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Global Events

Timeline of Events







  • 2014-08-02: 'Assassination of Greg Johnson - Anti-Mutant politician and Presidential candidate Senator Greg Johnson is violently murdered during a private fundraising event. Twenty-three people are killed, including family members. A SHIELD task force led by Melinda May arrives on-scene too late to capture the operative known as X-23.









  • 2004-11-07: Dr. Banner is exposed to gamma radiation as part of his research. The Hulk makes his first appearance, smashing through New York before escaping capture.
    • 2004-09-14: Superboy Appears - At fourteen years old, a young Clark Kent makes his first appearance in costume to help rescuers after a hurricane strikes.


  • 2002: Project: Rebirth Opened - General Ross re-opens Project: Rebirth. Dr. Banner and Dr. Betty Ross are recruited to the project.
  • 2002-04-17: Wedding of Sue and Reed Richards - The world's most famous metahumans get married! Many people attend, and remarkably, not one villain shows up to make a scene.


  • 2001-09-11: 9/11 Terrorist Attack - Radical terrorists commandeer several airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Responding heroes help mitigate much loss of life.


  • 2000--

Modern Era

  • 1994: Siancong Conflict - Sparked by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Fourth Indochina War, Communist revolutionaries seize control of the nation of Siancong.
  • 1994-12-25: Collapse of the USSR - The Soviet Union collapses. Many KGB assets and projects are transferred to the FSB but others become wildcards or are lost in the transition, including assets from the Winter Guard.
  • 1992-12-16: Wayne Assassinated - The Winter Soldier assassinates Thomas Wayne Jr.. and Martha Wayne outside a theater, gunning them down in a staged mugging.
  • 1991-01-1: Scott Summers born.
  • 1990: Doom Attacks. The Fantastic Four stop an attack by Doctor Doom's Flying Fortress on the Baxter Building on live TV, becoming superhero superstars.
  • 1985-01-28: Kal-El’s escape pod crashes to Earth.
  • 1982: Krypton Destroyed - The Oans fire the Starkiller protocol, destablizing Krypton's red giant sun. The resulting nova event obliterates the planet. Only a few Kryptonians survive, and the race of once galaxy-straddling warriors is considered extinct.
  • 1980-02-19: Bruce Wayne Born - The youngest scion of the Wayne family is born in Gotham.
  • 1979: Weapon X - Wolverine slashes his way out of the Weapon X facility, the latest in a long line of failures in the Weapon Plus program.
  • 1978-11-01: Tony Stark born.
  • 1975: Saigon falls, ending Vietnam War
  • 1974-12-18: Bruce Banner Born - Bruce Banner born on a US Military installation.
  • 1963-11-22: JFK Assassinated - The Winter Soldier shoots from the grassy knoll and kills JFK.
  • 1961-08-08: Reed Richards born - The famous inventor is born in Central City, California.
  • 1962-10-22 - 1962-11-5: Cuban Meta Crisis - Russia and the United States begin a game of brinkmanship with metahumans and nuclear weapons. Stormwatch assets are deployed covertly in Turkey and Russia responds by sending their elite Winter Guard to Cuba. Peggy Carter heads a daring investigation that reveals HYDRA did not collapse with the Third Reich. She discovers they are the puppetmasters engineering the entire crisis. Carter manages to avert nuclear war by delivering key operatives to Kennedy and Kruschev at the 11th hour. This leads to the signing of the Cuba Arms Treaty.
  • 1961-04-17: Bay of Pigs - Covert elements of HYDRA help Fidel Castro overthrow Fulgencio Batista and gain control of Cuba. HYDRA immediately sets about establishing a base of power in Cuba. Kennedy orders the deployment of the Stormwatch metahuman task force to lead an invasion of Cuba. The Bay of Pigs invasion becomes a rout. Casualties are heavy and multiple Stormwatch agents are executed.
  • 1958: The Island of Dr. Moreau - David Moreau moves to Genosha to study the metahuman population.
  • 1955: Project: CADMUS - The Department of Extranormal Operations becomes the US Government directorate responsible for overseeing all research into metahumans for the US government. It operates at times with SHIELD and against it, as various directors take the DEO in different directions. Multiple sub-programs are established, including Project: Cadmus, The Agency, Task Force: X, and Weapon X. Nathaniel Essex remains a shadowy figure in CADMUS history for decades to come. Weapon Plus is founded in Canada as a counterpart to CADMUS. The Sovetskiye Supere Soldaty program known as the Winter Guard forms in Russia.
  • 1955 - 1991: Cold War Era - This era pits the CIA and SHIELD against adversaries like the resurrected Mr. Sinister, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and various other threats to national security. It's a time of social upheaval and militant jingoism all over the world as Russia and America flirt with mutually assured destruction. Weapon X and Project: Rebirth were revived by the Americans, giving rise to Bruce Banner, Alex Fairchild, Deathstroke, and Wolverine.
  • 1948: SHIELD Founded - SHIELD is founded, a reorganization of the joint Euro-American Strategic Scientific Reserve. SHIELD's mandate under NATO becomes to monitor metahuman and alien threats anywhere in the globe. It is formally recognized by multiple international treaties and supported even by the Russians. Tension waxes and wanes as SHIELD's agents sometimes act above international law, but generally SHIELD is regarded as a positive force for humanity. They spend several decades scouring the globe for alien technology.
  • 1948: Roswell Incident - A Skrull recon ship crashes into Roswell. The Skrulls adopt disguises and set about using their technology to create an army of sleeper agents.
  • 1947: The Great Lakes Defenders are disbanded.
  • 1946: Nazis Defeated - Hitler is finally killed on the Nazi Moon base near the Sea of Tranquility. The remaining Justice Defenders ensure his body is completely obliterated and take the Lance of Longinus into their custody, agreeing it will be safeguarded and never used again.
  • 1945: Genosha Settled - A refugee crisis grips the world. Genosha is selected by Britain as a 'temporary' resettlement camp for many former members of the British Empire. It quickly becomes a lawless and criminal land ruled by dictators and criminals.
  • 1945-04-30: Hitler stages suicide - A body double for Hitler commits suicide in a bunker on the eve of Germany's defeat. Hitler escapes to the secret Nazi Moon Base. Germany officially surrenders; Japan follows suit shortly after atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • 1945-02-12: Captain America and Zinda Blake Vanish - During the tumultuous battle for the Cosmic Cube, Captain Blake and Captain Rogers are lost at sea near the northern pole. Schmidt is presumed dead and the Cube itself gone missing.
  • 1945-02-10: The Battle for the Power Cosmic - Schmidt, pursuing his own plans, seeks an ancient Kree weapon known as a Cosmic Cube; half of the Defenders engage him in the North Atlantic, in a race to capture the wreckage of the Omrut Beacon.
  • 1945-02-10: Battle for Doom's Gate - The greatest prize of World War 2, Morgan le Fay deploys several brigades of undead and corrupted Nazi assets to Themyscira. The Amazons stand between them and Doom's Gate; Morgan le Fey, having lied to her allies, intends to open Doom's Gate and extract the souls bound in Tartarus to use for her own nefarious purposes. The Defenders fight off the legions of Nazi zombies and their mutated allies.
  • 1945-02-02: Sergeant Barnes falls into an icy ravine. His body cannot be recovered and he is declared KIA.
  • 1943-09-12: Bana-Mighdall Discovered - Rommels' forces sweep into the deserts of Egypt. They find the ancient city of Bana-Mighdall, and are forced to retreat after taking severe casualties. One Amazon is captured, and transferred to HYDRA's custody; Schmidt is able to learn from her the existence of Doom's Gate.
  • 1943-11-20 - 1948: The Justice Defenders assemble! - The first superhero team is officially charged by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchhill to fight the Axis powers, and becomes an Alpha unit comprised of soldiers and assets attached to the SSR, OSS, and 107th Infantry. Colonel Philips is selected as the unit commander.
  • 1943-11-15: Captain America Rises - Captain America and Zinda Blake steal a plane and fly into German-held Azzano to rescue members of the 107th Brigade captured by the Nazi Science Division. They retrieve not only Sergeant Barnes, but over a hundred Allied personnel. Many of them go on to become the Howling Commandos.
  • 1943-07-04: Erskine Assassinated - Abraham Erskine is killed by a German agent and the secrets of the Super-Soldier Serum are lost. Howard Stark and Thomas Wayne Sr. each take one half of the serum's formula into custody to keep it out of the wrong hands.
  • 1943-07-04: Captain America is Created - Project: Rebirth turns young, sickly Steve Rogers into Captain America, the Perfect Human.

  • 1942-07-01: Jor-El Lands on Earth - Jor-El's hyperspace ship crashes into the desert of Africa while searching for Kheran descendents of ancient Kryptonians. He is befriended by Azzuri of Wakanda and with the assistance of Sheira and Carter Hall, they help stop Rommel's advance at El Alamein.
  • 1942-01-01: Declaration of War - America joins 26 other nations to form the Allied Nations and fight Hitler, Japan, and Moussolini.
  • 1941-07-12: Japan bombs Pearl Habor - The Japanese launch a sneak attack on American forces in Hawaii.
  • 1940-04-09: Germany Invades Norway - Operation Wesurbung begins. Johann Scmidt, leading the HYDRA division of the SS, attacks a small town and levels it in his pursuit of the location of the remains of a long-lost Kree science vessel.
  • 1939-02-01: Blackhawks Founded - A private consortium of experienced aviators is commissioned by the US Military to fly supply missions to Europe. Zinda Blake is their commander and is given a brevet promotion to Captain in the Army Air Corps. The Blackhawks volunteer for dangerous combat missions and night drops and have an astonishing success record.
  • 1939-09-01 - 1945-09-2: World War II - Following Case: White, Germany invades Poland and triggers WW2. This is in furtherance of the plans of the Harbingers to gain worldwide domination.
  • 1939-10-04: Mystery Men assemble. - By Executive Order, President Roosevelt assembles a team of enhanced humans and exceptional individuals to act as a domestic counter-insurgency force against the Third Reich. They will later be incorporated as the Great Lakes Defenders under the overall guidance of the Justice Defenders.
  • 1938-04-12: The Red Skull Rises - The first iteration of the Super-Soldier Serum is created. Schmidt is gruesomely deformed by the serum and driven partially insane. Abraham Erskine flees to America.
  • 1934: Schmidt Rises - Physicist Johann Schmidt is recruited personally by Adolph Hitler into the SS. He swiftly climbs the ranks to the head of the science division of the Schutzstaffel and is recruited by the Harbingers to join their mission.
  • 1933-01-01: Tesla discovers Zero-Point Energy - Sponsored by an ambitious young Howard Stark, Nikolai Tesla completes his research into Zero-Point Energy. His inventions mark a landmark shift in America's technological dominance and lead to astounding scientific breakthroughs.
  • 1919-01-01: Hitler's Rise to Power - Vandal Savage gives the Spear of Longinus to Adolph Hitler and suggests the direction of the Nazi Party. Hitler becomes the leader of the Harbingers and is exposed to trace Terrigen Mists by Savage. Only the Spear of Longinus keeps Hitler from dying.
  • 1918: Wonder Woman emerges from Themyscira and fights alongside Allies in World War I.
  • 1914-02-24: The Harbingers assemble - Vandal Savage joins forces with Lord Helspont (a Daemonite High Lord), Hiraoka Kotaro (leader of The Hand), Nathaniel Essex, and Morgan le Fay. All five seek to vastly reduce humanity's numbers in an attempt to create a 'better, stronger' race of humans, reminiscent of ancient and evolved Atlantis.
  • 1913: Attilan Relocates - With the rumblings of war in the Atlantic and Europe preparing for The Great War, the Atillans elect to relocate the ancient city to the Himalayas.
  • 1899: Apocalypse London - The First Mutant is revived by Nathaniel Essex and summons a legion of insect like aliens called Molluscs to attack London. The League and several time-displaced allies intervene successfully.
  • 1897: - Dracula Returns - The Murray Group reassembles and joins forces with Apocalypse to destroy Dracula once more.
  • 1874: Dracula Slain - Future members of The League join forces to slay the immortal Count Dracula in his isolated winter fortress.
  • 1880: "On Mutants" is written - Noted geneticist Nathaniel Essex accurately identifies for the first time that many 'supernatural' powers are in fact a genetic condition.