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Skating, Pizza, Dancing!
Date of Scene: 23 March 2024
Location: Mutant Town/Bushwick Roll-d-Domo
Synopsis: Skating was done, Pizza was consumed, dancing occured!
Cast of Characters: Patty Sloan, Mark Grayson, Sma'shaw Ihaka, Kitty Pryde, Sunny Harlow, Piotr Rasputin, Jean Grey, Doreen Green, Negasonic, Rogue, Caleb Dykstra

Patty Sloan has posed:
Roll-D-Domo. One of the hottest locations in Mutant Town, at least if you are into Roller Derby. Tonight however, The Roller Derby crew is taking a break and Roll-d-Domo has opened its doors to skaters of all skill levels. The place is set up as though it were the 70's. There is a DJ playing some Disco tunes. There are all sorts of lights illuminating the place and of course a giant Mirror ball right in the middle of the rink. All in all, its a perfect night for Skating, Pizza and Dancing!

One such person who has made their way to the Roller Rink is Patty Sloan. She had invited a few people. They invited a few people and well. Its a party at the Roll-D-Domo. Patty quickly goes in and rents her skates. Does she have her own skates? Yes she does. They are just not in this state! So she is renting tonight. She quickly gets her skates on and is immediately going out into the rink. She goes around and around getting a feel for the skates.

Mark Grayson has posed:
While Mark and Sunny were not invited or got the invitation, it's serendipity that brings the pair of them out. As he opens the door for Sunny, Mark grins. "So, I'm totally assuming you already know how to skate, but! It's how Bunny and I met, and I thought it would be awesome to take you skating as well, you know, like... connecting the dots or something."

And he's dressed for the part. Wearing a print shirt with little sharks riding surfboards all over it, matched with some blue jeans and carrying a pair of skates in a bag next to him, he's wearing some of the things that he was gifted for Christmas.

Though as he enters, there's a glance aside to Sunny and a huh. "Well... it is a Friday night. I didn't expect it to be this busy though!" His hand rests on Sunny's, waiting to see if they're going to continue on or not.

Sma'shaw Ihaka has posed:
Tacky tiger print shirt with satin fabric and a v-line going down to his chest fluff? Check. Gaudy zebra bell-bottoms? Check. Glittery, sequined inline skates? Check! Sma'shaw fully geared and decked out in his disco gear. He had the Landshark parked outside, so should he accidentally plaster his newly-minted corpse against the boundaries of the rink, he'd be able to cart himself away in short order. He slowly pushed himself from the safety of the floor outside of the rink, braving the lacquered and strobe-glancing floors with a little huff. Go on, yeen, show the what you're made of!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A Disco skating night is an opportunity for Kitty to break out the disco clothing. She's wearing a tight white jumpsuit that someone ran amuck on with a Bedazzler. Lots of sequins along the collar, cuffs and down the edges of the plunging neckline.

She's out on the skating rink floor. Not circling around, but instead dancing to the music on skates. The wheels making very fluid the movements of the girl who wanted to be a professional dancer until a certain genetic mutation led her down another path.

She's got the skating and the dancing down already. Soon it will be time for pizza!

Sunny Harlow has posed:
Sunny was here, clad in her own tied-up long-sleeve shirt and a miniskirt, albeit paired with a pair of hotpants because she'd be skating and she wasn't that silly or bold to go without. Hair down and yet held in place with a hairband for a rather different style to her usual, the blonde stepped out with Mark and blinks, tilting her head. "Wow, yeah...there's a lot more people in here than I'd thought."

Could she skate? Sunny grins, tilting her head. "Maybe not as good as Bunny, but I'll manage."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The enormous Russian arrives alone, but with the intent of seeing friends he hasn't had the chance to in some time. He ducks through the door and makes his way out to the edge of the rink, leaning on the railing a bit as he watches folks skate by. His large form draws more then a few looks, as per usual, but he just offers warm smiles in return. Piotr is also dressed for the theme, in a pair of white, WHITE pants and a matching vest and wide-collared shirt. Finding that for his frame must have taken some herculean skill. A pair of skates are dangling over his shoulder, his fingers hooked into the shoestrings as he considers.

He lightly taps a foot to the music as his gaze moves over the crowd, trying to pick out people he knows.

Jean Grey has posed:
It is a very well established fact that Jean Grey is a great skater! Better than Rogue, for sure.

... well, a better -ice- skater. The matter has not yet been tested on the less frosty field of battle that is the indoor roller rink. Are those even still a thing in 2024? Apparently!

However it is that this party came to be such a THING, the fact is that it IS a thing now, with a good number of teachers and students alike showing up means that Jean has taken advantage of the opportunity to issue a challenge to her old rival.

OK, being serious, it's really just an excuse for a nice date night out. And so the two arrive, all dressed up in their thematic 70s best. For Jean, that means a green halter top with some frills, gold, sparkly, overly tight short-shorts, a few items of chonky jewelry, and stripey athletic socks. Oh, and that big red mane of hair of hers teased out to its absolute maximum.

"Just look at everyone," she's telling Rogue, as the socks get shown off while they change into their rented skates. "Lucky I still had a few of these things laying around, I think they're leftover from a shoot I did, way back when."

Doreen Green has posed:
A skate rolls across the rink floor... yes, just one. With no person. Because there is a squirrel sitting in the roller skate itself like a wheeled kuribo's shoe, goggles over his eyes like he was a pretend WWI ace pilot.

"Gregg, I said wait for the rest of us!" The source of the squirrelnanigans is, naturally, one Doreen Green AKA the unstoppable Squirrel Girl. Who's rolling onto the rink with the matching skate in her hand, that Tippy-Toe is wiggling herself into. "Just don't get stepped on!" She's skating after the runaway with little issue, because you squirrels run on narrow telephone wires and such. Balancing on wheeled boots is pretty easy. The big tail also helps.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty soon moves out into the middle of the rink herself. She is feeling much more confident in her skating abilities. She gives a smile and a wave to Kitty as she dances on her skates. She moves her hips and in turn her skates sway and roll to the left and the right making her own sort of fluid dancing. She is getting accustomed to dancing but has little experience with it. Its fun though.

Tonight, Patty is dressed in her tie dye top and her ripped up jeans. She didn't exactly have any disco type clothing. She happily has her wings out, not really caring that others may see. She is in Mutant Town after all and being able to spread her wings certainly felt nice. She giggles a little as she flutters her wings and propels herself forward on the dance floor.

Negasonic has posed:
It might have been easy to miss Negasonic.

If you were blind.

She was in full on lurker mode, what with her tan jacket, scuffed and well-worn, a few patches of various punky things stitched onto the sleeves and front. She had her lip ring and nose ring in, and more piercings than anyone could think of in both ears. She might have missed the memo for any vibe that the group was going for, but...

She was being social.

Posted up against the wall in her big stompy boots, she glances up towards Rogue and Jean, flashing them a brief upnod. Right before her eyes dart towards Piotr.

"Hey," she says.

"You been gone a while or something?" she says. "Do you even skate?" she asks, glancing from Piotr towards the rink proper.

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Good, we can be kinda awkward together!" Mark offers cheerfully, ever the cheerleader vocally that Sunny is physically. Finding a place to settle in to put on his skates, he watches the others, and focuses in on Kitty for a moment. She looks familiar, but it's been quite a while since he plucked the Blackbird out of the sky when it was crashing down.

"Okay, we'll do a few laps, and it it gets to be too much, we'll bail?" he asks his partner, noticing the wings on Patty, but doesn't seem to be surprised. They are in Bushwick after all, and well, mutants and aliens get along, most of the time. Especially in his household.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The big man glances down at Negasonic and laughs, the sound booming and easy. "Ah! I have never skated like this, no. But I have ice skated many times, when the ice is thick enough to hold me." He offers the younger malcontent a friendly smile before he glances past her to Jean and Rogue. He turns fully towards them.

"I'm glad you two are here. I've been back at the School for a few days now, but I've mostly been recovering from jetlag and the time change. It's great to see the both of you."

He glances back down at Negasonic, and reaches out to ruffle her hair, if he can manage it. "And you, too."

Rogue has posed:
Aviators. Gold frames, black lenses. The lenses reflect the skate rink, as Rogue has entered the playfield. With super poofy hair, chestnut locks with a white streak down the middle, gently swaying in the breeze around her forehead, Rogue surveys it all.

Her eyes look over to Jean, and she upnods her chin once. "Far out, Sun Child." She states, before the glimmer of a grin touches her lips.

She has her own skates, she's had them for years. They just usually collect dust in her closet.

Dressed in loose white silk shorts with yellow lines up the hips, a dark green tanktop with spaghetti straps and the word 'Hot' in white simple font on her bustline, the Belle from Mississippi is eager to pop her sneakers off, and slip the skates on over her knee-high white and yellow socks.

"I got asked to join a roller derby team, did I tell ya that?' She asks Jean, as she slips one skate on. "I told'em I think I'd kill everyone on the other team, and it was probably a bad idea. They said I could just ride the bench though, and be an intimidater. But it's like... me, ride the bench? C'mon, that's a joke, right?" She grins with a cocky style all her own.

One skate on, she moves to the next, quick to tie the laces tight on the leather boots, as her hands work quick, the red white and blue sweat bands on her wrist snug tight like the rest of her attire is across her form.

"No cheatin' tonight, like you do at pool neither!" She tells the redhead astride her.

When the Russian man makes a big shadow before them, Rogue looks up, and a smile crosses her features. She jumps up to her skated feet - completely cheating which allows her to balance easily due to flight power - she moves toward him to offer a hug. "I'm safe! I promise!" She says to him. "Happy t'see ya, Heavy Metal."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde waves back to Patty as she spots the greeting from the winged girl. She's really enjoying the Abba that they are playing right now. Though a girl of the 2000s, Kitty has a love of a lot of retro things, from video games to music and movies.

Her eyes go past Patty then, and lock in on someone she hasn't seen in quite awhile. Kitty watches Piotr as he's speaking to a few other familiar faces, the girl still dancing out there in the middle area of the rink while others circle around her on skates.

After a few more moments of watching, she rolls herself across the rink, coasting over towards the section of wall around the skating surface near which Piotr and the others from the school are standing.

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Arriving at the Roll-D-Domo, skating shoes by his side, and a younger sister close by with her own pair of skating shoes, was Caleb. Both siblings glance at the people here, Sheila's attention drifting more to the ring. Naturally, she's willing to test out things, speeding up impatiently towards the edge.

"Sheila, wait up", Caleb says.

"Aw, come on! Why don't you speed up instead for once?" Yup, impatience dominates her.

"Because we still need to put on the sh..." His eyes catch glimpse of the sole skating shoe - yes, the one with the squirrel - sliding across the ice. Deadpan as he follows.

"Is that a...?"

"Yup. It's a skating squirrel", he replies.

Sunny Harlow has posed:
Faces around were mostly unknown to her with only one or two exceptions, and even those were as Indestructibelle, not Sunny...so she'd just have to offer a social smile. Nodding her head, she bends to secure her skates to her feet and gives an experimental little twirl on the spot.

Alright, so she might have had -some- practice before.

"C'mon, we can hold each other up!"

Negasonic has posed:
Patted atop the head, Negasonic glances up to pinch her features up towards the large form of Colossus. Jaw works a bit, but the teen allows it.

Although riiiiiiiiight after, she takes a step away. And then another. He had long arms.

Besides, Rogue was distracting him with hugs anyways, and so she could glance down to her ever-vibrating phone, her thumb sliding across the screen.

"See? You were missed," she says, with a vague gesture towards the others.

"If I missed you, I'd just aim and fire again or whatever," she adds, dark eyes on her phone.

Sma'shaw Ihaka has posed:
"OhhhhhnononoNONONOSHIEEEEE-" A blur of fluff and sequins bounces off of the wall, sending Sma'shaw sliding with limbs splayed as his vision spun. "Blurghhhhh..." He really needed to get his skatin' skills up to snuff if he was going to be on the roller blading derby team, but he just wasn't hitting his groove with staying on his feet.

Jean Grey has posed:
Once she has the skates on, Jean stands up, wobbling briefly, and then puts her hands on her hips and grins like it didn't happen. "Piece of cake." She takes a moment, shifting this way and that, to make sure they're on and tied tightly enough. "I think the fit is pretty good." The fact that Rogue doesn't -need- to rent and has brought her own may presage a bit of a turnabout here, in the hierarchy of skating power! Sure, the two sports may share some very basic fundamentals, but... it's really not the same thing at all!

"No, but it figures," she answers, about the Roller Derby team. "You're built for it." Wink. "Even without the powers. But I guess it'd be a lot harder NOT to cheat, at something like that." And then her eyes widen. "When do I -ever- cheat at this stuff?"

All the time. Allllll the time.

Thus, she's wearing a big cheesy grin as Piotr joins them, and somehow, it still gets wider as Rogue flings herself at him for a hug. "Hey big guy, long time no see." From him, she looks over to where Ellie is watching but not yet participating. "It's not too different," she goes on, relating it to the other variety of skating. And of course, Ellie comes in the crosshairs shortly after: "You oughta both come join in. Worse thing that happens, you fall on your butt."

And then with that, she starts toward the entry to the rink, reaching for Rogue's hand to pull her along. "C'mon...."

Mark Grayson has posed:
When Sunny /twirls/, Mark gives her a dirty look. "A little skill." he snorts, holding his fingers only a couple of centimeters apart as he points out. "I'm like NASCAR. I can only go in straight lines and make left turns." A smirk at that, as he notices the large size of Piotr and a low whistle escapes from him.

"You know..." Mark comments as he sets his wheels on the floor and starts to roll with the other Viltrumite. "If Bunny were here, she'd probably know every single person here and have a story to go with it." His comment is fond, his hand settled in Sunny's, but allowing her to go out ahead of him if she wants.

Doreen Green has posed:
The solo skate works, but only for as long as the initial push lasted. So eventually it rolls to a stop, giving Doreen a chance to catch up and grab it. "Okay you two, no more sneaky tricks or there won't be any pizza." Doreen sets down both skates, a squirrel apiece, and pushes them back towards the other end of the rink. Then stands and seeing all the other people gathering waves cheerfully. "Heya!"

Then a hyena mutant(?) slid by after running into the wall. With a flick of her tail for balance she rolled over to grab onto him and help the guy back onto her skates. "You okay?" Yes, Sma is big. No, she doesn't seem to have an issue lifting him. Porportional strength of a squirrel or something or just her being nice like she always is.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty doesn't know most of the people here. She's met Rogue once but it was less a meeting and more a, 'how in the world did you get here' sort of situation. Many others she's heard of but not really met. So when Kitty goes over to the big man, Who is VERY big... and hugging Rogue, She follows. Patty drops into the skating lane and goes gliding her way over to where Piotr, Rogue, and much of the Xavier's crew seems to be congregating.

She quickly skates over and glides to a stop. "Umm hi!" She states right as Jean and Rogue head out to the skating rink. She shrugs and will say hi to them later. "Nice to meet everyone. I'm Patty." She grins and spins herself on her skates. "How is everyone one tonight?" She asks curiously.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
He leans down a little bit and nods to Rogue, giving her a strong hug. "You too, my friend." He looks to Jean as Negasonic retreats from his headpat, though he is distracted by the others. He sets Rogue down and looks to Jean. "Sorry about that. But I'm home now," he tells her in that deep, accented voice of his. "You all go have fun. I need to build up the courage and tell myself I won't slip and crush several people." He winks.

Piotr turns around, which is when he finally sees Kitty. He hesitates for a brief second, and then he smiles at her. "Hello, Kitty," he calls to her, leaning back over the railing to talk to her easier. "Are you having fun? I just finished moving my things back into the mansion. I'd enjoy catching up, sometime, if you have the time. But I do not wish to pressure you." He glances past her to see some of the chaos going on in the rink, and he blinks a few times.

Rogue has posed:
When Rogue retreats from Piotr, she is grabbed by the hand by the redhead, and with a small smirk she skates along with her. She does look over her shoulder toward Ellie though. "Get your skates, and come roll around. You can take the ankles out from under the unstable skaters!" She offers an incentive toward the sullen young woman.

Turning back toward Jean, the Belle throws her a smirk. "What was that about havin' the body for derby?" She asks. "Careful, Grey. Or I might have to disco dance all around ya out here." She threatens, as ever their duel for dominant supremacy continues!

Once out on the skate rink though, Rogue does a big gliding half circle spin, her arms out, her feet turned out and her body leaned ever so slightly forward, as she lets her wheels do the talking for her now!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde leans against the little wall that is not quite waist-high as she regards Piotr. "Hi Pete," she tells him, the young Jewish woman's focus drawn to the big Russian fully enough that it takes her a moment or two to finally look to the others that are there. Rogue and Jean both get grins of greeting from Kitty. And Ellie gets an upnod hello.

Looking back to Piotr, Kitty replies, "Yes would love to catch up. See what all you've been up to. If you made it out of Russia to other places or just there and... yeah. A lot of catch up to do," she says.

Noticing Patty has skated over as well, Kitty says, "Case in point. This is a new student at the school, Patty. Patty this is Piotr Rasputin. Illyana's brother. And a school alumni. Possibly an art teacher, if he plans to pick that back up again?" she says, turning the final words into a question for Piotr.

Sma'shaw Ihaka has posed:
His world went back right-side-up, and he didn't remember standing up, but he wasn't complaining! "Oh, 'ppreciate! Oi'm Sma'shaw, pleasure t'meetcha." He gives the surprisingly strong Squirrel gal a big, toothy grin. "Doin't moind me, just...troyn' ta get me skatin' legs unda me. Mixed results n' all. Y' seem loike a natrual though, tell y' whot!"

Sunny Harlow has posed:
Okay, Squirrels being used for little 'cars' of skates? That is adorable, enough to bring a giggle from Sunny before she moves to skate forwards, her hand reaching back to keep the pair of them stable and together. "Almost certainly, but she's like that. Infectiously friendly and cute. Probably how she roped us in, right?

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Totally how she roped us in." Mark responds with a chuckle. But as they avoid one squirrel, there's a second, and before he can collide with the skate, he lifts off the ground, pressing forward to lift Sunny with him as they take a momentary flight for a few seconds and then land in a twirl.

Mark holds onto Sunny tightly to make sure he doesn't fall over when he lands and draws in a breath. "That was close." he murmurs with a laugh, glancing around. Noone saw that, right?

Patty Sloan has posed:
"A pleasure to meet you Mr. Rasputin. My name is Patty Sloan. New college student to the school. Its amazing! I had a crazy idea to come skating tonight and it looks like a lot of other people had the same idea! Its just nice to get wheels under me again." She laughs a little. "I love skating." She comments as she looks back out to the rink.

She turns back to Piotr and smiles to the very tall man. "It is nice to meet you. I dare say you are about the biggest guy I have ever seen in person!" She smiles. "Not meaning that as a bad thing. I think its pretty cool" She grins.

Jean Grey has posed:
"You don't have anything to apologize for. We all have things we need to take care of some times." Jean leaves Piotr with that earnest, reassuring rebuttal before hitting the floor.

Poor Patty, in turn, may arrive just in time to be too late, though she does hold a hand up to finger-wiggle wave at the student as they set off. "Patty, right? Great place for a party!" This only reaffirms that the Headmistress Knows All. Or at least, that she's obviously familiar with the student rolls and records, even for the newest arrivals.

And then it's off and onto the floor in earnest!

While it isn't exactly the same as her winter sport of preference, four wheels, for the most part, are easier to balance on than a single edge. And the rest - balance, body position, center of gravity - is mostly similar. So, despite any 'amateur' status in comparison to her 'So Good at Roller Derby it'd be Unfair of her to Play' counterpart, she finds her own stride on the floor quickly, skating along to keep pace. "So, this have the same kinda moves as figure skating?" she wonders, sounding oblivious. "Or do we gotta do dance stuff? Wonder when the next song is starting..."

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
"Okay, so we got squirrels in the rink", Caleb replies. "We see something new everyday, here", he tells Sheila in a reminder.

She nods. But then... A girl with a squirrel tail comes into view. A... squirrel girl? Squirrel... Girl...

It's when she starts to frantically point all excited that Caleb covers her mouth so a ruckus doesn't ensue.

"Yes. Yes, she is", the older brother says. "But try not to make a deal out of it, okay? People are entitled to their privacy, after all."

In the meantime, he notices the winged Megan, whom he's met before, and to her he nods a greeting with a smile. The Viltrumites too are noticed, and he gives them a wave.

Come on, let's put on the skates", he tells his sister.

Doreen Green has posed:
"Doreen Green, the mighty Squirrel Girl, at your service." Doreen manages to make a somewhat dramatic pose while still having one arm helping stabilize the 'yeen back on his skates. "Well, keep trying! Practice and experience are the two best ways to get the hang of it," she says with a supportive buckteeth bearing smile. She's focused on helping him out and hasn't notice the fangirl excitement with Caleb's sister yet.

The squirrels-in-skates meanwhile, despite best intentions, manage to be a minor disruption but not anything a little creative hovering can't avoid. If no one else saw the evasion, does it really matter? This is Mutant Town, likely the most normal thing a lot of people have seen.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The big man smiles softly at Kitty, and he nods. "I'd like that. Yes. Plenty to tell you about all that." He brushes his fingers back through his hair, watching the young woman for a moment before he turns his attention to Patty as she approaches.

"Hello, Miss Sloan. As she said, I am Piotr Rasputin. I will be taking that position back up, yes." Piotr nods with that warm, friendly smile. "I look forward to seeing you around the school." He chuckles as he listens to Patty and he glances down at himself. "Honestly, I get bigger. But yes, life can be a bit difficult at this size. Finding shoes alone is a quest."

He looks to Jean and nods to her. "Thank you."

Negasonic has posed:
At the invite from Rogue, Ellie glances up, pushing off of the wall and leaving the general vicinity of the Kitty and Piotr - although Kitty gets an upnod on her way out. Not once does she look up from her phone, even as she meanders towards the side of the rink.

What was she doing? Waiting for the Jean-Rogue combo to start to skate on by.

"I was in a roller derby once," calls Ellie. "Did really great too, but the other team had a Hulk," she says.

What they had was a Poison Ivy. But Poison Ivy seemed to be irritated by being called a Hulk.

Therefore, to Ellie, she was a Hulk.

"Hey, Patty," she says. Still, her eyes were on her phone. "Welcome to the school and stuff. Are those rats... squirrels... yours or is that another student or some weird sh... ..." she does look up. "Stuff."

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty smiles and nods, "Sounds like it. I guess we've all got out difficulties we deal with. Good luck finding shoes and stuff and I will probably see you in class though. I am really excited to be at the school and to be learning new things."

She smiles bright and rotates herself to face Negasonic. "Hey thanks. Err... No." She turns to look out onto the skating rink at the squirrels running around. "Nope. Not mine. Nothing I do has anything to do with wild life... Well Except what the wild life breathes. I'm guessing it has to do with the human sized squirrel girl out in the rink. My sort of weird stuff is on my back." She laughs and flutters her wings a little before turning back to the dance floor. "I'm going back out!" She starts on her way back to the rink.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
He looks down at Negasonic and nods in approval when she suddenly changes her word. "Good girl," he says with a smile. "Swearing is for those who cannot think of something more clever to say." There is not a hint od condescending tone in his voice when he calls her that, though others might take it as such, of course. "I bet you were very fearsome in the derby, Ellie. I have no doubt. I am sorry that you lost."

He turns to Patty and smiles, nodding. "Thank you."

Sma'shaw Ihaka has posed:
He slowly stabilized his balance with Doreen's help, chuckling a bit as he breathed a sigh of relief. "Squirrel Girl, aye? Pleasure t'meetcha. Oi don't got any fancy names, but Oi did used to be a poirate?" He shrugs, his bell-bottoms jingling softly as his legs moved and he started to cruise around here.

Rogue has posed:
Kitty and Patty will see Rogue skate by them, her kneese bending inward, then bending outward, as the Belle drags her peace-sign fingers across her eyes to peer between one set, then the other. She's gone a second later, apparently that serving as her greeting to the pair this evening. Circling back around, she is turning in a rapid circle before arriving back at where Jean is located. She plants the bumper brake on the back of her skate down, before lifting one leg up in the air to extend it out to land it upon the wal, doing the splits with the bumper brake of her right skate keeping her from rolling or falling. She stares at Jean with a smoldering gaze at her dramatic freeze-pose with her left leg up in the air, her short shorts riding up high.

She cracks a grin then, and drops her leg back down to the roller skate rink floor, her head shaking side to side. "You can't do figure skatin stuff on these bulky things. Not easily, anyway. This is more about just... style points, served in dancing manuevers. Movin' to the beat of the music, that kinda thing. Roller blades are more agile, but ... people have shunned those things in to oblivion for some damn reason..." She frowns softly at that thought, before she pushes off again, this time in a crouch that has her nimbly gliding between the legs of a tall dude skating by with his legs wide apart. Sneaky Rogue slips right through them before bouncing back up with a big smile and a show of her arms being thrown wide apart!

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie glances skyward when Piotr praises her for changing her swear word. It wasn't *quite* an eyeroll, but it was a very close cousin of one. Which Patty gets to see, but her eyes glance back towards her, Ellie taking a momentary break from texting.

"Nothing to do with wildlife," she says. "Except you have the wings like a... falcon? Or a chicken. I wouldn't judge either way," she says.

It was a lie, Ellie was always judging.

With Patty skating away, though, Ellie was just leaning over the divider between the rink and the tables, using both hands now to power-text.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Just bring Pete, he can be your Hulk!" Jean shouts back from the floor, in the Ellie-ward direction. She is, of course, oblivious to the details of the whole previous incident, and the reality that Piotr is NOT really much of a substitute for Pamela Isley. But it makes sense to her!

Meanwhile, OK, OK, Rogue is definitely skating some circles around her here, as she shows off with that final move. Jean's eyes follow her foot all the way up, and she briefly bites her lip, before Rogue brings it off the wall again. "OK, OK, you probably win at this one," she admits, with a huff, blowing an errant red curl with the same exasperated breath. "But only because I haven't been on these things since that shoot. Sheesh, how long ago is that now..." Not only has Rogue beat her, but she's made her feel OLD.

And now Rogue leaves her, zipping off after a passing pair, excuting an even more incredible move.

"Hey wait up!" And now she starts off after her, although chasing her requires doing quite a bit of zig-and-zagging between other skaters, as she's not willing to try that 'through the tunnel' maneuver and thus has to go around.

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
As the Dykstra siblings put their shoes on, he notices another familiar face: Sma'shaw, to whom he waves as well.

Sheila comments to her brother, "Looks like you know a few people around here."

"I crossed paths with some here and there, yeah."

"Are they all...?"

Caleb shrugs, "Who knows?" And a small bit of imparted wisdom, "And, if they are, it's not for me to tell."

The siblings get up, and he moves towards Doreen, the sister following "Uhm, hi there." He points towards Sheila, "My sister is a bit of a superhero buff, and she recognized you on the spot." He shrugs, "I was wondering if, to make her day, you wouldn't mind a picture...?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As Ellie and Patty draw Piotr Rasputin's attention, it gives Kitty a few moments to look at him unobserved by the big Russian. Her expression suggests some conflicted thoughts, though it only shows briefly before she brings back a more normal soft smile.

"Well, find yourself some skates, big ones. Can always borrow some car tires if you need," she teases Piotr, and then begins skating backwards out into the rink again.

Kitty skates backwards past Caleb and his sister, giving them a wave and a, "Doing goo!" to the younger girl as she passes. She doesn't visibly give any signs of recognizing Caleb from Oktoberfest, but then she was occupied with others.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty spins and begins skating backwards, "Hey! My wings are closer to that of a dragonfly!" She exclaims. "Definitely not chicken wings!" Then she remembers something. Quickly she turns to skate off in the direction of the snack bar. Putting some money down, they begin churning out pizzas. She then skates her way over to the DJ.

The DJ interrupts a song and speaks up, "Pizza is now being served at the snack bar. If anyone would like to donate to the pizza fund, donations will be happily accepted at the snack bar."

"Yeah because I just drained my bank account..." She winces as she comments. Then she grabs a slice of of pizza. The girl quickly devours the pizza slice and then is on her way back to the rink. She happily skates out onto it and joins the crowd circling the rink.

Rogue has posed:
Back up straight again, Rogue turns around in a 180 degree flourish to see Jean coming at her like a jet fighter trying to shake a heat seeking sidewinder. She laughs softly at the sight of it, before she begins to roll backwards away from the redhead, her hands coming up to pull on an invisible rope, as though she were drawing the woman closer!

Teasing aside, the Belle feels the wall coming up behind her, and when her butt bounces in to it, she stops herself, and places one hand upon it. When Jean arrives at her side, she grins at her, upnodding once toward the sight of everyone on the rink having fun.

"Meridian's bowlin alley had a skate rink attached to it." She explains, as she swipes a bit of white hair out of her green eyes, her poofy hair-doo a little frazzled after her moves out there. "We would spend a lot of time jumpin' back an' forth between pins and skates, an' the arcade. Even though this stuff died out in like the 90s, there's still pockets of it left in small towns like that..."

She smirks at herself before a grin crosses her lips. "The best part'a these places though, are the menus. Bar food, an' pinball. It really is a cryin' shame ethat people don't get out an' come to places like this anymore..."

Mark Grayson has posed:
After they land and settle back in, Mark and Sunny kinda fade into the background, making little laps around the rink, sharing small talk and basically enjoying their date. There's a brief offer and a fiver placed in the pizza fund, even if they don't partake in it.

Doreen Green has posed:
Doreen Green looks Sha up and down a moment. "Well no parrot, so must be a more modern type of pirate." She gives the 'yeen a little nudge to help him along his way.

Then turns her attention when Caleb and his sister approach. "Hello there!... I would love to! Just one moment." She turns partially to the side again. "Tippy Toe, Gadget Gregg! Photo op!" The two squirrels ditch their skates and come scurrying over at Doreen's call. Got to have the squirrels with Squirrel Girl for the full experience!

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The big man smirks a bit at Kitty and nods. He's looking away when she gives him that conflicted look, so Piotr completely misses it. He goes back to leaning on the railing for now and watching everyone. This puts him beside Ellie.

Piotr glances down at her and her furious texting fingers, clearly curious. "Aren't most people you know schoolmates? Who are you tecting all the time?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Randoms," says Ellie. "Staying up on the news. There's always someone getting irritated about this or that. Usually. You'd know - you should probably text more. I know some people might have appreciated it," says Negasonic, glancing up to focus her gaze on Kitty as the other person gambols about the place.

With that says, judgy eyes go up towards the big man now, her dark lips - and lip ring - tugged down into a frown.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
He blinks and turns to follow Negasonic's gaze to Kitty and he falters for a moment. "I...uh..." Piotr clears his throat and considers what to say for a moment. "That's more complicated, then that, Ellie. We have a long history that's...filled with complications. Her and I will have a chance to sit down and talk, soon. But, even then, I'm pretty sure we won't end up..." Piotr trails off and smiles down at Ellie. "Don't worry about it. But, at the same time, thank you for worrying about -her-."

Jean Grey has posed:
Don't sleep on Jean! Even if she doesn't quite have the Derby Queen moves, she quickly builds confidence on the skates, taking what's familiar and then pushing how far she can go with the larger 'base' to work from. Zig-zagging out from beehind the couple between them, she spins around as soon as she's clear. Backwards skating is one of those 101 things, and the principles are similar - bent knees, power from your thighs, little half-circles and outward pressure that forces you back. Maybe you have to do a little more work, with grippy wheels versus a razor-sharp edge focusing those forces. Hence the booty outfits, no doubt! Skate to get caked!

Mostly the point of this is so that she arrives at Rogue butt-first, bumping up into the wall beside her with her backside.

"Of course it did," is her answer as Rogue once again registers her redneck credentials on the matter. Her gaze shifts to follow the motion back to the rest of the group, though, and she smiles a bit more broadly. "It's fun. And probably a lot easier... and cheaper, to run one of these places out of season than an ice rink. All you need is a floor, really? Heck, we could do it at school." Well, they can skate at school too, but only during the winter when the lake freezes.

...or if they ask Bobby real nice. Or Storm. OK, slightly different rules at Xavier's!

"I think, if you switched up the music, I'm sure the kids would like it. Anything danceable would work, I figure." What, do 'the kids' not like Disco in 'Current year'?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans back on the wall now, her elbows supporting her as she plants one brake on the skate rink floor, the other leg extended out to roll forward and back on the rear two wheels. She grins at what Jean says, and at what she overhears Piotr and Ellie saying a number of paces to her left. Her green eyes shoot down to the two of them, and she calls out...

"I like t'think Ellie has two girlfriends, one boyfriend, and about ten people in line, and she's just firin' off texts to them all, keepin them on the hook for when she needs somethin' outta their asses!"

With a big grin, her eyes return to Jean then, and a smirk is shown to her. "Skatin' in Mississippi versus skatin' in some big ol' modelin' job. You such a judgey judge, Sugah." She tells her in that sassy style she surely has trademarked.

When she pushes up to stand on her skates again, one hand goes off to her side, and she regards Patty who isn't too far away either.

"What's the best food t'get here?" She calls out to the student from the school, one she's seen around the past few weeks.

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Caleb chuckles as Doreen calls her squirrel buddies, and they come running. "I'm curious... Do you name them, or do they name themselves when you meet them?" Yes, even for Caleb, it's a whole new world.

As he shifts his position, he looks at the other people here assembled, like the tall russian, Piotr. Now, he doesn't know him, but there's that thing about size that commands some respect and... Well, respect! Plus, he's met Kitty as well, back in Oktoberfest, and even if the conditions weren't optimal (like, a vampire Jubilee near a sister, and a protective paranoid brother and you got that sort of shenanigan), his impressions of her weren't bad. So, a wave to the man.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty, now energized by Pizza, takes to the rink like like a mouse to cheese. She happily skates along, enjoying herself. "Hello! Thanks for coming." She states to the various people she skates past. She is cruising. Her attention goes to Jean and Rogue as she passes by!. She gives a little wave as she passes by and just keeps going.

Negasonic has posed:
A look up towards Rogue at what she says, and Ellie snorts from where Piotr had stalked after her. A pause more, and she makes a face. "Hell no," she says to Rogue. "People are already annoying enough, having that many trying to be intimate at once?"

She shivers.

"Yeah, though," she says to Piotr. "Kitty's pretty alright," she says.

"Nice enough, sometimes, and doesn't act all stodgy. Sometimes," she says. "... kinda hilarious when she does, though," she says.

Doreen Green has posed:
"Well I can come up with names but it's up to them if they want to use it or not," Doreen answers the question with little hesitation. It's probably not the first time she's been asked it. The two scramble up onto her shoulders, and Doreen gets down on one knee next to Sheila. She never was one to turn down a photo moment, especially with the younger fans. "Everyone pose and smile nicely for the camera or smartphone equivilent~" One girl, one squirrel girl, and two squirrels. Should make for an interesting picture indeed!

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
The big man looks to Rogue and his eyebrows rise. He looks down at Negasonic and is about to enquire about her supposed harem when Ellie quickly corrects the issue. He chuckles and nods. "Alright, fair enough. Not that I would judge you. Love is love, as long as it is healthy." Piotr still hasn't skated, but he seems content enough to lean there and watch everyone. He's surrounded by people and chatting with friends, and that appears to be more then enough for him.

"Oh, very much. That hasn't changed about her since she was very small." He laughs.

Jean Grey has posed:
"'This is my boyfriend Derek, and this is Derek's boyfriend Ben.'" Jean answers Rogue with a popular culture reference! From a show about a neurotic, hyper-perfectionist boss lady... certainly we don't know anyone like that!

Then she laughs. "No judgement! We barely skated for the shoot, we just stood around in them, at least until after the shoot. Mostly, it was just an excuse to dress us up like, well..." She pauses, and then makes the usual 'this, right here' up and down gesture between the two of them. "...like this, pretty much."

Once its declared that it's time to hunt down some of the promised pizza, she uses the much discussed backside to push herself off the wall and starts rolling along more lazily. "Best? I dunno, if the food at these places is anything like the stuff at the ice rink, you don't exactly have a huge gourmet selection! Figure we just get whatever's fried and greasy. We earned the calories!"

Negasonic has posed:
"Love isn't love *unless* it's unhealthy," says Negasonic in a bit of a more morose turn of voice.

She was distinctly not looking at Piotr, scrolling as she was through her phone and things. "There's pizza," she says, with a jerk of her chin. "You could probably eat like four of them by yourself, right?" she says.

"Let's go get some," she says. Was she trying to spur him into socialization and stop him from prying into her personal life and correcting her?

Noooooooooooo, of course not.

Rogue has posed:
With Patty skating by, waving, Rogue shoots her a return wave-- along with a beaming smile. Her eyes sweep back toward Piotr and Ellie, who get a little cackle from the Belle as she and Jean skate past them toward the food area. "I dunno if there is a flat surface around the school big enough for skatin'. Maybe the tennis courts, but I'd hate to see skates tear it all up. The basketball courts are kinda textured, so it'd probably be like teeth chatterin." She responds as to the idea of creating a skate rink that wasn't ice-based via the powers of Bobby or Ororo.

Rogue slides on the wall with one hand, her skates leading her off the rink as she hits the carpet area beside it. Right on over to the pizza, she's quick to get herself a few slices of anything with pineapple on it.

Finding a place to enjoy the food, she settles down on a bench, her free hand raising her aviators up to rest them against the whites of her hairline. With her eyes exposed now, Rogue takes a little bite from the pie, before chewing it down.

"There IS a skate park off of Apple Park in Salem Center, but it's just where I went to flirt with skater dudes, when I first got here... I am figurin' you've no idea it even exists." She states, grinning toward Jean when she joins her again at the bench. "It's why I ended up with these," she motions toward her skates, white leather boots with bright green wheels. "Kitty an' I used to roll around on'em at the park, just to get the attention'a the fellas."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
He catches the wave from Caleb and offers a smile and a wave to him. He then turns to Ellie and chuckles. "Well, we agree to disagree. And yes, I can eat much pizza. Now, that is a good idea. Let us."

He turns to walk with the girl towards the others gathering for pizza, looming over the others gathering for it. Piotr waits for everyone else gathering to grab a slice or two, before he takes a paper plate and piles two slices onto it.

"Now, where shall we sit?," the big man asks Ellie, letting her lead the way. Possibly so he can be nearby for more prying!

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty happily skates around the rink. She even spins around and lets herself skate backwards. Its all fun to her. She then gets an idea. Turning around again she leans forward and gets ready. A bit of wind to her back begins blowing and she gets pushed around the rink! "Woo hoo! Hey look, I'm riding the wind!" She comments as she goes. Few people would actually feel the wind that is pushing her as the gust is focused onto her. "Is this Jet propulsion?" She asks as she passes Rogue and Jean. Its all fun and games until someone gets blown away right?

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Caleb takes his smartphone, and takes that picture! It will be printed and put in Sheila's dorm room back at Happy Harbor. (And, somewhere on the future of the Multiverse, it'll branch out to become a piece of memorabilia about a kid inspired to become a superhero herself!)

Caleb takes note of the pizza information, and he looks at the kid sister...

...Who makes a question about whether or not the squirrels would join, and if so, if there's a nut pizza for squirrels?

Caleb blinks, and turns away for a moment. And facepalms. "Please tell me that didn't just happen..."

Doreen Green has posed:
"Actually squirrels can eat a lot of things, nuts are just a preference." Doreen doesn't seem to mind the attention. She likes kids as much as she likes small furry critters. "But one pizza slice is pretty filling at their size, so we'll have to share."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean likewise rolls up to the edge of the floor, catching the wall for a point of leverage as she steps off onto the more traction-y carpet beyond. "Nope. No idea," she admits, just as Rogue predicted. "Wonder when they built it. Not that I was ever uh, a skater grrrrl type, haha. Or that I ever had much reason to come to Salem before I started with the Professor. And after that, well."

That's when life got 'complicated,' presumably!

Still, the image of Rogue and Kitty going to pick up boys makes her grin.

Eventually, the details of food, a place to sit, all of that are negotiated, and she claims her place with her own plate with a couple slices on it. She gets loaded ones. All kind of stuff. Sausage, mushroom. Broccoli?! "Yep. Greasy 'n good," she declares after her own first bite.

Patty goes jetting by, and with her, a wooooosh of a tailwind, making her hair flutter a bit. "Looking good!" she shouts back. "Maybe we oughta hook you up to the 'bird!"

Negasonic has posed:
"Squirrels eat people too, right? If not true, it should be," says Ellie, distracted by Patty's tomfoolery.

"You're going to sit and eat pizza," says Ellie to Piotr. "I'm going to go find the bathroom right now," she says, pointing towards the pizza table, looking up from her phone to glance towards the array of slices.

Ooo. That one looked good. Still with stoic face (her RBF was on point tonight), she does step near the table with the pizzas, and picks up a slice, munching upon it as she starts to move towards the restroom. She wouldn't eat it in there, gross, but she would slow down her approach to give her time to each the slice.

But not the crust. She tosses that into the trash as she goes.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty laughs her butt off at the prospects of being hooked up to the blackbird. She keeps going, picking up speed. She quickly moves toward the inner part of the rink to avoid running over people and squirrels. She keeps chugging along happily speeding along until... She loses her balance and falls on her butt. The wind stops and Patty goes sliding along a short ways. She quickly recovers and gets back onto her wheels and starts again. "I'm okay!! I'm okay!!" She calls out to anyone who might have seen her take a fall.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a paper plate of her own, her knees together with the plate resting atop her thighs, and her skates apart on the floor, toes facing toes. She smiles at Piotr, and nods at his choice of food. "Good stuff." She tells him as she dabs at her lips with a napkin. "So, where have ya been, Mistah?" She asks the Russian. "Been out there movin' heavy stuff around, at like a construction site, or some such? That's what I imagine anyhow..."

When Jean arrives, she smirks softly at her. "Well, you did live the life of a New York state princess." She says with a grin. "How on Earth could such a person end up at a lowly public skate park?" She asks, now showing off a smug smile, ever teasing the other.

Negasonic catches her attention out of the corner of her eyes, however, and she raises her eyebrows up. "You're not takin' that food inta the bathroom are ya?" She asks, seeing the girl avoid just what she was asking, earning a confident nod from the Belle. "Good! I was worried about your mental state there, for a second, Sugah." She tells Ellie.

Sampling another bit of her own slice, Rogue's eyes drift across the skate rink, where she sees arcade machines. "Oh, my god, they have Mortal Kombat..." She says, her voice suddenly getting deeper and more serious. "Jean, get your credit card ready..."

They have Mortal Kombat at home in the school arcade!

Caleb Dykstra has posed:
Caleb grabs a plate, and he pulls a couple of pizza slices; in contrast, Sheila pulls just one.

"That's interesting", he tells Doreen. "I've always thought squirrels were into shelled fruits, but that was it."

Sheila tries to pet one of the friendlier squirrels once she has the slice, and even gives a bit of crumbly madd for him and the others to feast on.

He looks at Patty through the corner of his eye, and is about to help her out, but she calls out she's okay, so he stops. One crisis averted. Good.

He looks at the arcade games, and grins. "Mortal Kombat, huh...?"

Doreen Green has posed:
"They're actually more omnivorous, nuts and berries are just the most readily available in most cases," Doreen fires off into the Squirrel Facts(tm) with eagerness. "But they can also eat insects, and various human foods they find in the city of course."

Tippy-Toe, the one with the pink bow and more experience in being around people, is more than content to take the pets. Gregg (the one with goggles) is more interested in the food. While Doreen takes a slice for herself after her explaination. Always a good when she gets to make it be something special for a fan.

Jean Grey has posed:

Indignant, Jean looks up, some pizza cheese hanging out of her mouth, which she slurps up before going on. "Our town had like ten thousand people. And that's not even Annandale, that's Red Hook, we were one of a couple villages in its area, a sub-hamlet..." See? She's a small town girl too! Just of the upstate variety! Grumble, grumble, chew sausage, grumble.

"I really didn't get out a lot, when I first came to Xaviers. My control wasn't great back then, so I spent a lot of time working on it with the Professor. It got better, you know, once he opened the school in proper, got other students. Then I at least had friends." She shrugs. "Blame Scott, Hank, Warren and Bobby for not being skater types!"

"That's why it was so fun getting to run away to the city for coll-"

Rogue interrupts this deep delve into the History of Jean Grey for what is surely a much more relevant topic: video game kickpunching! Jean promptly rolls her eyes. "That one I'm not even gonna pretend I've got a shot. See if Ellie wants to play, maybe." Jean is happy with her pizza, and will sit and continue munching, while her gal goes to line up her quarters, ready to challenge all comers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue exhales SO HARD when Jean won't even challenge her at the game. "I beat ya at skatin', and now ya don't even try'n compete at punchin' game. I swear it, Princess, it's like you're just yieldin' to my superiority all around!" She chides the redhead, as she sets aside her plate, wipes her fingers with the napkin, and snaps her hand up in the air. "ellie! to the arcade!"

She starts to skate off, before pausing, and looking back at Jean. "Villages and Hamlets?" She questions. "Such a damn Princess..." She adds with a self satisfied smile, big as the sun is bright!

"Come on, Ellie! Don't you go actin' like you got 30 pairs'a swimmin trunks, and ain't never been in the water before!"

Uh oh, she's going full Southern, as she skates off toward the glowing screens and flickering sign boards.