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Latverian Embassy Opening
Date of Scene: 09 April 2020
Location: Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Zora Vukovic, Susan Richards, Emma Frost, Jennifer Walters, Atlin, Lorna Dane, Shuri, Warren Worthington, Jane Foster, Valeria Richards, Samantha Dunbar, Daniel Hastings, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The Latverian Embassy has been closed for quite some time, given the troubles of the recent civil war in that nation. However, now that Doom has restored himself to his rightful place as sole ruler of that land... re-establishing norms was required. Thus, the necessary social ritual that is an opening gala and fundraiser. With the proceeds going towards the efforts to aid those affected by the recent Genoshan tragedy.

A string quartet plays in the corner, as various guests can be seen dancing. Appetizers and champagne are on display, as well as an open bar for people with different tastes.

Doctor Doom himself, having been announced earlier, stands a bit apart from the crowd, looking... a touch impatient, for those that know him. Despite the opportunity for many to meet this man in person... not many seem to be taking the opportunity. Of course, considering his reputation, it isn't too surprising. Of course, the armored woman standing at the side of the man, the Herald of Doom, might also be discouraging the more drunken guests to approach.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora did not go for a formal dress, like seems the norm for many for these events. Instead, she wears golden armor and a deep green cloak, with a spear that rests casually in her hand, the very model of a praetorian guardswoman of old. To many, she's not easily recognized...as the national hero of Latveria, she has not ventured outside its borders before.

    Until now.

    Doom requires his Herald, after all, if he is to renew his connections with the wider world diplomatically. But few might recognize her as such, or what she represents. After all, she's...new. To her power, to her position, and to her place at Doom's right hand.

    She's also not particularly a diplomat, but she is at least attempting to be on her best behavior. As much as a former guerilla leader can.

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan Storm-Richards is a little bit torn. On the one hand... ages of cold war with violent flare ups. On the other hand... Susan is only alive, and her daughter only had a chance to reach this eighteenth year of life... because of Victor Von Doom.
    Maybe she should have just sent a card.
    Regardless, here Susan is, in a blue dress with black stripes (or is it black with blue stripes?), made up all nice, and regarding a full glass with minor suspicion, before she eyes Victor from a distance. She sighs softly and approaches him with a guarded but not... cold demeanor, stopping a respectful distance from Zora. She regards the armored Herald with curiosity and caution for a moment, before she smiles a bit tightly. "Victor." She says softly. "Congratulations on your re-opening." She eyes Zora. "Who's your..." she smiles, "... shiny friend?"
    It's meant to be a compliment!

Emma Frost has posed:
The world of galas, fundraisers, political and personal schmoozing... this is the world Emma Frost grew up in, and as such, she is more than comfortable. A glass of champagne rests idly in one hand, as the CEO of Frost International surveys the room and those gathered for the reopening of the embassy. Garbed in head to toe white, as is her preference, she is wearing a stunning shimmering backless gown, sweetheart bodice top with a halter made of lace and fine beadwork. The sides of the gown are cut out in sideways V points, baring her waist and the tops of her hips if not for more of that same lace and beadwork playing across what would be bare skin. The skirt is tight at the knees and flared in a mermaid style, three layers of chiffon that are sheer on their own but mostly modest once together flittering across the floor. Her midlength blonde hair has been swept up elegantly and pinned with a handful of diamond-studded pins, each positioned just so; her makeup is subtle and flawless, but not so subtle it seems she lacks it.

She observes the ruler of Latveria from a distance, for the moment, weighing the soldier standing at his side. An interesting, but not surprising, bit of theatrics having such an open warrior in armor in the middle of a fancy dress party, but to Emma's knowledge of the Latverian ruler? Entirely in line with his sensibilities. Still, for the moment, she is content to observe and sip her bubbly.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom bows his head graciously towards Susan, the mask curving into a slight smile as he says, with genuine politeness (if not warmth), "Susan. A pleasure, as always. I'm glad that you could make it..." If he's surprised that Reed isn't here, yet, he doesn't quite say anything, though he does gesture towards Zora.

"This is my Herald, Zora Vukovic. She is my right hand, now that the proper order has been restored to my homeland once again." He glances over towards Zora, and gestures, "Zora, this is Susan Storm-Richards." Of course, she would know this already, but Victor does always try to make the motions of politeness.

Though, careful observers might sense that the monarch is a touch... distracted. By what, it's hard to say.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
The green lawyer Jennifer Walters, is wearing her grey business outfit complete with Power Skirt and looks dressy enough for this place. At least, she thinks so. Her green hair is tied up so she's at least acknowledging that some formal stuff is going on here, so that's good. She signs in at the door, scribbling her professional name "Jennifer Walters" but others might know this tall green lawyer as She-Hulk.

The green lawyer doesn't really look all that enthused to be here, probably figuring some turn of events is going to complicate matters. Or maybe she's thinking about something else entirely. She looks at her phone. No messages. She takes directions further inside the mysterious Latverian Embassy and raises her chin to observe the decor. She doesn't move toward anybody as she joins the others but can clearly see over everybody so she can make sure she knows where this DOOM guy is at any one time.

Atlin has posed:
Fittingly, it was Zora and her many many praises that had Atlin growing curious of Latvaria and its monarch. For the Amazon new to Man's World who'd had her first introductions via the eclectic mix of New York it had sounded quite different and interesting.

So now, with invitation having been extended she was here!

Of course, one couldn't exactly go turning up in full armor and armed (apparently, or at least according to her contact), so the tanned woman had forgone her bow and blades for a more simple dark backless dress, the gown almost certainly something borrowed or picked out fot her.

Of course, the markings of her people weren't entirely missing thanks to the shining metal bracers that decorated her arms above the wrist. Moving through the crowd, her focus isn't immediately on the ruler, but rather the familier face of Zora herself.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna Dane, once Princess, now active Queen of Genosha.. such as it was, had run into Doom and his herald briefly before on Genosha's soil. The fact that the proceeds of the function were going to her country, made it a bit mandatory that she make some kind of an appearance. Luckily, she had at least the time to put together some kind of a functional wardrobe, thanks in part to Emma. Her short hair had been filled in with a few extensions, and curled, left free to tumble down her back. She wore a mixture of the armored look Doom had seen her in mixed with a more formal attire.

Her outfit was made in shades of the deepest green, so dark it was nearly black. A floor length dress, that slit up the sides and exposed black leggings beneath, and a pair of high heeled shoes entirely made of metal. Her collar was a deep v-neck, and the sleeves were cut and slashed to hang open from the shoulders to her wrists. About her head was a thinner version of the headpiece she'd worn previously, a dark green tiara like band of metal that framed her face and spiked upward at points.

She glanced at Warren, as she had asked him to come along with her. "Think it's too much?"

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    The helmet turns slightly as Zora's gaze falls on Susan, a purplish shimmer running across her pupils. "Madam Storm-Richards. " she says, her voices a husky sound, her Latverian accent audible as the tall woman shifts slightly, inclining her head in greeting. "I know much of your exploits. I hoped the rest of the Fantastic Four might attend.' Her lips curve slightly. 'Despite previous...difficulties."

    Her eyes shift a moment later, focusing on Lorna, as if checking on her quietly. Doom has not rescinded his order that she protect the Queen of Genosha should she need it after all.

    Though Atlin's appearance does draw a slightly suprised look. She..didn't expect her to be here. She is a representative of another power, then?

Shuri has posed:
For her part, it was something of a requirement in a way. However, she was not really taking it completely as such. Shuri had dressed in more traditional Wakandan garb for this sort of Gala. Her eyes looking around as she walked inside. She was already kind of scanning around to make sure there wasn't any signs of obvious traps, deviousness or other problems. Can't have her first time being 'diplomatic' with Doom be interrupted by a trap by Doom.

All the same though, she tries to put on a good enough smile and casually looks at all the people here. Emma Frost particularly catches her eye after their last conversation before she looks over then to the man of the hour himself, Doom. She hmms softly but for now, moves over to food and drinks.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington is wearing a tuxedo that's been designed to accomodate his particular mutation, that being the pair of wings sprouting from his back. While he currently stands near Lorna, his eyes dart around the room to take in the displays of Latverian history and culture that are available for the public to view. "I can't quite put my finger on it, but there seems to be a common motif going on with these paintings." He catches sight of the monarch of Latveria and the small group around him and kind of nods to himself. He briefly catches sight of Emma and offers her a quick upnod and a grin in greeting.

Hearing Lorna speak, he looks over and shakes his head. "Not at all. I think you look incredible. I mean, look at how boring I come off in this tux. You? You look absolutely radiant this evening." He gives her a warm smile and nods around the room. "Who would you like to mingle with first? I shall follow your lead this evening oh viridescent goddess."

He briefly nods in the direction of Susan Richards. "I don't recall ever being in the same room as one of the Fantastic Four. Hard to believe they've been around since before I was even born."

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan's slightly labored smile becomes a bit more genuine as Zora is introduced, looking to her with a soft "It's good to meet you, Zora." She says, going straight to first names, because that's how she usually is. She seems like a genuinely warm person, in that moment, but Victor always puts her slightly on edge. She DOES offer to shake Zora's hand, though, despite the fact that she's... armed. And armored.
    She looks a little embarrassed as her family is brought up, though her brow twitches once at the mention of 'difficulties'. "Well, Benjamin's not wild about being fitted for suits, and Johnny's..." she shrugs, almost apologetically, to no one in particular, "Johnny." She looks about, "Reed... *should* still be here. Somewhere. Hrm." Seriously, how do you lose the tallest man in the world?
    Her voice gets a little softer, and her words are intended a bit more for Victor than anyway. "... Valeria's doing well. I don't know if she'll be coming, but I... told her she could." She shrugs a little again, "Kids."

Jane Foster has posed:
The Cold War is a memory, civil war in the Balkans worthy of so many inches of digital typeset. Maybe for some, the opportunity to hobnob on the cusp of journalistic recognition or social climbing consequently calls for an appearance at an embassy party. Jane Foster isn't much of a fame-seeker, not by circumstance. Her presence here invariably owes something to the scientific community, pulling up the intelligentsia quotient required for any social gathering of a certain calibre by proximity. Gowned in the starshot cloth of a midnight sky, the dress pours down to the knee, bisected down the front by a serpentine pathway and all intrigue to the back. Aa lone pair of concessions to the otherness forged in the public eye around her, she wears a thick golden cuff bracelet on one wrist and the solar procession round her hips in an aureate, chained girdle of stars that trail down on a golden strand until dissipating into naught. Make of it as one will. She has an escort in the form of a wide-eyed assistant -- Darcy, naturally -- whispering a mile a second into her ear, clamped onto Jane's arm like there might be a threat of the astrophysicist blowing away.

"Seriously, did you /ever/ think you'd be cool enough for this? Look at her dress. Crystal city," Darcy is wide-eyed, bouncy, awestruck. "I'm going to go fetch something to drink and if I'm not back in like ten minutes, assume I applied for permanent residency. Married the nearest hot guy... or disappeared with your credit card to the Balenciaga store. Barney's. Ta!"

And just like that, Jane is abandoned /yet/ again by an untrustworthy science-friend. The brunette tilts her head heavenward as though asking a very important question of the King of Asgard. He might be listening, muttering about mortals and Midgard problems into his mead. Into the brink or over the top. Somewhere distraction presents itself--Susan Storm.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom actually smiles genuinely at the mention of Valeria. "Well, considering this is a fairly stuffy diplomatic affair, I suspect she would rather be anywhere but here. Now, if I had a laboratory set up..." He nods, looking a little distracted again, noting other guests as well, in particular...

"If you will excuse me, Susan, Zora, I should attend to greeting another head of state." With that, Doom releases Zora from official duty, and he strides over towards Lorna, and Warren, by extension. He then bows politely towards Lorna, "Your majesty, I'm glad that you were able to attend our opening. I trust the medical aid we have provided has proven useful for you."

Then his glance slips to the side, and he notices Jane standing there. His lips curl in a bit of a smile, though he doesn't say anything otherwise, just yet. After all, there is a question of immediate responsibility to be had.

Atlin has posed:
It had been a fairly common assumption for those that had met her so far and gleaned what Atlin was that she'd come from Themyscira like the most famous of the Amazon. Of course, that wasn't accidental, Bana-Mighdall were as secretive as their Wakandan neighbours after all. Easy enough to forget that the tanned woman was an emissary...she was still learning the ropes of how to be just that after all! The ease of this 'high-society' clearly wasn't quite so natural to the woman, something thrown all too clearly into context as Emma passes her by, but her gaze does flick from the business-chic Jennifer to the more traditionally glamourous Emma and Lorna. All faces she didn't know but certainly people who seemed the right 'sort' for this place.

Left with little conversation she's really able to strike up immediately, her arms cross in front of that form-flattering v-shaped neckline and there's an exhaled breath. How was one ment to -do- this diplomatic thing so easily? Left to her lamentations, it was only then that she spotted the Wakandan-garbed Shuri near the food. A blink, but it was a welcome familier sight. She'd make an approach in a moment, but first she meets Zora's gaze, offering a nod to the one person in the room she'd actually met.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced about catching sight of Emma and offering the other mutant a smile and nod from her position as she skirted about the edges of the room, roving with her gaze over the various pieces of artwork as Warren gestured to them. She walked easily, despite the impossibility of her shoes, making her even taller than most. "We should greet the host, when he has a moment." She murmured to Warren's question regarding who they should seek out.

Of course, that is when said ruler of Latveria makes his approach toward them, and she stops politely to wait for him. She smiled, politely, diplomatically as she inclined her head. After all, he was of equal standing as another monarch such as it was.

"Thank you for the invitation to your Embassy's official opening. It's lovely.." She gestured to the artwork and other various, simple design work and back. "And yes, the supplies have been in use. Genosha owes Latveria a debt of gratitude for coming to us in our time of need. We're working on rebuilding and cleaning up Hammer Bay as we speak." She exhaled a breath, her gaze sweeping over the metal mask that Doom always wore.

"Have your people found anything in your scans yet?"

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora switches her spear to her left hand, accepting Susan's offered hand with her own after a brief moment of hesistation. She has a firm grip, but not overwhelming, and steps back slightly as Sue addresses Doom, her attention turning against to the rest of the party. Her eyes never quite rest for along, her attitude alert, even here.

    When Doom steps away, dismissing Zora, there's a flicker of suprise, before Zora turns her attention back to Susan. "Did Valeria join you here today?" she wonders curiously. "I know of her, but...not much. My lord has respected her privacy, other than to be sure she is doing well, since she is still young.

    The nod from Atlin is returned, faint curiosity in Zora's gaze now, but politeness in her demeanor.

    "I should introduce you to Samantha...she is also one of Lord Doom's chosen who accompanied him here, and my compatriot."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Late is a thing that happens when you're a Richards of the scientific bent. Valeria managed to wrapped up in an experiment, and then she had to actually //get ready//, and then there was worrying about a few other things, like how she was going to keep her hair done if she took the flying car and if she had time to put the top up...

Regardless, she made it here eventually!

Recently, Valeria was reminded that 'prom' is a thing that happens for kids who attend traditional high schools. She passed the high school level a decade ago, but now she's eighteen and an excuse to get dressed up is welcome. So when she shows up, it's in a deep green ballgown with gold detailing, strapless but with loose sweeps of fabric across her upper arms, and her hair is up in a neat twist.

As soon as she steps inside, she tips her chin up, scanning the crowd for...someone.

Samantha Dunbar has posed:
Entering the room, dressed in an all-black woman's suit is a new face to the party, but certainly not new to the Embassy itself. The sharp and functionally dressed woman moves over to Zora, nods, once as if to communicate a message in that simple motion and then looks over the guests at the party - recognizing many from their biographical or file pictures she's seen, even though she's only met one of the guests in person.

Her eyes trek to where Doom is, noting his position, her expression remaining netural. "It seems all is going well enough," she mentions aside to Zora. Her eyes move to Susan, to whom Zora is speaking and she nods, cordially. "Welcome." The face, certainly, is familiar enough to her.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren is about to agree with Lorna about going to seek out the host, but just as he's opening his mouth Doom shows up. He blinks and looks at Lorna for a moment, preferring to play second fiddle for the time being. Once she's finished speaking to him, he offers Doom a polite nod of his head. "Good evening, your Majesty. Warren Worthington of Worthington Industries. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I have to say that the artwork here is truly one of a kind. If it's not too much to ask, could I bother you for the name and contact information of the artist? There's a few paintings that I'd like to see adorn the walls of my company's boardroom."

There's a momentary pause and then he adds, "Also thank you for what you have done to help Genosha. As a mutant, I appreciate it." This is said with a great deal more sincerity than anything else he's said.

With his words to Doom done, Warren tries to catch sight of who else might be nearby. Just for curiosity's sake.

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan grins a little despite herself. "A lab would probably do it. She's really..." she trails off long enough for Victor to excuse himself, giving a soft "Oh?" before she nods "Of course." and watches him go to Lorna. She sighs.
    Still, she tilts her head curiously as the very serious seeming Herald speaks to her, and smiles, "Well, I told her she could. It's up to her though. I don't think she'd want me fussing over her dress or anything~" She says merrily. When Zora mentions she hasn't heard much, Susan clasps her hands together and her blue eyes light up as she gushes, "OH, she's great! She's soooo super smart, and funny, and clever and still makes eye contact with me even though she's eighteen!" The last part is spoken almost victoriously.
    God she's so proud.
    "Did you want to meet her? I'm surprised Victor told you- Oh there she is!"
    Susan raises her hand in the air and waves it in Valeria's general direction, taking the FIRST opportunity to potentially unwiittingly embarrass her daughter! "Hey honey!" She says - not shouting at the top of her lungs, but... yeah. "That's- oh!" She stops mid word when she turns back to Zora and sees Samantha suddenly stood next to her. "Ah, hello! I'm Susan. Are you another... Herald?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
The Green Lawyer snatches a tall glass of...something off a passing drink server's tray, "Thanks," Jennifer Walters says with a polite smile. The server looks at her strangely then turns around to get more drinks. Jennifer has a long drink of whatever's in the glass and then looks at the bubbling contents strangely. The same server returns with a different tray this time and the green beanstalk once again descends from on high and kidnaps an appetizer into her clutches. She grins at the server sheepishly and lifts her little tiny cracker to him in acknowledgement. The man glowers at Jennifer Walters, cracker thief and takes a different route.

Jane Foster has posed:
The ruler of Latveria being greeted by the ruler of Genosha warrants some kind of photo call, one Jane simply doesn't have the device or intention for. She observes Lorna's approach to Doom through the corner of her eye, orienting towards the inner reaches of the embassy proper. A slight suggestion of a smile, ever polite and approachable, marks a greeting for them when or if eye contact is made. Another person stepping in gives fine reason to wait on approaching Sue, what with the calling of Valeria like a summons to dinner, battle, or peace talks.

Choosing a trajectory through gaps in the mingling guests, she approaches Atlin's vicinity and murmurs, "Good evening," with a genuine sense of greeting. With all the high-flying socialites about, playing the role of high-flying astrophysicist and general lady of stars settles in easily enough. "You might have found the best vantage in here simply to watch and admire."

Her fingers curl slightly around the edge of that dusky, star-spattered gown that approaches a blue so deep, it must somehow be torn down from the heavens where the constellations are absent. Watching those coming and going is easy enough, though naturally she glances Samantha's way and smiles.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom frowns a bit at Lorna's question, "Unfortunately nothing conclusive. Though we are still investigating the matter, of course." He pauses, then adds, "Of course, as long as you require the assistance, Latveria will be happy to provide it. Nations such as ours must stand together in solidarity, after all." And while he does mean that, he also knows it's important to show solidarity in a public setting as well.

Doom then nods towards Warren, "Of course, I am most familiar with your corporation. The artist resides in Latveria, of course, but I would be glad to relay you the information for them. To see their work gracing more than just these halls would be a source of pride for Latveria." And Doom, by extension.

Then Doom glances over towards Shuri, giving her a respectful nod. Perhaps an invitation, perhaps not... but it is a gathering of representatives from different nations there, given Lorna's presence as well, so it seems likely to be the former.

Shuri has posed:
From her spot over by the food, Shuri smiles around the room and gives Atlin a warm smile as she notes her heading her way but then the woman is distracted. She instead turns her attention over to Doom in time to see him nodding and she nods back to him before she casually takes her finger food and drink over toward Doom. She eats a bit daintily before she sips her wine and walks over to Doom and Lorna.

When she arrives she looks up at the man and smiles, "Victor von Doom." She nods to him and then smiles over at Lorna, "Lorna." She nods to her again before she sips her wine as she nods her head.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
What might be a surprise to many is the gentleman who entered with Valeria. Known to few, he is dressed sharply in a tuxedo with a cumberbun matching Valeria's gown. Daniel Hastings seems to be quite happy with this situation, tendering her with a smile, but then he looks to the crowd and takes a deep breath. "I'm going to take a guess that your godfather is the gentleman in the back there with the rather fierce looking woman in the armor." It's a quiet inquiry made with a lean of his head.

And thus he steels himself, offering Valeria an arm lest the heels she wears get the best of her. "I should say that you look lovely tonight but I don't think it does the moment justice. I have to apologize for my tardiness. You took my breath away."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced side long at Warren, a faint trinkle of amusement dancing in the corners of her eye as she listened to his polite interjection and compliment regarding the artwork. She managed to just repress arching an eyebrow, and instead remain passively diplomatic. Her focus shifting back toward the Latverian monarch as he in turn frowned at her question regarding the scans he had taken. "Of course, I trust that I will hear if you and yours find anything definitive." She inclined her head as she spoke, a gentle dip, and was thankful that she was quite literally magnetic and able to keep her tiara through it.

Anything further regarding their countries pauses as Shuri makes her way over to join them, and suddenly there are //three// different ruling families for represented in their little gathering. Lorna nodded to Shuri, and smiled again. "We were just discussing countries that provided Genosha aid. Wakanda and Latveria currently are the two most prominent benefactors for us, and I am deeply grateful for it."

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora looks vaguely bemused by Susan's sudden gushing, her eyes looking over towards Valeria as her mother begins waving her down. "Lord Doom is most proud...but I have not wanted to query him unless he chooses to offer more information on her. What I know, is what he has told me should it be necessary for me to protect her."

    Zora turns slightly as Samantha slips over. "Ah, perfect. Susan Storm-Richards, be known to Samantha Dunbar, a fellow servant of Latveria." She waits to see if the excited waving brings Valeria and her...date?...closer. Hmm. She shall have to investigate this date. In the name of Doom. And for security purposes.

Atlin has posed:
So far? Atlin wasn't making an approach towards Victor Von Doom, instead the Amazon was indeed just sort of...watching and admiring. Or maybe 'examining' was a more accurate. Uncrossing her arms, there was a genuine look of suprise from the woman as she found herself approached, turning her gaze towards Jane and her greeting and offering a little nod of her head.

"I am...unfamilier with many of these customs," she finally speaks, her accent hanging on her words perhaps a little hard to place for most. "This seemed like the best way to try and study so I do not make a fool of myself. And there appears to be a long list of those more familier than I."

A beat, she turns properly to face the other owman, indeed intercepted from Shuri who is herself drawn in by the gathering around Doom, leaving the Amazon instead to focus on the Astrophysist. "I am Atlin of Bana-Mighdall," she finally offers in introduction, tilting her head to the side. "You are...one of these Royals? An ambassador?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma watches the comings and goings with much interest, finishing her glass of champagne and smiling politely to the waitstaffer with the tray collecting empties coming through the room, handing off the defective glass. However, it isn't long before a second is pressed on her, which she politely and cheerfully accepts. She dampens her powers further, the buzz of conversation and the buzz of stray thoughts in the room competing for attention. Easier to just focus on the conversations for now.

Samantha Dunbar has posed:
"Doom has only need of one Herald. I - am his Lancer." Samantha smiles at this, proud, pleased, and seeming to embrace her title such as it is. What, exactly, that means she does not immediately clarify, either. But she does offer her hand to Susan, politely. "A pleasure to meet you. I have heard much." And, by her tone and expression, either all or most of it is good.

She follows Zora's gaze, regarding both Valeria and Daniel with a very similiar expression of interest before her attention returns back to Susan. "I trust your needs are met?" She gestures to indicate the various drinks and offerings of foods for finger-snacking briefly. It would not do for Doom not to meet all of Susan's needs, of course.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Accurate," Valeria murmurs ruefully at Daniel's guess, reaching out to take the offered arm with a slight blush for the compliment. "But before we drop you in the deep end, let's try the- Yeah, no, I can't tell you Mom's any less terrifying, if we're being completely honest. Also, side note, she objects to teleporting directly into the tower."

She gives his hand a light pat, then starts over toward Susan and Doom's representatives. "Hey, Mom," she greets with a smile as she reaches them. "Ladies. Did I miss anything exciting yet?" she asks, doing her best to pretend it's very normal that she has a date.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren's face brightens as Doom agrees to provide the information about the artst. "Thank you, Your Majesty. You have my word as a Worthington that I will pay them well for their work." He glances over at Lorna and smiles, then looks over to Shuri and raises an eyebrow. Using names of royals, well, that was interesting. And amsuing. Then there's Atlin.

"Greetings Atlin of Bana-Mighdall. I am Warren K. Worthington III of Centerport, New York. It is a pleasure to meet you. My lovely companion here..." And he gestures respectfully to Lorna. "... is the Queen of Genosha, Lorna Dane."

Susan Richards has posed:
    "It's nice to meet you, Samantha." She says with a genuine smile, despite the fact that she's greeting the servants of their greatest frenemie. Again, life's complicated.
    "Hi sweetheart~ You look great!" Susan beams to her daughter, and leans in to give her a peck on the cheek. "Valeria, this is Samantha and Zora; they're..." Susan squints one eye, "... servants?" and continues "... of Latveria. Very important. Zora, Samantha, this is my daughter Valeria and..." Her gesturing hand moves to Daniel and Susan's face goes a bit blank. The hand gradually shifts to a pointing finger. "I don't know you!" She smiels embarrassedly. "Hi! You're..." she smiles a bit more cautiously, "... liiiinking arms with Valeria."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom looks over towards Shuri, and nods politely in her direction, adding, "Shuri. A pleasure to see you, as always." He gestures towards Lorna, "And yes, that is what we were discussing, and I wished to also complement Wakanda for providing aid to a nation in dire need." His eyes glance back towards Lorna, and he adds, "And please, think nothing of it. I am certain if the positions were reversed, Latveria would welcome your aid." Well, probably. Maybe. Depending.

He looks about to say something else, but then he notices two things. One, Valeria has arrived, which causes him to look quite pleased. However, the second thing... well, she has her arm linked.

As if she's...




Emma Frost has posed:
<<Well, //this// is a lovely party,>> Emma's voice rings gently in Lorna's head. <<The guests: such class, such grace, such style.>> There is a healthy amount of snobby sarcasm in her tone. <<You, however, look gorgeous. I love that look on you. And see, Warren is good for this whole 'I need someone handsome and also a mutant, but also knows how to behave himself around people' sort of thing.>> Emma takes a sip of her champagne and smirks into it.

Jane Foster has posed:
Laughing softly, Jane waits for one of the circulating servers to draw near before she can claim the glass with its libation of choice. Whether that's champagne or a questionably intense liqueur of incomprehensible Latverian name matters little, for the accessory suits her perfectly well in the mixed company. "Should you like any insights, just let me know. I would be happy to tell you what I know," Jane offers in a warm tone. She inclines her head slightly to the question, catching the accent while her own is solidly American, Pacific Northwest for the discerning ear. "Ms. Atlin, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Doctor Jane Foster."

The notion of being a royal or an ambassador earns a small head shake. "No, I lack any such title. Rather, I am an astrophysicist and astronomer. Though if you see the young lady and the tall blonde resembling her, those are Susan and Valeria Richards, both highly respected for their scientific accomplishments as well." An introduction given in that soft-spoken, friendly fashion hardly means to grab too much attention. Her gaze moves from Sue and Val onward. "Doctor Hastings, escorting the younger Ms. Richards, is another innovator, too. Latveria supports rather advanced technological and scientific institutions, much like Wakanda. Should you see the young lady over there in the gorgeously patterned textile, she could tell you more if you wished to know."

Not an ambassador in the least. But absolutely aware of her compatriots out there, among others. Until the murmuration of stillness from parent and not-quite-parent earns an arched brow. She murmurs something softly to Atlin.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    There's a faint gleam to Zora's eyes now as she studies Daniel, as purplish energy leaks out around the edges as she studies, not just the outer shell, but the unique energy signature that makes him up. "I do not know you either." she says, in the tones of someone who believes this should be corrected when said person is...touching....Valeria.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Over at the entrance, a new arrival comes in. The Scarlet Witch's dress is a darker shade of red than her auburn hair. The dress has been set off with a diamond necklace the likes of which the woman is not usually seen in.

Wanda Maximoff pauses to gaze around the event for a few moments, noting various people in the crowd. A passing waiter stops with a tray of drinks and Wanda takes a glass of champagne from him with a grateful nod of her head before turning back to further peruse the crowd.

Her eyes alight on a few people in particular, by coincidence two of them notable for their green hair, though of Lorna and She-Hulk, only the latter has the green skin to match. The host and a few other notables are also noted before Wanda begins making her way over towards Lorna.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
    It's like.. being led to the slaughter. Daniel has done many things for Queen and Country. Taken fire. Been wounded. Blasted across the universe to another galaxy. Yet somehow none of those are as terrifying as this moment. Right now. As Valeria begins moving towards Doom and Company (to include Mom!?), he clears his throat and straightens his shoulders to look more presentable to the.. situation.
    Upon their arrival, Daniel tenders a short bow to Lord Doom then looks to the enthusiastically interrogative Susan Richards. "Daniel Hastings, Ma'am." He offers pleasantly with a dip of his chin. "I.. do apologize. For not having made a point of meeting you sooner. But you see.." He glances to Valeria sheepishly then back to Susan. "We've been having so many delightful discussions about science.. of all topics truly.. and it kept slipping my mind." Ahem. "So.. I do.. rather.. that is to say should you wish to have a discourse.. interrogative.. if you will. I shall absolutely make myself available to you. At your convenience."

Samantha Dunbar has posed:
"Zora," Samantha gestures to her companion, "Is his Herald. I - to put it in simple terms, am his bodyguard." Why Victor Von Doom would have need of a bodyguard or what type of person would bodyguard for one of the most powerful men in the world she does not elaborate on. Instead, the young woman, somewher in her 20's, smiles simply, warmly, at Valeria. "I'm pleased to finally meet you as well."

There is a subtle shift to her tone as she looks to the man whose linked arms with Valeria, however. "I also have not had the pleasure in meeting you. But, forgive me, I'm drawing a blank upon your name." She says this politely enough. Politely, yes. But, also in the same manner of a person of authority whose going to run your name through the crime database to make sure there aren't any warrants out for your arrest before deciding what to do with you and who hasn't decided if you're innocent or not before they let you leave the scene.

Once Daniel gives out his name to Susan, however, she simply nods. Once. And watches him for a long, silent moment before exchanging a look with Zora.

To Valeria, "Do let me know if you have need of anything while you're here. I'll make sure to see to it personally." The warm smile returns.

Atlin has posed:
"A healer?" the question comes, Jane's title bringing a little look of suprise until it is corrected. An academic, but that seems to lower her regard very little if at all, especially when Jane is quite happy to offer support and begin explaining the identities of the others ahead of her. Interesting, because she had absolutely seen the mother and daughter there moving by even if she hadn't quite made the approach to greet the strangers as of yet given they were rather tied up with the host.

She opens her mouth to say more, but suddenly she's approached and engaged by the figure of Warren and Lorna, even if it's the former that addresses her. A bow of her head in greeting, her hands move like they were about to complete a different gesture of introduction that's instead stifled by bringing the hands together.

"A pleasure," she offers, almost certainly having been coached that far before arriving at the Embassy this evening. "I am new to New York and have never been to Genosha, but it is lovely to meet you Mr Worthington," a beat, a lower bow offered to Lorna. "And you, your Majesty."

Whatever was whispered to her from Jane? It earns a nod and she leans in slightly to whisper something back to Jane, a light expression of puzzlement on her face.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I'm one hundred percent certain you both have more impressive titles than servant," Valeria smiles swiftly to Zora and Samantha, giving them both curious looks. Doom has let people close enough to actually be useful and they don't //appear// to be Doombots? Clearly they're the most interesting thing in the room.

Aside from poor Daniel's fight for his life.

"I knew it," she nods once as Samantha provides the appropriate titles. "It's a pleasure to meet both of you. I hope we have a chance to talk more. Anyone Uncle Victor's decided to allow into his confidence is clearly a force to be reckoned with."

"And I'm sorry," she adds quickly, placing her hand over Daniel's again. "This is Dr. Daniel Hastings. He's-" She pauses, glancing to Daniel and then to the others. "He's a friend. He actually gave me the most wonderful idea earlier this week. I think it's going to change the world."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna glanced side long at Warren, but mostly kept her focus on the two royals beside her. "If any country needed aid and Genosha was able to provide it, I would have loved to be able to do so. Perhaps in the future we will be able to do so thanks to both Wakanda and Latveria's generosity." She trailed off further commentary as she noted Doom's gaze shifting away, and she followed his line of sight. But Lorna didn't particularly know Valeria Richards, didn't really notice the //big deal of her dating//. Or any of that.

Distractedly, as Atlin approached and Warren spoke, and introduced her, she smiled, nodding even as Emma spoke directly into her mind. Her expression turned a bit fixed as she struggled to keep from bursting out in laughter. A warning mental scolding followed Emma's commentary, though there was no heat in it, and no small amount of slight embarrassment regarding her escort for the night.

Annnnd then there was her sister! So many people!

The greenette took the moment though, "Wanda! You look lovely!"

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora has the attentive posture of a dog attempting to discern if the noise she's hearing is the postman or a ninja invading her house. "Daniel Hastings." she repeats after a moment, then offers a gauntleted hand. She turns her gaze to Valeria, the lightshow fading from her eyes. "If Valeria feels you are worthy of accompanying her, then you are welcome here as well."

    To Valeria, there is a respectful bow. "And you are always welcome here, Miss Valeria. It is a pleasure to meet you in person at last." She offers her hand again to her, then rests her spear against the crook of her arm absently. "Forgive me, I was unaware you were together...is this a new thing?"

Shuri has posed:
A smile and a nod to Lorna and then she looks to Doom, "Of course." She states to him, "I would gladly help out Latveria if you were in some way unable to handle something." She nods her head, smiling at the silent jab and at the same time offering help. She then looks again to the people around and hmms, "I imagine my brother feels the same way." She then considers her wine glass, "Now, if you'll excuse me." She steps back with a nod and then makes her way back to get more drink, this time something without alcohol.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
When Daniel bows in Doom's direction, that does give the monarch an opening. He says to those he was talking with, "Pardon me a moment." With that, he strides over towards Daniel and Valeria, focusing on them first and foremost.

And thus he looms over Daniel, looking down at the man as he stands with Valeria. His eyes seem to burn behind his mask, gazing intently at the young-seeming man as he catches what Valeria says. And then... And THEN...

He actually... smiles, or at least the mask simulates one, as he nods slightly towards Daniel. "What idea would this be? I am... curious, what you and my god-daughter are working on." His attention is focused fully on the pair for right now, or at least it seems to be.

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan can't see energy signatures, but she can see arms linked with her baby girl! At the mention of scientific discussions she laughs awkwardly "Ha ha! Ha... haaaa, I see." An invisible wall keeps being erected and dismissed behind Daniel. No one can see it, but it's there. And then it's not. And then it is!
    "Well!" Susan says with a clap of her hands and a smile that would be a little worrying to those in the know. "It's good to meet you, Daniel! Valeria's told me..." she grians broadly and starts shaking her head "... *nothing* about you!" Or has she? Wait.
    At the offer of interrogation, Susan, aqueezes her eyes shut with a friendly smile and says "I'll *do* that! Don't you worry." her eyes open "You can't teleport can y-" before she notices Samantha correcting their titles, prompting her to wince regretfully, "Oh- of course, I am SO sorry, I didn't mean- no you're completely right."
    This odd woman has helped defeat Doctor Doom in battles of wits and will.
    "Ohhh, a Doctor." Susan says and smiles. That's nice. Still gonna get blood samples though, probably. She backs up a step as Zora reaches out for Valeria. She also... grimaces a little as Victor starts probing for world changing ideas. "Do you have a patent for it?" She notes chipperly, as if trying to throw guard rails out in front of them before they blurt it out to him.

Jane Foster has posed:
"Almost. I chose at the last moment to duck out of premed, though I could patch you up if I had to. Not qualified to do much more than that," adds Jane. Not one of those triple doctorate types with four different jobs, promise. She swivels to Warren and Lorna as they approach Atlin, and with a friendly smile to both of them, a slight dip gives worthy greeting. "Your Majesty. Mr. Worthington." Her reputation can stand certainly upon its own, and she doesn't shy away before the glittering pair of them.

That offer to support Atlin through any ins and outs of diplomacy stands, and how not? After facing down the Bifrost randomly throwing itself at various desert targets, this stands as a relative piece of cake. "How are you enjoying your evening?"

Her gaze shifts then to Wanda, marking the pretty crimson variation of her sister.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma smiles a bit at the mental scolding, then makes her way to the knot around Lorna as Doom departs. "Your majesty." She half curtsies, giving a knowing grin to Lorna. She gives Wanda a smile as well. "Well, how are the best dressed in the room?" she asks, lifting her glass a bit in a mock toast.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren nods to Atlin, "It's a wonderful place, I hope you come to enjoy it!" He is then distracted by how Lorna and Doom, and others, seem to be looking at Susan, Hastings and Valeria. "Oh, is Mrs. Richards doing autographs by chance? I might get in line for that." Said more to try to lighten any mood than to be serious about it.

Then Lorna is mentioning the name 'Wanda' and he blinks once, and then twice.

He turns slowly to offer Wanda a bow of his head, but will instead -totally- let Lorna take the lead when it comes to this. He instead runs one hand through his hair to try and straighten it up a little and smoothe out the front of his tux with the other one. Trying to be as presentable as possible and all that.

"Good evening!" He says to Wanda with a bright smile.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer Walters is talking and shaking hands with a dignitary politely, "Yes that's right, law offices in New York," she tells the dignitary, as she looks down at him. "Oh, try the bubbly," she recommends with a grin. The fancyass dignitary excuses himself and walks away from Jennifer. She glances at the red clad Wanda as she enters and heads across the room, then looks at the other colors of the rainbow too, including Lorna and Warren too.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff picks her way gently through the crowd on her way over towards Lorna. If Wanda meets She-Hulk's eye, the large green woman is flashed a warm smile of greeting. Wanda takes another sip of her champagne and then arrives over at her sister. In her typically slow delivery, Wanda says, "It seems to be quiet the festive affair," as she slowly looks around the place and then back to Lorna.

The greeting from Emma yields an amiable smile from Wanda. "Hello, and thank you," Wanda says. "I had a friend's advice to thank for the outfit, I will have to pass the compliment on," she says. Wanda offers Emma her hand. "Wanda Maximoff," she offers.

Wanda looks to Warren then as he greets her. "Warren Worthington. So nice to see you," she tells him, offering the man a pleasant greeting. Wanda also spots Jane Foster there nearby and flashes her a bright smile.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
    The first rule of being an Agent. Never let them surround you! It's too late for that. The second rule of being an Agent. Never let them see you sweat? Well.. Daniel's working on that one. The bodyguard is scrutinizing him. He expected that. Wait. Herald. Got it. The gauntleted hand is taken and he gives it a shake with vim but not vigor. It would be impolite, after all. He seems to be tracking everyone in the room well enough. Well enough that he's not surprised by people nearby as some might.
    Now Victor's question has him replying with a broad smile, "A think tank, if you will. Of the bright minds of this age. Freely exchanging ideas for the betterment of mankind.. so that we could better combat any threats beyond but also to better those whose state is not so benefitted as our own. There is so much poverty in the world yet. And health care can be brought to so many with so little. Education. Power sources.." He trails off as he realizes he was rambling. "Anyway, Valeria was the one to come up with a delightful title for it. Do please share." He encourages Valeria with an enthusiastic nod, not willing to steal her thunder.
    Besides, he has Susan yet to fend off, "Yes, ma'am. Physics, astrophysics, mathematics. Alas, my studies in chemistry ended with a masters and I've not the grasp of biomedical sciences that your daughter has." He glances with a broad smile to Val. "I'm sure she'll set that aright in short order.." His brow knits. "Or I will. Her intellect is dizzing.. and delightfully intoxicating." Wait, you're not supposed to wax on about her in front of mom. Ahem. There's a flitting of eye between mom and daughter as if he's hoping he didn't put a foot in it.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria reaches out to take Zora's hand, her grip brief and polite - she has nothing to prove with a handshake. "Together might be- I mean, we've been spending some time together and Daniel was kind enough to agree to come with me here. I think at this stage there's no need to declare the next ten years." There's a slight, reassuring squeeze on Daniel's arm, but it seems she trusts him to hande himself.

"It's nothing that needs a patent, Mom. It's not that kind of idea. It's more of a-" And then Doom arrives beside them and she breaks into a broad smile, releasing Daniel's arm to try to catch Victor von Doom in a hug. Goddaughter's prerogative.

"Uncle Victor, everything here is beautiful," she exclaims. "And such guests. And I'm so glad to see you've got help here as well," she nods to Zora and Samantha. Turning back to the rest of the group, she clasps her hands lightly in front of herself. "It's an independent think-tank, basically. I just- I realized that there are so many people with so much potential who aren't able to pursue their ideas or experiments because of resources or funding or lab space or any number of things. But we //have// those things. And while we've spent so much time exploring everything outside of this world, there are still so many mysteries here."

"I want to start a...a Future Foundation for those people. A place where science can be free of corporate and government concerns."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma gives Wanda a brief smile. "I've heard good things, Ms. Maximoff. Emma Frost. I'm... acquainted with your siblings." She glances towards Warren. "Warren. Darling. You look handsome, as always. But don't let it go to your head." She looks to the other in the knot. "Emma Frost, of Frost International and the Hellfire Club. And you are?" There's a slightly snotty tone to her voice as she addresses Atlin and Jane.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna moved to embrace Wanda with all the care that came with fancy dress and jewelry. Wanda would notice that yet again-- Lorna's hair was different, longer, as she'd had extensions put in. It would seem short hair didn't work so well for fancy galas and the alike. It didn't look quite 'right'. At least in her mind. Emma's approach earned a glance and a smirk, as the green haired woman nodded toward Emma's drink. "I need one of those. You owe me for nearly making me break out into laughter in front of two other royals." She shot out, and gestured to Warren and then Wanda.

"Warren kindly agreed to be my escort for the evening. He's used to moving in a tux and doesn't look half bad." She teased gently. "And Emma has been working closely with cleaning up Hammer Bay.." She offered toward Wanda.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    With all of the other dignitaries, guests, and staff mingling within, one might be hard-pressed to notice yet another person passing through. A curt, but polite (at least for him) exchange with the doorman is given, then Pietro Maximoff enters. Clad in a proper outfit, black tie and all, he steps into the crowd proper, taking his time to explore. Or..identify exit points. Whatever works.

    Or...it could be an effort to see who is here. And, with a slight smile, Pietro spies a couple of familiar faces, which causes him to change course and wander in the general direction of his siblings.

Atlin has posed:
Similarly to so many others, Wanda was not a face that Atlin knew. In fact, the Amazon had only known a single person in the entire building when she'd first walked in, but the point of being an Emissary was to meet people, right? At the very least, when the woman draws closer she's met with a polite nod of greeting, but Atlin hadn't been addressed directly.

Unaware of psychic scoldings, family dramas or any of the more complex relationships and difficulties around her, the tanned amazon in the dark gown looks back to Jane and offers a light shake of her head. "I doubt anyone is expecting injury or attack tonight," she muses, although perhaps that's not entirely true for Daniel! "But I appreciate the offer." Arms decorated with those identifying bracers fold once more, another slight cue to her uncertainty of customs made plain. Emma's approach? Well, it was almost confronting how comfortable the socialite was with all this 'madness' to the Amazon, but again there's a nod of her head. "Atlin of Bana-Mighdall," she greets in her accented tones, another light furrow of the woman's fair face coming with puzzlement. "What is the Hellfire club?"

Samantha Dunbar has posed:
Samantha continues to look at Daniel for the next few moments as if he's on trial and she is the district attorney presiding a case over him. But, as Victor shows up, she seems to relax. A small bit. Her attention, while not ever wholly being diverted from Daniel, does traverse now from speaker to speaker in the small gathering within the Embassy.

She addresses Valeria. "A nobel idea," is her sincere estimation of the rather grandiose desire. A brief smile is given to the young woman, but otherwise Samantha seems content at this point to watch, and linger somewhat in the background as Doom takes center stage, deffering to his mood and desire.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Always a pleasure to see you, Wanda. I hope you're doing well enough." Warren turns to Emma as she speaks to him, "Emma, you also look lovely, and believe me when I say that I'm absolutely not letting my apperance go to my head, not tonight, not with this vision of perfection standing next to me." And he gestures at Lorna as he says it. "Really, I'm pretty plain and ordinary when besides such radiance."

He does blink at Lorna's comment about almost laughing in front of Royals, momentarily confused by that, but then he's being complimented, so the confusion morphs into a pleased grin. "I don't know if I would say -used- to moving in a tux, but it's not all that bad. It's really more annoying for the tailors than it is for me."

Then Pietro is coming closer, so he offers him a nod of greeting. "Pietro, I hope you are having a pleasant evening tonight."

Jane Foster has posed:
The bright smile is mirrored in kind by Jane. "I think it may be the hottest ticket in town." She gestures lightly to Wanda, the champagne flute in hand, and that elegant swirl of golden liquid provides an ample reason for retreat or greeting as called upon. "Though if you shall pardon me," to the assembled masses of Lorna and court, "I shall be right back."

The bracers that Atlin wears receive a look in passing, though she certainly smiles. "I hope not to see an attack here. A diplomatic affair ought to be one of the safest spaces in the city." Nonetheless, maybe something in that statement leaves room for doubt, for she dips again in another sign of respect.

Then she is venturing out into the masses, surprisingly swift about navigating around the many.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff returns the careful hug from Lorna, the brightest of smiles reserved for her siblings. "That was nice of you, Warren," Wanda says of his escorting Lorna. "And she's quite right about how you look in a tux. Just remember to have her home by midnight or her brother may come looking for her," she says in a teasing voice. That's before Wanda spots the aforementioned brother, but after a few seconds a glance towards the entrance shows the approach of the very man she was speaking of. Wanda's face lights up with a smile for Pietro as he's crossing the room.

Wanda looks back to Emma to say in more serious tone, "Thank you for what you're doing in Genosha, Miss Frost."

Wanda glances towards Atlin and Jane as they talk, giving the latter a quick nod as she excuses herself to talk to the Amazon. Atlin's greeting nod is returned with a friendly smile by Wanda.

Susan Richards has posed:
    "Of course. Of course." Susan says politely and unconvincingly as she's warded off of Daniel being any sort of commitment. She blinks with surprise as Valeria embraces Victor with so little hesitating, and folds her arms with a warm but slightly distant smile. It's... *so* sweet, she wishes she could just take the moment for what it is. But Victor's made sure Susan will always be a little worried.
    The grin she gives as Valeria describes their plan - or seed of one at least - is not ambigious, however, beaming as she says "The Future Foundation~" As if testing the words out. "That's really ambitious." She says proudly. Also strong branding, but she doesn't think Valeria would approve of her bringing that up.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom looks mildly affronted at Susan for presuming the worst, though when Valeria tries to hug him. Doom does not normally hug, for he is Doom! Ruler of Latveria, and one who should lead Earth itself for only he is brilliant enough to do so!

However, there are one (or two) exceptions to the rule of hugs. And Valeria is definitely one of them. Doom does return the hug, gratefully, then says, "Well, a Future Foundation of that sort? That is truly a brilliant notion. If you wish my help with that, Valeria, you have but to ask. I find this highly commendable."

He then releases Valeria from the hug, and he looks at Daniel with a stern expression, "Valeria is my god-daughter, and one that I care a great deal about. It gratifies me to see that someone else recognizes this fact."

Wait, he approves?!?

Emma Frost has posed:
"Of the who?" Emma glances Atlin once over. "...oh honey, you don't need to worry about the Hellfire Club. It's above your pay grade." And she turns her attention back to Warren. "Lorna is quite ravishing, isn't she? You should help me convince her to the spa more often. It truly sloughs away stress and troubles for a time. She's looking positively radiant this evening. You should be lucky that-- OH! Pietro!"

Emma gives the speedster a brilliant smile and a wink. "Don't you think Warren makes an excellent date for your sister?" Stir that pot.

To Wanda, she replies, "It's nothing, really. There is need and we must meet it, that is the way of things. I've seen your siblings by the club, and I wanted to make sure to extend to you the same offer to come by whenever you need some time to relax and just get away."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna flashed Wanda a look that just screamed, oh no. "We don't have to tell Pietro, Warren is just escorting me. It's not like.. well.. Uhm.." She blushed faintly, and glanced back at Warren as he dropped compliments with ease. She coughed lightly, "Hey, you want to grab a champagne glass for me?" It would at least give her something to do with her hands.

Particularly as Pietro approached and Emma.... Emma threw her under that bus at full speed.

"Pietro!" She moved quickly, to embrace her older brother, at least if he permitted. "You look so nice in a tux! Did you see Wanda? She look lovely! I didn't know both of you were coming to this..."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Wait.. he approves!? Daniel.. blinks. "Yes. Well. She speaks quite highly of you, Lord Von Doom, sir." Lord? Did he get that right? Damned villain briefings leaving out important details that can get a man killed! He gives Victor another half-bow though Victor would easily note a little disappointment on the fellow's face at the loss of Valerie's arm on his.
    Daniel quickly bucks up and looks back to Susan with a smile. "I. Well. We.. that is.. I don't know that.. which is to say it wasn't discussed." He looks to Valeria then back to Susan as if he's not entirely sure where he should be going with this. "Though I would be quite honored by her company in future.. should she find it pleasing to her."

Warren Worthington has posed:
"I promise to be as perfect of a gentleman as I can be, Wanda!" Warren even puts a hand to his heart as he says it. Then his attention moves between Emma and Atlin, the momentary interchange about the Hellfire Club until Emma mentions the spa, then he nods. "I saw her last night. I'm in full agreement that you should be putting together more of those spa nights, Emma. I think they do people a lot of good, and maybe I'll try to arrange some sort of outing for Hank, Piotr and Scott. Maybe a few others. Getting an hour where you can forget about the troubles of the world... that's some pretty worthile minutes spent right there."

He says this all to try and bulldoze over Emma's stirring of the pot, glancing quickly over at Pietro with a pleasant smile before turning and nodding to Lorna. "Oh, of course. Champagne, right, yeah. That will be nice. I'll go get us each a glass." He gives her a quick nod, nods to the others, and then heads into the crowd to flag down a waiter who's carrying drinks.

Susan Richards has posed:
    "It *does?*" Susan nearly spills her drink at Victor's judgement. "You actually-" she's interrupted when she notices Daniel's attempts to clarify things and actually looks a little sympathetic. "Daniel." she smiles, "You should stop."
     One does not lightly trip over their feelings in front of Storm and Doom!

Atlin has posed:
Wanda hadn't been introduced and the handy voice of Jane who'd been explaining the people around the room to her was suddenly absent as the good doctor makes her retreat into the crowd. "A pleasure to meet you," is about the best she could offer the female Maximoff, although it is extended with a nod towards Pietro as he makes his approach. Emma's questioning and dismissal of her question in one? They earn a slight frown, the Amazon tilting her head ever so slightly in a slight note of irritation one probably didn't need to be a telepath to recognize.

"Do not be concerned," she answers the 'of who', forcing a smile. "It is 'above your paygrade'?" Yep, she really was learning everything she could about this dignitary thing, good and bad.

Of course, talk of Spa night and such has her tilting her head to the other side more quizzingly, but she's not about to openly admit to her curiousity just yet. The lack of things she understood or knew of in 'Man's World' was...frustrating at times.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    "We don't have to tell Pietro what?" The slightly accented voice of the older Maximoff is heard as Pietro joins the throng, those blue eyes of his falling upon Lorna, even as he steps up to the side of his other sister Wanda. It is a look of mild expectation, mingled with amusement. The hug from Lorna, expected, is also accepted, albeit a bit stiffly. "That Warren is escorting you, or that Emma is attempting to play match maker?" That amusement causes his lips to shift into a slight smirk....seems he heard the topic as he approached. "I have no quarrel with Warren." Did...he just give his blessing? Probably not, but at least Pietro isn't making an issue of it. Even the amazement of him actually looking good in a tuxedo is left alone.

    Because of course he looks good. And Pietro knows it.

    A glance to Warren follows. "I have just arrived. It remains to be seen how my night proceeds. So far, it is favorable." There is even a polite nod for Warren as Pietro speaks. A greeting is given to Emma as well, while Wanda receives a true smile. It seems Pietro is in good spirits, at least for the moment.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda has quite a bright, amused smile showing. She reaches over to rest a hand briefly on Warren's shoulder as he passes, if possible, so she can lean closer and whisper to him, "Just so you know, running doesn't help avoid him." Wanda's green eyes twinkle with mischief as she lets Warren go then, and turns to greet her brother with a warm side-hug if Pietro allows her.

The Transian woman's head tilts just a bit at the mention of the Hellfire Club. "I don't think I'm familiar with it," she comments to Emma Frost. Wanda tends to eschew publicity and often has to be dragged to events even like this. Except for where it's a charity, particularly one focusing on children. Not the biggest surprise to those who know her that she's not aware of the highest society gathering spot.

Wanda smiles over to Atlin when she gets a moment and offers, "Wanda Maximoff," along with her hand.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Ambitious," Valeria nods to her mother, smile broad. "But worthy, I think," she nods to Doom as well. "It's something the world could use right now. But that's a matter for another time," she waves a hand quickly in front of herself.

"This is //your// party," she says to Doom, looking over at Zora and Samantha with that curious eye again. "How are things in Latveria? I trust that everything is settling now that your hand is back on the tiller?" Apparently she's a //little// better with people than her father is. Or else she really does have some affection for Doom.

Meanwhile, as the conversation turns to other topics, she quietly links arms with Daniel again.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna leaned back from Pietro, and grimaced as he quite put into words everything. She flushed, and glanced side long at Emma and as Warren departed to get her a drink. She mouthed him a thank you. Even as Pietro waved away commentary about the whole thing. Her hair was longer than he'd seen her last, the magic of hair extensions.

"Yeah... so that. Mostly, that last part." She muttered flat, shooting the blonde a look.

And her attention returned to Pietro again.

"Doom already came to share his greetings and what not. So, suffice to say, he hasn't found out anything regarding Genosha either.. at least not yet. But the proceeds are all going to the relief fund." She murmured softly.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
    When your date's mother tells you to shut up. You shut up. Daniel gives Susan a short nod and with a grateful expression on his face as he is reminded of Valeria's presence with the return of his arm. He seems to visibly relax then and shift more towards Doom and his accoutremented bodyguard and herald. The expression on his face is now curious. He heard Valeria's question and seems genuinely interested in the answer.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Victor looks over at Susan with an air of mild surprise, "Of course, this brilliant young man obviously recognizes, and respects, my god-daughter's genius and vision. Why would I //not// approve of that, as long as that fact remains clear?"

He smiles warmly at Valeria, "Indeed, it took some time to restore order, but it has been done. And I have been busy with helping others that are not so fortunate." Since Genosha has been a recent recipient of humanitarian aid from Latveria. After all, that's where the money from this party is going.

With that, he casts a gaze back over towards Lorna and the other mutants, noticing a few more arrivals, as well as Atlin. Recognizing that Zora was talking with the latter, he glances to Zora, "That woman you were conversing with earlier. You know her?" His tone is curious, nothing more than that for the moment.

Emma Frost has posed:
"Pssh, me, matchmaker?" Emma waves Pietro's comments off. "Lorna is more than capable of finding suitable companionship on her own. She could have her pick, really." She sips her drink. "You seem in a good mood, Pietro. Give it a few. There's plenty of the slow-moving and slow-witted about tonight, and I do know how you abhor that."

Emma listens as Lorna mentions the lack of new information regarding her island kingdom. "That's a pity. I know rebuilding is the priority, but it would be nice to put a face with whomever... you know." She gestures vaguely. If she noticed the Bana-Mighdall's irritation, there's no sign. If anything, Emma seems to not even notice her presence at all. It's a cotillion skill, dear. "Well, there is the Charity Gala at the club Saturday," Emma says to Wanda. "Perhaps if you'd like to come a little early, I can arrange a tour?"

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    While the group around Valeria chats, Zora quietly tugs Samantha back away from the group, slightly. Not needed to loom over them, but also she leans down to quietly whisper in Samantha's ear, not taking her eyes off Daniel.

Samantha Dunbar has posed:
"Latveria prospers once again beneath the hand of Doom," conceeds Samantha, honestly, and with a measure of pride. "We have also aided Genosha in their recent travesty as we can." She inclines her head to Valeria. "But if you wish to speak on it further, I'd be happy to talk to you about it at a later time."

She smiles, briefly, but earnestly to Valeria. Then she quiets again, looking from Doom, to Zora, to the woman in question.

Zora Vukovic has posed:
    Zora pauses as she's addressed, twitching upright again. "She is an Amazon..." she says, looking over to Atlin. "I met her the other day when an angel was terrorizing one of the...gentleman clubs nearby. She was with an Asgardian woman." she reports.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren smiles a little at Wanda's comment but then seeks out and finds someone with champagne flutes and takes up two, one in each hand. But now he's very near where Susan, Valeria and Hastings are at and let's be honest, he's a little curious. But alas, it doesn't seem as if poor Daniel will be atomized or anything, and so he moves along back to where Lorna, Wanda, Pietro, Emma and the others are all gathered around.

"Here you are, Lorna." He offers her up one of the flutes. "Yes, Emma. Matchmaker." He takes a slow sip of his own champagne and eyes the others. "Oh right, I'll need to get another outfit ready for that Gala. Maybe even buy some new shoes, or a watch or something. I'm really looking forward to seeing who all shows up."

Susan Richards has posed:
    Susan tiiiilts her head slowly at Doom and just says. "... Okay... I guess."
    She glances to the side and very softly mutters, "Is this 'trolling'. Have I been 'trolled'?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a phrase Valeria wasn't quite prepared to hear. "An angel was terrorizing a strip club?" she asks, brows perking up with curiosity. All right, well, she is half Richards. Sometimes things just come out of her mouth. "By angel, do you mean //actual// angel? Or just a winged figure? Because I'm curious as to how one would define an actual 'angel' to get the science and the metaphysics to line up."

No, Mom. The trolling is when your daughter brings up angels and strip clubs at a diplomatic party.

Warren Worthington has posed:
After hearing the words 'angel' and 'strip club', Warren turns around to face Valeria and stare at her. Especially the bit about 'a winged figure'. "What is this about someone terrorizing a strip club?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods, "Well, an Amazon... pardon me." He disengages from the group, making his way back over towards Atlin, and the others that she has gathered with. He gives Wanda a respectful glance, nodding towards her, and then towards Atlin.

"Good evening. I hope you're enjoying the party?" He bows very slightly, presenting politeness as he glances among the others in the group, "I do hope I am not interrupting anything?"

Atlin has posed:
"Atlin of Bana-Mighdall," introductions offered, it seems to take Atlin a second to recognize the hand offered. Different cultures, different greetings, but she reaches out to give it a firm squeeze. "You are another from Genosha?" She'd been paying attention it seems, picking up every little piece she could. It was more the issue of arranging them all correctly, but hey! Work in progress! "It is a place I have yet to visit, much like Latveria, but they both seem to spring interesting people."

Pietro is given a sidelong look, but there's heavy conversation afoot, it's only then that she notices the attention directed her way from Doom and his guards. As good a window as any to do the 'Emissary' thing she was ment to be doing, despite warnings of the more learned as to staying away from the 'family gathering'.

A steps forwards, she catches the conversation and question from Valeria, offering a shake of her head. "She was apparently an avatar of a deity of some kind. Such things happen, although we do not call them 'angels'."

Then she's approached directly, barely a step away from where she'd been speaking with Wanda and a slight blink the only real open display of her suprise before she bows her head in greeting. "King Von Doom," she offers, truely hoping she'd picked up the name correctly as she speaks. "Your subjects spoke very highly of you. I am Atlin of Bana-Mighdall, it is an honor to meet you."

Look at that, she'd managed somewhat of a formal introduction!

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shook her head at Emma, huffing a breath and rolling her eyes as Warren returned with drink in hand. She took it with a murmured thank you, and happily sipped at her drink. Trying hard to not down the whole thing at once, as much as she wanted to. So she refrained, and sipped. Politely.

"I think everyone would rest easier if we knew who did what in regards to Genosha." She murmured softly, and glanced back to Warren. "I don't think I've had so many back to back galas for a long while. It'll certainly be interesting. I look forward to see who will come." She looked over her escort for the evening's outfit.

"How many shoes or watches do you already own?"

Emma Frost has posed:
"Warren? I think his closet is more extensive than mine," Emma chides the winged mutant gently as she replies to Lorna. As Doom approaches, Emma greets him with a polite "your majesty, your embassy is lovely. It is a welcome addition to our city, and I am glad to see it reopened."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    A nod is given to Emma as Pietro receives the side hug from Wanda with less stiffness than Lorna's offering. "Oh, of that I have no doubt, Emma. But, hopefully, I shall find the strength to endure, if but for a moment or two." There is no jest in those words...even with the slight smile that Pietro offers with them. It just seems that he is content enough to be with familar people, for the moment.

    There might have been given a sidelong look to Pietro from Atlin...but Pietro himself doesn't even acknowledges Atlin's presence. Instead, he turns to Wanda, speaking in regards to the Hellfire Club. "You would actually like the Hellfire Club, Wanda. Due to Father, we are considered VIPs." With that, he indicates not only Wanda, but Lorna and himself as well. "Not that it would matter under normal circumstances, but it certainly does lend itself to certain benefits. I could see how Father might have enjoyed his time there." A pause. "The Spring Gala would be a perfect time to experience the Club. Since it is being used as a benefit to help Genosha in our hour of need."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Uh." Valeria looks sheepish as she catches sight of Warren, flashing an awkward smile. "What she said." She points at Atlin, trying to look innocent. "No offense. Would that be offensive? Just on the- I mean, you have wings, but-"

Cutting herself off, she places a hand over her face. Apparently she already burned through all her social skills. Deep breath. Focus. Releasing Daniel, she steps forward to offer a hand instead. "I'm sorry. Can we start over? I'm Valeria," she introduces herself. "I saw you here with the queen?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods towards Atlin, "The honor is mine as well, Atlin of Bana-Mighdall. I am glad that you have found the time to visit our humble Embassy. Zora has spoken highly of you, as well."

With that, he glances over towards Emma at her greeting, "Of course, Miss Frost, and thank you. It is good to establish a presence in New York once more... but, well, there's a gala for the Hellfire Club, to benefit Genosha?" He sounds a bit curious, but doesn't actually come out and ask.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren glances at Lorna and Emma and shakes his head. "Do I have to show you both my closet now or something? I don't have -that- many outfits. Just a few dozen is all. And maybe about a dozen pairs of shoes, but you need different shoes for different occasions, right? And watches? Um, I don't know, a couple. I have one that's a diver's watch, but I don't... I don't know about diving deep enough to make use of it."

And then Valeria is coming over and he takes the offered hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Valeria. I am Warren Worthington, and this is the Queen, Lorna Dane." He makes the introduction to Lorna. "Then there are her siblings, Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff." He gestures towards Wanda and Pietro in turn. "And finally Emma Frost." A nod towards Emma.

"Think nothing of offering any offense, it's just that overhearing winged people terrorizing a strip club, well, ah, it was somewhat pertinent to my interests you know?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff nods slowly to Atlin. "We are all siblings," she says, motioning towards Lorna and Pietro. As Victor von Doom comes over, Wanda returns the nod with a respectful one back to him. She knows he's assisting with Genosha, but she can't hide fully some of the suspicion that shows in her eyes with the man.

Wanda looks back as the mention of the Gala comes up and her brother tells her how much she might like the club. "Well," Wanda says hesitantly. She doesn't normally think of clubs as places for herself, but then Pietro knows her well. Wanda looks to Emma to say in her soft, Eastern European accent, "It would be an honor to attend then. And again, thank you for what you're doing for our people," she says to Emma. "I look forward to seeing it."

Wanda smiles as Warren makes the introduction. "Hello, very nice to meet you," she offers towards the young woman.

Emma Frost has posed:
"Yes," Emma says with a smile. "Our annual Spring Charity Gala will be benefitting the rebuilding of Genosha and hopefully the eventual repatriation of their displaced citizens, when there is ample structure repair and rebuild done to house and care for them." She hmms, glancing to Lorna. "It seems only proper, given circumstances."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna laughed softly as she nudged Warren lightly with her arm. "Don't worry about it. I'm teasing." She murmured, and glanced briefly at Valeria as Warren introduced her. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." She offered with a smile. Faintly distracted as she juggled conversation between her siblings, Emma, and now Valeria and Doom's approach. She noted all of the various little conversational threads and picked her sister and Pietro first.

"It's less a club setting that you might think of Wanda in regards to that term. It has some rather nice restaurants, Pietro and I have been going to visit the German one." Even if Lorna's pronunciation of anything remotely German was atrocious and despite Magneto's attempts, she butchered the language horribly.

"Even if I'm not entirely sure what father got up to there," A glance at Emma briefly, "It has been integral to working through business contracts for Genosha's rebuilding."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria bobs a slightly awkward curtsey to the Genoshans at Warren's introduction, doing her best to show manners. You know, aside from calling out about angels and strip clubs. "A pleasure to meet all of you," she says with a small smile.

She can't quite help the way the smile deepens at one corner with Warren's final words. "The wings, the terrorizing, or the strip clubs were pertinent?" she asks, ever so helpfully. "Sorry," she laughs right after, shaking her head and waving a hand in front of herself. "Sometimes things go from brain to mouth without reaching the filter."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Daniel had walked along with Valeria. He was her escort for the evening, after all. "Daniel Hastings, your majesty." He smiles and tenders her a bow. "We.. well.. I don't know that I can say that we met. I did speak at the memoriam." If that jogs her memory. "I am sorry for your loss and that of your.. our.. people." He does at least own up to being a mutant even if his mutation isn't readily obvious. "Mister Warrington." He tenders a gracious nod to the gentleman.

Atlin has posed:
More talk of this damn Club! At least now she was getting an idea that it was some social club of some sort, clearly for high society types. A frown, but it's one swiftly covered as she acknowledges Doom's response to her with a polite smile. "I am glad to have made a positive impression. She seems quite the warrior, and very much one to proclaim all the virtues of your homeland. It has me curious to see it for myself," of course for Atlin, the same could be said of a -lot- of broader 'Man's World', but the Herald had indeed made one heck of a sales pitch!

Back to Wanda, there's a soft 'oh' of understanding and she points between the twins. "So you are 'Prince and Princess' then, no?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods, "Of course, if you speak with Zora, such arrangements can be made." He hrms softly, head tilting a bit, "If you'll pardon me, I should take care of some things that have... arisen. Ladies, gentlemen." Before he leaves, he does place a hand on Valeria's shoulder, giving the young woman a smile before he departs. On the way upstairs, he pauses and looks at Zora.

"I don't know how long this will be, but I trust you to oversee things in my absence. Oh, and arrange a visa for Atlin to visit Latveria, if she wishes." With that, he makes his way upstairs, cloak billowing behind him as he moves.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
    It is only when Wanda actually indicates him is when Pietro deigns to acknowledge Atlin, offering a nod in greeting. Then a more appropriate gesture to Doom...a more pronounced bow, though again, he doesn't offer any words initially. And another to Valeria.

    Finally, with all that greeting in place, Pietro offers agreement to Lorna's statement. "Truly, it is more a collection of various restaurants and dance clubs than one singular club. Lorna and I have been to the Rathskeller on more than one occasion." Unlike Lorna, Pietro had no problems with his pronounciation, his Eastern European accent almost disappearing when he speaks the German name. Almost.

    Atlin earns herself a sideward glance as she askes the question about prince and princess. A tip of the head is answer to that, followed by a simple 'Yes'. Short and to the point, that Pietro.