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Happy Birthday, Avengers!
Date of Scene: 20 April 2020
Location: Avengers Mansion - Back Yard
Synopsis: The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Scott Lang, Thor, Pepper Potts, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, Janet van Dyne, Jennifer Walters, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Diana Prince

Tony Stark has posed:
The individual schedules of the Avengers don't really allow for a big party for every notable occasion like birthdays. Not to mention the expanding roster and success of the team may leave them in a permanent state of hangover. So, the plan was hatched to have one big celebration every month that had an Avenger birthday in it. April is such a month, and so the party has been arranged.

The spacious backyard has been laid out in the way one might expect for a party thrown by someone with a sizable bank account. Pavilions have been set up here and there with food and alcohol, allowing people a place to sit and converse in relative peace. The trees and hedges have been strung with fairy lights, giving the whole space a more cozy feel than it might normally enjoy. A large parquet dance floor has been set up, along with speakers to pipe music out through the party. Over by one end of the lawn there's even a karaoke stage, because of course there is.

There's more than just the Avengers themselves present. The staff who work tirelessly keeping the mansion functioning have also been invited, and have been given orders to relax under penalty of torture. A number of them splash about in the heated pool, floating around on inflatable toys. The actual wait staff and caterers for the event have been shipped in from outside.

Happy birthday!

Scott Lang has posed:
"I can just put this---? Yeah, that works," Scott Lang says, negotiating placement of a secondary cake to the side of the big purchased one. Scott's offering looks like a loser on 'Nailed It!', a slightly lopsided affair that is mostly iced in dark purple until the icing ran out: that's the back side, at least. Except that anyone can walk around it. It looks like a six year old made it. .... Oh. Lang has a six year old.

It has ALL of the candles on it - hopefully 30, as Lang is one of the ones with a birthday. He also is wearing a 'Birthday Dad' t-shirt with a lot of insects on the front in a cluster of puff-paint, under a light blue plaid button-up that's open, and jeans.

"It's not going to fall off?" Lang asks the helper, but the cake gets placed. Good enough. The avenger backs off a few steps with his phone out, to get the probably required selfie with it for the munchkin that really cared about having her cake make a showing at this party.

Thor has posed:
    The setting is perfect, immaculate, an exquisite exercise in catering and party preparation. The staff are professional, the elegance is understated but ever-present, and even the feng shui flows with an ease to the senses that makes it seem entirely natural. All of it a wondrous thing to be shared and enjoyed.
    But that is when the clouds start to darken, a swirling vortex of greyness settling into the comfortable white of overcast that had been there for most of the day. A swirl that curves around extending downward...
    And then for the rainbow light to flash into life, splashing down onto the cement drive that turns along the side of the mansion. The brilliance of the Bifrost blasting into the ground, burning an etching of great runic symbols upon the stark white and tan of the driveway, blasting, blazing...
    And then stopping abruptly as the energy withdraws just as quick, depositing there upon the drive along the house three tall figures, two in heavy plate armor and the third in t-shirt and jeans. All three holding great casks upon their shoulders.
    "Bjarke, place one over there... push that... whatever that is off the table. Heeli, place the other over there. Find some mugs, will you?" Thor steps across the lawn, toting the heavy barrel on his shoulder effortlessly and then /thumps/ it to the ground.
    "From where, my Prince?"
    To which the Thunderer turns, "That one store you went to? Beer Bread and Beyond? Some such. Hurry, off with you."
    The Einherjar rushes off.

Pepper Potts has posed:
It is nice to take a moment and find a place to take a deep breath. The backyard of the Avengers Manse is probably one of the safer places (or not) to be able to do such a thing. Pepper is in attendance, her work tablet set aside on one of the seats, as is her change of clothes should she want to take a dip into the pool. She's dressed in a mid-length sundress, blue and off-white large checked with matching criss-crossed sandles, her hair pulled loosly back into a pony tail. She has a wine glass in hand, the liquid showing her choice of a white wine with a touch of orange floating in it.

As Scott and his little helper brings the cake out, Pepper takes a couple of steps to first see if she can't help direct the cake in the correct direction with a genuine laugh. "No.. it looks good.." The posing for the selfie, of course, necessitates a picture of the cuteness by Pepper.

"One more.. sm--


Pepper turns around quickly at the noise and puts her heart over her rapidly beating chest. "Oh.. god."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve has probably been included in the order to relax under penalty of torture. He's off to one side out of immediate reach of both pool and dance floor given a history of being dragged into one or the other at gatherings such as this. Civilian today, he's in a plain grey fitted t-shirt and jeans, his feet in sandals rather than boots, and a bottle of some dark beer in his hand. With thumb slung off of his jean pocket, he tips back the bottle and then sighs, looking around the backyard and its occupants with a sense of contentment rarely seen in the super-soldier.

"Not half bad, don't you think?" he asks of the petite brunette nearby, giving her a glance and a dimpled grin. "Good for the time to take some time off, put up their feet a little." There's something not quite a snicker; surely he knows Janet will agree. Seeing Scott arrive with this...creative cake in tow, he gives the Wasp a 'one second' lift of pointer finger to walk over.

"Scott! It looks great." Steve does avoid the selfie and offers out a hand for Lang to shake as he'd like. "Your little girl helped?"

Pepper does get a friendly wave and as Thor arrives, retinue in tow, Steve glances over with far less concern. Bifrost arrivals are a regularity around here for him.

Oh, //that// is where the Einherjar went -- beer run. Steve laughs to himself, unhelped.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff doesn't react with a heart attack to the opening of the Bifrost, though as she makes her way down the hallway towards the door outside, she rubs her arms and feels goosebumps from the magic gathering to open the portal.

Wanda sweeps outside, wearing a pair of jeans and a purple top, with a long flowing coat about her, light enough for the warmer weather that is starting to grace New York. She pauses just outside the doorway to look around. Thor's arrival is given a soft smile before Wanda moves forward towards the tables where others are milling about.

"Hello Pepper," Wanda says warmly. "Have to make sure we get a copy of that picture," she tells the other woman with a gentle smile. "Steve," she offers next in her slow, deliberate way of speaking. "I hope the extra shifts on monitor duty haven't been too onerous on you?" she asks, flashing him a teasing smile.

Sam Wilson has posed:
A fitted purple T-shirt advertising 'Happy Harbor High School - Est. 2020' with a silhouette os a seal has been matched with a pair of bluejeans, Sam is watching the others after entering on the tail end of the cake delivery. A wave of his hand is offered to the others with a polite, "Hey." and a grin before the opening of Bifrost brings him pause, but he quickly shakes it off to head in to meet with the others.

Once he finds something to drink, he moves over to the edge of the group, observing all of the introductions and just enjoying the company.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet walks in on Steve's arm, fingers curled around his forearm for a bit of balance. Her own attire's sporty and lightweight, meant for a garden party in the late sun. A thin red wrap-around blouse, black knee-length tights, and white wedge heels that can brave a foray on grass a bit better than stilettos.
% "I keep telling Tony, if the Avengers go under, we can lease this place out as premium party venue," Janet tells Steve. An envelope's tucked into her small clutch, partially protruding from the opening.

She drifts away from Steve to give Pepper's arm a reassuring squeeze, and grins brightly at the redhead. "Relax, it's just Thor making an entrance," she comforts. Janet looks past Pepper at Wanda and her jaw-slacks in a playfully over the top grin of faux surprise. "Wandaaaa, you actually came to hang out," she says, and takes a few mincing steps towards the witch to offer her a warm hug.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters has snuck into the Avengers Mansion without talking to anybody, which is hard to do when you're about seven feet tall and green. The cake has caught her attention and she leers toward it like a jet, smiling with brilliant and cake-devouring thoughts, "Oh dang, frosting," she mutters as she draws near, secretly edging closer like a ninja, "Mmm mmm mmm," she adds. She reaches out with a green finger, the projectile aiming toward the cake like an arrow but she quickly withdraws it as others pass by.

"Nice cake huh?" a non-descript generic man asks the green lawyer and Jennifer smiles appreciatively, giving a nod, "I'm the baker," he adds. Jennifer looks surprised, "You're the baker? Where's your apron?" she wonders, because he certainly looks more like a delivery man than a baker.

"Apron?" he asks confused, "Naw, I...don't need an apron. Hey, wanna dance?" he asks Jennifer in the most perfect segue ever. "Uh, I was really looking for Thor, I should say Happy Birthday." The man grabs at Jennifer's hand to urge her to dance but she frowns since she's literally a rock in place, "Aw come on now...!"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha was just thinking that Thor is uncommonly late for a party.
    Then the sky darkens. "Ah. There we go." Natasha gingerly covers her ears, and then furrows her brow the moment the pavement destroying burst of energy takes place and the transfer is done. When the cacaphony is over, she lets her arms drop. Natasha is dressed relatively casually for the affair; a short black jacket over a red shirt and a pair of jeans and some red sneakers.
    When Pepper jumps, natasha waves her hand a bit and says, "No don't... worry about that, that's just Thor keeping the concrete industry in the black." She as she walks towards the doorway to greet Thor. "There you are." She says softly, arms crosses before she seems to decide on leaving her general comfort zone, and reaches out to give Thor's shoulder a squeeze. "... Happy birthday, Thor. Welcome to the safest, most tempting target in New York."
    Okay, so Natasha has security issues with the concept. But even she's not gonna be the grinch who cancelled everyone's birthday parties.

Thor has posed:
    Twisting on the spigot to his keg, Thor flashes a grin sidelong toward Natasha while he finagles with the small device, crinkling his nose at the thing and then tapping it lightly as if hoping that should make it click into place better. Which it does.
    "Natasha, thank you, it shall be a joy to celebrate this time with all our friends gathered." His smile slips wider, but then abruptly is clouded as he motions, "No. Heeli, those are quite delicious. Perhaps move that... those napkins? Yes."
    That having been said he gives a nod to Natasha, "Should we perhaps have warning signs for the mead? I fear with this crowd, however, that some would perhaps take a warning as to the mead's potence as... a challenge."
    That said he /hefts/ the cask back on his shoulder and walks it over to an empty table, then sets it there on its side.

Scott Lang has posed:
Thor's arrival does make Scott Lang's helper jump and look over with wide eyes, but Scott redirects, and Steve coming over helps a lot.

"He helped /a little/," Cassie pipes up to Captain Rogers, stepping forward to salute Captain America as if she did this all the time. Brave in the crowd of Avengers. Scott just beams at Cassie, his grin full of golden pride.

"Only a little: supervisory, limited role," Scott agrees with deep humility, his smile moving over to Pepper as well, and then rolling his eyes as Wanda suggests there be copies.

"He is the supervisor," Cassie confirms with a finger directed at her father. And then sees Pepper's camera, and turns to grin at her, holding the pose, eyes moving, but hoooolding the smile like a proper young diva that knows what to do when adults aim cameras. It's Scott that is distracted, accepting the handshake with Steve, and 'ruins' Pepper's picture.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint is on hand watching the party a beer in his hand, one he covers as Thor makes another of his dramatic entrances, and Einwhatevertheyrecalled are sent off for more beer.

Smiling over at Wanda as he detaches himself from the wall he wanders over to Scott and Cassie. "Great cake their, kid," he tells Cassie with a grin, before looking to Scott and extending a hand. "Happy birthday, man."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Wanda gets one of those good-naturedly ambivalent shrugs out of the Captain for her question. "Clint's been taking the majority of the shifts, so pressure's been more on him lately. Break's nice though," he grins with hands on his hips now. Ah, there's Sam -- a wave for him in his purple shirt and to Jennifer too, apparently talking to one of the caterers now.

Cassie, however, steals his attention without fail. Standing up tall and puffing out his chest, Steve returns the little girl's salute and then kneels down her her level, smiling easily. "I'm glad he helped. Cooperation gets a lot of things done, even amazing things like making a cake. Did you pick the colors, Cassie? They're a great palette if you did," comments the Captain, thumbing at the cake as he remains at her level.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff returns the hug to Janet warmly. "Mmm hmmm," she answers. "To hang out. And I even have a surprise for the birthday boys," she says with the kind of grin for Janet that signifies someone is pleased with herself.

The addition of Cassie to the party gets a big smile from the Scarlet Witch. "We're glad you could make it, Cassie," she says to the girl. "And great job with the cake too," she adds.

Wanda turns to watch Jennifer being dragged off to the dance floor. Or that is the man's intention it seems. Wanda's lips quirk softly at the notion Jennifer Walters can be dragged anywhere if she doesn't wish it. She gives Jennifer a quick smile of encouragement, then moves over nearer to Clint. "There you are. Started already?" she says, eying his beer. "Any more of those around?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Yes, it's //just// Thor making a landing. It's not something Pepper catches too often, and the *boom* and the subsequent turf burning result is something that she simply hasn't yet gotten used to. Or, perhaps ever will.

Her hand slowly falls from preventing her heart from escaping from her chest, and she takes a deep breath before nodding once, decisively. "Right.." She does have her camera in her hand, the other still in possession of her wine glass (unspilled), that hadn't dropped, and so takes the quickest opportunity to get a picture of the Asgardian retinue. For posterity.

A smile is give to father and child before she twists around to greet the others that are both arriving and already here. "Steve.."

Wanda's appearance does get a warm smile in return and she approaches the other woman, "Wanda.. absolutely. I'll upload it to Jarvis so you can have it. You're looking great."

Janet's humoured exhortation to relax gains a laugh from the redheaded secretary. "Million years, Janet, I'll never get used to it. I mean, really.. though I try not to think about it."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha tilts her head slightly as Thor speaks, and glances over towards the every growing gathering point for booze. "That's... a fair point. Maybe one of the Einherjar can guard it. Maybe give-" Natasha was about to facetiously suggest they'd offer some kind of trial of heroism to prove the right to try the mead, but it occurs to her there's a non-zero chance that will be taken seriously. "-... warnings. We'll sort it out."
    With the gathering centering a bit around one spot, Natasha's curiosity leads her to over to where Clint Scott and Steve are, affecting a bit of a smile as she catches onto the conversation. She puts her hand to her chin, tilting her head in an appraising manner, and puts on her 'good-with-kids' voice as she says, "Yyyeeeaaaaah, not bad." she says of the cake, and crosses her arms "Girl's got a future."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet mouths a curious 'oooh' at Wanda and raises a speculative brow before stepping away. The socialite beams approvingly down at Cassie as the little girl takes on the center of the world's attention with aplomb. Attagirl! "Great job, honey," Janet coos at her, and slips past to offer Scott a warmly welcome hug.

"Happy Birthday, Scott," she greets him. "Glad to see you back at the mansion." A hand lifts with an envelope tucked between her fingers. "Steve and I got you something. Well," she amends. "I picked it out. Steve was present. Kinda. He was on the couch listening to the radio at the time. Big team effort. Y'want it now or later?" The envelope's wiggled back and forth, tantalizingly.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
The mysterious, generic man tugs on Jennifer's hand and chuckles, because she's not going anywhere, not without a backhoe or a superstrength and a backhoe or something. Jennifer inclines her chin up, "Hey Thor!" she calls out but the mysterious man has moved and blocked her path, "Hey hey, can't blame me for tryin'!" he tells her and smiles, "You sure you don't wanna dance, huh?" he asks her again. Jennifer furrows her nose as she can't get Thor's attention, probably because she's not tall enough or green enough or loud enough or something, "I need a cocktail," she mutters, "Is that Steve over there? Hey Steve!" she lets out.

"Hey hey hey! Forget those guys!" the generic man lets out, "I'll get you a cocktail, honey! No prob!" he says and Jennifer sighs depressedly, "Fiiiine."

Scott Lang has posed:
"Yes," Cassie replies to Steve, able to converse with the adult without shyness. "His favorite color is yellow, but purple is a better color for a cake," Cassie describes with a firmness to her tone of certainty. "But he got yellow candles. It is birthday cake flavor, with confetti in it."

Scott gives Steve a bit of a further grin and helpless shrug. Cassie's her own little lady, and he's all for it. "Hi Clint, thanks," Scott answers as the archer approaches, pumping his hand in return. "Each year, my goal is to have another birthday," he jokes.

"Daaaaaaaaaaad," Cassie complains at his dad-joke. "You can't NOT have a birthday!" Scott chuckles and confirms, "Okay, I'll get started on my next one." He smiles at Janet, returning her winsome hug, and reaching towards the envelope with clear interest. "Is it ...work-appropriate?" Scott counters Janet's offer, amused.

Cassie nods and returns her attention to Steve. She attempts to put a hand on his shoulder. "Can I play with Captain America, Dad?"

"If he wants to, sure, peanut." Scott aims a 'well now you have to' grin at Steve.

Thor has posed:
    Arms folding over his chest, Thor nods to Natasha as she moves off. "Very well then." That said he turns to the Einherjar that remains near him and gestures with one hand, "Perhaps we brought too much." That said he still looks pensive and with a tilt of his head he grabs one of the mugs recently retrieved and pours out a mug's worth of mead.
    Turning away he walks across the way, sees Cap otherwise engaged, looks to others, then espies Jennifer and her friend having such kind words. A few steps carry him away and toward her, leading first with the mug and offering it.
    "Good Jennifer, try this and see how it perhaps affects you? Just a little." And as he approaches the man who had been giving her some difficulty he smiles to the fellow and adds, "Good e'en."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana emerges from the interior of the mansion and she starts to walk out toward the others to join them, dressed in a black leather jacket over a low-scooped black top and a pair of dark red leather pants, heeled shoes and her hair tied back she looks quite casual in the moment. She's also already carrying a glass of alcohol that someone inside of the mansion had been quick to offer her. Along with the others arriving, Diana offers waves of greetings and big smiles to those she makes eye contact before she sips from her glass.

"Happy birthday." Diana offers to Scott, having been told he's one of the April birthdays, though she's unsure of whom else that belongs to just yet!

Sam Wilson has posed:
Having noticed the trouble over with Jennifer, Sam gives an upnod of his head to Steve before heading over. "Hey, Jennifer." he greets her with a small grin. "I was just about to take Thor his gift. Wanna come with?" he asks her. "We can make a pass at the drink table while we're at it, and go be sociable."

With the offer made, he pats the small wrapped package that he had gotten for Thor, waiting to see what Jennifer thinks of his idea, a grin glanced towards the guy -- before Thor comes over himself.

"Happy birthday, Thor." he offers in greetings, presenting the package to the blonde God of Thunder.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Definitely," Steve echoes of Nat's appraisal of cake-baking and decorating potential. He glances up at the Widow, giving her a friendly quiet smile from his kneel. As to the envelope being waved at Scott? The Captain briefly chimes in:

"I was listening to relevant items of interest in connection to that there." He nods towards the flickering gift in the Wasp's hold. "Work appropriate." Another grin.

Cassie asks. How to resist? "I don't mind playing with you, Cassie. What're you thinking?" he asks of the little girl, now resting a forearm across his bent knee, head tilted in invitation to her ideas. He hears his name called out by Jennifer and briefly turns in place to wave back at her. He sees Thor moving to speak to her and and such, turns his attention just as quickly back to Cassie, not wanting to give the impression of ignoring the little girl.

Clint Barton has posed:
Grinning, Clint says, "Hey that's funny, me too." And in this job its not always guaranteed. Though that dark thought doesn't dampen Clint's smile any as Wanda joins them.

"Hey," he smiles, kissing Wanda's cheek. "Yeah got an early start on things, 'bout to go for a refill can grab you one if you want."

Though as he speaks part of his attention on Janet and Scott, curious about what she and Steve got him. Which reminds him.

He leans over to whisper to Wanda, "Did we get Scott and Thor anything?" someone may have gotten sidetracked lately.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper's presents for the pair are packaged and put protectively near one of the catering tables. There has to be a central setting, right? Well, as far as she's concerned. Makes it easier than handing.. and her presents for the pair are bagged in gift bags with the requisite papers, the tag signed in flowing handwriting of her signature. A second set of bags that look very much like her own also have wrapped presents in there, the handwritten signature in the same style, but the name is 'Tony'. (Always the secretary making sure everything is done and ordered.)

Now that most everyone is around the cake, Pepper can get a picture of it properly. "Better than I could when I was her age."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters smiles in relief at Sam Wilson, "Gawd it's good to see you," she says overdramatically as Sam walks up to her. "It's been...forever!" she says, playing it up as much as possible, while shunning the generic man. He puts his hands up, "Alright, you're busy, I gotcha," he says and walks off back to his nondescript world.

Jennifer nudges Sam's shoulder with her elbow and grins, "I owe ya---oh Thor!" she lets out, "Hey look, it's Thor. Happy Birthday!" she says with more honestly. She takes the drink from Thor that he offered her and says, "Thanks Thor. No fancy Pina Colada? Aww." she asks him and grins.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
% Janet makes a face at Scott, feigning scandal, but it's ruined by the amusement in her eyes as she slaps his shoulder with the fragile envelope. "You wish," she accuses him, and holds the envelope out again. The socialite looks sideways at Steve's rapport with the little Cassie, which is an image that surely deserves to be on the side of a wholesome cereal brand or something.

The envelope says 'From Janet and Steve', each signed with their own uniquely artistic signature. "It's a gift certificate for Jon Baltimore's," Janet tells Scott. "Cassie told Steve you're still playing the drums, so I figured you could get yourself a nice Sonor kit and all the trimmings. Maybe get the kidlet a baby grand to practice on? There's a tab open for whatever you settle on. I was going to get you a set but then, y'know," she inhales through her teeth. "Instruments are so personal. I figured it'd be better for you to go and find the one that sounds right to your ear."

Thor has posed:
    "Samuel!" Thor's response is given even as he awaits Jen's acceptance of the drink. There's a hefty /thump thump/ upon the man's shoulder in greeting, "You enjoy my thanks, you needn't have." But he accepts the package all the same, tucking it up under his arm.
    "Come," He motions to the two of them, "Let us go pay our respects to Scott, we are here celebrating the day of his birth as well I am told."
    And with that he'll move to lead them both away, smiling to the strange person who had so accosted Jen moments ago and offering a litle shrug before moving off in that direction as well.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff smiles to the kiss to her cheek and she nods to Clint. "Thank you, same as you're having would be perfect," she tells him. Wanda leans back closer to him, a smile as her cheek is near to Clint's as she whispers something back, "Oh yes, did we ever. I'll be bringing them in very shortly," she says, and casts a meaningful look towards the mansion, where a pair of staffers are carrying out some sort of platforms, one low and one taller, about chest height.

Wanda asks Pepper, "Do you need a drink too? Sam Wilson, what about you?" she asks. "If you don't have a drink in hand before Thor taps his keg-" But then she realizes he already has and she holds up her hands in a shrug towards Sam. Had your chance, buddy, her expression says.

Sam Wilson has posed:
There's a soft oof when he's thumped, but Sam handles it all the same. "It's your birthday and I did some reading on thing, I saw that the usual offering to you is mead or red meat." he explains. That's for when Thor opens the package later and finds the certificate for Holy Grail steaks for a small package. He just figured Thor would enjoy a good steak.

A grin aside to Jennifer. "Nice to see you as well, Miss Walters." he offers, before Thor is herding them back to Scott and Cassie. "I have a gift for Scott as well." he comments, the other package that he was carrying as he heads over towards the others.

Wanda's offered is given a grin. "Maybe I'll get a chance later?" he asks with a helpless shrug. Such is the way when you take care of something else and you know, skip the drinks.

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott accepts the envelope, starting to open it. His brows move in puzzlement at first, and then jet upwards. He's touched. "Wow, Janet. Really," Scott says, clearly touched by the gift. His tone is genuine and happy; Scott's emotions generally read on his face. In this case, pleasant surprise! "I do still play, and I hadn't replaced my set yet. This is really perfect."

"He is /very/ noisy sometimes," Cassie assures Janet and Steve, as she pats Steve's shoulder, hand landing near the big Avenger's neck, small fingers curling a little. She's brave, but her touch is soft. "A ride? Everybody is /so tall/. And you're fast. But don't go in the pool, I have my monster skirt," Cassie says, displaying her hands down over the ruffled tiers of her skirt with monsters printed on it, over her striped leggings. The colors don't clash, but do show off her personality and that preference for purple.

Scott then spots Thor, and immediately brightens further and waves broadly at him. "Thor! Happy Birthday!" Scott shouts, open and cheery as ever.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper does indeed have a drink in hand; her white wine, but she is more than happy to set that aside, and says as much. "I would love the opportunity to try that.." Beat. "Hi, Clint," the archer is greeted. It's back to Wanda then, and she's ready to give it a try. "I have a ride home," is joked. "If I end up under a table, though, just let me be. I'll be fine."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha grins, shoulders shaking a bit with a laugh she otherwise successfully suppresses, before she belatedly straightens up and gives Scott a respectful nod as her attention turns from Cassie to him, saying "Happy birthday, Scott." to the newer of Avengers in attendance; still more guarded around him than most of the others so far. Give it time! Probably!
    She does wince a little when the keg is opened and says, "Yeah, that's- be careful of those if you can't lift a car." She warns the assembled crowd in general.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet beams at Scott's reaction. "We need to get a jam sesh going, you and me. I'm not practicing enough as it is." She mimics playing the drums in the air. "But I'll let the others have a crack at you now." Her eyes glitter. "Happy birthday, Scott," she bids him, and turns in place, just in time to catch Diana coming from the other direction. "Diana!" Janet says, looking pleasantly surprised. "I didn't think you'd be swinging by, but I am glad you're here," she assures the raven-haired princess. She glances around and then offers a beckoning gesture to the Amazon. "I think you know everyone here, right? C'mon, let's go get a drink," she suggests. "I think Thor just cracked his party keg, so we're on a timer before he and Steve start singing Gaelic sea shanties at one another. Again."

Clint Barton has posed:
"Good," Clint whispers to Wanda before giving smiles to the others joining them. "You sure?" he asks Sam about the drinks, and then waves to Pepper. "Hey Pep, Tony let you to come play huh?" he asks.

As Thor and Jen wander this way as well, Clint calls out, "Hey, Thor happy birthday!" and a smile and nod of greeting is given to Jen.

"Okay, anyone else need a drink? Getting one for Wanda and Pepper so far."

Tony Stark has posed:
There was a long talk earlier in the morning about not arriving to the party in armor. There'd been a lot of back and forth about how people got a kick out of it, but it wasn't his birthday, but it'd liven things up if they got dull, but parties shouldn't require multi-billion dollar weapons platforms to be exciting. In the end, he'd begrudgingly left in behind - or so he'd said. In truth, it is flying in a holding pattern a mile above just in case.

Despite being at the Mansion before the party started, Tony had opted for a fashionably late arrival. That meant playing pinball in the Rec Room until things were in swing. Once they were, he wanders out of the house and into the yard proper. He's already got one of those little mini hotdogs and is munching on it thoughtfully, pausing to stand by the pool and ...

There's a splash and a shout of amused protest as he casually pushes one of the invitees into the pool who had been goofing off by its edge. He doesn't even look up as he goes, strolling on by.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
As she passes by the massive crowd of Avengers packed into the area, Jennifer tries to be polite and greet them all, "Hi Wanda, hi Steve, Ni Natasha, hi...you guys," she says and smiles, proceeding past with Thor's entourage. "I forgot somebody, I know," she chuckles.

Jennifer finally waves at Scott as she approaches with Sam, "Hi Scott! Happy Birthday!" she lets out cheerfully, now that Sam and Thor have saved her from generics. She nudges Sam again and quietly mutters, "Call me Jennifer!" she hurriedly tells him and chuckles, "Miss Walters is my courtroom drama name."

Thor has posed:
    Wandering over now toward Scott and the others, Thor lifts his mug of mead and proclaims happily, "Scott Lang! Clint!" His arms rise up and he swoops in for the double bro-hug, sweeping the two men into his embrace and thumping shoulders most righteously. It's a steady /thud/thud/thud/ that might well leave people a little addled but perhaps just a smidge.
    "I had thought of the perfect present to bring to your party and here I am! My presence is such a gift." But he's already reaching in the pocket of his jeans and produces... an Amazon gift card which he extends to the man, "But there is also this, I was told it is a perfect present in these times. Do not try and redeem it with the Themyscirans, however. They grow most cross."
    That said then he looks down at Cassie and feigns a stern brow glower. "And who is this little dwarf creature? Who let her in here?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper turns around to see Nat, to hear the quip regarding the lifting of a car as a pre-qualifier to having some of Thor's keg. She pauses before she smiles and turns back around, making note, "Maybe I should have mine with some ice." Certainly not a question!

"Thank you, Clint.. and there are days when I actually manage to sneak out of the office. Of course, I'm pretty sure there's a tracking device on the car.." Pepper is teasing; humor evident in her tones. "Don't forget.. ice, please?" She can't lift cars.

Tony's entrance is always that.. an entrance.. and it brings her attention around. Her lips purse in a soft line as the *push* happens, the first water casualty. She shakes her head, chuffs a laugh before returning to Wanda. "Always relaxing.."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Scotts gets a dimpled grin and a little nod: good, present one delivered and cheer brought. Steve takes a moment to wink towards Janet in an unspoken laud of 'we done good' before Cassie's palm very gently alights upon his shoulder. He glances back to her, brows lifted, and nods in agreement as to her skirt.

"It's a great skirt 'nd we definitely won't go in the pool with it. We'll stay away from the pool. We won't hit any tree limbs either because we'll watch out for 'em. You'll be pretty tall in a second. Ready?" Carefully, checking his strength with deliberate skill, he helps Cassie hop up to sling one stripe-legging'd leg and then the other over his broad shoulders. "Annnnd up..." Slowly, he straightens, and wow: Cassie's even taller than //Thor// now. It's probably an amazing view of the yard. His palms are kept wrapped about just beneath her knees and he stays still to let her get comfortable, wince-smiling to himself as a little elbow bounces off his skull.

"This's Cassie, Thor, Scott's kiddo," he explains to the Asgardian.

He glances up at Cassie. "Here, we're gonna go say hi to Diana, okay? I think you'll like her too."

Scott gets a grin. "I'll bring her back safely," he reassures the man before he begins a brisk semi-jouncing walk in the direction of Diana and the Wasp.

"I thought you liked my sea shanties." That's how Steve butts into the conversation with his young shoulder-rider in tow. Diana and Janet get a grin. "Diana, may I present Cassie Lang, she of fine cake decorating skills. Purple is her favorite color. Right?" He rolls his eyes up towards piggybacking Cassie in the confirmation.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    "Hello, Jennifer." she replies kindly, voice slightly heavy with birth after the presentation of Thor's gift. "Glad you could make it. Everything going o-..." Natasha seems distracted, "...-kay?"
    The sound of hapless innocents hitting water draws Natasha's attention, and then a wry smirk as she sees the culprit. She crosses her arms with a sigh and dryly says, "Fashionably late, Stark?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
When his phone goes off, Sam glances down at it, his thumb moving across the screen in a response and he sighs. "I need to get going." he murmurs apologetically to those around him. He sets the package down for Scott. "Happy birthday." he offers. Inside his package is a Nintendo Switch. "I'll send you my friend code for Mario Kart." But with that, he sends off a text. "No life threatening emergency. Just someone needing a friend." With that, Sam's heading off.

Thor has posed:
    Returning the small wave from Diana, Thor's grin is wry as he has no doubt she heard his little attempt at wry humor. But then he looks /up/ now at Cassie and blinks confusedly, "What witchery is this, she is now staggeringly tall? Madness!" But when Cap departs with the sprogling he grins a little and eases from the playful silliness he had been indulging in.
    Instead he embarks on other efforts, particularly drinking.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is intercepted by Janet and as she sees the fashionista she has a big smile appear upon her red lips. "Some more than others." Diana says in her thickly accented English. "It is so good to see you, I'm sorry you were unable to make it to the Embassy the other night. You are always welcome there." She follows with Janet, wherever the woman shall lead! "A keg you say? Is it Asgardian alcohol?" She asks with a quiet tone of worry on her smoky voice. Worry because that stuff is actually capable of making her tipsy! Diana hears Thor speaking of Themyscira across the distance between them (super hearing) and she looks over at him to smirk and wave in his direction 'Happy birthday' she mouths the words at him without sound.

At Steve's arrival, and introduction of Cassie, Diana shows a very slight grin and nod to the Captain before she looks to the young girl and moves toward her. She offers her a hand. "Why hello there, Cassie. It is a pleasure to meet you." The Princess tells the girl with a soft smile. "Would you do me a very important favor?" Diana asks then as she crouches down and reaches in to her jacket. She pulls out the coiled-up golden lasso of Truth and she offers it to the girl. "Would you hold on to this for me during the party, so that it does not get lost? It is very important that you keep it close and safe." She tips her chin down and then grins to the girl.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Unfashionably on time, Romanoff?" Tony shoots back, raising an eyebrow and finishing the remnants of the mini-hotdog before the toothpick is tossed into a nearby empty glass. Then he's looking around for another one. A tray of other hors d'oeuvres passes him by, but he gives it a critical look and, finding no mini fast food of any sort, lets it pass with a click of his tongue.

A tight-lipped smile is offered across the way to Pepper, although he doesn't say anything further. A tray of drinks passes by which he regards thoughtfully but foregoes as well, tucking his hands into his pockets.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff will motion to Clint not to go for the drinks yet, as she moves over, taking advantage of Thor and Scott being together. Wanda flashes Natasha a quick grin at her comment about the beverages Thor has brought, but then focuses back on the two birthday boys.

"If you are ok with getting your presents now," Wanda asks them. If they relent, she motions to the two stands that have been set up. Wanda's arms move in slow, spiraling circles, and then dips a knee down low to bring a hand up from the ground. Red energy is drawn up from seemingly nowhere, and directed by Wanda onto the two stands.

The one that is no more than a half a foot tall has a large swirl of red energy circling atop it, and then it fades away to reveal... a lifelike ice sculpture of Thor. It captures the details of his face and costume, and is as tall as him, posed to be running with Mjolnir in hand.


Even as the first ice sculpture finishes appearing, a swirl of red energy coalesces on the smaller, taller pedestal. Another ice sculpture appears, this one of Ant-man. One has to lean close to see it well. There's a life-sized bullet made of ice, with the tiny little icy Ant-Man running atop it.


Wanda smiles to the two Avengers. "Happy birthday from Clint and I," she says.

Scott Lang has posed:
Cassie's eyes get HUGE. She accepts the lasso with a tentative glossy hero-worship. Scott slightly looks concerned by that, but not for safety reasons. Cassie's then picked up by Steve: and she dangles the lasso loosely around his head. That's probably not going to cause ANY problems.

"I am a /Pixie Ogre/, not a /DWARF/," Cassie corrects Thor anyway, sticking up for herself just fine from Steve's shoulders. "With a magical whip of the Amazon Princesses," she continues, sending a look to Wonder Woman to check about that fact.

"Oooohhhhgod!" Scott huffs as he's pulled into the painful embrace of the thunder god. Ow ow ow. Scott steps back as he's released, stretching his back as he is handed an Amazon card. "You're not even going to believe this, but I believed the same," Scott says, handing Thor back an exact replica of the same gift card. What are the odds?!

"Hi Jennifer. Natasha. Hi Tony. Thanks Sam," Scott greets, returning handshakes and accepting well-wishes cheerfully. Until Wanda begins to make magical sculptures, and Scott is without words... before he moves over to inspect his, close-up! "Mini-me!" ... "Mini-mini-me."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha just siiiiighs and shakes her head, though her smile lingers a little longer than is strictly neccessary. "That's it. Nobody tell Tony which drinks are Asgardian."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint offs as he's drawn into the hug by Thor. "Hey man, good to see you too," he grins at the God of Thunder.

Once free he scoots off to get beer for Pep and Wanda, coming back just in time to see Wanda summon up those ice statues for the birthday boys. He grinning, he says, "As you can tell I had a lot to do with picking out these gifts," to Thor and Scott.

Then he delivers the beers with a smile for Wanda, "Nice job." Before he turns and offers the other to Pepper.

Thor has posed:
    A wry smile lights upon Thor's features as he accepts the gift card and pockets it, still patting Scott a little on the shoulder and then turning. He observes the brilliant act of the creation of those ice sculptures. He steps forward beside Scott and takes the time to lean over and laugh a little, observing the two creations.
    For a moment he looks up, looks at his sculpture, then Scott's, then back to his sculpture. He hrms and lifts a finger. "Though... one small thing. Mine should perhaps. Be a touch bigger. For scale of course. Realism." He nods once, though his lips twist into a grin.
    And that is when he espies Tony's approach and greets him with a loud, "Stark!" Which echoes off the walls outside, but nicely muted beyond the grounds of the mansion. Though those near might not be so fortunate.
    "Thank you for arranging this gathering."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters has some of her drink Thor gave her as she watches the ice carving, "ooo," she says, "ahhh," she adds. She tries to say goodbye to Sam, who darts off but doesn't seem sure he heard her. She glances over with the crowd and observes what the wiley Tony Stark is doing.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Oh, y'now, /work/," Janet sighs at Diana. "Always something going on, and we're coming into a big crunch to prep for New York fashion week, then it's off to London right after that, that, that, whyyy did you give her that?" Janet's eyes go round at the sight of Cassie wielding the golden lasso. "Hey, that can't be kid safe, right?"

And then Cassie wraps the coil around Steve's head, and Janet's eyes narrow thoughtfully. Not malicious, thankfully, but there's a certain predatory alertness to her attention at the sight of Steve wearing the lasso like a headband. She joins the polite applause at Wanda's extraordinary legerdemain, but keeps a wary eye on the girl.

"Careful with that rope, kid," Janet calls up to Cassie. "Get it on the wrong person's wrist and we'll have a national security incident." Janet twists and looks over her shoulder, hearing Thor booming a hello at Tony; she grins briefly, then glances to Pepper and Natasha, reading their reactions with muted interest.

"Jen!" Janet calls, with no propriety. "Have you met Diana yet?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
"That is amazing, Wanda.." is breathed. Pepper is, once again, in awe of all that those here can do effortlessly. It's .. remarkable, and she's proud that she can be a part of it, even if only a little. And humbled.

Clint's return brings another smile, and she reaches out for the glass. A tentative sniff is given it with the the raised brow inquiry, "This is Thor's?" Just in case Clint didn't catch the request, some ice needs to be gained.

Janet's remark about London brings Pepper's attention around to, "Let me know when you're ready to fly out, Janet."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha DOES have the good grace to be... mildly uncomfortable with the lasso of truth being thrown around, as she doesn't particularly want it touching her; so she quietly backs off a step and hopes nobody asks Steve any personal questions.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana watches Cassie react to having the lasso and she grins from ear to hear. "She will be fine, I am sure of it. It is as safe as a jump rope, is it not?" Not quite. Diana takes another sip from her drink then as she makes sure not to go too far from the young girl. "I was telling Steve just the other night that I need to attend one of your events, as I have yet to have the opportunity to do so." A smile is then offered to Pepper then, a face she recognizes but a woman she doesn't believe she's ever spoken to. Diana offers Pepper her right hand. "Hello, it's so good to finally be close enough to speak." She offers to the other then.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Don't thank me too much," Tony calls back to Thor, gesturing around himself, "This is my present."

Tony pauses to look at the ice sculptures now, leaning in to give them a critical stare over the top of his sunglasses. As he looks, the drink tray arrives and he scoops his specially prepared concoction off of it with one hand. Then with the casual surreptitiousness of the practiced self-obsessive, he reaches out to gently snap a finger off Ice-Thor and drop it into his drink with a plop.

"Hey, Cap," he calls out, pointing towards Steve with his free hand and then up a little further at Cassie, "You've got something on your head." A knowing wink shot to the junior Lang as he says it.

"Happy birthday, new guy," he then calls to Scott, raising the glass in a silent toast, "Your gift is you now get actual health insurance instead of my just telling you that you definitely, absolutely have it."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff's smile that results is mainly for how the birthday boys react to the sculptures, and probably a touch of a blush from the comments from the rest. "I didn't wish to make anyone else feel, well, you know," she says to Thor in a stage whisper in response to making his larger.

She gives a warm, scoffing chuckle and then turns to get her drink from Clint. "Thank you," she tells Clint, expression softening and growing warmer as she takes the drink. "Just what the doctor ordered," she says as she takes a sip of it. Tony using Thor's statue to keep his drink cold gets another soft chuckle from her.

Wanda watches Cassie with the rope and tells Diana, "We're glad you were able to make it. It's difficult to catch so many of us at one time," she says. "Barring relatives invading the city anyway," she says, giving Thor a playful light touch on the back to make sure it's taken as the joke it was meant as.

Wanda looks back to Pepper. "Really glad you were able to come too, Pepper," she says. Wanda takes a sip of her drink and glances over towards Natasha. "Nat, how are you doing? We haven't had a chance to catch up in quite a long while," she offers.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve stays still in order to let Cassie accept the lasso. His eyebrows lift even as his gaze does the same to see just how she's handling the priceless artifact and...he then sees the Golden Lasso fall about his brow like a coronet. A little sigh leaves him and a wry half-smile. "Definitely the Amazonian Princesses," he echoes of the little girl in utter truth.

He glances over in time to see the grand display of ice artwork and blows an appreciative whistle through his teeth. "Great job, Wanda!" He did hear the earlier yelp and consequential splash as well as Thor's booming greeting, and belatedly turns to see Tony now present amidst the coterie.

"Oh hey, Tony, glad you made it," he says to the genius-inventor, giving him an easy grin. "You're observant as always; both Cassie and Diana's lasso. It's alright, they're fine." He shifts back in forth in place a few times as if he suddenly might take off left and right, to jostle Cassie about and shake out a potential giggle or two.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha seems almost surprised by Wanda's observation and says, "... No. No, I guess we haven't." before thinking for a moment and putting on a bit of a smile. "I'm... good." Which is about as open as she ever is, except she usually just says 'fine'. So that's a step forward. "Relatively... relaxed assignment the last little while, so... pretty peaceful. Random gorilla transformations aside. How have *you* been?" She ends, partly out of interest and politeness, but also habitually diverting attention off of herself for fear of follow-up questions.

Scott Lang has posed:
"...Cool. That is an ...awesome joke to hear from my boss. Haha," Scott laughs to Tony's joke about health insurance, taking it as the joke it must be. It's a joke, right? With Cassie's health problems, it doesn't fall as great of a joke onto Scott's ears as it could have, but he gives a good smile anyway, picking up a lemonade from nearby to lift it and pretend not to be slightly uncomfortable. He fails mostly. He gives Pepper a look that reads 'Yes joke??' at her.

Scott downs it like it's alcoholic, even if it's not, and briefly checks on Cassie visually, weaving to ask Diana, "It, ah, what does it exactly do?" he wonders, with a splayed finger gesture. "Other than look ravishing as a necklace on Cap." .... "-tain America." Can't quite make himself be comfortable with the 'Cap' thing yet. Awkward.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper catches the approach of Diana, and, well.. it's not har to know who she is! Shifting her drink into her left hand, she makes sure her hand is dry enough to extend in return. "The pleasure is mine," is rejoindered, and once done, she retrieves her hand. "I don't think either of us have been in one place long enough.." She looks over the gathered and presses her lips together before she shrugs, "I really should go, though. I wanted to be sure I was able to tell the two 'happy birthday'." And their gifts from her are .. not quite as grand as others.

The glass that Clint brought is set down to the side, and she reaches to touch Wanda's arm. "I'll see you again, I hope.. Nat.."

One step is taken to the side, a second before she finishes the litany of those in attendance, making sure Thor and eventually Scott will get their 'happy birthday' wishes.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods to Pepper, "Yep, just like you asked," he says before adding. "Good luck."

He smiles, nodding to Wanda. "I hear you there-" he begins before there's a beep from his phone, he checks it, frowning. "Got to head up to the monitor room for a bit, but will be back." Guess who lost a bet and had to cover tonight? His name ryhmes with Cling Bartab.

Kissing Wanda on the cheek he slips off to go check on whatever was going on.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet worms her way over to Steve's arm and squeezes it, then stands on her tiptoes (inasmuch as her heels allow) and whispers something in his ear. She grins cheekily at the Star Spangled Man and lets her weight drop again to her heels.

"Tony, stop being a pill," Janet scolds the billionaire. "Scott, don't mind him, we'd never let anything happen to Cassie," Janet assures him. "Or, you, I guess," she adsd, belatedly. "Come to think of it--we have health insurance?" Janet's nose wrinkles. "I'm so used to paying cash, I guess. Scott, if the insurance thing ever falls through, you can use my private suite at Mercy General," Janet advises the Ant-Man. "Or I can send my physician over to your house. Or whatever!"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana offers a parting commentary to Pepper for the woman has to leave and then turns to Scott whom she speaks to about the lasso. "It was the weaponf of the Goddess of Truth, Hestia. But she granted it to my people when they were put isolated from the world of men." She explains to the Ant-Man, her eyes on Cassie and the lasso in question with Cap. "It will compel those who place it around themselves to tell only the truth as they know it." She glances to Scott then. "And it is indestructible. I have used it against a great many powerful beings, and they all found it's bondage to be unbreakable." Diana's eyes go to the ice sculptures and then to Wanda, she raises her drink up to smile toward the Scarlet Witch, and then looks back to Scott. "I can take it back if you would rather her not have it. I understand entirely if it is too unsettling a thing for her to have. I was... infatuated with it when I was her age." She smiles softly then.

Thor has posed:
    Now standing over by the keg that he tapped, the other two nearby as well, Thor lifts his mug having had a fair amount already to drink and announces after clearing his throat. "Attention, party people!" He holds up his mug.
    "I bring to your attention that these casks are so presented on behalf of the people of Asgard. They are /exceedingly/ potent. They are to be shared but with a measure of restraint! This is not a challenge to see who can indulge and endure past whom. This is but a warning!"
    He then gestures around with his mug towards the people near, "And not a test of your bravery! Do not seek to test yourself, for down that path lies madness!"
    And at that he smiles a little. Perhaps a touch blearily. But then he turns and walks off with his mug still in hand.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Great, wonderful, superb," Tony offers, taking a sip of his drink and wriggling the glass around a bit to let the severed Ice-Thor finger clatter against the inside. An eyebrow is raised at the gathering and then he turns to wander off into the depths of the part in search of some other mild trouble to cause.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Carefully, the Captain leans a little in order to hear what Janet whispers into his ear. He laughs once and whispers a bit more loudly back, "I admit I'm shocked."


Steve keeps shifting back and forth in those short, controlled movements as he looks from Diana to Scott. "'s'true, it's a thing of wonder. 'm not bothered by it at the moment." This he says to reassure Ant-Dad. Turning in place, he looks towards Thor. There's a small smile on his face as he lifts his voice to carry towards the Asgardian.

"What about sea shanties? Are those a test of bravery? Janet reminded me of last time, figure we can try singing 'em again?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff smiles to Natasha and tells her in Wanda's softly accented English, "I am good. Very good of late. You'll have to stop by and see the mug that Clint got me. I don't have to steal Steve's anymore," she says, flashing a small guilty grin over towards the Captain.

Wanda wanders over to the kegs that Thor has. "Maybe just a taste then," she says, after having said goodbye to Clint with a quick hug. "Else Clint will have to leave watch duty to come carry me to my room later. And I do blame you for him having the extra duty, oh Eater-of-Giant-Burgers," she tells Thor.

Wanda pauses in thought as Diana tells the story of the lasso. "Not that I mean to demean the gift of a Goddess. But that seems all backwards. She gave the lasso AFTER you were isolated from the men? I mean, when the men were around would be when you needed to be able to make them tell the truth, right?" she asks, looking to her female Avengers for support on the question.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters smiles and raises her drink that Thor gave her as she observes the pleasant festivities but then suddenly pauses and quirks a green eyebrow as she looks over at Thor, her eyes rolling to the side to eye what he's doing over there by the...magical brew. She looks down into her mysterious...dark, swirling drink, perhaps looking for that magic potency. "Hmm," she comments undecidedly. She then sips it and downs the rest like a beer afficionado, "Hmm," she says again.

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott listens to the full description from Diana, enraptured on her every word, by the look of it. "Incredible. Wow," Scott answers, encouragingly. "No, I mean," he gestures with his empty glass towards Cassie, "It's fine. I was just curious about it, too," he says, honestly. Scott doesn't need a lasso to be honest and genuine all the time!

"Don't strangle him, peanut," Scott does call after Cassie, who pretends she didn't hear, but still doesn't strangle Steve anyway.

"Cassie's been okay for over a year now. We're really hopeful it won't take a bad turn, but thanks a lot, Janet. I'll remember it if it comes up, for sure," Scott answers Janet with some clear relief.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Preach, sister," Janet says, and holds her hands skywards to echo Wanda's question. "Me, I am being the /soul/ of restraint here," she announces. "I haven't even asked what Steve's getting me for my birthhday. Shocking, I know," she agrees, and looks around for something not in her hands.

"Did I seriously not get a drink yet?" she inquires, looking momentarily befuddled, and heads over to the casks to get a crack at the pony keg. "Just a little," she warns Thor, and holds a glass out at him. "And no international incidents, okay?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks then to Wanda and flashes her a grin at the question. She points toward her. "You would think. But, we needed a lot of powerful items to protect our home, this was one of many gifted to my people. But do not worry, it is getting plenty of use these days." Diana turns then and starts toward the keg to set her drink down and give Thor a soft smile. "I did not get you a present." She tells him then before garnering herself a glass from the keg of Asgardian brew. "What more could you possibly want, honestly?" She teasing him of course, and sips from her new drink.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha returnings Pepper's parting with a nod and a soft - if slightly delicate - "Pepper." before her attention turns back to Wanda, prompting a wry little smile as she replies, "Ha, well, Clint does have a way of preventing crimes before they start."
    She does, however, let Wanda go as events proceed, and quietly begins to step back a bit, watching everyone with a distant sort of fondness and idly sipping at her drink.

Thor has posed:
    "Sea shanties are a fine thing!" Thor calls back over his shoulder in the way that the mildly tipsy have, answering something they hear in their head loudly and without hesitation. But then he turns and /drops/ into one of the seats left outside and slouches into it, crossing his legs at the ankles and resting his beer upon his belly, hands upon it.
    But when he espies Wanda and Janet taking a little bit from the casks he tells the, "Be careful, ladies." He nods once, holding a finger up as if being oh so safe and admonishing.
    Then, of course, Diana rounds and offers him teasing words to which he answers with a wry smile, "My dear Princess Diana, light in my eye and brilliant heart so shared, your presence is enough of a present."

Steve Rogers has posed:
"I owe you a shanty then!" fires the Captain back towards Thor. It's apparently a promise once he's handed Cassie back over to her dad.

Wanda's little grin is returned with a good-natured shrug that bounces Cassie up and down once -- no worries, in regards to the coffee mug.

"Here, Cassie, let's take a lap around the backyard. Promise, no going anywhere near the pool or the trees, your dad would be mad at me if I bumped your head 'nd I'd be pretty sad if it happened." Having forewarned the little girl, he then holds up a finger off of her knee.

"One sec," says the man to the rest of the adults nearby before he turns and takes off at an easy, jouncing lope, quickly enough to make Cassie's hair flutter. Steve won't be gone long, but he is apparently going to meander through the trees on his way back and around in large loops like a drunken bumblebee.

Diana Prince has posed:
Another sip is taken from the Asgardian mead cup she holds now, and Diana's eyes then glance down to it before she looks over at Thor and smiles at first, then laughs softly at what he says. "How much of this honied wine have you had already?" She asks the Thunderer. Her eyes drop back down to the mug then. "It is very sweet." She says in a quieter and more dire tone of voice before she looks up to the others still gathered about, watching Steve do his continued entertainment of the lovely young Cassie. Natasha receives a wave as she spies the spy sipping her drink, not having had a chance to speak to the would be First Lady yet.

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott's pocket shrieks with a terrifyingly shrill, awful alarm. It's really impossible to ignore. He draws his mobile out, flinching, and shuts it off. "Pym," he explains, with a waggle of the phone. "I have been summoned. I'll be right back; keep watch of Cassie until I get back, please?" Scott asks of the Avengers, with a quick smile. Of anybody out there, Avengers are trusted with keeping his daughter safe!

Scott veers off towards the Pym mobile lab on the other side of the big yard, to pay his required dues for his birthday in there briefly; it isn't like Pym does parties.

Thor has posed:
    Answering Diana with the lift of his mug, "Well, one must sample the wares before accepting them. You know." The Thunderer takes another sip of his drink and draws one boot up to rest upon his knee, head tilting as he looks over the denizens sharing in the celebration.
    Then he smiles as he crinkles his nose and looks back over toward Diana. "So a bit. Perhaps a flagon or two." The tall man offers with a small shrug, bonelessly given.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff gives a soft smile at the mention of Janet's restraint. "Diana, I have a feeling someone will be wanting to borrow your lasso later," she comments before drifting away with that drink in hand still, and over to Tony Stark.

"It's a perfect day for this. Thank you for the spread, Tony. I think this is what they call team building, isn't it?" she comments to him as she takes a sip of the Asgardian mead. "Oh. My, that is rather strong," she agrees. "So Tony, how is the campaign going? I admit I haven't been following the news too closely. Too many others things I've been keeping my eye on. Have you picked a running mate yet?"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana's eyes go to Wanda then, before she gathers what the woman was implying and a big smile shows on her visage. She then tilts her head and shrugs her shoulders. "I am sure I can part with it for a single night." She then says before flashing another grin and taking another sip of the sweet mead drink. She has to shake her head then and glance to the drink once more. "It is not as strong as I thought it would be." She says, having to pick at the drink for political reasons!

Thor has posed:
    Yelling without looking, Thor's voice is heard across the party, not really addressing anyone in particular though she knows who she is. "Then you're not drinking enough!"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Back comes the busiest bumblebee, Cassie giggling all the way, and Steve briefly stops by Pym's lab in order to return his piggybacker to her father. Now free to rejoin the group, he diverts to one of the Asgardian kegs to pour himself a...non-lethal amount.

He's still wearing Diana's lasso about his temples as a golden coronet and smiles as he rejoins the group, cup of mead in-hand. "Who's not drinking enough. Can't join in on the sea shanties if you're not drinking enough," he notes with a theatrical innocence.

"I mean, you can join in if you want, nobody's stopping you, 's'just more fun if you've been drinking," he amends. Truthfully.