9166/Sorcerer's World: An Unlikely Ally

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Sorcerer's World: An Unlikely Ally
Date of Scene: 19 December 2021
Location: Hall of Justice - New Troy
Synopsis: The Justice League is offered assistance from an unlikely source and given two paths to consider in seeking to put an end to the threat posed by Felix Faust; gather power and confrong the mad mage directly before he can enact his ritual. Or seek out Dr. Fate, the real Dr. Fate, and hope that he is enough to turn the tide.
Cast of Characters: Hal Jordan, Arthur Curry, Diana Prince, Morgan Finn, Dmitri Pushkin, Victor Von Doom

Hal Jordan has posed:
When it rains it pours. Or snows, as the case might be. It's a cold, blustery evening in Metropolis -- the city just might have a white Christmas afterall -- but it is not the weather that is likely to be weighing on the minds of the occupants of the Hall of Justice. Not with Felix Faust and his cadre of mystical allies still very much at large. Not with Mordru, Lord of Chaos allied with him. Not with a plethora of massively powerful magical artifacts in their possession. And even the League's most formidable ally when it comes to the mystical sphere has proven to be a traitor. Dr. Fate has been replaced by some imposter. The threat Faust has made to reorder the natural order and to put the chaos of magic over the laws of science seems perilously close to coming to fruition.

Of course that's the big picture. Sometimes one just has to overlook the forest and focus on a specific tree. In this instance the tree would be that the quiet night in the Hall of Justice has been shattered once more. Yet another intruder has somehow made their way past the perimeter. The alarm sounds for just a moment before it cuts out with a short of choked, electronic squeal. The cameras in the monitoring room are abruptly filled with fuzz and static, deactivating in a queue, just catching a glimpse of a shadowed figure stalking towards the halls, making their way to the very heart of the Justice League's sanctum.

The figure stalks through the unlit room, little more then a blur, barely discernable against the blacks and greys of the last remaining monitor. It doesn't even hesitate as it moves to the head of the table where the League gathers to discuss its business, not even hesitating as they seat themselves regally at the head of that same table.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Ever since the raid before on the Hall of Justice, Arthur had been sticking closer by than he normally would. Sure at times during the day he'd head off to somewhere the depths would take him, but a thought had been left for the sanctum of the Justice League.
    Which likely would explain why the man had been in the monitoring room and was one of the first to see when the display hissed and exploded with static. A moment was taken, perhaps two to try and get the screens working, although Arthur's troubleshooting talents were far from exhaustive. After he fails for twenty seconds or so he'll announce on the comms to those in attendance.
    << Things go dark for other people? >>
    Just a quick heads up before he's walking to the door and away from the screen, heading to the hallway where the figure might have been.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had brought Morgan to the Hall of Justice to set him up with something. A set of armor of his own. Moulded body armor for the young man to wear in training and combat situations. It covers the chest, shoulders, arms, and upper legs. Designed with a gladiator-esque aesthetic but with modern trappings in weave and materials.

AFter that, Diana had offered to do a bit of training in the holographic training room.

With that complete though, Diana is walking out of the room with Morgan when the alarms go off. She listens to the comm traffic and speaks over it.

"This is Diana. I am here. What is happening?" She asks.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan walks calmly next to Diana doing what he always does: talking about /everything/. "And then they took of his blindfold and he realized he kissed the school mascot! It was so dope!" Then the alarms sound. The teen wrinkles his nose curiously but doesn't seem even the slightest bit bothered. I mean...this is the Hall of frickin' Justice. Nothing can harm them here, right? The alarm must be a malfunction.

He looks up at the tall Amazon Princess. "What's going on, Diana?"

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     Dmitri was a man who is focused on helping others, it's in his nature. Currently he's in the process of helping the justice league by doing some late night cooking. He stands in the kitchen in full armor flipping food for breakfast and prepairng a number of other breakfast foods. It's not much but he hopes it'll help lighten the mood with everything going on as of late from break-ins to more.

     He hears the sounds of something going on in the other room, and it breaks him from his cooking mindset. He pauses for a long moment having been in the process of using his suits technopathy in order to remote control cooking implements to help speed up the process that could normally take three times the time span. He sets down the electronic devices onto the table, and flicks off the stove with one hand as he turns to the doorway.

     He narrows his eyes beneath the suit and moves through the door of the kitchen with his arm held outstretched glowing an amber color to light the way. Something is going on and he doesn't like it. <<I am hearing strange noise coming from main room. Moving to investigate comrades.>> His kiss the cook apron still wrapped around the midsection of his armor as he leans around the corner of the door to see what's going on in the next room.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The League's meeting room remains dark, the lights having seemingly failed though that single camera continues to offer a shadowed view of the figure present, seated without moving at the head of the table. As if waiting for a meeting to be called to order. As if waiting for his subjects to arrive and pay proper fealty.

While the cameras and other security measures do not offer Arthur much in the way of assistance -- none of them capturing a good view of the man or any pertinent vitals, at least a small clue is offered about how he breached the perimeter is present, the mystical alarms setup by their allies of a sorcerous bent clearly showing that it was a portal opened by magid that has given the intruder entrance to their headquarters without being spotted or having to deal with their external security.

Suddenly the intercom crackles to life. "If this is meant to be the heart of Justice here on Earth I am less than impressed," a booming voice sounds. "Come pay your respects, protectors of this world, to one who is your better. It is possible that I shall choose to aid you," the pompous voice continues.

In the meeting room itself, that chair swivels in the direction of the door that Rocket Red peeks through, the figure abruptly rising. A lone light comes on -- just behind that figure leaving him backlit as that armored face stares fixedly towards Dmitri. "You may as well be the first to enter my presence and pay your respects to Doom!"

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Catching sight of Dmitri in the hallway, Arthur sees him and calls out, "Hey man, something is going..." Of course that's the moment he might well hear the voice on the intercom and then the one much more pressing in the meeting room. He'll stroll on up and then proceed to fill that doorway beside the Russian. A furrowed brow mars Arthur's features and indeed if this is the central focal point of Justice in the world...
    Then what's this homeless guy doing here?
    Since Arthur isn't exactly in his uniform. More rock and roll roadie than anything else. "Hey, man." Is offered in greeting. Then he touches a hand to his ear and says into the comms, "There's a Doom in the meeting room." But curiously enough he's not too quick to dismiss the man.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana takes a single step out of the training room when she hears Morgan's question. After the response over coms comes to her, Diana looks to Morgan. "Someone has come unannounced for a meeting." She says back to him as she starts to walk in that direction. "Stay close." She warns Morgan then.

Her hand goes behind her back, she draws the spear off her harness and sweeps it over with a twirl to offer it to Morgan. "Keep this at the ready. Just in case." She states calmly to the young trainee.

The meeting room is just up ahead, but they have not quite reached it yet...

Morgan Finn has posed:
It takes only a moment for Morgan to snap into we're-in-a-Situation mode. To his credit, he doesn't panic or get overly excited. 'When you let your emotions play to your opponent, you give him control of your heart,' he replays in his head a lesson from Galatea. He grabs the spear, holding in two hands in such a position that it's ready for close-quarters combat. This isn't the arena, this is the Hall. Less space.

"Sounds like a blowhard," the teen demigod murmurs. BUT, a little bit of insight might reveal a layer of nervousness beneath his calm veneer. He stays close to his mentor.

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     "Oh I am used to playing the diplomat." Dmitri offers in a friendly tone with a vocalized smile to his tone. He's a lighthearted and jovial man who still doesn't fully understand the English language so some of the finer tones are missed on him, like exactly what doom means by pay fealty.

     Rocket Red steps out into view a hand grabbing his apron in order to pull it off from his midsection and fold it over his arm keeping it from getting in the way as the orange glow fades completely from his arm.

     "Doom from Latveria?" He asks Arthur beside him as he moves to set the apron down onto the counter. He looks back to the figure before offering. "Now I feel silly not wearing my diplomacy suit for this encounter."And not silly because of the bright pink apron that he was wearing up until a few seconds ago.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
It is possible that this is not exactly the way that Victor von Doom, monarch of Latveria envisioned this particular encounter going. Certainly he likely expected something a little... formidable than some armored man in an apron and the homeless guy from down the street confronting him when he very impressively broke into the ground-based headquarters of Earth's protectors.

Perhaps that is the most effective attack of all however. Aim for the man's ego. It certainly is a big enough target. Though perhaps entirely indestructable.

That metal faceplate is unreadable of course and even with that single, solitary light now highlighting the intruder in their midst the green hood of the cape he wears shrouds much of his face -- or at least that face plate -- in shadows. It is unclear of whether he is trying to decide what possible reply he can offer to that or if simply studying the pair presenting themselves. Fortunately, it seems, that the infamous Dr. Doom is in a talking mood.

"Not long ago your League intruded itself in my business, invading my castle. And while Doom requires no assistance, it is possible that I am now in your debt. And Doom shall not be in the debt to the likes of you," he says, words hardening at the end. "You face a foe that Doom has no reason to love. And so I come to offer you what you lack," he says pausing, words almost grudging. Perhaps because of whom they are being delivered to. "Hope. And a path forward."

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Ever so subtly Arthur asks on comms, "Did we invade Latveria?"
    But then he advances into the room, taking an opposite approach to Dmitri, moving around the other side of the table so that the two aren't standing right side by side as hey speak to Doom. He doesn't make any abrupt moves, however. And, for now, seems content to discuss things.
    "We are having some issues of a particular nature. Though we're stocked in a fair amount of hope. Paths forward we might be interested in." He tilts his head and turns slightly to glance at the reflection of the door he entered through, its silhouette caught by one of the display screens. Then he looks back to Doom.
    "Side question, how'd you get in here? Magical froofroo stuff?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana and Morgan proceed down the corridor until they too are rounding the open meeting room / monitor room doors. Her robe flows around her form as she strides on within the area to witness Doom, Arthur and Dmitri already in talks.

The Princess of Themyscira simply walks in, and then stops, standing and watching the uninvited guest as he speaks.

She does afford a glance to Arthur before she looks back to Doom.

"It's complicated." She answers Arthur, but just stares at Doom.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan is moving cautiously behind Diana as they approach the meeting room. He seems to...wriggle a little this way and then that way as he walks, as though uncomfortable. With a grimace he slides the belt of his brand new armor around, and then jumps up once, coming back down on the balls of his feet. As he passes through the door into the room he says, "How do you get this thing to stop riding up your a..." Then he shuts up when he sees the occupants of the room.

There is a moment of Han-Solo-sees-Darth-Vader when he sees that Doom is sitting in this place he holds to be so sacred. But he doesn't have a blaster and nobody else seems to be attacking, so he holds the spear neutrally but ready to attack if needed.

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     "Please forgive the lack of display of respect Dr.Doom, I was personally in middle of making breakfast for the league." He motions back over his shoulder towards the apron and the kitchen that he'd come from. He knew secondhand from other Russian Federation Diplomats of the nature of handling Dr.Doom, and what the man was capable of. "So is good kind of invading castle." He pauses a beat making his way around the table and standing beside it no longer clad in his apron.

     He moves to snap point to Arthur as a way of agreeing with the kings points but quickly realizes that it's pretty much impossible to snap in metal gauntlets. He still tries it twice before just attempting to pass his motion off by setting his hands on the back of a nearby chair.

     "One can never have too much hope." Dmitri speaks with a confidence few can match in the name of hope as he straightens his back that little bit further, all he needs now is a mighty golden eagle to land on his shoulder, and the CCP flag behind him and it'll finish the patriotic stance he takes. "The world is a dark and sad place without it." He adds.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
It seems... unlikely that Dr. Doom has missed the fact that Arthur and Dmitri have begun to spread out around him. And that sense of being surrounded is probably only furthered when Diana and Morgan come in from the other side of the hall. But if the Latverian dictator is concerned, nothing shows in his stance -- the only thing to judge by given his features are completely masked by that steel shell. Indeed, he stands like a man who is supremely confident and in control of the situation, shifting only a little so that his gaze can swing amongst the group.

The apology from Dmitri does seem to placate him a little and Doom inclines his head ever so slightly to his fellow armored figure. He might have little love for Russians -- he seized his nation from under the thumb of Soviet control afterall -- but politeness is usually greated with politeness from this otherwise ruthless figure. "Your apology is accepted, in the spirit that it is given," he states, turning to eye Arthur for a moment. He is a very well informed man, and by all accounts brilliant as well. But if he recognizes the bearded figure for who he is he certainly gives no sign.

Diana and her companion however get a slightly deeper nod however, perhaps accepting her as -- if not an equal -- at least someone deserving of respect. "The Amazon Princess. Doom had hoped that you would be in residence," he states, a little less booming and a little more civil.

It does not last long though. "We share a mutual enemy. Felix Faust attempted to compel Doom. He had the presumption to demand my obedience and that is something that Doom cannot -- will not! -- abide. So we share an enemy, one who deserves to be humbled. Despite your League's incompetence in all but serving up the Seige Perilous and Excalibur to your foes, Doom stands ready to assist you in putting an end to this minor magician's dreams. Or, if you have not the courage to walk by Doom's side, the means to potentially at least regain the services of your tame Lord of Order," he offers up.

Then, turning towards Arthur, he looks him up and down. "Some follow the pursuit of Science. Some Magic. Doom has mastered both, Prince of Atlantis, and is thus exceptional," he offers up arrogantly. Apparently he does recognize Arthur. Maybe he just doesn't like beards?

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Still standing there, Arthur rides that out as he listens to Doom. His eyes drift across toward Diana and narrow slightly, then his attention returns seamlessly back toward Doom. The dialogue given is listened to, he nods at points as he accepts what's said.
    As the expression of Doom's talent grows, as his abilities are expounded upon, it's near the end that Arthur's nodding grows a little more emphatic as he says. "Alright, man."
    A beat.
    Then he says, "So you got this, then?" No effect on him recognizing Arthur, that seems to bear little weight with the Atlantean. "We can just trust you'll handle the Faust thing cuz he got all up on your kool-aid. Cool. Cool."
    It's then he looks past the armored man again toward Diana, and it's likely she might know the underwater half-breed well enough to see his patience is wearing... a touch thin.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gives a quick glance to Morgan before she looks to Dmitri, then to Arthur and finally to Doom.

She steps forward under one of the lights shining down from above, it illuminating her robe brightly in its lovely shade of dark bluee, with glints of her armor visible beneath its open front.

"I kindly ask that we focus on stopping Faust's activities, and less on boasting about one anothers achievements, or shortcomings..." The Princess says in a smooth and calm tone to her accented English.

"Please remember that in this instance, it seems we all share a common goal. The better that we can work together toward it, the sooner we can achieve it, and the sooner we can go our separate ways. Faust is a nuisance, one that must be stopped, as soon as possible."

Her chin lowers just a little, her eyes a stern gaze. "If you can help us..." She says to Doom. "Then please say how, and what we can do in turn to see this goal through to its end."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan just kinda blink-blink-blinks. He can't figure out why everyone is being so civil to this toe jam. He keeps abreast with Diana as he tries working out in his head why everyone is abiding this dude setting even one foot in the Hall of Justice unbidden. He leans a little bit close to Diana as though attempting to whisper something to her, but instead he stage whispers audibly: "Why does Doom refer to Doom's self in the third person?"

The hot-headed young demigod stands up straight again, holding Diana's spear, an undisguised look of contempt on his face. Vader's in the Rebel Base and nobody is pounding his dick into the dirt. What's the point of the countless hours upon hours of combat training he has endured these past weeks?

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     Dmitri takes time to bow his head in acknowledgment of the acceptance of his apology. It's a light but genuine bow of respect. He remembers well when Doom 'freed' latveria, and was on duty at the time it happened so he knows full well the power of Doctor Doom. That level of power has to be acknowledged even if it's not respected lest it damage what's around it.

     "The more help the merrier." He adds onto the sentiments of those present. A smile still held on his face beneath the helmet and audible in his each and every word. The man liked to smile a fair bit.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
A little of Doom can go a very, very long way.

He is arrogant, perhaps boarding on obnoxious. Perhaps well past it in truth. More troubling perhaps is that he is dangerous. As dangerous as Faust. Perhaps more so. And yet, he claims to have a plan. Right now that is no small thing.

It is almost possible to feel Doom's mouth curl in dersion behind that steel shroud he wears over his features. For a moment it looks like he will fully -- gladly -- rise to the bait offered to him by Arthur but he finally offers an almost infinitesimal bow of his head towards Diana, perhaps the closest gesture towards respect for someone else that the King of Latveria can bring himself to offer up.

"Very well Princess. As the fate of the world, the entire universe may hang in the balance Doom shall... overlook certain failing," he offers up, oh so magnanimous. "It is possible that Doom could deal with this on his own," he says quietly, almost thoughtfully as if actually mulling over how he would handle Faust, Mordru, Eclipso and the other gathered threats with no backup. "But such is not Doom's responsibility. If you are unwilling to deal with the matter I will return to my nation and shield it from the looming disaster. And Doom shall pick up the pieces of what remains when Faust enacts his plan," he offers up matter of factly.

"But if you are bold, there is a way to stop Faust. You many only have mere days, but it can be done. You two," he says with a nod towards Arthur and Diana alike, "Each have artifacts of extreme potency. There are other items still out there that Faust has not acquired. There are powers that the lowly trickster has not considered, not bargained with. The path Doom would guide you on will lead you to the Lower Hells themselves. But there is no doubt in my mind that they can succeed if you are truly bold enough," he says, the cold tones of his voice giving way to more passion.

Then he steps forward, bringing a gauntleted fist down hard on the League's meeting table. When it withdraws, a gleaming gemstone remains. "Or you can take your chances. You can let Faust continue to plot the overthrow of the natural order while you seek out a different force to come to your aide. My gift to you. This artifact will lead you to your erstwhile ally. This will reveal the location of your lost Lord of Order and you can seek to free him before it is too late."

Arthur Curry has posed:
    "Hey." Arthur points, "Hey. Only we get to hit the table." He gestures toward Diana and himself, then adds grumpily. "And usually it's just Batman. Still. Precedent."
    They are casual words, rude in some ways assuredly, but he's using them to buy time as he shoots a look sidelong at Diana, then toward the others in the room. Back to Diana. She likely can figure what he's thinking, what his arguments are already going to be. Can't trust the guy. Probably a trap. Probably angling for his own benefit.
    None needs to be spoken, however. He just conveys that trepidation with a slight tilt of his head and a quirk of an eyebrow.
    But his final decision? It is given with a flare of one hand to the side. He'll back her play.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana pays a glance to Morgan yet again, his expression and demeanor making the Princess show a faint and brief smirk. She looks back then to Doom as he makes his speech. The item that he sets down on the table draws her eyes for a moment before she looks back to Doom.

"We accept your help. If this can show us to Fate's location, then we will offer our thanks to you." She tells him with a light nod. Her eyes go then to Dmitri or Arthur, indicating for one of them to retrieve the item that was just offered.

But she looks back to Doom then. "If we need further assistance from you, how should we reach out? Not... invading your space without forewarning, is something that I try to do to offer respect to my allies..." She heavily insinuates something there then...

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan Finn stands quietly next to Diana, holding the spear, and contributing not much.

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
Dmitri collects the gemstone because you never know with magic. Someone could get hurt and he would rather take that risk onto himself of all people than let someone else take the risk. He holds it in his armored hand and flicks it over from one side to the other examining it closely with his suits built in scanner suite. He turns it over slowly from one side to the other a low hmm escaping his lips as he takes it in in its entirety.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The oversized gemstone that he has deposited on the table seems to sparkle with its own inner radiance. In it's exquisitely cut facets it is almost possible to see images, first one and then another until a myriad seem to drift over it's surface in rapid succession everytime light hits it's surface. They flicker so quickly, each passing in one beat of a heart before it's replaced. But in more then a few the Golden Helm of Nabu is clear, the bound form of Kent Nelson locked away in a jeweled prison.

Victor von Doom straightens and he once more glances around at the assemblage. "You can reach me through diplomatic channels Princess. Doom stands ready to aid you. Once my own preparations are complete Doom shall return, ready to aide any of you brave enough to follow me into flame," he says flatly, drawing that green cloak around his armored form.

He pauses for just a moment, looking each of the four present once more. "Be wary. Though Fate may seem to be the obvious solution to your problems, time grows short. When Faust acquired the Seige Perilous all of reality was opened up to him. Your ally could be anywhere. Any when. Even with that tricket," the Latverian Dictator says, motioning towards the jewel on the table, "There is no guarantee that you will find him in time. Or that he will be able to do anymore then cancel out the powers of a few of your foes. Think hard on that. Dare the other path. The greater the risk, the greater the reward."

With that Dr. Doom nods to each of those present in turn, hands raising in front of him, those armored gauntlets still seeming to weave in intricate powers as he chants. A glowing portal opens in front of him and he steps through without another look back.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    Arthur, for his part, accepts what is happening and looks over toward Diana. Once he receives what could be considered a high sign or a signal that the discussion is ending, he'll nod again. A glance is given toward Dmitri and Morgan.
    Then he clears his throat.
    "Alright, Dr. Doom." Apparently he does know the man, so that's a matched pair. He steps to the side, interposing himself between Diana and Morgan and the mad dictator. "I'll walk you out if that's alright, teleporting in and out..."
    But it's too late. The sorcerer flickers out of existence, striding forth into oblivion and leaving the heroes there. Which is the moment, once he's well and truly gone, that he says. "We should get better spells all up in here."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana gives a nod to Doom's response with regard to how to contact him. "Very well." She quietly says before he is gone, just as mysteriously as he arrived. Diana glances to the others before she walks toward the table where that gem was left. She reaches for it.

"WE do need to look in to figuring out how people are passing through our security so easily." She says as she looks back to them. "And... figure out what this is." She says of the gemstone itself.

"But, that could have gone far worse, I think." She notes with a slight smirk at the three of them.

"Well done. And nice apron." She says to Dmitri lastly.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan seems to be really agitated right now. And when Arthur comments about better spells all up in here, the fledgeling demigod blurts out, "Seriously! Thank you! Are we just opening this place up like a keg party and anybody can just come in here and put their thing down?"

His cheeks and ears are flushed red and he obviously doesn't have any idea how to deal with the things he's feeling right now, some blend of rage and terror. Just another day in the life of a teenager.

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     Dmitri looks up from analyzing the gemstone just in time to see Dr.Doom Vanish into the portal in a magical way. He pauses for a moment still holding the gemstone in his hand as he turns to face Diana "Thank you, my wife Belina has been doing the knitting quite a fair bit and thought that it would look how you say.. " He looks back down to his arm that has the apron wrapped around it unfurling it once more to show it off to his coworkers. "Sprinting on me." He taps lightly at the kiss the cook embroidered into the hand knitted surface of the apron.

    "If anyone is hungry I have many baked goods and breakfast foods that I was cooking for tomorrow in the kitchen." He motions over his shoulder. "I wanted to offer some to Doom, maybe help his mood, but I am still feeling very frightened after last encounter we were having." He pauses. "He is very scary man."

Hal Jordan has posed:
There is nothing like a timely entrance. And while Doom might depart without so much as a how do you do, it is only moments before a glowing green figure simply plunges through the roof above, intangible long enough to pass through the roof above without bringing half of it down with him. Almost as soon as he appears a host of glowing green weapons all but leap from the power ring that glints brightly on his extended fist, exotic looking alient constructs flying along beside him with glowing green howitzers -- and what looks suspiciously like a cannon plucked from a Spanish Galleon. He's come loaded to bear, quite clearly.

"I got the alert. Where is he? Is it Faust again? I'm so ready to..." he says, breaking off as he peers around the meeting room. No destruction, no demons running all over the place, no black Eclipso beams lancing out. Definitely not what he expected to find when the alert sounded and then was almost immediately cut off.

So his gaze instead slowly turns towards the only unfamiliar figure in the room, the armored godling standing at Diana's side. And that glowing green arsenal turns with him.

Arthur Curry has posed:
    "Ok, who brought Screech to this school assembly?" Arthur says as he gestures at Morgan, even though he knows full well that Diana did, since well... he's looking right at her. And he's wearing that armor. Then he points at the kid, "Hey. Hush it. I get to talk shit about the place since I earned it. You focus on pre-algebra or whatever."
    That said he turns and gives a nod toward Dmitri, "C'mon man, let's get that thing seen to by the big brains." Which is likely where they need to go to.
    Sidelong he murmurs toward G.L as he walks past, "Not a thing, missed it all, we killed him. All over, we're safe now. Seeya, G.L."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana steps over to Morgan and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Things within the League are very complicated. They come in many different forms. What you witnessed here was diplomacy... even if it was underlined with a healthy dose of tension. Nobody liked that he barged in to the Hall like that... but we have extinuating circumstances that lead us to need his assistance."

She glances to Hal's arrival, then to Arthur's response to him. Diana shows a faint smile.

"He left us this." Diana motions to the gemstone. "He says it will lead us to Fate. But... I suppose fate will only tell whether that is true or not..."

Does Diana believe in fate? Maybe!

Morgan Finn has posed:
Nothing calms Morgan down more immediately than Diana's even-keeled words. This is no exception. Her touch and her explanation take all the wind out of the kid's sails. He nods to her. "Alright," the godling murmurs. "I'm sorry.

Now that the threat seems to be over for now, he hands Diana back her spear. Then to nobody in particular he comments, "I take Calc 1."

Dmitri Pushkin has posed:
     Dmitri shows off the gemstone to Hal making sure that he can get a good look at it in his open palm. His sensor scans already completed in a very short period of time but requiring a bit more close analysis before he's willing to be definitive on anything.

     Dmitri then turns to face Morgan for a brief moment wagging his finger in his direction in a somewhat disappointed manner. "You should not be taking anything without permission that is called theft Comrade." He pauses a light beat. "Even something so cheap as calculator."

Hal Jordan has posed:
Well now. It appears that he is a little late to the party. Though, for once, the party didn't involve someone tearing the place up. That alone makes for a rather nice change of pace. And between Arthur's grumpy commentary and Diana's gentle words to Morgan, along with Dmitri showing off the 'prize' left by Doom, Hal is rather quickly brought up to speed. He also lets that arsenal of glowing green weaponry fade away.

Still, the Green Lantern of Sector 2914 grows thoughtful as he studies the gemstone left behind, running the power ring's scanning ray across it's surface to look for anything obviously out of place. Except for that whole magic thing of course. "He sounds like a jerk. But possibilities don't hurt. We're a big League. No reason we can't pursue multiple paths to the same end..."

Desperate times and all.