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Atum is the son of Gaea, born of the internecine strife that threatened the stability of the fragile new community of Elder Gods dwelling around the slumbering intelligence of the Demiurge.

Atum could be considered the youngest of the Elder Gods or the eldest of the New Gods. Empowered by Gaea directly, he is certainly among the most puissant of his siblings; during the God Wars, Atum slaughtered many ancient and potent entities that were running amok and threatening to destabilize the region.

Atum is often associated with light and fire, an ideologue attached to the idea of a life-giving sun. Many Earth cultures revere him in various guises and incarnations, including as Amon-Ra in the Ennead and Ameratasu in the Kami. His most essential 'self' slumbers at the heart of Earth's sun, waiting to be roused by the need for a warrior to defend the Demiurge and the Life Entity it protects.