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A Night On Watch, Avenger's Style
Date of Scene: 05 March 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Meeting Room
Synopsis: Watch duty is sometimes lonesome. But sometimes, your whole team is there with you.
Cast of Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Diana Prince, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, Steve Rogers

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
It's evening. This is Wanda's first night back on watch since Genosha happened over two weeks ago. She insisted on getting back into the rotation at least part-time, saying it would help her to get back to some other routine. Word would have gotten around, to those who listen, that Wanda's sister Lorna survived Genosha and the two had been reunited.

Wanda is over at the computers which are displaying the monitoring of various police and government frequencies. SHIELD alerts, sightings of aliens or villains, all of them would show up as an alert, the information corralled by JARVIS and made available.

Nothing seems to be happening tonight. Wanda had the satellite recordings of the Genosha attack playing, but she's watched them so many times she isn't paying attention at the moment. She rises from her seat and walks over to the coffee pot, opening up a cabinet and looking at the mugs. She looks around. No one there. "Steve won't know," she says with a small smile and a wrinkling of her nose as she takes his mug and fills it up with coffee.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint has been back and forth from the mansion to the Triskelion and back again all week. Happens when the world's in crisis. Having just arrived back to the mansion, he makes his way up the Assembly room bag slung over his shoulder.

Spotting Wanda, he smiles through a yawn, "He'll know," he warns Wanda. "He always knows."

Before wandering over to lean against the coffee station kissing Wanda on the cheek as he goes. "Quiet night?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Steve won't know what?"
    Natasha's head pokes out from the entryway, her hands braced on the frame as she leans forward, eyes peering at Wanda, and then politely looking away from the unintended PDA between her closest friend and one of her teammates.

Diana Prince has posed:
After their Burger King last week, Diana had texted the presidential candidate several days later to tell him that she was going to bring him food as a thank you. So arriving at the Avengers Mansion, Diana showed up with a couple of plastic bags from Subway. How posh!

After dining on subway sandwiches in the kitchen downstairs the two were now taking a simple stroll through the home, Diana might be a satellite member to the team but she's never fully explored the mansion itself and when Tony offered a casual tour she accepted it.

"I see." She tells him as they walk side by side, up ahead there's signs of life from others. She spots Natasha leaning in to a room and smiles, but looks back to Tony on her left. "You did get the run away gauntlet back though, did you not?" She asks him.

Tony Stark has posed:
"I - " Tony pauses, tilting his head for a moment to look towards Natasha and the room she's leaning into, and then glancing back towards Diana, " - I did. If you've got absolutely no follow up questions, then yes I did."

He quickly shifts the subject as they wander closer towards the room, patting his stomach with a hand: "What was that? A meatball parm? Consider that BK appropriately reciprocated."

He ceases the tour, pausing outside the doorway Natasha is leaning in to crane his neck and try to get a look inside at Wand and Clint. He clears his throat audibly, "Here, Diana, you'll find the Avengers make out and ogling chamber."

Bruce Banner has posed:
    Walking from the opposite end of the corridor to Diana and Tony, an awkward gaited man nearly stumbles down the hallway. Feet shuffle for a bit as he looks up to notice Natasha, Tony, and Diana hovering near the door to the meeting room.

    Bruce raises a gently clenched fist to his face to cover his mouth in a barely-stifled yawn. The length of said yawn would indicate that the gamma-infused scientist had most likely just woken from a deep slumber.

    That, and the heavy bags under his eyes.

    That clenched fist lightly opens and he runs a hand over his face and then awkwardly through the hair on his head as he slowly comes to.

    "Hey, guys. What's, uh.... what's going on? We having a team meeting or something?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks over as Clint comes in first, a soft smile spreading across her lips. "Hey, didn't know you were back," she tells Clint. She returns the cheek-kiss with one of her own, but not fast enough to not be spotted by the Russian femme fatale who arrives soon after on Clint's heels. "Hello Natasha," Wanda says, smiling but just slightly flustered the PDA was spotted. "The mug," Wanda says, motioning to the mug which is recognizable as being Steve Roger's mug.

She looks to Clint. "He won't notice it. He doesn't have," Wanda says, and then waves her finger around her nose, "like T'Challa does," she finishes. Then pauses. "He doesn't, does he?" she asks, looking from Clint to Natasha, second guessing herself if Captain America has heightened senses.

The sound of Tony's voice causes Wanda to cover up her face for a moment. But she pulls it away soon enough to flash Tony a smile which is playfully forced. "Well, that cat is out of the bag I think?" she says to Clint. Then to Tony and Diana, "Evening Tony. Diana, so good to see you." Diana gets the warmer smile of the two, if one were keeping score. She takes a sip of the coffee out of Steve's cup. Then glances at Clint and to the cup. He won't know. Will he?

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint gives a shrug to Nat when she catches that little PDA, glad of the discretion, but then Tony rolls in and well, discretion's not really his thing.

He grins and shugs to Wanda, "Looks like," he says about the cat is out of the bag. "Yeah, we're a thing, let's move on, alright?" he tells the team with a bit of a smirk on his face as he crosses his arms continuing to lean on the coffee station.

Then moving rapdily along, he asides to Wanda, "Not that either of us know..." he says of Cap's nose, with a wink, before he smiles and greets the others, "Seems like, it Bruce, good to see you though man. You too Diana," as for Tony he gets a cheeky salute. "Mr. President."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Still looking away pointedly, but otherwise expressionless, Natasha simply returns the greeting with a polite "Wanda." Before peering back over at the explanation. "I don't know if that's-" She stops when she hears Tony behind her and cranes her neck to look back over her shoulder at him. Heaving a bit of an 'oh for heaven's sake' sigh, Natasha stands up straight, and crosses her arms, determining that this was a bad time to be wearing a bodysuit.
    "There's a reason well call it the monitoring room." She says completely straight faced, making the attempt at humor a bit surreal as she chooses to no-sell any embarrassment. She considers that Tony's greeting and just nods to Diana with a polite, "Princess."
    There's a lot of royalty in this team's orbit isn't there?
    "Good..." Natasha glances at the late hour on a clock and just continues with, "... *morning* Bruce. No meeting, just a traffic jam."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes first go to Bruce as he arrives and she has a smile spread across her red hued lips. "Hello, Doctor Banner." She tells him. "You are looking rather... long since rest." She states, noting the puffiness under his eyelids. "A lot of work on your schedule?" Diana raises up a bottle from her Subway trip. The teenagers at the Subway had given her a bunch of free stuff, several bottles of Dr. Pepper included. This one in her hand is unopened as she hadn't had even a sip of it. "Here! This should wake you up." She offers him before her stare goes to Natasha who is straightening up.

At Nat's greeting to her, Diana offers a sly grin and a little nod. "It is good to see you again, you are looking very lovely tonight. Very Agent-y." Her playful grin grows a little before she looks into the office now, being the 3rd head to peak inside. "Hello!" She waves her left hand to Clint and Wanda. "You two are dating now....? Awww... thats so wonderful."

The Themysciran Princess slips into the room past Natasha and the door frame. She walks over toward Clint and Wanda, but aims for Wanda specifically. "Is that Steve's mug?" She asks, pausing her walking as she glances around the meeting room. "The Make Out Room, huh? Mmm... I can see it. Needs more sofas though, I think..." She's playing of course, probably.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Well, while we're making public announcements," Tony says, clearing his throat and stepping alongside Romanoff, "Natasha and I have one of our own. We ... "

He draws out the moment, taking a deep breath and glancing sidelong at her with an almost nervous expression. Nervous for Tony Stark, anyway.

"Are still very professional work acquaintances." The faux nerves melt away and he adopts an extremely formal voice, bowing his head slightly to her, "Good evening, agent." Then stepping into the meeting room and doing the same for Clint, "Agent." Then to Wanda, "Your highness."

A smart turn on his heels back towards Bruce and he points at the man, clicking his fingers as he does, "You don't have a fancy title, Banner, but good evening to you, too. A good evening to all."

Then he collapses into the monitor seat that Wanda had been occupying, feet swinging up to rest on the desk as he leans back and relaxes in the extreme. His eyes widen as a sudden idea strikes him.

"Doctor! Doctor Banner," he composes himself, closes his eyes, and somehow manages to bow from a seated position, "A very good evening to you."

Bruce Banner has posed:
    "Yeah, you too Clint. And uh... good for you two." He makes a brief nodding gesture to the newly announced couple of Barton and Maximoff.

    Bruce gives a bit of a sheepish grin towards Natasha, rubbings his hands together awkwardly. "Traffic jam?" He looks around a bit. "Well, as far as traffic jams go, I can imagine worse ones than this."

    He shuffles towards the door as it is decongested. A look is given to Diana and the drink she offers him. "Ugh... ah. Dr Pepper? No thank you. I uh... I don't care for colas. I heard that one kinda tastes like ambrosia though, which... sounds nice. But no - soft drinks are generally disgusting. But to answer your question... yeah. It's been a late night. Feel like I was on the verge of making a breakthrough in figuring out all of..." He waves a hand over his face and upper body in a gesture that implied he was talking about himself. "..... this."

    He chuckles weakly at Tony. "Yeah. Doctor's fine. I mean, I didn't go to school for fancy titles..." He casually leans back against the wall, letting it hold him upright for the time being.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda takes another sip of her coffee, in part to hide her soft chagrined smile. She nods towards Diana. "Apparently for longer than we'd realized," she says quietly to Diana.

Wanda gives Bruce a smile as he comes in. "Hello Bruce. Coffee is fresh as well," she says to augment the choices Diana gave. She moves away from the pot so people can get to it. Wanda moves over to the computer, shutting down the loop that is playing showing Genosha.

After she moves back over to lean on a counter, with Tony in her chair. "So I haven't really gotten a chance to wish you well on your run, Tony," she comments. "Anything going to change around here that we should know about during it?" she asks.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint isn't fooled by Tony's fake announcement he just arches his brow and smiles until the joke lands and then he laughs, "Playing with fire Stark," he says before looking to Nat. "Remember, federal crime to kill him."

As to the question about him and Wanda dating, Clint gives a look to Wanda and nods, "Yeah, she's not wrong there," he says with a little smile. "Anyhow, like I said, moving along, how about that coffee?" he says stepping out of the way to let the others get at the pot.

He follows Wanda to go hang stand by Tony. "Yeah, Tony, when do the men in the dark suits with no sense of humour roll in?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smiles faintly despite herself at Diana's kind, if peculiar' compliment, and says "Why thank you." Evenly. "You look nice yourself." When Diana moves past her she starts to hold out her hand in a 'wait!' sort of gesture but is interrupted by Tony.
    During Tony's pregnant pause, Natasha fixes him with one of those long stares that says 'are you really going to make me kill you in front of all our friends?' before sighing when he finishes, blandly saying, "I'm glad that's out of the bag."
    And then *Tony's* going inside, and Natasha just throws her hands up in the air sharply, officially *done*, and lets them fall to her sides just as quickly. To Clint's remarks she says "Think about it every day." through gritted teeth. "Only counts if they find a body, though."
    Natasha sighs. "This is the most attention any spy has ever drawn to one place." She mutters ruefully.
    She slowly looks to Banner as he speaks, and a gentle, slightly teasing sort of smile comes to her face and she asks, "That eager to move out of here?" Not that Hulk is the only reason he's around, but... it's a big one.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is wearing a burgundy leather jacket that is only half-zipped over a white shirt beneath it, some black slim fit jeans and slightly heeled boots that carry her full height somewhere over 6'0" at the moment. Her dark brown hair is tied back into a ponytail. She is wandering around the conference table at the enter of the room while listening to the others, still holding the Dr. Pepper bottle since the good Doctor turned it down. "Oh... it most certainly does /not/ taste like Ambrosia. I assure you, Doctor Banner." Diana says with a sly grin cast his way before she rounds the other, far, end of the conference table with the Avengers logo on the wall behind her now whilst she starts to slowly walk back toward the more populated side of the room.

"Ambrosia tastes like... sweet flowers, and the finest kiss you have ever had gently placed upon your lips." She shows the hint of a grin then as she comes to a stop. Her eyes glance over everyone gathered here then. "This is quite the home, Tony was just showing me around it. This is the most I have seen of it." She seems to be in high spirits tonight, happiness clear in her smoky accented voice.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Not a lot of changes, no," Tony shakes his head towards Wanda, before a thought strikes him, "Oh! Wait, no, there'll be some posters in the front yard and hanging from the windows of me making this face."

Stark draws both his hands up to just below his face, giving two thumbs up and sporting a broad and toothy grin that is one parts used car salesman and one-part defendant relying solely on character witnesses. He stretches his arms out before folding them behind his head, making himself the complete image of someone totally relaxed in his environment.

"Please, Nat," Tony says, eyes still closed and a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth, "Have you ever known me to go unnoticed? You could bury me in the Meadowlands and they'd be throwing a Stark 2020 rally there the next day."

When Diana starts speaking of Ambrosia, his eyes open and he looks around before muttering: "Does Door Dash do Ambrosia?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Doordash doesn't come here anymore." Natash wearily reminds Tony, crossing her arms again, "Not after the salsa thing."

Bruce Banner has posed:
    Bruce gives Natasha a cool glance, an awkward grin tugging at his features. "I mean... no? I am not in a hurry to move out? I sure would love to find some way to get a better handle on...." He pauses. ".... things. I mean, I can generally control when 'The Other Guy' shows up, but once he has his hands on the wheel, well...." He pauses, giving a slightly rub to his temples. "Let's just say I'd like to at least find a way to shut the car off if I need to."

    He looks to Tony then. ".... President? Huh. Why is that news to me?" He looks generally puzzled. "... why does it also not surprise me in the least?" He gives a knowing smile to Tony.

    To Diana, Bruce returns a grin - although it looks way less coy and attractive as the one she is able to pull off. "Well, yeah. I mean - I have had Ambrosia before. So imagine my skepticism when I hear all about how Dr. Pepper tastes like ambrosia." He gives a bit of a shudder. "High fructose corn syrup is one of the worse things to have ever discovered." He pauses, and gives a slight sniff at the smell of coffee - which draws his attention to Wanda. And the cup.

    "Hey... that's... Steve's cup, right?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda holds the purloined coffee mug in both hands as she takes a sip. "If you do, Natasha, I won't have seen anything," she promises with a small nod before casting a gentle grin towards Tony.

Wanda takes another sip and glances at the monitors. JARVIS would have spoken up if there was anything worth seeing, but she still wants to keep an eye on things. She zooms in on some US and Chinese ships in the South China Sea. No saber rattling going in the wake of Genosha, just keeping an eye on each other from the looks of it.

She turns back towards the group just in time to have Bruce notice the mug. "Oh he's going to notice, isn't she?" Wanda asks with a sigh. She goes over to the sink, tossing out the final third of a cup and then washing it. She dries the mug thoroughly and then goes to the cupboard. Replacing it. Checking the orientation. Correcting it slightly. "There. Even Bucky wouldn't know," she says.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smiles faintly at Bruce's humored lense on his... pretty severe issue. She doesn't want to make a big thing out of it, and she doesn't want to go all sappy. So she just sympathetically says, "You'll get it." With a little nod and a smile. Technically she's an expert at telling people what they want to hear, and making them feel like the center of the universe, but turning that on her allies seems... rude somehow.
    Plus the less sides any one person sees of her, the better. It makes people uncomfortable if they know you can be *anybody*. So, low-key it is.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint deadpans "Barrel of acid downstairs, Nat," he advises her before cracking into a grin, and looking over at Stark, quirking a brow at the pose. "Really, figured you'd be more of a Hasselhoff with the puppies kind of guy," speaking of a rather eye-searing picture of the star of Knight Rider and some puppies. Google it yourselves, I'm not going to.

As for the Ambrosia business, Clint says, "So, any chance of you brining that to the next party, Diana?" he asks the ambassador with a grin, before nodding to Nat. "Yeah, that poor delivery kid's probably scarred for life."

Clint wanders back over to look at the cup, "Pretty good," he says. "Just salute it and I think you're all set."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is pulling out a chair from the conference table and lowering herself down to sit on its edge with her hands coming together palms-flat. She looks to Bruce and studies him for a moment, knowing full well who he is and what he's capable of becoming should his anger come out, its an... interesting thing to see him in this current form, his seemingly mild mannered and entirely well behaved human counterpart form. "You have not heard about the bid for Iron Chief?" She asks with a growing grin upon her dark red hued lips. Her eyes sweep back to Tony for a moment who she gives him a dazzlingly teasing stare before speaking again.

"You know, I was thinking... if you are elected... the United States has a need for a First Lady who can help prop up your... public appearance." So naturally Diana's dark eyebrows raise as her gaze sweeps over to the lovely Natasha. "He could use a First Lady who is a capable protector too, considering the enemies that he has created in this life of Avenging. Clearly there is chemistry here between the two of you... I can sense it, it is an Amazon Warrior trait to sense such things." She grins softly before glancing to Wanda.

"You can sense it too, yes?" She asks of Wanda before her gaze goes to Clint and she grins to him too. "And yes, I will bring a bowl filled with it to the next party. Though... you might have to remind me. An e-mail should do perfectly!"

Thor has posed:
    The Meeting Room for the Avengers is mostly sound-proofed. Little conversational level noises get out beyond or within to be fair. Yet sometimes there are louder events that might well reach through that peaceful sanctum and intrude upon what is going on there. In this particular instant, from above, there is a /thud/, followed by the heavy thump-thump-thump-thump as of something traveling from one side of the mansion to another, then down a long spiraling curve. It might take all of eleven seconds, perhaps even twelve for that sound to resolve itself as the door in the meeting hall opens with a rush.
    And through that door emerges the Mighty Thor, Mjolnir held in hand and coming up with a soft /whum/ as he holds it ready. "Stark!" His voice lifts, cutting across the distance. "I received your emergency electronic letter! Clint and Wanda are..."
    The Thunderer then furrows his brow and holds out his cellphone at arm's length with a frown touching his features as he tries to puzzle out the elusive transmission. "What is this? A heart and... three sets of lips? What is this?" He turns the cellphone toward the gang.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Salsa Boy knew what he was getting into," Tony waves a hand dismissively, remaining couchant on the comfortable monitor chair, "He has a half-million Instagram followers. That seems like a fair trade for one night of abject terror."

He begins to speak to Bruce about his run when Diana starts to talk, and he glances over at her sideways. One eyebrow raised, he turns his head slowly towards Natasha and then back to the Themysciran Princess: "I'd be careful. I'm pretty sure I saw her break a frost giant's neck using only her knees a couple years back. Amazons aren't invulnerable."

The thundering approach of the Thunderer draws his attention, and then the jolly blonde giant bursts through the door he doesn't' so much as sit up in his chair. His phone, however, is surreptitiously deposited back into his pocket.

"It means they're eating wax lips and not sharing."

Bruce Banner has posed:
    Bruce gives Natasha a smile that somehow seems to combine vigilance and defeat at the same time. "You think I'll get it, huh? Well, sure doesn't seem that way to me. Just... nothing I seem to do works. But then I see some of the good that the Hulk can do and I wonder... should I even be trying to get rid of him?" A strong sigh is given.

    "It... doesn't help things that every time I transform, I feel like I am getting.... repressed. Like each time the Hulk surfaces, there is a looming threat that... I won't be coming back."

    He seems to stare off listlessly for a moment, until his gaze is stolen by Thor who just suddenly barges in, nearly hitting him with the door (he was propped up on the wall right next to it), and having him recoil slowly back away from him.

    He looks to the phone held out in Thor's hand and then looks over to Tony. A soft chuckle is given as Bruce decides to stay out of this one.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda seems more than happy to jump in with Diana. "Oh yes, I sense it," Wanda says in her softly accented English. "In fact, in Transia? They would probably already be considered husband and wife, legally," she lies in a fairly normal sounding tone. Though her lips start quirking up at the corners once she's finished.

The auburn-haired woman gives Bruce a sympathetic look. "It would be something that would be a dilemma for any of us." She moves back over towards where Tony is in her chair. She's about to tell him to scoot when the approaching sounds draw her attention, and a quizzical expression.

Thor's arrival brings a smile from Wanda.

Thor's arrival brings a hand covering her face for Wanda.

She murmurs something in Serbian, a potential ending for Tony Stark, creative enough that Natasha might want to jot it down in her spycraft book.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint grins, "Sure thing, I'll send it on my computational device," he jokes to Diana since she's being all formal with the nomenclature. "On the other hand, might be wasted on this bunch," he jokes looking fondly at the mass of dysfunction that had somehow saved the world.

Hearing Bruce, Clint looks his way, frowning in sympathy, "Not going to tell you to keep the monster, man, but he did a lot of good, besides don't have any clue how to fix all that besides talk to SHIELD..." but even Clint is wary of that option. Agent or no agent.

Then Clint joins in the facepalming as Thor bursts through the door. "Yeah, we just can't get enough of them," he says. "Red dye number four, and wax, mmm," he spreads his hands. "All gone though. Sorry you missed it buddy." He says to Thor.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha frowns softly to Bruce, and looks to be about to say something, when Diana begins to speak of her.
    The palpable dread in Natasha's eyes as Diana speaks might be the most honest expression she's made in years. Her brain is screaming at her to cut this off before it becomes a thing, but you don't tell a super powered foreign princess to please oh my GOD PLEASE STOP TALKING, so Natasha just starts to slowly smile tightly and squint a little; gradually wrestling that expression into a kinder sort of patience. "With... all... due respect, Diana." She says, trying to pick her words very carefully, "There's a million highly classified reasons that's not a good idea."
    She glances at Tony, then back to Diana. "He's kidding." There's a pause. "That happened. But he's kidding about the other thing."
    She definitely has a cover she could use, but she's honestly not sure what's worse: The public spotlight somehow uncovering her past, or Tony Stark finding out she was a famous ballerina.
    Natasha's eyes widen. "What's that sound?" She asks an instant before Thor appears, and Natasha's eyes go blank.
    For one striking moment, Natasha Romanoff is so absolutely livid that she almost reaches enlightenment.
    She takes a very fast breath through her nose and blankly says, "... and one obvious reason, which is our impending explosive divorce."

Bruce Banner has posed:
    To put it mildly, Banner was suddenly starting to look stressed. His face creases a bit, and he squints - almost to the level of cringing. He dips his head down, letting his hands come up to clutch briefly at his head for a bit before giving a nervous brush of those hands through his hair, and then down over his face.

    "Yeah, I uh. I didn't sleep well... and... I am hungry? Yeah. Hungry. So I think I should go..."

    A hand raises up and is placed on Thor's shoulder as Bruce angles past him. "Good to see you by the way, Thor." He steps past the Asgardian and then casts a glance over his shoulders.

    "I'll, uh... I will see everyone around."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana grins to Wanda's playing along with her. But it's Bruce's words that draw yer eyes back to him. She stands up and sets the Dr. Pepper bottle aside on the table, then walks over to him to place her right hand upon his right bicep, gently holding it. The rather tall Princess stares eyes to eyes with the Doctor. "Should you lose yourself inside of him... we are here to bring you back. I promise you, we would not let you vanish within him. We will always find you. We are--"

And there's Thor.

Diana's serious stare and promise for Bruce is interrupted by the Asgardian Prince's rush to find out the status of Clint and Wanda's relationship section of their social media pages.

At what Nat says then, Diana grins and nods once to him then to Tony. "I suppose I should be on my way. The tour was wonderful, Tony." To the others, Diana grins and offers Clint / Wanda a nod as well but she starts to move toward Thor now nea rthe door and she reaches up to pat his left mighty shoulder with her left hand's fingertips. "You are so heroic."

Thor has posed:
    "This is..." Thor looks around at the others in the room, pondering these wax lips, as he says, "A matter of concern?"
    But then his mouth opens as he makes a small 'ah' sound and looks down at the cellphone in his hand as if the damned thing bit him. All chagrin and annoyance, but then deposits it back into the breast pocket of his denim jacket. "Ah, one of your 'jokes'." He says, letting that last word linger a little longer for the appropriate emphasis.
    He takes a deep breath, crinkling his nose as he looks around the room. "A fine gathering of worthies, however. Is something amiss?" Then his eyes light upon Diana and his smile joins it quickly enough. "Diana! We are honored." He touches a hand to hers as she moves near, smiling with a nod.
    He starts to move around lightly greeting those as he walks. "Natasha. Banner you are looking well!" Perhaps not picking up on the vibe. At all. As he steps past Bruce he'll even thump the man on the shoulder companionably, which brings him in Clint and Wanda's direction.
    Then, with solemnity he says, "My apologies on your waxy lips." Though in such a way that with that slight smile in his eyes that perhaps he might have some awareness as to the humor. A chair is drawn out near the head of the table and he drops into it with a heavy /whumpf/ that likely causes the reinforced seat to complain with a mighty creak.
    "So!" He sets Mjolnir down upon the table, "What else did I miss?"

Tony Stark has posed:
"Divorce already?" Tony asks, eyebrows raised, "You're cold, Romanoff. I'll never love again."

Stark lets out a deep sigh, slinging his feet off the counter and dropping both hands to the arms of the chair so he can push himself up to his feet. There's an unbidden grunt at he does so - no matter how you slice it, thirty-nine is still closer to middle age than the spring of youth. He holds off on giving his own encouraging speech to Bruce, figuring Diana probably hit that nail squarely on the head.

When Thor sits down, he ambles indirectly across the room before coming to a stop behind the Thunder God. He leans forward, making it look like a casual gesture that only last a moment but clearly whispering something in the Asgardian's ear. Then he's moving on again, following Diana back across the room.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda glances over to Clint and flashes him a small smile, as if reassuring it's still worth it to her, should he have had any doubts. She looks back to her team then, and finally shoos Tony out of the chair as he rises.

"Thank you Thor," she says with a sigh and a roll of her eyes that seem long-suffering. The young woman is still smiling as she plops down into the chair. "JARVIS?" she asks. "Is the world coming to an end presently? Please?"

The smooth voice of JARVIS replies, "It is not, Wanda. However if you wish I could try broadcasting an insulting message on suspected Hydra frequencies?"

Wanda turns to look at the group to see if they have interest. Sort of the expression someone has when they suggest ordering a pizza and are looking for any takers.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint turns shooting back a similar smile, while scratching his cheek, trying not to look too lovey dovey infront of the team.

Waving to the departing guests to this little party, he shoots a worried look at Bruce then glances to Nat for her read on the guy. He looked rattled, dangerously so.

Though despite that he's all smiles when he finds a place to lean against the wall and considers Wanda's look at the rest of the team still in the room. "What? Is that do we want to get food face or do we want to start world wide chaos to get out of personal stuff face? Still figuring them out."

As for Tony's little whisper to Thor? Clint makes a face, "Absolutely nothing," he answers Thor knowing Tony probably let the cat out of the bag.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha smirks faintly at Tony and just says, "You'll find a mirror soon." Though she raises a curious eyebrow when he whispers to Thor.
    She nods to Diana and Bruce, controlling any visible reaction to what's been said between them and merely bids them both "Take care."
    At Wanda's suggestion, Natasha just sort of dips her head forward for a moment, eyes closed, looking vaguely disapproving, though when she opens her eyes narrowly, her eyes are turned to the side thoughtfully. "... Maybe if you can get them to think it was Loki. But otherwise... let's not pick fights with Nazi cults unless they don't know we're coming."
    She meets Clint's gaze and subtly shrugs her shoulders, shaking her slightly tilted head, and pressing her lips together in a vaguely anxious fashion. Which is to say 'unsure, leaning towards worried.' The team's always been a powder keg. Some of them more than others. She has yet to find a polite way to tell him Wanda might be closer to that part of her list these days after recent events. Seems to be going okay, though.

Bruce Banner has posed:
    Bruce returns that farewell to Natasha with just a brief nod.

    He looks to Diana on his way out the door with a somewhat concerned look on his face. "I... appreciate the sentiment, Princess. I really do. But... something tells me if I ever do get lost inside him... it will be for good..."

    A super worried look washes over his features as a pained sigh slides out.

    "I feel like... just as easily as I am able to expose the Hulk, its just that much easier for him to lock me in his closet. And I... I can't overpower HIM." He just looks down for a minute before turning to take his leave.

Thor has posed:
    Whatever it was that Tony imparts to Thor it's enough to garner a roll of his eyes and a lift of one hand from the arm of the chair as if to say, 'well yes.' But his sour look slips more toward a smirk as he then says lightly, "A noteworthy event, surely." But it lies settled with that before he turns his gaze around the room, looking from each in turn. Though, to be fair, he does give Wanda and Clint a nod. And when Wanda is talking to the computer he'll spare a small, tiny, under the table angled thumbs up just for Clint coupled with with closed eyes and a downturned smile.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff gives Bruce a sympathetic expression and nods to him. "No matter what we'd be here for you, Bruce," she tells him. "And we'd not let you be trapped away," she promises him.

Wanda looks back towards the computer. Not that she has to face it to address JARVIS. Yet, she does. "Never mind JARVIS. It sounds like we're ok with no fights tonight." JARVIS quickly replies, "Understood Wanda. Should any such fights start on their own, I will inform you of course."

Wanda looks back over to everyone else. She missed Thor's sneaky signaling towards Clint apparently. "So," she says with a long sigh. "With Tony running, I fear we are in for an even more eventful year than we bargained for."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint definitely didn't miss the 'sneaky' signals from Thor, chuckling quietly Clint mouths, "Thanks, man" at the Asgardian before shaking his head.

As for Nat's much, much, more subtle signals? He spots those too, and nods his lips pulled into a line of concern. They were going to have to see what they could do for Bruce.

In the meantime though Clint nods, "Yeah, definitely, I mean there's already a laundry list of guys looking to take a shot a Tony as is, now with the whole Presidential candidate thing, we're going to have our dance cards full. No way the secret service is ready for AIM or whatever comes their way." He lets out a breath and speaks something he'd been thinking for awhile now aloud. "So is really serious about this whole thing? If not he's putting a lot of people in harms way."

And in other Tony news, Clint adds, "Also you guys notice he and Diana came together and left together?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's shoulders slump slightly when the presidential campaign is brought up, and just shakes her head. "The man's subjecting himself to baseball scores so he can be up-to-date on his local state pandering. If he's not serious about it, he hasn't figured that out yet."
    Though he's putting a lot of people in harm's way regardless; not even mentioning the Avengers themselves. It seems to be going fine so far, but Natasha can just imagine the protests building outside the mansion the first time Tony sends a text to the wrong person.
    "It's gonna be busy." She simply says in a slightly tired voice.
    Though she does raise an eyebrow on mention of him and Diana. "I don't know if they're that desperate for men over in Amazon-land." She says dryly, then winces, "... Don't think she'd be trying to set me up with Tony either, if she was. Unless the Amazons are a lot more open minded than I thought they were."
    They truthfully don't know as much about them as Natasha would like; but that's neither here nor there.

Thor has posed:
    Propping one work boot up on the table, then the other crossing it at the ankles, Thor leans back with arms folded over his chest and expression flitting from person to person. "Running from what?" He asks lightly, gaze lingering on Wanda as he inquires curiously. Then perhaps looking toward Natasha and Clint for verification to this running.
    Which he receives from Clint as the Thunderer's eyes widen a touch, "Ah, the presidency of Midgard. Of course. I had forgotten." There's a pause as he tilts his head, "Is that something we should become involved with?"
    Another pause then he asks, "Does Stark expect our support? He, of course, has it. But perhaps he cannot publicly accept it?" Which... might be a curiously astute observation coming from Thor.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff turns to look towards the door through which Tony and Diana departed together. Through which they had earlier arrived together. "I did not," she tells Clint, the trained SHIELD agent picking up on things she clearly had not.

She gets a thoughtful look and then sighs. "I think he's serious. I can't imagine him jumping into this and not seeing it through," Wanda says of Tony's run for President. She looks to Thor and says, "Not running from. Unfortunately, that might be easier. We have elections for the leader of the United States. And Tony has announced his bid. He is running for office, as they call it," Wanda says. "Which means... well, things will be much more interesting around here, than usual even."

Steve Rogers has posed:
By the looks of things, Steve has recently returned from a post-workout shower. He's got that relaxed saunter to his step of steam let off and a gleam to his light hair where the air hasn't dried it yet. He's also fairly transparent in his surprise, pleasant as it is, to see the group gathered in the kitchen.

"Everybody in one place 'nd nobody's ordered pizza?" A good-natured comment leveled at all present as he makes his way over to the coffee machine. It seems an appropriate time to enjoy a cup and an odd compliment to pizza -- if it shows up. "Did I miss anybody?" This he asks as he opens the cupboard to fish out his coffee cup. It makes its way down to the countertop before he pauses and frowns down at it.

"...did someone use my mug?" Blue eyes skim over everyone even as he lifts an eyebrow. Must be the super-senses.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Pretty sure she was teasing, Nat," Clint chimes in to his partner about Diana trying to set her up with Tony. "Russian spy as a first lady? Bad idea. Though same for foreign princess," he says then shrugs. Who knew what Stark was thinking sometimes. He nods to Wanda. "Well they definitely did," he confirms. "Anyhow, they're grown ups, they'll work that out."

What they said," is Clint's comment to Thor about the running nodding to Nat and Wanda. "But you've got a point, man, should we be getting involved with the campaign? Given our," he makes a face. "Celebrity?"

Thankfully Cap comes in to save Clint from pondering being superhero famous. "Hey Cap," he says before Cap asks about his mug and Clint coughs. "I dunno, I think maybe Tony?" he looks to Wanda for confirmation.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "... Oh." is all Natasha says in response to Clint's clarification, and vaguely looks away, unwilling to come closer to admitting to looking silly than that.
    Natasha is somewhat impressed by Thor's observation, but she feels the need to lay this out clearly, "We can't support his campaign in any way. The Avengers can't be seen to be guiding United States politics or policy in any way. We protect Earth. Period. That's the only job we're allowed to have. And if Tony wins..." Natasha hesitates, blinking once, as if it had only just properly hit her even though she'd surely know it before, "... If he wins he can't be an Avenger any more either."
    Then Steve appears! Natasha straightens up a bit to eliminate the appearance of a grim atmosphere and puts on a gentle smile aimed his way, "Hey, Captain. Still with us this late?" She says, then raises her eyebrows subtly, giving Wanda a brief look as if to assess how strong the current blackmail material is for future reference.

Thor has posed:
    To such a complex problem as Tony's presidential race, Thor of course has a simple response as he says easily enough. "Bah, we are the Avengers." As if that would mean they could resolve and problem. And thus, the situation is settled. At least in his mind. He eases back and looks around the room then, as if he hadn't seen it before, giving it a more thorough consideration or as if seeking something in particular out.
    But then Captain America enters and the Thunderer lifts a hand in greeting, not rising as of yet and still with his feet on the table. "You know my mind, Rogers. I had just been thinking that this room needed food and drink." Since, in truth, all rooms need food and drink. Ultimately.
    That is the major topic that has his attention. That is until Natasha announces the possibility of Tony not being a part of the Avengers. "Wait, what?" He leans forwards, boots sliding off the table. "Then how do we stop this from happening?" The knee jerk response, but then he frowns and bites his lower lip as the larger ramifications may be considered.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks quietly thoughtful. "Yes, we should probably not visibly take a side in the election. Though I imagine everyone will be able to tell who we would favor just the same. But... and Thor I say this for your benefit the most. The reporters, the media here... will be trying to get us to talk on the subject. To make a statement that would be embarrassing, salacious, or otherwise cause people to tune into their TV show or read their article. They will not be thinking, this is someone who saved the Earth. The worst will try to manipulate or trick someone into giving such an answer. Avoiding them is-" Wanda says, before cutting off as Steve comes in.

A super spy she is not. Especially when it comes to keeping secrets from her friends. And a friend like Steve Rogers. "I... used it earlier, Steve," she tells him. "When I first came on duty. I washed it after and..." she says, trailing off. Feeling like she's kicked a puppy.

America's Puppy.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"It's fine, Wanda." Steve gives her a grin, just shy of dimples. "You washed it, I can tell. No hard feelings." The man then turns to start fussing with the coffee maker. The recent clinging scent of dish soap was the give-away to his sensitive nose and, if anything, it means the mug is clean for his own use. A glance over his shoulder pans over the others again once the machine gets burbling.

"I do know you well enough, Thor, it's true," he agrees with a small smile towards the Asgardian royal. Still, it's also Thor who makes the Captain commit to a frown and a full turn back to face the group.

"...right, Tony's run for President." It's an easy calculation to figure out the discussion at hand. Steve leans on the counter now and reaches to rub beneath his ear, his other arm crossing his ribs. "'s'true though. If he were an Avenger 'nd President at once, it'd be fodder for the crash 'nd burn of his stay in office, much less the world's view of the Avengers. We're already able to act beyond borders when absolutely necessary. It could be construed as a move by the United States to circumvent a lot of rules. The reporter Lois Lane did a great interview with Tony if folks haven't read it. It might answer some questions you haven't been able to catch him about," the Captain notes, face still fairly solemn.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint gives lets his attention wander to give Nat a moment with that revelation.

Then it's on to the campaign. "Not too worried about getting involved with the election, I barely remember to vote..." he says before flinching and looking to Cap, shrugging and mouthing 'sorry' before carrying on, "But Wanda's right Thor, they'll try to trick you and the rest of us into saying something they can sell papers on. Good rule of thumb, just ask yourself what Nat would say," he says with a smirk for the other spy.

As for Tony being out of the Avengers, Clint nods, "Yeah, that's true too," he lets out a breath. "Sure hope Tony knows what he's doing."

He moves to stand next to where Wanda is stting at the computer, smiling at that 'I kicked America's puppy' face and nudging her, "See, told you he could tell," he teases gently.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Sigh. Another potential asset burned by honesty. What a shame.
    Oh well.
    Natasha smirks a little when she's used as Clint's model, and demonstrates with a flat: "No comment."
    Thor gets an almost pitying look and Natasha says, "Convince him he's wrong? Convince him he's a threat to global security while he's in the White House? But this is Tony we're talking about, and he's sunk a lot of time and resources into this already, with most of a year to go. You'd pretty much have to brainwash him at this point, Thor."

Thor has posed:
    Arms folded over his chest and with him rocking back on the chair, Thor looks around the room with a stern gaze as he begins to ponder alternatives. He then offers with a tilt of his head, "Well, we could... vote. That is the way it is done, is it not." But he instead shakes his head, grimacing as he pushes back on the chair.
    "I can understand why he would undertake this path, there is e'er the desire to be the one able to make the difficult decisions if only to feel there is someone in control who knows what passes and will make the right ones."
    He takes a deep breath, "But I am wise enough to know that I do not have all the answers. I fear..."
    He pauses and murmurs reflectively, as he is about to speak what could possibly be considered ill of his friend. "I fear it is not a lesson that Tony has taken to heart."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda lets the worry drain as Steve lets her off the hook. "I didn't think he had that good of a nose," she whispers to Clint. Followed by another whispered, "I do know he can hear me whispering. I'm trying to be ironic."

She does have a little extra color in her cheeks though as she casts a small smile over towards Steve. "Yes, there are all sorts of implications if the President of the United States goes flying over other countries in an armed machine without permission," Wanda agrees. "Especially once things start exploding around him."

Wanda falls silent at Thor's statement. "Perhaps. He has great faith in himself. But he has also been in many situations to have gained experience from," she says, trying to put a good side on it. Wanda nods over to Natasha. "I don't think we will dissuade him," the Transian woman says with a little shake of her head. "And... is he worse than the other options? That's another question we might ask ourselves."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Wanda gets a wink despite Steve's solemn expression, acknowledgement that he can hear her quite well. He turns at the waist to reach for his coffee, done burbling from the machine, and holds it without a sip at first. Warmth leeches into his hands as he grips the cup.

"Tony's been through many things, some good, some bad. He knows he has the ability to do good in this world. The world's seen, we've seen it, time 'nd time again. He's also smarter than his impromptu decisions might make him out to be. Maybe there's a long game he hasn't told us about yet." Those broad shoulders shrug. "Best we can do is support him 'nd offer wisdom when needed. He's one of us. We're all in it together."

Clint Barton has posed:
Chuckling and giving Wanda a little nudge, he lifts his hand to stage whisper, "Good job," giving her a wink.

He nods, pointing to Nat. "Yeah," he grins. to his friend. "Just like that."

Then he settles in leaning against Wanda's chair, "I'm with Thor on this one guys, Tony's a great guy, been through a lot, but end of the day, his ego's got the better of him, he doesn't always see when he's walking himself into a bad situation," he says. "When it's just him, or just us, no problem, we're Avengers, we deal, but the whole country," he lets out a low breath, and rubs a hand through his hair. "I dunno."

Having said all that, he does nod to Cap. "Yeah, guess that's how we get his back. Put a foot up his ass if we think he's doing the wrong thing," That's Clint's take on offering wisdom at least.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha looks to Wanda. "The other option is the world's OTHER staggeringly rich billionaire titan of industry. He's... stepped on some people to get where he is... but I've never met a rich man who hasn't somewhere down the family line. He's also never crossed international borders in a bipedal weapons platform, so he might have a leg up, rhetoric-wise." Natasha shakes her head. "If Bruce Wayne throws his hat in we'll probably have to start coming up with stronger words for 'privilege'."
    Though Steve's final assertion quiets Natasha, perhaps realizing she'd sounded... harsh. She *did* tell Tony she's a swing voter at this point.
    Natasha just... nods to Thor's assertion, agreeing, but feeling like she's perhaps said enough. It's possible she's reached her quota for sincerity for today.

Thor has posed:
    Slowly, carefully, Thor returns his boots to the surface of the table, though his eyes are still distanced and contemplative. He lifts a rough hand to rub at the back of his neck thoughtfully as he looks around, "Though to some this could seem us becoming more co-opted to the use of your United States, and perhaps raise sentiment that we have e'er been part of it, just not in the open." Food for thought.
    "Though I do not care for this discussion, the idea of Tony departing mislikes me." He crosses his arms over his broad chest and looks down before looking at them all. "Has any one of us asked him why he is running?" A beat, then his eyebrows lift as he adds, "More has anyone gained a serious answer from him?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda lets out a sigh and gives a nod of agreement with Natasha. "There will be other candidates too of course. Though Tony and Luthor seem to be getting a lot of the press. You know how these things can change quickly though. A candidate can become hot."

She looks thoughtful, reaching up and resting a hand lightly against Clint's side. "Just remember, there will be Secret Service agents waiting to jump on you if you do," she says.

The question from Thor yields only a little shake of Wanda's head. "I have been focused elsewhere," she says simply enough. "Speaking of. If you haven't heard... Lorna survived the attack in Genosha. She is staying in her rooms at Charles Xavier's school. She is in rough shape. But... she's alive. She was the one who broadcast our Father's message. She can sense him, their magnetic fields. And she tells me he is gone." It's all said quietly. Information the team needs about a major issue in the world. Wanda manages it without too much emotion. In truth she's been through so much emotion, she manages to handle things more calmly now, even involving Genosha.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Support does also include disagreeing with others' thoughts on matters," Steve allows in agreement to Clint. A slurp of his coffee disappears before he speaks again, expression now utmost solemn. "Tony's not going anywhere, not just yet. There's time to figure out what he's thinking. Lemme see about talking with him." By the tone, it's something Steve's committed to.

Wanda's news is delivered quietly. Slowly, the Captain lets out a sigh. "'m very sorry, Wanda. I'd hoped otherwise for your sake," he admits with a tilt of his head, gaze upon the Transian woman now.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Luthor," Clint makes a face. "Just Tony with less personality," he concludes. "But I tell you they both beat the hell out Kelly if he decides to run," he says with a shake of his head.

The hand on Clint's side gets a smile from the archer, "Figurative foot in the figurative ass," he says before drawing an X over the left side of his chest. "I promise.," he says before looking and nodding to Thor. "I hope not, if I wanted to fight America's battles I would have joined the army. We're Avengers, we look out for the world, but as much as Tony's well, Tony, I don't think he'd compromise that. Even if it meant working for him.," he says. "And if not, well, half the people in this room work for SHIELD anyhow, we can get the rest of you in no problem," he jokes snapping his fingers.

Wanda's news about her father has Clint wrapping his arm around her shoulders, "Sorry, Wanda," he says just above a whisper, giving her shoulders a squeeze. "Glad to hear about Lorna though."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    For a split second, Natasha seems genuinely baffled by Thor's question before she muscles her composure back into place, and even then she straightens her back and stares into the distance for a moment. "... No." is all she says softly, and she's genuinely perplexed by this fact. Sure, RHETORICALLY she often asks 'WHY IS TONY DOING THIS?!' but she suddenly realizes that she's gotten too used to just sighing and deciding 'it's Tony'.
    Wanda's distraction can't really be called a welcome one. She frowns and lowers her head slightly, not quite looking at Wanda as she softly says, "I'm sorry."
    In the spirit of Natasha being low on sincerity... she's not really sure she is, considering what Magneto has done. But part of the job is knowing what not to say.

Thor has posed:
    A frown settles on Thor's features as he looks to the side, then back toward them. "It seems Genosha has touched us all." He takes a deep breath and shakes his head, looking toward Clint, perhaps gauging the man's reaction. But then he presses his hands onto the arms of the chair and pushes himself upwards. "I believe I shall depart. I know what course of action you choose will be a well-worthy one," He looks between the others, nodding toward Cap after he says this. "Point me in the right direction when it comes time."
    That said he starts to walk around the table, though he pauses long enough to rest a large hand on Wanda's shoulder, fingers squeezing briefly in a show of support. Then past Clint who gets a light pat-pat upon the shoulder. Toward the door he slips around a chair and /thumps/ Cap on the back, "Til later, good people."
    And at that last he nods toward Natasha.
    The doors open and through it the man travels.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda looks with a grateful look towards each of her teammates at the expressions of sympathy. "I thought them both gone," she says quietly, her eyes looking away from them and just off across the room. "So, finding Lorna survived, was a blessing," she tells them. "And it makes me realize how important it is to make sure those around us that we care about, know it," she says.

Wanda turns her gaze back, looking in turn at each member of the team. Her eyes glistening just a bit with emotion for each and every one of them. She clears her throat a little bit then. "Thor. I'm glad you're back amongst us. You were missed," she tells him with a brighter smile to help bring the mood back up, as he's departing."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve gives the Asgardian royal a deep nod. "You can count on an update, Thor." Thankfully, despite the friendly thumping that resonates like a drum on the Captain's spine, no coffee spills. He merely huffs faintly once, as if to cough were to be too much of an allowed reaction. "Have a good night, Thor."

Steve then looks back across the small collection of Avengers there, present and concerned and willing to do much to keep the world a safe (if relatively sane) plane. "'s'true. Thor's back, 'nd we're grounded as we can be. Can't ask for better teammates." His small smile is true as the dawn.

Still, he pulls out his phone and frowns at it. "Got a few emails to check, but does anybody still want pizza before I disappear up into the office? Don't mind putting in the order for it."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods to Thor as the Asgardian claps him on the shoulder, "Take her easy, Thor," he calls to the man as he departs, before looking to Wanda, "Hey, we've got you, it's what we do," he says.

Clint nods about Thor's return, "Beginning to feel like home again," he remarks of the mansion with most of the team all back where it should be.

"Sure Cap, pepperoni?" he says looking at the other two Avengers. "Brooklyn style goes without saying."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's smile to Wanda expertly hides a pang of guilt as she nods once and says "We're glad you're still with us too, Wanda."
    Truthfully Natasha's never knowingly felt that kind of connection to anything - not without knowing she was playing make believe, and that didn't last terribly long. The temptation to ruminate on that is squashed as soon as she notices it, but it's bound to fester. She looks at Clint for a moment, and then looks away as Thor begins to leave, saying "Good night, Thor." With a gentle smile.
    Natasha nods as Steve speaks, moved by his knack for uplifting words, and even allows herself to feel a little bit like she's part of it. She is, but her brain has trouble filtering that. It's like watching a nice speech in a movie. Great for the characters to hear, but nothing to do with you.
    In regards to pizza Natasha says "I think that's a good idea." Food's good for good feelings and bad feelings, and there's plenty of both going around.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda gives a little nod as well. "Pizza would be appreciated," she says. She glances at the time. "I'm not going anywhere. Unless JARVIS picks up something anyway," she says with a glance towards the monitors that still do not show any Avenger-sized threats that need tending to.

Wanda lets out a small yawn. "But I need some coffee. From a /different/ cup," she says, grinning towards Cap and rising to go over to the cabinet and dig out a mug. It's green and has two handles on it, one on each side, shaped like Hulk arms, and there's a big Hulk face on the mug. "This is why I used yours," she tells Steve, sighing and filling it up.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Glad you know me well enough to argue for Brooklyn style and not against it." It makes Steve laugh nonetheless as he pulls up the app on his phone. "Pepperoni, at least two. We'll do...a Supreme with all the fixings, two of those, one vegetarian, and one all-meat." His phone pings. "Done. Skipped JARVIS this time." A glance up to the monitors as Steve adds, "No hard feelings."

<<Of course not, Captain Rogers.>> Ever polite, the AI.

Rescuing his own mug off the countertop, the super-soldier lifts it in salute to Wanda's plight of a green armed coffee mug. "Clearly, you need your own mug." A glance is shot at Clint in particular as if to emphasize that this particular issue could be in his capable hands to solve. "I'll be upstairs if anybody needs me. Nat, I'll see you around the Trisk." A small wave towards his fellow SHIELD agent and then Steve too departs to finish out this evening's correspondance.