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Odin All-Father is ruler of Asgard and Primarch of the Nine Realms, those worlds closest to one another on Yggdrasil's limbs.

He is a cunning and wily individual, valuing wisdom and intelligence even more than his awesome physical and magical might. Odin is a masterful tactician and brilliant strategist, and though prone to fits of temper never lets his emotions get the better of him. As the Primarch of Asgard, he wields the Power Cosmic to shape Asgard and its residents as he sees fit.


Odin is the third to claim the throne of Asgard following the collapse and rebirth of Ragnarok. He is the son of Bor, and grandson of Buri. Odin's mother was a Frost Giant named Bestia. This makes Odin a direct descendant of the primal entity Ymir and the God-Mother, Gaea. His brothers were Vili and Ve, twins both older than himself.

Odin spent his youth warmongering at the head of the Aesir. Tales of Bor's exploits conquering The Nine Realms echoed ceaselessly, and Asgard lived up to their reputation as warriors without peer. Odin was battlemaster for Bor's armies during clashes with the Skrulls and the Kree Empires. After Asgard's battlelust grew too great, Odin tasted his first defeat at the hands of the Hawkmen of Thanagar. He turned to the Norns for guidance, and from them recieved deep wisdom about the true nature of Asgard-- the cycle of ragnarok, the death of the Demiurge, and the destiny of his sons.

Odin approached King Freyr of the Vanir to propose an alliance, but was met with scorn. A civil war broke out, suspended only when Surtr attacked the Asgardian enclave on Vanaheim to claim long-lost relics. Odin joined his brothers Vili and Ve to drive the mighty Surtr out of Asgard. His brothers perished, and Odin became the Primarch of Asgard-- albeit a weakened and impotent echo of what it once was. Peace prevailed, and Odin was married to Freyja. They became the mother and father of the newly created race of Aesir.

Odin amassed power by any means available. He made alliances with the Dwarves of Nidavellir to forge arms and weapons once again. He cultivated alliances with Alfheim and reached out to Olympus and his other counterparts among the New Gods. Through his political alliances he sired Thor with the Vanir goddess Freyja. When the Frost Giants invaded Earth, Odin slew their leader Laufey and took his son Loki to raise as his own boy.

For five thousand of years, Odin has sat upon the Golden Throne of Asgard. His efforts to protect his people have ensured the great realm is once again a mighty force in the universe, and Asgardians are revered across the universe to this day by many races who were ground under the heel of Kryptonian aggression.