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Do you want to build ANOTHER Snowman
Date of Scene: 18 February 2021
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Snow Golems & Monopoly
Cast of Characters: Paige Guthrie, Scott Summers, Ruth Aldine, Rahne Sinclair, Illyana Rasputina, James Proudstar, Samuel Guthrie, Erik Lensherr

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Heading out into the backyard is Paige Guthrie, bundled up for the weather in a pair of relaxed denim jeans, a parka, mittens and a cute knit cap on her head. She puts the steaming mug of cocoa down on the porch, then takes a few steps out into the snow where she looks at all the other snow-men and women built and strewn about. She scrunches her nose up for a moment in thought, then goes about kicking a few clumps of snow around before leaning forward and starting to pack them together.

After a few minutes, she has found herself rolling what is a large block of ice back and forth, patting it down to let it take shape. Her breath comes out in whispy cloudy puffs with each breath that she takes, trying to ensure that this rounded base is perfectly symmetrical.

Obsessive much? She wouldn't be Paige if she wasn't trying to work out every perfect detail. "There yah' go." She drawls out, then bends down to start working on the mid-section. A perfect snowman has 3 sections after all.

Scott Summers has posed:
At this hour, most of the students are on lunch and Scott is enjoying, in so much as he does, a break. Gathered in an open front blue sweater over a long sleeved thermal shirt and jeans, he has on a pair of earmuffs and a thick pair of boots as he crunches out into the snow by the sliding doors from the kitchen. A hot cup of coffee craddled in his palm to offer its steaming warmth.

The yard looks like the kids (and most of the adults) have gotten the snowy season started with how many snow persons are scattered about. His ruby red gaze turns across faces decorated with coal and carrot to Paige obbessively rolling a ball of ice to add yet another citizen to the snow brigade.

Careful footsteps bring him closer, crunching into the snow to just above his ankle bone. Standing closer by with fogging breath and shoulders rolled gently forward against the biting chill wind. "A little early for repopulation, don't you think?"

Ruth Aldine has posed:
There was a thief about.

The epitome of everything stolen was upon Ruth's person and it did not look right. She wore a pair of skinny jeans that were obviously ripped in places where it were meant to be, and a black tattered shirt that read in big white letters, "SPIDER WUZ RIGHT". Thankfully, she wore a tank top underneath to hide skin beneath the holes. Speaking of holes, her old beat up chucks took in a lot of snow, not that she cared, for she pounded through the snow at a march that showed she was going to give 'somebody' a good what-for.

This was her stomping through fresh and untouched snow from the side entrance, no jacket, no earmuffs, no scarf to cover her neck. It was cold enough, but it was totally whatever at that point. All that stomping about generated enough heat for her to be somewhat comfortable.

"..repopulation, don't you think.." she mutters to herself, to which she says in a loud reply. "It's never too early to build a civilization of stationary frozen puppets that will soon look like potatoes and gravy because it's crushed under the boot of 'The Man'! Yes. Thank you." And.. right past Paige she marches, right towards a fallen 'soldier of snow' to give it a boot to the middle.. then she stops. No, Quentin's personality did not feel right in the moment. "Sorry."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:

Oh how Rahne desperately wants to just tear out into the expanse of white and run till her lungs are on fire and she can't feel her toes and she forgets which way is up. But that'd involve making a right fool of herself, and that's something that makes Rahne blush even as she's only looking out the window. Well. Nothing wrong with going out there and standing quietly to get some fresh air, right? Right.

A short time after Scott makes his way outside, Rahne follows in a green, blue, and black plaid coat with just a few strikes of red and white through the design. It's lined in sherpa, providing insulation against the cold, and the hood is up to keep the snow off her head. Her greeting is a quiet, "Hullo." so she doesn't seem too weird to just take five steps outside the door and stands off to one side with her hands stuffed in her pockets, trying not to look like she's sucking in deep breaths of the cold and possibly enjoying it.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Three little red houses caught in hand clink together as only molded plastic can. They dance around for Illyana rolls them back and forth, and she doesn't particularly feel the need for full mittens. Just fingerless gloves will do at the moment, thought the insulated covers remain if she wants to pull them over. "We should stamp a square flat and then put these down, da? I can show you the probabilities of landing on one." Whatever that means for some one trying to follow along, but she presumes that James will manage.

The crunch of her boots keep her fairly dry, but it again doesn't mean much. Snow to a Siberian is like grass to a deer; they don't suffer overly much. Not by New York standards anyway. Her coat is sufficient to repel the chill breeze, and everything else fails to muster much more than a faint pink glow around her cheeks. "Maybe there?" A tilted nudge of her head indicates a space that doesn't have particularly much by way of a snowman army. Though she assesses several of the rising monsters and those left, her expression taut in contemplation. Watching everyone else moving around, she raises a hand for what counts as a hello of sorts. A wave will do? The lamest wave ever but there you go.

"Maybe I should animate them all." Was that aloud? Yes, yes it was. The hint of a smirk plays out. "What do you fear more, one big snowman or a hundred little snowmen?" She's looking away from Scott, brightening at Rahne's appearance. Birds of a feather and all that.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar follows carrying, some slightly larger green 'houses' and stainless steel model of a scotty dog and a thimble. He's dressed as he always does, boots jeans and a dark tee shirt. A wool hat and down vest his only acknowledgement to the weather. His thermal mass and upbringing combining to keep him pretty warm in most circumstances. "Okay, but I think I need to more watch out for the hotels. Wait, probabilities?" James follows Yana's gaze and nods, "Sounds good, personally? One giant one." James smiles to the folks, and nods to Scott, "Hey, Scott... is HE still here?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Well, you know how us farmers are 'bout growin' and plantin'." Paige says to Scott as she hefts the second large snowball on top of the first, then starts to use her fingers to trace lines between the two. That way, they don't look spherical instead of flat. She is taking great care in this current project of hers. "Ah'm also trying t' take some of Berto's advice in having more fun in mah' life and not try and be perfect all th' time." Yet, here she is, trying to build a perfect snowman.

At the sound of Rahne's voice, her smile brightens. "Hey, Rahne! You wanna come over and -- " She pauses as Ruth trots by in her monologue of snowmen armies melting into gravy. Followed by kicking another in the gut. She tilts her head to one side, then slowly glances back to Rahne. " .. uh .. protect mah' snowman from Ruth?"

The sight of Illyana and Jame's approach catches her attention as she straightens up, brushing her mittens down along her jeans. "Is who still here?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott sips his coffee, mug held with a single finger looped through the ring. After, he holds it in both hands and looks across the lawn of white figures dotting the yard.. he looks over at Ruth coming out like an 80s punk band to kick one of them over with a raised brow, at Rahne sheepishly joining them with a quiet nod of greeting, and at Illyana and James putting together a Monopoly board in the snow.

He was just about to answer James' question when Paige speaks up again, "Mm. I suppose." As if he's immune to the concept of fun, but not poisonous to others having it themselves. One has to imagine that, at some point in his life, he's built a snowman right?

When she comes back around to the question James had asked, Scott glances over his shoulder at the mansion. Up to one of the higher floors to a window facing the yard with the curtains drawn. "Yes, HE is still here." Said to James, taking another sip of coffee as his glasses return to Paige. "Magneto."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
The splatter of the snow has Ruth bending to dust off the debris that gathered upon her legs, standing straight up then to watch as everyone gathers from the woodworks. Her hand shifts into her back pocket, a small baggie was produced, lifted into the air with coveted gifts and floated towards Illyana.

Someone had gotten lost trying to find that door.

Her hands soon bury themselves into her jean pockets, arms tucked close to herself as she hop and skips out of the snow, intent on trading places with Rahne. "Mr. Magneto is cool, yes." She admits, though where that sentiment comes from is anyones guess.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Mention of the magnetic man brings Rahne to hunch up her shoulders, giving her the reflecting of walling off the school with her back as much as she is trying to crawl further into her coat. Paige's invite, along with knowing who may be watching them, seems to set a reason for Rahne's feet to move and she begins crossing the lawn towards her.

On the way, she sees Illyana and James, with her green eyes brightening and lingering briefly on the former with a twitch at the corner of her mouth.

"Och, the snowmen dinnae do a thin' ta go gettin' a boot." She says towards Ruth as she reaches the snow army, looking towards the punted statue as if quietly mourning the work someone put into it. "Poor thin'."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar stomps down the snow diligently as requested. He listens to Scott and nods, "Any word from the Prof about what is going on? He seemed fully functional. Told me he fought with John during the alien invasion?" He stops and looks over at Rahne as she she speaks, James chuckles, "I've missed that accent." He looks over at Paige's snowman with casual appraisal but makes no comment. James finishes the monopoly box, "Did we bring dice?"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana surveys the domain: people growing and planting snowballs in the field of stamped white drifts broken by marching lines stretch ahead. The act of flattening a plane of snow into a better square mostly requires her to walk around in a square, designating the borders, swishing her feet from side to side just for a little more clarity. White on white doesn't always help. "Can you walk a line to divide it?" Since Jimmy's behind her, that much is easier, giving room for the square to become two rectangles if he's game for it. One red house drops into the pristine white expanse. Then another. A second stands beside it. The little Monopoly pieces stand out like specks of blood, imbalanced in kind.

She tilts her head slightly at Paige's snowman under assault from Ruth, then over to Rahne. The immediate threat assessed as a minor matter, one that isn't quite as imminent a risk as others. Others with red ruby lenses, perhaps.

Or you know, that mention. "Da. How long will he stay?" Her question hangs in the air, ghosted with the expulsion of breath, even as she finishes tramping the square into being. One point to be divided in two.

She reaches out to take the bag floating her way. "Thank you, Ruth." It will be plucked free from the air, though not inspected. She totally wasn't the kid who shook up Christmas presents to figure out what they contained as a child. Mostly because her family couldn't afford them, but hey! If it fits in the pocket of a coat, in a pocket the gift shall go.

"One big snowman? As no one else had any opinion..." The smirk builds up again as she swirls her fingers around in a lazy spiral, which does absolutely nothing. Except cause a distant drift of snow to roll over on itself. Some slumps, tumbling lazily, shifting around. "Dice? Always have them. I can call up one to roll by?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Magneto?" Paige says the name with bitterness on the tongue. She has never met the man, but the rumors, the stories, and the legends of him cause her to feel more alert, even to the point of her dropping her voice just in case he can hear. She looks at Scott with some concern. "Why is he here? Hopefully not t' cause trouble."

Scrunching her nose at Ruth, she gives a shake of her head. "Magneto is not cool. He's th' boogie man in mah opinion. The moment he gets uppity, he starts throwing trucks and buildings around with some type ah' sanctimonious speech about how we're supposed ta' inherit th' Earth."

She gives Rahne a gentle nudge to the shoulder, then starts to pack up a third snowball to start focusing on the head. "How you been doing? We should hang out more. We can dish about Roberto or something. Oh, are you coming to the dance? Remember, it's a Sadie Hawkins so you gotta be th' one asking."

The other two are watched for a moment. "Are you guys.. building a Snow Monopoly board?"

Scott Summers has posed:
"For now, the Professor believes Erik's claims that he means well." Scott's tone is neutral, his personal opinion on the matter hidden behind layers of trust in Charles and his vision. It might as well be gospel if it comes from the mouth of Professor. "So long as that remains true, he'll be welcome." Not that Scott has a great deal of authority to remove him.. or the capabilities if he did have the authority. The decision, ultimately, resides with Charles and Jean.

Suffice that he supports them.

Both of them.


"He did." Fight with John, said quietly to James about his brother. That being his only confirmation, his quiet resonnance as stalwart as the curtain wall of a castle. Ruby gaze on Illyana, he spares a look over his shoulder at the window with the curve of a brown brow above his gunmetal framed glasses, "Until he leaves. Or until he becomes a problem." It's as honest an assessment as he has, unfortunately. Of little value as a measurement of time as it might be.

"Rahne, it's good to see you." Not so much an intentional change of subjects as a coincidental one. He'd neglected giving his greetings, but has remedied that. Likewise to Ruth, sipping more of his coffee from a mug that reads in block lettering I have my eye on you. A christmas present from Jean some years hence. "He is not c-" Paige, however, is already on it. Nodding once to her and to Ruth.

Whether he agrees with her assessment, Paige seems to have the right of it, for now. Again regarding Illyana and James progress, mirroring Paige's curiosity with his own silent observations of what it is they are constructing.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Satisfaction was gained as Illyana pockets the treasures. Ruth stood closest to the door now to take on a tiny bit of warmth that slowly leaks out, hands still buried while she sways from side to side. Keep it moving, if she were to stay still, she would catch her death on the porch in front of everyone.

"Sorry." Ruth expresses towards Rahne, but in her defense, the snowman looked -terrible-! Poor guy was squished, one arm reaching towards the sky as if his back was cracked so deep there was nothing to recover from! Someone's going to redo him in two hundred and thirty nine minutes just shy of snack time.

Magneto was an interesting topic, aside from Ruth always wanting to see the good in everyone, there was a tiny, personal stake in this. "No boogeyman.." Ruth says to Paige. "..protective, set in ways, yes. Do-er than speaker, yes. Exhausted. Yes. But saves us when he can. Thank you." Ruth pipes down at that point, lest she out herself for her antics, but instead this time focuses on Illyana and James' project that was underway in the snow from afar. Hopping down from the porch, she stalks the two carefully, though staying relatively out of the way so that she would not destroy anything else.

"Red in the snow." She tells Illyana. "Rock in the way. Yes."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"A--ah dinnae ken." Rahne stammers under her breath to Paige's question regarding the dance. If she sunk herself any further into her coat, it'd be hard to tell there's a person in there. "It ain't proper fer a... fer a lass ta be doin the askin." And while she doesn't say it, it doesn't take much more than knowing her for about fifteen minutes to get Rahne doesn't sound to be expecting anyone to ask her. "Tis a bit much noise for me, a dance." She tacks on with a quiet clearing of her throat.

As if to distract herself, Rahne kneels down in front of the collapsing snowman and begins gingerly restoring the spheres of snow. A quick smile is given over her shoulder towards Scott, a restrained but genuine expression, before she follows the gaze of the group towards the game being assembled.

"Ah ner did well at et." She remarks quietly. "Tough game."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles treading that dividing line as instructed. He's still chuckling at the accent, "Just like Terry." He shakes his head, "I hear you, little one. The noise the lights, rather be alone on the banks of the lake with a full moon. Yeah." James rarely brings up how the loud boisterous noise of celebration bothers his senses, and he never lets his friends down, but there it is. Apparently, you need to be born in a post-communist regime to truly understand." James grins at Yana and winks at Rahne.
    James frowns at Scott, and nods, he's a pragmatist and knew most of that before he was told. He licks his lips, "Scott, maybe we could talk about those times, someday... when you had time? I knew he was the first leader but... I'd like to know more." James smiles is thin and this is a bit more apprehensive than anyone is used to seeing him. He sniffs the air, and tilts his head.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"You do not have to go to the dance, Rahne." Illyana's voice carries that Slavic seriousness that would destroy any attempts at a light-hearted conversation that didn't involve some kind of screaming or human sacrifice. She keeps stirring a finger in lazy circles, unrushed in purpose, a slow-motion counterclockwise melody that plays with snowflakes and does nothing else. Nothing at all unless someone might take note of the tumbling, churning morass beyond lines of other snowmen left behind. Various needles and dead leaves, sticks, and some grass into the whole effort. But for the most part, it's just a pig-sized bundle, until smooshing into another evolving drift that slumps and flows as snow is wont to do.

They really don't have enough elevation for an avalanche, as nice as it might be. "Not all of us will go to the dance. We can do something else. Like walk in the woods."

Killjoys, make some noise! She gives the Scottish girl a lift of her shoulder, admiring her work barely at all until Jimmy's done with it. "Da, it is a board. Part of a board. We need more squares." At least the general Monopoly board has more, and the Russian one arguably has a single square owned by Vlad the Banker-Tsar, or by whomever plays the Chairman, if from an older edition. Either way, the decision of design ultimately rests on the participants' heads. Two or six, however it goes. "Jimmy wanted another round, da? We have one out here then."

Off in the distance, two spheres have crashed together like the Early Bombardment Period formed planetoids, though in this case, it's more a snowball Earth effect. Plopping bits and pieces together noisily entangles the ice and slewing shiver of white. "Magneto is divisive. Maybe I do not see eye-to-eye with his plans, if they have changed. From the ground in Bushwick, his grand ideals looked bloodier. He was trapped in that bottle with people confined to a ghetto, and then used for experiments." Her words are clipped, matter-of-fact, but it's no secret her participation in recovering the bottled up bit of Bushwick and the Master of Magnetism was fairly ground zero.

"Maybe time away changed his views. Maybe it will be a disaster. It does not change us. We carry on, prepared." A thrusting push of her hand forces the snowbomination forming on the far side of the lawn from lurching forward and smashing into a tree, but it's swiftly gaining mass and height to exceed the easiest template of 'really' big: her brother. Or Jimmy. The faint sheen of energy weaves around the monster lacking a distinct head, except for two plumped out divots that would've been eyes. It's a work in progress, and the effort to control the spell more apparent once she murmurs a quick incantation in something that sounds like swallowing a mouthful of pop rocks and plastic Monopoly houses. It's a very truncated form of Tibetan. "Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred rubles and vodka. Where is that rock?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Giving Rahne a gentle shoulder bump, Paige gives her a grin. "The Sadie Hawkins is about female empowerment. It's about us taking charge and telling the boys, ya'll will dance with us, no ifs ans or butts. It's liberatin' ta' put the pressure on them for ah' change. But, if you don't wanna come, we can hang out later. Ah think it'd be fun ta' maybe hit up the city and get lunch."

The talk about Magneto just makes her frown, nose scrunching up as she finishes putting the final touches on the third snowball that gets seated properly to make the head. She reaches into her pocket and takes out a carrot, lines it up, then jabs it in. "Ah' think he has done enough." She says in regards to being a 'doer'. "If he really wants ta' get on th' good side, maybe he can start... ah' dunno.. not wearing a goofy helmet and being ah' jerk. Hit up a soup kitchen or something and do real work in mutant town for those who need it. Not everyone is born an omega level muckity muck."

She takes out a couple of raisins to build the mouth, followed by two pieces of rock for the eyes. Next, she puts her knit cap on top of the head of the snowman. There. Done.

"It just doesn't sit well with me. Makes me all types ah' uncomfortable." She mutters to herself.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott turns in the snow, twisting his heels to face James when asked whether he'd spare time to discuss those days about his brother, "Of course." He assures him with a nod, as good as blood on a contract when it comes from Scott Summers. He's nothing, if not a man of his word. Now finishing his coffee with a long swallow, he listens to the chatter about Magneto with a seriousness to his expression that is common place, regardless of the topic of conversation.

The truth of his beliefs on Magneto are not so well documented. In many ways, he shares in some of the sentiments of the Omega Mutant... and he's heard all of the rhetoric from both sides of the party line. His unquestioning loyalty to Charles Xavier and his vision, these students, and this school, are all that keeps him from putting his boot down. Drawing a line in the sand and daring humans to tempt fate by crossing it.

"That's enough talk of Magneto." Quiet as the statement is, it carries a lot of weight. "Rumor milling doesn't do anything, but stir up hard sentiments. The truth of his being here is as hidden now as it was when we started making assumptions about it.. So unless someone has discussed it with him at length or knows what the Professor knows from their conversations, it solves nothing at all to try and recreate the wheel."

Besides which, Illyana is creating the mother of all Snowmen. Scott watches with a raised brow, but doesn't seem startled by this. Magic might not be his metaphysical forte, but he's got trust that Magik wouldn't hurt them intentionally. A lot of trust.

Besides, she's building a monopoly board in snow. Who destroys the whole school while building a board game in snow? Seems logical enough to him.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Well, arguably, of anyone in the school likely to wittingly destroy it while having a game of Monopoly and abomination building, it's down to Illyana Rasputina or Erik Lensherr.

Question is, will the argument be about bending to a manmade economy with unworthy restrictions on mutantkind that treats them as expendable chattel, or the demonstrable evils of a system built on unsustainable, endless growth of the impoverished worker?

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"There." Ruth points to where boardwalk may or may not be placed, then shoves her hand back into her pocket.

Suddenly, her head snaps upright, and soon both arms draw from her pocket to shoot up and cover her face with the crook of her arm.
"Vampire!" AH-CHOO!
"Vampire!" AH-CHOO!
"Vampire!" AH-CHOO!

Soon that arm was coveted against her chest as she takes in a big -drawl- of air through her nose, then shakes her head free of the fuzzies.

"I am hungry."

Arm kept against her to wash, feet soon crunching and near stomping upon the porch to shake the snow out. A few more stomps, and a brief wiggle, and soon she disappears through the doors on a newfound mission to find food.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
"Lake's right lov'ly, ice and snow un'er moonlight." Rahne says over towards James and Illyana, sounding grateful that they seem to get it and have similar ideas. But the smile that was starting on her face falters as she looks back to Paige, dropping her head slightly as a look of shame starts to cloud her eyes.

"Ah hope ye fin a good boyo to ask. Ah'd bet ye'll have nah trouble. Mibbie ah'll... lookit ah dresses wit ye. Not fer me! But, ye know... ah can tell ye what'll be lookin right on ye." Proposes the redhead as she finishes rolling up a fresh base sphere for a snowman. It's a single circle of slightly lopsided snow against Illyana's sculpture. Rahne bites her lower lip and adds some more snow to the lumpy edge of her's.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar finishes the trudging making a pretty exacting replica of a monopoly board in the snow, 8 squares to a side. He places the scotty dog and the thimble down in the square marked GO, and pulls out a battleship and a racecar. James smiles and looks over at the others, "Any takers? I would like to make it more than three times around the board before she wipes me out this game." He smiles at the rest and looks sidelong at Yana.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
When that monstrosity is about twelve feet of snow, denuding a good portion of the surrounding landscape, Illyana stops. She exhales a breath through her teeth, the energy equilibrium needed to balance out. Someone is going to be absolutely ransacking the kitchen for a bit. "The lake is lovely. Better in the summer, but at this time of year, quite nice. Would you like to go for a hike?"

See, even Illyana can figure out how to be polite. With Rahne, there's a quiet nod to their different natures, the mutual striving to be good. Or at least not the monster that the Demon Queen naturally would tilt to, if given the chance.

Though something in the girl's response brings a sharpened look from the Russian, and a frown tracing her lips. "Do not say that." Ruth is going, a marked note from the corner of her eye. "You would be an excellent partner for anyone dancing. So fast and sure on your feet?" There's a knife somewhere for anyone who wants to argue that fact, and a dangerously assertive undertone to her matter-of-fact tone. Sometimes, she remembers how to be human. Sort of.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah' asked Roberto actually. He's kinda taken a real shine to me." Paige says to Rahne with a smile. "So if you wanna go dress shopping, we can. But Illyana is right. Ah'm sure you'd be a great dancer and even if you aren't, so what? Half th' boys can't dance either. They all look like drunk roosters trying ta' strut around with their cocka-doodle-dooing. They don't know what they're doing, and that's part of the fun. Ah' bet you could ask just 'bout any boy and they'd fall over their feet ta' go with you, Rahne. You're super cute and super sweet."

As the topic of Magneto is to be dropped, she feels a bit of weight off the shoulders. She was about to go into an old fashioned rant and now thankfully, everyone's ears are saved. "Ah'll play Monopoly. Long as it doesn't uh .. kill me." She says as she watches Magik do her thing and build larger than life snowmen.

She gives a glance to Scott before looking back out towards the other two with a curious look. "You in, Rahne? It's easy. Just roll the dice and give up every penny you have to 'the man'. Ya'know, this is like training for real life. Yah' grow up, get a job and then end up in jail or broke."

Scott Summers has posed:
The conversation has shifted away from Magneto and for that Scott seems pleased, in his own quiet way. That it has taken a new shape around discussions of Sadie Hawkins and whether Rahne is appropriate for such an engagement, however... That sits ill.

In a rare display, Scott turns to regard her. The cup he's holding is dangling from the curve of his finger resting through the ring, but his hands are upon his hips like the Sheriff of a town back in the old west. "I can understand your apprehension." The fact that /he/ said it, of all people, probably comes out as a little odd. Scott Summers, the grumpy guss, offering reassuring words about something as trivial as a dance? Specifically, a young lady's enjoyment there of. "The reality of the Sadie Hawkins dance in modern pop culture dates back to the thirties. Originally a concept depicted in a comic strip, it was a means where unmarried women could take the initiative in a system that had universally been accepted as dominated by men. They, young women, could decide who they married."

His voice, still quiet, but he's trying to sound comforting. "It was presented during a time where male dominate gender roles were a norm, you see.. So your concerns about it being inappropriate is precisely the point of the Dance et al. Suffice that this is /not/ the 30s. You are not in a society where your opinions and desires are frowned upon based on your gender, and you do not live at a school with Staff who would ever accept such an outdated concept of gender roles."

He nods to her, "If you decide you wish to go to the dance, Rahne, you should. And if you ask someone, you can rest assured that whomever that individual is, they would be lucky that you have done so... and honored to accept." Glancing, then, to everyone else on the yard, Scott nods and starts towards the back door of the school. "I need to get ready for my next class. Enjoy your afternoon in the snow."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie comes walking out the back door. The young man is looking about seeing who is about. He just seems to be out for a little bit of a walk, hands in his pockets, enjoying the outside even in the snow.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne reaches up a snowy hand to rub at the back of her neck for all the hood of her coat is in the way. She looks more inclined to just dig a tunnel under the snow to duck into as opposed to discussing her own personal merits, when Scott Himself speaks up, the shapeshifter ends up rooted firmly in place. Very dutifully, she plants her too-green eyeballs on Scott and listens to what he says. Even if his attempts at reassurance come wrapped in the brown paper textbook covers of a lesson, she seems to get the underlying currents. Or she's just entirely too nervous and respectful to ever tell him to bugger off.

"Ah..." She begins, even with a finger held up with every indication of making a point. But it drops and so does her eyes as she murmurs, "Ah know. Jus... ah. Mibbie. Ah'll think bout et." In what is probably a close to a yes as anyone's going to get from her on the topic at present.

At least there's Doomopoly to serve as a distraction, and for all she earlier said she was bad at it the idea of potential destruction and imaginary poverty seems more appealing to her than asking someone to a dance. "Aye, I kin play."

And lo! More distraction. "Hullo, Sam!" She calls across the yard as she spots the eldest Guthie make an appearance.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The blonde sorceress taps her fingertips against her brow, examining the snowman rather than pay too close attention to the history lesson unfolding for Rhane's benefit. Averting one's eyes has to be a great deal easier than being one who subjects themselves to trouble.

Doompoly is a distraction, though sadly, no Latveria Square here. Four Freedoms Plaza? Sure! Avengers Tower? Yup. Boardwalk, where the Demon Queen maintains her parcel of land and far too many expensive towers? Have at! She smirks aside at Jimmy and shakes her head, but there might be times when discretion is the surer part of valour or wisdom. Either way...

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar watches Scott go back towards the house his head tilts as he considers, then shakes it. "White people are weird." Yeah, he said it and then he grins. The Apache are egalitarian and always have been the idea that a woman would not have a role in choosing her pairing boggles his mind, as does the Sadie Hawkins tradition. But hey, white people.
    James doesn't seem at all bothered by the giant snow golem, he takes it in stride. He tosses the battleship to Paige and the racecar to Rahne, gently, with a nod. He smiles and nods. "Hey Sam, you want in? You can be the scotty dog? Or we can share?" James gives Yana a casual nudge.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Opening her mouth, Paige was going to say something, but Scott goes into a history lesson. She gives a pause, then gives a glance towards Rahne curiously as it seems she is more open to accepting. "Huh." She says as she rubs the back of her neck, then gives a violent shiver as snow falls off it and down the back of her shirt. She gives a few wiggles about to get rid of it.

"Hey Sam! Come on ovah'. We're gonna play Monopoly, ah' think. Illyana and James is building ah' life sized version of it." She says as she gives a motion towards the snow and their work. She is standing next to a snowman that she just built, though it's lackluster compared to Illyana's Ice Troll that she is building who will soon do battle with Thor.

At the topic of 'white people' being weird, she gives James a 'look'. "Anyways, Sam, we were talking 'bout th' dance coming up also. Are you going?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie walks on over to the group offering a wave and says "Hey guys, Ah guess Ah can join in, aint got any plans for a bit." He offers for the game. He shrugs a bit and says "Not sure, sorta odd to figure out with Allegra only coming out to the school on occasion. Went to her event but that was more her preforming than a dance or party for us." He smiles and says "So, how you all doing?" He does offer scott a nod in greeting and goodbye in one as he passes him.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne Sinclair collects up the piece, though at mention of others possibly needing to share she holds out the car almost as soon as its in her hands. "Ye ken use this. Ahn can be mah awn piece." She declares with an easy smile. Not that wolves can use currency, but, they can make it work.

She makes her way over towards the game board as she talks, though she does give another briefly apprehensive glance towards the giant snow golem as if expecting it to have moved when she wasn't looking.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"The early twentieth century, weird." Illyana tacks that thought onto Jimmy's while she stares off into the snow and the sea of small and larger sculptures. Then her great, horrible one that clearly needs some log arms or something of that sort. She tilts her head, assessing the artistry in motion. "Any fallen sticks you saw? About three feet long?" This question goes to them all and serves as a kind of 'hello how are you?' to Sam as he tramps through the woods.

The thimble is totally being claimed by the blonde sorcerer if they do, in fact, play Monopoly. The lack of colours on their snowboard shouldn't be too problematic. Nothing that some needles or a stray mitten can't fix, though her propensity for black would make it a very monochrome board. "Who rolls first?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks to the group and says "I can probably find some, think if I remember right there is a tree about 300 yards out that way, someone might have flown into and knocked down a few years ago. Most of it was used for fire wood but think some branches were left.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and sets up the board, "No,no, we can play teams Rahne, you and I can be a team, The Apache and the Scotswoman, how we can lose?" He walks over to the trees and grabs a couple of logs bringing back five, for Yana's approval. "You guys starts, we'll finish this and join in." He meets Paige's 'look' and when Yana speaks up says, "See."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Okay, us Guthries will be on th' same team then." Paige says as she gives a shoulder bump to Sam. "We'll show 'em how it's done." She says with an amused noise in her throat. That is until her phone pings in her pocket. Sliding it out, she gives a glance at the screen.

".. Maybe not. Cripes. Ah' got a tutoring thing going on in ten minutes. Sorry guys! Ah'll call ya'll later."

Snagging the cap off the Snowman's head, she plops it back on hers and starts for the backdoor again quickly.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
The snow reminds him of his childhood, which despite everything, still carries a few pleasant memories. Erik had watched through the crack in the curtains as the gathering of students and residents of the mansion played in the snow, but remained there in his room. Listening to music that was old before most of them were born on a record player that out dates these facilities by several decades.

When he finally does make his way down from the second floor, he looks much more like a tired old man than the impressive image of the Mutant Liberator he's often portrayed as in the news. A wool sweater, like a grand father, over a checkered button up shirt and brown slacks. His long white hair blows gently in the cold breeze as he passes through the door out onto the alabaster lawn.

He is not a frail man. Every inch of six and two feet. Broad shouldered. Solid. A wisened old man in a young mans frame, he hardly dresses the part. Standing silently on the porch watching as those Paige departs and heads towards the main entrance through the back door.

One step, then another, bring him out onto the yard and towards the youths playing a game he's only distantly familiar with. "Interesting choice, monopoly."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:

Rahne blinks owlishly as she looks back towards Paige and then blurts out, "Och ahm a'riht eejit! That's t'day! Tha'll gie meh a skelpit lug if'm late fer mah student." Seems someone was asked to help out. Quickly she puts down the piece with a mournful look and then a deeply apologetic one towards the other players. "I'll catch ye up ne'time!"

She makes a quick turn and dash for the door, though there is a quick yelp from the girl as she about turn-bolts right into Magneto. Russet hair sprouts across her face with the gut reaction fright and she splutters out something so fast it'd be hard to even make out before she's skittering around him in a wide berth and for the door.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar has taken a break from the game to help with Snow golem construction and has a few 3 foot logs in his arm, letting Yana inspect them for her masterpiece. He smiles at the retreating Rahne's back, "Language!" He calls . He notes Erik's arrival and nods, "She kicks my butt in chess too, and we're just learning Go."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over and nods his head to Magneto in greeting "Sir." He says as he was taught manners "Might have to see about getting some card game tournaments sometime." He says in thought. "How are you doing today?

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
That statement of who might be the one to ruin the school via monopoly and monstrous snow-bomination could be answered. What with the actual master of magnetism in their presence, and a throwback to not that many months ago, a battlefield, a spacebound fight and an earthly care.

Not for nothing does Illyana turn slightly towards the man as he emerges, measured gaze taking in everything behind a poker face that could probably contest any of the various angelic or infernal entities that like to linger nearby. For a moment those frost-pale eyes shift for Rahne headed forth at speed, tracing after Paige, and she waves to the fleeing Scot. Soon!

Fear, though, that's as alien to her in a way as metaphysics to a limpet. Turning back to the others, she blinks at Jimmy. Nods in gratitude, thereafter, a smooth transition that hides something deeper by far. Those unspoken currents will have to wait another moment.

"Card games?" All that said, she flicks her fingertips against her brow. "Welcome," is extended to Erik. Because when it comes down to it, she's by default laconic. Because how do you ask a thousand questions that might answer themselves with patience?

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik doesn't rise to the unintentional challange of Rahne's half change, but offers her a smile and nod instead. No desire or intention to impede her departure, not with others to whom he can converse standing discussing the nature of games. "I'm rather fond of chess, myself. Charles and I have a game we've been playing for many years left unfinished." Could be the nature of some of their conversations over the last few days. It is no surprise to any that he's spent a great deal of his time with the Professor.

"I don't know what 'Go' is. At least not the game."

Then there is Illyana. This one he is quite familiar with. If not for her dominion of the darker realms and command of the darkest arts, then because of her involvement in freeing him from Brainiacs prison. To her, and her alone, he bows his head in greeting. Saying nothing, his gratitude is, then, a matter of posture and temporary defference. "Thank you."

And to Sam, "And you."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods his head noncommittally to the first and then glances over at Yana, with raised eyebrows, a conversation for later. He looks over at Sam, "Do you feel left out of these conversations as well?" He laughs, "Card games? You play pinochle?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie chuckle s a bit and says "At times, and have played it once or twice, but more familiar with Canasta, Poker, cribbage, get some of the bigger snow storms back home, gotta have ways to pass the time." to Magneto he says "I am doing ok, never was the best at Chess, enjoy it but just not one of my games I guess."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
If there's one thing the Demon Queen so rarely does, it's smile. People can probably count on their hand, left or right, how often it happens. Usually not a happy circumstance, but there it lies, the faintest ghost impressing itself in a bow that would hint at the much happier child known in the halls of school about four years ago. She's no blonde waif anymore.

No more needs to be exchanged on that front with Magneto; he is who he is, and showier displays belong to Americans. Canadians. Anyone who wasn't born to the tide of the Red Army's fallen shadow or Eastern European values. That or she's got to work on those people skills, either way. A gesture offers greeting of a sort, hand dropped to her side. "Go is a Chinese game about claiming territory from the other side. Black and white pieces," she explains. "We play Mahjongg, sometimes."

BEcause in the school, playing boardgames is really a competitive thing. Probably. She glances back at James and tips her head. "I do not know canasta. I learned whist once. And an Egyptian concubine taught me senet?"

Erik Lensherr has posed:
"It's a game of strategy. As good a teacher for the burdens of leadership as could be hoped for in a game." Erik says to Sam, a rueful grin that ghosts upon his face, "Sacrificing pieces on a board seems so much easier than sacrificing pieces out here." Motioning around them at the lawn. He doesn't go into great depths on the subject, not with a smattering of information about different forms of games swirling around them like snow flake flurries.

"Interesting." Genuinely, "In my experience, you can tell a great deal about the intentions of a people by the games they play." He shakes his head gently and looks out to the woods that surround the grounds, "I believe I will take a walk and leave you three to your enjoyment."

Once more he nods, this time in farewell, and starts forward across the lawn, through the dotting snowmen, towards the woods to walk the edge of the frozen lake. Likely watched like a hawk, which, if he were honest, amuses him deeply..

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie 's phone beeps and he looks down at it "Well, dang, sorry seems I have to go to work, someone called in. He waves to James and Illy and nods to Magneto "Should be back later, Harry needs me to cover this shift." And he heads on towards the garage.