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Cable (Scenesys ID: 965)
Name: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
Superalias: Cable
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Out-Of-Time Soldier
Citizenship: US
Residence: Nomad
Education: Post-Apocalyptic
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 37 Actual Age: 37
Date of Birth 13 dec 1982 Played By Josh Brolin
Height: 6'5" Weight: 350lbs
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Hunter - RIAYA feat. John Mark McMillan

Character Info


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Cable is an enigmatic and cybernetic mutant that comes from an alternate future. He fought the 'First Mutant', Apocalypse, throughout many realities and futures in an attempt to end his influence. He failed. So, after finding the Hope of mutant and humankind, Cable was thrown off-course after a battle went wrong. But now? Now he's back to ensure his task is done and done right...and to make sure humanity doesn't repeat the mistakes that lead to his future.


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1982: Nathan Christopher Charles Summers is born on an alternate world to Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Grey, and Scott Summers in an apocalyptic wasteland thanks to the machinations of one Mr. Sinister.
1984: Nathan is abandoned by his father, unwittingly leaving him to be captured by Mr. Sinister while Madelyn was injured. Nathan is put in an incubation pod and cloned, giving birth to Stryfe.
1985: Nathan is rescued by Scott Summers and Jean Grey, who raise him as their own.
1995: Scott begins taking Nathan on missions, Nathan's mutant abilities manifest in the form of telekinesis and telepathy.
1998: A rogue group known as the 'Riders of the Storm' kidnap Nathan and take him to Apocalypse's base on the blue side of the moon, where he is infected with the techno-organic virus, which was killing him. Nathan is taken 2,000 years into the future to have a chance of survival,a future ruled by Apocalypse.
Unknown Date: Nathan's infection is halted and he joins the fight against Apocalypse. He is trained as a soldier for a war that would last many years.
Unknown Date: Hardened by battle, but unbroken, Nathan continues to fight. Multiple attempts and multiple time jumps to stop Apocalypse ultimately fail. However, the war that ensued had practically destroyed most life on earth.
Unknown Date: Nathan takes on the name Cable and soon after learns the identity of the first mutant to be born after M-Day: a mutant savior. Cable travels to the past, manages to find her first and takes her into the future for her safety.
Unknown Date: Multiple battles in the future over the child (which he had named Hope) cause Cable to break his time traveling device, leaving the pair stranded. He takes Hope to an isolated settlement where she can be raised without attack. This soon fails as a mutant named Bishop soon pursues them.
Unknown Date: Cable is seperated from Hope after a confrontation with Stryfe and Apocalypse. Cable eventually finds Hope and takes her back in time.
2010: Cable and Hope arrive in the present, where they battle with the Purifiers. Cable sacrifices himself to save Hope, but Cable survives via a time explosion.
Unknown Date: Cable is launched forward in time, where he does battle multiple times with the time-hunter Bishop. Eventually, Cable succeeds in losing Bishop and returns to the past.
Present: Cable has arrived back into the present day. However, his time machine is broken, leaving him stranded. But now he looks for Hope, who he prays has survived like he taught her to.

IC Journal

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Cable is a fighter and he is ruthless about his actions. He feels very little regret or guilt over actions he deems necessary and will rarely, if ever, lose focus on his goals. To Cable, he must succeed. Failure is just never an option for him.

Grim Humor:
Believe it or not, Cable does have a sense of humor. Though many of his jokes or banter tend to be dominantly pessimistic or cynical, he still tries to lighten moods when he realizes spirits need uplifting.

In the end, Cable is someone who will make the sacrifice play. He's done it multiple times, to save the future, to save the Messiah, and to save the world. Alas, however, he's still alive. But Cable knows what he needs to do and will -always- try and make the save, even when nobody else thinks it can be done.

Cable was raised to be a survivor, having grown up in multiple post-apocalyptic wastelands where resources (and people) were scarce. Cable is slow to trust others and tends to keep tabs on everyone in the room. Not to mention, he is someone who will (and has) done what it took to survive.

Character Sheet


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Cybernetic Arm:
Cable's left arm is completely robotic and is by far stronger than his natural, flesh-and-blood right arm. Without telekinetic assistance, Cable can lift up to 15 tons with his cybernetic arm. It also possesses a holographic shield that can deflect bullets and stop Cable from being harmed by explosions. However, the shield does not protect him from the shockwave or momentum force from said explosion.

Cybernetic Eye:
Cable's left eye, despite looking relatively normal, is cybernetic. It allows him to see into the electromagnetic spectrum far better than current technologies could dream of.

Enhanced Durability:
Cable is one of the tough ones. Though definitely not invulnerable like other superbeings, Cable could get hit by a car and get back up without a scratch and even take hits from people much stronger than him and survive....though it will still hurt like hell. Lower-calibur bullets just bounce off, but higher-caliber weaponry (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.) will pierce.

Enhanced Endurance:
Due to the cyber-body he's currently 25% stuck with, Cable can keep ticking for a solid amount of time. Currently, Cable can power through resistance at peak efficiency for several hours before fatigue starts to slow him down.

T.o. Virus:
The Techo-Organic Virus that Apocalypse infected Cable with, while crippling the true potential of his mutant abilities (like his telepathy), granted him impressive Superhuman physical abilities. It gives as much as it takes (see flaws).

Cable's more favored of his two psionic mutant abilities. Cable possesses a high level of telekinetic might, enough that it has earned him the right to be considered an Omega-Level Mutant. With his telekinesis powering him, Cable can lift up to 100 tons at maximum. Cable can use his telekinesis to assemble and disassemble complex machinery, like guns (future and modern) and computers. Concussive Blast: The 'force push' of Cable's abilities. He could essentially 'shove' someone with his telekinetic might for a non-lethal takedown, assuming they weren't tough enough to get up from it.

One of Cable's mutant abilities is telepathy. An experienced telepath in his own right, Cable can project his thoughts and establish mental communications or links over a distance of one-hundred miles, create realistic illusions, and project his mind to the astral plane to fight if need be. At his best, he could erase minds or even take control of them, assuming their will was weak enough to do so. While Cable has the genetics to become one of the greatest telepathic minds ever, his mutant abilities are held back by the presence of the Techno-Organic virus, which has crippled his telepathy considerably enough that he is only able to perform the above actions with only limited room for growth.


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Cable is a master of hand to hand combat. Though almost all of what he knows are styles that were invented in the far future, the modern styles he knows are boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and krav maga. He is skilled in ranged weaponry from both the present day and the 39th century.

Cable has been fixing and breaking things his entire life. He has an intuition for machines and technology that just comes naturally to him. He could modify a rifle to better serve his needs and even fix more intense technological achievements like planes or sophisticated computers.

In the far future where doctors are pretty much extinct and most medicinal care is pretty much self-provided. That being said, Cable could splint bones, mend bloody wounds, do CPR, and basically have enough skill to fix most combat-related injuries. Just uh...don't ask him to do surgery or any high-skill medical procedures. He knows just enough to get by.

Cable is capable of flying commercial and military vehicles, such as planes vs jets, so to speak. He has the genes for it, thanks to his Summers blood, but he is a skilled pilot and driver.

Cable knows how to survive in the harshest of conditions. He knows how to find food, where to get fresh water, how to build a shelter from cot, wood, dirt, and rocks. If he wanted to, and has on multiple occasions, he could live completely outside of civilization and be just fine.

Having lived through a futuristic war and been on the run all throughout time, Cable knows how to be smart and make wise plays. A master strategist with years of experience in battle planning and execution, Cable could come up with genuine plans to lead entire groups of people successfully.


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Future Knowledge:
Though Cable's future is an alternate or uncertain one, its still one that he knows about. He knows what signs contribute to it and he knows what mistakes people should ultimately avoid in order to escape his future. Not to mention, he has knowledge about future technologies that he can recreate in terms of weaponry, assuming he has the materials available.

Hope's Light:
Cable has a strong relationship with Hope Summers, and could call on her if he truly needed help (and of course, if she was actually willing to give it.).

Cable still has a few safehouses from when he made previous jumps into the present. Not all of them are up to standard, but some of them hold important pieces of gear or places where he can lay low when push comes to shove.


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If the word 'nemesis' is to be taken to the absolute meaning of the word, then Apocalypse is Cable's nemesis. His greatest enemy, Apocalypse and Cable have fought each other in multiple time periods with Cable repeatedly failing to end the madman's life or at least being unable to put him down for good. Cable is always looking out for him, after all, the scores are even...and he knows that somewhere, Apocalypse is looming.

Cable can sometimes be a little difficult to get along with. He's straightforward, blunt, honest, and to the point. Where he's from? Standing on ceremony gets you pretty much nowhere. Unfortunately, this can cause Cable to come across as cold to some people and can create strife in groups.

Only Hope:
Hope is Cable's mission, so to speak. He needs to ensure that she survives to become the Messiah she is destined to be. He will not and cannot fail this mission. Its why he's so protective over her, against all odds.

Cable is NOT supposed to be here. He comes from an alternate world, an alternate future. Not to mention, all of his time jumps throughout his life has further blurred the lines. No doubt he has a few time-organizations coming after him at any given moment and his knowledge of current events might be a little skewed.

T.o. Virus:
The Techno-Organic virus that infected Cable as a child is a custom-made virus that essentially changes his organic tissue and compound into a carbon-based technological compound. The Techno-Organic Virus has crippled Cable's powers considerably in this way: Cable is using his psionic powers to keep the virus from spreading. The more he uses his powers for other means, the more he risks that the T.O. Virus could spread. In essence...the virus will one day be the cause of his death if he is not careful. Its not contagious by any means and isn't even a 'disease' by the normal meaning of the term...but its the endgame. As long as Cable keeps the virus at bay, he will go on.

Cable's timeslider is irrepairably broken. Which means he's trapped in this timeline with no way of going 'home', whevever that is.



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Cable has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mystery Night! March 17th, 2021 The thief was caught! M'gann had unexpected help.. much needed! She's not good at this whole detective thing! But the thief was inside the store already, not much investigating needed! After a brief struggle, Cable and M'gann were able to tie him up, and determine whether he was alone. Laura called the cops and the day was saved! There was even a brief philosophical debate on morality!
Following Tensions Rising, (Scene 5205) February 20th, 2021 Cable wakes up in a closet with a blind girl, and then gets David Spaded by Quentin.
Tensions Rising February 15th, 2021 Violence sparks at the Mutant Care Center and a skirmish errupts between Friends of Humanity and mutants. When police get involved, Magneto appears to prevent the hostilities getting further out of hand than they already were.
Retaliation February 9th, 2021 Anti-mutant protestors come to a high school fundraiser in Mutant Town and things get blown out of preportion.
Only Best Buds Execute Mutants In Unison February 5th, 2021 Cable shoots at mutant power thieves, others think he's shooting mutants. Danger Close.
Counting Stars April 21st, 2020 Cable meets Dazzler and they have a nice chat on the porch.
What Might The Future Bring April 20th, 2020 A relaxing evening out back of Xavier's turns to a lot less than relaxing with Hope learning Bishop has arrived... and a surprise cameo by Deadpool.
Purifying the Purifiers March 30th, 2020 Cable, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch foil an attack by the purifiers. Wanda and Clint ask Cable some questions.
Wonderful World March 20th, 2020 No description
We Just Keep Meeting Like This March 18th, 2020 A Summers-Grey arrival and tactics discussion.
Second Coming March 17th, 2020 Hope takes some time for herself, Cable returns and a heartfelt reunion is had.


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Cable has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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