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  Harper Row  
Harper Row (Scenesys ID: 3010)
Name: Harper Row
Superalias: Bluebird
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: City Electrical Engineer
Citizenship: American
Residence: The Narrows, Gotham
Education: GED and Work Experience
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Gothamites, Street Level, Bat Family, Birds of Prey, GIRL, Outsiders
Apparent Age: Late Teens Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 18 Nov 2001 Played By Elizabeth Cullen
Height: 5'5 Weight: 112lb
Hair Color: Purple & Blue Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @HarperRow
Theme Song: Long Live by Taylor Swift

Electric Blue by Icehouse

Running One from the Run Lola Run Soundtrack

Character Info


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Harper Row is a native Gothamite from the Narrows who, following an encounter with Batman, was inspired to take up vigilantism herself. Still new to the endeavor, she hasn't taken on an alias nor actually seen action against criminals beyond the level of a street gang. She's a gifted electrical engineer and talented gadgeteer who is obsessed with Batman and his allies in the city.


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  • 2001: Harper Row is born on November 18th to Marcus and Miranda Row in Gotham.
  • 2003: Harper's little brother (Cullen) is born; the addition of a second child increased Marcus Row's stress levels leading him to turn to drink which eventually developed into alcoholism.
  • 2010: In late September, after a relatively normal childhood to date, Miranda Row dies in what appears to be a random carjacking (in truth it was an assassination by the Winter Soldier who was on loan from HYDRA to the supervillain known as Mother in a plot to present an orphan to Batman to replace the recently retired Robin).
  • 2011: In the aftermath of his wife's death, Marcus Row ceases being a functioning alcoholic and becomes abusive and negligent towards his children, as a result of this change Harper has to begin managing the household and fixing things her father breaks as they cannot always afford to buy new things.
  • 2012: Unable to leave Gotham during the "No Man's Land" period, Harper and Cullen were mostly left to fend for themselves while their father turned to a life of crime; what little time they saw their father he was using their home as a short term hide out or sleeping off a week long bender.
  • 2013: With Gotham restored Harper's life returns to "normal": balancing school against her other responsibilities which included caring for her brother and maintaining the home despite her father's actions.
  • 2017: Harper petitions the family courts for emancipation from her father and custody of her brother, earning her GED in the process facilitates wining the first but the courts appoint a guardian to help her with her brother; she gets her own apartment in the Narrows and a job as an electrical engineer for the city.
  • 2019: After turning eighteen, Harper is granted full custody of her brother.
  • 2021: In the early spring, after rewiring her landlord's apartment, Harper is given a ticket for a gala at Wayne Manor; at the gala, while filling her backpack with deserts, Harper met Alfred who recommended she take some of the brownies as well.
       On returning home from the Gala, Harper found her apartment broken into. Her brother had been attacked and a slur about his homosexuality had been shaved into his hair. While she initially offered to fix, she matched the sloppy cut and slur instead when he insisted they would just do it again.
       Less than a week later, Harper and Cullen were assailed by the same group while on their way home; her initial attempt to take them on with a modified taser when more of the gang showed up; the certain beating was prevented by Batman's intervention when he sent the hooligans running.
       Following her encounter with the Dark Knight, Harper became obsessed with him and began researching his history in Gotham.
       Toward the end of spring, Harper finds evidence of a parallel electrical grid which she comes to suspect is associated with Batman.
       Early summer, while investigating an infrastructure issue she'd noticed in system reports, Harper found Batman in a fight with a villain and thought she was helping; in the aftermath of the encounter the Caped Crusader told her she was finished in the vigilante business: Harper has chosen otherwise.

IC Journal

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       Harper has an inner urge to tinker and design that has developed over the years of repairing things damaged around the home by her abusive and alcoholic father. This expresses itself in how she fidgets (sometimes leading to her fully disassembling and then having to reassemble nearby objects if she doesn't do something to prevent this near-unconscious act) as well as in the items she makes for her use in life in order to avoid having to pay for new appliances and tech.

       Harper is intelligent and imaginative, with a strong ability to comprehend ideas, devise and execute plans with speed and accuracy. While not quite a genius, her mental prowess put her at the upper edge of what most would describe as "above average" intelligence.

Personal Ethics:
       Harper has a well-developed sense of morals and personal ethics. In many ways these line up with societal norms (attacking and killing people is bad, helping others is good, etc.) but they are not always in alignment with what is legal. (For example, taking something from a junkyard is illegal as the proprietor owns the scrap but as it does little harm if done sparingly, this is not intrinsically bad in Harper's opinion. Vigilantism is also technically a crime, but when the law fails to serve justice - as often happens in Gotham - vigilantes like Batman and his allies are agents of the greater good.)

Slow To Trust:
       As a child who was neglected and basically abandoned by her parents, Harper is slow to extend her full trust to others. Additionally, her ability to forgive is often sluggish. The largest exception to this is her brother, Cullen, as her love for him predates and transcends the damage done by her father's actions and her mother's death.

       When Harper sets her mind to something it is difficult to stay her course. For the most part this is a boon to her but it does make her stubborn and can lead to her developing obsessions from time to time.

Character Sheet


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       Harper has no superhuman powers: magical, meta or mutant. She is physically and mentally a baseline human.


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       Having followed in her mother's footsteps, Harper has been a lifelong swimmer giving her a lean, well-developed amount of strength. In addition, since becoming something of a Batman fangirl, she has taken up free running developing her reflexes and speed. All of this gives her an exceptional level of physical fitness, well above the average for a woman her age and weight.

First Aid:
       Having essentially raised herself and her brother alone, Harper is highly competent at basic and advanced first aid techniques. Additionally, between exposure though media and study, she even has a vague understanding of advanced medical ideas that supplement her more "pedestrian" medical skills.

Fledgling Sharpshooter:
       Guns have been called the great equalizer. Well aware of her inability to measure up to the powerful beings operating in the world, Harper knew that she needed something to level the playing field. Scrounging time at paintball fields and gun ranges, she's becoming fairly skilled at the use of guns. Her accuracy is reaching that of a sharpshooter but she is still fairly new at this skill.

Hand-To-Hand Fighting:
       As a young Gothamite, Harper sought out self-defense training as soon as she was old enough to get it. Continuing her training as an exercise regimen and a hobby she is a capable if not expert level combatant with a focus on traditional boxing and kickboxing techniques.

       Having years of needing to avoid her father's attention, Harper has a better than average ability to move quietly and remain unseen when she needs to.

Tech Virtuoso:
       Harper is a self-taught expert with technology. Able to build, design, maintain and repair technology of all sorts, she is most familiar with modern Earth tech - especially electronics. She applies this to her job as an electrical engineer in Gotham. This expressly includes hacking skills, but as she has not actively pursued making a name for herself as one she is an unknown to the national or global hacker cultures.


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Apartment Security:
       Using gear provided to her on the sly by Red Robin, Harper has set up a home security system in her apartment consisting of multispectral cameras (ranging from the visible spectrum into both UV and IR spectra), microphones, motion sensors, etc. All of these devices are small and easily concealed, capable of synchronizing wirelessly with a central computer which she has tucked into the closet in her bedroom and can be accessed remotely via an app installed on her phone or the Outsiders' communication tools.

Bluebird Costume:
       Harper's Bluebird costume is a high tech wonder blending Bat-Tech and advances she worked into it via research with GIRL. It consists of a short sleeved body suit with a long sleeved jacket worn over it; gloves and thick soled boots complete the outfit.        The lightweight outfit is composed of a blend of artificial fibers which allow it to withstand small arms fire and turn small blades as well as being extremely fire resistant and non-conductive. It is further reinforced at the most vulnerable parts of the body with advanced ceramic plates making those parts of the body nearly bulletproof.        The soles of the boots are constructed to dampen movement sounds; additionally, retractable hooks are built into the heels allowing her to attach them to lines for effortless hanging. The suit also contains the framework for an upgradable Personal Area Network (PAN) into which Harper can interface devices. Always included in this PAN are the mask's goggles which provide her a HUD, an integral range finder and night vision capacity, a tactical radio with cellular and satellite communications and a virtual keyboard functionality. Having learned to be ever vigilant on this front, Harper frequently updates the security on this PAN.

Bluebird Gun:
       Harper carries a bullpup style, hybrid rail/gauss rifle which fires custom designed "piezoelectric incapacitation projectiles" (i.e. it's a portable rail gun that fires electric bullets). The magnetic demi-coils and rail are powered by banks of capacitors and a swappable, rechargeable battery like those found in cell phones. In addition to the obligatory safety switch, it can be toggled between a shotgun-like close ranged weapon and a sniper rifle mode with a longer range; in either mode it is semi-automatic. The battery can power the gun for hundreds of shots, rarely needing to be charged when in the field, but the detachable magazine holds two baker's dozen (26) electric bullets which deliver the equivalent effect of a commercially available taser. While armor will protect from the impact (on par with that of rubber bullets), only electrically insulated armor can truly mitigate the taser-like effect of these bullets.

Bullet Factory:
       Using the resources at GIRL, Harper has developed a manufacturing device to make non-lethal piezoelectric stun cartridges that work with her firearms. This 'metal foam' projectile creates a mechanically-induced electrical charge upon impact, enough to incapacitate an adult human for several seconds (possibly more given circumstances). The assembly unit is roughly the size of a PC tower, requiring steady electrical power, scrap metal which is powdered within the mechanism, and household chemicals. This slow but automated process can produce about two dozen round per day if operated around the clock.

Inaugural Kit:
       Having made the decision to follow Batman's example, Harper knew she needed some gear to get by with. Having a limited budget her initial gear is fairly limited and retro. For defense she has a surplus tactical vest which can be worn under a leather jacket. Rather than a utility belt she's got a backpack toolkit which includes basic tools for electronic and mechanical work and a lockpick gun as well as having an easy access pocket for her hard shell laptop. For weaponry she has a pair of tasers which have retractable cables that can be fired accurately out to about three yards or discharged without shooting the cable darts; the tasers have a capacity for three shots each before needing to be recharged (which can be done via USB charging ports built into the back of the guns).

       Harper has a job as a City Electrical Engineer in Gotham which, in addition to an income that allows her to maintain the apartment in the Narrows which she shares with her brother, gives her access to an office (in truth a cubicle, but to her it's "her office"), equipment (including a work laptop) and can get free transportation with the city using her employee ID.


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       Harper feels (and legally is for the time being) responsible for her little brother, Cullen Row. A couple of years younger than her, he's a high school student and is not quite as independent as her. Additionally, as a young gay man, he has been targeted by bullies multiple times leading to Harper taking sometimes less than well-thought-out actions to protect her brother. (He's a dependent NPC using certain RPG's terms.)

       While her strength of will often serves to her advantage, Harper sometimes expresses it as a stubborn streak. If she's made up her mind and digs in her heels it can be a near Herculean effort to get her to change her mind.



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Harper Row has 106 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
I brought party favours June 8th, 2024 Harper's on the lookout for dealers offering really illegal stuff. So to blend in, she's got bait of her own. She trolls a pop-up party in Gotham with some illegal stuff. And when it's time to call her bluff by Violet, she's got to sample some of her own wares. Time to put that undercover skillset to use and gather intel.
Check in May 26th, 2024 Batman pays a visit to Harper, Bluebird having been less than vigorous in her vigilante business. Batman brings with him advice, warnings, and a mysterious USB filled with juicy stuff. It gets Harper back on the wagon and in motion.
Put A Dent In Crime May 10th, 2024 A team of heroines (and one gelatinous alien) infiltrate a cargo ship that's just arrived in the Gotham City harbor. They sabotage the ship, subdue the crew, and ultimately tie a delightful little bow on a mass of drugs destined for the streets of Gotham. It's a great bust for the GCPD!
Dropping in on a Bluebird April 24th, 2024 Harper does some maintenance on her off time and is given a surprise visit by Kara. They catch up.
Rooftop Patroling April 12th, 2024 Blue Marvel meets Bluebird on patrol. She's bratty.
Bat Cookies April 9th, 2024 Many cookies are made, many secrets are shared
Cassandra The Artiste March 25th, 2024 Stephanie and Harper find Cassandra after hours in the art studio at the Gotham University.
You Gotta Get that Vinyl March 6th, 2024 Carol Danvers and Harper Row find they have a lot in common and go to discover just how similar their tastes are in the depths of their new favorite record store.
Cassandra Cain's 'No Stabby' Birthday Party January 27th, 2024 Friends of Cassandra gather at the Starlight Skate rink to give Cassandra Cain a first birthday party now that they actually know what day she was born on.
Punishment for the wicked January 25th, 2024 Moving day for Frank Castle, headed to Rykers island and a group from the PMC Omega attacked the Triskelion. After an initial shock surprise attack, they SHIELD agents organize themselves and push the defenders back. Frank, however, faces off against two masked individuals who leave him wounded, but alive. Whatever happened, it's only the beginning.
The bigger they are January 20th, 2024 Six Months Ago, The Punisher was in Gotham, following a transaction of weapons from the docks back to New York. His intentions keep things out of the city are thwarted by the arrival of Bluebird who is engaged by the PMC soldiers sent to secure the payload. What follows is a protracted gunfight that leaves Frank Castle knocking on deaths door. The worth of a man is measured by his actions, but oft his intentions are made clear only in reflection.
Gotham New Years Soiree December 31st, 2023 A wild party takes place in the penthouse of Barbara Gordon's historic clocktower. Drinks are drank, eats are eaten, a giant Hyena is spotted, and a huge Blimp brings a fashion goddess to judge everyone's attire. A celebrity singer treats the ears of guests, and a picture of Godzilla in a booby dress is left on a magnet against Barbara's refrigerator.
Putting on a Rave face December 13th, 2023 Harper hits a Rave, and by happy accident bumps into Rose, another Outsider, looking to blow off steam off the clock. No Joker bombs or Bane blow-ups, just many musical bangers.
High Altitude, Low Oxygen November 29th, 2023 No description
=Parkour & pencils November 9th, 2023 Vivian Vision does art. Harper does Parkour. And Detective Chimp? He shreds it on a skateboard. It's radical. There were also hotdogs. Mysteriously no portals back to the 90s are involved.
That Smile is Glowing, or Are We in a Nuclear Power Plant November 4th, 2023 No description
Derby Queens vs The World November 3rd, 2023 The Derby Queens face off against the Flat Iron Flatterers in a Roller Derby game for the ages!
Hanging around November 2nd, 2023 Closing out old scene
Bring in the reserves! October 13th, 2023 The Birds are roped into helping Harley's roller derby team. Whoever picked those tighty short-shorts!? Regardless, it will be a match for the ages, a match for ... <And now we interrupt our transmission for a small commercial break.>
See you next fall October 13th, 2023 Bluebird and X-23 evade a trap set by The Facility. There's dire peril and frantic action in the skies above New York state. And remember to always bring a parachute when flying Air Kinney!
Uh.. Surprise October 1st, 2023 It's Barbara's birthday so Jason and Phoebe put together a party at Wayne Manor. Theme for Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. Because We Wants The Red 'ead!
Urban myths and chance encounters October 1st, 2023 Closing out old scene
Squish and Tell September 14th, 2023 Closing out old scene
Tunes 'n Tudes August 26th, 2023 The Punk liveshow got lively and a Gotham Punk took some licks. Thankfully Cir-El helped extricate a certain vigilante from the press of a Mosh Pit. The initial spark of friendship touched off, the night is still young and more trouble and hijinks are possible and on the horizon. After a small breather and exchange of names of course.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON August 16th, 2023 Happy Birthday Jason Todd, with Pinball, Cheap Pizza, and a lot of siblings around to wish him well!
PlayThyme August 15th, 2023 Fighting animatronic bears! Pizza! You know you wanted to be there.
Bird and Cat July 26th, 2023 Catwoman gets some unexpected help from Bluebird.
Okay, we're going to have wieners. July 6th, 2023 A scene in which lost property is located. Plans are made. And reporters evaded. Also a virtual charity auction gets planned largely by accident.
Pourly Thought Out July 5th, 2023 Balm, Silverdane, Phantasm and Bluebird show up to wreck some bad guys' days. The Trigger Twins are robbed of their side pieces, some goons are scared off, and Phoebe, for once, does not eject her stomach contents after portaling three people.
Laces and zippers, buckles and clasps. June 14th, 2023 The Bird of Prey converge inside the Clocktower. Treats and tech, patrols and pixies. A potluck of items for the gals to digest.
Beach front drone hunt May 27th, 2023 Viv and Harper go looking for a missing drone and find a weird device sending out a mystery signal. They decide to form an elite team of specialists (or anyone who happens to be free and ideally has a boat) to investigate!
High-speed heists: burnouts and bank jobs May 24th, 2023 The high-speed Heist in Gotham moves from the Port to the Freeway. A convoy of Street Demonz, Racers and armoured trucks making a break for it after looting sea containers of some pretty dangerous sorts. A stowaway that's undercover sends out a frantic plea for help and the Birds of Prey are promptly on the scene at speed. High speed duels, risky leaps from vehicle to vehicle, bullets and crossbows are exchanged. The convoy is taken apart piecemeal. The orchestrator of the Heist, the Calculator arrives on scene to try and personally assure success. Whether baited or part of the plan, nothing that evening goes acording to his. Unfortunately for him and his cronies, BatGirl, Batwoman and the Huntress ruin any chance to get away with the goods, or keep their freedom. The GCPD arrive for the aftermath, the threat already eliminated, spinning their wheels or sputtering semi-conscious.
Pre-Heist Pro-Prep May 23rd, 2023 Harper shows off some vehicles to help infiltrate the Heist. And the Huntress helpfully reminds Harper that with varied skills available, the best uses of the Birds mean multiple ways to make sure no one gets away with anything. Planning is super important.
Pop'n'Lock Don't Stop K-pop May 19th, 2023 A trio of thieves get more than they bargained for trying to loot a Tech store. Bound and tied and made to bear muffled witness to some amateur moves of Bluebird, the arrival of Silk is a kind of deliverance. Silk shares some wisdom and grace, and Bluebird can't ignore what she serves up. The thieves are spared further mental trauma from the BoP vigilante, awaiting the authorities, and the two crime fighters relocate to a better place to practice.
I've got two six shooters and Clint Eastwood eyes. May 18th, 2023 Harper and Laura discuss the merits of firearms in the Roost's training room. Laura doesn't bring a gun to the fight.
A lovely winds-day May 9th, 2023 Closing out old scene
Major interests in past times April 22nd, 2023 A chance encounter between June and Harper, innocently sharing mutual interests, offers possibilities for more down the road. Just two girls from different walks of life, tentative greetings and interesting outlooks. Scratching the surface of possible friendships, allowing vulnerable thoughts and perspective to venture into the light. Hoping that these are accepted and returned. Those threads of connection. Secret tunnels to hidden places.
A Bone to Pick April 7th, 2023 When the Grasping Paw, an international gang known for dealing with Antiquities and Prehistoric Fossils holds an auction, a number of heroes show up.

Andi/Mania showed their Xenomorphic Prowess Vivian and Harper had quite the charged date. Kate got to punch out bad guys without needing the kevlar body suit. Divine and Cindy spent Emma's money

Everyone was awesome, and no one died!

Birbs Eye View April 1st, 2023 Harper and Cass have a date. At a park. In which they watch bad guys shoot other bad guys. And there's some hand holding. I don't know if it was a date or not actually.
Dinosaur Date. March 27th, 2023 Harper and Viv have a date at the museum. They make tentative plans to throw a little get together. And a plushie is purchased.
Young, Just Us! Part 3 March 25th, 2023 A brief trip through space-and-time lands the Outsiders precisely where they're needed, to take down the monstrous Rip Roar!
Attitude Adjustment: Sidekick Edition March 21st, 2023 Harper and Bette hang out and get loaded on Kate's booze. A new friendship solidifies.
Bird Stake Out March 20th, 2023 Huntress and Bluebird do a little recon of some illegal street racing. A prelude to efforts to stall a rumoured Heist involving super fast vroom-vrooms.
Mobs and molotovs aftermath March 16th, 2023 In the aftermath of the gang war in Gotham, Harper returns to the Clocktower to clean up and relax. She walks in on Bette having had a similar idea. The gold-star seeking students of Kate Kane's training get some things out into the open. A specific elephant in the room is thrust into the spotlight. Complicated family dynamics, competition, shared goals and drives are touched upon. A team up is the result.
Young, Just Us! Part 2 March 11th, 2023 The Outsiders go camping, take some pics at the giant sequoias, and go on a hike in the forest. Then something weird happens. To Be Continued!
The Lion and the Bluebird March 7th, 2023 Harper's patrol in the Narrows goes awry when she's set upon by a pack of vampire... hunters. She finds herself outnumbered and outgunned, and even her would-be guardian angel Ariah finds herself quite hard-pressed.
Gang Wars of Gotham March 5th, 2023 Several members of the Bat Family and the Birds arrive on scene to aid the Gotham police department in putting an end to the fighting between the Jade Tigers and Steel Cobras. After much butt kicking, and a few explosions, Nightwing goes home with an stowaway in his pouch.
Young, Just Us! Part 1 February 25th, 2023 The team makes it to San Francisco! Unfortunately the rain spoils any immediate plans for vacation, but it's nothing a good sleepover can't fix.
Birds of Prey: New Ride January 31st, 2023 Barbara introduces the Birds of Yay to their new Blimp Buddy. Green Energy, Moon Helium, Party Cruises and Airship Booze Cruises. It's quite a time. Cass might have even gotten high off Blimp fumes!
A Recon run across the rooftops creates a random rendezvous January 26th, 2023 Harper makes a bit of a donation to help a vampire recover from an ambush in Gotham. She's brought face to face with making some quick decisions and making snap judgements which may prove a problem in the future. However, she sticks to her guns and guts, choosing to try and help Ariah get someplace safer and learn more of what transpired.
Birdshot January 24th, 2023 Zinda gives Harper shooting lessons. Bonding occurs.
More than one thing is prowling in Gotham tonight January 22nd, 2023 Bluebird comes upon Alderic while out on patrol, a tracking device helpfully assisting her in cornering him. Through a little food diplomacy, things don't get too hairy, and Harper leads Alderic off to a safer and cleaner place.
A Gremlin goes to GIRL about gregarious Garbage January 20th, 2023 Harper asks Vivian to do some analysis of a chunk of debris recovered from a strange scrap entity. Vivian provides much more detailed analysis and offers some possibilities about what it could represent. A date is made to investigate where the entity might show up next, given its past habits.
Of Birds and Zen January 8th, 2023 Harper Row meets a vampire hunter doing meditation martial arts in the snow. Future shenanigans are set up!
New Year's Night Watch January 7th, 2023 Harper and Cecily spend New Year's Eve overwatching Times Square in case of any anomalous occurences or villainous presences.
New Year New Fun January 5th, 2023 A handful of Birds gather in the penthouse for food and drinks. Zatanna puts on a portaling school. Harper becomes a mix-master, and Helena gets absolutely blasted out of her mind! Babs eats a sandwich and stares at a blimp. The usual!
Resolutions January 1st, 2023 Helena, Kate and Harper spend a bit of time in the training room. Were resolutions made? Or already broken? Was a party planned on Kate's private yacht? (it seems likely!)
Santa's Timelost Village December 23rd, 2022 Megan and Harper crack the mystery, Grant shoots Santa, Franklin bonds with his son, Cain becomes legend, and Karolina sparkles. Just your average Hallmark Holiday Special.
An Audience requested December 17th, 2022 Harper touches base with Saeko, bringing some gifts, seeking an audience to give thanks.
Reindeer Gala December 17th, 2022 Gotham Socialites gather for the final push for the Gotham Children Work's Hope House, funding an outdoor play area where the low-security convicts of Blackgate Prison can interact and have fun with their children as part of a rehabilitation project, when it's interrupted by a Snart in Grinch Clothing.

With Tim Drake, Austin Reese, Phoebe Beacon, Harper Row, Alfred Pennyworth, Michael Hannigan, Robbie Reyes and Gabby Kinney present you would think it would come to a dangerous head, but the day in Gotham was saved... by HARVEY DENT.

Out of the closet and onto the page December 14th, 2022 Harper stops by Happy Harbour to be Vivians latest model. In exchange she gets to learn about what life is like for a synthezoid.
Knocking off the rust December 11th, 2022 Harper and Helena get some training time in at the Clocktower
Be still my beating Art November 26th, 2022 An art exhibit on the waterfront is attended by a Juggernaut, Saeko, Karolina and Harper. Though they come for different reasons, all four end up having to protect civilians trying to absorb some culture and street vendor food, from a trio of artifical objects that rise from the nearby river. The huge hunks of scrap are melded together cars, machines and objects discarded into the river of varying stages of rust and deay, but now bound together by cables, wires and red LEDs lights. Juggernaut commits massive physical damage to the floating artificial junkpiles while Saeko and karolina help evacuate civilians and both shield them from shrapnel and prevent the artificial entities from advancing further. A mess is made but the four survive and succeed in destroying the threat. The question remains why these things are following this travelling exhibit. Electricity vampires? Haunted objects? And why were those hotdogs so irresistable!?
Red light, green light November 11th, 2022 Cecily and Harper investigate a trail of power-drops of the city's grid that stop near the roof of a warehouse filled with many tall antenna on a foggy dark night in Gotham. Metal tendrils with a desire for electric power sources drop from above. The duo put an end to a floating abomination of combined batteries, car parts, gadgets and mechanisms. Harper taking pot shots at the tendrils and Cecily delivers a coup de grace foxfire round that touches off the construct that's so swollen with electrical power. The duo collect evidence of their involvement and seek safe harbour to tend to wounds before future investigations.
Tricks or Treats or Trash November 1st, 2022 Saeko and Harper are out on Halloween night, keeping an eye on those going door to door. A strange entity appears, threatening a peaceful night. Both give chase.
The Animal Un-Fair September 30th, 2022 They knew mixing T-Rex and shark DNA was a bad idea. But they had to do it. For SCIENCE. No, really, it was a pet sale. Of sharks. It couldn't end well.
Foxes and Birds September 29th, 2022 Harper meets Cecily and Saeko, getting to know the nature of both science and magic foxes!
Better Latte than Never September 26th, 2022 What started as a terrible Tuesday ended up being an awful Monday with mistaken days, mixed identities, and ACME-brand fire supression systems -- but everyone got their Pumpkin Spice Lattes! ... OR DID THEY?
Not By Chance September 25th, 2022 Harper meets the girl of her dreams--literally. They talk over an afternoon meal in one of the best greasy spoons in Gotham and forge a connection. No electrical engineering pun intended.
The Room Signal is Lit April 19th, 2022 Assassins begin to cleanse Gotham City of all traces of their presence. Heroes respond, but how do you stop them? You can't.
Nanomachines, Son! Pt. 2 April 12th, 2022 A group of Bats come together in the Roost to rid Gabby of her nanomachine problem.
Ground-Level Galleria Coffeeganza! April 1st, 2022 At a coffee-bar deconstruction of an art gallery opening, Miles Hawkins is rescued by Dr. Asariel Basotini, Harper Row (Electrical Genius Extraordinary) and Phoebe, who was wearing a dress in the scene. There is a Rube Goldberg machine that dispenses coffee pods.
Birds: Kate's Birthday March 22nd, 2022 Kate's sweet sixteenth, friends, booze, cake, boys? Fights? Darts/ Steph brandished a trident! I think Harper had a hand grenade! What a bday!
At the gates of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. March 16th, 2022 The Outsiders and their allies assault Colony Zero, defeating and capturing the bulk of the remaning N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents. NPCs: Templar, Match, Bright Eyes, Hammersmith, Psykill, Windshear. All captured.
Dang She's Fast March 11th, 2022 Cheetah raids a Gotham University lab for a Themysciran artifact. Her hirelings doublecross her, and the Bats lay a trap. In the end the cat-villain gets away, but with a replica the Bats set out as bait.
Happy Birthday Phoebe! February 14th, 2022 Tim Drake springs a 'Surprise' Birthday Party on Phoebe, with members of Justice League Dark and The Outsiders in attendence. Everything goes off without a hitch due to Outsiders, Batfam, JLD and new friend Arrowfam Emiko making sure assassins didn't infiltrate the Gotham Pinball Museum & Arcade. Everyone eats tons of Japanese Food, Onion Maiden food and So Much Cake and Cupcakes.

For just one night, Phoebe is able to focus on her friends and the ties that bind them together.

Special Appearance from Chas Chandler, whose gift is going to make Phoebe cry for like, three hours at least.

Outsider fun at the firing range February 6th, 2022 Laura shows a blatant disregard for firearm safety. Hope shows signs of a deathwise. Roy shows off his shooting skills and Harper explains the intricacies of flirting while firing a shotgun.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. To Run January 5th, 2022 The Outsiders and their allies return to the Roost to retrieve Red Robin's stash of kryptonite ahead of the final confrontation with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to rescue their friends and teammates. The N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents left lying in wait for their return were not prepared. NOTE: This scene is forward-dated to some point in the future to avoid scene-lock. Date of Scene will be updated at the conclusion of the arc!
Attacked from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. January 4th, 2022 The Outsiders secret base is attacked by N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s army. Robin, Balm and X-23 are captured! Superboy is missing! Blue Bird buried alive! NPCs: Templar, Match, Bright Eyes, Warblade, Crush, Thunder, Lightning, Windshear and Leash. NOTE: This scene is forward-dated to some point in the future to avoid scene-lock. Date of Scene will be updated at the conclusion of the arc! (This scene is still technically pending a future timing!)
Picking up the pieces after N.O.W.H.E.R.E. January 4th, 2022 In the aftermath of the attack on the Roost by N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the remaining team has to reckon with the absence of Red Robin, Superboy, Balm, and X-23 while also protecting the Outsiders from potential discovery. Thankfully, with a little bit of adult supervision (and medical aid) by the Archivist and a surprise special appearance by Karen Starr, Honey Badger secures the Roost with the help of Impulse and Miss Martian. Injured and unconscious Bluebird and Pixie are both evacuated. NOTE: This scene is forward-dated to some point in the future to avoid scene-lock. Date of Scene will be updated at the conclusion of the arc! (This scene is still technically pending a future timing!)
EROTEME: Less Than Zero December 3rd, 2021 Another piece of the Riddler's puzzle comes to light, and Mr. Freeze strikes the most brutal blow yet.
It's A Birthday! November 18th, 2021 A birthday scavenger hunt sends Harper across Gotham, before she's brought back home to the Roost to join the Outsiders as a full member. Also, there's cake!
Bitrun Part 1: Copper in the Narrows November 4th, 2021 Bitrun robs the wrong person and the Birds of Prey are there to pick up the pieces. Bitrun is still missing but Tanaka Nobu will likely put a bounty on her head. Babs suggests Harper and Quake go with her to Japan to find out what it is Tanaka is really up to and why a legendary safe was keeping his secret server secure in the Narrows.
How much is that Lizard in the window. November 3rd, 2021 Pets are looked at and dinner is gotten (Not turtle soup)
Those who hunt the Bluebird October 24th, 2021 Barb plays guardian angel over young Bluebird when she accidentally gains the attention of the mob. They send a hit squad after her and Babs intercepts. Bluebird holds her own and Babs invites her to the Birds of Prey.
EROTEME: Lore October 22nd, 2021 The Bat-Family take on the Riddler's Hall of Death Traps!
Planning the Rainbow Revenge October 20th, 2021 Harper discusses ideas of how to handle the gang that's been bothering her brother with two of the OG Outsiders.
Keep Arms and Legs Inside the Gondola at All Times October 5th, 2021 Orphan and Bluebird have another team up. This time its Cass who was about to be overwhelmed when Harper shows up. Her presence tips the tide back in the martial artist's favor and she's able to rescue the two children who had been being attacked by Agressive Hyena-faced Acrobats.
GIRL Belittled in Lab October 1st, 2021 While working in a lab at GIRL HQ, Harper Row is plagued by doubts, fears and phantasm of her abusive father (the ever so 'friendly' touch of The Straw Man). In the heat of the the moment she concludes that something is influencing her so knocks herself out with her own stungun. Coming to unsure about her previous conclusion she gets back to work and develops improved stun bullets.
A Cry for Help September 28th, 2021 Having called out to the Outsiders after her recent 'testing' by Oracle, Bluebird is brought to the Roost by Superboy. There she meets Impulse and Red Robin doesn't help her out (promise Batman!)... honestly, she's just left in their fabrication lab and given a selection of security equipment she can set up in her apartment.

(Continuity Note: This is a direct follow up to the Follow White Rabbit scene.)

Follow White Rabbit September 28th, 2021 When Oracle discovers with barely an hour on the clock that a gang war has put the lives of illegal immigrants in danger and she needs a hacker, she enlists the help of a new player in town - Bluebird - but doesn't have the time to introduce her to the Birds of Prey, or Oracle, the right way.
Harper Row's Tour of GIRL HQ September 27th, 2021 Harper Row goes to GIRL HQ. Nadia shows her around and the Gothamite gets caught up in a geekgasm in the labs.
A Nocturnal Encounter September 24th, 2021 Bluebird and Misfit meet. They work together to plant a tracer on the phone of one of Harper's brother's tormetor's grandmother. Slow and safe are the keywords Harper's taken from Batman's advice: whether he ment that or not.
GIRL Wants You! September 24th, 2021 Nadia Pym-van Dyne comes to Gotham with a propsal for the city and an invitation for one of its employees (Harper Row) to join her organization (GIRL!), which is accepted.
It's Your Birthday September 23rd, 2021 It's Barbara Gordon's birthday! Her father takes her out to dinner for the evening at her favorite restaurant. Good food and times are shared, a gift is given, and an attempted robbery is foiled! Just another Gotham Night.

NOTE: For this scene, Harper Row is not ICly present. Jim Gordon was portrayed as an NPC by Harper Row's Player.

A Nightly Visitor: Bat and Bird September 21st, 2021 Having gotten wind of her activities, Batman pays Harper Row a surprise visit. Provides advice, a training manual and makes it clear he'll be keeping abrest of her activities. It's on her to prove worthy for anything more.
An uplifting encounter September 18th, 2021 X-23 gives Harper, the latest Outsiders recruitment candidate, an unofficial interview of sorts. Sadly she does not get Harper to give her an elevator pitch for why she should join...
Don't Blink September 17th, 2021 Bluebird takes on a group of bad people doing bad things. Other bad things happen, and Orphan steps in as backup.
Birthright: Incidental magic and dogfighting September 16th, 2021 A feel-good megical tear in reality becomes one of the strangest things in Gotham, and feelings of electrical excitement are cause for alarm when Harper Row is sent out to investigate and a fight as an Outsider. Fellow Outsider Phoebe Beacon and Blue Collar Warlock John Constantine are on-scene when necromantic dogs attack! Zatanna plays the part of Calvary, and while Bluebird wisely exits with the admission that it's over her head, Phoebe... not so much.
Harper Gets /Two/ Visitors! September 14th, 2021 Following (pretty obvious) clues left by Harper, Red Robin visits her apartment with Superboy. Discussions occur, advice to /not/ be a vigilante is given and then a contact phone is provided.

(Continuity Note: This is a direct follow up to the No Bat-Signal This... cut scenes.)

The Huntress: Follow-up on an Amateur September 12th, 2021 Having tracked Harper to her home, the Huntress sneaks in and talks to the blue haired girl; ends up unsure of her value as an ally
Making Better Life Decisions September 11th, 2021 Harper and the Huntress both stumble upon a petty burgularly in process and, together, they stop it.
Gotham Knights vs Starling City Stags September 1st, 2021 The football season begins in Gotham, and a microcosm of the city's night-dwelling citizens comes out to either cheer for the Knights or consume fried goods while pretending to cheer for the Knights. A suspicious transaction involving a stoat and a gold coin happens under the cover of SPORTSBALL. Alternatively: people gather around a television for the first game of the Gotham Knights. It's a football team, people! Read a book.
Lights Camera Misunderstanding August 28th, 2021 Harper and Simon talk shop on the set of the Beware the Gray Ghost Revival series
EROTEME: The Challenge August 27th, 2021 The Riddler's gauntlet is thrown.
Close the Circuit August 26th, 2021 Returning to the scene of a hostage crisis previously foiled by several Gotham vigilantes, Red Robin finally finds the needle in the haystack he's been looking for thanks in no small part to the timely assistance of Harper Row.


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Title Date Scene Summary
The Proud Worm October 20th, 2021 Harper's worm helps her find members of the gang that has been targeting her brother.
Fabrication Montage September 29th, 2021 Having been left in the Outsiders' Fabrication Shop by Red Robin and Superboy, Harper Row finally builds her Bluebird gun and designs an improved costume to bypass constructive criticism about her makeshift working costume.

(Continuity Note: This is a direct follow up to the A Cry for Help scenes.)

No Bat-Signal This... September 12th, 2021 Deciding she needs to talk to Red Robin, Harper concocts a plan and starts setting up clues to bring him to her.
Who Watches Over You...? September 10th, 2021 Harper begins developing a rail-gun and electric bullets with an eye to being a better prepared vigilante.

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