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  Martian Manhunter  
J'onn J'onzz (Scenesys ID: 346)
Name: J'onn J'onzz
Superalias: Martian Manhunter
Gender: Male
Species: Martian
Occupation: Adventurer and Detective
Citizenship: none
Residence: Various places based on identities
Education: Martian training
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Happy Harbor, Justice League
Apparent Age: Varies Actual Age: Very old
Date of Birth unknown Played By Alan Z.
Height: 6'7 200cm Weight: 300LB 136KG
Hair Color: bald Eye Color: red
Theme Song: Hey You

Character Info


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To some, he's a cold and impersonal individual with a very alien appearance. To others, he's a respected friend that is always available when you need him most, no matter what that need requires. Most importantly, he works with the members of the Justice League to bring Peace, Harmony, and Prosperity to this World so it doesn't suffer the same fate as his own.


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Billions of years in the past an extremely dangerous race of beings called "the Burning" caused large fires to help themselves reproduce asexually. In order to prevent the Burning from destroying much of the universe, the Guardians of the Universe split the species into the Green Martians and the White Martians, changed their reproductive behavior, and instilled in them a fear of fire.'

Roughly a million years ago, Mars (called Ma'aleca'andra by its inhabitants) was a living world, populated by a race of humanoids divided by skin color. The Green Martians known as M'yrnn and Sha'sheen gave birth to twin sons. The bearing of twins was uncommon among the Martian culture, and as such, the first of the twins was named J'onn J'onzz, whose name means "Light to the Light." J'onn's brother, however, was born a mutant, bereft of a Martian's innate ability to communicate telepathically. He was named Ma'alefa'ak, whose name means "Darkness in the Heart.

As an adult, J'onn became a Manhunter (martian police officer) and married a Martian woman named M'yri'ah. The two established a modest home for themselves beneath the windswept Martian plains and gave birth to a daughter named K'hym.

Years passed, and J'onn's brother Ma'alefa'ak grew to despise everything about Martian culture. In an ambitious endeavor to commit full-scale genocide against his own people, he engineered a contagious virus known as H'ronmeer's Curse. The virus reacted to telepathic energy and carried from one Martian to the next whenever they elected to use their psionic powers. The plague responded to a Martian's innate fear of fire, causing them psychosomatic stress so intense, that their bodies and minds would literally burst into flame. J'onn desperately tried to keep his wife and daughter from using their mental gifts, but they were unable to do so, and thus ultimately contracted the virus. K'hym was the first to experience the symptoms, and M'yri'ah followed soon after. J'onn was anguished as he watched his family burning to death before his very eyes. The trauma of the event shattered his psyche, and nearly drove him mad.

In a display of cruelty, Ma'alefa'ak used J'onn's blood to perform a ritual that empowered J'onn against his will, granting him enhanced abilities and immunity from the plague, so that he could watch his world burn. Ma'alefa'ak was defeated by J'onn, but not before martian civilization was completely erased by the plague.

With nothing left for him on Mars, J'onn left the planet, heading towards the nearest civilization in space, a young planet called Earth.

Still with his mind shattered by the past events on Mars, J'onn lost himself in a multitude of identities on Earth, living through history as several figures many of which he can't even remember. It was in the XX century that a scientist named Saul Erdel, in studying Mars,, found J'onn and helped him to rebuild his shattered mind, restoring his sanity encouraging J'onn to become a champion of justice, helping him to create the guise of the Martian Manhunter.

During the years, through his many identities, he watched not only the evolution of Earth and humans, but watched over some of what would become its heroes, even being one of Superman's school teachers at some point. It was with Superman and other heroes that J'onn help ed to found the Justice League, where he still serves as the Martian Manhunter, while maintaining several other identities around the world

Approximately a million of years ago: J'onn J'onzz was born on Mars as one of two brothers.

J'onn trained to become a martian manhunter, the martian police force.

J'onn's brother engineered a plague to destroy life on Mars, rendering J'onn immune so that he may watch his planet burn.

around 3000 B.C.: After defeating his brother, being driven to insanity by watching all martians die, J'onn flew to Earth, where he lived a multitude of lives by assuming various identities.

Late 20th century: J'onn rebuilds his mental sanity and becomes the Martian Manhunter, fighting for justice on Earth.

2012: J'onn is one of the founders of the Justice League.

IC Journal

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To come out from centuries of identity loss, not only an umbelievable amount of willpower is needed, but also an umbelievable determination, and J'onn has that. He wants for Earth to survive, not falling under the same destiny of Mars, and even if he has seen the worst sides of humanity, he's still determined to do all he can to help Earth become a better and safe place.

His sense of humor is subtle! He's not always an icicle of glacial coldness, he can smile, and even if not extremely often he still does that a fair amount, especially if in human form.

Despite his somewhat cold exterior, J'onn is still one of the kindest heroes. Being helpful is not only something he feels he should do, but something that comes natural, trying to do whatever is necessary to help those around him. Be it putting his own life in danger for his friends, or offering a listening ear to said friends, J'onn will be there doing his best for no other reward than the knowledge he did the right thing.

Like all Martians, J'onn has a somewhat cold and stoic demeanor. He has very restricted emotional expressions sometimes, but it doesn't necessarily means he doesn't feel those emotions, he just, doesn't express them.

Often acting as the voice of reason, J'onn is considered by many to be a very wise hero, having a word of advice for those who need it, counting on his many years of experience and careful observations. He acts following logic and reason, balancing them with his own heart to form the line of actions that will bring resoults not just in the immediate, but especially in the long term.

Character Sheet


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The Martian Manhunter flies by manipulation of gravitons (a subatomic particle associated with the force of gravity), manipulation of magnetic fields and control of his absolute molecular movement (a telekinetic effect). These combine to give him the ability to fly great distances with little fatigue and at great speed. The Manhunter has also been seen flying in space with no difficulty, and at speeds approaching lightspeed.

Genius Intellect:
The Martian Manhunter possesses highly advanced reasoning and logic capabilities as well as immense information retention, and uses them to great effect. His mental acuity allows him to learn languages, subjects and perform research with amazing speed. His mental speed is on par with his physical one, allowing him to think quickly and react just as quickly. Said mental capabilities also give him an edge when dealing with diverse cultures, or quickly adapt to new situations.

The Manhunter can cause the biopolymers in his body to lose their ability to reflect light, rendering the Manhunter invisible to normal light and human sight. With more increased concentration, he can render himself completely invisible along the electromagnetic spectrum, including the infrared and the ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum. This invisibility does not affect every other sense and he could still be detected by them.

Martian Physiology:
The Martian's physiology would seem to be composed of a complex molecular chain that resembles polymer bonds but with the ability to be altered at will. The biopolymer is extremely flexible, durable, incredibly strong for a biological material and apparently self-sustaining. That basically means that J'onn doesn't need to eat, sleep, breathe, and his physical attributes are easily modifiable by him.

Martian Senses:
J'onn possesses nine different senses from his Martian physiology. He has increased standard senses of Smell, Sight, Touch, Hearing, and Taste. One of his addition senses function as a type of precognitive ability, warning him of danger or the intent of danger on him. He is capable of sensing motion in an area around him out to half a mile. He is able to sense the emotional state of individuals via a form of empathy. He can sense the presence of various radiations out to a mile.

Martian Vision:
J'onn has the ability to see into other spectrums of light, including electro-magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, and thermal. He also has the ability not just to telescope his vision for long range, but to see down to the sub-atomic level, and see past illusions and various forms of invisibility.

By decreasing the density of his body J'onn can phase through solid matter, becoming intangible and passing through every substance effortlessly.

The Martian Manhunter has shown amazing regenerative capabilities. So great are they that he has been able to completely regenerate from nothing but his severed hand, regenerate in moments from nothing more than a puddle of green liquid, and in another instance, survived beheading. No matter how severe the damage, J'onn will regenerate it within seconds, as a combination between his mental powers and his shapeshifting. As long as there'll be a single part of him, no matter how small, he will be able to regenerate. It will take longer, of course, if he's scattered around the universe as little athomical particles!

Arguably one of the most incredible powers possessed by the Manhunter is the ability to shape-shift. He is able to literally control the molecular structure of his body's biopolymers and manipulate them into any construct he desires, in addition to and including his own body. He can form clothing and weapons with non-moving or non-functioning parts. There does not seem to be any limit to the number of people the Manhunter can imitate and has stood in as a double for many famous people. His ability to imitate people and their mannerisms has stood him in good stead for his disguises. Apart from his shape, he can alter other aspects of himself such as his mass and size, going from a creature as small as a house fly to one as large as a skyscraper. It is unknown if he could turn into something smaller or larger than those two things.

Super Breathing:
The inner valves and chambers inside the Martian Manhunter's air canals are very dense and greatly enhanced, allowing him to, much like Superman, create strong hurricane force winds just by exhaling pressurized air from his lungs in an incredibly strong burst.

Super Durability:
The biomorphic structure of the Manhunter's body allows him to absorb almost all kinetic energies such as high caliber bullets, shrapnel, or flying debris easily. He can harden his biopolymers by rebinding them and increase his durability to the point where he is nearly on par with Superman. Along with his nigh-invulnerability, his shape shifting makes him even more difficult to harm. Hazardous environments practically do not affect the Martian Manhunter.

Super Speed:
Either through flight or natural movement, the Martian Manhunter can maintain speed and demonstrates reflexes far in excess to that of most metahumans, and for far longer. Like the power of flight, this is accomplished by manipulating the magnetic fields of energy surrounding his body, as well as ambient gravitational particles.

Super Stamina:
J'onn's endurance is just as formidable as his strength and invulnerability. He can operate under extreme conditions for an indeterminate period of time without showing signs of fatigue.

Super Strength:
The Martian Manhunter is one of the strongest beings on the planet. The Martian's superhuman strength comes from his Biomorphic structure formed from immensely long and complex molecular chains,augmented with his psionic and telekinetic abilities allowing him to lift incredible weights without these weights crumbling under the stress. The Martian has been seen lifting tankers out of the ocean for vast distances, stalemating powerhouses like Superman, and he has even helped tow the moon and objects as large as the Earth itself together with Superman. J'onn's strength is great enough to the point that he has drawn blood from beings as durable as Kryptonians such as Supergirl by his punches alone. By modifying the density of these biopolymers, the Manhunter can make himself stronger by forcing them into tighter bundles. While at a resting state the limits of his strength are unknown, the Manhunter can lift 100 tons without much effort. He is nearly as strong as the likes of Superman when concentrating his biopolymers to their full capacity.

J'onn is capable of psychokinetically projecting force and manipulating matter, both in large quantities and in minute detail. He can manipulate over 100 tons of mass with almost no fatigue, and strike with similar levels of force without significant strain. His fine control aspect allows him to manipulate at the sub-atomic level. J'onn can also shield himself and others from attacks with the same level of power. However each individual he shields lowers the overall durability of each shield. J'onn also can propel others in flight, protecting them from the gravitational forces, and providing a safe environment for travel in extreme environments.

The Martian Manhunter is the most powerful telepath on the planet, and is one of the strongest telepathic beings in the Universe. He is able to read the mind of any human with no difficulties, and the only minds that can cause him trouble are insane minds. He can read the subconscious mind as well. He is able to read minds over great distances and has been known to scan the mind of every person on Earth within a matter of moments. This telepathy extends to distances as far away as the moon. In addition to reading minds, the Martian Manhunter has a multitude of other telepathic capabilities, one of which allows him to literally reprogram the mind of a subject into believing whatever he wants them to. He can use this ability to help subjects forget things that he does not want them to remember as well as set up post-hypnotic suggestions. He can create illusions affecting all senses, is capable of possession, mind control, astral projection, as well as causing a mental shutdown in someone via mental assault. The Manhunter can use the mental signature of a being to track it, and can detect life forms by their empathic as well as telepathic signatures. He can detect whether a being is intelligent or not, and can communicate with it empathically if it does not have a communication-driven frame of reference with which normal telepathy may function.


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J'onn has been trained in martian martial arts, a form of hand to hand combat that blends his physical abilities, telekinetic powers and shapeshifting. He can efficently use sharp or blunt weapons that he can shift from his own body, in addition to unarmed fighting. To complement his skillset, he learned various fighting styles from Earth as well, even if he rarely has to use them.
His fighting prowess don't extend only to the physical sphere, his intellect allows him to be quite proficent in analyzing tactics and strategies, and said acuity can come in handy when learning the use of new weapons or styles.

J'onn has been trained and developed the ability to perform Investigation and Analysis. J'onn has the ability to use deductive reasoning to come to a conclusion. In most cases, this skill is applied to the arena of criminal investigation.


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Thanks to his shapeshifting, it is not difficult for J'onn to impersonate and maintain various identities. And indeed, there are several certified identities that he can assume, in several spheres and fields. Most of them are created to be easy to manage without always being seen around, some others require a bit more maintenance, task that he performs diligently.

Justice League:
As one of its founder members, J'onn can count on the Justice League's members and resources just as they can count on him. It is also publicly known that the Martian Manhunter is one of the lLeague's founders, and that relects on his public image.

Kuru Pendant:
A Kuru pendant represents a Martian's most intimate connection with his or her heritage. When a young Martian passes a rite of passage known as the Journey of Souls, a Martian elder awards them a Kuru pendant. The pendant maintains the genealogical memory of all who came before, and the recipient telepathically interacts with the medallion in order to develop a greater understanding of Martian lore and culture.

The Kuru pendant maintains comprehensive information relating to the longstanding oral Martian tradition. By using telepathy, a Martian can interface with the pendant and gain access to all of its store knowledge. As such, the Martian can also telepathically add information into the stored database. J'onn has been using this over the last two decades to help rebuild his knowledge of his Heritage, Species, and try to put together what happened to his Planet. Additionally, it is a great archive in which to store informations, and from which informations can be easily retrieved at a later time.


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J'onn lived on Earth for centuries, but he is still an alien. No matter how much he studied humans, his mind is still different and sometimes work in different ways. No matter the fact he can shapeshift into a human, his true form is still alien, and something many humans are not ready, or do not want to see.

J'onn currently has a severe form of amnesia based on an incredible shock to his psyche. The trauma of the event that shattered his psyche nearly drove him mad. J'onn lost himself in an infinity of identities, and has attempted to rebuild his shattered psyche through several centuries. He has vague memories of his past, but vast gaps remain that he's trying to rebuild. That is especially evident for his life on Mars, the life before the destruction of his race, of which he can remember very few details.

With powerful friends comes just as powerful Enemies. J'onn has supported the Justice League as a founding member, and during that time has developed a friendship with the other founding members. Their enemies has become his enemies, and he never hesitates to come to their aid. He has crossed some of the most powerful people on the Earth and in the Universe, and some of them surely have a good memory.

The Martian Manhunter has a psychosomatic fear of fire. The Guardians of the Universe have built in a fear of fire when they first confronted the Burned (Martians). Regular fire causes him no physical damage, but magical fire is one of the few things that can hurt him. On top of that, even if a lighter or a lit fireplace won't cause him to run away in fear, fire is still something he tries to avoid, something that he is uncomfortable with, and in large quantities, something that makes him loose control of his body, which translates in him being unable to use his powers effectively.

It has been suggested that something within J'onn's physiology makes him addicted to the chemicals used in the Earth snack, Oreos. Withdrawal symptoms include violent bursts of rage and loss of intellect. However, these claims have never been accurately substantiated, and may even be false. To be on the safe side, it's better to have some oreos at hand anyways!



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J'onn J'onzz has 18 finished logs.

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