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  Professor X  
Charles Xavier (Scenesys ID: 290)
Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Superalias: Professor X
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Professor and Benefactor, Xavier's School for the Gifted
Citizenship: United States, Israel
Residence: Xavier's School for the Gifted
Education: Doctorate, Multiple Fields
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School, X-Men
Apparent Age: 85 Actual Age: 85
Date of Birth 13 Jul 1934 Played By James McAvoy
Height: 6'0" Weight: 190 lb
Hair Color: Bald Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: War - Why Can't We Be Friends?

Character Info


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Charles Xavier, world renowned scientist and philanthropist along with founder of the Xavier school for the gifted is a recognizeable presence to many. A powerful telepath and leader of the X-Men when needed on the field, his strategic ability and planning are foundational. He aims to promote mutant rights through peaceful means and to bring the various non-human species together with humans in the world. Far from perfect as an individual, Charles seeks to provide the bridge in society between these groups and an outlet for troubled individuals who need to discover themselves without judgment but with guidance.


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* 1934 - Birth in Israel to Brian and Sharon Xavier
* 1940 - Return to United States with Parents
* 1942 - Manifestation of Mutant Abilities with Receptive Telepathy. Projective Telepathy would present in coming months.
* 1946 - Begins High School, Cambridge High, Massachusetts
* 1950 - Enters Harvard University
* 1952 - Graduates Harvard University (Biology), Summa Cum Laude; Enrolls in MIT Doctorate
* 1952 - Suspends School Work, Enlists US Military for service in Korean War
* 1954 - Graduates MIT (Genetics / Biophysics); Travels World Attending Various Educational Institutions
* 1958 - Pursues additional degrees while teaching (Economics, Philosophy, Political Science)
* 1962 - Honorable Mention, Nobel Prize for Biophysics
* 1963 - Travels the World conducting research on Genetic Abnormalities
* 1971 - Effect of injury sustained during service leads to lower body paralysis forcing return to the United States
* 1975 - Published research earns Nobel Prize for Biophysics
* 1980 - Begins political efforts to pave road for future Mutant societal integration
* 1995 - Meets Erik Lehnsherr, begins planning for Mutant integration programs
* 2009 - Begins converting home into a school with aid of Erik
* 2011 - Begins Xavier School for the Gifted, recruits first class and forms hero training regimen
* 2017 - Presumed Dead following events of Days of Future Past; Taken by Shi'ar Empire
* 2019 - Returns from space with rejuvenated body

IC Journal

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Charles Xavier is compassionate to those he encounters, an understanding disposition that leans to the side of listening to others and providing a counseling ear.

Charles approaches situations with thought and care, preferring to thoroughly look rather than leap and to plan his actions.

Character Sheet


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Charles has multiple Telepathic abilities due to his incredible strength as a telepath. Abilities such as illusions, cloaking his existence, linking with people and mind blasts are amongst those which he has the ability to utilize. Psionic shields, amnesia and mind blocks also are among his strengths as well as astral projection.


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Charismatic Leadership:
Augmented by his mutant abilities, the natural gift that Charles has for public speaking and charismatic persuassion would be influential on it's own accord without telepathy. He is a gifted speaker, advocate, debator and persuassive entity. Often, even those who would find themselves in conflict with him and his positions concede the validity of his arguments and the weight of their logical basis.

Along with his Intelligence, Xavier is extremely well educated in multiple disciplines, not merely science. Philosophy, history, art, literature all are fields that he has spent time not only studying academically but travelling the world and experiencing them on a personal level.

Genius Intelligence:
Charles Xavier is a natural genius outside of his powers, a leader in the world in the fields of genetics and psionics. This has also made him a very talented tactician and strategist, capable of fashioning short term and long term operational goals.

Military Training:
Charles served in the Military during the conflicts in the 2000's, during which he was injured but his officer training was very indepth and he has an accumen to such.

Unarmed Fighting:
During his travels, Charles learned to fight among trainers in the East.


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A device meant to amplify the brainwaves of the user, it is very potent when utilized by a telepath such as Charles Xavier. It has the ability to distinguish the thoughts of targets far off and the specific patterns that make up a person who is a mutant or a human. The power of the device does fluctuate at times and may have a responsiveness to the 'need' of the person using it in terms of its strength. The power of the machine is dangerous for weaker minds, limiting its use to upper level telepaths.

School For the Gifted:
The Xavier School for the Gifted, Mansion, and subsequent training facilities are all state of the art and in a state of near continual upgrade. Cutting edge technologies and the finest things possible for the students, expense is never spared for their development and safety

Charles inherited a substantial wealth from his family upon his parents passing, wealth that had been passed down generationally. In his youth his powers were used to help bolster it, although in recent years his own ability in finance has grown the wealth substantially to fund the X-Men and their operations. All of it is done quietly without direct ties in order to keep anonymity of the foundation and protect the students.

It has wheels.


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Dark Side:
With so many minds in the world, those he has touched and helped with their own dark secrets an lasting impression has clouded him. Charles regular takes breaks or sabaticals to help himself purge these dark urges and dark lamentations that pierce his soul.

Charles Xavier has established many enemies over the years, either by thwarting their plans or aiding their opponents. As the leader of the X-Men, he has become the target of their wrath, as has the school as a safe haven for mutants. Even those not knowing the full extent of the school recognize him as a leading voice for mutant rights. Then, there are the enemies of the Shi'ar...

Being the parent figure to so many has left Charles lonely. He has no true personal life for himself and internally battles a depression because of it. He pours himself into others and does not take proper care of himself in the process.

Although Charles' body was rejuvinated by the Shi'ar to around his mid-40s the process is one that was imperfect and his injury which cost him use of his legs is still present. Although he is able to walk with focus, it takes a lot of mental and physical energy, requiring him to still utilize his wheelchair. The fact that he can walk is something he keeps private and known to only a very select few.



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Charles Xavier has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Zen and the Art of Cerebro Maintenance October 14th, 2020 Jean updates Charles about the weird Brainiac tech, and they get working on Cerebro.
Road Rage: Did Hank Find A Cure September 23rd, 2020 Hank makes something to counter the power nullifier that Vulture and Green Goblin got their hands on, and shares the news with Professor X, Scott, Kitty and Noriko.
Next X-Steps September 16th, 2020 Charles and Jean discuss her new responsibilities as headmistress, interactions between X-Corporation and the X-Men, and possibly reaching out to other public superhero groups.
Old Friends and New Faculty August 27th, 2020 Charles and Moira reunite, and Moira agrees to become part of the faculty at Xavier's school, and a consultant for X-Corporation. With his responsibilities expanding, Charles offers the position of Headmistress to Jean Grey.
Water in the Urban Desert August 13th, 2020 IMP, Michael, Greer and Gabby assist X-Corp with some volunteer work and convincing a homeless group to evacuate a dangerous area. Alton demonstrates a dangerous flaw to Charles Xavier and Gabby and is offered suggestions and help.
Evaluations July 31st, 2020 Xavier evaluates the Kinney sisters as potential students, and approves Laura to join one of the X-teams if the team leader agrees. Gabby is officially accepted as a student.
Ants and Consultation July 30th, 2020 Charles Xavier visits Hank Pym's laboratory to discuss efforts to restore the shrunken people of Genosha and to check in on his wellbeing..
Coordinating Efforts July 8th, 2020 Hal and Jean work to coordinate the X-Men's help for the assault on Brainiac, with the blessing of the Professor.
Scotch: The Final Frontier June 11th, 2020 Lorna comes to Xavier for therapy.
Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It June 2nd, 2020 Clarice comes to speak to Charles about the world at large.
Not Handled Properly May 15th, 2020 Scott, Jean, and the Professor check in on Genosha about the incident with the Magistrates.
When a Seer Seeks Wisdom May 14th, 2020 Marie comes to Charles hoping for a way to stay in America after school, and leaves with a promise of aid and a clear path set before her.
Seeking Professerly Advice April 27th, 2020 Warren goes to Charles for some advice and comes away with it feeling a bit better about the future.
Therapy: Genoshan Edition April 27th, 2020 The Professor gets Lorna to agree at least to further therapy and time to relax.


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Charles Xavier has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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