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Parasitic Pandemonium
Date of Scene: 18 February 2022
Location: Avenue of Tomorrow - New Troy
Synopsis: Parasite attacks Metropolis! Heroes (Yes! ALL heroes!) save the day! A building crushes a child.
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Emma Frost, Molly Hayes, Clark Kent, Phoebe Beacon, Tabitha Smith, Divine, J'onn J'onzz

Kara Danvers has posed:
The helicopters branded with the logo of the 'MSCU' - the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit - hover in the air over Metropolis' most well-known thoroughfare: the Avenue of Tomorrow! In the distance, clouds of acrid smoke and dust rise up from the ruins of destroyed buildings and the lights of nearby skyscrapers flicker and dim as the electrical grid struggles to power them. Crowds of civilians run hither and yon while uniformed police struggle to usher them into safe areas.

Above the street, an elevated railway winds its way through the buildings. Through the dust and smoke, a grotesquely bulging purple figure clambers up onto the track. Both hands reach out, grasping the rail in a blinding flash of electrical energy. The figure starts to swell and grow even more, a guttural laugh rattling through the air. The 'Rail Whale' - Metropolis' famous double decker mass transit train - hurtles unsuspectingly down the track only to be battered aside by the purple monstrosity.

The massive train screeches as it dismounts the rail, falling through the air towards the street below. There's screaming, the angry flash of electricity and the painful tearing of metal. Disaster approaches ...

But then it stops! The Rail Whale hangs suspended in mid-air mere feet above the street. It slowly begins to lift from the ground and the blue and red figure of Supergirl becomes visible beneath. Her cape billowing in the wind, she flies the train upwards and out of the way.

Meanwhile, the purple monster - PARASITE - now gorged on the power, glares down at the people on the street below with a sinister, voracious stare. Its lamprey-like mouth full of sharp, wicked teeth!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is in Metropolis for some relaxation. Corporate takeover in the afternoon, now going shopping. It's some time to enjoy herself over and those with her. Emma Frost has been making lists of places to hit. "Now, remember darling, if any of them happen to be annoying to you just let me know and I'll simply buy the place so they can be fired." Emma looks rather relaxed with herself.. Right as there's the chaos up ahead from the street.
    Emma would bite her tongue. <<Lovely. Please stay to the side>> Emma's immediately going to combat mode, going to start to telepathically sweep the area.. And then moving to try and take her and her associate and cloak them from sight, trying to weave over a blockage withon them to try and for now make them difficult to discern in all the chaos

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes sticks her head out of the window of the train that Supergirl has caught. She uses a hand to grasp the antlered reindeer hat stuffed on top of her head, her braids hanging out on either side of her face. "WHOA! SUPERGIRL! SWEET! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, I'M GONNA GO PUNCH THIS BUTT!" she says, casually crawling out through the window of the bus and starting to clamber up the side of it like it's a jungle gym, her face screwed up in concentration as she tries not to fall, "DON'T WORRY IF I FALL I'M TOTES INVULNERABLE JUST LIKE YOU. I'M PRINCESS POWERFUL HI IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU WE'LL TALK LATER!"

Now she stands atop the aloft bus and points a little finger at the monster, "YOU! COME GET SOME, FARTFACE!"

Clark Kent has posed:

Every fight with the Parasite is a matter of timing. Usually Superman can afford to wear his enemies down, pitting his nearly limitless endurance against nearly anything the world can throw at him. A sort of cosmic rope a dope, letting even the most powerful foe exhaust themselves flailing against the Superman. The Parasite is the opposite problem; the longer he rages, the stronger he gets. Superman may be stronger than any hundred people in Metropolis, but even the weakest victim adds to the Parasite's power, his ability to hide in a crowd, sometimes even his intellect. Every life threatened makes the monster more capable of taking more life.

There are some positives, though. Unlike many of Clark's enemies, Parasite can be talked down under the right circumstances. Usually all Rudy wants are a few creature comforts, or needs to be straightened out of whatever more ambitious criminal is manipulating him. Usually. When he's not feral.

Damn it.

"Rudy!" Superman bellows, hovering to a stop well out of leaping range of the Parasite. He hopes. A slight nod at Supergirl, but there's no time for playing around. "How many people Rudy! You've been gorging again! It's got to stop!"

"Just talk to me and we can work this out." Superman says, and he wants to reach out to the victim inside of the monster. But even a hand in the right direction might set the Parasite on a violent feeding frenzy. "Before someone gets killed, Rudy."

Oh God, Clark thinks, a kid. "Hey!" Superman shouts at Molly, "Kid, do NOT get close to him!"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Clouds of acrid smoke, eletrical grid flickering, purple creatures sucking up energy?

    This might look like a job for Superman, but in the streets below someone had been running an errand in the City of Tomorrow when diaster was striking. Phoebe, fresh from a coffee shop where she had paused to get lunch looks up at the giant monstrosity -- and drops her coffee. She breathes out in a soft curse word, and turns, retreating into an alleyway.

    A quick run from the side alley, the discard of a jacket as it folds into a bag, and out the other side of the alley comes a hooded, dark figure figure, boots pounding pavement before she brings her hand up, igniting a golden, see-through magic shield to cover some pedestrians.

    "Get down, get down!" she calls out, spreading both hands wide to give the most coverage possible from her sheilds -- looking around. There's Supergirl, with a bus in hand. Superman talking down 'Rudy' -- a kid with a reindeer hat -- who is going to punch this thing?

    "If you're going to entice it -- *get away from the crowds*!" the leader of the Justice League Dark shouts at Princess Powerful.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Shopping, that's about the most that Tabby can enjoy from Metropolis most times she gets stuck in the city. So when the blonde mutant exposion finds her Big Belly burger being trashed and her actual burger being ruined by debris being thrown and made the woman just gets pissed off and starts lighting up hger own bombs.

This puts the woman in red jeans and a green leather jacket left unzipped to show an Xavier Institute tee in yellow beneath while black combat boots and a plain black leather belt at her waist finishing the girls outfit charging up a pretty sizavle bomb in her hands about the size just on par with a medicine ball. Not enough to wipe her out in one go but enough to make things interesting.

"He's probably right you know. But when have we ever shied from a futile and stupid gesture to save lives!" Tabby says as she makes her way beside Molly ready to light the town up.

Divine has posed:
With Emma is Divine. Also known as 'Hey, isn't that Power Girl? I didn't know she was a goth.' As expected, she is the one carrying all of the bags. Granted, about half of them are for her. Because she's being seen in public with Emma, she's dressed like a semi-respectable person and not some slovenly bum.

This means she's actually wearing a shirt.

"Everything's fine, Miss Frost. Everyone has been poli--" KABOOM. "Eh?"

She blinks at the big purple man, doing bad things. The double decker train starts to fall, and she looks to Emma briefly before she starts to move. By the time her feet leave the ground, Supergirl has already caught it. She's in motion now, so she keeps going, flying through the air towards the fracas, doing her best to keep her distance from Superman and Supergirl, but get close enough to help. She knows who they are, and they make her feel nervous. Maybe even a little ashamed.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
    Streaking down from far above, what first appears to be a meteoroid falling to the ground slows before the shockwave of his flight can cause any damage to the buildings. Still moving quickly the figure is revealed to be the Marian Manhunter who stops to hover over the scene. Seeing that Kara has the train handled, he first looks to see if there are any other civilians in danger.

    Since Superman is currently in 'talk him down' mode, J'onn starts collecting civilians in the area with his telekinesis, clearing the area as quickly as he can incase things turn ugly. It should only take a couple minutes to completely clear the street of civilians, leaving only the heroes that can handle the situation. He takes Princess Powerful at her word (he's seen stranger things) and doesn't remove her with the others.

    That done, he will return to a hover near Superman, waiting to see if Parasite can be talked down.

Kara Danvers has posed:
On the street, the efforts to move the civilians out of the way are doing well. The Martian Manhunter scoops many of them up and they vaguely protest as they float through the air and out of the way. Emma's telepathic outreach will return a number of panicked voices, and one that seems to be speaking a bizarre language - Kryptonian.

"Excuse me, miss!" Kara calls after Molly, wide-eyed as the girl crawls out of the train window while so many inside are cowering in fear, "Excuse me! You should go to the evacuation point, please! Excuse me!"

Then Clark is there, shouting at Molly as well. Kara floats up behind her, setting a hand on her shoulder and crouching down a little to be on eye-level. She glances up as Tabitha appears as well, slightly agape before continuing in her strangely accented English.

"You should listen to Superman. Parasite is very dangerous. Let me-"

"RAAAAAAAAARGGGHH! No dice, Superman! I'm getting' what's mine and you ain't stoppin' me this time!" Parasite's voice is on the verge of animalistic, glowing veins rising to the surface on his body as he processes the power he's absorbed. He glares with glowing, yellow eyes at the Man of Steel before casting about for his next victim.

Eyes settle on Molly for a moment, and the monster takes a few steps in the shouting girl's direction before glancing at Tabby. Lots of power there, but also a perilously close Superman and Supergirl. He continues to scan the area, and he sees what he presumes to be Power Girl going through her Batman phase. He extends both arms, hands making a grabbing motion as he springs from the railway track with incredible speed in an attempt to grab Divine right out of the air.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would twitch her lips upwards at Divine <<It's fine darling. I suppose that it's time to meet hte family.>> Her tone is flat and amused, even as she's cautiously observing the proceedings. Her first message sent telepathically is to Superman and Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, then tugging in Divine as well <<WE're here to help. And my associate's position is.. Complicated, but if available I do feel having her contact yourself would be useful>> Giving if she could a quick mental infodump on Divine, her origin.. And to herself -really- hoping that as she had said she would Power Girl would have gone to talk with Superman on it and this wasn't coming out of nowhere.
    Now, Emma goes to brace herself and goes to coordinate with Divine <<Stay back and follow instructions>> Not necessarily her's - namely the Justice Leaguers. She's the one from out of town. For now there's no attempt at pushing at Parasite's mind. Instead Emma's simply going to find the nearest member of the police in any state of response, going to puppet him and have him go to type into his console for whatever files that would be accessible on the freak of nature. Simply ensuring that as quickly as she could she could update herself on what they were up against. When done, releasing hte policeman from her scanning.
    Information at hand, Emma Frost's mental voice is intent on being calming to Divine, trying to rope in Tabitha as well <<Tabitha, do what the others tell you. This is something we -assist- on.>> That is likely rather out of their league unless they get creative. <<That thign can absorb powers from proximity and copy them to a degree. So engage at range and make sure to not let it get close to you>> Now was time to play it safe and see what they could do and how to make openings in the midst of the melee.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes sighs in disappointment as Parasite goes to attack Divine instead of her. "Man! It's not fair! I really need a jet pack! Not being able to fly is just THE PITS! Darn it!" she says, then blinks as she sees Tabitha down there, someone she knows. She waves from on top of the bus, "TABBY! IT'S ME, MOLLY! LOOK, IT'S SUPERMAN -AND- SUPERGIRL AND LIKE...OTHER SUPER PEOPLE!"

Seeing as how she can't quite get near the guy yet, even though she doesn't know to go near him, because someone didn'tput her in the psychic loop, "I'm comin' down. Geronimo!" she says, casually jumping off the bus and plummeting to the Earth until she lands in a superheroic pose with a BOOM, cracking some concrete beneath her.

"That was so COOL!"

Clark Kent has posed:
Thank God, Superman thinks as Boom-Boom dynamic entries, the X-men. He half considers dunking Cyclops into a toilet but throws the idea aside as not worth the complaining. Backup is usually appreciated but with Rudy the problem is the more people are around, the more of a chance for Parasite to grab a snack. As bad as Rudy is with the power of random civilians or an abstract source, he's even worst with drained super-powers which not only enhance his own unstable abilities, but sometimes lets him emulate those stolen as well.

So he leaps right for what looks, for all purposes, to be Karen going through a Souxiee and the Banshees phase. He knows it's not because Karen has not insulted him yet today and it's been a whole three minutes, but the resemblance is uncanny. "No!" Superman shouts, holding a hand forward. If he charges in like instinct demands he puts himself in Rudy's hands. Superman looks at the ground.

And rips a manhole cover straight out of the street. "Sorry for the pothole." Superman says, spinning around once and hurling the manhole cover right at the Parasite in hopes of throwing the monster's flying leap off!

Superman finds himself near Molly, and shots J'onn a look. "Hey." Superman says to Molly, "...Princess Powerful. The Parasite can steal superpowers. So you have to be very careful fighting him, okay? Keep your distance, and don't let him hurt people to force you to get in close."

Not his ideal course of action but Clark can't slow down enough to get the kid out of here.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe breathes out in a soft huff as she battens down the hatches. She narrows her eyes, drawing her fingers up as she looks on the information feed on her domino, confirmiing the proper and actual Justice League members there, and she breathes out, dropping her own shields and running towards the danger.

    And magic fills the air as she casts, bringing her right hand up and focusing *intently* on the hand that doesn't have the woman in it -- giving a distraction. "Formam glaciem in manibus inimici mei ad eius motus gelendos!" she calls out -- focusing the will to form ice over Rudy's free hand -- keep him from reaching anyone else, and maybe distract him so that the manhole cover can do its work!

    The hooded magician stands apart from the others, the white circle at her left wrist, beneath a bracelet of spiders and starbursts subtlely glowing.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Well that doesn't sound friendly at all!" Tabitha says and watches Parasite make a dash towards Divine and just rudely ignoring Superman. "Hope he likes bright lights! So like, is she like your sister or something?" Tabby says while a little distracted. Tabby might be meting people with the Sfor the first time but also maybe kinda knows Divine and actually likes her, people that can eyebeem vampires rock.

Boom-Boom does launch the bomb and it tries to fly via psionic guidance to try and get between Divine and the creature or at least catch it on the side or more humorously, light that bomb up in it's backside.

"People with extra senses may wanna plug their ears! Cause tick... tick... tick...:


That warning comes just as the bomb flies and explodes and Tabitha sends a worried look to Emma then Molly when she lands, then back to Emma. <<God damn I hate this city! At least back in New York the people that can drain my powers actually like me! Mostly!>> she says and pouts and really starts looking around for cover and maybe stuff she can explode and launch at the energy draining monster.

Divine has posed:
It's that hesitation, that deep seated shame about who and what she is that gets her grabbed by the Parasite. She's surrounded by real Kryptonians, not some fake half-breed clone like she is.

If she were prepared, she likely could have slipped the Parasite's grip immediately, even her hybrid nature is immensely strong and fast, but living in her own head as she does slows her. Then the consumption of her powers does so even more. She writhes in that awful grip, gritting her teeth as she focuses. She flexes hard and breaks the Parasite's grip. She floats unsteadily for a moment before she just drops like a stone to the pavement below.

The sound when she impacts is unpleasant. She just needs a minute.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
J'onn takes a page from Clark's book and goes with some minor property damage, yanking a streetlight from its base and then slamming it into the back of Parasite's head, hoping the distracted villain might drop Divine and turn on him. The pole lets him keep his distance from the power siphon.

    At the same time, he slams a mental command into the monster's brain, hoping he can get through the rage it harbors. <<RELEASE HER!>>

    He swings the pole back for another swing if Divine is not released.

Kara Danvers has posed:
"Oh, Rao," Kara mumbles as Molly bounds away, floating after her for a moment before turning her head towards Superman and calling out, "Kal! He has been absorbing power from the city grid! Be wary!"

The sudden sound of voices in her head gives her pause. She's always had an aversion to telepathy, one of the few things that Kryptonian invulnerability is useless against. She reaches out tentatively with her mind, trying to respond in the same way.

<< ehrosh :bem. .rroshodh khuhp w zhiuedhyv >>

It's Kryptonian. Very useful.

The manhole cover and Tabitha's explosion both strike Parasite, but not before he has his hands on Divine. He only gets a moment to drain her, his whole body glowing with all the brightness of the sun as he does it, before he's struck, exploded, telepathically assaulted, and frozen in short order. When Divine breaks free, he lets out an angry roar and clenches his fists at his side.

The purple monstrosity's eyes glow with a sudden, crimson intensity. Twin beams of burning heat hiss through air as rakes his heat vision over the environment around him, the beams lancing towards Superman before they dart sideways and cause the pavement near Phoebe to erupt in a superheated explosion.

The pole swings through the air, but Parasite is already moving with the dram of Kryptonian super-speed he's ingested. A singular, purple fist blurs into being before J'onn as he attempts to strike the Martian clean across the jaw while at the same time trying to grab him about the waist with one massive hand.

Meanwhile, one of the taller buildings nearby begins to topple dangerously as the superstructure crumbles under the heat vision assault. It begins to slowly fall sideways, right towards Princess Powerful!

Emma Frost has posed:
And before she can react Parasite has his hands on Divine. And Emma Frost has said that she would protect the girl. And hse's failing in this. To Parasite Emma suddenly gives her full and undivided attention. Emma goes to draw up every single memory she can in the short of fear. Suffering. Chaos. Confusion. Anarchy. Slaughter. She pulls in memories and sensations from Genosha. Seeing the streets burn. Terror from Manhattan as Angels flew overhead and slaughtered any in their way that did not depart or tried to defned themselves. Fear.
    Emma attempts to put all this into Parasite as fast and as hard as she can if possible. Just trying to give a few moments for Divine to get up and away. <<Darling, help is here. Just get him off as fast as you can>> And to Parasite, Emma keeps on trying to give overwhelming sensation. He's still extremely strong and this amount of flareup only will hold for a second or too. But hopefully the massive memory overload will at least shock him with it for a heartbeat to let Divine get free and the others pull her away and then go to wail on him.
    But it's still almost too fast for her to react as Parasite releases Divine, and then is on the attack with Kryptonian powers no matter what she can accomplish. So Emma goes to work on setting up a telepathic mindlink amongst hte group. <<We're going to have to work together on this one I'm afraid. You're the ones that are familiar with him after all. We all can't attack him in a chaotic fashion>>

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes is about to say something else adorable and spunky when she sees the building start to tumble in her direction.

"OOOOH CRAP!" she says. She runs forward and puts her hand up, although her short height and her inability to fly mean that she doesn't have the most leverage. It's a whole building. She can't possibly hold it up. She's just a little girl (actually she's seventeen, but her petite size and bubbly demeanor often make her seem younger than she actually is, sometimes it really frustrates her).

And OH MY GOODY GOSHNESS she is holding up the building!!! She lifts it up over her head in a press, stopping its downward momentum and calls out, "GONNA NEED SOME HELP SETTING HIS DOWN WITHOUT BEING SQUISHIED! QUICKLY PLEASE, I AM FEELING THIS ONE IN MY BOOTY!"

Clark Kent has posed:
"Great Scott, already!" Superman says, and then-

'Infodump' is a way of putting it. Superman pauses, eyes wide, even as Parasite's stolen heat vision burns away a layer of his costume and singes his skin. Another clone. Another potential Bizarro. Another piece of his homeworld corrupted by cruel, petty men.

Emma will notice that despite the flash of fury through Clark's mind, none of it is directed AT Divine, who is strictly a figure of sympathy. "Thanks, I think." Superman says to the former White Queen, but throws her a wink to show there's no hard feelings. "And thanks for looking out for her."

He is about to crack forward when Princess Powerful ends up having to hold up a building. J'onn can handle kiting Rudy for a minute, Clark thinks, as he floats over, squares his legs, and sets his arms under the struggling foundation. Molly will feel Superman take the weight off of her shoulders.

"Good instinct." Clark says, a little more calmly, "Here, follow my movements. We need to set it down here, while my heat vision melts some of the ground into temporary stilts." Clark's eyes glow red as he welds. "And then you set it down like that, until professionals can finish the job after the fight, see?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Several colorful epithets come over Phoebe's mind as she turns, bringing her sheilds up again, bracing herself at the sudden splash of molten asphault, and she grits her teeth, turning her body to ward off broken bits of sidewalk and street, before she decides to get a better vantage point.

    She focuses the powers, and the tattoo on her back emits a low glow before the rose-gold colored glass texture of her wings errupt, and she's airborne.

    "Exolvo mi, da mihi lumen!" she calls out, unbinding the aura-hiding tattoo at her wrist, and she becomes a literal Beacon of light. Ooh. Shiny!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"LIFT WITH YOUR KNEES!" Tabby calls out to Molly. Not like The mtant woman can help there. But she might have a better idea on how she can help the Kryptonians.

There's a scrunch of her brows as Tabitha tries and hides behind a car. Not the best place but it's the best she can do. <<Emma, can you patch me in to everyone. I'm gonna throw flashbangs and try and disrupt the monster so folks can plan around but I need the heavy hitters all synced into my timing so they can prepare and I can not look like a dumbass! Can that happen please?>> she asks the psychic White Queen, probably The Martian Manhunter too.

Tabby starts lighting an arm full of smaller bombs, the flashbangs as she plans. Lots of very bright light and noise.

Mostly noise while Phoebe is lighting the place up but lots of semi random seeming noises doesn't go astra either as Boom-Boom steps out of cover and hurls all those explosives in Parasites direction once more letting them float up and towards like sparkly rain.

Divine has posed:
In her brief darkness of unconsciousness, Divine sees the before times. Before she was unleashed. When she was in a tube, floating and barely aware. A man on the outside, faceless and nameless, in love with his own abilities and accomplishments stared at her. Like a god in awe of its own creation. Arrogant and disgusting. Now, just as then, the fury builds.

Outside, the building lists and begins to topple. A beam of sunlight crosses the pavement from where the building was, illuminating Divine as if she were just a cat sleeping in the sun. Seconds seem to crawl as the rays of the sub do their thing, replenishing her stolen power. Her eyes snap open, and they burn red.

She rockets from the cracked street, racing back into the sky, overtaken by a rage she hasn't felt...possibly ever. She draws an impossibly deep breath and exhales at the Parasite, impossibly cold air rushing at him in a wave that makes the air ripple with a heat haze around it.

She mad.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
    J'onn has a number of options in this situation. He goes with the easiest and simply shoots backwards out of Parasite's range, throwing the light pole at him like a spear, but not really expecting it to do much.

    Physical attacks on the thing seem to be pointless, so it's time to go another way. Forming a telekinetic bubble around his attacker, he tries keeping the creature helpless in midair while they think of a way to deal with a being they can't fight the usual way.

    Should the bubble prove insufficient, J'onn will keep just out of Parasite's reach, having caught Superman's surface thought about kiting him. He'll do his best to distract him from Divine's breath attack, trying to maneuver Parasite directly into it.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Parasite's brain is difficult to comprehend. It's certainly not a human brain anymore, and all the power surging through his body makes for incredible interference. But in there, somewhere deep down, Emma can no doubt sense a portly janitor with a loudmouth and a weakness for creature comforts. The awful thoughts suddenly invading his mind cause him to let out a startled cry, batting at the air for a moment with powerful fists that move so fast the sound barrier cracks around him.

At the same time, a barrage of flashbangs goes off around him in a very specific order. He strikes out at those as well, bearing a round mouth full of sharp fangs and screaming:

"ARGH! I hate that damn song!"

Parasite throws itself against the telekinetic bubble, pushing with incredible strength against the wall of force. The second strike from him is enough to let him break free, and he wades towards the source of his confusion - Emma Frost and here mental mischief!

The purple beast lunges forward with incredible speed, becoming nothing more than a blur as he closes in on Emma with both hands raised threateningly. It's only then that the bright, brilliant light that is Phoebe gives him pause. Hyper-sensitive Kryptonian vision unused to such things.

Unable to see, he doesn't notice Divine's attack. Slowly, slowly ice begins to creep over the monster's form. Outwards from his chest like a crystalline flower. Soon, he's frozen in place and covered in several inches of semi-translucent ice. A grotesque ice sculpture of terror!

Meanwhile, Kara swings down to help Superman and Molly with the building. She beams a bright, pearly white smile down at Princess Powerful as they get everything right where it should be.

"You did so well! You are very strong!"

Emma Frost has posed:
The Kryptonians seem to have the building in hand. So the rest of them have to give them the time to stabilize it or drop it. Shame they can't just use it over as a battering ram on the thing. But.. The collateral damge would be too high. Janitor.. Emma can use that now at least. The flashbangs keeping Parasite disoriented, the Manhunter's bubble seeming to strain if not collapse under holding him..

Then Emma takes note of Phoebe <<Excellent, can you do something more along hte lines of that?>> Also to Tabitha as well. Emma goes for a different tack on Parasite now. She's moving to if at all possible dial -up- his senses as much as possible if she can. Trying to amp up the parts of his brain that are responsible for sight, sound, scent.. To dial them up as much as possible as she's trying to make him if she can more vulnerable to all those chaotic environmental effects and things disorienting him. Hopeuflly this would be more effective in combination with the other things the group were throwing athim even if they might not -injure- him. They were stalling for time after all.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes looks back and forth between Superman and Supergirl, both of them praising her for her efforts. The petite teenager in the peach-colored hoodie beams a smile that spans her whole face, her cheeks going rosy and blushing, mostly from delight but partly from the effort of hoisting several score tons of concrete, glass and steel over her head.

"WOW! Thanks! I'm getting stronger all the time, they say, although I wasn't sure, that building is sooooooooooooo big I could really feel that one, deep down, I don't know if I've ever actually lifted anything that heavy before and when I've come close, I've usually...I've usually...oh...oh boy..." she says, wobbling on her feet for a moment and stumbling as she's finally free of the load.

"Can you guys...get me...a...jet pack?" she manages to ask as she faints dead away from a combination of power overload and meeting some of her idols all at the same moment, her reindeer hat falling off to let her Heidi braids spill to either side of her head as she just flops back onto the pavement in a faint.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Hey, hey, it's alright." Superman says, quickly, visibly afraid of what's happening to the girl. Rudy can live with a little rough treatment; J'onn will make sure nothing goes too badly, right?

"I think she's asleep." Superman says to Supergirl, nodding at the others before turning to the ice sculpture. Could it really be that easy?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe's blinded the creature, and now he's being frozen. Her head tilts in her hood, and she gives a flap of the glowing wings and lands on the corner of a rooftop, her lips pursed a moment. She wasn't sure of the origin -- she stays her magic to make sure she doesn't interfere, but she draws out a sharpie and slowly begins to work a circle to the concrete corner of the rooftop.

    Graffiti! In this city? Those Gothamites...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha doesn't care what the monster thinks. She likes "Popcorn" The mixed cadence of that songs initiial hook can be such an ear worm. And it seems that it might just be sticking in Parasite's brain. Luckily Emma's work on trying to further enhance thos senses might just help because goodness knows there's no concussive force that Boom-Boom can throw that would help.

Molly gets a huge thumbs up as the blonde woman hunkers back down behind the car she uses for cover.

"Maaaaaybe if he breaks loose I can do what I did with Selene that time." she mutters very softly but maybe doesn't peek her head out just yet and just drops hyer ass against the drivers side door and sits on the ground where things might go over head as she catches some breath.

Divine has posed:
Divine's chest heaves with exertion and anger, her eyes still glowing. She doesn't know Rudy's story. She only knows that he hurt her. He hurt her, put her on the ground and made her remember things she hasn't thought about in ages. She watches the Parasite start to freeze over, trying to decide what to do. Part of her wants to unleash her heat vision on the currently helpless rogue.

The rest of her, the part that wins, makes her launch herself at the Parasite, swinging her fists like pistons at his center mass, unleashing her full might.

Luckily for Rudy, she's only around a Conner rather than a Karen on the strength scale.

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
    With the Parasite currently frozen, J'onn was already lifting several cars into the air with his telekensis, ripping them apart to manipulate them into metallic bands to wrap up the ice-clad villain. When Divine moves into melee range those plans go out the window, though he does slip a number of them around Parasite's legs and feet in an attempt to slow him down if he's released from the ice.

    Realizing this is not likely to end by purely physical means, he drills into that disordered mind again. This time however, it's not an attempt to control him. Rather, he reaches out for Rudy's mind, implanting into the janitor the belief that he is on a tropical beach, sipping a fruity drink and being waited on by a bikini clad model.

    If you can't fight it, give it a reason to stop fighting.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Kara looks down at the sleeping Molly, picking her up gently to try and move her out of the way. She looks towards Clark, brow furrowing, and then back towards the frozen Parasite.

"Maybe you should take him back to Stryker's while he's still like this?" Supergirl asks of her cousin, turning her eyes up towards J'onn, "Perhaps Mister J'onzz can help?"

She's never been much for calling the shots in a crisis, but she's not a dunce. Besides, she's busy gently cradling the sleeping Princess Powerful.

"I do not like having him just sitting there," she adds, "He is creepy."

That said, the Maiden of Might begins to float into the air with Molly. She has no idea where the strong girl actually goes but it can't be too hard, right? Missing: One Teen Powerhouse. If found, return to ... yadda yadda yadda.

Shortly after Kara flies away, Divine is on Parasite. Each fists cracks against the thick icy shell that surrounds him. Those paying attention will begin to see it spiderweb, the cracks working their way out from his torso with the slow squeal of breaking ice. Beneath the shell, the monstrosity's eyes slowly begin to glow hotter ... and hotter ...

But then those peaceful thoughts flood his mind. The bright eyes begin to cease their glowing, and even as the ice shatters the Parasite lets out a pleasant sigh and topples sideways to the street.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would let out a sigh <<Good going darling. Please.. You're safe. YOu're safe>> She would try and reassure Divine and then look at the collapsing form of Parasite. "I take it that you can handle and contain them?" She would query over to one of thsoe going to make sure that the thing was incapacitated. Then tentatively going to gesture at Divine if allowed.

<<Come dear, if you're good with it.. Time to meet some family. If you don't wish to I understand. But this is your best time to get in contact with them if you want to figure things out>> A gentle nudge of reassurance given to the girl mentally, as well as an added attempt at sending Divine a sense of safety.

Clark Kent has posed:
That was wild.

Superman smiles a bit. That could've gone so much worse.

"Thank you, Ms. Frost. And everyone." Superman nods at Kara. "Good plan. I'll be back once I'm sure Rudy's safe. And you." Superman looks at Divine.

He smiles. "I'll talk to you soon, alright? You don't have to be afraid. We're not going to hurt you."

"Thanks, everyone." Superman claps J'onn on the shoulder, grinning, as he then grabs the Parasite, harmless in his unconsciousness. "Up!"

Superman rockets into the air! "Up, and away!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Behind or at least beside that car that seems to have a few dings at the most, Tabitha finally pokes her head out then pulls it back down when she sees dozey Parasite. "Energy absorbers. So annoying." she groans and finally rises to her feet.

"I do not know why I keep coming to this damn town." she states and shakes her head! But she flashes a look at the Kruptonians. Superman hets a groan at the cheesy exit. "You ware way cooler Divine." she says with a grin before looking around. "Fuck, and of course the train's out." she states and just starts walking vaguely in the direction of New York while grabbing her phone from her pocket. "I swear we need flying cars that ride share!"

Divine has posed:
Divine's fists shatter the ice, she keeps punching. Parasite's eyes glow a baleful red, she keeps punching. He slumps into unconsciousness, her fist rises high, muscles so tense that her arm quivers. She stares at the Parasite, gritting her teeth in a snarl. She has to choose. Her arm lifts higher, a growl boiling in her throat. She could solve this problem. Forever. One punch and the Parasite will never hurt anyone again.

Emma pops in her mind. The conflict is heavy. Her mind boils with it. She slumps then, backing off, giving Superman the opportunity to take Parasite to ... wherever super powered, mutated supervillains go. It's not really a thing, but she looks exhausted, just nodding mutely as Superman addresses her.

She doesn't move though, just watching Superman, almost cheerfully, flying off. She turns, almost seeming to trudge back towards Emma. Poor Tabby, paying her compliments, and the dark haired woman doesn't really seem to notice beyond wearily lifting a hand in the mutant's direction.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take her hand up and over to Divine's shoulder and try to rub it reassuringly, "It's fine dear." Then going to send up a telepathic message to Kara Danvers and Divine <<I would appreciate at your.. Convenience.>> She would pause a moment <<To setup a meeting. If Divine is comfortablew ith it>> It's ultimately Divine's decision.
    Emma going to send the goth powered girl a sense of reassurance over and soothing, trying to help make sure she was all right. "Come dear, let's go get you some ice cream. THere are a few lovely ones around here. We can go to each of them if you would like."

J'onn J'onzz has posed:
    J'onn locks a small portion of his telepathy into keeping Rudy in the happy fantasy while Superman returns his physical form to a facility that can safely hold him. In the meantime, he collects the items that were used to fight Parasite and piles them neatly at the curb, trying to make the cleanup from this particular incident easier. He also keeps a wary eye on the building that had started to fall, though Clark is pretty good at fixing that sort of thing.

    He drifts to the sidewalk, then walks over to the first police cars that are arriving after the call about this reached then. "It's ok, officers, it's been handled. If you need a report, I'm happy to assist." Police and their paperwork. There must be buildings filled with endless filing cabinets of reports about supervillains at this point.

Kara Danvers has posed:
Supergirl turns in the air, the slumbering Molly still in her arms. She offers a bright smile to Emma and a slightly confused look at Divine who, she is now realising, isn't actually who she thought she was.

<<I have Twitter,>> she tells them telepathically, getting the hang of it now, <<Slide into my direct messages!>>

Then she levitates high up into the sky and hovers off across the New Troy rooftops, looking for somewhere to take the sleeping girl.

Divine has posed:
Divine seems to shake out of her daze, squinting at Supergirl.

<<I ... I don't think you're using that phrase right...>>

Say what you want, Divine is at least somewhat internet savvy. She glances down at Emma and just sighs a little. "I think ... I might just want a nap."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just slowly give a nod at Divine and let out a sigh, going to take two fingers up to the bridge of her nose to pinch it. Speaking out slowly and mostly to herself.. "Children." Spoken -not- at Divine.
    "I own a building near here with a guest room we can get you to and you can rest dear."