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Nikolas Kamarov (Scenesys ID: 1079)
Name: Nikolas Andreyvitch Kamarov
Superalias: Winter
Gender: Male
Species: Kherubim
Occupation: Spetsnaz ODON Captain/Winter Guard
Citizenship: Russia/Multiple fake identities
Residence: Various
Education: Russian Public School/Spetznaz Training
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 48 Actual Age: 48
Date of Birth 30 Dec 1971 Played By
Height: 5'11" Weight: 165 lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Light Blue
Theme Song: "God of War" - Bear McCleary

Character Info


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A Russian Olymic gymnast turned defector turned unwilling Spetznaz soldier and Winter Guardsman, Winter is the child of two Kherubim warriors, and carries in him the power of his alien heritage. He currently operates as a convert operations specialist for the Russian government and their allies, though he chafes at the restrictions of his position and orders more often than not.


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* 1971: Nikolas is born to a short=lived affair between a pair of alien warriors of Khera trapped on Earth, the noble lady of the Coda Zannah (Lucy Blaze) and the Pantheon soldier Yohn Kohl (John Colt). In the belief that it would protect the child from their enemies, the child is given to a Siberian family to name and raise in secret. Both Kherubim parents cut ties.
* 1971-1984: Nikolas is raised in Russia during the Soviet era, unaware of his alien heritage. He excels in school but chafes at his life in rural Siberia. He develops an interest in gymnastics, seeing it as a way out.
* 1984-1987: After great effort and struggle, Nikolas is chosen as a member of the Soviet Olympic team for the 1988 Olympic Games and is taken from his family for intensive gymnastics training.
* 1988: Nikolas attends the Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. Traveling outside his homeland to see how the rest of the world lives, his regard for the Soviet regime turns to resentment and a desire to escape.
* 1989: An unsuccessful attempt by Nikolas to defect results in his arrest by Soviet authorities. Instead of execution, he is condemned to serve in the Soviet Spetsnaz and returned to Siberia for brutal training.
* 1991: The USSR collapses into its member states. Nikolas remains effectively a prisoner soldier under the newly Russian Spetznaz.
* 1994-1996: Chechnya declares independence from Russia. The Russian Army, including Nikolas in a Spetznaz unit are deployed to the city of Grozny in intense fighting before withdrawing. Nikolas is paired with the current pilot of the Crimson Dynamo armor, a pairing which is exremely successful until the Dynamo goes off mission and Nikolas is ordered to kill him. This proves impossible, and Nikolas is severely injured but left alive by his former partner. During his medical treatment, his alien heritage and untrained powers are discovered.
* 1997-1998: Nikolas is assigned to Winter Guard Training to develop his powers, and given the codename "Winter." He is deployed against internal threats to Russian security.
* 1999-2000: Russia again invades Chechnya. Winter is deployed as part of the Spetznaz and lays waste to conventional Chechnyan military units in the battle of Grozny, which leaves the city in ruins. Winter is heavily reprimanded for intervening in the Novye Aldi massacre that follows.
* 2000-2013: Winter takes part in various special operations in Russia and internationally to break the back of various insurgencies, along with Winter Guard and Spetznaz conventional troops. He is deployed in several counter-terrorist operations in Moscow, Belsan, and Chechnya.
* 2014: Winter is deployed in the annexation of Crimea as part of the special operation to capture its Supreme Council, then again during the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, bolstering rebel Ukrainian forces as part of ongoing covert operations before being reassigned after refusing to attack civilian targets. He is punished with 2 years of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.
* 2016-2020: Nikolas is freed from imprisonment and reassigned to the Winter Guard full time as a symbol of Russian metahuman power.

IC Journal

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Grim Soldier:
Nikolas has been through a lot since being that young boy who tried to defect in a bid for freedom. Despite it not being his choice, he discovered he was a truly gifted special forces soldier and excelled in his new position, becoming a top-notch killer. It was not until he turned on his partner in combat under orders, failed to kill him, and then was shown mercy and pity by his former companion and left wounded but alive that he truly began to question years of indoctrination. Decades of warfare and covert actions have taken their toll on his spirit, and he has his depressive, dark, and fatalistic moments. But he retains the fire and a moral core that drove him as a young man. Philosophically, he has an element of the classic Russian romanticist in him; on one hand pondering metaphysical discontent with society and self, but also a man of deep passions and depths. While often serious, he has a certain grim and deadpan humor about life; a pragmatic realist leaning toward cynic that can appreciate the absurdities of life. After so many years, he is very good at fighting and killing, but restrains himself when he can, preferring to only strike at those who are threats, and behaving as a disciplined soldier than as a killer. He has frequently chosen to interpret his orders by the letter rather than the spirit when he disagrees, as deep stubborn streak keeps him from simply bowing his head and following orders no matter what they may be and no matter what punishment he may earn for his decision.

Character Sheet


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Energy Absorption:
Nikolas has the ability to absorb and channel energy, allowing him to withstand kinetic, heat, and radiation energy without harm and to adapt to any environment, even in space unaided (with breathing unit). He can absorb psychic energy, but only where it interacts with the physical world, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, teleportation energy, or similar effects; purely mental effects are not absorbed or blocked. He can also absorb magic, but it causes him physical pain to do so. This energy is absorbed by a subconscious field around his body, stopping it short of actually making contact, negating or greatly lessening impacts. A common trick he uses to store energy is to absorb some of the energy applied to his body by the rotation of the earth, allowing him a constant low level trickle of power. He can use this ability to detect, identify, and even track different energy signatures, even tracking other energy users by their unique power signatures. Once a type of energy is absorbed, Nikolas instinctively inverts the energy if possible, flipping it from positive to negative, hot to cold, etc., allowing him to effectively use it against the original source, even if they normally can absorb that type of energy unless they are a broad spectrum energy absorber as well. However, there is an upper limit to the amount of energy Nikolas can absorb from a strike, after which point he begins to take damage and has only his native Kherubim durability to protect him.

Energy Projection:
Nikolas can used stored power from outside sources to create and project a variety of energy types from his body, from concentrated blasts, concussive explosions, waves of force, or continuous beams. These energies normally reflect the power he takes in; if struck by radiation, his projection will be radiation blasts of similar wavelength but of opposing polarity, low frequency vs. high frequency, heat vs. cold, etc. when possible. Nikolas has some control beyond this, and can shift his power output to a specific type with greater effort, but more power drain depending how high energy the result is.

Energy Transference:
Nikolas can use absorbed energy he has gained from outside sources to boost aspects of his physiology, such as strength (up to 50 tons max), durability (capable of taking Kryptonian-level punches/heat vision), speed (reactions on par with low level speedsters), regeneration (healing of any injuries within minutes or even seconds), or flight (pushing his speed up to Mach 1 at maximum level). However, he cannot do all these things at the same time at maximum level.

Provided he has at least some stored energy, Nikolas is capable of levitating and flying unaided through the air by selectively manipulating gravity, at a normal max speed of about 120 miles an hour. Since he flies through gravitic manipulation, he is not bound by thrust in one direction, though he is as subject to the laws of momentum as anyone else.

Kherubim Agility:
Nikolas possesses a level of agility that exceeds human maximums, further honed by his Olympic-level training as a gymnast and raising him above the level of even world-class acrobats. He can naturally achieve a state of perfect equilibrium where he can balance himself on almost any object, no matter how narrow or tiny the area he stands on.

Kherubim Endurance:
From his Kherubim heritage, Nikolas possesses skin, tissue, and bone that are more dense and harder than that of a human. Bullets, blades, and light conventional weapons are not enough to penetrate his skin deeply; it requires armor piercing bullets or heavy weapons to penetrate. He has a very high pain threshold, while his body naturally generates less fatigue toxin, which gives him elevated levels of stamina; he can operate at full performance for several hours before he will start to grow tired. He has a wider range of environmental temperature tolerance, even without his powers, and can hold his breath for up to fifteen minutes.

Kherubim Physiology:
Nikolas is descended from a Kherubim noble warrior of the alien world of Khera. His alien heritage means he is functionally immortal and is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed cells far more rapidly than a human. Gunshots, stab wounds, brain injuries, damage to organs, broken bones - they will heal perfectly within minutes if he applies his stored energy to it, or within days at worst if not. His body neutralizes contaminants rapidly, breaking them down to neutral compounds and making him immune to all poisons, toxins, diseases, parasites, and allergens. However, he still needs to breath, and can be asphyxiated or suffocated into unconsciousness if denied breatheable air. Likewise, catastrophic damage to a vital organ can still kill him.

Kherubim Strength:
Nikolas naturally possess greater than human strength as a Kherubim, allowing him to lift up to two tons.


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Over the years, Nikolas has had frequent moments where knowing a bit about how to cook have saved him from Soviet-era MREs. Mostly he knows traditional Russian dishes, particularly from the Siberian area, but he knows a few Chechen dishes as well.

Covert Operations:
Nikolas is skilled in operations designed to avoid notice or blame. While not a master spy, he is an experienced covert operator and infiltrator.

Nikolas is an highly trained Olympic-level gymnast and has maintained his abilities over the years with regular training and exercise.

Nikolas is an experienced tactical commander at the squad level and a charismatic field leader in general.

Nikolas is an experienced and expert shot with a variety of common and advanced firearms. He is an effective if not gifted sniper when needed.

Martial Arts:
Nikolas is a highly trained master of systema, a martial arts frequently used by Spetznaz and with roots in the fighting style of the historical Cossacks that relies on the user discarding ego, fear, and tension in combat. The style uses hand-to-hand grappling, weapon disarmament, and turning an opponent's strikes against them. He is an experienced knife fighter, and trained in stealth first strikes, intended to take down an opponent before they can react.

Military Tactics:
Nikolas has years of training and experience in military tactics from his time as a Russian Spetznaz and in anti-metahuman tactics as a member of the Winter Guard. He knows a variety of tactics to deal with both conventional and superpowered opponents.

Nikolas speaks numerous languages, including Russian, Ukrainian. Chechen, English, and Arabic fluently and many others where he can at least make himself understood.

Russian Intelligence:
As a high lever soldier of the Russian Federation and the Soviets before them, Nikolas has a thorough knowlege of major Russian agents and metahumans, including those of the past or who have defected and their abilities. He likewise has a thorough knowledge of Soviet and Russian opponents and their capabilities, if they have been prominent enough to be deemed a threat.


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Over decades of active service in various covert operations, Nikolas has had the opportunity to set up a variety of hidden caches around the world. These usually contain various firearms, identification papers, and the equivalent of several thousand USD in different currencies depending on location.

Nikolas, while a member of the Russian Armed Forces, is deliberately kept from being well known so that he can operate more easily. The general public is unaware of him, though various intelligence networks (on the scale of SHIELD) may have information on his abilities and activities.

After decades of covert operations, Nikolas knows people all over the world - information brokers, fixers, arms dealers, and free agents who he can contact as needed. Of course, not all of them are willing to meet just for Nikolas himself, as opposed to his superiors setting up the meetings.

While Nikolas himself is highly resistant to small arms and grenades, his uniform has been further armored by threading lightweight armored threads through the fabric, making it likewise resistant to small arms and sharpnel. The combat gauntlets he wears armor his knuckles and the backs of his forearms, giving him a greater chance of deflecting melee or hand-to-hand strikes. it includes a long range minaturized communicator and tracking device. His double utility belts carry a variety of small objects to be used as needed. Finally, the costume can be set to change to a stealth shading for infiltration, and includes a high-tech mask designed to conceal his identity.

Winter Guard:
Nikolas has been a longterm if low visibility member of the Winter Guard for years, and knows its members, past and present, closely. he feels a responsibility to help his colleagues with few exceptions when he can, and at least some are willing to do the same in return.


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Absorption Limitation:
There is a limit to how much energy Nikolas can absorb, after which he will begin to take damage. Sufficiently powerful or constant strikes will overwhelm his energy absorption. Attempting to surpass these limits is possible but only with extreme pain and mental instability.

Ancestral Heritage:
While Nikolas is unaware of his family line, other than they were alien, his heritage means enemies of Khera will view him as their enemy as well, particularly Daemonites and their pawns, not to mention Kherubim who view a noble bastard like him as something to be controlled or eliminated. Likewise, other alien races and those who hate or fear aliens may see him as an enemy. Nikolas is likewise aware that his true parents abandoned him, and deeply wants to know the reason why, as much as he cares for his adopted parents.

Enforced Loyalty:
Following the defection of several high profile Russian metahumans, the government has acted to ensure essential assets, such as Winter, have been provented from following suit. As such, Winter has a psychic trip in his mind that will go off if he attempts to defect, or to a lesser extend if he attempts to tell anyone about the mental trap. While he can skirt the edge of his orders and risk feedback, he cannot directly attempt to disobey a direct order or to be actively disloyal to the Russian government.

Nikolas has killed a lot of people and followed orders that he carries on his soul to this day because he had no other choice, from individual assassinations to questionable military orders that left an entire city in ruins. His reflex is to go with the pragmatic, realistic can take an effort of will to remind himself that the efficient choice is not always the right choice.



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Title Date Scene Summary
From Russia, From Ice April 14th, 2020 Winter on behalf of the secretive Katyusha faction awakes Omega Red from his cryoslumber. The two depart to discuss with Katyusha what Omega Red's position and purpose will be in a world where the Soviet Union no longer exists.
An Ice Cold Knockout April 3rd, 2020 Heather drives off some Russian thugs, with minor help from Nikolas. The two adjourn to get hot dogs and discuss what it means to have power and what that means for heroes.


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Nikolas Kamarov has 2 finished logs.

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