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Bring Your Pet to Milkshake Day
Date of Scene: 04 November 2021
Location: Mootant Town Milkshakes
Synopsis: A group of random folks all end up at Mootant Town Milkshakes to get their free shake for bringing their pets in! Oddities insue!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Roxxi Smith, Koriand'r, Wade Wilson, Gabby Kinney, Tara Tsabedze, Laxmi Mallick, Henry McCoy

Rogue has posed:
Its a questionable deal! Bring your pet on a leash (or a box) to Mootant Town Milkshakes and get a free regular sized milkshake!

Naturally Rogue grabbed her keys and looked around for any of the students that wanted to go on a drive. On a leash she has her yellow lab dog 'Jeepers' who couldn't be happier. The drive down from Westchester was uneventful, Rogue had made sure to take the fastest route to get to Bushwick. Now, her red truck is parked just down the street and she's leading Jeepers out of it by his leash. "Come on, fella. Lets get us some free sugah." The southern gal says, her leather bomber jacket on over a dark green button up sweater and some dark blue jeans tucked in to a pair of heeled leather boots.

Rogue looks over to Roxxi whom she invited along and gives her a big smile. "You get the free one, I'll be buyin' my own." She tells the Senior, while Jeepers wags his tail and walks alongside the Belle's legs toward the shop's door which she pulls open with a green gloved hand.

Ding ding! The store's door bell jingle as it opens up.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi will never turn down a milkshake. Ice cream seems to be a safe bet to get the teen's attention. Free ice cream was even better. Roxxi piled into the truck with Marie, Jeepers, and whoever else was tagging along from the school. With an uneventful and fast trip, it didn't take long to pile out once more as they parked in front of Mootant's.
     Dressed in her standard attire, with a tattered denim jacket over her Misfits tee, Roxxi follows Rogue towards the Milkshake shop. "Okay!" She responds brightly to the offer of getting the free shake. She pauses long enough to scritch Jeeper's head before hurrying to get the door open for herself, Marie, and the dog.

Koriand'r has posed:
A milkshake was certainly one of the more appealing human items of food and drink on Earth, not that Starfire had really come across much that she hadn't enjoyed. An offer that allowed her to reciece one for free -and- take her little pet for an outing? Even better!

Never one for driving, Kori's arrival was far from subtle as she streaked across the sky in a comet of green energy, touching down with a gleeful grin as she bent to deposit the large bundle she'd carried in her arms onto the ground before her.

Compared to plenty of the animals brought in, the strange caterpiller with the weirdly happy expression she was clipping a lead to was almost certainly a little strange.

Then again, Starfire herself -was- a tall alien woman with orange skin and green eyes so...it was all relative.

At least the place was already used to mutants, and Kori seemed perfectly happy and comfortable as she made her way with 'Silkie' in tow.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Deadpool was in the neighborhood, and as usual he's garnering a number of stares. Most of the time it is for the fact that he wears his mask and spandex-leather outfit everywhere, complete with weapons. On the rare occasions he is without the suit, it is because he looks like a hairless armadillo has decided to take up stock as his entire skin. This time it isn't either of those things.

    Today it is beacuse of the companion he has in tow.

    The beast is large, maybe 80 lbs, and white with black spots over it's fur. It's paws were massive, usually they allowed superior silence in the snowy climes where it is native. The deep blue eyes are the color of sapphires. The long furry tail behind it is held out to aford balance. Anyone and everyone who sees it knows it for a predator at heart, despite the docile nature it carries while attached to a large chain at Deadpool's hand.

    Wade and his pet, a juvinile snow leopard enter, the milkshake shop with a carelss air and waves to the proprietor. "I hope this isn't too big a pet" he asks, gesturing to the big cat who looks around assessing the others in the area.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
A pet? Gabby didn't have one of those (at least not one she could logically/legally bring to such an event which is likely very good for all involved there) but she did like the idea of potentially getting to see other pets. Maybe even pet them! Leaving behind her current task of cat sitting an aggressive predator she heads for the icecream shop. Other than the addition of a puffy jacket to ward off the cold she's wearing her usual mish-mash of questionable items: Black leggings, high top sneakers she's decorated herself with paint, and a t-shirt. It was the Cat Kaiju t-shirt day it seemed.

She's just in time to see Starfire land with the wormy creature. Something she has never seen before. A little gasp is let out, and she clasps her hands together. "OH MY GOSH what is that it's so cute what's it's name!?" Comes burbling out from the teen even as she dashes over. Equally distracting is the snow leopard brought in. Her attention is torn with clear interest in both. "Oh man if I'd known we were allowed to bring apex predators I would have brought Rasputin! ... Though he'd probably not like the crowd," she has to admit thoughtfully.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets in line behind the mom and their son who have a little beagle on a leash with them. They're paying for the shakes they have in hand now. Jeepers is wagging his tail at Roxxi and then sniffing all around as they stand and wait to be served. The Belle's eyes are up on the menu board. "These shakes are the best around." She tells Roxxi with a look over at her. "So just pick whatever ya want."

The movement out of the back of her peripheral has Rogue spotting the others that are coming in. "Holy hell." She says of the big cat, and Deadpool for that matter. "Wade?" She asks, not sure if its actually him or not under the mask. She hasn't spotted Gabby yet behind them, nor Kori who she briefly met once over a year ago...

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     The green-haired teen stares up at the menu, trying to decide her concoction of ice cream, stir-ins, and toppings. The free offer likely has some limitations, so Roxxi does her best to stay within the limits. She nods at Rogue's comment and mutters an agreement. They really are the best shakes.
     For the time being, the puckish young woman seems occupied with choices, and hasn't noticed the pets, and their owners, entering behind them. Roxxi tugs thoughtfully at an argyle sock that hangs from one of her belt loops. Finally they get up to the counter, and she begins to name her selections. Lots of chocolate, caramel, and sprinkls seem involved.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Just outside and around the corner from the milkshake shop a bright flash of silvery-white light can be seen, moments later a panther comes walking up to the shop with Laxmi and Henry. There is no leash attached, but the beautiful feline is wearing a thick silver chain around her neck with an ancient looking pendant hanging freely from it. Both ears have been pierced all the way around and have tiny silver hoops adorning the holes.

Koriand'r has posed:
Gabby's approach has Starfire smiling as brightly as...well pretty much everything she does. Bending down to help the creature through the door as they speak one digit lightly scritches her pet's stomach.

"This is Silkie, isn't he just the most wonderful little bumgorf around?"

The others and their collection of growing felines is equally amazing, even if it does result in a little protective cradling until she sets Silkie down and lifts a hand.

She was promised milkshakes after all.

The eclectic mix of creatures and patrons is quickly taken in, Rogue herself getting a friendly smile that could well be recognition...or that could just be Koriand'r.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    Laxmi took the time to freshen up and change back into her usual colorful lehenga before she accompanied Hank and Tara into New York - and as they approach Mootant Milkshakes, the dusky-skinned Indian woman take a few steps ahead of her two friends, pulling the door open, and holding it for them with a smile. Glancing inside, she's surprised to see that they don't have the only large cat with them - and her posture goes still, her eyes a bit wide. "Oh... my." If the creature was unsafe - it wouldn't be here, right?
    In fact, she's so distracted by the feline, that she doesn't seem to spot Wade immediately.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Well, he wasn't specifically expecting the transformation for the milkshakes, but here they were. Henry chuckles, shaking his head as he reaches down to scritch at the panther walking in with him. So many people! His eyes go to the other big cat, then the... bumgorf? Blink. Blink.

"Evening all." He offers to those he knew, and even those he didn't! "Is there a special going on, or do great minds think alike?" Henry grins.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I don't know what a bumgorf is but yes, yes he is," Gabby agrees with a grin as she watches the cute little... larval... bug thing. It was cute in that kind of uggo way some dogs, like chihauhaus, were. "I love him to bittles," she gushes toward Kori with a broad grin. Nevermind the woman was an alien--It didn't bother Gabby any, even if it was obvious. Wade's kitty, and the panther that shows up earns a blink. Instantly she puts her hands on her hips jutting her lip out in a pout. "Aw man I knew I should have brought Rasputin with me. I was just gonna get him a quart of icecream to bring back." At least there WERE familiar enough faces here for her. "Hi Doc!" She offers out to Beast along with a grin. "And..." She tips her head a little. "I didn't know you had a cat."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade's demeanor brightens as he notices Rogue's noticing of him. "Rogue?!" he asks in amazement, as he reaches up to pull up a bit of the mask, revealing the shrivelledand scarred skin of his face and neck while leaving his eyes covered. After tugging it back down he says, "Gosh it's been... forever hasn't it?" he asks, the smile in his tone appaarent. He looks to one of the walls of the building and speaks, sotto voce, to someone who is not even there.

    "Alright friends. This is the enternal conundrum. Rogue and I. I know for a *fact* that in some worlds we have occasional trysts. This world is the question though... same or not. Let's see how it plays out."

    He pulls a bit more on the chain, shortening the lead of the docile big cat as it notices a similar feline in the area. If it is a threatening predator it isn't showing any signs of it.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the others come in through the door and she offers a wave and a smile to them. "Hank, Lax." She says with a grin before noting the poofy jacketed Gabby. "Gabster, you too? Nice." Kori gets a grin and a upnod from Rogue too. "I remember you. Been awhile!" She says then.

Wade's reaction to her has her looking back to him to smile softly. "Nice cat, didn't know you were in t'Las Vegas shows." She quips at him before she turns back to the counter and approaches Roxxi. Rogue places an order for her own Cookie Dough shake before she steps out of the way and down the counter to recieve it when its ready. Jeepers is looking at all the new arrivals and hiding near Rogue's legs. "Ya'll ready for some serious taste bud treats?" She asks those in line.

Others in the store are getting up to leave, taking their boring regular pets with them!

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi scoots down the counter as well, as she awaits her frozen treat with almost bated breath. It's only then though, that she realizes Rogue addresses some familiar names. She turns on ball of her booted foot and offers an exciting wave to Laximi and Hank. Kori, Gabby, and Wade aren't spared her effusiveness either, though they aren't familiar.
    A loud gasp marks the moment she notices Silki. Roxxie pushes off the counter, to approach the bumgorf and its owner. "What is that? It's almost as good as a giant ant!" The young woman gushes. At about that time, Wade breaks his fourth wall. Eyes go wide, as her kitten-like attention span now turns to their 'audience.' "Is, someone there?" She asks, voice a soft mix of curiosity and awe.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Pauses at the door with Laxmi and Henry, looking up at the blue man with her golden feline eyes, then looks inside the shop. She can smell the milkshakes, but more importantly she can also smell the snow leopard and the bumgorf. The leopard was a possible threat and the bumgorf was well... an unknown, but neither seemed violent so she just pads right in.

"Vanilla," is then said to Henry, because fancy panthers can talk. Her voice is deep and heavily touched by an East African accent, but it is still a very human voice.

Koriand'r has posed:
With people suitably perplexed by the term of endearment for Silkie and the apparently cheerful mutant or alien moth-lavae-thing happily wriggling and soaking up the attention, Kori finally retrieves her own milkshake, something she's quite happy to drain eagerly...and then only now look about.

With the crowd and the collection of large creatures? She was probably going to have to find somewhere to sit!

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    It's only when Deadpool speaks to people that aren't there that Laxmi's gaze locks onto him, recognition spearking on her features. "Oh... Mister Deadpool, wasn't it? A pleasure to see you again," she remarks. Her gaze flicks uncertainly to the leopard again, then shifts to the unusual looking... moth? before she follows her two friends into the shop. "Rogue, hello. And Roxxi and Gabby as well - evening, girls. Actually - I believe the cat has Dr. McCoy. What sort of milkshakes have you chosen?" she asks with polite curiousity, before studying the menu for herself. "Hrm. I think I'll have a mango, with some chocolate cookie bits," she muses quietly.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Gabby gets a grin from Hank. "No, Gabby. This is K'Tara, my girlfriend. We just finished up a little sparring, and I think she feels more comfortable in this form tonight." A wry grin. "How are you doing?" Wow... that sounds bad out of context. "I promise, she's not a panther... er, not all the time." A flustered chuckle.

Roxxi gets a wave, as does Rogue and Wade. There's a polite smile to Koriand'r and her friend, Silkie. They both get a look over, curious but not rude. "I'll go with chocolate peanut butter." He decides, after a moment.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade wanders up to the counter. "Carmael milkshake, and a cup of vanilla for Fluffy here" he says to the cashier, jangling the chain. The man's eyes were fixed on the cat. "Oi! Buddy. Eyes are up here. You can stare at my pussy when you've paid for a $350 dinner in Metropolis."

    He turns and follows after Rogue and her protege. "Truth of the matter, it's not even mine. It belonged to a mark I took out a few days ago. I'm just sitting it until I figure out what to do with it." At Roxxi's comment, he smiles. "Only if you look really hard and have permanent brain damage."

    Koriand'r's pet moth-thing and her sheer presence gets him to smile, a tugging of the mask where his mouth is. "Starfire's popularity is just as powerful here as the cartoons huh?" he says to himself (maybe.) Laxmi's notice of him has him looking over at her. "Oh! You're the girl from the swingset. Laxmi? Right?" Beast and his pet talking panther earn a nod of greeting and then a double take. "Hank, did your panther just talk?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney oohs softly when the panther talks. That causes her to pause, likely a good thing because otherwise she might have been hugging Tara and rubbing her face into her neck. That would have been awkward. Moreso when Hank explains this is his girlfriend. "OOOOH! I see!" She blurts out once more grinning broadly. "Eh, who am I to judge, my family's kind of unique in itself." She didn't have the enhanced senses but it didn't take long to overhear a situation either. With a sigh she reaches into her pocket to fish around a moment looking for... something. FInally withdrawing a business card she steps over to thrust it toward Wade. "Here, I know a guy," she explains. "If he doesn't know what to do with a large cat he'll find someone who does. Like, legitimately good care of them. I'm pet sitting his Siberian Tiger right now so I don't think they'd get along."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts her drink and offers Roxxi her own. "Rox." She says to get her attention. Jeepers gets a big milk bone from the Clerk too, and he scarfs it while still eyeing these others pets in the store.

To get out of the way, Rogue steps over to a table not far from Kori's and grins at her pet. "Cute." She says of it before taking a seat.. Her eyes dart over to Wade.

"Wade." She says to him. "Please don't eat it." She tells him of the leopard, apparently thinking he might get desperate to unload the animal! "Take it to a zoo or somethin'." She says before leaning back in her chair and putting a spoon in to her shake to take a mouthful from the tasty treat.

She watches Gabby approach Pool now and offer a card and solution. Her spoon is pulled from between her lips and she grins. "A solution presents itself. How about that." The Belle says before pushing the spoon back in to the shake.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi squints hard, determined to see whatever, or whomever, it is that Wade was speaking. "I think my brain is okay..." The teen asserts, though, that is sometimes a matter of debate. "I think I mi-" but whatever it is she might have said stalls on her lips, as she spins again to bound up to Hank and Tara. "Oh you talk! You're so pretty." She informs the panther. "Can I pet you?" Fingers wave in the air, hovering until given permission.
     Then, with familiar percission, Rogue calls Roxxi's attention span back to heel. "Oh, chocolate, and caramel, and sprinkles!" Roxxi answers Laxmi over her shoulder. She takes up her milkshake, and after the Belle towards a table.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
At the mention that this amazing and beautiful feline needs a new home, the panther's attention turns away from milkshakes and to the other large cat. So many of them end up in tiny little reserves or holding locations, unable to be truly cared for. If she could, she would gather them all and take them back to her people, but that was impossible. For this feline however, she could perhaps offer something more.

The same silvery-white light flashes and the panther becomes a fix foot tall, felonoid woman standing there beside Henry. "I beseech you, as the Avatar of Bast, Goddess of the Moon and Felines," she begins, speaking to Wade, watching him closely and even bowing slightly toward the man. "Permit me to take this beautiful feline where she can be tended and treated like the magnificent representative of the Goddess she is."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Got it in one," Laxmi confirms for Wade with a friendly smile. "And I spoke with Logan about you, actually. Next time, I suppose I //could// join you on a swing set." As long as they were each on their own swing.
    Her attention shifts back to Roxxi as she adds with a note of amusement. "Everything's better with sprinkles." Yet she doesn't add any sprinkles to her own order. She shield's her eyes briefly from the flash, then watches Tara as she interacts with Wade. "Are we taking a leopard back with us on our way back to the school?" she asks.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A grin at Roxxi's reaction to Tara, Hank watches as Gabby offers a solution. Then K'Tara is up and on two legs again - and offering another solution to Wade. A nod as she provides her suggestion. "I can certainly help transport the leopard?" He smiles. Just another night of chaos at the milkshake joint!

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade looks at Rogue as he sits and then says. "I'm not going to eat it. Geez. Besides... I've got a new girlfriend..." At the offers for homes for the cats he looks between the two offerings.

    "Umm... yours was good..." he says, pointing to Gabby and setting the bowl of vanilla ice cream down for the cat to happily and noisily lick at. "Hers..." he says, pointing to Tara, "was better."

    He gives a grin to Laxmi. "Swing card is always open. You know how to find me." He *did* give her a card of his after all.

    "Where you going to put it?" he asks Tara and Hank. "I mean... snow leopards aren't exactly indiginous to Africa last I checked."

    His eyes shift to Gabby again and he frowns. "You seem familiar... Like I should know you, but I can't place it."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flips her card back into her hand when the way better offer is made. It's accepted with an easy nod and grin to both Wade and Tara. "Nah, that's probably better than he can do anyway. He's got some ties back in Africa with some nature preserves, but yeah, I mean. Can't beat a goddess." Nodding solemnly she tucks her hands back into her pockets. It's then she realizes she is WITHOUT ICECREAM. Ah, darn getting distracted. "Oh, I wanna grab some of that strawberry marhsmallow they got going on. It's got the rainbow marshmallows from Lucky Charms in it!" She's just about to whirl around to go grab that when Wade points out he recognizes her. She tilts her head a moment, then just grins with a broad shrug. "Could be, there's a few of 'me' running around. I'm a clone. You know Logan, though?" A look is shot to Laxmi as she had brought him up. "He's my dad."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just quietly watching and listening. She crosses her legs at the knees, right over left and just gently wobbles her right booted foot around. Her spoon goes in and out of her cup as she calmly and casually enjoys her treat. When Wade replies to her she offers him a big smile with closed lips, shaking her head at his enuendo of implication. She then looks to Tara and Hank, then down to the Snow Leopard enjoying its ice cream treat.

"Glad its found a good bit'a help." Rogue says through a scoop of shake about the Leopard.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi sits with her milkshake. As often happens, she tunes out of the competing conversation. Instead, she stares off in the distance. Perhaps she's looking for Wade's imaginary friend again. The sock puppet came off her belt loop and slipped onto her left hand. Together they stare into the void. Hopefully, it doesn't stare back.
     Gabby's revelation does steal a brief moment of attention. "Your Logan's daughter?! I didn't know!" She seems excited rather than disappointed, so obviously it's good news.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Tara shifts her golden feline eyes to look at Gabby, offering a smile before she looks back to Wade. Her accent is not as pronounced as it was when she was a panther, but there is still a hint of it.

"The Paka ya Mwezi, the tribe from which I come in Africa, exists in a space between realities," she explains plainly, not concealing a single thing about herself or her tribe it seems. "They call this space The Moon. It is paradise compared to Africa, in which the seasons shift allowing for a true spring, summer, autumn and winter. There are other felines there, who have been tormented by humans," there is a slight hiss to her tone as she says this, other wise she remains calm as she continues.

"I could explain the entirety of it to you if you wish, without hesitation," she then looks to Gabby. "Avatar. I represent Bast in this realm, have been blessed by Her power and the Moon, but I am not a goddess myself."

Glancing back to Henry she offers an apologetic expression, sometimes her calling in this world comes before dinner, but that doesn't mean she had to like it, "Go get yourself something eat, I will join you shortly," is then offered to him before she finally looks back to Wade.

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Gabby is one of our charming and delightful students - as is Roxxi here," Laxmi remarks with warmth, smiling at Deadpool, and then the girls before she adds, "We'll see what opportunities are offered for swinging in the future."
    As her shake is offered over, Laxmi accepts it with thanks, paying for the treat, before she settles in at one of the tables to nibble at it. Mmmm. After a couple of bites she pats her leg, calling, "Jeepers. Come here, Jeepers. Who's a good boy?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a grin from Henry to Tara, he clearly understands. "Of course. Thank you, Wade." He offers to the other man, glad an agreement could be arranged. He orders a milkshake for himself and Tara, expecting she might be back quicker than he expects. Magic. It works!

A smile to Gabby. "You know a guy? Are you becoming our networked ally then? All the connections, all the ties?" He asks, finding a seat for himself.

Koriand'r has posed:
Returned from the apparent blissed-out coma of her delicious milkshake...and then dealing with Silkie trying toneat a napkin dispenser, Kori makes to find herself a seat.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade's eyes widen under the mask at Gabby's introduction. "Oh! You're his daughter that... sort of makes us... siblings!" he says brightly. "I have some of his genetic makeup in me, I heal like he does... didn't get the mad-sideburns or hairstyle though. And my blades come from without instead of within." He beams. "Nice to meet you. We'll have to talk more when there aren't so many others around... I'd love to get to know family better."

    Looking back to Tara he slips the chain lead from his arm. "Take her then. No skin off my back and she'll be happy there from the sound of it." He tosses the lead to the dark skinned woman. The cat doesn't even look up from its ferocious cleaning of the bowl of icecream.

    As the sock puppet comes up from Roxxi's hand he looks at her. "Okay... there's a story there and I *have* to know it."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flashes Hank a grin along with an innocent enough shrug. "I like meeting people! And yeah I know a few people that can do some sorta things in various areas..." She trails off as her attention shifts to Tara once more. "Avatar, right. That's still pretty cool. I know a demon queen and a demon hunter, too. Related to the hunter actually turns out which is another old long story I don't know all of yet." Darn Logan and his long lifespan. BUT. Then Wade gets excited. Which gets Gabby excited. Squealing energetically she *launches* herself at Wade to throw a hug around his waist. "OH my god really hi! I'm Gabby! Gabrielle but it's just Gabby mostly everyone says I talk too much but I can be serious too and it's okay I like regular knives I've only got two claws and they're not metal--" The catch and release hug is given before she remembers. "Icecream. Back in a minute." Only to practically skip to the counter. Tonight was a good night!

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers looks to Laxmi and starts to wag his long tail as he works his way over to her around a chair to stay away from the Leopard as far as he can. He takes his new milkbone that is huge, and sets it on Lax's lap happily greeting her.

Rogue looks over at Roxxi. "Good shake?" She asks before she notes the sock puppet and glances at Wade when he sees it. "That's Muffins. Roxi's friend." She notes before seeing the family reunion. "That's sweet. The Logan-crew grows ever larger." She states with a soft smile as she spoons more at her shake, her foot wobbling yet still.

Roxxi Smith has posed:
     Roxxi listens to Gabby and Wade's exchange with wide green eyes. She has a soft spot for Logan, so learning these two are related fills her with glee. Still beaming, the green-haired teen nods. "Oh, it's the best shake ever." She confirms, which has likely been true for every shake she's had before now.
     Muffins remains on Roxxi's hand, as the teen nods at Wade. Rogue's introduction has more or less covered everything, though she does add. "Muffins sometimes helps me figure things out." Not much of a storyteller, this one.
     Kori's return gets a bright grin from Roxxi. "What kinda pet is that? Does she have a name? Does she bite?" Rapid-fire questions, aimed at Starfire.

Tara Tsabedze has posed:
Tara accepts the chain before her eyes shift to look at the snow leopard busily enjoying her ice cream. Kneeling down to one kneel, she closes her eyes a moment and whispers something in the feline's ear, before she picks up the bowl and moves it over so she can sit down with Henry. The feline follows and is reward with some of Tara's shake added to the bowl.

"When we finish our shakes, I will take her to The Paka ya Mwezi," she says quietly, looking from Henry to Laxmi and back again. "You are both welcome to join me, though she will be finishing her ice cream as well before she is willing to go."

Laxmi Mallick has posed:
    "Who's the best Jeepers, huh?" Laxmi asks the dog eagerly, scratching at his head and ruffling his ears with a fond smile on her features. She really does enjoy animals - and Jeepers //is// a good boy.
    She looks next to Gabby and Wade - smiling as she adds, "And now you've met her properly. Gabby is nothing if not enthusiastic." Honestly, she was very fond of the young woman.
    After another bit of her shake she adds towards Tara, "I would absolutely adore that. Do you think the cat would allow me to pet her? I mean - when do you really get the opportunity to pet a large cat?" It after she says that, that the secondary implications occur to her, and a bit of embarrassment registers on her features.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Gabby's hug is returned with one of his own and then she's going off to get icecream and Roxxi's... associate, teaching tool, hand-puppet. "Muffins, right. Nice to meet you, Muffins" he says to the sock puppet. Wade is nothing if not polite... most of the time.

    He gives Laxmi, Tara, and Henry a glance. The cat is their problem now, not his. And with it's owner's bounty collected it's one more loose end he doesn't have to worry about.