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Derby Queens vs The World
Date of Scene: 03 November 2023
Location: Derby Queens
Synopsis: The Derby Queens face off against the Flat Iron Flatterers in a Roller Derby game for the ages!
Cast of Characters: Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley, Harper Row, Bruce Wayne, Dinah Lance, Stephanie Brown, Phoebe Beacon, Damian Wayne, Caleb Dykstra, Gabby Kinney, Kara Danvers, Negasonic

Barbara Gordon has posed:
The air in 'Derby Queens' is charged with excitement as the crowd's chatter reverberates through the converted warehouse. The tantalizing scent of snacks from the reception area mingles with the unmistakable aroma of anticipation. Barbara Gordon, new and a bit unsure about all of this, stands tall beside the Brooklyn Derby Queens' bench. She dons the custom uniform provided by Harley, a testament to the team's unique style and flair. Every now and then, Babs nervously adjusts the spandex shorts and crop top, securing her straps and pads across her elbows and knees with precision.

Her emerald eyes sweep across the sprawling roller derby rink, and a fleeting glance towards the Flat Iron 'Flatterers' bench doesn't go unnoticed, inviting the occasional scowl. But in response, a sweet smile curves on the redhead's lips as she finally adjusts her helmet, ensuring it's in perfect position.

"Think we're as ready as we're ever gonna be," Babs declares with a soft smirk on her lips, her gaze briefly flicking to the referees, the arbiters of the impending bout.

One roller-bladed foot gracefully ascends to the bench, and Babs indulges in a deliberate stretch, her lithe figure accentuated by the Derby Queens' attire. She repeats the action with the other foot, before she exhales sharply.

"You gals ready for this? We know what we're gonna do, right?" She pauses, her voice teeming with enthusiasm. "We're gonna win!" She shouts, trying to rile-up her teammates.

As the crowd's anticipation builds, the audience settles into their seats, the first notes of the game's music selection filtering through the loudspeakers. The cheers, claps, and shouts of support resonate throughout the 'Derby Queens' facility. The atmosphere is electric, and the stage is set.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Everything is ready for the game to begin! The crowd is on fire, you can really feel it today, can't you Troy? Oh, I don't know Joe, we all know how last game ended between these two teams. There's no love lost with ---

Woah, what's this Troy?! Seems like the Derby Queens TEAM CAPTAIN is getting a telling from the referee after bodychecking an adversary. Do we know what the Flatiron team member told her?! Something about an April and a few derogatory terms. Ufff, red card. Seems like Harley Quinn is being sent off before she even gets in the rink! Will they be playing with one less player now?!

Well Joe, they might. But regulations state she can stay on the bench and coach the team and --- Oh shush with your regulations. Are they going to play with one less player? No, Joe. She can get an additional member to play and ...., oooh, she is pointing to someone on the audience right now...

"OI! YOU THERE!" Yes, Harley is pointing to someone, looking mad as heck. "Didn't I sell you some caps a while back? You were all quiet. Come and play. We need a player! Move it, move it, move it!" she is clapping her hands to instigate celerity on poor Phoebe who seems to have been chosen to play.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Helmet is on. Skates nice and tight. And any other protection? Knee pads or elbow pads? Nope, not tonight. The other redhead out on the rink's floor could look like any other. Really, when next to Barbara, they could be mistaken for sisters.

Well, if it wasn't for the greenish tint to Pamela's skin. There is little hiding that. And, really, it would seem that the regulars in attendance know just who the emerald-hued individual is out on the floor, courtesy of Harley.

Yes, Pamela has done this before. And, she did have fun...not that she will admit to it.

"Well, Harls, you have a plan? A strategy at all?" It is a pretty safe bet that Pammy already knows the answer to that question, though. Considering the amount of time this particular iteration of the Derby Queens have skated together (never), coupled with the amount of time they had to prepare (oh, about 10 minutes), this is going to be either spectacularly awesome or chaotically horrible.

Either way, it is bound to be entertaining.

There is stretching to be done...and Ivy gets to it. One foot up, leg arching up to waist high, then swinging like a pendulum. Then the other leg. Then the arms stretch. All done with an ease and grace that might make some of the opposing team just a little bit nervous.

Then...Harley gets herself thrown out. There's the eyeroll from Ivy. Typical Harley...

Harper Row has posed:
Harper raises her head from where she crouches on the DQ's bench like a nervous wide-eyed gargoyle. Thick swatches of black khol under her eyes, which peer out from under the brow of her protective radical helmet. The pep talk has her raising her palms and swatting at either side of her protective head gear that flattens her faux hawk into messy strands poking out here and there.

Bluebird has watched The Road Warrior at least a dozen times, so tries to channel a bit of that, hitching a ride to Barbara's vibe-wagon. She gets to her feet, and saws in place on her wheels. A growl in her throat like little chainsaw being revved to life. "Ayatollahs of Rock and Rolla!"

Rechecking an elbow pad here, tugging on the waistband of these crazy shorts there, she's popping in another piece of hubba-bubba to get a good chewy wad going. The kind that makes extra moist and snacky noises. She raises her voice and cat-calls the opposing team's bench, "Just...roll away!"

Her trying to throw shade ceases when it seems Harley is getting the 'ol red card and things are gonna be juggled around. Nothing like more chaos to make things even more unpredicable!

Bruce Wayne has posed:
There is no real reason for "Matches" Malone to be in attendance at this derby face off. But of course, there is also no real reason for him NOT to be at this particular face off. Maybe he just likes the idea of watching women skate around in tight bootie shorts pushing each other around.

In any event, the somewhat morally questionable private detective has managed to elbow his way up to a decent seat towards the front of the crowd, and finds himself able to lean against the railing. Clearly, he wants a _really_ good view of those shorts.

His gaze drifts over towards Harley's extended finger, and there is a brief expression on his face. A mixture of surprise and ... is that concern? And if so, for whom?

Dinah Lance has posed:
It's not every day Dinah Lance gets to roller skate and throw punches.

Sure, 'throw punches' is almost a daily occurrence, but usually it's while she's in high heeled boots fighting crime. And it's getting a little late in the season to try and add 'roller skates' to crime fighting, and a little /too/ early to add 'ice skates'.

Also, she's sure there's a list of people who would sit her down to discuss the finer details of why martial arts that involve kicking and ice skates are something of an extreme choice.

And so, in her chosen attire for Roller COMBAT (check the previous issue for the details, reader!) Dinah's busy giving the Flatiron Flatterers the best mean mugging she can manage. Which is pretty difficult when even your scowls seem to come off as sultry. Or at least she's been told they do. Frankly, she thinks that's just, like, your opinion man.

Giving her own gear a thrice-over, just to make sure kneepads are properly secured and helmet strap is snug under her chin, she bobs her head to Babs and sighs out. "I mean, this is like... fair, right? If this was a teenage movie about saving a community center, we're like, the scrappy kids saving it right?"

Dinah's eyes go from staring murder at the opposing team to considering /their/ team... super heroine... super heroine... super heroine... ecoterrorist... whatever description Harley pulls out of a hat for the day...

Yeah. Yeah. Totally the scrappy underdogs.

Except Harley is getting ejected. Oh! But she's already pointing at an audience member t-

Super heroine. So goddamn scrappy. Much underdogs.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown is late getting to her seat. She'd just been leaving the concession stand, with a super duper oversized cup of Zesti Cola, and a box of sour-tart licorice ropes, when she saw a kid leaving with a box of caramel corn. "I didn't know they had caramel corn!" she'd declared and gotten right back into line again.

So it is when she shows up she's got that big cup - more of a bucket really - and the big box of caramel corn and the tart licorice. "Go Gotham!" she yells as she takes a seat.

"Wow, can't believe they got Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to announce," she says as she inserts an earbud to listen to the broadcast. "Wonder who's bankrolling this broadcast."

Hopefully not Mojo.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe Beacon had no idea what the hell she was doing, and that was pretty evident.

    She's in gear for roller skating, an activity she hasn't done sinc eshe was twelve. She had rainbow bandaids under both eyes and was wearing a helmet, and she was a little wobbly on those skates. You'd think she could manage on fourteen years of martial arts training and bat training...

    "... who's idea was this again?" she asks shakily, her shoulders sagging a little as she checks at her left wrist and the white tattoo around it.

Damian Wayne has posed:
Dressed down for the evening, Damian is dressed in a pair of jeans and a high-end sweatshirt. While the pair had actually arrived only a little late, Gabby and Damian had gotten hung up getting concessions and souveniers. Young couples, you know they have to buy some tacky knickknack from every place they go on a date to.

Carrying a large cardboard trade with a pair of sweaty fountain drink cups, popcorn, a pickle and some Milk Duds (and whatever Gabby wants), he is making his way through the group to find where his family is sitting.

"Has there been any scoring yet?" he asks as he takes a seat and scoots over for Gabs to join him.

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Caleb has actually never been to a roller derby, but he had heard in a previous (criminal) life that it sounded exciting. Now with that past life in... well, the past, it's not like he didn't get curious, enough that it ended up getting the better of him. Dressed in plain civilian clothes - jeans, shirt, coat for the weather -, he takes a seat in the rows.

Also, out of a bag he's got, he also pulls out a... Wait, a helmet??

Yes, a helmet, covering his skull, and with a visor that can be lowered to protect his face.

Blame it on the Gotham upbringing if you will, but when you got Harley frickin' Quinn, The Joker's crazed sidekick - okay, former, but you'd be fool to think those were waters under the bridge - on the spot, you really don't want to take any chances.

As ridiculous as he might look, he takes his seat.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney edges over through the rows allowing Damian to lead the way. He had the tray of food and drinks after all. A large root beer for her, some malt balls (they were crunchy!) and that suited her just fine. HOWEVER... She'd smuggled in some paraphanelia.

Once they reach their seats she doesn't actually SIT in favor of reaching behind her to wriggle her arms around inside her hoodie jacket. Of all things to pull out, it's a plastic air compression bag with something bright red inside. The edge is torn open and she quickly withdraws not one, but two peices of carefully folded foam that was growing exponentially in size until the foam fingers were fully unfurled.

A toothy grin is flashed at Damian as she offers one over, tucking the other beneath her arm so she can fish out a sharpie. "Who are we rooting for? I can customize! Oh, hey, Phoebs is out there!" That settles it.

In a moment there's a foam finger sharpied with 'PHUCK-EM-UP PHOEBE' emblazoned on it being waved in the air.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara can only stand by and watch Harley get thrown out. There was little to nothing she could do about it. With her hands upon her hips, the redhead spent a few moments consulting with the Refs over the decision before she just softly nodded her head to it. Turning, she wheeled her way over to Dinah, and gav her shoulder a soft pat. "I guess Harley has been getting under the skin of the officials for a long time now. Can you believe that?" She asks with a smirk, her eyes going to the others on her team.

Babs ends up beside Phoebe when she arrives, giving her a equally soft pat of reassurance. "Welcome to the team. This is a synergy building exercise.." She explains over the noise piping through the building. "Think of it as an official practice, of a new variety... Or..." She glances to Dinah and Harper. "Think of it as us saving the community center, so the impressionable youth of tomorrow have a place to grow up safely." She smirks wide at that before she glides on her wheels over to Pamela.

Babs leans over to Pam. "You ready for this?" She asks. "If they focus on you, don't worry, I'll be there to back you up. We're in this together."

When a whistle comes, and the Refs indicate for both teams to hit their starting positions, Babs glides on her roller blades toward her spot, her hands going down to her knees as she evens-out her breathing, and offfers a playful smirk over to one of the Flat Iron ladies.

"I like your uniform." Babs says over to the brunette beffore her. "You look like a beer can."

Gotta get in their heads before the game is ON, right?

The Brooklyn Derby Queens; dressed in Purple, Gold and Black, now face off with the Flat Iron Flatterers; dressed in Blue, Silver and White!

'It's the Final Countdown' blares over the loud speakers.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Alright, Barbara! You are the captain now, it means the responsibility of our win rests upon your shoulders. Every mistake will be weighed, measured and if you are found wanting, well, you know. We lose! And we can't lose to these Flatiron bitches again!" Harley's version of a pep talk to the Now-Captain of the Derby Queens. She has a wide grin on her face though and is clapping her hands to get the girls hyped up. "No pressure, Babs!"

"Ivy, Blonde bombshell!" That's Pamela and Dinah, "You cover the skinny girl!" that's Harper. She is pointing frantically while walking alongside the bench in her shorty shorts and tight top.

"And you there, PHUCK UM UP PHOEBE. You hang with Babs. She will show you the ropes. Alright you all got this!"

"Also, watch out for that mean looking gal!" Yes, pointing out Negasonic on the ENEMY TEAM.

"Remember it's all fair if you use those hips to push them out and by God we have the best hips on this side of New York!"

Kara Danvers has posed:
Who even KNOWS what's going on.

All Kara knows is that she is late to whatever is going on and too impatient to figure it out. This is all very confusing! Combat sports with wheel-shoes?! What kind of First World nation sport even is this... Is it a business suit situation? She doesn't know.

Should she be wearing a turtle-neck sweater? Probably..

The smell of freshly boiled wieners is delightful, certainly, but ENTER SUPERGIRL!

Standing in line with her ticket in her SUPERGIRL costume.

Most people think it's cosplay, this is fine.

Are you really Supergirl?

I thought you were taller.

Would you say how much you love our new energy drink on Twitter?

"Hello, I'm Kara Zor-El and I love-" She turns the label around to read it, "-Steven Segal LIGHTNING PUNCH energy Drink. It's like getting kicked in the gut... with a knife."

Bruce Wayne has posed:
There is a lot going on, even for the World's Greatest Detective to keep track of. With a team made of up his rogues and his family, and now _more_ of his family, and ... well, sometimes you just have to let them play the game.

"Matches" Malone drifts along the edge of the railing, acquiring a long the way one of those large square shaped red-and-white-striped containers of popcorn, and is casually plucking one kernel out at a time to pop into his mouth, which in and of itself is likely enough of an odd behavior to get him a wide berth, as he watches the scene playing out. Either which way, this is going to be a great match to watch. He hopes.

He comes to a pause as his circuit along puts him next to Gabby, Damian on the other side. "Gonna be a good match tonight, huh?" he mutters in that way that only a street smart degenerate gambler private detective would speak.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown stands up and lets out a raucous "Woof woof woof!" for Phoebe, shaking her fist in the air and then sitting back down and tossing a handful of caramel corn into her mouth.

The blond looks around, spotting Damian and Gabby and waving over to them. That does make her wonder where her friend is who said she was coming to the game though. Steph pulls out her phone and taps out a message to Kara.

> Match is just about to start. Where are you!?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe winces, and she looks up to the heavens. "All I wanted was a glow in the dark ballcap." Phoebe states, and then she rolls her shoulder. "All right. Let's save the community center," she states, and glides up after Babs. She'd gotten a rundown of the rules. She's ready to rumble, and hops on her skates -- nearly loses her balance, and then stuffs in a mouthguard.

    Gliding up behind Babs, she gives a thumbs up. Derby Queens are go!

Harper Row has posed:
Harper gets into position. She's rollerskated before, but truth be told, feet to the fire, she's never competed in this stuff. There's a first time for everything. Some of the girls on the other team look like the kind that would give her pause to get into a disagreement with. That raises her adrenaline quite a bit and puts a shit-eatin grin on her face.

Harper gets into position, weaving a little left and right in a serpentine motion before finding her mark. Warmin up the tires before rolling around this donut of doom. Another smack to her helmet, and an ~uuuurrrrrgh!~ she hopes sounds prehistoric and intimidating, slaps to her shoulders and then to her caboose. "You'll be seeing this a lot tonight, so, get used to it!" she boasts to the opposition, perhaps alluding to her personal opinion on her zippy speed capabilities. She punctuates this with a big neon yellow bubble-gum bubble emerges from between her lips, which bursts and makes a temporary sloppy second tongue she slurps back into her mouth like a messy strand of hot 2-minute ramen.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Oh, I will be fine. We got this."

Pammy sounds rather assured of herself and their chances. Well, considering the make-up of the team, it wouldn't be too far off to say they probably have the edge in athletic ability. However...experience is going to be lacking. And that might be an issue. In any case, it is actually refreshing to see Harley go into coaching mode, though all the needless pointing would be almost amusing.

In any case, she turns to Harper. "Don't worry...we will get you through. You just focus on not getting hit." See? Assuring words from Ivy. She's not that bad at all.

Damian Wayne has posed:
Damian raises his eyebrow when Gabby introduces the fingers. Clearly she didn't expect him... she did. Okay, we're doing this. As he gets his own finger, and he is looking at the riders, he borrows the sharpie - there's a wave to Stephanie in return to her.

After a few moments of writing, he puts on his finger and holds it up.


He thinks it's high comedy.

Negasonic has posed:
So, Negasonic had been the icy presence in the Flat Iron's team bay... or the one who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else but here.

Chewing gum, and playing on her phone during much of the game so far, but as it turns out... she was on the ring when Barbara had called out that taunt. She looks like a beer can? At first, one might think that Negasonic didn't know what to say - her brow curling, and her black-painted lips turned down into a frown.

"It's not Monday morning yet, you can't be seeing beer cans already," she snaps back.

Dressed in black and grey, with a glow in the dark stripe along her uniform, she starts skating ahead - she was one of the blockers on the Flat-Irons, locking arms with another one of the women and trying to manuever so that they were ahead of the other woman. "What, see you behind us? Probably."

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah's got a non-sultry scowl going once the teams begin to move into position, glancing Babs-ward and stage whispering, "Hey... did Harley get herself ejected so if we lose she can say it wasn't her fault? Because like, that's /totally/ a brilliant move and like..."

She zips up as Harley begins to designate team roles... she totally... remembers her role. Definitely. Yep.

She flashes a little grin Pam's way, "Hey, look at all that... synthetic fibre they're wearing! Just focus on getting even for that. Anger always makes you play better. It doesn't matter if it's roller derby or..." She frowns, "Okay, truth? Roller derby is the only sport I've ever played... okay, am about to play."

Dinah sways her way over to Harper and grins, "I... am out of motivational pep talks. Give 'em hell! Or uhh... score some pointgoals? Listen, I'm just hoping /you/ all retained that rule breakdown better than I did..."

Dinah does her best to focus on the game... really, she's just going to try and bully anyone not wearing her team's colors. That seems like a safe strategy.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
When Negasonic responds to her, Babs tilts her head curiously as though the voice helped her recognize the young woman. "Malfoy?" She asks, suddenly laughing. "Of course you show up on the other team. That's such a Slytherin thing to do!" She states, clapping her hands once before the Refs reach their spots, and the whistle is suddenly blown!

With a glance toward her team, the battle begins, and the women begin to skate!

The roller derby rink pulses with anticipation as the Brooklyn Derby Queens, resplendent in their distinctive purple, gold, and black uniforms, face off against the formidable Flat Iron Flatterers, clad in bold shades of blue, silver, and white.

With the stadium echoing 'The Final Countdown,' the game ignites with a whirlwind of motion and adrenaline. The skaters propel themselves forward, wheels grinding against the polished surface, as they jostle for position, determined to secure an early advantage. The cheers and shouts of the fervent audience mix with the pounding beats of the music, creating an electrifying atmosphere that envelops the arena, marking the start of an exhilarating roller derby showdown.

"I'm holding this against you, Harley!" Babs can be heard shouting as the two teams begin to play their game!

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Okay, so Harley may've been called away from the field, Caleb reasons, and he relaxes somewhat - or should he be? Doesn't that actually make her worse? Whatever the case, that helmet's not coming off anytime soon...

And then Phoebe's picked to get into the field, and he finds himself frowning. "Phoebe...?" He blinks a number of times, "Seriously?"

He watches the game unfold...

Gabby Kinney has posed:
When a total stranger ends up sitting beside her, Gabby takes it all in stride. Especially when he asks about the game. One hand in the air, the other giving Damian's arm a little squeeze of encouragement at his joining her in waving a giant foam finger around, she grins broadly. This was something she'd done before though for different teams. For her ex-girlfriend. There was no shame in Roller Derby.

"Oh yeah! I've not seen this team play before, but I know a few faces out there and I know they're pretty athletic! It should be awesome. I'm glad there's so many here to cheer them on!"

Leaning over to Damian to let her shoulder bump his she adds his direction, "Thanks for inviting me, sweetie."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown sings along with the blared music as it plays. "It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN! Da da da da. Da da DA DA DA! Da da da da! Da da da da da da! Da duh duh, da da duh duh duh duh duh, ah oooooo!"

There's a reason she's studying to be a CSI and not a performing arts major.

"GO GOTHAM!" she yells heartily. Only to have someone behind her yell at her. "Hey Blondie, down in front!"

Stephanie turns around finds it's someone in a Flat Iron jersey. "How about showing a little spirit instead, yah bunch of second rate derby queen LOSERS!"

That results in a box of popcorn thrown her way. The bouncers sigh. It's always the women at these.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara is woefully ignorant of how cellphone works. Obviously she's carrying one because nobody meets up in person anymore. It's all face timing and textual messaging. Where is she keeping it though?! She's wearing a skirt... and it's inappropriate to stuff a phone in your cleavage in twenty twenty three.

So she pulls it out of her boot when it starts chirping Rasheeda - My bubble gum clearly not realizing what any of those lyrics mean. Spoiler alert, it is not about chewing bubble gum.. Now holding her phone in both handh with her thumbs moving at the speed of fast af across the touching screen.

> :rollercoaster emoji: :hockey stick emoji: :Clown smiley face emoji: :puddle of chocolate smiling emoji:

For the sack of continuity, she's made it through the line because she's Supergirl and there has to be SOME benefit of being an Endangered Alien Species. First stop before making her way to seats is to grab a couple of freshly boiled wieners.

"Hello, can I have twelve of those?" Pointing up at the picture of a footlong. "With all of that stuff." Waving her finger at all the condiments. "Extra that stuff." Onions. "And that stuff." Relish.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie blinks once, twice, her eyes lifting with out and out surprise when Barbara recognizes her like... that.

"F***** Fallout Girl?!" she says. Now, not too many people here knew Ellie, but surprising her was something difficult that Barbara had managed to manage. But the game face totally gets going now, as Ellie turns her eyes towards Harper. "Gonna make you swallow that gum," she says.

Negasonic had to have eyes on the back of her head - her eyes swooping left and right as she makes the pack with two others on her team, trying to surround Harper... and there might just be a little more shoulder push against Harper's in there than was regulation, but... who was going to call her on that? Leaning forward so that her weight was on that, she glides with the pack backwards with only the occasional sideskate, her focused gaze on Harper as they go along.

"You're not gonna go anywhere!" she says, her eyes steady on the woman. And she was glaring now. **Glaring**!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Where did Harley find that fedora she is wearing now, Troy? I don't know, Joe. Does that really matter? We are here to commentate, even if she does look dapper with it.

Fine! The Queens are really showing their lack of experience out there on the rink now after a couple of runs around the track. It's like this well-oiled mean pizza roll is flatting out some weak pizza dough and-- Oh, I see what you did there, Joe. But while they seem new they have heart, don't they? Heart doesn't win games, Troy! Well, I beg to differ...


Harley is biting on her nails now as she watches the first few laps around the rink. Gosh, it's close to turning into a meat grinder out there. "Protect your flank!" she calls out. "Watch out for Malfoy!", a wince, "I know a great chiropractor!"

As the game proceeds and things are looking dire she finally calls out, "Do the Fumblerooski!" whatever is she talking about?

Wait, is that Supergirl? She starts waving frantically, "HEY, CAN I GET AN AUTOGRAPH?!" is anyone surprised Harley has the attention span of a chicken?

Damian Wayne has posed:
Damian has never been much of a social animal. Truth be told, this - the gallery opening, the Hellfire party, tonight - has probably been the most social that he's been in a two week period in a while. And it's mostly because of Gabby. As she bumps his shoulder, he manages a chuff of a laugh.

"It is interesting - though I don't see an exact rule on things? For instance, Phoebe is using her combat skills..." he frowns. "Well, I suppose everyone is using some level of combat skill."

"I don't think that our team has much of a chance." he finally manages and takes up a handful of popcorn after taking off his foam finger. His other arm - the one nearest to Gabby, slips around her side to hold her.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Oh...it's time to work!

Ivy rolls on out. And...the encouragement from Dinah actually strikes Ivy as amusing. "Synthetic fibers, hmm? While I appreciate the sentiment...we really don't want me angry." A wink is tipped to Dinah as Ivy gets into position to help out Harper as their jammer to get through. "Besides....our uniforms are not much better."

Really, they weren't Synthetic is the name of the game, it seems.

Hey! Ivy's jammer is getting targeted! That's no good! Ivy has a little bit more experience than the rest of the team. Not much, but enough to know to keep Harper clear and what she can get away with. The redhead picks up, sliding up to Ellie. Wait...Malfoy? A squint...and a shrug. Sure...she can see it. In any case, can't have her going after Harper.

"Pick on someone your own size!" And a hip check towards the opposing blocker. Ivy doesn't even see Harley's antics...though...

"Fumble what???" Harley might be more of a distraction than a help.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Ripping his gaze from the various booties swirling past on their blades, and the pushing and shoving and overall violence of the sport, "Matches" Malone glances sidelong briefly at Gabby and Damian.

"Never count out the women of Gotham, young man, they'll always find a way to surprise you." he mutters, in the same not-quite-classy-not-quite-gutter accent, right before the violent hipcheck from Ivy sends the opposing blocker sprawling to the roar of the crowd, bringing a bunch of fans to their feet.

By the time either Gabby or Damian may look to the side, "Matches" Malone is gone without a trace, leaving only the red-and-white-striped box of popcorn on the seat.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper hoots and scrambles off with a fervent effort to eat up some track. The energy of the crowd and the zing in her veins has her sprinting off like a colt. Perfect choice of music. Her tongue is tucked into the corner of her mouth as she pumps her arms and legs, without nary a glance at the competition in her desire to be out in front of any trouble.

"Denny's tonight!" Because winners get the grand slam breakfasts and such. She nearly swallows her gum when she hears that not only is she ~not~ far ahead, but the competition doesn't seem to be lacking. She doesn't need her peripheral vision to tell her what her ears are picking up, and the hairs on the back of her neck are all saluting. The chase is on. But surely...surely there's no one super duper fast, hungry and totally awesome ready to challenge pole position or throw hips 'n elbows. She's gotta look, she's gotta take a peek. That thing you're not supposed to do when running away from monsters in horror movies. Can't...resist!

Harper whips her head around and dread fills her tummy. "FFfffffff-!" Her gum goes flyin.

Harper goes flyin off out of formation.

Her trajectory was given a swell redirection with that connection with Negasonic. It's awesome, what with Harper trying to put more power into her legs so that when her wheels come down, it's unbalanced, and the inexperience of the Punk has her tap-scrape-flap dancing as she veers off with a gibbering shriek that's a cross between cursing and screaming. Harper hits the rail and makes like a dreidel before going up and over!

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah's doing her best, dammnit. She is doing her goddamn best! Fortunately, while her 'best' doesn't include any particularly graceful or skillful maneuvering, it does involve an awful lot of generally being a goddamn nuisance to most of the opposing team trying to inhibit Harper's motion around the track. Some of it's very much purposeful, Dinah doling out hipchecks and shoulder bumps and general mayhem.

Some of it is simply /getting in the way/ because steering is not her forte on roller skates. So many wheels. Give her a bike any day.

Still, she favors Ivy with a little roll of her eyes and a wink, "Do you have any idea how many people who are green and known for getting angry have said that? ...I mean, not /that/ many, but like... proportionally it's a shockingly high percentUGH!"

That ugh is a very dignified response to another Flatterer who is nowhere near as cool as Ellie attempting to back up everyone's favorite ball of snark and glowering.

For her part, Dinah remembers this /is/ a sport, and so simply tries some aggressive but within-sportsmanlike-conduct squirms and shoves to pry herself free, as opposed to, say, shrieking and bringing the building down, or hitting her assailant with several forceful kneestrikes.

Sports! Sports! Sports!

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe has fourteen years of aikido. Years of training to redirect attacks. Fluid movements in all kinds of weather, battling all manner of villainy.

    But she's never had to do it on Rollerskates.

    Which means that it's almost even, almost.

    She turns around on her skates as she oves, and ducks, brakes, and over-the-shoulder checks one of the Flatirons coming after Harper. She easily, and gracefully turns body around, half-carrying the other girl as she turns and deposits her smoothly down, facing the wrong direction as Phoebe blows a kiss over her shoulder.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
In the midst of the roller derby action, the Flat Iron Flatterers make a dynamic start, securing the first two points in a flurry of quick and strategic maneuvers, displaying that they have more experience at the sport, even if they seem to be at a physical fitness loss compared to the Queens...

As the crowd roars and the Queens' fans send up encouraging shouts, the tension on the rink intensifies.

Each member of the Queens takes a series of pretty hard hitting body-checks, with a few questionable tactics being employed by the more experienced Flatterers, who seem intent on putting the Queens away early!

The Derby Queens, resolute and determined, fight back with fervor, skillfully blocking and evading their opponents. In the midst of a heart-pounding exchange, they manage to break through the Flatterers' defense and score a point of their own, sending the audience into a frenzy of cheers!

Suddenly, Barbara takes a hard hit from an illegal moove from one of the Flat Iron ladies, and a penalty whistle is blown! One of the Flat Iron women gets set out of play for a set amount of time, and Babs returns to her feet.

"We're down by one!" She shouts out. "Now's our chance." She adds as she adjusts her helmet, and waits for the whistle to sound off, getting the women back in to action on the rink!

Things are heating up, as the Queens are on a power-play!

"Move, move, move!" Babs shouts, pointing to a open spot. "Cover there!" She barks out, as another Flatterer comes in to try and hip check her, this time Barbara was ready for it though, and skillfully pirouette's around the woman's side, twirling like a tornado to avoid the check meant to keep her out of the play!

At the back of the audience, Jim Gordon quietly cheers on his daughter with a little reserved pump of his fist, before he adjusts the collar of his trench coat to help keep himself somewhat concealed, as he'd arrived only moments ago.

Kara Danvers has posed:
The grunts and wooping woot calls of combatant on wheels and spectator alike asail the Kryptonian as she meanders with a cardboard of twelve extra loaded wieners. While she is unaware of the rules, the point, or the means by which goals are scored, she is aware that she has friends out there getting knocked around. A frown starts form upon her face at the gratuitious hip hitting.

With her lips pursed, the short fused super heroine is on the verge of rushing out there to get very familiar with whomever just knocked Harper's gum out of her mouth. Blue eyes narrow, clearly not understanding that this is part of the sport and not just some hussy trying to get violent.

Thankfully, Harley shouts for HEY SUPERGIRL and distracts her.

Or, more accurately, draws attention to the fact she is, in fact, SUpergirl. Which puts a bunch of people between her and shooting someone with laser eyes. (don't worry, she would have set them to stun or something. That's a thing right?) Sure, it's gotta be a thing.

There are people around her. "No, don't touch my wieners... why are you all cheering for this violent spectacle? It is un-" Drowned out by the cheers, the bashes, and the HEY SUPERGIRLS from the people IN HER WAY TO DO VIOLENCE (on stun, obviously)

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Caleb winces as Harper is sent flying. And apparently, it's... Straight. In. His. Direction.


See? SEE!?? Wearing a helmet as a precaution for these things has its merits!

It's not that Caleb is thinking that, though - more in the lines of 'aw, sh...', until Phoebe manages to save the day from an impact that would be in the top tens of must sees on YouTube!

Caleb takes a deep breath, then considers, "You know what... It's time for popcorn, and a lst row seat."

He gets up and heads to the vendors.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Drifting back among the crowd, a quick shift and change sees "Matches" jacket turn inside out, making him _just_ a bit harder to track for anyone who was trying to find him.

He finds a quiet corner in the shadows to watch the remainder of the match. Alternating his view between Damian and Gabby's date and Phoebe and Barbara's success in the rink.

And maybe, once in a while, the booties skating by.

He may be the Batman, but he is also human.


Negasonic has posed:
"Heheheheh," says Negasonic as Harper ends up getting flung out of the ring like that. The boos and jeers that come from the crowd only fuel the woman, her hand coming up to wave happily towards the crowd when the ref was looking (and wave a middle finger when the ref wasn't).

Of course, this sort of thing, while hilarious for Negasonic... ends up with her wide open from the hip check from red, Negasonic and her little pack wobbling. Skates skrtting on the floor as she knocks her skates around in an attempt to get balance again.

Luckily, Negasonic, being the younger and less experienced on the team, was being looked out for by the other Flatterers, who use their grip in the pack to keep her upright in spite of her yelping and nearly stumbling.

"What is /with/ your team and redheads? Something in the water in Gotham?" she says.

"Hey, Fallout Girl!" calls Negasonic to Barbara. "Gonna make like your Jammer and fall out?" she calls.

They were down by one. Which meant that the girls had to cover more ground.

It also meant that Negasonic was totally open for revenge - careening her way not-so-subtlely towards Ivy, to try to hip check the taller woman.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley Quinn says, "And there's a big hit by Angela Death of Flat Iron right on the Queens Captain," Joe says. "She leads the league in most offensive categories, including body odor."

"Well I hope she doesn't hear you saying that when she watches the broadcast, Joe. Unlike these ladies from Gotham, I'm pretty sure you can't take a punch," Troy replies. Joe then continues, "Well, the Queens are showing some signs of life now that they are down a point. Maybe it's the shake up they needed! I mean, I like the way they shake."

Harley is still waving for Supergirl with a big wide grin on her face but she's called back to 'reality' when the foul is called up and they are on a powerplay. Right on time for Harper to be pushed out of bonds.

And out of commission too!

Harley runs over to pick her jammer helmet and tosses it towards Barbara. "You are the jammer now, make it count!"

Joe says, "Can Harley just choose another jammer?" Troy replies, "It's in the rules, there needs to be a jammer in the field at all times.""

Pamela Isley has posed:
Want to know what is like roller-skating? Vine riding. And Pamela has the unique experience of vine riding. So, while Ivy may not have a lot of experience with roller derby, she is pretty good at roller skating. No balance issues at all. She looks positively graceful on the floor.

Oh, and look, Ivy has a friend. As Ellie advances forward, in an attempt to hip-check the green Queen, Pam herself spins around, facing her would-be attacker with a sly little smile and a wink. "Oh, want to dance?" A little bit of showing off, skating backwards. But not for long. Ivy manages to turn back around, shifting just enough to avoid the check.

However, Ellie has positioned herself so that Ivy isn't much help for the others unless she slows down and lets Ellie pass....which Ivy does. She has some catching up to do.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
After they scored their first point, Barbara made the change of helmets, becoming the team's jammer now. She let out a heavy exhale before she skated out back in to play, moving past Negasonic and giving her a grin. "Dobby is happily sitting on my bookshelf back home. Just so you know." She tells the younger woman with a grin before the game is back on again.

The power-play resulted in the Queen's first goal, and with only moments left in the Half the Queens eek out their second, tying the score 2 to 2. The audience, mostly locals from Brooklyn, cheer happily for their their team as the two squads split apart for a break in their respective locker rooms. It is there that Harley likely goes over strategies on how best to win, and perhaps on how to break some bones in the process too!

During the Half-Time show the audience gets treated to a local high school marching band playing a few songs from both pop culture, and classic hits. It's loud, and it's got some questionable skill behind it, but it is lively enough!

All in due time, however, the second half of the game begins. What follows is a clash of titans! One point separating the teams from victory, or the all-too-disappointing 'tie game.'

As the game resumes, the score stands at an intense 2-2. Both teams are determined to secure the victory in this tightly contested match. The roller derby action is frenetic, with players from both sides executing expert maneuvers and pushing the boundaries of athleticism. Shoulder checks, dodges, and spins keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

With just a minute left in regulation time, the tension reaches its peak. The crowd watches in rapt attention as the Queens and Flatterers engage in a fierce battle on wheels, striving for that one elusive point that could tip the scales in their favor. The final whistle beckons, and the game remains tied at 2-2, setting the stage for an electrifying overtime period...

But, there's still one minute left!

Babs races around the track, pushing her way around a blocking opponent as she calls toward her teammates! "Fumblerooski!" She shouts, her voice carrying over the sound of the rubber wheels dashing across the polished rink surface!

Damian Wayne has posed:
Damian and Gabby had been cheering for the game for the most part. However, when halftime came around, and the pair were on their break and getting food - Damian glanced over at Gabby. "This is great and all, but I think I've had enough socialization for one day." he asks her.

"Do you want to stay here, or want to go?" he asks her, though he's making it clear he's leaving.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney would have a hoarse voice or even have lost it by now from all her cheering if not for her healing factor. Thankfully she had that, and a once-full cup of root beer to keep her going strong. At least until the halftime.

Damian's remark earns a grin. "Much as I enjoy these... this is way more crowded than the ones I used to attend," she admits with a laugh. Maybe it was the celebrit announcers. "I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the crowd now too. I was just going to ask if we could take a break for awhile." So with a nod she agrees, "Let's bounce."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie made it through the caramel corn and the licorice rope. She takes the barrel-o'soda back to the concession stand for a free refill. And also grabs a hot weiner and a pretzel. She's back in her seat when the second half starts.

Some of the fans start doing the wave, Stephanie quickly setting her food down so she can pop up out of her seat at the appropriate time, arms in the air. Then back down again. Picks up her food then has to set it down as the wave is coming by again already. UP, and then down. Again she grabs her food when it's coming around again. "Ok this is too small of a stadium for the wave. Someone might drown!" she protests, skipping rising this time as she begins eating.


Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Fumblerooski It Is!" Phoebe calls out. She speeds up her skating, weaving through the pack as she goes, ducking, rolling, twisting, coming ahead of the pack, and turning backwards, she ducks, rolls, and skids on her kneepads, feeling the rink's rough texture on her legs, the white tattoo reflecting light as she brings her gloved hands together!

    "Allez-yous, Babs!"

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah continues her graceful, elegant dance with her unnamed opponent, which is definitely not capped by her effectively swinging herself around to use momentum and mass to twirl her rival into the guard rail and then /really/ lay in a hip check. Does Dinah Lance watch hockey?

That hipcheck says she does!

And then suddenly it's the closing minute of the game... she'd be disbelieving except her calves are burning, her back's aching, she thinks /maybe/ at one point she took an elbow to the head... y'know, fun! Exhausting, tiring fun.

And then Phoebe's calling out the plan and Dinah's doing her best to recall her part in this ballet of asskicking.

Fortunately, like ninety percent of their 'plays' involve her just being a nuisance to the Flatterers.

and oh boy is she gonna be a nuisance.

Negasonic has posed:
Ivy had a broad definition of friend.

Ellie was competitive, and had the meanest of resting bitch faces, but actually... she was kinda liking this whole thing. It let her get some of her aggression out, at least. Unless they were to scootch out of the way, as Ivy so fashionably did, hiss. Ellie, in her inexperience, might have set the stage for the other team to score enough to win! Noting her mistake, Ellie starts skating *hard*, trying to avoid the jammer passing her up.

"Dobby is a free elf...!" shouts Negasonic, with much of her mind on the tactics of the whole thing as she links arms with another flatterer, and tries to get in front of Barbara alongside them, to trip her up.

Realizing her villainous speech might not work out so well, she amends. "...that needs to be back with the Malfoys!" She was trying to lean in, to try to ensnare Babs with her shoulder more than her hip, keeping her arm away and to the side to help with that fencing. "Get wrecked, Red!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley has been a little ball of frantic excitement on the sidelines, cheering the team on. Calling on some plays even if some had rather peculiar names, like the inverted swan strike, or the triple X play. Whoever knows what those are?!

One PLAY that does seem to hold is the Fumblerooski though. Which Harley has gone through with the team during half-time. Which is actually the Holy Roller, but who cares about names, amirite?

"Go for it! Ivy glue yourself to Malfoy like you were a venus flytrap!"

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Having now a popcorn bucket on his hand, Caleb's been munching on them as he watches the game unfold. And yes, he's all the way out in the back, where flying players can't reach... Right?

He quietly get's up from his seat, and he cheers for his team. Setting down the bucket aside, he takes his finger up to his lips, and /whistles/ loud and continuously!

"GOTHAM...!", he shouts in a roar. "YOU RAIN THEM DOWN /THE HELL/ YOU'RE KNOWN FOR!!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
Malfoy? Some of the girls didn't go out on Halloween.

But...then 'Malfoy' reveals herself. The very same dance partner that so rudely staked away from Ivy when it was apparent that Barbara was making a move. Oh, we can't have that.

"Hey! Did I say we were finished dancing?!" Pammy picks up her speed to try to catch Ellie. Pamela does have an edge with her form, while Ellie has the advantage of being ahead. Still...the distance closes as Babs approaches.

Just need to divert that blocker just a bit. Just enough to free up Barbara. That thought runs through Ivy as she pulls herself up with the Flat Iron blockers. And....what did Harley say?

Glue herself to Malfoy? Alright...as the coach wishes.

With that, Ivy shifts in, her hip and arm pressing into Ellie. Then, Ivy *pushes* It may not be enough to send them flying...but hopefully it is enough to keep the blockers off her jammer.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
In the final minute of the game, the teams seem to be deadlocked and destined for an overtime bout for the ages! But the advantage of who the Queens 'really are' seems to be giving them a small edge in endurance and durability... As the skaters blaze across the rink, the crowd's cheers grow louder, urging their team to push harder.

Then, the moment of truth arrives. Barbara, now wearing the jammer helmet, spots a strategic opening, a carefully orchestrated "fumblerooski" play executed flawlessly by her teammates. The Queens' blockers, with precise timing, create the space Babs needs to surge forward. With a burst of speed, she propels herself ahead of her rivals, leaving them in her dust, just barely brushing past Negasonic who was intercepted by Pamela at the last second!

With every ounce of her strength, Barbara races toward the goal, wheels whirring and the crowd roaring. The timer ticks down relentlessly. And in the very last seconds, just as the buzzer sounds, she scores the team's third and winning point with a whistle from the Referee signaling the point, and the scoreboard on the wall flickering from a 2 to a 3 just as the clock ends on all zeroes!

It's a moment of triumph and jubilation as the Queens emerge victorious, 3-2. The teamwork put on display overcoming their lack of experience! Barbara spins around, racing toward her comrades with her arms wide open to get some hugs and love for that great blocking manuever!

"I can't believe that worked!" She shouts, with a burst of laughter following it.

The arena booms with some triumphant music playing right off a Sports Jams CD loaded in to a old CD player somewhere!

The audience is on their feet, applause and cheers, some booing from the Flat Iron fans met with jeers and laughter from the local Brooklynites. Jim Gordon stands up, slapping his palms together for his daughter's team as he is just another cheering voice in the crowd.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"They can't do it." says Joe, "Malfoy is on them like a boa constrictor, no way they can get the jammer through." Troy looks at Joe, "Malfoy?" he shakes his head, "Remember what I told you about having heart?"

Harley is watching those final seconds with big, wide baby blue eyes. It all hangs on the line! The future of the Derby Queens! Her career as a coach! And all that sweet, sweet merchandise money that she's gonna sell if they win this game. Breath catches and then Barbara does it!

"Oh, you magnificent bastards, you did it!" Harley jumps up onto the rink to go over to hug the team. "Afterparty tonight! Oh girls, I will bring you to places you never imagined you'd be." and that sounds like a promise. And then of course she tries to poach Malfoy, "Malfoy! Come play for the Derby Queens! You don't belong with those bitches." much better to be with -these- bitches.


"Troy, is that the ending credits song to Karate Kid that I am hearing on speakers?" Troy replies, "Yes it is, Joe. Yes it is."

Negasonic has posed:

That was Ellie, seperated from the rest of her pack, as Ivy careens into her, knocking her waaaay out of position just in time for Fallout Girl to blaze past her. "You again? Damn, girl - get off my a**!" swears the teenage warhead, even as she tries to rebalance herself. This time, when she belts to try to catch up with her fellow blocker friends, she aims a shoulder charge *right* at Ivy.

The game might be over, but... maybe she can get her revenge *this* time, right?

Whether or not she knocks Ivy on her butt or gets knocked on her butt herself, well... the whole point of it might be that it was very poorly timed with Harley's offer.

So however that whole thing worked out...

Ellie looks to Harley and shrugs at the offer.

"Sure. Whatever," she says enthusiastically(?).

"Just so long as I can keep knocking bitches on their a**."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Oh...Pamela gets knocked on her rear. Much to Ellie's enjoyment, perhaps. There is even a little bit of a skid as the friction of the rink causes Ivy to slide to a stop, which may add a little bit of red to those green legs of hers. Still...she doesn't seem too mad. Ivy probably deserved it.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
After their thrilling victory, the Brooklyn Derby Queens and their exuberant fans take the celebration to a local bar. The venue is ablaze with a kaleidoscope of purple, gold, and black as the team and their supporters revel in the triumph.

Cheers, laughter, and the clinking of glasses fill the air as the Queens and their fans bond over shared memories of an unforgettable roller derby match. The night is filled with jubilant dancing, raucous karaoke, and camaraderie, as they toast to their victory!