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Billy Kaplan (Scenesys ID: 1924)
Name: William "Billy" Kaplan
Superalias: Wiccan
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York
Education: High School
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 09 July 2002 Played By Tyler Posey
Height: 5'11" Weight: 155 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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William 'Billy' Kaplan is a kid trying to be a superhero after he finally managed to get superpowers. But of course, being a mutant with some kind of mystical dark future ahead of you isn't something that will naturally make life easy. As the hero Wiccan, Billy tries his absolute best to help innocent people from the bullies that have taken the name of supervillains...all while he attends school.

Is there a spell to get out of this situation? 

Probably not. But when the world, regardless of location, needs him most, Wiccan will answer the call to protect all he holds dear.


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2002 - William 'Billy' Kaplan is born to cardiologist Jeff Kaplan and psychologist Rebecca Kaplan as the eldest of three sons.
2014 - Billy begins to be severely bullied at school for, among other factors, being a major fan of superheroes. The bullying is both physical and emotional, and is performed by John Kessler.
2015 - Billy finally stands up to Kessler after he notices that he had found a new victim. Unfortunately, while Billy is getting beat up in retaliation, Billy's mutant powers awaken and he electrocutes Kessler. Shocked and terrified, he ran away from school that day. He told his parents about his powers and unlike others, his parents accepted him for who he was. Thankfully, to avoid having to go back to School, his dad had coincidentally gotten a job in New York, so thats where they moved. Billy reattended school.
2016 - Billy continues to use his powers. However, inspired that he can make a difference and stop bullies, he decides to focus on becoming a superhero. He trains in his powers more and more, eventually moving to stop minor crimes. While trying to work on his confidance Billy was trying some techniques he found in a self help book of his mom's and discoverd that by repeatedly saying his intentions outloud it helped focus his power
2017 - Billy becomes an actual superhero, or so he would believe, using his mutant abilities and magic. He is initially going by the name Asgardian, but later rebrands himself as Wiccan. He is crushed emotionally by the death of Superman.
2018 - The Avengers are formed and Billy becomes a major fan of the group and strives to serve by their example.
2020 - Billy starts getting recognition as a hero, though being a hero and continuing his studies is becoming far more difficult as his knowledge advances.

IC Journal

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Great Expectations:
Billy tries to live in the shining example as other heroes: brave, fearless, loyal, willing to sacrifice oneself for the greater good of all. Unfortunately, it means he can be frustrated with himslef if he doesn't live up to the romanticized ideal of superheroes.

Billy is extremely protective over his friends and more importantly perhaps, innocent people. He hates bullies and will always stick his neck out for the little guy. Furthermore, he is often easily enraged when someone he cares about, however deeply, is put into danger or is harmed.

Billy cares greatly, even too much, about what other people think of him. It often makes him work too hard for someone else's approval.

Character Sheet


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Innate Magic:
As the proficiced Demiurge and the son of a Nexus being Billy is brimming with magic. He is leagues away from his final potential as demiurge but he can still tap into his power. By focusing Billy can shape reality and perform immitations of spells without knowing the spell. To do this he typically says what he wants to happen out loud to focus his intentions. However when using some simpler, familiar or practiced powers like electricity manipulation or flight he doesn't need the aid of speaking out loud.


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Billy is a super hero NERD. While this is usually just an embarassing social cue, it also means that he just knows a lot about superheroes thats been seen on the public web or has been written about them...including some habits, their quotes, and their usual strategies. This is also true for the villains, which gives Billy a more instinctive deductive edge.

Billy speaks English and Hebrew fluently, though with his studies into the occult, he's picked up bits and pieces of a smattering of other languages.

Billy is still more of a novice or dabbler into the occult, but he still knows more than most. He knows what that werewolf can probably do and he knows why that vampire can't walk into the sunlight. Its all thanks to a bunch of sorcerers books he's spotted and collected over the past few years.

Billy is a natural at being emotionally supportive to his friends and allies. He cares deeply for people and his words have weight to even heavy hearts. While usually this just means that he's very good at keeping spirits uplifted and is a resident 'never give up' believer, it also means that he has a natural knack for lifting people up.


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Kaplan Family:
Billy's parents are supportive and understanding of Billy's desire to be a superhero while he's attending school. Being both doctors, they can help him with medical issues as well that may arise with him. He always has a place to run to as long as they're around.

Billy often uses a large wooden staff when performing as Wiccan. He can summon this staff to his hand at anytime, but it provides a focus for him to use his powers. It also serves as a neat whacking stick in case enemies get a little too close for comfort.


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When Billy casts a spell, he's often doing it by saying what he would like to happen. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. For example, if he wants to teleport, he could say 'I want to go to Spain' and could end up at virtually any place that includes Spain in the name. His powers can backfire on him unless he's being exact, specific, and focused.

Dark Fate:
Billy is destined to become the Demiurge, a being of universal power and one of the beings tasked with micromanaging the cosmos. However, Billy has no knowledge of this....but the powers that be may put him in a situation in the future that may push him towards it.

Billy finds it hard to use his power if he is unfocused or emotional. Distressing him will make him backfire and overload more and in cases of extreme stress (boyfriend being tortured, Billy's ears plugged so he cant even use speech to help him focus) he can be prevented from using his powers all together.

Billy's powers are capable of overloading and causing a host of disasterous effects, all of which are detrimental to Billy himself. If he overloads or loses control of his powers, Billy could essentially crash and fall immediately unconscious after releasing his power. His greatest strength is also his greatest weakness.



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Billy Kaplan has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
In Search Of More Branches February 26th, 2021 Viola returns to the park that was the source of a coincidence that led her to help two SHIELD agents. Billy Kaplan is there and shares some coffee and then passes on a magic coin to her.
There's No Cat On This Roof. There's No Roof Either. February 5th, 2021 Terry and Gar engage in more misunderstandings, while Billy is the actual useful one and starts fixing the roof of the tower. Today, in Days of Our lives!
Killing monsters, Making friends January 25th, 2021 No description
=A mid morning stop over. January 24th, 2021 Two speedsters make way too many doughnuts, while we learn more about The Silver Banshee.
Get New Prospects January 17th, 2021 Billy Kaplan comes to the Tower, looking for a place in the team. Welcome to the team, Wiccan!


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Billy Kaplan has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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