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Raphael (Scenesys ID: 743)
Name: Raphael
Superalias: The Nightwatcher
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant Turtle
Occupation: Teen Ninja Turtle (Mutant)
Citizenship: N/A
Residence: Turtle HQ, NYC Sewers
Education: Splinter University of Hard Knocks and Ninja Training
Theme: IDW (FC)
Groups: Ninja Turtles
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 04 Apr 2004 Played By Nolan North, Greg Abbey, Sean Astin, take your pick
Height: 5'5" Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: None Eye Color: Green
Twitter: SaiYouLater
Theme Song: You have to ask? https://youtu.be/nNa2Fr6CA0E

Character Info


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Raphael is the brawler of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the one itching for a fight the most. A highly-skilled ninja, especially with the sai, he is a formidable opponent who knows many ways of defeating a foe, but he can be ruled by his emotions enough to throw him off his game.


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2004: Raphael was born a normal turtle, though as such he had no name at the time.

2005: Strangeness in the sewers of New York City. Somehow, Raphael and his three turtle brothers end up falling through a grate and land in a puddle of weird ooze, a broken canister from T.G.R.I. nearby. They mutate into baby humanoid turtles and are taken in by Splinter, altered by the ooze into a mutant rat. They are each given names after Italian Renaissance artists: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael.

2010: Once Splinter has deemed them old enough, he begins to train the turtles in the various arts of ninjutsu, starting with basic martial arts and progressing over the years.

2014: Though they are all taught the same, each turtle is given their own specialized weapon for the first time. Raphael receives a pair of sai.

2015: Raphael receives his second pair of sai, along with a stern scolding, after losing his first set.

2018: Early into their teenage years, though with years of extensive tutelage behind them, Splinter finally gives his adopted sons permission to venture topside. Prior to this, their only exposure to the outside world came from a variety of media including television, movies, newspapers, magazines, books, and most importantly, video games. They soon start to operate from the shadows as vigilantes, and it isn't long before they cross paths with the Foot Clan, led by Splinter's old enemy, the Shredder.

2019: The month of October is eventful, as the brothers are forced to blow their cover in order to assist April O'Neil, a reporter about to be attacked by a gang. A friendship is soon struck, and later that month the turtles have a deadly encounter with the Shredder, who displays little trouble in dealing with them before Splinter helps turn the tide. Though the Shredder is seemingly killed, Leonardo takes a leave of absence to find himself.

2020: As the new year begins, the remaining turtles seek to find ways to go on as a trio, rather than a quartet. Raphael continues to go topside for his own vigilante work, adopting a secret alter ego known as the Nightwatcher. He also attempts to lead what's left of the group, with mixed results, unsure when Leonardo will return.

IC Journal

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Cool But Rude:
Raphael is the passion of the turtles, the second oldest, the hotheaded one with anger management issues. There is no question he is the turtle that runs the hottest, making red as his color very fitting. An Aries by birth, he fits the persona of the Ram and Fire side almost to a T: he is passionate, outspoken, bold, brash, ruled by competition, aggression, and conflict. While he is loyal to his brothers, he has a tendency to go off and do his own thing when he's frustrated, very much a loner at times. This often ends up with them needing to haul his shell out of the fire when he gets in over his head and takes on more than he can beat up alone. Teenagers.

While he knows as much as his brothers when it comes to weaponry and martial arts, he's just as comfortable with fists as he is with his sai or anything else. He has no filter when it comes to saying what's on his mind, sometimes to the detriment of team harmony, and while he might even work the best with Leonardo in pairs, he frequently clashes with his brother over leadership matters. He loves his brothers and will look out for them no matter how much he wants to bonk each of them on the head sometimes. That said, somehow the four usually manage to remain a cohesive unit, but not without Raphael sometimes getting in the way of it. Gimme a break!

Character Sheet


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While Raphael can't breathe underwater, he is comfortable in that environment and can stay inside of it for an extended period of time, up to four hours with the potential to stretch it up to six with proper focus and determination. However, he must come up for air eventually. As a trained and disciplined ninja, even he can last a while like this in spite of often wanting to be more proactive. He is a natural swimmer, able to move faster in the water than even the best Olympic athlete. Being able to see and speak underwater is of no trouble to him, though speaking would come at the expense of some of his air.

Astral Projection:
This is extremely limited, and not even something Raphael is able to do by his lonesome. There was a particularly grave time when the turtles needed their sensei, and through all of them meditating at once around a campfire, Splinter appeared to them in a spirit vision. It was one-way communication, but a very emotional moment. Leonardo's easily the best when it comes to meditating, but if a situation was dire enough it's possible the rest could hear from Splinter again, or even one of the brothers, should any of them go missing. At this point, Raphael cannot initiate this on his own. It has to come from someone more powerful with the ability. It might just stay that way.

Turtle Physiology:
There are benefits to having a hard shell as a main part of one's torso. First, it serves as natural body armor, highly resistant to melee weapons. A natural equivalent to medieval armor, it's less effective against firearms, to a point. The shell on the back is much thicker and can stop bullets, though they may leave holes in the shell until any healing can occur. In addition to being bulletproof, the back of the shell is generally twice as strong and tough as the front, making rear attacks against a turtle largely ineffective unless aiming for unprotected limbs or the head.

Raphael also possesses more muscle mass and smaller internal organs than a human, and most such organs are only about a third of the usual size. As such, should Raphael's shell be punctured, it is unlikely the puncturing weapon will actually hit anything important enough to cause massive internal injuries.


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A Ninja's Tools:
Any proper ninja would not be complete without complementary skills in a variety of other tools and weaponry. Raphael is no exception, with time spent in training to become skilled with blades (kunai), throwing stars (shuriken), claws for climbing, grappling hooks, smoke bombs, even caltrops. He does not put all the training into every type of weapon to the extent, say, Leonardo does, but it does not mean he is a slouch.

Through training, Raphael is able to use weapons in both hands for fighting. With people capable of learning the sai in pairs, Raphael took to this style swiftly once weapons training began. Splinter further taught them how to use both hands by having them do common things with their non-dominant hands, such as eating, using single-handed weapons, and so on. As a result, Raphael can throw blades and shuriken with either hand, as needed.

Splinter taught the turtles Japanese not just because of the ties to his native land, but because there's a strategic element to it as well. It may not always be needed, but speaking Japanese in combat or other situations can leave an opponent or adversary off-guard by not knowing what's being discussed, which is an extra benefit to the four ninja. Raphael speaks both English and Japanese fluently.

Knowing the Territory:
Part of the art of the ninja involves using one's surroundings and environment to one's advantage. Though Leonardo often takes point on this by way of him being the leader of the group, Raphael is never more than a step or two behind when it comes to utilizing cover. This may mean going "lights out" to cast an area into darkness, or even making use of tools, objects, or other things in the vicinity - provided he isn't too enraged at the time to think about it. The sewer systems are the natural home of the turtles, and they have explored so much of them while staying below that the probability of others tracking them through the tunnels when they don't want to be found is virtually nil. It also means they know all the shortcuts and ways to double back around on someone else.

Martial Arts:
Raphael has been trained in a variety of martial arts, from basic karate or judo to more dangerous disciplines like Muay Thai or Krav Maga. In the case of the latter, it may fall outside his usual style of attack, which is often sai and fists, but knowing it also helps in being able to defend against it. He is adept with or without weapons, and while he favors the sai he has been trained in the use of the other styles his brothers prefer along with the use of things like shuriken, short blades, smoke bombs, and so on.

A special enough discipline in its own right, this is the core of the ninja itself. The fighting techniques are primarily in other areas, but unconventional warfare, espionage, stealth, and spying all combine to make a trained ninja deadly if necessary, but extremely valuable overall. Part of Raphael's training, it involves knowing how and when to use these abilities, all thanks to what he has learned from Splinter.

Pop Culture:
When most of your life has been spent living segregated from the rest of society in an underground lair connected to the sewers, everything built around mastering the arts of ninjutsu along with various weapons and other techniques, time is needed to unwind. Raphael is not much of a reader, but most everything else? He's all about the entertainment. Video games, movies, TV shows, YouTube, Netflix, pro wrestling, MMA, you name it and he's probably watched it or played it. Music is good for setting the mood (give him the harder stuff to dive into), and if he really has to read something beyond what Splinter made sure to educate them on, he might just grab a newspaper, magazine, or the occasional book. Entertainment and media is the main way they've kept in the loop when it comes to what goes on above.

Raphael uses a pair of sai as his preferred weapon, which he has mastered the use of through extensive training with Splinter and against his brothers. Under his control, the sai act as extensions of his own hands, fast as lightning with both offensive strikes and defensive guards, frequently using one to attack with the other to cover his weak side, whichever he chooses it to be. If an opponent comes in with an attack, using a weapon or not, one sai can serve to deal with the attack while the other can immediately go into a counterattack or double up on the defense. More of a blunt weapon than a sharp, piercing one, that is not to say they can't be used for stabbing, especially when it comes to the destruction of whatever is in front of him, often mechanical.


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A Certain Newslady:
The first human the turtles allowed into their world through letting her see them as they are, April O'Neil needed a few helping hands one night and the brothers were there to send some gang members running. After the initial shock wore off, April became a friend to them and to be honest, it didn't take much more than bringing some pizzas and other food by on a fairly regular basis. More importantly, they have someone who can feed them info on stuff that might need their attention, and she has some protectors. Sometimes Raphael is still occasionally unsure about the whole thing, but even he is coming around to the arrangement. April does find some of the best pizzas in town.

Donnie's Stuff:
No, really. Whatever Donatello cooks up when he gets on one of his invention kicks, Raphael is more than willing to make use of it if he thinks it'll help. The Turtle Van alone has been awesome for salvaging runs, picking up extra pizzas when April isn't bringing them by or the delivery guy isn't leaving them by the closest sewer grate, or just for cruising late at night. The only part that sucks about Donnie's inventions is when he uses them as a practical joke or wants one of them to "test it" for him. Usually Donnie winds up with a bop on the head afterward when he singles out Raph.

Even for Raphael, who is often hot-headed, stubborn, and bullish, family is important. His brothers are the ones he goes to war with in more ways than one, and they have developed a bond that may be tested at times but is ultimately unbreakable even if he sometimes puts a strain on it because of his attitude and actions. They know each other inside out, and work at their best when they are a full, cohesive unit.

Master Splinter, their sensei and adoptive father, is their rock, their teacher, their trainer, and there is next to nothing they wouldn't do for him no matter how much they might complain about the training they've done for the thousandth time, or the latest menial task he has them perform. There is always a reason for it, they are told (spoiler: sometimes Splinter's just tired and wants to watch his soap operas in peace). For years, all they have had to count on is each other.

Family is everything, especially so for this group, and it has expanded to include April O'Neil and potentially others who gain their trust.

I Know a Guy Who...:
During the time Leonardo was on sabbatical, the other turtles began drifting apart and focusing more on their own things. Shredder was (supposedly) dead! They earned the downtime! But, Raphael still felt a need to go topside and do vigilante things. While in disguise, he met a guy who knew someone else who was good with armor and stuff, and an alter ego was soon born: The Nightwatcher. Raphael can perform maintenance on his own gear now, which is basically a bodysuit to hide the turtle details with a helmet and some metal armor similar to a knight's in places, but he still has a contact in case anything needs major upgrading or replacing.

Tools of the Trade:
In addition to his sai, Raphael has access to a full arsenal of ninja weapons and other tools. This includes the preferred choices of his brothers, but also complementary items such as kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, caltrops, and much more.

Turtle Lair:
Their home base, the only place the turtles have known as they've grown, developed, and trained. Located off an old abandoned tunnel beneath the streets of New York City, it is the safe place for Raphael and the rest of his family, and they take great care to protect its secret location. It has all they really need, including various forms of entertainment, bedrooms for each of them, a nice little kitchen, a dojo, and a home gym Raphael uses on a daily basis to maintain his buff figure. Gotta look good when kicking ass.


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Anger Issues:
Raphael is the angry one, the turtle brother who turns everything into a competition, who can find anything to argue about, the one who wants to take the fight to others the most. It's not that he has a bad attitude all the time, but when he gets a chip on his shoulder he can become nearly immovable from the path he wants to take. He is often the first to go looking for a fight on his own instead of sticking with the group. He challenges authority whenever he sees an opening, often questioning both Splinter and Leonardo to keep them on their toes as much as to find something he can exploit later on.

As well as he fits in with his brothers and looks out for them (especially Mikey, the little bro), when he's in one of those moods, just looking at him wrong or saying something he doesn't want to hear runs the risk of a volcanic eruption. He becomes prone to trying to bonk them on the head or firing back with an insult or retort before stomping off to hit the weights or go beat on someone topside, and that's on a good day. The Nightwatcher persona is both good and bad for him, good in the sense of giving him a release, bad because it's a secret he's kept from the others. One day, one way or another, the cover will be blown. What then?

Experienced, Yet Not:
While there have been occasional forays topside, prior to that the entire lives the turtles knew was confined to places beneath the streets of New York City. Raphael and the others kept up on current events and then some by staying tuned in to news and other forms of entertainment through the television and more, but it also left them with a somewhat false idea of what the real world is really like.

They're already the equivalent of teenagers, curious about everything that's out there. Add in the fact they never got to actually develop experience by living among others, and it's a recipe for comedy here, disaster there. Lately, more trips to the surface have followed and they've begun to learn more about what's up there. The balance Raph and the others find going forward, mainly in how hidden to remain and how much to involve themselves in things, is up to them to determine.

Foot Clan:
By themselves, these street-level ninja wannabes have been little more than an annoying nuisance for the turtles to deal with. Most of them have rudimentary training that gets them by against most targets, but it only becomes a danger to the turtles when they have a big numbers advantage over Raphael and his brothers. They do provide, at times, a focus for the brothers to let their frustrations out on, but the true threat is a ninja known as the Shredder.

As the leader of the Foot Clan, he has crossed paths with the turtles before and proven to be a formidable, lethal foe. Facing them one at a time, he possesses the skill to defeat them with ease. In their first real encounter, only Leonardo managed to land an attack before he was taken down and on the verge of being killed by their opponent. To defeat the Shredder, it takes the brothers working together at their best, as a single unit. Even then, it might not be enough. They needed Splinter's help to win the day, with the Shredder seemingly killed, but they cannot afford to let their guard down one way or another even if he's gone for good.

With the weapons the turtles use and the training they have, it would be very easy for them to be ruthless killing machines. Sometimes Raphael walks a fine line toward becoming just that due to his anger issues. But, with all the training Splinter provided them, he also taught them the discipline to control any of these urges. While the sai is not the most lethal weapon out there it can still deliver punishing damage, which is why he's practiced so much to hone his abilities with it in order to deploy precise strikes and defenses whenever possible.

When it comes to things that are not alive, such as robots or machines, it's easier to attack with what would be killing blows, but when living beings are the focus his preference is to disarm or disable above all else, even if it leaves someone beaten and bloodied. Is he capable of killing? Absolutely. Will he? The simple answer is only if he has no other choice. An adversary like the Shredder may leave him feeling like he has to go for the kill in order to stay alive, but that is an exception to the rule.

(OOC: as always, this is something that would be looked at on a case-by-case basis in an IC situation, but he has been trained to be reluctant to kill even when it comes to generic NPCs.)

Obviously a Turtle:
Raphael and his brothers are humanoid turtles, and their sensei is a big rat that talks. There's no way around this plain fact. Even with mutants and metas in existence, they will never blend in with most topsiders, and there's really only so far the old trenchcoat and hat disguise can go. While they may be a source of fascination and interest to some, there is just as strong a probability of being met with fear and revulsion. Splinter didn't teach them to employ stealth and be ready to disappear into the shadows at a moment's notice just to hear his wise old rat self speak. It was to protect them and their secrets.

Sibling Rivalries:
Or, maybe, rivalry. Donnie's a nerd who talks a lot, but he comes up with cool stuff that makes everything easier for the turtles. Mikey's a dork, but he makes Raph laugh and he comes through when it matters. Plus, he is usually their pizza hookup and that earns him brownie points. Of his brothers, Leo's the one Raph is constantly at odds with. When it was time for Splinter to select a field leader, Raphael believed he deserved it, so he was both surprised and wounded when Leonardo was the one chosen. Even if, as time has gone by, the wisdom of that decision has been shown, it doesn't mean Raphael has to like it.

There is a rivalry between the two, usually a healthy one, that pushes both of them to make each other better. They work great in pairs, often knowing what the other one is going to do before it happens, but Raphael can be counted on to make things difficult for the Boy Scout. It's like an alpha wolf always being challenged by the beta, and sometimes the lines blur between it being done to keep Leo sharp or because Raph really wants the role.

The problem is, deep down Raphael knows he's not cut out to lead, something he's realized more when Leonardo took some time away after the Shredder's defeat. Raphael attempted to take up the mantle of leadership, but it only led to the three remaining turtles drifting apart with nothing to really focus on. He won't admit it, but he knows they weren't complete without Leo there too. There is an insecurity that exists, one Raphael keeps to himself, but it often leads to him trying to prove he can do things on his own without them.

They Don't Exist:
None of the turtles have official identities. There are no Social Security numbers, no birth certificates that can be found in any hospital, and the names they've taken do not really exist beyond just saying that's who they are. For Raphael and the others, this cuts them off from many resources available to the average citizen. Though they've developed a few tricks to game the system to their advantage along the way for some essential wants and needs, especially thanks to Donatello's resourcefulness, none are guaranteed to last.



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Raphael has 36 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Brotherly...well, Something December 9th, 2020 No description
One Man's Trash Is Another Mutant's Toolcrib December 1st, 2020 A bit of friend bonding between Raphael and Sally while she's cleaning up her area of the mall lair.
Here Mall Along November 17th, 2020 There's a gathering in the Mall, things are talked about, stuff is figured out. There's a spooky subway station downstairs that needs more security, Raph's a jerkface, and Harley turns the
Firepower November 6th, 2020 An arm's deal was prevented but the clean-up remains. As do questions, questions about the Shadow, questions about the Beast and of course, was that really a giant mutant turtle?
A Radical New Home November 1st, 2020 The Turtle family and SHIELD meet up to go scout out a new base and home for the gang. An abandoned shopping Mall!
A Home Away From Home October 21st, 2020 Vanessa shows Raphael her old place, and gives him keys for the gang to have to use it as a safehouse.
Sewers under Seige: First volley September 30th, 2020 The turtles and their allies respond to a situation at an old pumping station... the Foot are up to their crap again! But something is different this time...
Sewers Under Seige: Old faces, New Enemies September 30th, 2020 The Rat King has come to the turtle lair with an army of rodents. Splinter leads the charge to defend their home, only to fall under the Rat King's control and attack his sons. A combined effort of all the allies of the Turtles pushes the Rat King into retreat, but the lair is no longer safe, and the turtles have had to fight their own father... Where does this leave them now, with the very real threat of this dangerous enemy still moving around in the sewers.
Shell Of A Day September 30th, 2020 Kainashi and Sally Pride are introduced to the Turtle Lair as the gang returns Donatello's body. Sally tends to his wounds and plans are made to get revenge.
Prelude: War of the Mousers September 28th, 2020 Mice robots, stealing jewls. Foiled by weridos and a titan.
Love Letters Part 3: I'm not like a wordy guy September 23rd, 2020 Letters badly written, girl to win back, testing new tech. It's a cluster, but it seems to have worked out for Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael. April and Casey have a chat, and he is leaving the city for a bit, staying at his family farm.
Saving a Dame September 19th, 2020 Sometimes train wrecks can be seen for miles ahead by everyone but the drive. Raphael runs into Casey, as he almost dies and then see the lack of humanity that is left as of late.
Homecoming turtle edition September 17th, 2020 Pinball.
Dom the Bomb - After Action Report September 7th, 2020 Donatello reports back about his encounter with Don the Bomb. Some common ground is found with Raphael, as Donatello is overcome with anger. This leads to Donatello making an obvious confession to his brother. Raphael offers, surprisingly, a lot of really good advice, though their pinball machine has seen better days.
The drone superhighway August 23rd, 2020 When the Ninja Turtles and SHIELD crash a drone sewer party, new allies are made but the drone threat is not done yet.
Big Sorta Kinda Trouble In Brooklyn August 23rd, 2020 Cats have a tendency of stumbling into secrets, as Raphael finds out.
TMNT: Past, Present, Future August 15th, 2020 The turtles deal with Michelangelo's desire to get out and see more of the world above, discussing how it might impact their lives and safety relative to potential friends and foes on the surface. April provides her own perspective and is left to consider some ninja training of her own.
Pizza Makes The World Go 'Round August 10th, 2020 Where Terry gets a sharp rebuke for encouraging flights of fancy.
Rooftop Pizza August 3rd, 2020 Rooftop Pizza is arguably the best pizza!
Talents July 26th, 2020 Kainashi and Raphael meet by coincidence on a rooftop. The two talk music, Alopex, The Foot, and Birthday parties.
The Bigger dey is-- July 26th, 2020 No description
Rumble in the Bronx! July 6th, 2020 The Foot Clan tries to rob four stores and gets stopped by 5 heroes.
Rupert's Raid! June 21st, 2020 After a gang of robbers rob Rupert's, the turtle family gets a whole lot bigger. Pizza is shared, communications are (soon to be) setup.
Night Sports June 15th, 2020 Casey and the Nightwatcher whip some street gang butt
The Paint Job June 13th, 2020 A few of the turtle brothers talk about current events while decorating the turtle van.
Dude, where's my quiet time June 12th, 2020 The turtles hang out, and bond over meditation, machines, and dodging spitballs.
Dog Days June 1st, 2020 Kainashi, Vorpal, Alopex, Raphael and Donatello are all on various rooftops when a spontaneous one-sided game of Tag commences.
Arena Freeforall! May 26th, 2020 The turtles begin a freeforall spar, but Mikey bows out early, leading to a concert discussion
Dude, where's my pizza May 8th, 2020 Mikey forgot the pizza. Instead, he found Spiderman, Artemis, and mousers. Investigations to come
One Hand Equals Two Feet, or I Sai What You Did There April 21st, 2020 Two sai-wielding ninjas cross paths when clans argue over a warehouse location. Body counts are made.
Beasts in the Bronx April 19th, 2020 While trying to save Kainashi from a group of young thugs, Raphael and the former Foot mutant get dropped into a swampy pool. Raph finds out Kainashi isn't as dumb as she acts, but isn't willing to be friends just yet.
Heroes on the half shell clowning around. April 5th, 2020 The turles get introduced to Harley Quinn
April's new roommate April 1st, 2020 Leo and Raph begin the healing process, and resolve to check out Harley Quinn. Also to check out Null Mutants.
Leo comes home March 28th, 2020 Splinter, Raph, and Leo have a chit chat. Towels to faces happen.
Enemy or Alley March 22nd, 2020 A Misunderstanding leads to an unlikely team-up.
Monday Night's Alright For Fighting...Or Not March 17th, 2020 The Nightwatcher finds a fight he's itching to join, only for it to be taken away from him by Sally, Alopex, and someone he really doesn't want to be who he thinks it could be.


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Raphael has 36 finished logs.

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