced toboggan leaning against his shoulder. There's an amused laugh and a shake of his head as the youngster is prematurely set into motion by his peers. "Tuck and roll!" Henry calls down the hill, certain that Hambone will do well enough. He's young, he'll bounce back!

The blue furred man glances over at the others on the hill with him, happy to spend enjoyable time with friends. "Who's next? Or rather, who will go of their own accord?" A chuckle, the man sporting a pair of earmuffs and a scarf. Not that he needs them, it's just fashionable!

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers has his stocking cap on, his ruby quartz goggles strapped in place. He's got a royal blue neckbreaker and jeans, along with boots, his gloved hands tucked in his pockets as he does what so much of being a teacher and a leader of future generations must do: just stand around and watch. His breath shows as a cloud as he stands down at the bottom of the hill, ready to help up anybody who stumbles or needs a hand and to make sure people actually go to the nurse if they break anything. Teenagers are surprisingly wiling to ignore injuries to look cool in front of their friends, in Scott's experience. Not that he'd know anything about that.

He looks over at Hank, "Maybe you should show 'em how it's done, big guy."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Standing on the hill a little back by the sleds Franklin holds one of the.... extra's. It is one of those metal, and wooden ones not that special though maybe a little dangerous. He smiles a bit at it as he rubs a hand on the metal, As Hambone goes he does give a chuckle, and smile watching the whole drop.. "I give him three points." and looks over at the others. "You know when you said sledding this is not what I thought."

Franklin wears the same Fantastic Four swag as he does usually, though the thick coat, and gloves are new to keep him warm in the snow. He waits for the others as he looks ats the sled to make sure it will work, and maybe calculate the path a little better then just jumping.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Along the path from the school, Kitty Pryde comes trodding along through the snow. She's wearing tight snow pants and boots, and a black turtleneck is visible beneath her black and purple jacket. Her ponytail is pulled up into a blue Chicago Cubs stocking cap.

She's carrying an old beat up plastic sled that she's had since the first year she arrived at Xavier's School at the age of 14. Seven years later and it's beat up but still functional. On second thought that might apply to girl and sled both!

Kitty gives a wave to Monet. "What'd I miss?" she asks of Hambone's tumble down the slope. She reaches the top and looks down, laughing as she sees him sitting up. He looks over to Scott Summers and pumps his fist. "Nailed it," he says.

The Jewish girl looks over to Franklin and flashes him a grin. "Just like old times," she tells him.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance over at Hambone and then elt out a sigh. Oh well, another time. She ponders, looking for just the right way to go along with things. She hovers a half inch up and off the ground. no sense in getting her ever so lovely boots scuffed while going about things.

TUrning over to Scott and Hank, "I believe that you should demonstrate with Mister Summers. I'm sure that he can surprise us all with his abilities." And she's sure that anything Hank has will be most hilarious to see done to someone else.

Henry McCoy has posed:
"Now Scott, you know it's bad form to grandstand..." Henry calls down the hill at the other instructor. "It shows a lack of character!" His grin belies his intent, however. Looking over to Monet, then to Franklin. "Ah, very well... shall we show them how it is done?" He asks the young Richards man. The toboggan is dropped, ready for action.

"We musn't keep the audience waiting..." He grins, before backing up to get a running start. Sprinting, or rather loping, through the thick snow - Henry leaps onto his chosen method of sledding, sending it into motion. More to a point, he lands in a handstand, surf-sledding in a rather impressive pose. All the while, the Beast is roaring in glee.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers shakes his head at Hambone, "You almost nailed breaking some of the vertebrae in your neck, too, but luckily snow is very forgiving," he says. "Enjoy your walk back uphill."

To Beast, he grins, "When did you become a shrinking violet? I think one of the very first things you ever said to me was doing a back flip and yelling "Ta da!"

He grins to Kitty, "Oh, just the usual shenanigans. No snowball fights yet. Don't count on that lasting."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Just happy to watch the others as he is surprised by Pryde almost dropping the sled for a moment. He says in a little lower voice not to disturb the others, "I am surprised you still have it. Was going to see if it could hold the weight now." and chuckles as he was a bit bigger then he was last time he used this sled. He turns to Beast with a light chuckle, "Oh if you will excuse me. I believe I am being challenged."

Following Beast comes Franklin, well or he would of, as about right at the start of the ramp there is a loud crack. Turning it starts flipping as Franklin slides through the air like a flying star before landing in the snwow in a mess. Just a moment later he comes back up with a smile, and a thumbs up. "No worries I can fix that." and falls back into the snow with a laugh.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty lets out a whoop for Hank as he begins his sledding run with some acrobatics. Some of the younger students join in the cheers for him. "Do it, Professor McCoy!" one yells.

A smile is flashed over to Franklin at the state of his own sled. "I half expect mine to fall apart any time now," she agrees. She walks over to watch Franklin start his sledding run only to have disaster strike right away. "Aw no," she tells him, dropping her sled to jog over to where he is and reach down to help him up. Her feet shuffle a bit, the footing on the hill just there is dicey.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Watching the others going to zoom down has Monet turning her attention tow atch. Again making not the slightest attempt to go on down it. She would glance over at Kitty, "If you wish, I can lend you some assistance." She would offer to Katherine with a flit of her fingers and glancing at this going down the hill.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
When you have a donkey it's as much a responsibility as owning a horse. So when Jerome wants exercise and walking around while it's snowed in, it means Tabby has to make sure that can happen like a good donkey mama.

This means blazing and melting a path ahead of her so the smaller equine can trot without being anywhere from knee to ankle deep in snow that could cause problems later.

At least until her boy is somewhere that's a bit clearer. Like aound the bottom of the sledding area.

Dressed for stable work, faded but clinging bluejeans. knee high workboots, a red parka that's not too puffy with a pink hoodie poking up out the colar with a matching beanie. The bespectacled blonde looks up at Hank's run and then grins.

"So did anyone put like a jump ramp at the bottom yet for that authentic Calvin and Hobbes dismount?" she asks with a grin. and a carrot being given to Jerome from her pocket.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Of course, the Beast 'cheats'. At the launch of the ramp he leaps from the toboggan, doing a flip and all but cannon-balling into the piled up snow at the bottom. The sled goes on it's own, slowly bonking into the base of a tree to stop. Henry is laughing his fool head off, enjoying the fluffy snow he'd been enveloped in.

Popping his head up from the snowbank he'd been impact-buried in, he grins at the others. "How was my dismount?"

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin looks up at the offered hand and takes it of course getting up himself just fine maybe a bit more bruised "It is always more exciting when something goes wrong." he admits as he should of known that was going to happen. Opening his hand the sled lifts up into it, and he nods to her. "That you for the snow rescue." lifting the sled he shrugs a bit. "That was fun, but it is cheating to walk." he glances a bit the way she came, and starts heading back up.

Glancing around for Beast he wanted to complement him, as that was truely impressive lift off. Catching him over to the side he waves over. "You got some good lift, but maybe time to add a landing mechinism." and chuckles again. "That is after you of course." checking to see make sure Pryde knew she wasn't going to get out of the slide.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Marie-Ange Colbert is a creature bound by the whims of fate. She goes where her cards direct, doesn't argue, though sometimes she'll be more willing to follow their decisions than others. Today? Well. While some of her readings have been... less than pleasant in ways that she hasn't quite grasped yet - was Brainiac coming back? Was Armageddon around the corner? Was the freezer out of ice cream!? - today's reading suggested that danger isn't quite as imminent as she worried. Which is the equivilent of a free day for her... and after hearing tell that some had gathered out by the lake for sledding? Well.

It sounded fun. Marie could use more fun in her life.

So the slender French girl is late, but joins the party nonetheless. She's dressed in a puffy silver coat that, frankly, almost seems to double her size and leaves her arms and probably a couple layers of pants that lead down to snow boots. Dragging behind her from a rope in a gloved is a traditional saucer-shaped sled, and pink earmuffs complete the redhead's look. "Bonjour, mes amis!" she calls out with a little wave of her free hand when close enough. Being around the people she knows best is definitely a good way to keep her out of her shell. Of course, some of them are more familiar than others, given her time away from the school.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers turns and greets the arriving Marie-Ange, "Welcome! The fun people are mostly at the top right now, but they'll come down to me eventually. They always do," he says. Scott's leaned into self-deprecating humor lately.

He watches Hank's landing with aplomb and taps his chin for a moment, "7.9. You stuck the landing well, but your form wasn't your best. You gotta tuck those knees, buddy. The Romanian judge is never gonna let you slide for that."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty trods back to the top of the hill once Franklin is back on his feet. She waves a greeting to Marie-Ange. "Hey, there you are, was hoping you'd make it out," she says to the fortune reader.

Kitty gathers up her sled again. It's more or less a seat with room for her feet in front of her. There is a lever on each side which when lifted will drag the bottom of the handle into the snow to make the sled turn.

She gets situated into it, and nods to Monet to give her a push. But then cries, "Wait! Wait wait wait. Almost forgot." Kitty pulls out a pair goggles from her pocket dons them, like she's getting ready for a race. "Ok, let her rip, Monet!" she says.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to lean in over and moves to smile at Katherine, "Yes, Ma'am." Then she goes to not just nudge the sled forwards.. But more to give it a firm shove. Enough with her enhanced strength to hopefully send it down more in speeds towards the jump as if Logan had taken the boosters off of Scott's bike and put them over on his own.

Or just if he'd taken Scott's bike wholesale, liek there was a reputation, accurate or not, in some parts.

Franklin Richards has posed:
As Franklin passes Marie he also gives a small nod. "Hi, Franklin Richards." giving a small wave. He turns and stands back to give Pryde plenty of room not exactly sure what was going to come next. He turns the slide over in his hands looking at the broken wooden part. He glances up, and over at Marie, with a shh motion as he then rubs a hand over it, as like the magic trick what was once broken as soon as it was on the other side was repaired again. It would look like it actually didn't break as he put it back carefully. "We will just pick a different one though."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's frost and snow all over his fur, but clearly Henry doesn't mind. He climbs out of his frozen enbankment, shaking his head vigorously to clear most of the fluffy powder. A grin over to Scott. "Damn those Romanians. Always unappreciative of my style..." He smirks, starting to dust himself off - a futile thing, as most of the snow is melting into his fur. Dang body heat! He glances around for his tobogganing, noting it next to the tree. Safe and sound!

There's a nod to Franklin, grinning over a the other man. "We can reinforce your sled, if you like? I know I had to bulk mine up - my mass isn't exactly what one might call dainty." His eyes go to Monet and Kitty - and the resulting rocking of the latter down the hill.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And then while Scott is busy giving his evaluations, Monet swoops in (metaphorically) with a small sled herself. Not for her own use.. But, hopefully a quick blur of speed, a sled at Scott's feet, and then a quick 'nudge' to Scott's back to send him rocketing down.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers finds himself getting all turned around, the sled taking him from behind the knees and slapping him onto it, "WHOA!" he cries out, arms a bit akimbo as he careens up and then down the hill on the sled, going a little zigzaggy and sideways here and there. For all that he's highly coordinated and physically capable, Scott never really did a lot of childhood sledding and he finds himself a bit topsy turvy.

"I'm gonna crash!" he calls out, rolling over onto his belly and looking straight down the hill as he heads towards the bottom.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Lacking a sled herself. Tabby watchs the descent and grins as she ponders ideas in her head. Of course with Monet forcing Scott into it she can't help but laugh when Miss Perfect proves once more she's not so above it all and Cyclops is about make a spectacular landing.

Crash, totally crash.

"Y'all mofos gotta spoend more time learning to take a good bump!" Tabby points out. She of the legendary crashes and impacts. You'd think the way she's gone through walls and taken high landings she'd have some extra super human ddurability.

She might, she might not. It's not something you really wanna test. Super strength, yes, but how big a hit you can take.

She might want to roll a joint first.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The great thing about Kitty's sled is that she's sitting upright in it like a pilot in some early version of the airplane, and she can steer or break with those two handles. With Monet's powerful shove, the sled shoots down the hill.

The bad thing about the sled? While stable enough on the ground, the high center of gravity makes it tough to stay upright when you catch air.

The sled heads down and over the jump. Kitty lifts one hand in a fist while airborne, quickly grabbing the handle again. But then she hits the snowy slope and the sled proves as stable as a Suzuki Samurai. It rolls over a few times before finally heading off down the slope on its own. Kitty, meanwhile, tumbles a few times before hitting a slick enough spot she slides down to the bottom on her backside. She reaches the bottom and stops and just lies there in the snow.

"Kitty lay there like a slug. It was her only defense."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
With Kitty going down the hill, and Scott, Monet St. Croix considers her particular duties done for the moment. Ther'es just a hint of smugness over on her face as she looks down to see things moving on. An dhow come Mister Sumemrs didn't have much expeirence in sledding. Didn't he grow up in Alaska?

Monet goes to fold her arms and watches the anarchy in progress as various individuals went down the hill.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Very true, Monsieur Summers, because you are down here, oui?" Marie replies with a slight upturn of her lips; trying to imply that the reason that not all the fun people are up there is because he isn't (yet), but how well she breaks the language barrier is debatable. Kitty likewise gets a cheerful wave, and Franklin gets a nod in return, "Oui, I remember. We met in Mutant Town." Decisions about him are still outstanding, and it's too cold to consult her deck -- safely hidden away beneath multiple layers -- to make one just yet.

Of course, spotting Tabby arrive without a sled, the redhead turns over to the blonde and holds up the rope leading to the saucer sled she brought. "Would you like to... how you say, show us how it is done, Tabitha?"

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin smiles, "No.. I think its time to leave it for next time someone needs an extra." he picks up some snow, and forms it it no a ball. He grins to himself, "I Have the high ground.." and starts making a few more now that he thought about it. He puts a finger in the air, considers, adjusts his aim a little, and launches. Up and out, the snowball flies, and should hit someone down there he hopes. Rolling up a few real quick, he launches a few more as quickly as he can.

Though after that he does glance over at the other people still up here offering them one as well. "Bet you can't hit Scott." he says tossing one to Marie.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan may not feel the cold the same way others do, but he still dresses for it out of habit. The Canuck strolls out of the wood with hands in the pockets of a denim jacket lined with lambswool, eyes narrowed against the glare of the ice and snow. He pauses by the sled run, watching someone pass and letting his eyes follow on to the jump.

"Damn fools're gonna break a leg ... "

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers finds himself pitched from his sled as it hits a snowbank, throwing him end over end to land in a WHUMP in a pile of snowbank. Scott groans and rolls over, checking to make sure his goggles are still in place.

"Flying airplanes is easier," he says, then gives in and just starts making a snow angel.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
Franklin's snowball is caught -- if barely -- by Marie, who considers the offer. "Throwing snowballs... is for fun in America, yes?" she asks. In France, it was just a way for her classmates at the convent school to pick on the weird girl. She's seen people laughing -- even when hit -- on this side of the ocean, though, so she's making sure.

If she gets an affirmative? That's when she'll launch the snowball. Directed at Scott, though with an inexperienced thrower? It could really hit anyone in that general direction!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lies there in the snow at the bottom, then finally sits up. Just in time to have Franklin's snowball hit her head and splatter apart in all directions. "Et tu, Brutae!?" she shouts up the hill at him, shaking a fist his direction.

Kitty gets to her feet and jogs through the snow after her sled. It made it all the way out onto the ice of the lake. She collects it and begins lugging it back to the hill, and making her way up it, the sled over her back. "Hank, want to go tandem on your toboggan?" she asks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Mostly cleared of the snow in his fur, Henry's eyes track the arc of Kitty and her launch into the air. There's a guffaw from the Beast, amused at her defense mechanism. "I am certain it will work out just fine for you, Kitty." He says, making his way in her direction. Scott's rapid descent is not missed. "I can catch you Scott!" He calls out, reversing direction to intercept as needed. It's not as if team-mates being thrown or caught is anything new to the senior X-Men.

There's no mention of the first salvos of snowballs - he knew it would come to this.

A look over his shoulder, prepped to catch Scott should he ask for assistance. "Sure! I'll even sit in back so we don't wind up front-heavy."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
As Scott and Katherine go down, Monet St. Croix looks very, very relaxed. She's gotten in her little bit and seen those going far, far down and wildly so it's all for her enjoyment. So, she just settles back in place over to watch. Giving a nod to Marie-Ange.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan makes a few crunching steps through the snow, approaching the group. He comes to a stop over Scott where he's making the snow angel, looking down at him with a wolfish grin.

"Angel, huh, Slim? Suits you."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde makes it back to the top of the hill, picking up a clump of snow to hastily pack and send flying towards Franklin in retaliation. Then she clomps over towards Beast through the snow, though after a step or two she starts walking atop the snow without sinking. Legolas eat your heart out.

"Ok, and appreciate you not implying me being in the front would be where all the weight would be," she says laughingly to Hank. She gives her old friend a quick sidehug and then moves to get seated on the toboggan, legs crossed and seated all the way forward. Where she can lower her head near to the curved front to make it more aerodynamic. More aerodynamic, more speed. More speed, more chance for broken limbs.

Wait a second.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin smiles, and nods to Marie. "I believe so, go ahead throw it." and chuckles just a bit as he watches it sail. "Not bad.. See a little fun? Just try to watch for ice." and looks down the hill watching the others go down again. He decideds to stay here for a bit to watch the rest. This was fun, and he too did not get out as often as he would like. He thought about it for only a moment though as he would rather enjoy the snow then worry about those kind of things.

He grinned a bit as he watched Pryde coming for more, though shook his head. "You want a push?" he offers to her, as he could make her trip... a little faster.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"That's the fun Logan. Well the risk. Not the leg breaking. You gonna tell me you don't get a kick out of taking a bike out and tearing up at full speed?" Tabitha states. "Adrenaline gotta be one of the few things that gives you a buzz right!" she briefly disappears, leaving Jerome with the short Canadian. The Donkey seems to like the man. The stubborn streaks and small size.

Where ddid she go?

Well she reappears at the top of the snow hill with what appears to be the lid of a trash can.

This is not a standard toboggan or sled.

Unless you have lived dirt poor in a snow town.

"You guys wanna see how we do things on the Virginian Appalachians!" to be fair, Roanoke is a tourist town. They ski'd

There's waiting for the ramp down is clear before she considers taking her turn. "Tick... Tick... Tick..."

Tabby don't need a push.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would glance over at Tabitha, "YOu can rocket yourself along in simpler ways, Ms. Smith. Particular if you're wanting to enjoy it rather than have it added to your quota of time spent over in the medbay." Of course, that would be said -after- the girl had gone to shove her way on down and would likely be lost over in the wind of things. Monet does, however, take a few steps back just to make sure she's not caught up over in the detonation.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Unanswered, Logan shrugs his shoulders and continues trudging up the hill as the sleds pass him. He pauses a moment to take a look at the group over his shoulder and then continues onwards to the house, muttering something under his breath.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Just happy to watch the others for a bit he sighed a bit as his watched beeped at him. He tried to ignore it, but then it beeped again. Franklin takes a final look at the group playing in the snow with a low wish to stay, but knowing he could not, he turns walking way back towards the city. He hopped they would continue to have fun, and so quietly snuck off when no-one was looking so that he would not inerupt them. He would be back, and they knew how to reach him if needed. With a small smile he puts the invisibility around him as he winks out, it was easier to travel when no-one could see him as he flew away into the sky thinking whoever this was he wasn't going to be happy to be called away.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Once settled on the taboggan, Henry smirks. "Just remember to phase, should we run out of steerage and start careening towards a tree." He reminds Kitty, even though it's unneeded. She's far more adept with her powers than any suggestions he could offer.

As Franklin is... no where to be seen, he hrms. "I suppose I can start us off." A grin to the others. At least he's not getting pelted with snowballs!

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
With Tabby not taking the offer, and Franklin, well, disappearing when she wasn't looking, Marie decides to set the saucer down and climb into it. Sitting crosslegged, she rocks it to-and-fro a bit to try and gain some momentum... and off she goes down the hill, red hair a'flying behind her!

"Watch out, Monsieur Logan!" she calls out -- the reason why is obviously enough after a moment. While she's in the sled, and she's riding the sled... much like fate normally, the sled is the one that's really in control, here.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan might not look it, but agility is one of his strong suits. As Marie-Ange careens past, he deftly steps out of the way without pulling his hands from his pockets.

"Fuggin' speed demons," he calls out in mock admonishment to Marie-Ange and Tabitha, "If I was still keepin' grounds I'd be finin' the pair of you."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty readies herself as Hank pushes off, the beastly one's arms pushing to either side as good as a bobsledder running alongside a sled pushing it!

They start down at the same time as Marie-Ange, but over to the other side of the hill. Kitty hears the yelled warning down to Logan. "Uh oh, when she calls a warning," Kitty says, leaving the rest about the divinator unsaid for being obvious enough.

The toboggan shushes down the slope, picking up more and more speed. Each little bounce and bump seems magnified, Kitty nearly catching air at one point. They are zooming, fast enough they might make the ice-covered lake!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would look down over the side, musing, "I do hope that they've checked the thickenss of the ice.." She does, however, float up a few inches just in case that the ice isn't thick enough to support weight landing upon it and she has to fly down quickly to recover anyone. But it's very likely to be completely fine. It freezes over the winter and this has been done plenty of times before!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It's a blast to be had by the blonde on the trash lid. There's teh running start and a jump as she lets her blast propell her forwards. Hopefully people get out of the way before being singled. Snow evaporating behind her in a puff of steam before more just rolls on.

The girl hunkered down and hanging onto the circle of aluminium, the actual handle makes for a pretty good stabilising fin for steering as she rockets herself down.

"WOOOOOOOOOOO!" she yells with a grin that could only be described as manic. Till she hits a bump that might have been some paving or a rock or something that she totally saw coming and gets launched off the lid to fly some distance into another piled up snow bank.

All that is visible is Tabby's behind and legs. Knees bend and she kicks the snow and just stays half buried for a moment.

Marie-Ange Colbert has posed:
"Pardon!" comes the reply from Marie in Logan's direction as her sled eventually slows and spins to a stop. The lack of the more formalized version of apology -- and the fit of giggles that erupts from the redhead after -- a pretty clear sign that she gets that the Canadian wasn't serious. It really is good to be home. Even if... not everyone's here anymore, these were her people and she was glad to be among them.

She knows she saw Kitty and the good doctor heading down the other side of the hill, though the hill itself obscures them now. Monet gets a cheery wave, "You should join us!" she calls, trying to encourage the other girl. Of course, then Tabby -- the other speed demon called out by Logan, goes quite literally flying over her and there's another fit of laughter... before Marie gets an idea and packs some snow together into a less-than-perfect snowball before standing, and throwing it at the half-buried target. Because not even SHE could resist.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The toboggan did indeed make it to the Lake. And the ice was enough to support them. Kitty waves at Monet as she flies lifeguard overhead, then climbs off the sled along with Hank.

The nice thing about sledding with Hank McCoy is he can carry the sled so much easier than she can! She grins as he takes it, and she heads back over to the others.

"That a toothache making you so sore, Logan?" she asks the Canadian. "Why don't you let your hair down for a change and have some fun. You know, the whole snow thing. You're supposed to be good at this stuff," she says, kicking a little clump of snow his direction, maybe enough to reach his foot or leg at most.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"The kinda snow thing I'm good at," Logan tells Kitty with a raise of his eyebrows, "Involves snow chairs and walkin' thirty miles. Never did much sleddin' like this." At least, not that he can remember.

"But you go ahead and enjoy yourselves. Don't go breakin' your necks."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Jerome trots back over to Logan while the man grumbles. There a look on the Donkey's face that seems to almost be commiseration with the human male. He's dealt with plenty of weird and loud people before he helf Cancun. Or he could just be sucking up for a carrot.

Tabby gets hit right on the bullsey by Marie's snow ball and that gets her finally pulling herself out of the snow mound, she even manages a hair flip that would have looked amazing but alas she doesn't have her camera at the ready to capture perfection for the ages.

"I really used to hate winters till I met you guys!" she states and dusts herself off.

No one will ever see the lid to that trash can again.