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Healing Diana
Date of Scene: 28 February 2021
Location: Medical Labs
Synopsis: Cassie, Caitlin, Donna and Toni accompany Phoebe to Diana's bedside to see if Phoebe's healing magic can wake Diana from her coma.
Cast of Characters: Donna Troy, Phoebe Beacon, Caitlin Fairchild, Cassie Sandsmark, Toni Monetti, Diana Prince

Donna Troy has posed:
    The prognosis for Diana remains uncertain. The physical injuries have healed, but there are other, magical, wounds that run deep. For the first few days she had been fading, but something seemed to trigger her subconscious will to fight, and since then she has been stable.

    Diana remains sleeping in a private room at the Halls of Justice medical center under the close observation of the chief healer of Themyscira, Epione, who has already ordered most of the American doctors away because of what she deems, to their outrage, their primitive and barbarous brand of medicine. Causing some tension with the Hall of Justice guards are a unit of Amazons from the palace guard, sent by Queen Hippolyta to guard the sleeping princess. Joining this crowd, Diana's closest friends and family have been spending a lot of time at her bedside.

    Phoebe is a new visitor to the Halls of Justice, brought in by Donna to try her powers out, to see if some magical healing can make the difference. She has had the opportunity to enjoy a ride on the back of Donna's motorbike from Gotham, which is an experience. Donna rides fast and aggressively, and some people find it a bit worrying at first. Amazon reactions make it quite safe though. It takes a few minutes to get Phoebe cleared through the security, but finally the pair appear at the door to Diana's room.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe Beacon had never been to the Halls of Justice. She had rarely been outside of Gotham or New York, and yes, the ride on Donna's motorbike was a harrowing experience -- but she lived! That's always a bonus.

    She's cleared through Security with some hesitation on her part, as an extension of the embassy, and she hurries to follow Donna's lead through the halls to their medical ward. Wearing a dark leather jacket, her hair braided neatly to fit under a helmet and wearing her cleanest jeans and a nice blouse beneath it, the magical Healer looks nervously at the guards, and then to Donna.

    "... they're not going to throw me out any windows if I fail, right?" she questions gently.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Fortunately, Caitlin's presence offers a bridge between Epione's ancient techniques and the modern practices of the medical experts at the Hall of Justice. It was a little tricky moderating the discussion for the effects of incense and compotes for the skin against the necessity of heart rate monitors and nutrient drips, but she'd managed to wrangle an uneasy accord.

Still, she habitually checked Diana's IVs and the respirator controls just to make sure Epione doesn't unplug anything in a fit of pique.

The redhead's going over Diana's patient chart, sitting at the low table in the suite with her feet splayed a little awkwardly out underneath it. The white labcoat offsets grey yoga pants and low-cut athletic shoes. Somewhat frizzy red hair is pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of her neck. At the sound of familiar strides she blinks and then smiles, straightening her back out with a wince as if suddenly aware she'd been sitting in that slumped posture entirely too long.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Originally, Cassie had not planned a visit. At least not right then. Her and Toni were out doing some pretty normal-ish teenager things (shopping, probably), not far from the Tower. Contrary to some VILE RUMORS, she did visit her comatose mentor quite often, but she wasn't keen on doing it when more people were around to fuss. Which... might have a liiiiiittle bit to do with guilt over the whole thing being her fault.

Can't be an evil Cassie without the original, right?

But those plans get turned on their head as she gets a heads up from Donna about finally taking Phoebe to try her thing. The idea wasn't sudden, just one that had been held up due to some of Phoebe's own STUFF. Once she hears about it, though, plans change quickly. "So, you ever seen the Hall of Justice?"

The trip over isn't as quick as it would be under normal circumstances, but it isn't long before they've made it over themselves. The staff know Cassie pretty well, yet she still warrants a security pass this time around... on the odd chance she might be the other version of herself here to finish the job. Great reminder. "Medical's downstairs..." she explains, once they've gotten Toni through as well. An elevator later, and they're at the outside of the medbay door, with Cassie peeking in first to see who's there. "Hey Pheebs, you doing OK?"

One side effect of this whole depowering disaster: she hasn't been able to help out on the Outsiders much, either.

Toni Monetti has posed:
Judging from the three bags Toni has with her, they were absolutely shopping. Judging by her presence she had said 'No', and judging by how she's going, "This place is so... I don't even know what to CALL it" on the way in, Toni absolutely meant it. "Hi," Toni stage-whispers to Phoebe, smiling, and a second "hi!" with the same smile towards Donna. (She is parsing Caitlin as a nurse for now.)

"oh my god that's really her, jesus christ she looks so... it's messed up, it's like she's asleep," Toni semi-actually-whispers mostly to Cassie. She puts a hand on Cassie's arm for a moment to say, "I'm sorry, it's just a surprise. Is -" And Toni stops herself for two seconds, before saying, "she really looks good for the situation, I can tell."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Toni, right?" Donna asks. She's a bit distracted and was only paying half attention to Cassie's introductions. "Didn't Cassie bring you to a party at the tower a few weeks back? Yeah, the Halls of Justice are quite something. I mean the public area is more spectacular, but it's pretty cool to get to see behind the scenes."

    When she sees Caitlin, Donna gives her a grin and a waves before gesturing towards Phoebe. "Look who I found, " she says. "Impulse let me know she was back and took me over to the Roost to check up on her. She's all healed up from her adventures, and up to seeing if she can do something for Diana too."

    She gives Phoebe's arm a gentle squeeze. "It's fine. Nobody has any expectations, there's no 'fail'. Whatever Yoda says, all I'm asking is that you try. Nothing else has worked yet, so... besides, if anyone tries throwing you out a window, I'm gonna throw them out a window first. Don't worry."

    Someone is worrying though - the noise of arrivals attracts the attention of Epione. A tall woman dressed in traditional Themysciran style, she looks thoroughly out of place in the halls of justice, and more like something out of period drama. "/Troia, what is the meaning of this noise?/" she demands in Themysciran Greek.

    "I brought along some magical aid, Epione," Donna replies. "This is Phoebe."

    Epione looks momentarily startled before staring long and hard at Phoebe. Then she turns back to Donna and speaks to her in hushed and very rapid Themysciran. Cassie and Caitlin, who speak the language imperfectly, might get the impression she is speaking that fast to make it harder for them to follow.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks mildly relieved that she is not going to be launched out a window, and she makes her way into the room following Donna. And yes, she had her own STUFF. Being kidnapped by a money-driven 'cult' to be used to heal up other money-hungry rich people was definitely not on her to-do list.

    She may not be officially trained as a medic, but she's canny enough to read some of the charts, looking over the various IV's -- but hearing a familiar voice turns her attention, and Phoebe gives a smile to Cassie.

    "Cassie! Good to see you -- I'm all right. Once I got some drugs out of my system I was back to full in notime. I'm looking at visiting my mom later in the week. She's on the mend too--" she smiles, looking to Toni with a smile.

    "How do you do--" she asks -- and pulled from Toni's observation of Diana in repose, she turns to the entrance of Epione. She stands a little bit straighter. Her eyes go a little wider, and she stammers a moment, trying to introduce herself in Theymisciran, but ends up explaining something of that she's moonlight healing beams.

    It is not a good time, and the language may never recover.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin gets to her feet when Donna shows up with the others in tow. She mostly succeeds in not knocking the table over, but does bump it a little clumsily with her knee.

"Ack. Hey, Donna, Cass, glad you two came by," she says, keeping her voice low. Everyone whispers around sleeping patients, even doctors. Even if Diana's in a coma. It's not like loud noises would wake her, but... Well, habits are habits.

Phoebe gets a familiar smile and a wave of welcome. Toni is given a curious but friendly once-over and Caitlin flashes a smile at her as well, ducking her head. When the redhead comes up shoulder to shoulder with Donna, the height difference between her and the others becomes much more apparent.

Caitlin comes up short when Epione starts rattling off objections at Donna. The vituperation is a bit of a surprise, and she clears her throat with an earnest expression. "/I'm sorry Epione, I'm having a hard time keeping up. Can you say that again?/" The look is completely guileless, mostly because it's the one phrase in Themysciran that Caitlin has quite thoroughly mastered.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
Not too surprisingly, Cassie's reaction to Toni's is a little less impressed, shocked, surprised, or otherwise. It's just glum. "Yeah. At least- well, we got backup. So other me didn't end up being able to do more damage to her. It's just residual from the- well, I guess she was in very close contact with the armor. And it kinda took the life outta her- literally, more or less."

Still, she manages a smile as Donna greets them and lifts a hand to indicate her friend. "Yeah, this is Toni. We've known each other for a bit and done, like, some really small stuff but I was thinking she might get something out of hanging around with the Titans. Be a good addition, you know? She's got these really cool-" Cassie is naturally energetic, exuberent, and talking about her friend, talking UP her friend, she quickly falls into a more excited pace, until she sort of catches herself. "We can talk about it a little later, I figure."

"Glad to hear it," she then echoes Phoebe, about her mom. Up until the situation with Diana, THAT situation had been her hospital worry. "So," and now she looks from Phoebe to Caitlin and back to Donna and Epione, particularly at the rapid-fire Themysciran. "So uh, whats the plan?"

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Hey," Toni answers Donna in a hushed-still toe. "Yeah, I dropped by, I had malware on my phone and like... stuff.. Cassie totally put it better!" She puts her attention on Caitlin for a moment, nodding once, and then folds her hands behind her back, along with the boutique bags.

She seems to have run out of smiles as Cassie explains why exactly Wonder Woman is laid out like a body. "... From the armor, huh," Toni says, taking in the concept with a sort of slow dawning of complicated understanding. To Phoebe, she says, "You're gonna do great," although there seems to be some trepidation behind it. ("Does anyone want chocolate? I got a bar and like, you all look like you could use chocolate.")

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna frowns at Epione. "You keep telling me I'm still a child too, Epione. Do you doubt what I have achieved? And you speak English just fine, so speak it when there are those around who do not speak our language. Phoebe has been through great hardships, and her response to those hardships was to reach out to the world to try to offer people hope. She has the heart of an Amazon. She has been blessed with powers, and I trust her to use them. Diana trusts her too. This is what Diana would have wanted."

    Epione breaths out hard, looking annoyed, and turns to study Phoebe skeptically through narrowed eyes. After a few moments thought, she addresses Phoebe directly. "There are three... I don't know word... three things to healing," she says. "There is healing of body, healing of mind, and healing of spirit. Each is separate, each work together. Diana's body is healed. Her mind is healthy, and fights. Her spirit is infected, there is a /katadesmos/, a..."

     Epione looks do Donna, who offers the word "Curse".

    "There is a curse in her injuries, that drains her spirit, her life essence. Can you address this?"

    Donna gives the two healers some space and steps next to Cassie to give her a quick one-armed hug. "Cass, we're going to see if Phoebe's magic can help speed Diana's recovery. And tomorrow, Cait and I are going to go bring your mom safely home, okay?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks back and forth between Donna and Epione. There is a pit in her stomach, and she looks afraid for the briefest moment, her attention going to Diana's form on the bed. She looks to her hands a moment as Epione asks of her what may be dangerous or impossible, but the healer looks up to the much taller guard.

    "I shall do my best." she answers gently, and she approaches the princess's bedside, taking off her jacket.

    And from the inner pocket she produces a delicate metal flower crown, with flowers with little skull centers in them, and she sets it by the bed. Katadesmos. A curse.

    Phoebe reaches out, placing one hand on Diana's shoulder, her dark fingers juxtaposed with the clinical white of the hospital linens. Her other hand reaches for Diana's, minding the IV's and gently wrapping her fingers around the Wonder Woman's.

    Sunlight appears to errupt from between Phoebe's fingers. The room fills with warmth as Phoebe's healing aura turns on, aches and pains around her may fade. New wounds draw closed.

    Diana, should she be aware, would feel the Light energy flowing the wrong way through veins, along the myelin sheath of her nerves, the feeling of cool water and tingling like a limb that has fallen asleep as Phoebe searches for the darkness against Diana's spirit.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's beside has two tables off to ehter side and just behind it, both of the tables are filled with gifts and flowers left behind by friends and loved ones who've come to see the Princess.

Diana rests peacefully, looking healthy, looking ... content, even. She does indeed look like she's simply sleeping, and those who are caring for her have made sure to keep her physical apperaance up, her dark hair laying almost perfectly around her head and shoulders.

Phoebe's presence isn't immediately reacted to. The touch, the power, the tender care of the young healer. It takes about a full minute before something does happen. The princess' body lifts very slightly up as her lungs fill with a deeper breath than she had been taking previously. She draws in a breath of air through her small nose and then her lips part and she is quick to exhale the breath.

Her eyes, however, remain closed...

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
"Yeah, OK." Cassie really can't offer more than muted enthusiasm to Donna over the supposed rescue, as much as it all weighs on her. They'll go, and she'll stay, because -until- they find her mom, she's still pretty much useless. And Diana remains-

-well, they'll see, won't they?

Yet she does have something to say as Epione continues her own diagnosis, sudden and insistent: "It's not exactly a curse. Its more like... a hunger, that leaves a nothingness behind?" How she comes to this strange assertion is unclear. Which is probably going to earn some choice looks from the more medically proficient, and a helpless one from her in return. "I don't know! In the Tower, when they got close to me, I could feel a sensation from it... It's not really that it's evil." She shakes her head, looking for the words. "Whoever made it, they made it to kill powerful beings. Gods maybe. Or worse. Maybe it's even worse for Diana, because of that."

Whether this information is merely color commentary, or useful in Phoebe's efforts? Hard to say. Yet as Diana's reaction, even just the drawing of a breath, the rise and fall of her chest, prompts her suddenly forward up to a free edge of the bed, leaning forward. "Hey did she-!? Keep going, Pheebs."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin quickly moves to the readouts and the other vital monitoring equipment on the wall near Diana's bed. The Justice League has some of the best medical facilities on Earth, supplemented by not just magical aid but technology that's beyond the care many Earth hospitals can offer.

"There was a spike in her Alpha waves and Delta wavelengths dropped by fifteen percent," Caitlin notes. She looks down at Phoebe and nods encouragingly at the girl. "That's good," she clarifies. "Means her brain is working better." Caitlin moves to a medical cart and pulls out a single-use plastic syringe to hook up to Diana's IV drip. "I'm going to give her a low dose of methylphenidate," she informs the others. "Just a few milligrams. Phoebe, keep doing what you're doing."

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni hears the explanation of this thing. Katadesmos, she thinks. A curse, or like a blank curse. "Like getting a hole punched in your soul?" Toni guesses, before shuddering. Her gaze rests on Wonder Woman, in repose, and she says, "Yeah. Okay."

She gets the 72% cacao chocolate bar that cost like twelve bucks and weighs like six ounces out. She half turns and places the bar against the wall. Her other hand comes up and there is a sparkle of vibrant silver as Toni informs Donna and Cassie, "This is just shiny, I'm not gonna hurt anything." The silver plasma forms a shape, after some thought, which looks like four knives laid carefully over each other. Which, when applied to the bar very gently, results in six basically-identical chunks of chocolate and not even a mark on the wall! As she catches them in her other hand, Toni looks over her shoulder, and answers Caitlin, "That's good. The first thing, I mean." She seemed to sort of recognize the name.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Cassie's reaction is echoed by Donna, as she two rushes over to Diana's bedside, her eyes intend on Diana's face. "That's good Phoebe," she says, a hint of hopefulness in her voice. "Keep it up," she agrees with a nod.

    "Curse isn't an exact translation," she clarifies. "More literal translation would be a binding. Some types of magic are transient - the effect can last, but the magic itself is a one-hit thing. Other types of magic are... are bound to the spirit of their victim and keep functioning until the magic is disturbed by a counter-spell, or fought off by the victim's own... inner strength. Spirit. Whatever."

    Epione gently pushes Donna aside and leans over Diana, raising an eyelid and looking closely at her eye, then placing two fingers against several points on her neck, feeling for something. She joins Caitlin to study the readouts of the monitoring equipment, and after a few moments gives a satisfied nod. "Yes. It is good. Phoebe continue."

    Donna looks up at the sound of crunching chocolate, watching for a moment. She frowns thoughtfully, then looks back to Diana.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Chocolate sounds good. Diana's breathing sounds better.

    Phoebe concentrates. The light energy flows from her body, through Diana's. Diana is going to have a deep case of the tingles when she wakes up, but Phoebe is trying to isolate this... binding. Curse. Searching for a stain. The teenager keeps up the energy flow, the aura around her strengthening as her dark eyes close, her lips moving a brief moment.

    The dark-haired healer moves her hand from Diana's shoulder, gently putting it to the crown of her head, fingers hesitantly brushing through the dark locks to press against Diana's temple.

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Heart rate's fifty, respiration and 02 saturation are rising," Caitlin mutters at Epione. Her eyes are glued to the readouts, most of which are offering data that's relatively indecipherable to anyone without a medical degree. "Neuro electrical output's is low across the brain and I'm still not getting much activity in the cerebellum."

There's a little protective flinch when Phoebe starts touching Diana's temple, as if she's worried that Phoebe's going to do something that disturbs the sleeping princess. It's the same instinct Epione has; a physician's concern for her patient, worried at the mere thought of anyone else coming in to offer aid. In truth it's a wonder Epione even lets /Caitlin/ alone with Diana.

Diana Prince has posed:
That first breath was follwoed by the more normal, calmer breathing that the Princess had been doing the bulk majority of her time on the medical bed. But a moment later, amongst all the talking and reacting, another deep breath was taken, but this one seemed to be more... prepared, over the first sudden intake.

It's only a few more similar breathes there-after that the Princess' lips part and she speaks.

"Cassie..." Diana's hoarse voice utters the name. Her eyes remain shut though. The muscles in her neck flex and her head turns right to left, but her eyes... stay closed. "Sa--" She whispers out. "Save... her."

AFter she gets out that last bit, the Princess settles again and her head turns to the left as though she's fallen back in to her slumber.

Cassie Sandsmark has posed:
At Diana's beside, Cassie's attention is now wholly focused on her mentor, fixed on her with wide, hopeful eyes as Caitlin starts reciting medical mumbo-jumbo. While that stuff is beyond her, she knows that Cait knows her business, and the fact she's listing off changes, doing -anything-, marks a change from the prior status quo. One of persistent, hope-sapping lack of improvement, or any change at all.

So this? This feels like something, at least.

Her head turns back and forth several times in the process, back to Phoebe to watch the power radiating from her, and to Diana, to mark any tiny reaction to it. And yet that reaction quickly becomes something a bit more than a breath: "Di!" she echoes back, when she hears her name, a frantic exclamation, and she searches out one of the woman's hands to take between her own. "It's me! It's Cassie! We're all here, can you hear us?" And yet from that moment of newborn hope, things quickly recede as no true communication blossoms, and Diana seems to sink back into her slumber with only that encouragement to the rest of them.

After a few moments spent leaning further and further closer, as if physical proximity might reveal some whisper yet unheard, she finally draws back, shoulders a little slumped. Now, her hopefulness is... measured. "Well, it seems like it helped," she offers Phoebe, smiling weakly first, before looking over to Donna. "If, if you guys are going, going to try and find my mom, I may as well stay here with her, in case she comes around again. It's not like I'd be much help anyway."

At which point, she goes looking for a chair, to set up for whatever vigil. And, somewhere in passing, spots that Toni has chocolate, and offers her a smaller smile. "Broke out the good stuff, huh? Guess I'm gonna need some."

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni doesn't speak up when she sees the shifting of Diana. Wonder Woman, Toni thinks as she juggles the pieces of chocolate in their paper-and-foil wrappings in one hand. She's hurting like this but she's - "Jeez, that low," Toni mutters at the heart rate news, before her gaze opens. Diana speaks to Cassie, which is only right.

Silently she passes Cassie the first piece of chocolate. And then she gives out others, starting with - "Nurse," Caitlin, then, "Magic nurse," Phoebe, "Superhero," on the nightstand for plausible future delectation, "and... I guess finder's fee for me - here, Donna, sorry this was kind of heavy." And so the six pieces of chocolate are shared out.

It is not magic chocolate (except in so far as any chocolate is).

Donna Troy has posed:
    Epione rests a hand on Caitlin's shoulder and shakes her head. "Caitlin. This..." she gestures to the display. "This does not understand mind. Only measures certain of the functions of enkephalon. There are other..." she pauses, struggling for the words. "Muscle reactions that are not part of the /autónomia/... increased. This is good." Three thousand years of intensely studious observation and a dose of magical knowledge versus the technological advances of the modern world is an argument waiting to happen. Some day a synthesis of these two streams of medical knowledge will be made and medical science will make a significant jump in both worlds, but that day is not today.

    When Diana briefly speaks, Donna gasps down a breath and takes a half step forwards before checking herself. She crouches down beside Diana's bed and finds her hand to hold, staring at her face intently, waiting for a further reaction that doesn't come. After a few moments she nods her head a little to herself and gives Diana's hand a gentle squeeze. "We will sister, I promise," she whispers.

    Donna straightens and steps back again, making room for the medical types, and stands by Cassie, a hand resting on her shoulder. "Cass... thanks. I know it's hard for you, I know you'd want to help even without your powers. I have to admit, I am really uneasy about leaving you here, because there is a chance your double is waiting for us to go after her in Cambodia so she can spring a trap on you - but we have to take that risk to rescue Helena. I'd appreciate it if you stay here with the guards while I'm out of town."

    She doesn't mention to Cassie that she has already arranged for two of the guards to be keeping a very close eye on Cassie at all times -- Cassie probably doesn't want to hear that. "If something does happen here, get straight on the T-Com. I will have Terry with me, so I can get back in seconds. I would like you to wear Diana's armor while I'm away. Just in case. However..." she gives Cassie's shoulder another squeeze while her eyes fix on Diana again. "You are strictly forbidden from looking for certain artefacts of Diana's you might have borrowed before. Helena would kill me if you did. I have hidden them in the cabinet where Diana keeps her ceramic cleaning solvents on the second shelf in a wooden box, where you will never find them. So don't look for them there, okay?"

    Donna takes her piece of chocolate with a smile fo thanks, and blinks a couple of times in Toni's direction. "How did you... are you a metal elemental, or something?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe pulls back with a gasp, and she winces, shaking out her hands a bit as she squeezes her eyes shut, her legs shaking as she takes a half step back, shaking her head.

    "I Can.. I can try again in a little bit." she breathes out, stretching her fingers, and looking over the group as she weaves a little in her stance.

    "... are we planning a rescue?" she questions, "Do you need help?"

    The teenaged healer turns to Epione.

    "Did I miss something?"

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Caitlin gives Epione a look of mild frustration. On the one hand, she has tremendous respect for the healer and her ancient methods; techniques honed over years of practice, particularly when it comes to battlefield medicine and holistic techniques.

On the other hand, Caitlin is a scientist at heart, and the machinery Diana's cocooned in is the penultimate result of thousands of years of medical research and development.

But it's neither the time nor the place for that discussion, so instead Caitlin rests a hand on Phoebe's shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze. "You did really good," Caitlin reassures Phoebe. "Rest for a bit. Diana said what she needed to say, and no one heard Donna just now," she reminds the girl.

Caitlin smiles gratefully at Toni and accepts the chocolate politely, making no effort to correct the woman. "Thank you," she tells Toni, and pops it in her mouth to chew hungrily. It visibly lifts her spirits in just a few bites. The magic of chocolate, indeed!

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Oh, that's just my like superpower because my real dad's an alien," Toni tells Donna. "That's also why I kinda, like, look like this?"

A moment passes. Perhaps a single panel.

"It was plasma so it's not dirty or anything, I just don't like to like, make a big show of... it. You wanna see?" She holds up her palm, which produces an obliging quantity of the silver plasma in a roughly egg-shaped form.

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna knows the arguments too well and is thankful it's not turning into an actual debate. Epione dismisses the advances of Man's World far too quickly. No doubt the fact that Themyscira never had a dark age and Epione has the wisdom of Asklepios to guide her has a bearing. No doubt too that the age of digital electronics and molecular biology should not be shrugged off so easily. Donna gives Caitlin a sympathetic shrug before walking over and leaning tiredly against her old friend.

    "You did well child," Epione reassures Phoebe, taking her hand and leading her, somewhat insistently, to a chair. "Rest now. We observe, see the effects. Then perhaps try more later, we will see." She gives Phoebe a smile. "One day perhaps you come to Themyscira. I think it would be well for you to meet Magala, show her your gift. She understands these things well." Apparently Epione has decided that she may not approve of modern medical practises, but she approves of Phoebe.

    "Neat trick, Toni," Donna says. She looks thoughtful for a few moments. "Can you pretty much make it do what you want to do? Um. If so... listen. Do you think I can persuade you to take a trip with us to Cambodia? Cassie's duplicate - she has spiked armor, and the spikes are what hurt Diana. Dangerous. Getting close to her will be a problem. I had planned to spray her down with a high density polyurethane foam to get in the way of the spikes, but that wouldn't last long. If you could project globs of that... stuff onto the tips of her spikes, that would be incredibly useful. You won't have to do any actual fighting and I'll arrange to have you rendered invisible so it'll be pretty safe. What do you think?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Oh, I couldn't hear anything, too busy trying to not hear the blood rushing in my ears." Phoebe replies to Caitlin with a very sincere voice, in spite of the fact that she heard everything that was said.

    And then Epione takes her hand. Phoebe looks shocked at the compliment, and her ears and cheeks darken.

    "Th-thank you, Epione. Ma'am." she states quietly, and she sits down. Phoebe has gotten two major approvals in a week. She might faint.

    "Once Diana and Cassie are recovered... I think I should like to visit." she gives a hesitant nod, and exhales, seeming to deflate from her nerves.

Toni Monetti has posed:
"Thanks!" Toni says.

And then she listens to the rest of what Donna says.

Her shoulders straighten and she takes a deep breath. (Am I for real here? Toni thinks. Then she thinks: It half-killed Wonder Woman, this is insane. And then she thinks: Yeah, but it half-killed Wonder Woman.)

"Like... aglets or something? Or like a big cork board? ... Yeah, like - yeah. Uh. You got a picture or something? But I wanna be clear," Toni says, leaning towards Donna and raising both hands, "that that is absolutely a big fat y-e-s I'll gunk up Armor Lad or whoever the ****." ("Sorry I said **** in front of her," Toni apologizes, parenthetically.)

Diana Prince has posed:
At some point in the not too distant future, Cassie is still by Diana's bedside, but she's taken a momentary break to let a visitor have a bit of time with the Princess before the man leaves and Cassie returns with a new drink in her hand from the cafe on the ground level above. She takes the chair beside the bed again and looks to Diana for a few moments before she notes something new on the table in front of her beside Diana's bed.

A new set of flowers, and something more odd...

Cassie leans forward and picks up a small metal tool that she soon realizes is a "Can opener." The young girl says before turning it over her in hand and then eventually reaching out to set it back down where she'd found it.

"Why would Captain America leave her a can opener?" Cassie mutters before sipping her drink and leaning back in the chair.

But before she can fully lean back, draw her hand back from the table, however, a new hand reaches over and wraps fingers around Cassie's wrist...Cassie's eyes fall to the hand now giving her wrist a warm and firm squeeze...