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X-Men Shi'ar Debriefing
Date of Scene: 10 August 2023
Location: Ops Room
Synopsis: The X-Men get to know the newest member of the family, freshly moved in from SPACE. Telepathic cultural hijinx ensues, to be followed by virtual piracy. Fantastic cookies also served.
Cast of Characters: Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Franklin Richards, Samuel Guthrie, Charles Xavier, Tabitha Smith, Negasonic
Tinyplot: Pax Imperium: the Shi'ar

Jean Grey has posed:
Its a familiar setting, and generally, a familiar gathering of X-faces, with just a few guest appearances, by whatever special invitation. Gathering in the main briefing room, all the same the tone of the meeting is less that of a typical strategy session or mission briefing. There are refreshments and snack trays. And Jean at least, is out of uniform, be it blue and yellow or green and gold.

Also, Charles is here! And there is an unfamiliar adolescent girl sitting with him. Or at least, unfamiliar to some. To others, their last encounter with her involved her being smuggled here in an egg-shaped metal stasis chamber, and a high speed chase. Now, it seems, she's up and awake! Regardless, there is a clear resemblance between them, there, although rather notably, she has a muted crest of head-feathers instead of... well, nothing, in Professor Cueball's case. Perhaps unnervingly, while their eye contact and demeanor suggests a conversation, neither is speaking.

Those with telepathic abilities would probably understand what was happening immediately, but others might guess after a bit.

"Hello, everyone, feel free to sit where you'd like. I'm sure most of you have seen that we've had a guest, or at least an unfamiliar patient in the medbay. But Hank looked her over after the pod finished it's... well, whatever, and gave her a clean bill. So, everyone, this is Xandra. Priincess Xandra Neramani of the Shi'ar Empire, formally. But less formally, well. She's family. Xandra, would you say hello to everyone?"

She turns from Xavier toward the center of the table. But she doesn't speak. <<Hello.>> Like father, like daughter, it seems.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde arrives in the Ops Room, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt with the Chicago Cubs logo on it. On the back is the number 23 and the name "Sandberg" as if it were a jersey instead of a t-shirt. Lockheed is riding on her shoulder, and his head swings over towards the snacks as quickly as Kitty's do.

"Oh thank goodness, I don't have to have cereal," she might be heard to murmur to herself as she goes over and loads up a pair of plates, one for her and one for Lockheed. After, the pair make their way over to take a seat, flashing smiles to various people as they come in or are already seated.

Kitty begins munching quietly on a bagel with cream cheese as she listens. She offers Xandra a smile and says, "Nice to get to meet you face to face this time," she says in a friendly tone.

Emma Frost has posed:
The alien girl that had come to stay with them had caught Emma by surprise when she had heard the full story. Surprise, then some drinking, then reading on Shi'Ar culture and the nobility from what files they had (primarily from Michael Erickson). Then some more drinking until she was in a properly calm mood.

Then, some time spent attempting to track down any traces of the so-called mutant vaccine that had proceeded fruitlessly. So, mood properly soured, Emma Frost was in attendance. She radiated calmness. Now was not the time to lash out or harrangue anyone.

But a long term interstellar visitor that was quite heavily targeted by entities unknown (all guesses however pointed to Deathbird) was yet another complication. She would glance over at Xandra and bow her head as well. "Greetings." Let those that were more diplomatic do the talking, and remind herself that this girl - exotic and adult looking was still likely for all intents and purposes a child.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin sits in quiet contemplation, absorbing the conversation around him. He offers a polite nod whenever someone addresses him, but he remains an observer in this situation. While he frequently assists the X-Folk, particularly in space-related matters where his expertise shines, this instance holds special significance. Despite his ongoing conflict with Mojo, Franklin momentarily sets it aside to fully engage and ensure he doesn't miss any details of the current proceedings.

His gaze turns to Neramani, her abundant hair prompting thoughts about potential family connections, perhaps even with Logan. Dressed casually today, Franklin forgoes his usual Fantastic Four attire, as he has no intention of concealing his presence. A smile graces his face when Kitty mentions food. In response, he unveils a small box of sugar cookies meticulously shaped into the number four, adorned with black and blue frosting. Placing the cookies on the nearby table, Franklin silently extends this treat to his companions, a gesture of camaraderie. Despite his reticence to interrupt, the unspoken offer remains present.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes walking into the room wearing his normal attire t-shirt with jeans and hiking boots. The only odd thing to his appearance to some might be the silver chain that goes under his shirt to some largeish square thing hidden under his shirt. He looks around nodding to all, the new arrival does get an eye brow raised for a moment as he notices the favoring between her and the Prof. "Hey." He offers before moving towards the food but listening to the others.

Charles Xavier has posed:
Professor Xavier is seated beside the young woman, though most know that the Professor has recently displayed his ability to stand, and walk again. This time he's choosing to sit, and whilst doing so he's also enjoying a cup of hot tea with his usual honey added, and stirred in.

When everyone has gathered within the Operations Room, Charles smiles when Jean begins to speak. He turns to the young woman beside him, and places a hand upon the back of her shoulder. "We are very pleased to have her here amongst us, as well." Charles states in his Transatlantic accented voice. "She has had a tumultuous time getting here, but I know that we will see to it that her stay with us is nothing short of delightful."

Charles averts his stare from the young shi'ar woman to everyone else, "I know that everything has been a bit stressful of late, but we are here to solve such stresses in life, are we not? I want to reiterate that should you need to speak to me any time, about any of the ongoing situations, that you need only come and find me in my office. We are preparing for a great many different situations, and I want to make sure that we are all on the same page, and ready for what is to come."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It was honestly a fluke and a half they even survived that chase. Kitty and Tabitha put that poor Ninetytwo Delica through a meat grinder of bullets and blasts to get Xandra home safe. It's sitting in a heap in the garage being stripped for salvageable parts before it's taken off to the great junkyard of paradise it deserves.

For now breakfast. Tabby's plate is probably way overloaded but then her diet has always been horrible and breakfast foods aren't always a help to that. Girl needs her grease and carbs.

Her usual 'Barbiepunk' styling consisiting of a red Xavier's tanktop cropped to show her midriff. Yellow collar, belt, and wristcuffs in yellow spiky leather while dark bluejeans hug her lower half and red chucks on her feet keep toes covered. Long hair kept out of her way by red framed and yellow tinted cateye glasses.

The girl that turned out to be what was in the crate gets a grin. Tabby did guess people smuggling after all. <<Sup, welcome to the fam! I'm Tabby, or Boom-Boom if I'm wearing tighter clothes>> she replies with her own telepathy.

Out loud, Tabby uses her actual words. "So we gonna set her enrolled as a student? Get her acclimated to living in America? Fastfood, shopping, being a kid and like not just a princess about to inherit an empire?" she adds, aiming a smile back at the Professor and Xandra.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean smiles at the girl's attempt at conversation. "I think she's a little shy, still. Evidently, between the pod and whatever telepathic download, her English is perfect, at least understanding-wise, but the out-loud part she's still working on. We've generally understood her mother to be a kind of latent telepath as well, so her abilities are quite strong. But she's in good hands here, for that."

<<My mother expresses great admiration for you all, as friends of her consort, allies to her cause, and champions of cosmic matters beyond species.>> This seems a bit rehearsed, but when Kitty speaks to her, she turns and smiles. <<As do I, for the efforts you took in bringing me here.>>

But Tabitha's question may be the million dollar one, out of all the chat. "Short answer, not exactly. She'll definitely benefit from the kind of help we can provide here, but her identity requires a degree of protection. Both from the other Shi'ar factions - which is why Lilandra sent her here - and from, well, whoever it was who came after you after she landed." In that, she looks back and forth between Kitty and Tabitha, representatives of that particular endeavor. "I've looked at the basic report, but it's honestly pretty hard to believe that SHIELD itself would be trying to steal her, so what are we thinking. Another rogue faction, something like HYDRA?"

Of course, outside of this, Xandra is curious. <<Shopping?>>

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would tap over on her shoulder thoughtfully over, while looking to Jean, "We'll do all we can to keep her safe here." While then sending to Jean and Charles telepathically <<Do we suspect that whomever targeted her know she was taken to here, and if so is there a risk of pursuit? And Lilandra will not be sending any further security?>> Lilandra not stationing members of the Imperial Guard made sense. They would, no matter how covert, get attention and be trackable to her.

Then thinking, speaking aloud.. "Given she was attacked right as she arrived.." And the preplanned and prepared route was struck hard over short turnaround.. It was an inside job. But also likely instigated by someone off-planet.

<<Do you think that Deathbird is our winner?>> This is sent to those present that are not Xandra. Emma is trying not to overwhelm the girl with questions and confuse her more, an dget her upset. She's just been sent from however many thousands, if not tents of thousands and however many jump gates from Chandilar to Earth, after all.

So keeping one end of the conversation via channeled telepathy hopefully would maintain htat.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie hmms and says "Is the pod she came in the only thing we have of how she got here? And do we still have it, anything we can do that might help us figure out some more clues to who was attacking it or how they might have tracked it?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty ooos as she sees the Fantastic Four themed cookies, and gets one for herself and one for Lockheed with a smile of gratitude over to Franklin.

Listening while she makes a dinner of the snacks, Kitty gives a slow nod. "That's an option, but I'm not sure we've established they were in any way part of SHIELD as opposed to using it as a disguise for access. Maybe Bucky and Natasha can shed more light there on what they might have found out on their side?" she suggests to the team.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin's gaze rests on Xandra, a subtle sigh escaping his lips. He comprehends the potential seismic impact her existence could have on the world if exposed, making the motives behind kidnapping or revealing her understandable. He acknowledges Emma's astute observation with a nod, initially inclined to echo her sentiments. However, he opts for a more diplomatic approach, musing, "Considering the empire's current state, is it conceivable that they might be aligned with the perpetrators?" His inquiry is tempered by a cautious tone, aiming to foster discussion without causing offense.

While Franklin hopes this situation is localized to Earth, he recalls the prior external threat in the Savage Lands, highlighting the presence of forces beyond mere Earthlings. His disdain for Hydra surfaces, having previously fended off their attempt to subject him to what Xandra endured. Yet, he recognizes the perils of tunnel vision, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a broad perspective to identify all potential threats.

Contemplatively, Franklin narrows down the list of suspects as he acknowledges their ongoing engagements. He then raises an intriguing question, "Could SHIELD potentially be involved? While I do place trust in certain individuals within the organization, it remains a governmental entity." Recent experiences have cautioned Franklin against misplaced trust, particularly in those seeking to exploit his powers. Given Xandra's influential connections, she could be a coveted asset for SHIELD or similar groups.

Kitty helped him a bit with resolving that, but they all knew how SHIELD could act without the others knowing if needed. Knowing those two are looking into it made him feel better, but it was a strong consideration to have. Though he does nod to her with a smile at her taking a cookie as he hopes she likes them as he had freshly made them before coming over.

Charles Xavier has posed:
A smile is given to Tabitha, and Charles has to release a light laugh a moment after that. His glance is sent then to his daughter, and then he looks back to the blonde bombshell. "I will let her decide what she finds interesting enough around here to pursue. though I'd caution her toward pursuing some of what I know the youth do these days, like any protective parent should."

Another sip of his tea is taken, as Charles regards Emma from across the table, as his tea is savored for a moment before he gives a look toward Jean. Being that Jean is the leader of the X-Men, Charles lets her focus on the hows and whys of what may come from this, merely offering her his advice and thoughts here and there these days.

Instead, he draws in a soft breath, and focuses on Sam for a moment. "Needless to say we are working as thoroughly as we can to decipher these mysteries, to tug on the threads, so to speak. When we have actionable leads, we'll act on them too. Such as my upcoming meeting in Washington, to try and get to the bottom of the dealings there... as well as Magneto's whereabouts."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Whomever might have made a go at bagging Xandra gets Tabby's face curving in thought. Invert smile, blonde brows furrowing behind her glasses. The tint making her irises seem green behind them. Then she starts rubbing her temples. "Okay, like it's a quinjet shaped thing. You can probably like buy junked ones and rebuild easy enough on the black markets. Kinda like how every two bit redneck racist survivalist can get Purifier and The Right, power armor. Or rebuild sentinels. Money talks and bullshit walks." she points out.  

"But likeit could just be mundane racists trying to snag anything we were hauling. Honestly. We really should have just sent a decoy van on the trip, get it shot up. I drive Kitty and Xandra home, get some drive-through, no body the wiser. Next time." she ponders and stuffs her mouth, talking between bites, sometimes not entirely finished chewing.

Shopping howevr gets a grin and some extra education is delivered telepathically.

Images of the Salem Mall, boutiques, clothes racks, and trying on clothes. <<Punching in designs into a replicator is fun, but sometimes you just wanna hunt for something perfect.>>

Negasonic has posed:
    The other resident punk, who is definitely not BarbiePunk, opens the door to the operations room. Late. Fashionably Late? Well Ellie doesn't probably entirely care that she is late, but hey she should get some allowance for actually showing up for a briefing.

    At least she thinks so. Honestly when she thinks about it she should get an allowance. Like some sort of salary or stipend. Saving the world and training is hard work. She shouldn't have to get a job in town.

    A glance over at Emma and then Charles her usual apathetic look focused and thoughtful for once.

    Oh right, staring. She heads over to plop down in a chair and by the time she has her feet kicked up on a piece of furniture her phone has practically teleported into her hands and she is texting.

Jean Grey has posed:
"The government, or well, the /various/ governments involved in handling space-Earth stuff are still pretty touchy about some of the previous incidents," Jean answers Emma. "So the treaty they just signed forbids most of that. The Imperial Guard is allowed some official presence as security for the diplomats - you met with Oracle, I saw - but they don't have any kind of legal standing for general operations on Earth. There may be some other back-channel negotiations, via Michael cooperating with SHIELD, but there's nothing solid there."

She takes a breath. "And there's a matter of trust and security. The Guard itself once split on faction lines. And the Shi'ar do intelligence, espionage, spycraft with the same viciousness as the CIA. They've been on Earth for a long time, and some of those people support Deathbird. So we're really the only ones beyond suspicion as the 'other side of the family.'"

Sam's questions are answered with factual ease. "We have the pod. The Shi'ar were able to bring it during their recent diplomatic visit. They've been concerned with their own security, so they used the event to make the hand-off to Kitty's team.

And in turn, to said Kitty: "It's possible, yeah. We really don't know if these were Deathbird's assets, or someone on Earth making their own play. Which," and she glances to Franklin as if to acknowledge that unfortunate point, "well, we can't assume everyone in our own government is happy about this alien stuff. Any government, organization, could be looking for leverage or influence with our new friends. Or it could be anti-alien extremism or sick scientific whackos. For all we know, it could be kidnapping for galactic-scale ransom. But I do hope the SHIELD folks can figure out who is flying heavily armed Quinjets without their knowledge."

She's quick to add. "We have friends at SHIELD, and any of you who are in contact are authorized to work with them to help sort it out."

Xandra, for the moment, seems engaged in a bit of psychic reverie, exploring the imagery Tabitha shows her. Her look is distant, momentarily. Jean suddenly looks over with a touch of concern. By then, Xandra has turned her attention to Ellie. If she's to learn about Earth fashion, surely she must study it in every form...

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes a bite from the top of a 4 shaped cookie, and then grins over to Franklin and gives him a grin. She leans over to whisper, "If Sue made these instead of from the bakery in Four Freedoms Plaza I'm going to flip out."

She continues to listen. And when Charles mentions Xandra not pursuing what some of the youth do these days, it is to Tabitha that Kitty's eyes dart. But just briefly!

"I have a few Danger Room scenarios for building socialization skills which I can adapt further for her," Kitty offers, giving Xandra another soft smile. "It makes use of Shi'ar hardlight technology to create training scenarios, anything from how to behave at a fancy dinner party or out at the mall, to fighting giant robots." Or sailing on pirate ships in the Caribbean. Not that the team normally mention that in front of Charles even if he surely knows it goes on.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod, "So a great many possibilities and vectors that we'll have to investigate and see where they go." Charles didn't have any issues with Xandra being here, so neither did she. The girl deserved a chance to grow up in a zone of safety and normalcy. Or at least however much the Xavier School allowed given the circumstances. Emma would at least not be rubbing at her temples now.
    "So we'll have to start to backtrack on whom would have had access to the information and over what timespan." Always a fun thing. And secrecy never went smoothly. Too many potential breaches.. Something she was glad enough to leave to the professionals.

"I take it also that we have some members that are fluent in the Shi'Ar culture as well other than MIster Erickson? We don't want her to miss out on what her own species is like. She gets to learn about them as well." Not that Emma was cognizant of just how the Shi'Ar heirarchy of nobility worked, but the girl would likely be ruling the Empire one day.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie nods a bit and says "Ah can ask around see if any of the cops in the areas around it saw anything odd, if they were based nearby waiting we might get some leads there. Know it is doubtful, but Ah can check to make sure we aint missing something there."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin offers a subtle nod in Jean's direction, his thoughts momentarily withheld. The school has yet to face overt aggression, implying that the perpetrator is either cautious due to the potential consequences or currently unable to pinpoint her location. In either scenario, the situation would inevitably unfold, offering more clues to their identity. He arches an eyebrow at Negasonic's arrival, discreetly extending the box of sugar cookie in a gesture of hospitality befitting her position. A quiet chuckle escapes him, the unspoken communication conveying his intentions.

Interrupted from his contemplation, Franklin leans in toward Kitty, his words hushed to preserve the conversation's privacy. "Apologies, trade secret," he whispers with a wink, a playful grin accompanying his response. He refrains from revealing his role in crafting the cookies, mindful of the image he upholds. His culinary skills, especially in confections, remain his well-kept talent, complete with an array of specialized instruments at his disposal.

Turning his attention back to Xandra, Franklin observes her intently, a veil of curiosity shrouding his thoughts. Despite the enigma that surrounds her, he offers a nonchalant shrug as an idea materializes. "Perhaps employing her as bait could prompt the culprits into action, thereby unraveling their identity," he suggests, acknowledging the inherent risk in such a strategy while emphasizing its potential to expedite the search.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a brief moment while Xandra has her mind focused on Tabitha and the blonde goes wide eyed and actually goes from temple rubbing to actually holding her head a little. <<Oof, gentle. Feels like a vaccuum inside my head! People think it's empty enough as it is!>>

To be fair she does kind of enjoy that rep since it gets her out of a lot of work she might not like. "I figure best thing to do is just get her a wig. Some fancy glasses, do that shopping thing for real. You can hang with us, why simulate when you got the whole thing. Let Jean, Emma and Dad handle any training on powers. We can do the cultural thing. No wild parties yet. Maybe drivers ed. When I get a new ride." she further suggests.

Once the telepathic pressure is released Tabby shakes it off, adjusts her glasses and sticks a fork load of bacon in her mouth.

Charles Xavier has posed:
Charles' tea cup is set back down on the saucer in his opposite hand. He sits quietly listening to everyone, before his teacup is rested upon the edge of the table in front of him. His freed up hands then smooth down the dark blue tie over his dress shirt, "I am not oppposed to devising a plan that which would draw these mysteirous attackers out in to the light again... But, I am opposed to directly placing Xandra in the position of 'bait' to do it." He replies to Franklin. "Half of the idea, I am ultimately fine with... should we lack any other options found along the way. But, we would need to come up with something that doesn't place Xandra in harms way." He states, his eyes looking over to the young Shi'ar Princess on his left.

"If it were ... someone with more experience in these kinds of messy matters? I'd consider it. But, this ... is all too new, to be something we can consider, in good conscience."

He shows a slight smile then. "Lets call it a last resort, and one that needs a bit more workshopping..."

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie actually looks up from typing on her phone. The cookie is taken. Then she pays attention for a moment. This sounds like space talk. She squints. Yup. Space talk. Her eyes flick between Jean and the others then settle on Xandra.

    Eye contact made. She is definitely judging, I mean studying the other young woman. Okay she is cute she thinks. "The pirate scenario is okay, the fancy dinner party one sounds boring Kitkat." which is directed to Kitty of course, she looks back down at her phone then adds "Tabby and I can handle the mall yeah."

    Type type.

    Her fashion today is punky as usualy, docs, distressed jeans that look like they may have been in a street right (is that blood on the ankle cuff), and despite summer her a denim battle jacket with patches and pins over her tank top that says 'Magneto was right'.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I think her, uh, egg-training covered a lot of it," Jean explains to Emma first. "That's a great idea, Kitty," she continues on. "It should be very close to what she's used to, or at least, what she would be dealing with normally, in terms of Shi'ar education. And it gives her some freedom without putting her at risk. Once we have the telepathic training down a bit, we may see how it goes giving her an image inducer and letting her blend in with the normal student body, or explore beyond the school. We don't want to completely rob her of a life. That said, at least for now, her safety is priority one, and this will stay an X-team thing."

And because Jean wouldn't be much of a teacher if she didn't randomly call on students who don't look like they're paying attention, she picks out Ellie on her phone. "Maybe you can help her with some of the simulations. Best she learns from someone who knows what it means to grow up around 'current year,' right?"

<<Ah! Sorry.>> Xandra's reaction is very much that, when she seems to realize she's made Tabitha uncomfortable. Then her attention shifts toward Franklin and there she seems to focus, a bit more intently. <<A logical if callous strategy. You would fit in well with my family. Is this typical on Earth as well, or a facet of your unusual power?>>

Jean, meanwhile, nixes that one in an echo of Charles, albeit in a gentle fashion. "Putting her in danger intentionally is out of the question. That said, it's true that the school isn't a secret exactly, especially from the Shi'ar. We have some other classified places she can go, properties and holdings, if we feel it's necessary. But for the time being, this is a middle ground. It's a good place for her, and she's surrounded by people with every reason to protect her. If anyone does come looking, we'll learn something. But if it puts the school in too much danger, we can pursue other options."

It's always a knife's edge they have to balance on, given how many people have problems with mutants in general. Or just specific old grudges with Logan...

<<I am cute?>> Xandra thinks back at Ellie, curiously. The telepathic training has clearly not ingrained those tight rules of privacy and consent just yet. <<If she recommends the pirates, I wish to try this.>> Jean chimes back in: "See? You two will hit it off great."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde extends a console over towards herself and pulls up a list of simulations in the Danger Room. She starts putting ticks next to ones that she apparently thinks might be of use to Xandra, some of them after updates. Lockheed is munching away from his plate, not paying much heed to the conversation, at least visibly.

"We could always send Mystique out somewhere as bait if she were willing," Kitty says, though her attention is largely on the tablet as she makes the suggestion. She taps another simulation, "Oh, tropical beach one, you'll like that," she says with a smile to Xandra. "We'll show you a real one sometime."

Emma Frost has posed:
Egg training? Ah, telepathic induction and flash learning. Something that Emma was more used to seeing done by computers and simulations. The fact that it could be done by mental data dumps.. In the same sort of way, rather disturbing. She would listen over to Jean and tap over at her chin while listening. "I don't think we should commit to any course of action until she's acclimated." And they've had a chance to try and backtrack whom her attackers were. When she's in the school she'll be more exposed than she will in the basement. But ultimately it's the call of the teachers of the school.

And her father.

Emma turns over to Xavier then and moves to smile, "Charles, darling, I would have hoped that with your extensive classical education you would have covered things.. Never bait a trap with actual bait." Emma would go to take a bite out of an apple. "That's Supervillainy 101 darling. It's not the fault of the educational system that most can't adhere to it."

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin directs his attention to the professor and offers a nod. "Please don't mistake my words as indifference towards her well-being. It's more about having confidence in your group's ability to handle this issue," he explains, acknowledging that his suggestion might have come across as detached. His smile warms as he addresses Xandra, "I apologize if I sometimes come across as overly direct. Perhaps spending too much time with Mentor rubbed off on me." He grins playfully before retreating into silence, allowing the more experienced Earth-side individuals to lead the discussion.

The notion of Xandra lacking proper training surprises Franklin, knowing the perils of space firsthand. The thought of anyone surviving out there without honing their skills strikes him as exceedingly hazardous. He doesn't immediately react to this revelation, as Jean provides an explanation that alleviates his concerns.

Franklin's attention shifts to Emma as she raises a valid point. "You're right," he concedes with a nod, acknowledging the wisdom in proactive measures. He then turns his gaze to Jean and the professor, recognizing the validity of their input. He suggests an alternative approach to Emma, seeking her expertise in finding a solution that doesn't endanger Xandra. "Perhaps there's a way to achieve our goals without putting her directly in harm's way," he proposes, respecting Emma's knack for strategic thinking in delicate situations.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a smile and a sense of forgiveness aimed at Xandra. <<Least you didn't see anything you probably shouldn't see. Just remember lighter touches.>> There is such a thing as deep diving too far. And while most of the adult telepaths have actually seen the darker side of Tabitha's memories. She herself tends to keep as much of her own telepathic footprint to a minimum. She does not like sharing that much mostly because of that mix of pain and just being really, really gross.

"Negasonic and me can keep the princess safe enough. I been doing the job already haven't I?. Shopping shouldn't be any more dangerous for her than it is for the rest of us at this point." Tabby grins and flexes her arms. The cutlery even glows a little as she channels some of her power through them. It soon fades though as she powers down and the heat wears off. Thankfully it didn't melt.

"Pirate styles probably aren't that good a look. I dunno about in space. But here not so much." she sends some actual memories. Mostly of when some of the X-Men where in the Savage land. And some of the pirate-ish outfits they had to replace uniforms with. They looked great. Then actual pirates all dirty and filthy. The actual way pirates looked. Neither would really work at a mall.

Charles Xavier has posed:
The Professor's eyes sweep over to Emma, and her words cause him to express a gentle warmth toward her. "Perhaps I am not well versed in such methods afterall, Emma." He softly says toward her before his eyes return to the others. He does give a glance to Xandra once more, before reaching over to pat her wrist softly with his left hand. "Ellie is a good person to spend time with, to learn many of the ways of the youth of today." He advises her. "You'd have a great time with her, I am sure."

Finally, the Professor notices the cookies that Franklin brought, and he can't help but reach out to snag one off of the dish it rests upon. "Did I overhear you saying that your mother made these?" The Professor asks of Franklin. "You must give her thanks when you get home again, Franklin." He states, before sampling the cookie with a experimental bite. Who wouldn't want to try some of Sue Storm's cookies?

Negasonic has posed:
    Jean gets a classic <tm> sullen and silent look as she is voluntold about helping the alien chick with the simulations. I mean yes she did volunter to help the other young woman with the real Mall with Tabster, but this is essentially being teachered into it. Slow blink. Bite of cookie. Who will break first.

    Turns out it is Ellie for once. She nearly chokes on her cookie as Xandra broadcasts the bit asking Ellie if she is cute to the whole room, coughing ensues. Wheeze. Takes her a moment to not die via cookie and maybe someone handing her a water bottle if someone was inclined to save the explosive teen.

    The whole choking on a cookie manages to keep her from givng a scathing response too. "Right... pirates.. sounds good..."

Jean Grey has posed:
"That's a thought," Jean once again finds herself agreeing with Kitty. "And knowing Mystique, it's the sort of idea she might actually find intriguing for it's own sake, the cunning trap for a too-confident enemy. Let's pencil that one in for a future mission work-up." Brainstorming is productive!

As far as Franklin's apology slash joke goes, Xandra seems to take both sides in rather neutral fashion. <<Many of his conceptual-strategic constructs were part of my training dataset. The plan is sound, especially with this iteration. It is neither logical... nor do I prefer it, to risk myself unnecessarily.>>

At this juncture, having one idea 'put away,' Jean looks down and taps one of the on-desk screens, possibly going through whatever loose outline she's given herself for the meeting, informal as the whole thing is. "Talk to SHIELD, education options... add in Mystique bait mission... ah right. So this is only tangential, but I wanted to ping Emma on the conversation you had with Oracle at the UN summit." Presumably this is Shi'ar Oracle, not Bat-people Oracle. Superheroing is confusing like that, sometimes! "I got called away," by the simultaneously unfolding situation with Xandra! "Before I could touch base with you again."

<<Such anachronistic styles do appear among space-faring humans,>> Xandra answers Tabitha. It seems she's downloaded enough conceptually to know what a pirate shirt is, and evidently, some weirdos do fly around wearing them. <<Maybe they think they are re-creating the experience of navigating Earth's seas in space?>>

Which seems to provoke a whole line of thinking: <<Because I am from space, it only makes sense that I should reverse this.>> This includes a big smile in Ellie's direction, her would-be mentor in crime on the high seas (and possibly elsewhere?!) <<I will allow you two to guide toward appropriate fashions.>> So... piratepunk?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is focused on the tablet seemingly. Though she glances up and from her expression is about to share another thought.

But then Xandra shares that question for Negasonic. Kitty's lips twitch at first, and with each progressing moment she has to do more to stifle her reaction. Kitty bites down on her lips to try to keep the big grin from showing on them, and finally just looks back down at her tablet so Ellie can't see the mirth in Kitty's eyes.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would give a nod over to Jean and purse her lips. "Of course. THat particular bit.." Deathbird working with a mutant out in space. That could be a great many things. And none of them good. "I'll have to do some research.. But our off planet sources are decidedly limited. IF they've never shown up on Earth before.." Pausing.
    Then glancing at Xandra. "No one will be exposing you to anything. We will keep you safe from those that would seek to do you harm." Emma puts it out there as a certainty. There's no way to guarantee it, but it's said mroeso to help give the girl a sense of security. Realistic or not.
    Looking over at Kitty for a moment and then smirking, 'Is there something you would care to share with the rest of the class, Ms. Pryde?" Emma would inquire before continuing to let Ellie and Tabitha handle the alieng irl's first exposure to Earth's culture. <<Tabitha, do not show her the Men in Black movies. It's too close to life experience.>>
    Before going to frown. Just how -would- a mutant have gotten out to meet with Deathbird?

Franklin Richards has posed:
As the Professor accepts a cookie, Franklin's keen awareness of not deceiving him leads him to artfully sidestep the question. "I hope you enjoy them," he offers genuinely, using a safe and truthful response to avoid revealing too much. He manages a subtle smile, further adding, "I'll convey your appreciation for the cookies to her." Franklin's attempt to appear nonchalant is slightly betrayed by a bead of sweat, a small reminder of the fine line he walks in maintaining his secret. He recognizes the Professor's respect for privacy, yet the vulnerability of surface thoughts remains a challenge.

Seizing the opportunity, he shifts his focus by offering water to Negasonic, grateful for the diversion from the cookie dilemma.

Franklin acknowledges Kitty's idea with a nod and a compliment, "Your sneaky skills have definitely evolved." He turns his attention to Xandra, his grin friendly and instructive. "Earth operates with more than just logic; there's a lot of nuance here. I'll send you a joke book if you'd like. Learning humor could be quite beneficial." He ponders the types of jokes she might appreciate, oscillating between dad jokes and darker humor.

When Emma speaks, Franklin listens attentively, opting not to add to her statement, which stands on its own merits. He lightens the mood with a playful quip, directed toward Negasonic. "Just remember to chew before you swallow," he jests, followed by a teasing grin. "And don't forget, there are others out there, like my family, who'd be more than willing to assist if needed. My mother, especially, would appreciate the distraction."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With Kitty and Ellie focusing on their handheld devices Tabby grins. "I can almost believe those two are throwing memes at each other. Like Statler and Waldorf but net savvy and hot." she jokes and beams a playful smirk.

<<No corsets for you though. It might be part of the style for pirate chicks but damn if it took me ages to be able to move and breath in one, let alone fight.>> it did pay off though, considering how tiny her waist is compared to her hips.

<<Only the first two. Three is iffy, four was horrible. should stick with the cartoon. Oh and while I rock the suit, I'm not wearing one, too obvs secret service security.>> she explains and chucklles between pancakes. The logistics of a pancake hashbrown sandwich going through her mind right now.

Negasonic has posed:
    Thankfully Ellie misses Kitty's betrayal. She is still recovering and sippin the water that Franklin gave her."

    Which is ruined by his snark. The look he gets for his efforts is flat and humorless. She doesn't even follow it up with return snark. Nope just a look.

    She turns her attention to the space girl though recovered now. "Cool I guess." sounding nuetral about it, not going to feed that fire from the cute broadcast. She has a rep damnit, this is damaging. "So, what space faring humans dress up as pirates.. is it Star Lord... I bet it is Starlord. Lame."

Charles Xavier has posed:
Outside in the hallway there comes the sound of some arguing, and after a second or two, Scott and Rogue walk by side by side, both of them in an animated argument with their hands expressing the frustration that either of them are feeling. They're arguing about who gets to drive, what and where though remains unknown. They pass by on their way toward the Base intersection, seemingly unaware of this meeting taking place.

Inside the meeting room, Charles sits back after offering his daughter a cookie too. "These are quite delicious." He tells her before reaching for his tea once more.

"I've asked Raven to come with us to Washington." He tells all those still listening. "I've asked Scott and Rogue to look in to investigating something that seems to have taken place outside of Cleveland at a medical supply and research complex. But, yes, I do not want to put Raven at any undo danger either, but as we all know her ability for subterfuge is quite unparalleled. I think we might need that in the upcoming meeting in Washington, should we run in to any unforeseen issues."

Jean Grey has posed:
<<This would be helpful,>> Xandra thinks back at Franklin. <<The Shi'ar have a great comedic tradition,>> says no non-Shi'ar, EVER, <<but it is one of those aspects of culture that is very difficult to translate.>>

As for what Emma says, Jean has a comeback. "We -did- see a human with the Shi'ar, when they came here. Well, not the ones at the school. The ones at my parent's house. I don't know if he was a mutant, but he had powers. A /lot/ of powers." She pauses. None of it is a good memory. "You weren't there that night, let me show you-"

And so Jean does. And everyone else, for that matter. A young human adult with dark hair and blue eyes, chiseled features. Beside him, Davan Shakari. D'Ken's right-hand man. Not Deathbird's?

The image isn't perfect. In part, it's a hazy recollection, because it comes from, well, just moments before Jean 'died.'

Naturally, Tabitha mentioning something that Xandra isn't allowed makes her more interested. She has the image, because she raided Tabitha's brain. However, her answer here is... reasonable. <<I do not think my proportions require such a garment. The movie->> More brain-skimming, although she's gentler this time. <<Ah. Fictional ideas about space. You don't find them silly, now that you know the reality?>>

Ellie gets a set of images. They are, in fact, Shi'ar WANTED notices, with bounties attached. They depict colorfully accessorized space 'criminals' of various styles, but there is a jaunty human male among them. He has a head band, and a mustache a few decades out of date. And is not Star Lord!

Charles brings her attention back to more Earthbound problems. "Yeah, I suppose that's a whole 'nothing thing for us to worry about. Do you know why Magneto turnedh imself in like that?" This is outside of her agenda list! Not that she doesn't have suspicions, given the whole routine with the helmet.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there Emma goes through the memory upload from Jean. Musing over it while she keeps a passing watch on the other conversations in the room.. But she mostly pays attention over to what Jean is sharing with her. <<Definitely looks Terran. So D'Ken had assets here already.>> That was something she didn't know.

<<So those assets are now cooperating with Deathbird. And that may include other contacts on Earth that D'Ken had. It's a place to start, at least.>> Seeing if any of them were not caught up in the purges of the failed coup. Something to at least backtrack wtih SHIELD on. Even a government agency can't be that incompetent to be able to tell what aliens are dead, right?

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin finds himself lucky do dodge a Negasonic quip with a sense of amusement, recognizing her way better at it then himself. Amidst the conversation, he realizes an important detail he's yet to share. Feeling a touch embarrassed, he raises his hand tentatively to interject. "I know this might be a bit off-topic, but it's crucial information," he begins, acknowledging Jean's familiarity with the situation. "I've been collaborating with Spiral," he informs the group, a nod directed at Jean, and Emma for her acknowledgment of their association. "The Mojoverse has become active once more, engaging in abductions. Our joint effort aims to overthrow Mojo and replace him with someone more sympathetic to Earth's interests." He surveys the group, allowing a moment of pause to settle.

Continuing, Franklin adds, "I might be absent for a while, as I need to dedicate time to this endeavor. If any of you interact with Spiral, remember she's on our side in this matter, not aligned with Mojo. While I understand some of you may have had negative encounters with her in the past, she plays a vital role in our strategy to bring him down. I hope you'll keep that in mind."

Following this announcement, Franklin quiets down to listen to the ensuing conversation. He offers a mental smile to Xandra, suggesting, <<If you'd like to share Shi'ar humor, feel free to send me jokes. I'll share my phone number, and Negasonic can assist you with using it.>> The mental communication is barely more than a whisper, a personal curiosity about cultural exchange and humor.

Content with having conveyed his message, Franklin remains subdued until the discussion concludes. As it wraps up, he discreetly creates a portal to exit, utilizing his space-bending abilities to return to the tower. This quiet departure allows him to leave behind the books for Xandra's perusal at her convenience, a simple act of consideration.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
<<We'd have found them silly even if it was closer to real life. It's probably a lot more menial paperwork and processing. Less being hit on by worms. Well actually I got hit on a lot in space jail. But that's probably cause similar shaping to a lot of the big name races up in space.>> Tabby ponders that idea a bit.

<<Evolution kinda isn't that imaginative by the looks!>> she adds and chuckles. <<We're still all mostly kinda hoping for things to be more Star Trek that Star Wars though.>> exploration more than stabbing folks with laser swords.

The X-Men have force powers at home.

Finally finishing her food, Tabby sets her plate away all empty and stuff. Once up right she pats her midsection with both hands. "That should last for about an hour. Or until I finish getting my donkey his exercise. Shopping we can do later. We may put a dent in your credit card Professor but we are going to be clothing your daughter. So you know worth it!" it's worth a shot. The goofy but awkward grin bright on her features as she otherwise has to get ready to go be a good mom to Jerome Badonk Smith. The X-Donk.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie's eyes widen a good deal at the flash flash flash of Shi'ar wanted posters. She does think idly for a split moment, cute, about Hepzibah, and then she just blinks at the final image.

    "Oh god. The human space criminal isn't Star Lord... I mean .. that guy is an 80s reject... this .. this person is like a Sixties meets Nineties Palattes Pirate... I mean.. " she just boggles. "That headband and shirt... it's tragic."

    She sinks back in her seat. "Daaamn." then blinks and looks at Franklin "What's a mojoverse. Is that like the Metaverse thing LexCorp was trying to push?"

Charles Xavier has posed:
Charles is soon to take in a deep breath when Jean asks him of Magneto's motivations. He glances to the others before he sets his tea cup back down upon the saucer held in his left hand. "I believe Erik is under the impression that he can discover more truths by going in to the heart of the enemy's territory, assuming that they'll even take him to such a place. It is a rather risky assumption to believe that they would simply sweep him away to their primary fortification, or wherever the secrets of this strange laboratory reside. But, Erik has always been a man of risky action, to gain big reward. I hope it pays off this time, I truly do."

The Professor wouldn't say that he had enjoyed having his oldest friend around the school so much of late, but Jean would know it, even without using telepathic loppholes to find such feelings within him.

The Professor watches Franklin as he rises, and he offers him a soft pair of nods. "Mojo is an insufferable creature." The Professor states calmly. "Our dealings with him, and his ilk, have been far from pleasant. If we can help with that, we will. But I urge you to stay cautious in dealing with Spiral. What little I know of that person, I can say it doesn't feel trustworthy..." He trails off there though, before he nods once to the young man again. "Tell your parents that I send them my best. Thank you for coming, Franklin." He tells him before Franklin can evacuate via his fancy methods.

Charles looks back to the others still present. "Kitty. I don't suppose you'd help Xandra settle in as well?" He asks, perhaps having a bit more trust in Kitty not overwhelming his offspring with too much craziness at once...

Not that Ellie or Tabitha were crazy, oh no, of course not!

He does side-eye Tabitha for a moment though...

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean considers Emma's analysis of the situation. "Who knows if he was a spy or just... a weapon? That certainly seems like why Shakari had him. His powers, if they were mutant, were definitely Omega-level. Maybe, after D'Ken lost power, he lost his toy, too? He was there, in the crystal, but we didn't find him in the aftermath." She shakes her head.

"Regardless, we should confirm it with Oracle, if this is the same person. And if they have someone from Earth working with them, we have to consider our own responsibilities. I know a lot of people hate the idea of aliens meddling in things here, or even us doing the same in reverse. Keep to your lane. But the reality is, we're..."

And she looks over at Xandra, "a part of this."

Now, a change of topics, courtesy of Franklin!

"I did see you there together. You made a nice couple." As couples including multi-armed extradimensional witches go! "Mojoverse is- I'm not going to pretend I really even understand it. But if she's willing to work with us, looking to overthrow Mojo himself, that seems like a good lead. But Charles is right. Cautious optimism, and all that." After saying it, she looks around, as if not 100 percent sure that's the right answer! Mojo's weird.

In the background, Xandra is building more cultural background among her new friends. She is learning, bit by bit, what Ellie considers cute. Her... and catgirls? So many wonderful things to learn!

"Alright. I think that's everything," Jean finally declares. "Not kicking you out if you wanna sit around and eat, though. And you two... best behavior!" She does the eyes thing, two fingers back and forth, looking between Ellie and Tabitha. Watching! Also possibly with her mind. But the warning quickly softens into a fond smile. "Ultimately, she's -everyone-'s responsibility, just like all of us are to each other. But I know I don't need to remind anyone what that means. Family is family, and she's definitely one of ours."