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Ted Grant (Scenesys ID: 1123)
Name: Theodore Grant
Superalias: Wildcat
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Semi-Retired Adventurer/Trainer of Heroes
Citizenship: American
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Dropped out of Medical School
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Bat Family
Apparent Age: Early 40's Actual Age: 109
Date of Birth 8 June 1910 Played By
Height: 6'5" Weight: 256lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Survivor - "Eye of the Tiger"


Character Info


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Ted "Wildcat" Grant was a fixture in the boxing world from the 1930's to the 1970's having only lost one bout in his career and that was a demonstration match with Muhammad Ali. Though his record is somewhat tained by being blacklisted in the 50's and the revelation that he had suffered some sort of classified accident during the war years that slowed his aging. Now, most people who know Ted Grant know him as a local hero in Gotham, standing up for his community during the No Man's Land crisis.

The hero Wildcat is known to the public as a legacy identity active from the late 1930's onwards. A version of him fought spies during World War II, another joined the JSA in the sixties, the most recent one showed up in Gotham during No Man's Land and has stuck around to help the Bat Family from time to time. Few know that there's only been one Wildcat and that he is the man you go to when you want to brush up your fighting skills as a hero.


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1910: Ted Grant is born in Gotham City. His mother dies in childbirth.

1915: Ted's father, Henry Grant, a sickly child as a youth, exposes Ted to sports at an early age, encouraging his son both athletically and academically.

1922: Ted discovers boxing at a local youth gym and falls in love with the sport.

1928: Ted attends Gotham U's pre-med program, joins the boxing team part time.

1934: Ted's father dies, leaving Ted in debt, he drops out of school and becomes homeless, taking odd jobs to survive like many Americans in the Great Depression.

1936: Walking home from watching a fight, Ted saves champion boxer "Socker" Smith from a pair of armed muggers, and "Socker' shows his appreciation by giving Ted a shot in pro-boxing, managed by his own managers.

1938: After two years of being undefeated in the ring Ted takes on Socker Smith for the heavyweight title. Unknown to both fighters, their managers are deep in debt to the mob and try to fix the fight in Ted's favour so the mobsters can get a big payday. It backfires, the needle they placed in Ted's glove has a toxic dose of anesthetic that kills Socker. Ted is blamed for the death and has to go on the run to clear his name.

1939 - Taking on the costumed persona of Wildcat, Ted spends the year tracking down his former managers, and forcing them to confess. Though in the process he finds himself drawn into other adventures, so when his name is cleared he keeps his secret identity as Wildcat to keep living the life of a costumed adventurer in addition to resuming his boxing career.

1941: Ted's double life is discovered by the SSR when they briefly consider him for Project Rebirth. Passed over for the project they keep their eye on him, getting him excused from the draft to sell war bonds while using him and his partner, PI Hiram "Stretch" Skinner to help fight saboteurs and spies on the homefront.

1945: Ted as Wildcat interrupts the theft of mystical idol by Nazi spies, the idol is dropped killing Ted and the spies. Though out of the three, Ted rises again. Confused by this, he seeks out Kent Nelson, Dr. Fate, and is told he has been blessed (or cursed) with nine lives and his aging has been slowed. Ted musters out of the SSR at the end of the war to focus on his boxing career but continues to work with Stretch Skinner on the side as a costumed adventurer.

1952: Despite being the undefeated Heavyweight Champion Ted is blacklisted for speaking out against the persecution of communists. In order to protect his secret identity, he leaves the US, traveling around Mexico and the rest of the world for the next nine years.

1961: Recruited into the Justice Society by Dr. Fate.

1961-1974: Justice Society of America. Wildcat served as a member of the Justice Society of America while trying to revive his boxing career. During he and others of the Society are exposed to the effects of the apparent death of Ian Karkull, the radiation it gives off extending their lives and giving some of them additional powers. During this time Ted has a child after a one night stand with a woman named Irina, but loses both the child and his mother to attack by the villain the Yellow Wasp. He also has an exhibition fight with Muhammad Ali after the later is kicked out of professional boxing for refusing to fight in Vietnam. Ali wins by judges' decision; it's Ted's only loss.

1974: Following the death of his son, Grant retires from the JSA and boxing, starting up a gym in Gotham to help train aspiring boxers, and secretly, aspiring superheroes.

1974-1990: Quiet years, Ted focuses on his gym and stays out of the public eye. His lack of aging is explained away with the help of SHIELD as the result of a classified accident. He occasionally dons the Wildcat suit or wanders off on adventures leaving his gym in the hands of friends, one such adventure in Mexico nets him a quarter share of a silver mine after running off the thugs that were shaking down the owners.

1990-2005: Inspired by the Fantastic Four, Wildcat dons the Wildcat costume and fights criminals and goes on adventures again, returning to his gym from time to time to train fighters and heroes alike. His second son, Tom is born in this period though he and Ted remain estranged.

2005-2010: With the rise of Batman in 2005, and Superman in 2008 as well as the Green Arrow in Starling City. Wildcat steps back and lets the 'new kids' handle the hero business. Returning to his gym and acting as coach to a couple of big name fighters. Ted's original gym is destroyed in the Tidal Wave resulting from a battle between the Fantastic Four, Superman, Zod and Annihlus.

2011: Ted puts on the Wildcat costume again to help fight the gangs that have taken over No Man's Land, claiming his own little piece of turf around the ruins of his gym and protecting the people who were sheltering there. Meanwhile Ted uses his money and fame to pressure the government to offer more support to the people of Gotham.

2012: Ted is killed by a Dominator while battling the alien invasion of Earth. He recovers shortly afterwards. Following the defeat of the alien invaders, Ted goes wandering again.

2015: Ted returns to Gotham hearing the that Robin (Jason Todd) was dead. He reopens his gym in Gotham.

2015-2020: Ted continues to focus on his gym, training heroes and fighters alike, donning the Wildcat costume to help out the Bat Family when needed.

IC Journal

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Ted has never lacked for determination, when it came to his schooling, life as a hero or in the boxing ring. He works the problem until its fixed, and there's no saying quit until it does. This serves him well in his professional and adventurer lives but can be a real pain to his friends if he's decided to help them whether they want it or not.

Ted is definitely a punch first ask questions later sort of guy. Not to say he is a violent man by default, but when the chips are down, he prefers to fight his way out of a problem than talk his way out.

While not keen on making connections as he used to be, those he does let in, and heck even his casual friends, can count on Ted to be there when the chips are down, from helping move, to dealing with local thugs, to dragging them out for a beer, Ted is always happy to help a friend.

Smarter Than He Looks:
A lot of people would be surprised to hear Ted is a former medical student or he's as well-read he is. He comes across as a working-class boxer and honestly he feels like that suits him, but he's not a man without some inner depths.

Who Wants To Live Forever:
Ted's been alive for over a hundred years and without the benefit of an iceberg or a Russian freezer, time slips past so quickly, and it's hard to forge connections knowing he's likely got another century at least in him if his nine lives even lets him die of old age. In general, Ted keeps to himself, happy to train people and make casual friends but finds it harder and harder to let people in.

Character Sheet


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Decelerated Aging:
Ted got a double dose of slowed aging first with his nine lives blessing then again when he was irradiated by the death of Ian Karkulll. As a result, despite being over a hundred years old he is in peak physical condition and looks like he's in his late 30's.

Night Vision:
As part of the blessing of nine lives Ted has gained a magical form of night vision that allows him to see in complete darkness. Though he does not see colour when using this vision and given its mystical nature anti-magical countermeasures can blind it.

Peak Physical Condition:
Ted Grant has been treating his body like a temple since 1915 and thanks to the magic of his nine lives, and the radiation from the apparent death of Ian Karkull his work hasn't faded due to age. In all Ted has the strength, reflexes, and stamina of an athlete just beyond the prime of their life.


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Boxing is Ted's first love and he's become a master of the sweet science over the years. It doesn't hurt that he's a tall 6'5" and has an over seventy inch reach. He was an undefeated heavyweight champion when he retired and retains those skills today. He can go toe to toe with any other boxer and have a good shot at winning and can fight multiple opponents easily by leaning on his boxing skills alone.

Ted is a skilled driver with both cars and motorcycles but he prefers the latter for the thrill he gets from riding them. He's a competent stunt driver in both types of vehicles capable of guiding cars and bikes through dangerous maneuvers leaving them drivable and the occupants still alive when he's done.

Having worked as a crime fighter for several decades investigating leads and tracking down criminals. He's no Batman, or Sherlock Holmes, but he could do the work of an experienced detective.

Martial Arts:
In his hundred plus years of life Ted has studied a lot of martial arts including Capoeira, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, and Mauy Thai. While not a master of any of those arts, he combined techniques from all of them with his boxing to make his own brutally effective fighting style.

Ted never graduated med school and his knowledge of diseases and medicines are decades out of date but through his boxing and work as a costumed adventurer, he has kept his skills on treating wounds and trauma up to date. He has the skills of a good EMT or trauma nurse, looking after people who have taken serious injury.

Old As Heck:
Ted has been alive for over a hundred years, done scores of different jobs in his lifetime and picked up a number of skills. Some, like boxing and coaching boxers he's focused on for most of his life and has mastered, others like cooking has been a passing fancy, in all though he has a lot of skills from his century of life not all of them worthy of their own entry on his sheet.


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Ted's prized, 1936 Indian Scout Racer aka the Catocycle. He and several mechanic friends have modified it over the years to outperform other bikes from its era but kept it's classic look for sentimental reasons. This is Ted's main method of transport both in costume and out.

This is Ted's real super power is the number of people who know and like him, he's popular in his community after standing up for them during the No Man's Land disaster, he's still friends with his JSA colleagues (the ones who were irradiated by Karkull and got their own share of slowed aging anyhow), taught dozens of boxers and MMA fighters, as well as a number of superheroes including Batman and keeps in touch with all of them. In general, Ted can usually find the right guy to help him with any situation and usually they're happy to help.

Grant's Gym:
Ted has owned his boxing gym since the 1970's though it's current iteration was re-built in 2015. The gym serves as his home, his business and personal kingdom where he shapes his students and tries to give them a better life. Ted is the full owner of the gym and the land underneath it, he would never sell but if he did it would be worth quite a bit to the right buyer.

Ted has a lot of money saved up over the years, first from his career as the heavyweight champion which he saved thanks to having simple tastes and the profits from his share of a Mexican silver mine. At this point Ted is independently wealthy and while he spent a lot of his fortune helping people during the No Man's Land incident, he could probably pull together 10 million dollars if he liquidated a lot of his investments and emptied his accounts.

Originally Ted's Wildcat costume was just a costume and offered him no protection. The most recent version was made by Melvin Potter and consists of a high-tech cloth that makes him resistant to knives and small caliber rounds (though he still takes most of the impact from the latter) and includes a helmet as well which is capable of stopping bigger rounds and the impact damage from falls. Though somehow Ted still manages to go through these suits quickly, and so he keeps a couple of spares at the gym just in case.


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Along with a lot of friends Ted made a lot of enemies throughout his life, most Ted have outlived but a few from his JSA and the war years have long lives like his own and he's made a lot of local enemies running gangs out of his neighbourhood recently. In short there are a number of people who wouldn't mind testing if Ted really has nine lives.

Ted hasn't seen his son Tom in years, but having lost his first kid, he still cares about him and if he were put in danger Ted would do anything to try and save him. A fact known to a few of his enemies.

Punch First:
Ted's famously said fists are nature's problem solvers, and despite not being a stupid man his firsts are usually the first thing he goes to when faced with a threat or danger. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't, but it does make him easy to bait into doing things that will put him and the people around him in greater danger.

Semi-Secret Id:
Ted's ID is mostly secret, but over the years he's told a dozen people, a few of his villains like the Yellow Wasp know, and various agencies like SHIELD and Argus have figured it out for themselves. In all, it's something that is still a secret but there are certainly ways to discover Ted "Wildcat" Grant and Wildcat the hero are the same person.

Ted could have done a lot with the time he was given, but he tends to get bored after a while and wanders to find new challenges and try to bring a bit of excitement to his long life. As a result projects get forgotten and he can sometimes seem unreliable, stalling his overall progress. In general unless he's got a new protege or a definite threat in Gotham to deal with, he is likely to wander off somewhere to learn some more skills or try to scare up an adventure.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Champion's Ring June 8th, 2020 Ted Grant and 'Jenny' talk and practice self-defense tactics that may or may not help out with the agent network of the mysterious Shadow.
Gym Cats June 1st, 2020 Catwoman and Wildcat have a little sparring session.
Body Work May 27th, 2020 Ted Grant and J'onn J'onzz work together to solve the mystery of a murder at Grant's Gym--with mind-blowing results.
Training at Grant's Gym April 8th, 2020 Dick and Dinah head to Grant's Gym, and meet up with Ted and Carrie. Dick gets Ted's blessing to date Dinah and Carrie owes Dinah a spar later.


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Ted Grant has 4 finished logs.

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