15047/SUICIDE SQUAD: Atlantic City baby!

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SUICIDE SQUAD: Atlantic City baby!
Date of Scene: 09 June 2023
Location: Atlantic City - New Jersey
Synopsis: Another Typical Suicide Squad Success
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Diana Prince, Monet St. Croix, Jennifer Stavros, Melissa Gold, Harley Quinn, Felicia Hardy, Franklin Richards

Wade Wilson has posed:
    << Breaker breaker good buddy. I got eyes on 4 smokies sittin' in the pancake jammer. Gonna have to let out the old waist leather after that scrimshaw. Come back? >>
    The comms system squawked to life in the ears of the Suicide Squad as Wade's voice came over the frequency. He had been watching one of the security feeds and was reporting what he had seen. Most of the team was set up for the ensuing operation divided into two teams with the more... socially acceptable team set for the public facing approach. While the other team of less... subtle individuals is held back for now in the confines of the orange UHAUL truck that they had acquired for group transport around town. It was a UHAUL truck that was parked out front of the convention center. A convention center that was set to serve the next generation of Green Technology as many of the world's prominent yet unpublished minds were advancing inventions. Ideas were abundant, ideas that would put to shame the best concepts that even the fabled era of 1974 could hope to offer.
    And in evidence at the convention center was AIM.
    Oh they did not go by the name of Advanced Idea Mechanics. They were represented by Nelson, Pelham, and Brown. Three men who had been in AIM since its earliest days. Three men who had left the fold and took their inventions with them.
    And three men who were now the targets... of the Suicide Squad.
    << Did you copy that Singy Spice? We got MelG on the run down. How is Team Pretty doing on the infil, talk back to your dog. Come on back now. Team Fugly is holed up in the Orange Terror. >>
    Inside the UHAUL truck Wade turns to Vlad and Skullface, "We are team Fugly. Accept it."
    Vlad's bat ears droop inside the truck as he says softly in his Romanian accent, "My mother says I am not unhandsome."

Diana Prince has posed:
Inside the convention center, Diana Prince had just arrived mere minutes ago. She'd received an invitation some time ago, and on a lark she ended up here tonight. Dressed in fine attire, the Princess of Themyscira is standing out quite literally amongst many onlookers who have approached her for a chance to speak to Wonder Woman, a chance to get a autograph, or a picture to post online. With a light amount of makeup on her facial features, the Princess is happily greeting people, one after another as she speaks as much as she can with one person before moving on to another. She's wearing a deep royal blue dress, with red lipstick on her smiling face. She's exchanging handshakes, and posing for pictures with various different people in attendance for the gala event here tonight.

She is not yet aware of the Suicide Squad's presence, their mission, or their overall existence as a thing. She knows Amanda Waller, but not what Waller's actions truly involve.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Over along wtih Diana is one of the trainee Amazons. Is that what M qualifies as? Whatever her exact position is over with the Themyscirans - well, other than having all the Moolah. She would be wearing something more fitting to a model from Vogue that made her look like someone off a fashion runway. Standing over near Diana, unaware of anything else that was going on as well. Of course with whom she was standing around no one was giving her the slightest notice whatsoever. M was being a good sport and standing back - enough to not get in the way of the onlookers wanting to meet the famed Princess.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
It goes without saying which team Jennifer was part of; never a question. In fact, Team Pretty had it down. Completely. Jennifer checked her face, reflected in a set of glass doors, and flicked her long blonde hair back behind her shoulder. She wore only organic cotton and hemp to fit the convention's theme, styled in the latest trend but sewn locally instead of some backwater sweatshop country of the month. Wide-legged pants in black, a cropped top that only showed a little of her muscled stomach, and a cute jacket that anybody who understood fashion would recognize.

As Wade's message crackled over coms, she resisted the urge to touch the earbud hidden under carefully coiffed hair made to look carefree. They were near the central convention area, having chosen the entrance nearest their targets. She looked at Melissa pointedly, not wanting to be the one to answer Wade's nearly unintelligible call.

Melissa Gold has posed:
<<I swear to God, Wade...>> Singy Spice snarled, though very quietly. Because they were working their way toward the convention floor, where the many booths showed off products for sale. There would be panels of course but they would be held in other areas of the building. Where people could sit and listen to lectures or ask questions to the panelists.

Melissa was dressed casually. Jeans, baggy t-shirt that had an Earth Day symbol on the front of it. A hoodie over that which was zipped most of the way up though the hood was down. Then a pair of boots on her feet in white. Her hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. <<Keep the comms clear. We are about to enter now.>> And she looked over to Jennifer, who could likely feel Melissa's pain in that moment though Mel hid it well.

They should be able to enter to the floor soon. Then it was a matter of being sure of exits not being blocked before circling to the booth they were targeting and obtaining the item in demand.

Harley Quinn has posed:
<< Who did we pick to be Singy Spice again? >> Harley, making the real questions during this mission. Because it's good to get nicknames for the team. It creates a bond, because they arell together in working for the devil that is Amanda Waller.

And for a change Harley had taken it seriously. Somewhat. Not coming in dressed in her usual extravagant manner, instead a pair of jeans and a sweater along with a nice FANNY pack that should had stayed in the 90s. But at least she has it down across her shoulder instead of around the waist. Overall perhaps not the best choice if this turned out to be too fancy a party but hey, she didn't care!

<< So, I hope we got pics of those guys we are to capture? And ..., hol' up.. >> she peeks over. Then jumps up and down a few times, pigtails bobbing along with her jumps. "Omg, I am Didispotting."

And she immediately starts walking towards Diana, waving her hand.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    'Socially acceptable.' That's what they call Felicia Hardy in Insta posts and digital inches dedicated to young, pretty nepo babies in the city. Being at a science based centre doesn't crimp her style at all, except to call for pulling her mermaid hair back into a tousled bun and wearing fashionable heavy black glasses. Catseye frames, why do you ask? She can even pass the bar since half the battle, after all, is looking like she belongs. Ethical trousers and a pretty sweater made from recycled textiles is something she comes armed and prepared to speak at length about, since shoes made from recyclable bottles and microplastics recovered from the Pacific Coast is what she's spending her hard-stolen wealth on.
    "It's a business expense," she mouths to Harley at some point. "Meaning I can write it off. Brilliant, isn't it? I know a fantastic accountant." The mob also probably knows the accountant.
    The implanted claws under her nails aren't on display and she double-takes Jennifer before laughing. "Love your style. Great minds." Glittering eyes carry a warmth right down to her lips, smiling covering the tongue so sharp if anyone wants to get into it with them. She is armed in other ways.
    Nothing controls the field of beneficial luck - only to Felicia alas - except that she can project it, and there should be very few barriers in her way and therefore their way. Though attracting Diana's attention isn't exactly... well. Wise? <<She knows -everyone- doesn't she?>>

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Inside the van, Wade's attention remains on the camera. White eyelets widen as the screen sloooowly turns to the side and reveals the arrival of that particular Princess and those around her. It's clear as word gets around the convention center that a celebrity is amongst them. The crowd starts to form around her, and several of the convention attendees move in her direction.
    "Is that who I think it is?" Deadpool says sidelong toward Skullface.
    "What? Whozzat?" The tall monstrous skull man says.
    Vlad glances over, "Think she was in that movie... Red Notice."
    "No. That was... Fastest and Furiousest?"
    "No, no, you're both wrong." Wade's answer to the other two members of team Fugly is short-tempered as he grumbles. Then he keys back into the comms on his walkie-talkie.
    << Alright the Round Clown is breaking formation. Repeat, Round Clown is breaking formation. Also you guys got eyes on Diana? That's messed up, dude. >>
    No CB lingo for important intel, like freaking Wonder Woman being here.
    One of the chairpersons for the convention approaches Diana and she smiles widely, her face lit up with warmth as it's clear she did not expect the presence of the Themysciran Princess. "Princess Diana, it's so good of you to come. Thank you. We know how busy you are."
    Around them convention goers gather, even Arthur Pelham of the former AIM team is there standing nearby. Though the display stage and area with their equipment is a few aisles down, rather prominent with its elaborate system of sun panels and energy storage gear.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is in the process of just working her way through the crowd of people that have come to speak with her, and she's additionally introducing Monet to a number of people as well, the ones she thinks Monet will find somewhat interesting at least.

It's hectic, it's a busy place, but this is nothing new at this phase of the Princess' life as a public figure since stepping out of the shadows some six years ago to become... whatever she is today. Princess, Ambassador, Amazon Warrior, so on and so forth.

She's turning to her right when she sees Harley Quinn off in the distance, waving to her on-approach. This gets a sincere smile on the Themysciran's red ruby lips, but she's intercepted by that Convention Rep, who steps between Diana and the would-be greeter in Dr. Quinn.

"Yes." Diana says to the Rep. "It has been... busy, but whenever is it not?" She asks, her voice laced with kindness and a fair amount of happiness felt in the moment of this public gathering. "We have to take a break every now and then, even if it is a small one." But does this really count as a break?

Diana goes on to introduce Monet to the Convention Rep as well, before she does manage to wave back to Harley, and blow her a kiss on top of the wave! Take that, Harley.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Going along with Diana Monet St. Croix walks along with the Princess, looking over her shoulder somewhat curiously. Taking a moment to quickly place Harley in her mind. Villain, ex associate of the Joker. Currently making up for her former life and going on the up and up. She had been vouched for by Diana, as far as M could recall. So walking along a couple of meters away from Diana, she would shift to the side once more to put herself a bit more behind Diana. This would let the crowd flow past her and let Harley go to approach Diana wihtout M over in the way.

Her taking her time to make sure to stay quiet and watch about. It's not often she' snot hte center of attention or sulky that she's not being it. But in Diana's presence.. It's not something she really minds

Melissa Gold has posed:
<<Harley hopefully can keep her distracted. And away from us and the booth.>> Melissa said that over the comms as she looked to the people starting to bustle and gather around the Themysciran princess and her entourage. <<We need to do this while she is drawing so much attention. One of our three people from the booth is busy fangirling.>>

And Melissa had that sinking feeling in her stomach but she continued to walk toward the booth in question though she did rubberneck like others around her were doing in the direction of Diana. Because if she didn't, she might stand out and that was the one thing she didn't want to do. <<Peter, double check those exits are clear.>> For he had ended up on Team Pretty as well since he blended witht he crowd. Though he was apart from the main group. <<The rest of us go to the booth and evaluate what we are looking at to try to get out of here. And luck needs to be on our side cause this went from bad to worse with the Princess in attendance.>>

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin sits quietly in his room closing his eyes, and crosses his legs he just breaths. Franklin had a worry on his mind, well from a bit ago, but had gotten busy, and even Franklin forgot about things. After his horrible luck was resolved it reminded him of that worry so now he sits calmly. It doesn't take him long to reach a meditative state, that part was easy as his mind and body while still connected became two, and the search for Wade had begun.

It took him a while, as he didn't have much to really go on. The mind was... unique, and even Franklin didn't want to know what was going on in there. So he searched, and searched the invisablee spirit not feeling fatique as there was no physical body, but as he crossed the waters he had almost given up.

Until he came across a van, and stopped looking down he tilted his head trying to figure out what he would be doing in there. Landing on a roof, a head pokes through the top then Franklin grins. He is quiet for a moment before his voice comes from the roof, "Oh wow that is Diana? I thought she would be taller." though Franklin is still invisable he speaks from his pearched point ontop of the van. He pushes his way in just floating through the sides as he had no real substance to try to find a spot in the crowded van though thankfully it was easier when things could pass through you. Then from invisable to seen a young man appear only about 5'11 floats just to the side now looking at the others. He gives off a low blue light as if his body is made from the stuff, though it looks bearly Opaque.

If poked, or stabed, etc, it would go right through the floating image of Franklin looking in with a small grin. "Tada!" he declears, and then stops looking at the Deadpool ignoring the other two for now. "You really need a bigger van. Whatcha doing?" he asks in a voice with a grin as he starts to looking at the other things inside the van. For now entertained with finally finding the person he had been looking for, and the unique place it had brought him.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Well, being lucky doesn't stop Harley from haring off after catching a glimpse of someone famous. Jennifer grimaces, ruining her perfect look for a micro-instant, as she traces Harley's trail through the crowded aisles between exhibitions. Whoa, Diana Prince. Really? What the...

The smile that edges her lips is just a bit mean - the name is too rich. <<Round Clown, good job," she mutters over coms. She is only a tad miffed when Diana turns that famous warm smile on Harley, even if it is a lucky diversion.

She plunges her hand into a jacket pocket, flipping a white disc between her fingers as she passes a booth giving away sample shopping bags made of biodegradable material. Two bags should do it. Nope, three.

"Getting ready to shop till I drop," she tells the guy manning the booth. Batting her incredibly lush eyelashes, "I'm going to take some of these for friends and tell them all about it."

Without waiting for an answer she loads an arm with five more bags then swerves between people to catch up with Melissa heading for their target.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"If he's anything like Ben Affleck in that accountant movie I want his number, catgirl." This told to Felicia. "But alright, time to go talk to Didi!"

With Diana blowing a kiss over the wave it means the bouncing clownette sends a HEART back by joining fingertips together in the form of one. Awwww! Still approaching though and some of those faces are sorta familiar. << Oh, hey. Isn't that one of the guys we lookin' foh? >> she has spotted Pelham and quietly speaks into the mic in-between bouncy jumps over the crowd. She does have quite the height on those jumps. Blame it on Ivy and that super strength she got Harley!

Eventually she is able to make way past the crowd, even if she may have to be a little forceful with those hip thrusts to get people outta the way. It's for a good cause though! "Heeeey, Didi." she tells her old friend. "Fancy meetin' you here. Been a while! And who are these friends with ya?" she swerves her gaze about to the people close to Diana.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Impressive." Felicia clearly appreciates people of varied talents, be they Harley's volatile charisma or the heap of gifted scientists dedicated to improving the world, reducing fossil fuel dependency or providing every home an endless supply of dairy-free cheese shreds. "You know, we should consider investment opportunities," she drawls as she pauses by the cheese booth. Taking a brochure gives her only a QR code on perfectly recyclable paper, and something a friendly swipe of a burner phone will bring up the details for. "Think of the good it would do to have room temperature stable cheeses derived from plants. The export market doesn't know what's about to hit it. They make them from sea grasses grown in this Spanish bay. Portuguese? You tell me, the map's so small!"
    The necessity of wearing glasses on someone far-sighted practically calls for a sincere bit of assistance from another helpful reprobate among the Suicide Squad or a poor mark unaware of her involvement in skullduggery to be. But she asks, all good natured about it.
    Team Pretty #3 isn't far behind, socially greasing the gears while things hopefully go their way. <<Clear on point,>> she smiles as she goes, acquiring another brochure in progress, one that extols the virtues of some boom mechanism that can gather up quantities of marine plastic and use solar energy to smelt bigger, floating blocks for boats to skim up. "This one looks to be a work in progress. Might have to vet it with someone more skilled in oceanography to see the viability of medium-term investment without buying a fleet of..." The playful chatter carries right along, as she taps her finger. "Angel investors might be convinced if it's overhauled, don't you think? Are you still in touch with the Singaporean VC group that wanted to help convert subsistence economies in the low-lying South Pacific islands?" She breezes by Jennifer, asking that question, plenty prepared to slide away.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    << Alright guys... alright... this throws a wrench into things but I got this. >> Wade's voice on the comms comes across a little nervous, a little stressed. He turns in the UHAUL truck to look at Skullface and nods slowly, then he turns back to the monitor that displays the princess in all her wonderment.
    << The key to this situation... we need to make sure she can't spin around in a circle so she doesn't become Wonder Woman. Harley that's all you. >>
    In the convention hall the chairperson smiles openly to Diana, somehow feeling as if the Princess truly understood her, so as they walk she stays in close orbit. Then Pelham draws near, "Princess Diana, Arthur Pelham. Independently employed. I think you'd be very interested in seeing the work myself and my colleagues have done, it's just back here Aisle C7. Revolutionary storage equipment for dynamically gathered and harvested energy preferable from green sources of course. Still working out the kinks, but with your patronage or even a small endorsement I'm sure we could..."
    The words, however, could very well all blur together with so many of the other ones that are being given so _earnestly_ to the Themysciran presence. It is quite the hub bub.
    And, indeed, Aisle C7 where the former AIM team has their booth set up on a small stage, that seems to be the focal point as several individuals close the distance in that direction. The video camera shifts to focus partially on that and the gear that is set up... is chaotic. Computers are strung together, solar panels are set up, large glowing flashing lights display the compressed and channeled energy. Nelson and Brown are busily setting up their gear and as people come by one of them lifts his head and says, "Feel free to take a pamphlet," To those that come by. While the other says, "Experience the future!"
    Within the van, however, Wade suddenly sees... a ghost.
    "What the?" The Mercenary sits up abruptly and makes a quick swiping gesture. "Geez, kid. What are you doing? Bad time, dude, bad time." He pushes up and off the back seat and starts to _crawl_ into the front driver's side of the vehicle. "We're doin' tough cool guy stuff, with me and my tough cool guy friends." A beat, "And the girls. Who are also tough and cool. To be fair."
    Security at the event, however, is not very strong. There are no armed guards, there is only a rudimentary camera system. Though that Themysciran does... present a quandary.

Diana Prince has posed:
Upon Harley and Diana meeting up, the Princess is quick to embrace Harley with a one arm hug around the other woman's shoulders to pull her in for a light squeeze. The question from Harley has her grinning faintly, and Diana is starting to introduce her to Monet when Arthur appears and lays out his own shpeil for her attention.

"Oh. I will... certainly come and take a look at that. The nature of this convention was one of the main reasons I did decide to attend, after all." She notes before glancing to Harley again. "What brought you here?" She has to ask the woman that she helped unknowingly get put in to the Suicide Squad to begin with. Diana had been told that Harley would be working alongside the government, with Amanda Waller's personal project for reforming criminals...

She apparently had no idea what was being planned directly around her right now though. Unless she hides it very well.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's no sign of Monet being aware of any shenanigans afoot either. This is just another of these convention things. She gives a nod of her head politely over to Harley, remaining silent. Not aware o fanything else untoward going on. She would take a moment to scan around the crowd, just looking about for osmething while hte representative would drone on, and Monet would nod attentively with the expression long perfected of 'you're not worth my time, but I'll pretend to not hur tyour feelings' while he would go on about whatever.

THe AIM group with the booth up on the stage is definitely far, far from the awareness or care o fher mind. Nerds were nerds.

Melissa Gold has posed:
The comms were not activated for the next part because what Melissa said was not for polite company. The number of swear words that come out of her mouth would make a sailor blush. For they didn't seem to be moving away from that booth. Instead, the Amazon and her people were still within range and were they getting closer?

Then add in all the stuff at that booth. All she knew was they were supposed to steal what the trio were working on. But now that seemed to be a giant booth worth of stuff. <<We're gonna need a bigger bag.>> Thankfully Jennifer got them five but this still was going to be an issue. <<Peter, stop shopping and get over here to the booth.>> For that particular team member had gotten distracted by many of the booths and had gotten separated from the group. <<Van, be ready on my mark for Plan B.>>

She looked to the ladies she was with and gave a little nod. "I'm on distraction duty. I will do what I can to draw security and the Amazons." And with that, Melissa turned and walked the opposite direction. Her entire purpose to get as far away from the booth that would be the center of the Squad's activity. <<Everyone be ready. We'll be going loud. Very, very loud. Be sure you have those noise suppressors handy for yourselves.>>

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin leans back a little trying to get a little room in the U-Haul Truck, and eyes Wade then looks at the guys with him. "Wait.. your not about to murder people are you?" he asks a bit surprised. "He looks at the other two.. Shame on you two you know he has issues with this." and shakes his head, as he didn't really know if he did, but considered. He holds up his hands, "I am not here to stop you... Wa... Mr. Pool" as he knew people didn't like their name out there, and he didn't know who knew what. "I am here to help. Though I can't do the ol' assasination thing. There is a union, and a whole thing... Believe me more trouble then it is worth!" he looks around a bit, "Or was going to as I thought you might be up to something interesting."

He smiles, and then stops looking around. "Your working for someone right now aren't you?" he thinks. "Are they an organization?" he asks curiously not waiting for an answer. He then points at the camera, "Hey one of your people are heading out. Should she be so happy about this?" he asks curiously. He then stops to take a breath though more out of habbit, and consider what else to ask, he was very curious about this whole thing, and one learned from asking questions.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Jennifer wonders if she had set her makeup with enough powder; she can feel her face flushing when she gets a look at the chaos in the booth.

<<Melissa," she mumbles. <<"I got bags, like eight of them, and I got luck. Tell me what we want to bag.>>

After looking over her shoulder at the knot of dignitaries, she fishes her noise suppressors out of her shoulder bag and drapes them around her neck. She drops a black disc with her other hand and discreetly kicks it under the table toward one of the guys she recognizes from the briefing.

"So, ah, what are you all setting up?" she ventures with her most winning smile.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The side hug turns into some european kissies. One on each cheek as is proper, Harley remaining up close and personal with Diana. Personal space? What is that?!

She is about to answer Diana and her questions when she pauses, looks to the side. Frowns at the mention of stopping Diana from spinning. << Who put that guy in charge of this mission? >> Is Harley talking to herself? It wouldn't be the first time she is seen doing so.

"Sorry, my friends are being goofballs.." She says apologetically up to Diana and Monet. Imaginary friends?

Noise suppressors? She knew she had missed something when she stuffed her fanny pack with STUFF for the mission. Oh, well..

"Ah, why don't we go do a walk somewhere else, Didi?" Not answering Diana's question directly. So sus! But then again she can't bring herself to lie directly to Wonder Woman! It's like she has that permanent lasso around her.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Let's be real: Harley Quinn can hold the attention of the Bat Family and most of their rogues gallery by simple existence. Diana is a tippy-top mark. More power to the Round Clown taking care of business that exceeds Felicia's mandate by something like Tony Stark's equities over the average American's take home pay. <<Boo. How does she keep her hair so lush and glossy? It's got to be a potion.>>
    A sigh redolent in watercolor longing escapes Felicia in spite - or because - of herself, the lush weight on her nape tugging downward. She taps her glasses, rustled papers swaying in a multicolored, ecofriendly fan. Broadway take note, your missing mermaid or siren is right here! Melissa anyway. Felicia can be a fine sea-sprite sister luring someone to their empty-pocket'd misery. "There's an exit close by, always is, in case this gets too busy. I know some get socially anxious in a crowd," she assures probably Melissa, and then the woman peels off to leave her and Jennifer to do what they do best. Cheerfully she smiles, not in the least bit concerned about what might go off.
    Jennifer may have tossed a disc, but digital back-door entry is her skill set and thus the task of tracking wires and isolating potential hard drives or network uplinks to tap into. Tagging in the weak point is her calling card, all fashioned by loitering and reading materials slightly out of sight and then going down to fix a wobbly heel. Pesky heels do that.
    Using glasses and a smartwatch to tap in isn't that hard when loaded with the right exorbitant encryption/decryption programs that spin server-side and downlink.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    The UHAUL truck revs its motor as Wade gets into the driver's seat. Pistolero, Skullface, and Vlad all take up positions, though Vlad asks sidelong, "Who are you talking to, Wade?"
    "Some invisible kid, shut up."
    Arthur Pelham continues to walk with Diana and the chairperson of the convention, leading her toward the display as he tells her, "Well the idea for this came to us ages ago when we were... at work. Proper disposition of high capacity storage composed of dense poly-ceramic hyper conductors leads to some rather interesting and unique properties." As the group continue to move back toward the display at C7. Though Arthur takes a moment, "If you'll forgive a bit of the chaos, my partners are not quite so efficacious as I am and are still assembling the equipment. But if you will bide..."
    It was all a lovely flow of people walking along in the orbit and wake of the beautiful Amazonian princess.
    Nelson at the booth gives Jennifer and Felicia a warm smile and says, "Oh we have several systems. Though we need to run the cabling across the center, they don't have quite the power supply we need. You see it all depends on the frequency of the harmonics we utilize in our containment system." He smiles hopefully to the young blond woman, as if that made perfect sense. Though as the good Ms. Hardy departs his eyes follow after her for a time, before he offers a reaffirming smile back to Roulette.
    The comms key back into life.
    << Ok guys. Harley locks Diana down. We make a distraction. And Roulette does all the shop-lifting as if she was back in high school. We got this. Maximum effort. >>
    There's a /RRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRMMMMMM/ from the UHAUL truck outside. Wade turns hsi head to the side and murmurs to Vlad. "Which part of the building was that Dippin' Dots kiosk at? Over there..." Wade points toward one of the large aluminum sliding doors that were normally for loading and unloading in the side of the building, though now it's 'secured' outside with a length of chain around the handle.
    "No wait, over there." He points at another of the metal doors. Then he guns the motor again. << Team Pretty. We are East Bound and Down. Loaded up and truckin'. Ten Four good buddy. >>
    Suddenly the UHAUL truck's tires squeal and then it lurches forward as Wade banks it to the right out wildly in a wide arc into the parking lot's loading area, slicing past a cement island and then he sharply pulls the wheel to the right, bringing it around in a smooth arc as it builds up speed and hurtles toward the large aluminum loading door. There's a moment when the engine is perhaps heard...
    And then the crash through! The van bashing through the door sending it smashing upward where it slides over the hood and abruptly the truck /SLAMS!/ into one of the pillars, coming to a sudden harsh stop. Having missed the Dippin' Dots cart entirely.
    The passenger-side window explodes outwards as Skullface is thrown from the vehicle, landing heavily on the ground with a _thud_ and a skid across the cement floor of the convention center, coming to a stop underneath a robot butler that looks down at him, tipping its bowler cap politely.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana seemingly only pays a minor amount of attention to Harley's apparent talking to herself. Instead this rather insistent Arthur fellow seems to be pulling Diana along toward what he has to show off, and thus if Harley is staying with Diana, she's forced to walk with them too. A glance is given to Monet, but ultimately the Princess' eyes return to Arthur.

"Well, to be honest, I am looking... ever looking... for a portable power generator to bring to Themyscira. We do generate our own green energy, but I want my people to have something on-hand to study as an alternate tech path. Being separated from the greater world for so long, our technology has gone on its own direction. I think it would be helpful to our research and development teams to have something new to experiment with, to help influence our own growth..."

Yadda yadda yadda.

The Princess is about to say something else when the crash within the Convention Center is heard, and this causes her to spin on her two-inch heels to stare in the direction of the moving van that bursts in to the building.

That's not good, not good at all. A look of concern falls across the Princess' facial features, and her hands come up to slip her bracelets on to her wrists, her larger bracers left back with wherever her armor is located.

No spinning, no Wonder Woman... just Diana, now sporting golden bracelets as she starts to move rapidly toward the situation unfolding.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is going to look over ehr shoulder to pay vague attention to the conversation right when the vehicle comes ot slam on in! Lovely. Well, on the upside the annoyance of the evening of listening to that man drivel is done with. So there's a plus to all events. She goes to stride forwards towards the van quickly. She doesn't know what's going on - she's presenting herself as an obvious target for anyone that's running out of the van to try and lure them/whatever they are to shoot at her or rush her. To hopefully leave them open to Diana.. Or at least to give the people about a chance to run.

She goes to stride forwards quickly,fists up in front of her and gets ready to brace when she's attacked - or just to react quickly so she can move to intercep twhatever comes out before it attacks the crowd.

Melissa Gold has posed:
<<Okay, that was not what I planned but we're winging it now. Get everything you can and get out of here. If the van moves, use it. If not, find other means.>> And as she reaches that spot she was aiming for, she lets out an ultra high frequency sound that couldn't be picked up by people with normal hearing. With it, she was able to influence all the people around her and they quickly took off for destinations unknown. Leaving her in a corner of the convention floor with just her and booths.

And then she screamed.

This time the sound was audible to anyone in the entire building. It was a powerful scream and a bright pink glow appeared around her as she did so. Then that pink pulsed outward, crashing through the booths and tables in a wave with her at the epicenter. Booths blew into scraps of plastic and wood, items flew into the air and landed vast distances from where they started. The wave continued out to engulf a quarter of the convention floor as she rose into the air on pink wings. And still she screamed, the power of that sound reverberating through the room.

Yet it was not at a level it would be damaging to anyone unless they were very close to her. Uncomfortable certainly, but not damaging to their hearing.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin looks at the other two, and wave his hand. "Oh yea... Sorry, only here for one person. I can't have people talking right?" though with a grin Franklin grabs ahold of something then as his hands go through it he smiles, "Oh we going for a drive?" he asks as the UHaul truck goes speeding down the road. Though as the car goes right, and as it passes the cement island Franklin has his hands up like it is a ride. "Now we are talking.. You drive like my sister." and seems to enjoy the ride Wade provided as the UHaul truck flips around him into one of the pillars.

Franklin slowly floats out of the van and looks at the piller. "Ah.. look what ya almost did." and shakes his head, "Boop!" and touches the piller making the piler shake again weaking it to the point where it is starting to brake apart if someone doesn't speed over quickly it will buckle under the pressure. He looks over at Wade, "If you want a distraction.. You really should make her work for it." and floats up a bit, "Though I would not be standing there too long if she doesn't come.. It coould be bad for you!" and smiles happy to know he is helping.

He did a little math, and knew Diana could stop this, so he didn't really mind setting it in motion. She might be upset at him, but such were the tangles of life. He smiled, and gave Wade a thumbs up.. "You got this!"and turns invisable for when Wonder Woman arived he figured Wade could handle it. She had to be heading this way, and quickly after that much of an impact there was no way she didn't know where it came from.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Ewww, guys are so gross, she thinks and flashes her pearly whites at Nelson when his eyes leave Felicia's retreating form. Her mouth opens to ask another question when a door explodes open, their getaway truck careens past her, and the unlucky Skullface skids on his face to center stage.

Screams and people running work in her favor. At the last minute, she remembers her noise cancellers. Melissa's screech is distant music to her ears.

<<I'm grabbing stuff,>> she announces, palms on one of the dense poly-ceramic what's its. Grunting, she works it toward the table's edge - it's a lot heavier than she expected. She places a bag under the table and slides it in. A black box with a tangle of cables next to it goes into another bag. Then wily-nilly, counting on the lucky white disc to guide her, she stuffs the bags with anything that comes to hand.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia hums lyrics from some cheesy 2000s album she will never admit to knowing. 2003 Xtina isn't clever or cool, no matter what her respectable and plucky mother liked back then. She looks up briefly at the squealing commotion from somewhere outside the conference center, then proceeds to wear a bemused and uncertain expression. "Wha-was-tha'?" mumbled off her lips gets lost in the greater swell of noise. "Oh, is that the rocket launch? Green jet fuel has such a bad rap!"
    Someone rushing past probably doesn't like the idea of explosive fuels operated anywhere in his vicinity give or take a few blocks. He hustles off as fast as his slapping loafers and polyester polo allow. That leaves her to continue infiltration measures, gamely swiping down and left, working her fingers in smart patterns above her boot heels in time to the prompts and projected patterns imposed on gorilla-grade class. Guerilla Glass, for the top-level thief.
    The feed will hopefully get into motion wherever the end results go. Probably something Amanda cooked up. She just does the work, dirtying her pretty hands. She continues right up until the point when Melissa brings the house down, and slaps one of the harmonic generators - guessing that's its use - to further destabilize it. It wants to fall over!
    "You better be worth it, baby." Her arm wraps around the polyceramic device, and using its weight to her advantage, those terribly sharp and dangerous claws pop out from under her nails. Not much resistance is expected from taking the Mir Space Station method of recovery by ripping open the side of the other box. Reach in, rummage around, and yank. Hopefully the solid state means /solid state/ as in hard-drive, and not some living slop they have to pay Ivy to decipher. Once she has a few other toys to snatch up, then cue a really strong zipline to get out of dodge fast.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Cement cascades down from the ceiling, turning the orange UHAUL truck somewhat powdery grey. Skullface slowly stirs as he gets to his feet, his armored suit crackling and crinkling as bits and pieces spark and sizzle. He gives a /shove/ to the robot butler causing it to fall over heavily as it says in an electronic voice, 'Oh, I say!'
    The driver's side door is kicked open and out of it comes Deadpool as Vlad crawls out of the passenger side window, his bat-like wings snapping out and wide. Wade shakes his head, coughing, a bit of blood darkening the side of his mask and yet more concrete dust changing his red suit to grey. He wipes a forearm over his mask, and draws his swords with a resonant /SHING!/ as he kaff-kaffs again and strikes a stance. "YOU!"
    He points a sword at Monet, then one at Diana. "I am about to mess you up!" He says clearly.
    "I am gonna make you both look as sad as Cable on Father's Day. As sad as Netflix's metrics after Jada Pinkett's Cleopatra got through with them. Gonna knock your membership numbers way down. And _painfully_ affect your marker share! You got that?!"
    And as if on cue that is when Songbird's voice cried out, the booths of several other projects were shattered as equipment, papers, and collectible commemorative cups and t-shirts went _flying_ into the wall, colliding with the ceiling, exploding outwards. Civilians ducked and ran for cover as people started to scream in the convention center.
    One of the scientists is covering his head while the other actually moves to try and interpose himself between Roulette and Songbird, as if 'protecting' her with a raised hand though it's more an instinctive motion than anything planned. Yet it gives Felicia and her perfect cover to steal and steal and steal like it was a JC Penney's during back to school week.
    A good amount of gear was quickly recovered, equipment purloined, and anything important looking for storage devices... those likely were the main targets. Shopping bags were filled quickly even as chaos seemed to spill over across the room.

Diana Prince has posed:
In truth, diana was here because she caught wind of this entire convention being entirely NOT on the level. She'd come to investigate a number of shady dealers, and now it just seemed to be going all south all at once. The cacophony of chaos around her is mostly ignored as her prime target is that U-Haul vehicle. Moving trucks and large public events generaly don't mix well, and for obvious reasons the Princess of Themyscira is heavily slanted in her desire to make the vehicle leave the property...

"Monet, help the people get out." The Princess tells her stand-in sidekick for this situation, as she just marches toward the truck.

And then Deadpool.

Did she know him? Did she know of him at all?

It doesn't matter. Diana doesn't care if people are looting things behind her, her concern is just that truck.

She walks right up to its front end and starts pushing it backward, her strength being used to lean it up on to its back tires, the Princess just lifts up off the ground, her heels dangling from her toes now as she flies forward, pushing Wade's ride back out of the building and likely just passing him by with her blue dress flowing in the winds coming in to the convention hall and flowing over she and the large vehicle she's manually making reverse its course back the way it came!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And something's up with people as thier behavior suddenly alters just enough for her to tell something is up off. <<Something's hitting them mentally>> She's not picking up signs of another telepath - not that that has any meaning mind. IT could be mechanical, it could be someone more skilled than she is.. So she doesn't let that throw her off. She goes to immediately mvoe defensively as Diana gives her instructions.

She goes to immediately use her telepathy to give the Royal Canterlot Voice in a booming mental blast to hopefully everyone over in the arena and the melee. <<GO QUIET YOU FOOLS AND STAY STILL!>> That's broadcast as far as she can to everyone in attendance - of course many would not be hit by it at all - telepathic yelling could easily be ignored, or some might be resistant.. And there was no actual force behidn it or coercion. It was just a very loud mental yell.

Melissa Gold has posed:
That mental yell got Melissa's attention as she just stopped screaming. Not because she was compelled to but because she was so shocked to have someone yelling inside her head. But from her vantage point, she could see that Diana seemed to be focused on the van.

So with that, Melissa turned and rushed out of the area of destruction she created. And on the way, she grabbed a few items as she got back to intact booths. Just shoving things into her pockets that might be worth something.

Her destination is to get back to the booth on C7 though, to rejoin that part of the team. They are doing a good job so she turns and moves to the closest wall. And there, with a flare of her abilities but with no actual sound that could be heard by human ears, a bright pink battering ram slammed into the wall and opened an exit to the exterior. So they had their getaway route at least!

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin floats looking down at him. "Oh she is here, you are so screwed now." and chuckles a bit as he watches the groups talking at each other and just chuckled. "Oh there goes your escape." he notes to Deadpool as Diana is starting to move the truck back. He holds a hand up to catch some falling cieling dust though it passes though his hands. "I would say heavy chance of brick sized hail." he looks out at the yell though his form wavers a little bit like fluid it doesn't disapate just yet.

He floats down a bit, "I am curious do you want me to help you or them?" he asks looking at the other two. He was still normally only visable to Deadpool, but maybe his astral form could be picked up on other visions. "I can send them back or you, and save whoever it is from what is to come." and he glances at the others. "Just say your choice, and poof they will be back safe and sound." he offers.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Dust, screams, and Wade, a perfect storm of bad luck. In the eye of the storm, Jennifer drops another lucky disc and works at fast as she can bagging the goodies. Between Felicia and herself, the table is nearly cleaned. She staggers when she picks up the bag with the storage what's it, holding it two-handed waddles for the UHaul, hoping that Wade hadn't wreaked their ride.

The UHaul starts to move, nearly running her over. Stumbling backward and cursing, she manages to keep the heavy bag and get out of its way. "Fuck!" At this rate, Jennifer was going to fill the swear jar that she had started to clean up her act.

Concentrating, Roulette spins up another white disc and a bigger black one. As much as Jennifer thinks the Princess is divine, even if she needs a new stylist, she spins the black disc at her, only half regretting it. At a waddle, she heads for Melissa's newly created exit, snagging another two of the bags for the other arm. She is so going to have a spa day after this - massage, hot tub, mani-pedi.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia hasn't stepped foot in Penney's or Kohls in basically her entire life, and won't even know what they contain if someone paid her $10 to guess. She would pickpocket them ten bucks but still go none the wiser or foolhardier for the ignorance.
    Now is the time to leave as UHaul makes a bad impression and Diana must investigate. No matter how thrilling all the possible scraps and cheese secrets are, she must leave. Another few bits shoved up the accommodating sleeve of her sweater makes for an uncomfortably prickly situation that can be rectified later. Time to wait on Jennifer to see she is in motion and then the cat burglar fires the line to get out.
    A black-studded metal dart smashing into a higher wall gets her over a bunch of fallen stands and dangling wires thanks to Melissa's expert shrieks. The chance of a camera malfunctioning or someone tripping in pursuit of her is high.
    She has to bounce and leap her way for their exit option, though she has an eye open for other unaccompanied vehicles that could be used for a quick hotwire and car-jacking. For the government. It's borrowing! Short-term leasing.


Wade Wilson has posed:
    "Hey. HEY!" Wade's voice can be heard as he yells after Diana, the Amazonian warrior slicing across the space between them and catching that vehicle then pushing it out of the hole it came in from, its tires protesting and its frame creaking. She easily rushes it back out of the building as Wade gestures with his sword. "Don't you ignore me! We are going to _fight_!" He says loudly.
    Then, in the smallest of whispers. "I love you."
    Yet after that brief aside he turns his head and points a sword at Monet. "Ok then how about..."
    Only to realize she's gone as well. Which has Wade frowning to himself. "Sonuva..."
    His white eyelets narrow as he turns to the floating invisible youth near him, "Kid. This is really not the time. I'm workin' heah. I dunno... go blow up the Dippin' Dots kiosk. Nobody likes those things."
    Many people are somewhat steadied by Monet as others still proceed to try and escape and flee from the convention hall. Near Diana, Dr. Pelham was not much for chivalry as he took that chance to _run_ as fast as he could to get away toward the front exit of the convention center. Around the area of C7 the two scientists there started to retreat, though Nelson perhaps had some hint of what was going on as he pointed at Roulette and said quickly, "Hey wait... what are you?!" Then he saw Songbird slip down from above and start pocketing things as well. "You're... you're trying to take our research!" He said indignantly and even made to try and grab at Melissa's hand to stop her from grabbing one of those incidental hard drives that she was grabbing.
    Though now with the new exit hole opened by Melissa the team had a new departure point to utilize. A new departure point that was made evident when the multi-armed magician appeared in a flash of light out in the parking lot away from the convention center.
    Though now the team is in full retreat, though Harley might well still be seen pursuing Diana, while Pistolo, Skullface, and Vlad start to randomly smash up a few display stages, roaring, shouting, and in general looking so very intimidating.
    << Alright guys, pack it up. I think she didn't even notice me. My life is a pain cage of sadness. >> With that Team Fugly starts to run for the evac point.

Diana Prince has posed:
The U-Haul truck is dropped back on to all four tires out in the parking area, before Diana spins around and starts to move back toward the Convention Center. Looters weren't really a surprising thing in this situation, but that didn't mean answers were not in order.

Where does it come from? Did she have it on her dress the whole time? Who knows...

But Wade will suddenly have his sorrowful heart filled with some measure of an answer as to whether or not she noticed him...

... when a golden lasso of Divine power wraps several times around his right ankle, and pulls tight. A second later, the golden glowing twine is yanked backward to try and drop the Merc with the Mouth right down on said covered mouth!

At the other end of the rope, Diana stands out on the edge of the walkway in front of the Center, tugging hard on the partially coiled rope held in her right hand, her left doing the heavy tugging work to try and capture the sword wielding driver maniac who crashed in to the front facade!

Maybe not EVERYONE is escaping afterall.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's -something- up - telepathically and astrally. Monet can't tell exactly what it is or where - but htere's something there. That's far more powerful than she is to hide itself well, or enhanced. There's a more focused psionic scan given to try and pinpoint whatever it is (OOC - Hi Franklin!) but that gets no results as she goes to see the fleeing scientists and catches a fading cry of Songbird - too late to identify her or get a good look. She moves to advance over on Wade as Diana goes ot snap out with her lasso, and moves to interpose herself between the crowd and the attackers once more as they seem to be retreating. She settles for staying in place in case there's a followup attack or they have a distraction planned of more explosives.

She glowers over at Deadpool as Diana reels him in with the lasso, "Deadpool. Nathan is going to be.. Disappointed in you." That statement is said very sadly and without any sort of aggression or belittling in it. A light frown cresting her face for a moment before fully vanishing.

Had Cable ever broached the subject with her? Mentioned it? why would he to her at all? But, hopefully her acting was good enough here that Wade might not pick up the fact she was trying to act up in lieu of someone else present being..


Melissa Gold has posed:
For a moment, Melisa hesitated. She took two steps in the direction of Wade. But then she shook her head and called out on the commlink. <<Everyone out. >>

And she waited for the team members to make it out that door to the waiting six-armed witch outside that was their exit stategy.

And with a last frowning look, Melissa turned to grab some of the loaded bags and followed her teammates out.

Franklin Richards has posed:
Franklin sighs, and nods. "If that is what you want then so be it. Though I have learned about some interesting new technology." and he looks past the him to the truck. "Very well, and for now does nothing as his chance is over. He quietly steps back, as Diana returns for answers, and the brightness of that Laso he didn't want to see what would happen if he touched it. As she has him wrapped up Franklin sighs a bit. "You missed your escape, perhaps you wanted her to catch you?" he watches curiously. "Alright so.." then he hears Monet. Of course they brought a psycic, but now if he disapeared it would be wierd.

So instead he smiled a bit, and floated up to see what he was going to do now, as this could get him into trouble depending on what questions were asked though he most likely usually was anyway from how he acted. Franklin would have to consider another way, he would not give up easly, but this was a failure in his mind, or at least that is how he would mark it down.

Doing nothing as perhaps they will just think it a stray mind Franklin just watches to see what comes next. He shakes his head at Wade as one had to know this was coming as soon as he spotted her.

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Inhaling deeply once outside the concrete dust and fluttering pieces of pamphlets, Jennifer scans the area, searching for their ride. Out of the corner of her eye, she catches sight of a multi-armed woman. And, through the dust wafting out into the street she catches sight of a golden rope catching Wade. Whoa, the Princess got him. Now, what?

Orders were to get the equipment out of the convention center at any cost, short of killing people. Jennifer hesitates, looking back at Wade then at Spiral. Shaking her head, she yells, "Spiral, over here!"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia's plans may also include self-care and the relaxing type of soaking bath, a mud mask, a long massage, and admiring several strings of stolen diamonds and pearls. Pleasant and happy thoughts to aid her swinging and getting out from a cursed convention full of batty scientists and remarkably well coiffed Amazonian princesses. Happy thoughts. Because the discomfort and crush of the objects she snatched make her extremities uncomfortable and then she needs to land.
    Too many important people in the vicinity wherever Diana goes aids the speed with which she tries to traverse her escape. Find the getaway route, find her mark, and flee. Spiral is a sight for content eyes, though she tries to tap the comms or verbally inquire when landing outside. <<The crew having some trouble in there. We need to regather and snag?>>
    The smart nod to Jennifer agrees on that question. "Can we get him out now or later?"

Wade Wilson has posed:
    << Alright, let's all make for Susie Six-Arms and her Parliament Funkadelic. Good work every... >>
    // YOINK! //
    Abruptly Wade is pulled hard off his feet as in the open large garage door in the wall the dangerous silhouette of Diana Prince can be seen wrapping that rope around her arm as she draws him in closer and closer, Deadpool's hands reaching out and digging his fingers in as if trying to resist. "Nooooo," The other Suicide Squad members hear him call out, "Remember me, brothers, remember me!"
    The rest of Team Fugly take all of two seconds to look on with wide eyes at their fallen comrade... and then _turn_ and /ruuuuuun/ toward the evac point, barely wasting a moment's thought on Wade.
    Who is steadily, inexorably drawn toward Diana and Monet. As he is pulled past M he says nothing to her except to give her what in many countries is considered a _very_ rude hand gesture. He turns over and says toward the princess, while under the power of the lasso, "You make me wish I was more comfortable with my emotions so I didn't use humor to deflect them all the time."
    Out in the parking lot mystical energy surges around the magically inclined woman of myriad limbs. Even as the other 'heroes' beat feet rapidly toward her location. Likely the last ones to rush out of the building are Team Fugly, with Vlad announcing in his thick accent as he looks at Felicia, "Hurry, Wade said to go on without him!"
    Et tu, Vlad?

Diana Prince has posed:
The Lasso of Hestia remains tightly wound around Wade's ankle as she pulls him along the concrete until he's a few steps away. She abandoned her shoes during the relocation of the moving truck, and now walks on bare feet-- each toe well manicured with a crimson painted nail, mind you --until she's looming over Wade who'd just spoken a truth without even being asked a question.

Diana just stares down at him, her long dark hair flowing gently in the warm winds flowing across the exterior of the building left in chaos.

She doesn't immediately answer the man in the odd costume, and instead just looks up to the building, then over to Monet. "Go and check on everyone, see if anyone is hurt." She asks of her Amazon initiate friend.

Her eyes drop back down to Wade a moment later, their forms connected via that glowing golden rope.

"I have.. so many questions." Diana says in her thickly accented English voice, her head lightly shaking as she hears the incoming sounds of emergency response vehicles somewhere behind her.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
M is at a total loss for things now while looking over at Diana, and then goes to give a nod, "Yes." She has a conflicting series of emotions here that are fully buried - and glad in a way that she's not going to have to mess with this bit further. Or get involved anymore unelss she's asked to. She has a feeling really that she doesn't want to knwo what's going on. That it has hit a bit close to home even when she doesn't /know/ what the arrangements are. And whatever that entity is that was telepathically scrying on them (or something).. That has her very concerned.

But.. On the other hand.. Diana considers her a friend!

Sempai noticed meee!

Melissa Gold has posed:
As the Squad gathers outside with Spiral, Melissa gives a shake of her head at the question from Felicia, then adds verbally over the commlink. <<Negative. Complete the mission. He's lost. For now.>>

She glanced back to the building as she took a spot next to Spiral. "Let's get everyone back to the main base. Then those that want to help, we'll return to the safehouse here. And get him back."

Jennifer Stavros has posed:
Ambulance and police car sirens warble as Jennifer meets Spiral and the others half way. "We don't have Wade. Diana does. But we gotta get out of here." Much as Wade drives her up a wall, she doesn't like leaving anyone behind.

"So, here's the stuff and me, I guess. I hate leaving the jerk."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
"He'll get out. He's good like that."

If he isn't, Felicia can probably add another reason to drink a bottle of wine and get that anti-wrinkle face mask going on. Her gait is uneven thanks to her haul, and the usual aches and pains with jarring line-driven leaps attest to the need to soak somewhere. "Or we come back and work it out. Ditch these lovelies, stash them, and follow up. For all we know, he's where the boss wants him."

Jennifer isn't wrong. Leaving her crew behind makes the hair on the back of the cat's neck rise.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    As the team gets into that glowing circle around the sorceress' feet, the view of the convention center is suddenly lost in that flare of magical energy. It's a short jaunt, as if the world moves for them instead of them moving across the world, reappearing in that old elementary school building's gymnasium. The gear and equipment are taken care of, and a lot of hard drives are gained...
    But what of poor, Wade?! Oh the betrayal!