5031/Only Best Buds Execute Mutants In Unison

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Only Best Buds Execute Mutants In Unison
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Sub-rural New York: A facility not unlike Xavier's but not quite as nicely furnished and likely might be a converted mental hospital.
Synopsis: Cable shoots at mutant power thieves, others think he's shooting mutants. Danger Close.
Cast of Characters: Cable, Heather Danielson, Irina-As17, Ruth Aldine, Quentin Quire, Paige Guthrie, Illyana Rasputina

Cable has posed:
    Old red stone with white support masonry on the foundation and corners as well as around doorframes and windows. It's ornate-ish, leaning towards the idea of interesting, but not really with the budget of interesting. There's modest parking and the trees and greenery around is over grown and lends an ominous spooky kind of vibe to the place. As well as the air around the place feeling stale and undisturbed for some time.

    Until now

    There's a fire erupting on the grounds at the back of the old cemetary, a place full of featureless headstones, about a dozen of them, with moss covering the uncared for rocks. The black smoke of the dry grass reaches up into the sky and the fires threaten to race to the backside of the buildings.

    The backdoors open drastically as people poor out and what looks like an organized group of mutants begin to fight the fire. A blue man starts to suck in air around himself and grows bloated first his stomach, but then the skin around him expands like a balloon off his skeleton, swelling with air. Another starts to fight the flames with a stomp of his foot and the dirt and earth of the graveyard begins to move like a wave away from him.

    The third is about to act when an explosion rings out as the front door is blown inwards from a charge that was placed on it, and in that moment a CRACK is heard, and the third mutant's head blossoms like a rose in a spray of blood and brains and bone. His neck suddenly ignites and a green geyser of fire lances into the sky and bounces off the stratosphere before it too dies out.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    New York City. The city that never sleeps. But nobody ever mentioned anything about the New York Food Coma. It's a thing for some folks. Especially if you eat ten times the normal calories for a person your size and mass. That is Heather's curse, and she and was in the city for a charity photo shoot for Breast Cancer Awareness... this means that her teeshirt today is an I <3 New York shirt that is -HOT- pink in color.
    But since she was in New York and not Metropolis, she reached out to her friend Paige and arranged to meet up in the city. Right now, Heather is just finishing a pizza at Anthony's pizzaria and laughing at something Paige said about a recent dance they both attended. The shoot was out in suburbia, in a local park. A park near both the Pizzaria and the facility that just blew up.
    "Seriously. I think I'd have done better if I had -tried- to step on his toes more... I mean ser.." *kaboom*. "Dafuq?"
    Heather is on her Titans comm and reporting the situation even as she stands up and is heading for the exit. "Any ideas what caused that?" She asks Paige as she exits to the street. But it turns out, the facility is across the street. ".. that's weapons fire!" calls out Heather as she starts running that way, skidding to a stop at the tall fence and turning to crouch and lace her hands to offer Paige a boost up and over.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 was, as usual, racing through absolutely everywhere to find trouble. Her mission was to strain herself to her limits, in the hopes her body would go under enough stress to evolve itself to a new level, to make her powers evolve. She found that fighting while injured might be quite helpful with that, considering it was mostly flesh wounds and wouldn't get her killed.

However, if she had the ability to curse, they would be flying everywhere right now. She didn't really know any. She was watching, something, going on, and was entirely not sure what. She wasn't here to fight fires but there was clearly more to, someone was doing this. The greatest issue was that she had been taught not to disapprove of killing the right people. So the question was: Were these mutants who were being targeted to be considered good or bad? She considers this from a position of stealth, horizontal on the ground and trying to use some shrubs to conceal herself, since this was a rural area. She was, however, wearing full-body black kevlar armor, so depending on the time of day her success would vary drastically.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"We are supposed to be here, yes." Ruth says to Quentin. There is fire, there is blood and there is death. Ruth saw it no other way.

It all started with a dream. A dream that lead to a story. That story led to an urge. That urge led to her dragging Quentin out who probably had had enough from what he endured last night. But the trial of Quire was not over just yet.

The first few shots has Ruth immediately ducking behind a tombstone. The young woman wasn't small enough, but she pulled Quentin down into the bubble as she 'peeks' over the side of the tombstone. Minds were invaded, the panic was suppressed away from her so that she could watch and see, and recoil as soon as it all became too much.

"Don't stand.. don't stand.." She repeats to herself, her hand reaching out to grip Quentin's arm. "Not yet.. not yet.. go!" Yes, go. She was already dragging him to another headstone, for the one that they were by put them in a precarious position.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire didn't know what they were doing there, but Ruth said they should be there and so they were. He'd learn to trust her instincts and her visions, even though they didn't always make sense to him. Fate was apparently a fickle and possibly stoned individual and Quentin could totally relate.

He's crouched down, wearing a black and pink leather jacket with a stylized Omega on the back, his mohawked hair slicked back and down into a tiny little ponytail at the base of his skull. "I feel like we're doing 80s aerobics, I should've worn sweat...oh ,we're going, we're going..." he says, crouching along beside her as he sees the conflagration getting out of hand and growing increasingly violent.


Paige Guthrie has posed:
Having just finished her last slice, Paige is feeling the effects of 'food coma' just a bit. She loves pizza and this is her cheat day from her diet and workouts. She's wearing a red and white checkered flannel and a pair of snug skinny jeans. Fashioanble country.

When she was about to reply, the explosion rocks even the pizzeria a bit as the foundation wobbles. She glances out through the window, then heads for the door to follow after Heather. "Geezus, that sounded terrible. I wonder what could have happened." As she starts after her, she takes a quick sprint forward, then leaps to plant her foot into Heather's hands, then launches herself upand over the fence. ONce she lands, she starts forward quickly.

There's the sound of paper shredding as she reaches up to yank at the top of her head and hair, tearing it away to reveal a solid black onyx like material beneath. "Heather, can you call 911?" She lumbers forward like a black, shimmering tank.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana can be just about anywhere at any time. Rarely is explanation required, and for her purposes, being in a cemetery with a small bouquet of hellebore, osmanthus, hemlock berries, and yew in the dead of winter isn't so strange. Is it? She holds a small, bone-handled knife and kneels among dead needles, rotten ice, and a thorny holly bush large enough to shroud her modest presence.

Whatever she is doing, it ends at the first ripples of violence.

Explosive bursts ruining someone's day leave an indelible mark on the gloomy ambiance these old places cultivate. The knife blade snicks through a slim branch and a prickly cluster of holly berries and leaves fall to the ground. She braves looking up past the headstones for any signs of trouble, some New Yorker Hatfield-McCoy trouble or a rural gangland whatever it is. So much for hiding. Considering the fire burns unpleasantly close, she snatches up flowers, knife, and holly, ducking down to stay well out of sight.

In that case, flattening herself behind a stone and tugging on certain eldritch energies at her command is a starting point until she has a grip on the battlefield. If she can hear her peers' voices -- especially Ruth -- it takes some time to orient on where. So much for a nice, spooky gathering of ritual components for absolutely no suspicious purposes.

Cable has posed:
    The first body falls to the ground, and then a whirring sound hisses from Cable's rifle as he lays down prone from his position on top of the building to the east of where the backdoor opened and the three mutants popped out. He presses his cheek into the side of the rifle, allowing his organic eye to peer through the sight and he allows his breath to exhale and *squeeeeeeze*


    The second round flies through the air into the distended man, his cheek puffing up horribly before the bullet rips through it and the man's jaw snaps on the other end from the exit of the bullet.

    "Damn." Cable grunts to himself, the balloon skin caused him to miss the shot but the man's body begins to howl and hiss like a leaking balloon. Cable readys a third shot turning to aim down at the man who moved the ground, even a second time to finally cause the fires to go out by shuffing the soil and dropping it hard enough to cover the flames.

    At the front door that has exploded open and the frame charred with black, another four mutants rush out, one with hands that have staples around the man's forearms, all the way around both, and ... the shades of his skin changes beneath those staples. A second man with open wounds around his eyes that dart around madly, never once looking at the same spot with both eyes. The third a woman with tentacles, pink and slimey, flopping around against her wildly, and the last a large man with a metal foot stomping unevenly as he barrels out of the door last but spots Paige and snarls as he rushes for her. One of his colleagues calls out. "What happened? Call 911! We need help!"

Heather Danielson has posed:
    With Paige over the fence, Heather stands up and takes a few steps back. Before she starts moving, she says over Titans comm, "Can you contact New York emergency services appropriate for my GPS location and inform them there has been an explosion at my location?"
    Then she runs towards the fence and pushes down with her feet. And let me tell you, the effect of legs that can press ten tons, when pushed down against the earth... to propel a one hundred and eighteen pound girl? Yeah. She is up and over the fence... landing hard.
    But she's already moving at full speed towards the building. She's not really looking to fight. More to save lives from the fire and boom booms.
    She looks to Paige and gives a nod before sprinting towards the front door. Seeing the folks that rush out the front door, Heather calls out, "Is anyone else inside?" as she runs -towards- said door. She's not remotely concerned with the appearance of these people. Only concerned with the fact that they escaped a fire, and others may not have.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Do you see?" Ruth points out to Quentin. She could tell he was already engaged. But their spot was just about to be blown right up if they didn't move to another spot. "Come." Ruth tugs at Quentin again, manuvering herself among the battlefield. She was used to death at a young age, though with all of this chaos, it was starting to take it's toll just a little. Perhaps it was a mistake being here, but it was too late. They'd definitely be seen eventually.

Once the last safe spot was reached, Ruth tilts her chin upwards. "Someone is rushing towards Paige." She says to Quentin. "She will be ready. She has a friend." Ruth lowers her chin, then hisses. "In several moments, -she- will swing her sword." Yes, Illyana was here. She pauses, seemingly still, then smiles. Her hand lifts to pat Quentin's shoulder.

"Get to work."

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire sticks close to Ruth, crouching down beside her and taking a moment to m ake sure his shoelaces are tight. Hey, it's important to be prepared! He slides on his wraparound sunglasses, then looks at Ruth, "Get to work doing what? What's happening? Oh, hell with it..."

He takes to the sky, wrapped in fuschia energy and forming his psychic shotgun in his hands and aiming down...vaguely in the direction of what's happening. He boosts his voice with a psychic transmission, making sure it carries to anyone mentally within a nearby radius, "YO WHAT THE FUCK LIKE STOP AND SHIT DUDE"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana has a much better view of the problems in the back of the property than the front. But she can hear the smack of Heather's feet hitting the ground in a regular tattoo, the pause of the leap. Paige might be a distant thunder, but things stand out to the battle-seasoned Russian blonde. Details count and she scours them before committing to movement.

First, that bouquet of many varied things vanishes in a trice, leaving a lonely prickled leaf and blue-black berry in its wake. She stays low, slipping from headstone to the next, echoing something of Ruth and Quentin's movements. After all, they only have so many slabs to hide a near full-grown teenager behind.

Three. Two.

Quentin's rifle is the trustworthy signal flare she needs to ascertain where he and Ruth are generally. She doesn't get his broadcast; she does, however, use his position up there to act. Never doubt the precognitive, though it's the knife that counts first. She takes that neat little bone-handled knife and reverses it, whipping it end over end in a surprisingly hard throw for the open door at the back of the property. Either it sails into the darkness or something else happens, but usually hurtling cutlery has the nasty habit of inspiring people to move.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 doesn't know a lot about the outside world, she was trained and taught only about a few key things that she needed to know to avoid mission failure. She does recognize the mention of 911 and ponders upon it, she knew this called the police, she had been taught the police was mostly useless but it took people at an attempt to punish criminals. Thus, would criminals call the police? Or was it out of desperation for their lives? She's seen it before.

The dilemma was enormous, these people seemed to be mutated as she had been taught, this made her favor them for the time being, but only due to the fact she had not seem them engaging in any criminality and they seemed to be on the side of the police.

The result is that she gets up to her feet and starts to run, she needed to see where the shots were coming from. Cable would be able to see her accelerating massively, the kevlar armor-suited figure doing quick dashes from cover to cover at speeds that could certainly be defined as beyond human potential. She changes angles multiple times, looking for him.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she charges forward, Paige is waving her arms back and forth towards the mutant approaching her. "Hey! Are you okay?! We called 911! We got help coming to put out the fire! Is anyone trapped inside? How can we help out?"

The gunshots from long range causes her to slow down a bit, glancing around and ducking her head down. "Knockout! Did you hear that? Are those ballistics?"

As she spies Illyana and Quinten as well, she tilts her head towards them, then back towards the mutant who's charging at her. "Hey! Friend or foe? I gotta know in like five seconds buddy.." She trails off, tensing up.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Quentin was off doing his thing, Illyana began to dance. And Ruth.. well. Ruth was her. Her hair was soon tugged into a bun as she quietly begins to count, finally standing fully and pausing, waiting for the right moment to walk forward and turn away from the scene of the battle. Her hands were deep into her back pockets, retrieving a pair of latex gloves. Soon as they were in her grip, she ducks again to avoid a bit of debris that may have hit her if she didn't.

The gloves were tugged on with a *THWAP* and now she was set to crawl. Her hands touching along the ground as fingers dash along graveyard dirt and tiny stalks of grass.

"Hey! Friend or foe? I gotta know.." Ruth sings, her head bobbing back and forth, "Yo what the freak like stop and stuff dude.."

Cable has posed:
    "I said call 911!" The dude with the metal slab for a lower leg shouts to Heather and Paige as they comes rushing towards the front of the property, his leg swinging out awkwardly as he shuffles over towards the fence and dives into the chain link metal and smashes a section down for the others up at the front door to notice and move down towards him as well.

    "Um- Uh..." "NO!" "No?" "NO!" Two of the three at the door moving slower than the large man have a discussion before the woman finishes, "No, there's no one else inside, everyone needs to get back and get out of here." She says, her boneless arms squirming through the air before she tries to wrap up Heather and Paige in an arm each in an attempt to move them back towards the fence. "We don't know, but we're getting away before anything bad happens." The two men follow up as they all try to heard Paige and Heather back away from the building.

    Cable gets to his knees in a snarl, "You sonovab-" The gun is flicked from single fire to full auto with a twist of his thumb and Cable levels the sights onto the earthbender and squeezes the trigger again, briefly, sending three rounds down towards the man with dreadlocks only on the top of his head, but he raises his hands and a stone wall rises up before him, not stopping the bullets but causing them to miss hitting him, just barely.

    "God da- Who the fuck are you?!" Cable demands, turning his gun on Quentin, but pausing, and lowering it. "Go after them you idiot!" The man snarls while a knife flies past the damaged balloon man and he ducks out of the way to start running towards the side of the house, blood sputtering from his jaw and he tries to pull the earth bender. "Le'ss go!" He barely mumbles, trying to speak with a shot off jaw isn't easy.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    For a moment, Heather resists the hands.. tendrils trying to grab her. She's a LOT stronger than she appears, and that might catch tentacle girl off guard. But she relents when she hears that nobody else is inside. "It did sound like a weapon!" she calls back to Paige. "Now slow down a bit." she says to tentacle girl.
    She does her best to extract herself from the grip and says, "WEre you under attack or something?"
    She looks left and then right, trying to find the shooter.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire gives Cable the finger, "I'm Kid Omega. I'm like...well, I'm not a superhero, heroism is an antiquated concept based on flawed conceptions of good and evil as simple dialectics rather than the more nuanced reality of the world in which everyone consists of different degrees of good or bad, all of it mitigated and explained by culture, upbringing and context in such a way that..."

"Y'know, what, fuck it, "fine," he says, going after those that Cable has indicated for him to target. Maybe Cable's the bad guy, but something about the guy's psychic aura pinged in Q's brain, his hyperintellect starting to burrow and work on that little conundrum in the back of his multi-layered consciousness as he unleashes a rain of psychic buckshot at those fleeing.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"You just walk into strange houses?" It sounds so much worse in the arch, dripping judgment infused by frosty Russian accent, but Slavic tongues have a way of injecting icy contempt or harrowing edges and sharp planes into practically every sound. Even a lullaby becomes harrowing when sung by the Red Army Choir. Without sparing the weird woman trying to grappling Paige and Heather, Illyana doesn't bother mincing words about Tentaculina and her friends. At the side of the house, she has a somewhat decent angle on the front yard and the back, but no perfect view of either. That's easy to fix. "What's in there? More importantly, why are you getting shot at?"

A question they can answer while she snaps her hand out to pull forth something from nothing. In that case, something is a slender blade in the style of a Cossack sabre, gently curved and not particularly wide. That's where all comparisons to a normal sword forged from a mundane metal like steel or vibranium end. At the speed of thought, space contorts and bends in a narrow, threaded line in front of the balloon man. Three tears splice open as one of her portals takes form, shrouded in fine filaments of brilliant sapphire flames tinged ghostly silver at their edges to snap around the man. It's a nicer result than, say, the sword igniting in the same flames going through his chest. Maybe it's her idea of a rescue. Maybe when you bring a sword to a gunfight, you better have some weird moves.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 spotted the firer, guns were a serious problem, more so than most mutations, she was highly advised against them. This was the only reason she was given a kevlar armor. She uses her stubby claws to swiftly climb the side of the building, grunting softly in pain from the wounds along her arms and left leg. SHe goes right up to the edge of the building but doesn't climb up into it, she stays clinging to the wall like a squirrel.

"Why are you shooting at these people?" She questions him from very close, but still clinging to the side of the wall. "I am in favor of killing, but it requires a valid reason. Tell me yours." She then adds very firmly.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"I'm Kid Omega. Heroism is an antiquated concept based on flawed conceptions of good and evil.. blah blah.. sorry.." Ruth speaks to no one in particular. She wasn't too far away from the scene to -not- know what was going on, but she did peg this happening the night before. Possibly in a different way.

Ruth stops and leans back upon the heels of her shoe as she reaches into another pocket, whipping out a baggie and fluffing it full of air so that she collect what she was going to find. A handful of graveyard dirt. The sort that comes from an unmarked grave of the most pure.

How did she know? Eeh-uh-ee!

At least it wasn't -too- poisonus.

"I want to learn how to fly, yes." Ruth says to herself, nodding.. pausing.. then standing to shift to a new spot and kneeling. Out of sight, out of mind. Perfect.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
At the sound of more bullets going off in the distance, Paige continues to duck down a bit as she is herded away by the strange group of mutants. "Look, ah' appreciate th' concerns, but we're heroes. She's a Titan and I'm an X-Man." In training. She leaves that out.

"If no one else is back there, then who is shooting at what? Look, you all get over here and don't move, okay? Just keep down, stay outta line of sight. Let Knockout and I head back over and see what we can do. Ah'm kinda bulletproof like this and KO here uh.. she's good at kicking ass.'



She continues to search upwards, then glances over towards Illyana and throws her hands upwards. "Magik! Can yah' see anything? What th' hell is going on?!"

Cable has posed:
    "Cause they're not fucking mutants okay." Cable says as he takes a step forward, presses the butt of the gun into his shoulder and fires again, that report of three bullets being sent echoes through the cemetery loudly in quick succession before Cable realizes that the bag of loose skin he was shooting at is suddenly gone. "What th- MOVE!" Cable shouts down to Irina as he steps over her and drops the three stories down off the roof to land on the ground in a rough roll. "STOP HIM!" Cable shouts as he takes to his feet again, and his eye begins to glow brighter as he pushes himself to run faster through the cold New York winter air after the earth mover.

    The front of the facility, Heather squirms not only out of the tentacled woman's, tentacle, the limb snaps off, with the suckers stuck to Heather's arm and the woman screaming as her shoulder spurts a stream of blood from it but it doesn't seem like she's loosing that much based on the injury.

    "Get back!" The woman shouts with her one tentacle wriggling as she legs go of Paige and frown as she stumbles onto the road with the other three looking at her and the younger kids seeming to step up and save the day. "We don't know, whoever it is is crazy and just shooting at us!"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 is once more at a dilemma, had he been villanous in the only definition she had, he would have tried to attack her on the spot. Instead, he seemed to not try to harm her. Was the target he was seeking simply more valuable or was he truly not intent on being violent towards her? His statement about them not being mutants was also very confusing, so she was not sure how to proceed.

She lets herself slide down rapidly along the wall and lands next to Cable, running along beside him. By this point she was huffing heavily and groaning from the pain, trickles of blood dropping from her shin guards at times. "What are they and what is your reason for this? I don't think the situation will be favorable for you if you do not explain these two things." She advises him and narrows her black-circled eyes upon him to measure his reaction.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Her hand wrapped about the end of the tentacle, Heather went to untangle herself from the thing. Her intent was to peel it off like a piece of tape, from the end -towards- the start. Nothing she was doing -should- have literally disarmed the tentacle girl. However, that girl's arm pops off and Heather screams just as much as the girl does, flailing her arms in fear and pain... The pain of having caused such harm to a being who was not trying to harm -her-.
    Now she is focused on that and nothing else. Tears burst forth from her eyes as she proclaims, "Oh god! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Oh shit, oh shit oh shit... do you think a doctor can reattach it if we get you there quick?" She looks to the others, totally broken from this.... pleading for someone to be able to help. Firearms are forgotten, danger? No.. this poor girl that -SHE- maimed.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire can fly, fly very well, in fact, even if he doesn't have the wings of an eagle or an angel or...some other majestic flying type thing. Instead, he is like a bit of a quintissential comet, streaking through the sky and coming up on the earth mover that Cable was targetting.

"Hey, miscreant, I don't know what you did to Fullmetal Alchemist back there, but I'm thinkin' it's probably, like, bad and stuff, so I'm going to turn your brain off now, okay?" he says before firing his psychic shotgun and doing just that, swinging around to a stop just in time to see Heather dis-en-tentacle somebody, "DAMN WOMAN YOU AIN'T GOTTA BE SO HARD."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she hears Heather cry out, Paige whips her head around quickly and looks over at the limbless woman, then back to Heather. "Oh my God! Oh.. Oh my GOD! Are you okay?! Holy shit! We gotta get her to a doctor!" She says as panic rises up in her throat.

Look, we can .. put it back on .. I have a friend named Josh. He can heal um.. anything.. I think. You're gonna be okay! Ah' promise!" Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up.

She leans down and picks the tentacle arm upwards, feeling her cheeks puff out, then gives a visible swallow.

"Okay.. okay let's... get ta' my car.. ah'll... put this in the trunk. Don't you die on us!"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Blindfold harvests plants. Kid Omega is a one-man party. An angry soldier is using people back here for target practice." The sharp, precise diction from Illyana identifies her state of distraction, balancing on broken ground and precisely sewing up the rifts she leaves in space almost as fast as they form. Glowing blue shades drown her arctic eyes to an unnatural flat sheen, speaking to the power channelled up from another realm through a lens of her existence. The interrupting screams and cries from the tentacle woman don't much change her stance, though she might have a scrap of sympathy somewhere for Heather being subjected to a broken floppy appendage wrapped around her. Nothing like nature's breakaway tails or limbs being discovered on a massive scale.

Alas, a few years clawing her way to earn the title of a Hell Lord effectively deadens any disgust or horror. That iota of sympathy has a lonely life. "We can reattach that."

She's trying.

The Soulsword pointed down is not exactly hostile. She hisses in a ringing voice to the men in the backyard, "Subdue that one, and explain what danger they present." Of course it might /also/ suggest to Quentin to take on Cable. Read into it as one will.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
With most of the action out of the rear of the facility, Ruth was left unattended. Which was a good idea, for people watching her would be mildly confused. A young woman, on her hands and knees in the snow, digging up a good patch of uncovered graveyard dirt from a saint and then moving on to the coldest parts to scratch through the snow like a pup her buried her bone. She finds a plant, studies it, dumps it into the graveyard dirt and continues.

But all of the sudden..

She busts out laughing!

It was such a rare treat if anyone could hear it (probably not over the gunfire and crying). Her face burning hotly so much so that, she could almost feel her eyesockets attempt to produce tears. This all was very hilarious, and there was almost a need to speak but.. no. This task was an important one. Ruth had chosen her fate of solitude and hilarity instead of pointing out the -obvious- across the board.

Well, obvious to her anyway.

Cable has posed:
    As Quentin mindgun-blasts the mudmover, Cable is already moving that way, speaking to Irina, "They spliced themselves with actual mutant parts. They hurt people for their powers." His gun shuffling in his hand as he moves quickly to get to the side of the house and the front of the building. As he nears Quentin and the downed man, Cable pulls out a pistol off his hip and puts two quick rounds, one in the chest and the last in the man's head as he moves past. "Gotta get up front!" Cable grunts as he moves to the side and circles around to the front.

    Dropping to a knee, Cable murmurs, "Shit." As he brings the rifle up and the first person he sees. "Get away from those kids!" Cable grumbles and squeezes a shot at the tentacle woman's head.

    The woman, starting to move with her left arm still attached was running with Paige and Heather, "Um, yeah, lets get that put back on. There's some psycho here. I'm scar-" POP!

    Blood and viscera splatter everywhere from where her head used to be, and her body slumps to the ground, the tentacle though writhes mindlessly.

    "FUCKER!" Shouts the man with staples on his arm as he turns towards Cable and aims his palms at the man before two fountains of yellow red goop errupt from his hands and land on the ground and in the snow and grass, steaming instantly as the lava boils away at the ground it hits. "Shit." he groans, with his terrrible aim.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 frowns, this was definitely the correct way to get on her nerves. She found her powers as something absolutely sacred towards her mission, the very idea of having them stolen from her was something that shook her so much it made her stomach turn. She could certainly see why Cable was going after them now, she could certainly see why they had to die. This was a sin.

She turns towards the staples guy, lava was DEFINITELY not something she was built to handle, but he did also seem to have bad aim. She leaves that one for someone with ranged capabilities and goes for the bigger stump leg guy. She actually growls out with a chittering noise as she forces herself to speed up again, blood trails being left along. She speeds as much as she can and jumps, aiming to spin in mid-air and smash her armored ankle into the side of the guy's head to knock him out.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire sees the big splatter from Cable blowing up tentacles, "Yikes. H.P. Hatecraft, yo," he says, then quickly contains some of the lava in TK bubbles as it misses, "Hey, Terminator 3000, that was pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie. Gooey and chunky like a Snickers bar. Probably against, like, forty laws, but hey, fight the power and all that. Not sure if these guys count as the power. Also, your psi-signature is very dank and funkalicious," he says. "Oh yeah, I forgot. Go to sleep," he says, snapping his fingers at the lava dude and shutting off his brain.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana disappears into one of her portals, dropping straight through the snow-covered grass at the side of the house. Only a mere glimpse of scarlet and vermillion skies streaked by violet clouds peers through the fissure, a blink lasting a second.

When she re-emerges, it's on the far side of the front of the house where various running patchwork men (and woman) struggle for survival. "I knew that house was bad," she murmurs, stepping out of the brilliant flame-charged halo and whipping the Soulsword down in a diagonal guard.

The second portal snaps under the steel-legged man, consuming him in the twinkling of an eye. "Anyone else need a time out?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"AHA." Ruth finally barks out after her fit of laughter, leaning forward to grasp the last bits of foilage that were required. The sprinkle of plants were closed up and folded carefully, held upright with latex gloves as if she found the most prized possession. Rising from the snow, wet pants and all, she was careful in her manuvers. Careful to not step on bits of brain matter, blood. Oop, there's a finger. Was that a tooth?

'Round the side of the building, still holding the bag up, she doesn't outright approach the gathered few, but she was close enough.

Oh.. someone was sleeping.

Ruth surveys the scene, shoulders lifted, then drops. She wasn't sad, mad, or angry at all.


Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she reaches out to steady the tentacled woman who had her arm fall off, Paige is trying to give her some assurances. "Look, we'll be fine, okay? Just.. we'll get to a doctor. We'll get this arm fixed. Ah' swear. But right now, ah' gotta figure out what's go--"

As the head explodes in front of her, coating her chest and face with bits of skull and graymatter, she stops and stares for a moment. It's almost as if time just frozen still as the body slumps to the side and hits the ground.

Her eyes widen, her body trembling as she takes a step back, followed by another as she lets out a loud scream of panic and surprise, reaching up to rip half her face off with a yank of her fingers, revealing titanium side by side with her onyx shape. Something stronger. Something more durable.

"ILLYANA! HELP!" She screams out, still holding the loose tentacle arm in her hands as shock suddenly slaps her in the face.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 blinked as the man vanished right in front of her. SHe lets out a throaty, squeaky chittering noise of the most confused nature. She did not remember having this power. She did not think it would have evolved so quickly either. Or would it? She stares at herself in shock. Her legs bleed so much the kevlar is covered in red.

She rotates towards the final guy, finall a villain she could really sink her teeth into. She points out at him. "YOU! SCOURGE. SOURCE OF HUMAN DISCORD." SHe steps forwards, wobbling a bit due to the messed up shins, but she had an almost fanatical determination. Or maybe not just 'almost'. "I cleanse you from this world!" She then exclaims as she flings a disk at him, it detonates mid-air creating a blinding flash of light. Her visor deploys to shield her own eyes and allow her to approach at her drastically reduced speed, but still quite quickly for human standards. Her intent is to launch a punch straight into his throat, this one was not slowed down nearly as much as her legs.

Cable has posed:
    As Cable takes out the tentacle woman, the lava shooter fires his one shot before being downed by Quentin in a moment. That's five of the seven and Cable has moved his gun to level towards the man with the stump of a leg but... "What tha?" The man asks, dropping his gun and lifting his left arm up and twisting it at the elbow to pop out an orange translucent hard light barrier as the last man's eyes begin to glow red and with a scream a beam of energy shoots out from his eyes directly into Cable's barrier and it splinters upwards into the atmosphere where the lasers disapate. OH GOD! PUT HIM DOWN!

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth was all sunshine and rainbows! Holding up a baggy of 'treats' for Illyana, only flinching once she's sprayed with a decent amount of blood and gore. That's going to be a bitch to clean. Her smile never fades though, seemingly stuck in that position, only stopping until she hears the "SOURCE OF HUMAN DISCORD". She couldn't help but look back and forth, foilage to her chest and a sigh.

Her mental 'fingers' do a quick play among the scene, seeking out Quentin to connect as a line of sight, her hand stretched out towards the eyeball-fiery dude of doom as she says ever so loudly.. "BAKUN!"

Trick she learned!

That little aimed 'firing' seeks to plant itself into the back of the mans head, hopefully knocking him out for the time being.

Quentin Quire has posed:
Quentin Quire just makes punching gestures in the air as he watches the other three take the last guy down, "Oooh, yeah, right in the - OH, that's gotta hurt - DAMN, RUTH, WITH THE CREAM CHEESE ICING ON THE ASSKICK CAKE AW YEAH, BABY," he grins, flying over and sliding around Ruth to give her shoulder a squeeze, "So, uh...who are you anyway, Metal Dude?"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana's 'treat' bag is going to need to be delivered. Might be tricky. Finding her room at a certain school takes a lot more work than hunting for a door plate.

Limbo has its two victims: a gaseous balloon and a man with a steely leg. A third might be in the cards, but rather than snatching another possible suspect, the seraphic Russian blonde has another point of focus.

That's because Paige's scream resonates in the air, yanking on the Demon Queen's fractured conscience. No sooner than her name is bound into 'help,' the air shimmers with the first of a hundred firefly lights. Those trailing motes are not at all the same as the stepping disk, shrouded in a warmer gold tinge that ricochets from the young woman's poised hands. A ring of light appears atPaige's feet, dropping her a foot down onto solid wood floorboards that most definitely aren't in yonder field. Illyana retreats back at a run to anchor the doorway in reality to another place, holding it open by force of will until she crashes through it and out of sight.