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  Princess Powerful (Or Bruiser)  
Molly Hayes (Scenesys ID: 545)
Name: Molly Hayes
Superalias: Princess Powerful (Or Bruiser)
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student/Former Runaway
Citizenship: American
Residence: Happy Harbor
Education: High School Student
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mutants, Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 16 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 15 Dec 2004 Played By Molly Jackson
Height: 5'2" Weight: 95 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @HatADayCalendar
Theme Song: "Warriors (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Theme Song)" by Aaliyah Rose (Play on Youtube)

Character Info


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Little Molly is a powerhouse. She is the child of supervillains from Los Angeles, and formerly a member of the Runaways. She has been all over the country, either with the Runaways, or briefly connecting with other young hero teams. She was even at the Xavier Institute for a month or two back in 2017, but she ran away. Currently she is a student at Happy Harbor, and the majority of students have no idea the girl with the weird hats in the remedial classes can literally pick up the school. Might be best that way.


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2004: Molly is born to Gene and Alicia Hayes, a pair of mutants, and members of the wicked Pride. She was born as part of a plan for her parents ot pass on their inheritance of the otherworldly Gibborom to their children. It didn't really pan out. Her parents had her tested for the X-Gene, but she came back negative.

2004-2016: She has a pretty average upbringing. Her parents treat her well, and she is semi-popular. She loves super heroes and their culture, and she has a pretty normal childhood. She begins having weird episodes of intense strength and glowing eyes, but nobody will take her worries seriously, thinking it is simply the normal sorts of changes a kid goes through.

2016: The other children of the Pride witness the horrors their parents are getting up to, and decide to rescue the unaware Molly and escape. She views the escape as a grand adventure, and hopes they will all become super heroes.

2017: The group ends up finally facing down with their parents in the grand underwater cathedral of the Gibborom. They win, but barely. The government come down hard on them, and the Xavier School pulls strings to have her sent to live with them. She spends all of a month there before running away. They bring her back. She runs away again. This happens several times before she finally manages to stay gone.

2018-2019: She ends up mostly on her own, struggling to get by, but managing. She runs briefly with a few other young hero groups, but nothing really sticks for her. Finally, the government tracks her down again.

2020: She is put into Happy Harbor, and a foster home. She runs away a few times, but this family is actually really nice to her... and the school doesn't suck.

2021 - 2023: She's acclimating well enough to school and the new family. She's still in the process of taking high school classes due to her remedial education but she's on her way, when not getting into trouble with friends old and new.

IC Journal

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No, really! Molly is adorable, and it isn't just the hats! She says the kinds of things that make adults laugh, and she is hard not to like. Sure, some folks downright hate her and want her dead, but most of those folks are jerks.

You can chew her up and stomp on her but she will come back swinging. Molly is almost impossible to keep down. Even if you CAN find a way to actually hurt her, it's just going to spur her on to kick more butt.

When Molls is happy, she is HAPPY. When she is sad she is -SAD-. When she hates, oh boy, does she hate. She is an emotional girl, and her feelings can get the best of her, sometimes.

When Molly puts her foot down it can be hard to get her to change her mind. You could call this being determined, or hard-headed, really. She can be damn stubborn, which also means she has quite the will.

Molly is a young woman, but she still acts younger. This will be more split up into other traits, but she can be described as 'youthful'. She is exhuberant, emotional and brash, but also filled with wonder, compassion and genuine excitement.

Character Sheet


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Super Strength:
Molly is strong. Molly is really, really, really strong. Seriously, she is in the top tier when it comes to Mutants in physical strength. When she is in Tantrum she is capable of absolutely insane feats of strength. She could lift a full Sentinel over her head and throw it like a softball (As she did in the comics). She can punch through cement like tissue pepper. Metal is nothing. She hasn't had a chance to test the upper limit of her strength yet, as it isn't something she can use under controlled circumstances very well, but it is 'catastrophic' levels. In general, non-extreme circumstances, expect her to have a limit of about 100 tons. In extreme situations, it might be a lot higher.

Super Toughness:
While her Strength is only active sometimes, her Toughness is always active. Molly is hard to take down. Bullets bounce off of her and similar mundane attacks have absolutely no effect. It takes the upper levels of superhuman strength to really make her feel it, but it is possible.


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She has had very basic combat training. She doesn't have any 'belts', as it were, but her strength and toughness generally means she can haymaker and suckerpunch her way through many confrontations.

She's a Middle School dropout, and basically has the education of such. She is in special remedial classes because of it at Happy Hogan, and she gets picked on a bit for it. (We'll see how long THAT lasts).

Hero Lore:
She is a fan of super heroes and super hero lore. She can identify most heroes and villains who have any kind of public existance. Heck, she sleeps with a Doop doll, has a Power Pack poster on her wall, and has refered to passing through a wall as being 'Shadowcat-ted'.

Same as with her brawling, she has no real training with weapons. However, she DOES like sports, so she has a pretty good idea how to swing a baseball bat (Or tree...) with effect.


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Her real family are baaaaaaaad, and gone. She has been taken in by the Juniper family. The Junipers have a number of other foster kids, and they all live together. Molly shares her room with another of the girls. They all know about her 'situation'. She struggles with the situation, but they're good people when it comes down to it.

Happy Harbor:
Molly attends Happy Harbor, a very special school. After the Runaways were most recently scattered, it was determined that she needed some kind of special care. She was put with a foster family and put into the school. Nobody but other specific people know she is an insanely powerful mutant. She's struggling, for sure.

She has a lot of cute and/or cool hats. It's true! Adorable and/or cool enough to be worthy of a whole resources write-up, even! Cat hats, bunny hats. All kinds. Truly majestic hats.

Thanks to Valeria Richards, Molly has her own personal jetpack she can use for powered flight almost as if the user had the ability innately. It's the size (and shape) of a typical school backpack when undeployed. When deployed, it emits hardlight wings and a stabilizing tail that can be customized for appearances. The casing is bulletproof and impact-resistant and has a built-in failsafe for automatic safe landing should power fail. The jetpack itself confers the ability to hover or reach speeds equivalent to that of a light aircraft (250mph give or take) with reduced maneuverability the higher the speed.

Molly belongs/ed to the Runaways, a group of young heroes. All of them share the concepts of evil parents, and a want to make their own way in this crazy, crazy world. While they are scattered now, she can try and reach out to them and their past hideouts and stuff if she has to.


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Over-using Molly's Super Strength drains her endurance. She has little trouble in short bursts of emotion or excitement, but she doesn't have the stamina to run on medium to high for a protracted engagement. Burning excessively hard and hot (See: Tantrum) to perform top-tier feats of strength will drain her stamina to the point of her simply passing out. Sufficient rest is required before she is able to leverage any super strength powers at all.

She is living with the Juniper family, which is a nice couple and five other foster kids. They all know about her situation and as much as she struggles with it all...they're really good people and like her. They are targets for bad people, or can get involved in her stuff!

She is a member of Homo Superior, and this comes with all of the usual social issues you might expect. It also means that she is effected by tech or powers that specifically target her kind.

Molly needs to be emotionally charged for her Strength to kick in. She usually needs to be pumped up in some way, such as anger, or excitement or sadness or similar. When this happens her eyes glow pink in a very notable way. When normal, she has the strength of an average girl of her age, but with her inhuman toughness.

Molly has trust issues, particularly with people in positions of authority. It isn't that none are worthy of trust, but they have to work harder than someone she sees more as an equal does. Having your parents turn out to be supervillains can really shake a poor kid up, after all.



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Molly Hayes has 39 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Omni-Man: The Big Broadcast of 2024 December 31st, 2023 A team of heroes moves to thwart Omni-Man's plans to contact the Viltrum Empire. Mark gets more than his heart broke. Hostages saved, Maulers defeated... but was it a real win?
Welcome to the Hall December 12th, 2023 Diana gets a chance to meet Molly and Singularity at a Holiday event in the Hall of Justice!
Drawing Miss (Literal) Universe. December 9th, 2023 Singularity stops by to visit some old friends. Molly enjoys junk food. And Viv prepares to draw an entire universe. Hopefully she has a lot of paper in her sketchbook!
Young Avengers: Toy Drive November 17th, 2023 The Young Avengers hold a toy drive, in the midsts of it, and an attack by Toyman they discover the magic of Santa Claus!
Young Avengers: Mechanized Force November 7th, 2023 The Young Avengers thought they were coming out to observe a new group - instead, they end up rescuing hostages!
Young Avengers...Assemble May 31st, 2023 The Young Avengers have, indeed, assembled. Hopefully we shall see great things from these young heroes!
Viv and Molly's Place May 11th, 2023 Viv and Molly move into their new apartment!
Snow Day Astoria March 13th, 2023 It's a cold day in march, and in a park, Molly Hayes meets people!
A Visit To Cindy's March 11th, 2023 No description
But look at all the nerd stuff March 10th, 2023 Molly comes over for sandwiches with Cindy and they talk about morality and their relationship. There are feelings.
A Not-So-Rude Awakening March 10th, 2023 No description
The Road from NOWHERE March 9th, 2023 A ghost from Divine's past catches up with her. Luckily The Girlfriend Squad was there to help.
The Rules Say What March 1st, 2023 Molly and Divine play a game, have ice cream and talk about FEELINGS.
Maki My Day February 28th, 2023 The Runaways go for ramen. Instead they get a fight. Molly learns the finer points of a tetsubo vs a van door in a fight. (She wins with the door)
A trip down an alley February 23rd, 2023 Flamebird comes to the aid of Molly. The muggers are probably better off.
Starfire-Bucks (It's a pun!) February 21st, 2023 Molly and Kori meet up and discuss their respective sweet tooths!
The Princess (Powerful) and the Divine February 17th, 2023 Set Sunday February 12. Divine runs into Molly at the park and they have a nice chat.
The Princess and the Bat(Woman) February 12th, 2023 Batwoman and Molly meet after some bank robbers have a bad day when they pick the wrong town--and hostage!
Dinner With Friends January 26th, 2023 Karolina has friends over for dinner. ... Now they're roommates, and more.
Who Goes to the Beach In Winter January 21st, 2023 Karolina and Beroe meet up after the latter's photoshoot, and an old friend shows up, much to everyone's delight.
Happy Harbor: Game Night (January) January 17th, 2023 January game night goes off without a hitch and a surprise visitor!
New Years Eve Reunion Redux January 12th, 2023 Nico takes Molly on a quick tour of NYC on NYE and they end their night in the best way possible as they ring in the new year... together.
New Years Eve Reunion January 3rd, 2023 Molly runs into her old friend Nico, literally. The two catch up and make plans before Molly breaks something! Oops.
Happy Harbor: Beach Day August 15th, 2022 Happ Harbor High School and friends go to the beach...and don't get attacked!
Visiting the Farm April 7th, 2022 Jon shows his girlfriend his rural home. They plan another date.
Super meets Powerful March 21st, 2022 Molly Hayes and Jon Kent meet cute and set up a picnic date for later! OMG!
Picnic for Two March 21st, 2022 Jon and Molly have a very successful first date!
Jetpacks are Awesome! March 10th, 2022 =Ever one to enable superheroic hijinx. Valeria makes a Jetpack for Molly Hayes to zoom about!
Depths of Deviancy March 6th, 2022 Kids have gone missing. A group of heroes come in to look into things and help, and find out there's something far worse behind it. And they have to start down the path of those that have fallen into the hard times.. Of Deviancy.
Parasitic Pandemonium February 18th, 2022 Parasite attacks Metropolis! Heroes (Yes! ALL heroes!) save the day! A building crushes a child.
Jersey City Fire Department's Charity Food Drive For NYC February 17th, 2022 Heroes, both costumed and not, get together to help collect donations and drive relief for people affected by the recent events in NYC!
Poppin' Into Pop's February 6th, 2022 People meet at Pop's. Cereal is gushed about. Ants are manned.
Hatty Hatty Joy Joy February 4th, 2022 Singularity meets Molly Hayes. Exactly what you expect to see happens happens
Bat-Burger Royale With Cheese February 2nd, 2022 No description
Train with Wonder Woman January 28th, 2022 A wild group of combat enthusiasts get a chance to train with the Amazons at the Themysciran Arts Center! Madness ensues!
New Year, New Ire: Part One January 25th, 2022 A rather snow filled day at Happy Harbor turns into a slight medical concern. A tingle is felt by some.
Fangtastical Dumpster Diving January 19th, 2022 Hell's Kitchen is a little more Helly.
Diner food and girls that go boom January 18th, 2022 Molly Hayes and Negasonic catch up with each other and eat some French toast.
Inser John Hughes Movie Title Part 1 February 25th, 2020 No description


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