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  Ariah Olivie  
Ariah Olivie (Scenesys ID: 1593)
Name: Ariah Olivie
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Occupation: 'Student'
Citizenship: Permanent US Resident
Residence: NYC
Education: HS Equiv/Military
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 100 Actual Age: 100
Date of Birth 06 Mar 1920 Played By
Height: 4'10" Weight: 100 lb
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Ariah is an interesting amalgamation of two supernatural things. She is a vampire second, and a battlemage first. A veteran of the second world war, Ariah has survived with her sire to experience the modern world and everything it has to offer. Both good and bad. While she's a vigilante, she's not out to stop bank robberies or anything. She's much more in tune with the common people and their plight, just trying to survive in a world full of supers and megalomaniacs, both meta and otherwise.


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* March 1920 - Born to a vineyard family outside of Paris. No intense formal schooling, just field work and study of the arts.

* September 1939 - Poland invaded by Germany.
Ariah joins volunteer militia, trains for military service.

* June 1940 - Evacuation at Dunkirk.
Ariah serves as both defender and evacuee for the operation with limited combat experience and developing magical powers aiding herself and allies. Joins Free France after the dissolution of the French First following Dunkirk.

* 1940 to 1942 - Formal military training and further refinement of magic affinity with British forces and French army remnants.

* November 1942 - Free France is a part of Operation Torch to invade French North Africa.

* Summer 1943 - Elements of Free France, still in North Africa, join the Allied invasion of Sicily during Operation Husky.
Ariah undergoes experimental procedure to enhance her growing magical powers after disturbing reports of occultism surface from Axis-held territories and other oddities surface during Torch and Husky.

* August 1944 - Reconstituted French First Army as French Army B lands in southern France to take part in Operation Dragoon.
'The Jasmine Incident' occurs in Grasse, Southern France.
Ariah meets a particularly strange FFI operative who tells her to seek her out when the war ends.

* September 1944 to April 1945 - Restored French First Army fights through France with Allied forces to eventually clear southwestern Germany.

* September 1945 - World War II ends fully and officially with Japan's signed surrender documents.
Ariah reconnects with mysterious revolutionary woman, Lady Blake Riviere, who becomes her vampiric sire.

* 1945 to Present Day - Ariah has been traveling with Lady Riviere, living by her good graces and learning how to contend with immortal life. She presently spends time at NYU, posing as a student with her agelessness and studying the ages as they slowly pass by her. Under Blake's umbrella, she is afforded the same 'consultant' contract in exchange for keeping her identity in order.

IC Journal

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Cold As Ice:
Ariah is generally a quiet, intense young (looking) woman. She measures her words and speaks deliberately. Even her voice is soft, but clear and cool. She is like to affix someone with a blank stare instead of a scathing rebuke, but she is also as respectful as she is silent. Provided one has earned it. While her words are measured, her tempered nature also gives her a measure of detachment--for good or ill--when sudden, decisive actions need to be taken. This allows her to face down extraordinarily dangerous situations without easily flinching away from hazards when she can hae a hand in turning them back.

Drop of Sunshine:
She can, and has, laughed and smiled. Frequently. Seeing her stoic expression crack and her vocal chords vibrate with mirth is rare for most, but when she is in comfortable and friendly company, she is more like to open up. She also has a guardian streak, usually reserved for those close to her, where she will not hesitate to put herself in immediat harm's way to save another. Her sprinkles of kindness have also made her somewhat of a vigilante on the streets, with severe disdain for common criminals harassing innocents.

Ariah has a strict code of loyalty. When she pledges herself to a cause or a person, she will not flinch from her duty. She fought tooth and nail to protect her fellow soldiers and liberate her homeland of France. With the war over and her Sire to thank for eternal life, she's sworn, now, to her and her cause.

Soldier On:
Ariah has a particularly strict moral code. Enemy soldiers, of a certain stripe, are to be dealt with mercifully, usually afforded a quick end without drawing out the wound, or in many cases, simply disabled instead of killed. She knows and understands the plight of soldiers, having been one herself, and knows many may not wish to be there or do not support their leaders, a habit she developed fighting many Axis conscripts during World War 2. Non-meta or superpowered combatants are granted similar clemency, where a few broken ribs and a twisted arm are superior to a bodybag.

Character Sheet


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Accelerated Healing:
Ariah's 'baby vampire' status affords her less dramatic of a healing factor than her elders, but she is still incredibly resilient. Wounds that would stop a human in their tracks only stun her and she can easily shrug off less debilitating attacks. Broken bones and deep wounds and even losing a limb is something she can bounce back from in a matter of days, instead of weeks or months. Lighter wounds can take hours, though she still needs time to recover and the consumption of blood to do so. Wounds inflicted by fire or 'divinity' take much, much longer, however, and none of her healing abilities are rapid enough to aid much in a drawn-out skirmish.

The potency of Ariah's particular vampiric bloodline allows her to walk in the light of day without burning or being reduced to ash. It has its own disadvantages, however. (+wea/arimew Nightstalker)

Mystic Channeling:
Augmented by mystical runes carved directly into her bones, Ariah excels at absorbing and redirecting energy (mystical and natural) using mystical constructs such as channels and shields. This gives her magic extra potency under combat conditions; catching a tank shell and using it to power bolts of force hurled at nearby adversaries, or absorbing a magi's mystical fire and converting it to a beam of light. Constructs held together by magic can be drained of their power as well, causing them to simply disappear into the aether. With her staff in hand, Ariah can channel away raw power on the scale of lightning bolts and the impact of artillery shells, redirecting force and fury into the area around her to protect herself and her allies. These actions require her active readiness, as if preparing to catch a thrown ball. Being caught unprepared or incapacitated offers no protection. These channels and shields can be overwhelmed if enough force hits them (+wea/arimew Overload) and the damage can be significant or even fatal. Because of her vampiric nature, Ariah is completely helpless before divine energy and cannot absorb or redirect it.

Mystic Constructs:
The energy Ariah gathers, stores, and processes can be repurposed into multiple forms of magical projection. She can conjure hard shields, sling bolts of force, produce shockwaves, or create weapons like lances, whips, or beams and more. These projections can be solid, malleable, or intangible, and can either be filled with burning heat or be completely harmless to the touch, though they are all universally temporary.

Vampire Bite:
Like any proper vampire, Ariah has a set of retractable fangs that can be used to facilitate feeding, or as a last-ditch weapon. The fangs form a direct neural connection with her 'victim' and can overload the nervous system with a variety of sensations to either mask the pain of the bite itself or to incapacitate. Post-feeding, she is able to easily close the wounds left by the bite, triggering rapid coagulation of blood before more than a trickle is lost.

Vampire Physiology:
Ariah was turned by an elder vampire less than a century ago. As such, while she has powers befitting that of a vampire, they are at a much lower level, especially due to the manner in which her body can harness and process energy as a tradeoff. She is resistant to physical damage and does not age, and she is superior to an average human. She is fast and agile, able to keep a sustained pace of 30 miles per hour, or accelerate to short bursts of up to and around 40 MPH in times of duress. She might not be able to heft a car above her head but her enhanced strength can allow her to rip a sturdy door off of its hinges or leave a fist-shaped hole in concrete. Her supernatural stamina allows for these feats to be performed over the course of hours but she must consume the blood of the living in order to fuel her body and replenish her strength.

Vampire Senses:
Ariah's senses are well above the human average. She is able to see in total darkness, detect blood from within one hundred feet, and if focused intently, able to hear a heartbeat from the other side of a room.


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Field Medic:
Ariah is trained as a wartime field medic. Given the proper tools, or even improvised ones, she can clean wounds and stabilize those with near-mortal wounds, increasing their chances to survive the trip to a real hospital.

Military Training:
Ariah is proficient in standard gear and practices for a soldier of her time, though age has not dulled her abilities, and her powers have only further enhanced them. She can operate and maintain a variety of firearms and is proficient in the use of knives and bayonets. Her training in CQC is further bolstered by her vampiric strength. She is also very good at maintaining focus when things are loud and chaotic.

Rune Caster:
More of a skill than a power, Ariah is able to etch, draw, or carve runes into things to augment or store energy for later use. Conductive metals offer the best power-to-storage ratio while stones of varying density offer just as much variation. Rune stones can be used as 'batteries' in a pinch or thrown as temporary light sources or even grenades. With hours of preparation, a large runic seal can be placed at a location to channel ley line energy for a variety of purposes. Purposes including recharging, setting up substantial fixed barriers, or simply being a conduit for extended force projection. Runed objects turn to dust once expended, as the very fabric of their being disintegrates from the energy outpouring. Runic circles and seals can be permanent if maintained properly.

Staff and Blade:
Ariah is proficient in the use of a quarterstaff as a weapon, as well as the straight saber that hides within it. When removed, the blade and sheath-staff together can be dual-wielded if under diress.


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Ariah has very little she can truly call her own. The war left her family in shambles, their ancestral vineyard a ruin, and even the surviving members of it had picked one side or the other in the war and not a one wanted to talk to another. Thus, she has Lady Blake Riviere to handle her worldly needss now. The Lady provides her with the spending money she needs, from clothes and shoes, to her own vehicle, up to and including any armaments she may need, within reason. A black sedan with bulletproofing and a rifle with several magazines would be an upper limit, while a helicopter and a missile launcher would be a far stretch. Ariah is also Blake's only 'childe,' and she affords the young vampire with as much love and care as any singular parent would to their only offspring, especially in a world that may see them as monsters. In return, Ariah has more than given her love and trust to the mysterious, ageless woman, much as she had given her body and soul to her for eternal life. At the very least, she does not betray Blake's trust or faith in her, and often serves as her personal chauffer.

As part of Ariah's more magical training, she was provided with and attuned to a metal staff carved with a number of runes. Not only do they serve to help her focus and direct her energies with far more efficiency and precision, the staff itself hides a runed straight saber that she is proficient in wielding. She does not carry it everywhere, however, due to how conscpiuous it appears.


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Blood Hunger:
Ariah requires blood to survive. She is capable of consuming normal food without issue but it will not sustain her, no matter how nutricious or exotic. Blood packs are bland but usable in an emergency. If pushed to the extremes of hunger, her aggression levels will increase and her feeding instinct will reduce her to a berserk feral predator until the hunger is sated.

Dead Blood:
Blood of the dead is extremely toxic to Ariah. Fresh corpses and other vampires are exempt, but reanimated bodies (zombies and other similar beings) or mortals deceased for longer than forty-eight hours provide the equivalent of poison. If injected or ingested, it can cause extreme discomfort and can reduce the effectiveness of or completely shut down her abilities until the substance is purged from her. Dead blood is 'processed' at an optimal rate of about 10ml an hour.

The flesh of the undead is is unbothered by ambient heat but very sensitive to ignition from open flames, igniting more readily and taking longer to recover from. Extremes of cold and frigid thermal conditions significantly slow her metabolism and require a higher tax of internal energy to mitigate. Like any vampire she is particularly vulnerable to holy water and relics. She has no resistance or shield against divine magic or radiances and can be rendered blind, left with terrible scars, or even destroyed outright when exposed to them.

High Stakes:
While a stake through the heart won't kill Ariah, it will completely incapacitate her, leaving her completely vulnerable to any of her other more lethal disadvantages.

In addition to those who might attempt to seek Ariah out for her connections with Lady Blake Riviere, the mere fact that she is a vampire puts her at individual risk as well. Vampire killers exist to extinguish the unlife of their ancient foes, and meta-hunters may have their own agendas as well.

Though Ariah's healing factor prevents permanent blindness or deafness, attacks with the purpose of injuring such senses are extra effective. Her powerful hearing and vision can be overloaded by flashbangs (and other similar effects), causing more disorientation than it would be versus human-equivalent senses. Even moreso in total darkness when she is fully attuned to seeing through such blackness.

While sunlight is not lethal for Ariah, it does severely hamper her vampiric abilities. All of her physical attributes are reduced to her base level, though still with a human soldier's strength and endurance. Her senses are also turned down to a human norm, and her eyes are even more sensitive to the light than ever before. Her magical powers, however, are largely unaffected, though extra compensation for ambient light and heat must be accounted for.

As a magus, Ariah's skill revolves around redirection and manipulation of energies around her. She is both conduit and capacitator. Mystical forces are more channeled by will and focus, but natural energies are more physical in nature and cannot simply be destroyed. It is a fine and narrow balance to walk between keeping that natural energy level charged and ready, but not attempting to consume or channel so much energy that it destroys her. Being braced for a gunshot and catching a tank round could obliterate her; if she tries to move heat, the least miscalcuation could result in her literally bursting into flames or her body freezing in place as she moves too much energy one direction or another. The same could apply for channeling electricity, causing grievous energy damage were she to attempt to siphon power from the wrong junction box and grab more power than she intended.

While her patron, Lady Blake Riviere, handles a number of Ariah's mortal life needs, there is risk involved. Those who wish to hunt Blake may find Ariah a more tantalizing target, and could seek out the younger vampiress for their own nefarious purposes. Other vampires, hunters after Blake herself, and even individuals wronged by the various contracts assigned to Blake are all fodder as antagonists against the younger, arguably more vulnerable vampiress. Much like her sire, Ariah is also known to SHIELD and the Suicide Squad, and those connections could be used against her.



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Ariah Olivie has 39 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Night in! February 23rd, 2021 Blake and Ariah have a little night in and plan for dinner.
A Signal About Monsters January 22nd, 2021 Commissioner Gordon sets off the Batsignal, summoning Batgirl and Orphan to hear about a murder and abductions by monster hunters seeking Ariah.
The Measure of a Good Hunter January 22nd, 2021 An old hunter in a pinch meets an old friend and violence is had before moments of reminiscing.
Tangentally January 6th, 2021 No description
Abduction Interrupted December 19th, 2020 A mugging leads to an attempted kidnapping. The attempted kidnapping leads to attempted involuntary vehicular manslaughter. None of those outcomes occur, thanks to Saeko and Ariah.
A classic night out November 22nd, 2020 Blake and Ariah go out for a night on the town and meet a familier 'face' before inviting them out for a drink.
Big Nerd on Campus November 9th, 2020 Ariah answers Virgil's D&D add, and they have a semi-awkward discussion!
Nocturnal Interuptions! October 28th, 2020 Blake and Ariah go for a night out, only to be targeted by a HYDRA hit team.
A Magician and Vampire walk into a bar... October 17th, 2020 While doing her mandatory socializing, Zatanna discovers Ariah and checks her out- mystically that is!
Lost After Midnight October 13th, 2020 Daimon and Ariah meet during an attempted shakedown. A handful of mutants find themselves outmatched. It is a show of infernal and arcane, blood consumed. Another late night in New York City.
Unscheduled Connection September 29th, 2020 No description
Dinner with a side of mystic September 25th, 2020 Jackson meets a vampire!
Untold Streets: Ghoul Killer September 9th, 2020 No description
A Night to Remember September 8th, 2020 Nicole and Ariah share 'powerful' secrets when one is attacked by thirsty thugs after dark, kindness ensues after the rescue.
After Action Mess September 7th, 2020 After a mission that went a little sideways, Peggy drives an injured Ariah back to her safe house.
Old Blood Part 2 September 4th, 2020 Captain America meets an almost literal ghost from his past. Steve and Ariah catch up on things, and talk about the present--and future.
Old Friends and Fresh Clothes August 27th, 2020 A long drive in the dark. The caring touch of an old friend. Washing away the blood and dust to clear the path to a brighter future.
Old Fangs, Older Claws August 27th, 2020 More old friends reunite over pints. Of beer, not blood. Though the latter will probably happen down the line, both spilled and drank.
Getting Caught Up, Ambiguously August 26th, 2020 A reunion between very old friends mixed with very old hostilities. Some things never change. Hiding bodies is more fun with people you know and trust!
Sanguine and Ichor August 3rd, 2020 A monster on the hunt rescues a monster caught by those who hunt them. A dance in fountains of blood and ribbons of flesh see a new alliance formed between two creatures of the shadows.
In Cold Blood July 31st, 2020 Blake, Ariah, and Johnny Blaze all seek out a potentially vampiric person of interest. It doesn't go very well for that person.
A Vampire and a Mutant Walk Out Of A Club One Night.... July 28th, 2020 Nicole and Ariah meet at the Good Room. There is music and a moment.
Daytalker July 24th, 2020 Ariah Olivie heads to Gotham Central for an interview/consultation following the discovery of a ritually murdered woman who looked just like her. Much is learned.
Dead Beat July 23rd, 2020 Gordon is called to a strange crime scene at Gotham Cemetery. Ariah Olivier, who happens to be walking by, turns out to be potentially connected to it...
Citysoul: Vayechi July 13th, 2020 Infinity Watch is born!
Citysoul: A Wound in the Soul July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City gather to witness the birth of a new, dark god ... and get more than they bargained for!
Open Mic Night July 13th, 2020 A little of Anberlin and a little of The Struts to bring a karaoke crowd together for a night of forgetting troubles--and making new friends!
Citysoul: The Cityscape July 13th, 2020 The Heroes of the City brave the ever-sprawling Ecumenopolis of Woe and make a tough choice ...
Citysoul: No Sleep Till Brooklyn July 12th, 2020 The Heroes of the City venture into shadow-plagued Brooklyn to save its very soul!
Citysoul: Soul Survival July 4th, 2020 A group of mystics gather to manifest the Genius Loci of Manhattan. Hands are held. Magic is done.
Ladies Book Club: This one time in a dirty subway July 4th, 2020 Good bye Trench Coat, gone but not forgotten.
Mojo's Arcade Legend: Proving Grounds July 1st, 2020 Teamwork makes the dreamwork. ARAM, Proving Grounds!
Things really do go bump in the night June 26th, 2020 No description
Strike of the Mastermind! June 21st, 2020 The bad guys got away....or did they?
A French Vampire in Manhattan. June 19th, 2020 Julie approaches an unlikely way into the mages collective, and makes another friend.
The Hunger: Messenger June 17th, 2020 A strange messenger pays a visit to the Village.
The tea is insubstantial when the thirst is for knowledge June 15th, 2020 Ariah plays a performance of Kaze no Toori Michi for the audience at Cafe Lalo. Then after her performance is complete both Ariah and Blake fail to be fooled by Vivians perfectly normal Human girl disguise.
Old Blood June 12th, 2020 Old compatriots meet by chance after far, far too long. Words exchanged, old evils spoken of, and bonds renewed.
Smash & Grab! June 10th, 2020 Bad guys were protecting drugs, bad guys got rocked. Julie still needs a superhero name.


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Ariah Olivie has 39 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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