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X-Folks: Everyone is Getting Older
Date of Scene: 30 July 2022
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: There's party, cake, booze annd people getting a year older and enjoying that they didn't end up dead. The hangover may change how they feel about the last part.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Jimmy Hudson, Rogue, Wade Wilson, Neena Thurman, Warren Worthington, Kitty Pryde, Samuel Guthrie, Betsy Braddock, Bobby Drake, Remy LeBeau, Michael Erickson, Danielle Moonstar

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Word about this whole idea had been put out even back in June, but now at the tail end of July she finally got it done. Sun set and lights strung up about the pool and patio. A banner strung up acoss the top of the patio reading : Still alive another year!

Thanks to help from Sam Guthrie and Jim Proudstar, Harry and his Hideaway, and some of the other residents and students manning stations barbecues, grills and even a smoker have been set up, providing many a heated food option. Carnivorous, vegetarian, and even, vegan. Beef, all that meat from that one magical animal. Lamb, chicken. Salads and other plant based options in the sides.

Drinks set up, coolers loaded. Kegs from the Umlaut microbrewery. Pumped and primed to dispense. Soda's juices, water. Libation options a plenty. Under the patio Hambone rocks the turntables with back up from some of the newest future students; The Air Band brothers Will and Theo Black. Reproducing instruments just with hand gestures. Most excellent! The pool set up with a Slip'n'slide. Or a Crocodile Mile depending on where you got it. A few even. Extra length and withdth leading up to a vaulting horse and an array of sandbags to allow a launch into the pool. A bunch of nets along near the other end of the pool itself to catch anyone incase of overshoot so noone ends up through the walls of the poolhouse behind it. Tested by Boom-Boom personally! The explosions kicking things off as loudly as any pyrotechnics.

Among it all is a blonde woman, hiding blue eyes behind red cateeye framed glasses with yellow lenses. Half soaked and translucent white XAVIER'S tank top cropped and just covering her pink string bikini, trimmed with yellow. Some old camoflague printed kneelength cut off army pants with a tan canvas belt undone leaving the bottom half of the bikini strings visible at her hips. Long hair left loose and maybe in need of a long time with a brush whene she eventually

No bruises so the nets she set up did their trick. Amazingly enough considering some of the stuff she and some of the other X-Men have just gone through. She's sober. And behind those glasses of hers seems to be a very happy but tired expression.

It is a birthday party? Did Tabby lie about cake?

Oh hell nah! She broke her post van savings for that one. Taking up one of the tables on it's own once it's brought out. Circular and shaped and designed like the school logo. Though it does instead of having the name of the school. It has the name of everyone having a birthday in July that Tabby could obtain from the school's records on students, staff, and residents. Every name actually spelled correct. Even Tabitha's own.

T A B Y.

"Okay! It might not actually be the day for some of us!" Tabby yells out. she left candles off the cake because there'd be like way to much lighting and re-lighting and blowing on cake.

"But we got a whole bunch of reasons to celebrate. No the new school year is not actually one of them! You kids ain't the only one dreading classes and stuff. Not me but still, spare a thought for the teachers. Professor is on the mend. Just gotta make sure that sticks. Someone make sure he gets extra cake!" she yells to folks tending that.

"Now, we got all night for this so, let's ROCK!"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    There is an artistry to grilling.
    Starts with proper preparation. First off? Wardrobe. Jean shorts and white sneakers. No socks! Then there's the t-shirt which imparts a proper message. A request for smooches? No cliched. Instead his t-shirt advertises happily, 'Grill Coach.' The finale? His coach's whistle around his neck. Perfect.
    Then there is his grill itself, finely tuned to super hot, the appropriate level of hot with fine propane products to accentuate the heatness. He has the fork and tongs needed, though stored now in a holster at his side. The most important part, however, is the plate of meat that is required for said cookery. He carries a suitable if mundane plate of hamburgers and hot dogs. Anything fancier comes down the line, rewards for those who wait! Or who grab it from someone else's grill assuredly.
    "A'right, this... this is good."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is padding across the patio with flip flops on her bare feet. She's wearing denim shorts and a loose off-shoulder shirt that covers whatever swimsuit top she's wearing underneath it. With the school year only a matter of weeks away now, the Belle is just enjoying whats left of the pure summer vacation style atmosphere of the evening.

She pauses her padding footfalls near to where Jimmy is, with her aviator sunglasses covering her eyes, and a hand holding her fruity red beverage. "Ya know, we coulda set up a water slide at the lake, and maybe reduced the number'a fat kids from snappin' their necks inside the pool." She comments to the Grill Master himself, before raising her drink up to her lips to sip from it.

Her free hand brushes her white bangs out of her face, then she leans on the stone wall that surrounds the grilling area.

"Happy birthday, Tabitha!" Rogue calls out to the bolsterous blonde bombshell.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Someone made the mistake and let Deadpool in. Wade is dressed in a light red (almost pink) tee shirt, pink crocs, and black swimtrunks that display his logo (pattent pending) in a red dot pattern all over them. He doesn't even have his mask. Yes, that means the scars are all on display. Does he care? Absolutely not. Do others? Probably, since food is being eaten. Oh well!

    He's toting a black wrapped present with a red bow on it and carrying a duffel bag of other goodies over his shoulder--let's just hope the school doesn't have metal detectors. I mean, Logan works here so it's pretty unlikely, right?

    He make his way to the patio and calls out. "Hey, hey! Boom Boom bringing it home!" to the hostess with the mostess. Rogue and... he's pretty sure that's little Jimmy at the grill, are given nods of greeting with a polite--but not too polite--smile. "Where do I drop the goods?" he asks, twirling the box between two fingers for a moment before stopping it upright once more.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Finally at the point everything can just roll semi naturally. Tabitha actually seems to enjoy the atmoshpehere and some of the hugs. She's not the only one having a day celebrated belatedly and the benefits of having started all day gives folks chance to come and go because life isn't gonna stop cause someone wants beer and cake.

"Thanks Aye-Emm! And weren't you the one saying no powers down by the lake a while back." she says and with a litle squint of concentration broadcasts an image of Tabby rocket propelling herself into the net over the pool along the slipn'n'slide. The image is dropped and Tabby grins. The slide currently manned by a kid that can turn water and other fluids into a viscous and slippery state or even straight into a jelly. Better slidling on the blue tarp sheets laid along the lawn.

"Figured the pool let kids be kids and we can keep the prying eyes away." she further explains with a grin.

Hudson at the grill gets a finger gun. One of many. "I was gonna man a grill myself but no one trusts me to cook a steak or burger with plasma. It wouldn't have exploded that badly. Maybe just flash fried unevenly. But rare is tasty!" she says with a shrug of her shoulders.

When the fine folks from X-Force start turning up Tabby in hostess mode grins. "Suup! Thanskf for coming! Set 'em down wherever they're space and anyone that looks responsible. Though the Fleebs are in the pool so nobody is that responsible. But close enough!" she suggests while Wendy Fleeb floats about in an inflatable donuts.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena's /attempting/ to be more sociable, after her months of mostly working and drinking with people she works with. So she shows up to the party wearing a black bikini that contrasts sharply with her strikingly white skin, not quite /with/ Wade, but maybe she got a ride with him, okay? Toting her own present, wrapped in white paper with black polka dots, because she can appreciate a theme.

    "Happy birthday!" she calls out to the birthday girl. "I was told there would be cake. There had better dang well be cake."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Sidelong toward Rogue, Jimmy's smile is a wry thing, "Survival of the fittest." He says as if a cookout ain't a thang without a few snapped necks. Though in the next moment his attention is snared by the application of suitable meat objects to their required heat source causing a hiss and a snap and a sizzle that brings a fresh scent of Oscar Meyer and 90% lean hamburger to the fore. Which he finds pleasing for some odd reason.
    Though of course that's the moment when one of the students patters on by in their swimsuit, rushing headlong by the pool which gets the gym coach to comment, "Hey! No runnin'." Though he smirks at Rogue after that, "Turnin' into my dad."
    Which has him rethink.
    "Or, mebbe not my dad dad."
    Then once Tabitha is in sight he calls out toward her, "I dunno Tabbeh, a plasma burger might be fun if only ta say you had one once, right. Good job though, puttin' this all tagether."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks to Jimmy from the other side of the grill that he stands on. She looks over to the arriving Wade,a nd offers him a wave of her ungloved left hand. She smiles toward him, and the thusly arriving Neena too. "Welcome to the party, pals." She says cheerily before she watches the kids running past the pool.

"Yeah, ya don't wanna spend the rest of the year in some kinda cast, or on crutches, or---" She pauses. "And they're gone." She adds ruefully before just raising her glass of red drink up to take another sip of the icy cold contents.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren strolls out of the mansion in a white t-shirt, tan shorts, and flip-flops. He stops a few times on the way towards the party to chat with a couple of students, sneak in selfies, and elicit a few giggles and blushes.

"Bobby," Warren says with a broad grin. He claps the one and only on the shoulder and scans the group. "Think they party like we used to?"

Warren makes eye contact with one of the students in the pool and gestures for the ball. He catches it, winks and lobs it lazily at Wade from behind.

"Hey, hey, hold up," Warren says to Tabby when he carries on towards the grill. "Happy birthday." Warren offers a hug and then passes Tabby a card with a wink. "Open it later."

The winged mutant pulls off his shirt and tosses it onto one of the poolside chairs. "Those almost ready, Jimmy? I'm so hungry."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde comes out, showing up a little later than hoped as she got caught in the city. Lockheed is riding on her shoulder, the little dragon holding on to a six pack of beer for her as Kitty has a small pile of wrapped presents in hand as she walks out to join the party.

"Great job Tabitha," Kitty says with a smile towards the party planner. Kitty gets one of the beers and puts the rest in a cooler. Then she brings the presents over. "Happy birthday," she says. Warren gets a smile from Kitty and she gently side bumps him.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade offers a casual handwave to Rogue and sets his package on a nearby table. "Rogue... living dangerously I see" he says with a wink. He contemplates peeling off his shirt and going for a swim but thinks better of it... for now.

    Instead he heaves the duffle down and slides it under a table (just in case). "So what are you at now, Tabs? You've about as many reboots as you have names so I stopped counting after a while" he asks, snagging a beer and thumbing the top off. The top is caught and set on the table as well. No need to litter on Chuck's grounds. See, he can behave himself if he has a mind to.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Jimster, there's a huge diifference between a father and a dad!" she reminds the man on the grill. "Plasma grilling I might need to work on. Like flip the meat in the air, launch a boom at it on the fly, let the boom cook and push the meat down onto bun and or plate.

"Feeling extra responsible now ain't ya Anna-Marie. See why I ain't going for a teachiing degree." she states and chuckles. "The kids'll be wiped out soon enough then they'll probably go conquer the rec room where they think we can't see they've swiped some of the booze." she points out with a chuckle. Not that she's enforcing drinking ages. She's the cool one!

Neena's entrance is returned with a big smile. "That meme was old when i was little. There is cake. No lie. Undert guard from insects and the elements and anyone who thinks they could scarf the whole thing.

There's a hug for Warren returned and a grin and oooh as she looks at the card unopened and then stashes it in onbe of those pockets on her thighs.

"Thanks Kitty, and Happy Birthday! Not just my party after all. You get to head up and hug our Jerk of a Professor for making us all worry about him? Lock! There's a huge bowl of cheesy puffs next to the coolers.

"Twentyone Wade. You're lucky we got that call to haul warpath home when we did. Another hour and I'd be on mission stoned like mad! Benefits of weed being legal. But then birthdays are not holidays my dad used to say." the littering is occasionally handled by others. This is still a school with kids. Even when some of them are adults or just on summer break.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    There's the slosh and sluice of ice as Jimmy takes the plunge to grab a beer nearby, scooping it out of a cooler for his own personal stash of 'Molson' since only a handful of folks drink it along with him. He sets it on the 'prep' area of the grill and cracks it open with a snap-hiss, though doesn't take a sip quite yet.
    Since it's turnin' time.
    The sizzle returns as each hot dog and hamburger are given their cross-thatch, carbon marking them with the blessing of heat. Then he nods across the way, "Hey kid, hand me those..." A look up at Rogue, anticipating her 'humor' and says, "Those bread objects for containing burgers n'hot dogs."
    And once he has those procured he half-grins sidelong at Warren, "You can have the first, Angel. Knock yerself out. Though I get the first plasma burger when Tabby goes kaboom." And so he sets them on a paper plate then gestures with a nod, "Fixins are over yonder."
    Then at the emergence of the X-gal, Jimmy gives a nod with a smile added atop, "Evenin', Pryde. Burger or Dawg?"

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Birthdays aren't holidays?!" Warren exclaims in mock surprise. "Says who?"

He reaches over and gives Kitty a side squeeze when she bumps him. "Happy birthday," Warren says with a smile. He pulls another small card out of his pocket and holds it up. "Been holding on to this waiting for your party."

Warren reaches over to pat Lockheed. "Hey buddy, been a while. You hang on to this for Kit for me?" he asks and passes the card to the little dragon.

Warren slides slowly towards Rogue with a slightly mischievous grin on his face. "Thanks!" Warren says and takes the plate with the burger... Then he sets it down suddenly and tries to grab Rogue and drag her into the pool!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is lowering her drink down again, when she hears Wade's words. She flashes him a grin, and gently shakes her head side to side, causing the white bangs framing her face to wave just softly so. "Nobody does it more dangerously than me, Sugah." She says softly back over at him before Warren's ball hits Wade from behind.

Jimmy's words draw her eyes back to him, and she flashes him a grin at him interjecting before she can make a joke back at him. "Fine." She relents and just picks up the items in question, dishing them over the way to him before she looks toward the arriving Kitty.

Another wave is sent her way. "I think we're tryin' to simulate the rapids with the water slide inta the pool. Though I miss the river already..." The southern gal says to the girl from Deerfield.

A smile is sent Tabi's way then. "Jean has been remindin' me that I gotta be more teacherly just about every time she sees me..."

A second later and the Belle's green gaze goes to Warren who is being all mischievous. She grins back at him. "Ya better watch it, Mistah." She tells him before going along toward the pool, only to actually squeal before getting tugged in to the water, because she's still dressed, you see!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde returns the sidehug from Warren. Lockheed grasps the card while the young woman gives Warren a "you didn't have to" expression.

At the question frome Jimmy, Kitty replies, "Oh, burger please. So you got stuck with grill duty today?" she asks with a good-natured grin. She'll get the burger when ready and start applying condiments. She tells Rogue, "You just miss it for the name."

Neena and Wade are both given waves hello, "Hey guys, how are you today?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is wearing a Cheney concert t-shirt, man that must be half his wardrobe, board shorts, and boat shoes. He comes walking over from the area where the smoker is a bit away from the others cause well smoke. He has a platter of different smoked goodness on it, heading to sit it on the table where people can get access to it. "Most of stuff is done, but the whole hog will be later tonight before it is done, he informs folks. He nods to those who have shown up while he was at the smoker.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
And into the pool area walks a vision of purple and gold, one Elizabeth Braddock that decided since it was as much her birthday party she would not only show up fashionably late but let. you. people. Eat. IT.

The model is wearing an asymmetrical gown in gold and purple fringe, her hair braided like a medieval princess, and a pair of high (gold-heeled) heels that must require telekinesis not to fall off of. There's a pause when she enters, and then she's slinking over to the drinks as if she were walking Versace, giving everyone plenty of time to see the back cut so low it looks ready to fall off framing a chain of amethysts.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena waves at Rogue with a bright smile, and comments to Tabitha, "I didn't mean the meme! I'm just feeling like cake, you know? It's been a good month. I'm liking July, lately." Whatever reason for this is left unsaid, as she paces over toward the grills to ponder food. Because cake or no cake, there's an order to things.

    "Hey," she says to Kitty. "Pretty good, you? Looking forward to the pool, it's been /so/ hot lately. Gotta decide on that ultimate question first, though." Burger or hot dog. A question for the ages.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren surfaces after pulling Rogue into the pool, laughing. He flicks his wings and there is a chorus of laughs, shrieks and protests as the spray goes in several directions. He grins at Rogue when she surfaces and backs away, still laughing.

"Betsy, you'll protect me from Rogue, right? Right?!" he jokes, and waves while giving Betsy an appreciative look. Then he snaps his fingers and points in her direction. "Oh, hey, you're gonna get a text from a woman named Melinda Evans, she's got an opportunity for you. My birthday present to you."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade watches the proceedings with a smile and then he's hit with a ball. He manages not to drop the drink, he even manages to not spill a drop of it. He turns and crocs the ball in the air and bats it back towards the pool party. Kitty is given a nod of greeting. "I'm doing alright Kit-Kat. Business is business."

    Realizing that his proximity to the pool is a dangerous place he moves a bit further from the water and finds a chair to relax down into, letting the rays settle on him. Sunburn isn't really much of a nuisance when your body replaces cellular decay at an alarming rate.

    His eyes do track to Betsy as she enters and he blinks. "Okay. That's one way to make people feel overdressed." Still, his oggling isn't ony for the eye candy the woman presents. He's been waiting for a chance to speak to her for a while. Business is, after all, business.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does surface out of the water with her off-shoulder shirt now drenched through, the dark grey material now hugging her form as she raises her hands up to brush her long wet hair back over her head. She spits out some water and looks over to Warren with a glare. "Nice one." She says to him, splashing him again before he can get away.

Swimming to the edge of the pool now, Rogue pulls herself up out of the water, and sits down upon it. She pulls the wet shirt up and offer, letting it slap against the patio floor now with a wet sound. Wearing a army green bikini top with 'Rogue' patterned on the front of the left cup, the Belle just sorts out her hair behind her shoulders, as she sheds water now, sitting there in her drenched denim shorts now, her feet still down in the pool water.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "One of 'em!" Jimmy's answer is quick and given to Kitty with that side smile. "Not exactly stuck," Since he does derive some enjoyment from it. Though in the next moment when Rogue and Warren are about to take the plunge he steps around to shield the grill with his broad shoulders, "Hey now!"
    Though luckily none of the water splashes high enough to damage the perfection that is Jimmy's grill technique.
    Of course that's the moment when Psylocke makes her entrance which has the Gym coach lifting his head and then turning it to the side to shake it slightly as if uttering a prayer then he has the wherewithal to raise his voice, just one word accompanied by a half-smile, "Betsy."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"My dad says a lot of things. But he was also a drunken racist wife and kid beater so he said a lot of things people shouldn't listen too. I got to blow things up on my actual birthday. Moral conflicted as it was but still. Giant Cyborg Bears. Awesome idea, shitty executions. Same with the dinosaurs later on." she states with a shrug at Warren.

"Alright, I'll sling some Burgers de la BOOM!" she states to Jimmy and starts around to the business end of the grills. There's a pause to drop her shorts so she's just in a tank and string bikini in pink with yellow trim. There's possible future splashing and that card Warren gave her must survive.

Tabitha's eyes much like a lot of folks do tend to linger on Betsy. It just wouldn't be Tabby if she wasn't low key trying to not drool in the back of her own brain. The novice telepath doing extra to try and keep those thoughts out of anyone else's head.

behind the gril she graps a spatula and gets a less cooked patty up. There's a glow to the metal in hand and then a flip as the patty is in the air and just high enough above her and Hudson that she can let the plasma launch from the spatula up in a small little BOOM that goes off just enough to engulf but not disintegrate the meat before iit lands down and tabby catches it with a bun held like a catchers mitt.

"Voila! Should I fry up sone onions?" she asks and jokes as she hands over the burger.

The beef is on the left side. Pork on the right so you can avoid those Kitty Kat!" she double checks by reachhing down by hand and picking herself a pork frank right off the grill. Thankfully heat is not a problem for the plasmakinetic.

"There's too many jokes to be had with the luau pigroast Sam! Next time we get a sheep though. and we order it waaaaaay earlier!" she says with a chuckle as she heads back around with a satisfied smile and bounce at her contribution to cooking.

"Some people can be naked and we'd feel under dressed!" she points out to Wade before finally grabbing herself a beer from the Umlaut kegs. In a large plastic pint mug that says 'Lt's get bombed!' over an explosion.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Betsy Braddock continues her slow, confident strut to the drinks, and claims a red solo cup that she tops off from a keg, sucking foam off as if she weren't dressed and made up like she was walking a catwalk. Warren is given a wink at his look, before she nods, "Aye, I'll keep an eye out, luv." She tells him in her lilting British, "Oh, and expect my agent to call your secretary. There's a gala appearance you might like. As for our lovely Rogue... You're on your own, twinkle-toes." And she lifts her drink in salute before making her way to the grill

"Jimmy." Betsy replies to the coach with another wink and a quick grin before heading into line to collect herself a bit of grilled chicken she'd provided earlier. What? Fashion season is coming up, and Kwannon's body was /jacked/. Getting back into that level of shape is not easy. Wade is given an even broader grin. "One does one's best, mmm? But it's good to be appreciated, even in this old rag."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde walks over to the pool, slipping off her sandals and sitting on the edge with her feet in the water. The plate of food probably protection against being pushed in.

A grin is given as Rogue extracts herself, post-dunking. "Have to watch out for that one. He's sneakier than you'd think," she tells her friend.

Kitty eats her burger, while Lockheed heads over to help himself to cheesy poofs. "Not too many or you'll gas me out of the room tonight," Kitty tells the dragon.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Boomer, and says "We will have to make sure next time, we have a few recipes from some other areas as well." He offers in thought of the food. He looks down at his watch and knows he has a while, so he grabs a beer, and looks around the group. His smile broad as he stands back watching folks.

Bobby Drake has posed:
A few tiny little snowflakes fall onto Sam's hand as he holds his beer. Somewhere nearby, a Bobby Drake is watching and scheming, waiting for his reaction.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Nice, Boomer." Jimmy says as he watches the wind up and then the pitch. /BOOM!/ Which leaves him laughing as he finally take a sip of beer, shaking his head at the results of the world's first plasma burger. S'far as they know, to be fair.
    "Thanks, Tabitha." He says as he accepts it and before he moves on to working his grill again he takes a bite, crunching into it...
    And chewing.
    And chewing.
    "A bit crisp... tastes a lil Ozoney. But good."
    That said he starts to pile off the burgers and dawgs starting up that cycle of cooking and plating as he gathers more and gets underway.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The British model watches Tabitha's cooking with a slightly worried, concerned expression... All the more so when Jimmy just chews and chews and chews. She shakes her head and wanders away from them towards a place with somewhere for her to sit, each step accompanied by a metallic 'click click click' from her gold heels.

Finding a seat, Betsy sighs and kicks off the shoes, tucking her feet under the hem of the skirt as she methodically begins to cut and delicately eat her chicken.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Neena stands back a bit to watch Tabitha working the grill--sort of--with a laugh. "Alright, I think I'll have a burger," she says, and waits around at the grill long enough to get food. "Thanks!" she says to Jimmy.

    Then she takes her plate off to a chair to settle down and watch the shenanigans and play underway in the party. It's nice for everyone to be able to relax and have a good time, after all, mutants or no.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Kitty sit down with her food not far away from the edge of the pool that she's sitting on now. She grins at the birthday girl, and the little purple dragon she's talking to. The pool drenched Belle sits up a bit straighter so she can open up her denim shorts, and then lift up off the ground ever so slightly with her flight power making it all the more possible....

Scoop, push, and Rogue is shoving her drenched denim shorts down her legs, one foot coming up out of them after the other, until she drops them wetly on top of her discarded shirt, leaving her in a matching pair of bottoms to the army green bikini top she was already sporting.

now, with her proper swimming attire on, the teacher-to-be just messes with her hair again before calling out to Jimmy. "You're gonna burn the food if ya start messin' around over there!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby nods her pool water matted and half dry blonde head to Sam. "Yah, made as much accomodation for people's needs. But yeah, heating up meat alone isn't always enough." The fact that some of the students are Jewish or Muslim, or even vegan and otherwise. There's a possibilility Tabby's attention deficient brain might have skipped somebody.

"Pretty certain the only person I didn't cater to was Jubilee and that's only cause offering to take some of the feeding burden of Nori gets them all huffy. Like we don't all regularly contrubute to a blood bank in the med labs and she could just pop down with a crazy straw after whomever's turn it is to fill a bag for that fridge. Maybe we should all get bombed and or stoned and fill a bag for her so she can party.

"Lock will probably just end up swiping and chugging beer, then pretend to be your bong for a kiss on the snoot Kitty!" she guesses with a wink at the purple dragon.

"Needs some extra marinade or sauce before I try again, get a tastier crispy shell. Should see what Remy can contribute to that plan! The ozone is just cause it might as well have been struck by lightning. Which by the way. I am not immune too. Don't tase me bro!" she yells with a giggle. The snow falling gets a grin and a look around. Tabby could poke telepathically but that might as well be like shoving her head in a concert speaker and she's usuiing real noise to drown out brain noise.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    When Neena sidles on up he gives her a nod and a smile, "Ma'am," As the burger is served up. Those that wander up get served proper before he carries on with the proceedings though he at the least is setting aside some burgers for those that like their's rare while most is a good neutral medium. Well-Done is just not had in this house.
    Which is why he responds with such indignation in Rogue's direction. "You would best not to impugn the Hudson name in such a way, Rogue!"
    Then those tongs come up to gesture in her direction with a feigned seriousness of recrimination angled the Southern Belle's way. Though his next few words are given to Tabby, "I think I'm set with one Zappoburger. Mebbe later after you've moved outta beta testing."

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"Notice he didn't say the Hudson's 'good' name." Betsy catcalls from where she's set up eating her sad, sad chicken like a good little supermodel. Somehow, without getting any juices or mess on her or her expensive looking dress the British model is quick to finish, and walks now-barefoot to get a refill of her drink. Anyone that's drunk with her knows the psi-ninja can carry her alcohol, and one solo cup is not even a warm up for her!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Remy shouts out the old Cajun call to celebration as he comes rocketing down the slide, somehow managing to keep his sunglasses on despite it all. He tumbles off the end, landing with a splash and surfacing with his auburn hair slicked back against his head. He reaches out to push himself out of the water, fishing his glasses off the surface of the water and depositing them back on his face before opening his eyes again.

"Hey, chatte," he calls over to Kitty, "Grouiller ... make some space."

He then deposits himself between the pair with an audible sigh.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins top Betsy <<Save room for cake. Ninja mind stab more and burn those calories the fun way later. This is cheat day!>> she flashes mentally toward sthe super model.

The only reason Tabby doesn't have a plate is because she had been picking at stuff all day. Helping the professor recover the day before took a lot, party planning almost as much. It's a slow and steady recharge for the blonde of boom.

Speak of the Cajun and he may appear. "Ils me voient rouler, ils detestent" she calls back to the man making correct use of the slide. Tabby iis not a french speaker but she can pick brains that do nowadays. Like google translate in a brain or nine. Plastic beer mug is raised in welcome.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue knows Remy's voice all too well, and when he hollars and slides, she is already watching his antics, then recoiling some from the resulting splash-down within the pool. She smiles brightly at him when he is surfaced, and she motions for him to come closer.

Leaning toward him before he gets out of the water, she speaks in a haughty French accented voice. 'You nailed it, Handsome.' She'd tell him in the language of love.

Scooting over a bit to let the Cajun up on to the edge of the pool, Rogue crosses her bare legs at the knees and just looks around at the party atmosphere going oin, while out of the corner of her eye she catches sight of the snowflakes falling around Sam.

"Same, ya look heavenly like that." She tells the Guthrie with a grin. "Did ya get on Storm's good side, or somethin'?" She asks before bumping shoulders with Remy lightly, her 'mind lock' able to keep her skin undangerous in the happy moment around the pool and friends.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie 's brow raises a bit and looks about it seems he has a bit of an idea "Na, Just a bit of a reminder, for an addition to the pool party for later tonight." He offers and looks over to Bobby offering the man a nod in greeting and a lift of his bear with a questioning look at the man and the beer.

Bobby Drake has posed:
And then he is there. The man, the myth, the legend, the king of cool, Bobby Drake. He makes his way into the party in style, wearing a pair of board shorts and surfing in on a thin layer of ice that seems to melt away almost immediately after he passes through it. He nods to Sam and gives him a wink, and then looks around. "Where are the birthday girls?"

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Michael is not human-plus - he's not even human, as most know. And so, between classes, he tends to keep himself out of the way of things. Lately, of course, he's been spending a great deal more time up at the Mansion between assignments upstate, lingering behind the desk in his classroom and answering whatever questions people want to ask about astronomy - local or otherwise - and the occasional question about extragalactic politics. Not many seem interested in the workings of the Great Beyond, at least past their grade averages.

    Tonight, he has emerged from his hole to linger elsewhere, this time by the big French doors leading out to the pool area. Clothed in jeans and singlet, bottle of beer in his hand. Watching, quietly, while taking a swig from his longneck. Smiling in the way old people do when watching teenagers at play.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde scoots over as well, having phased with her food to keep it from getting splashed. "Hey Remy," she says with a little wave to him. "Burgers are great," she critiques before taking another bite.

Upon hearing Bobby, Kitty looks over and gives a little finger wave. "One's here, Tabby is over there," she says, pointing.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks tot he others and as his phone beeps it is back off to the smoker for the young man. Time to make sure the others get the best food he can help with,

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I always nail it, cher," Remy answers, leaning over to kiss Rogue on the corner of the mouth and then in the other direction to plant a smooch on Kitty's forehead, "An' I slip-n-slide pretty good, too, hein?"

A hand is lifted in greeting to Tabby, and his spooky black-red eyes peer over the top of his glasses.

"Hey, Boom Boom," he calls, "De original mouche a feu!"

A glance around at the mention of beer and he holds a hand out like the expectant freeloader he is: "Offrez-moi une biere?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Bobby gets a grin as he makes an entrance on his self made slip'n'slide. "They're everywhere wan, evreywhere, game over man, game over!" Tabby calls out in her best Bill Paxton. There's points of fingers to Kitty, Betsy, and a few of the others all around the place.

Michael's presence as non chalant as he attempts gets spotted and Tabby throws waves out. "Git your butt out here Mike. Foods and more booze and stuff!" which is punctuated by Tabby putting a beer in the Cajun's hand.

"That trick with the languages I kinda wanna save for next time I see 'Yana but telepathy doesn't work on her so doomed to begin." she admits with a chuckle and a chug of her beer. Soon reloaded when it gets near enough to empty and the bottom of a beer container always tastes lame.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue returns the peck kiss to Remy before she watches him call for a beer. She smirks at this, then rises up to her full height, to walk across the patio toward the food area where she'd left her own drink before Warren had drug her to throw her in the pool. Gathering up her drink, and then crouching down to snag one out of the ice for Remy, the Belle stands again, walking back toward the pool.

She spies Michael off to the side and gives him a playful smile, and a finger wave with the hand holding the fresh beer.

Slap. She slaps it in to Remy's hand, then moves to sit back down beside him on the other side from where Kitty is. She leans forward then to grab a beach ball out of the pool that she lifts up on to her lap and rests her apple ale bottle on top of. Her feet dangling in the water splash a bit.

"We should do a bonfire tonight." She announces to everyone. "Want S'mores."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    Summoned thus by playful smiles (and the louder summons of his explosive blonde friend) Michael steps out to deck where the arches reach over the pool. "Good evening," he offers, leaning against one of the archways and taking another pull from his bottle. "You all look like you're having a good time, eh? I thought I'd come see if you'd descended into proper debuachery yet. In case I need to pass out censor-shades to the students." Faint grin, now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I like de sound a' dat," Remy answers when Rogue mentions the bonfire, taking the beer and popping the cap with his thumb so he can drink it down, "Allons danser! All 'round it like a bunch a pagans, non?"

He takes another long swig of his bottle, finally pushing his sunglasses up his forehead to let those spooky eyes be wholly visible.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar is better late than never, arriving in a black bikini top with fringe along the bottom and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts with the waistband showing the straps of her thong up along her hips, the low-slung kind of jean shorts. She's barefoot and has a bottle of whiskey in hand, dangling the neck in her hand as she makes her way to join, lifting it up to take a long sip. Maybe she'll share if somejbody asks nicely.

"Heroes! Heroines! And Gambit," she says in greeting.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"That can be arranged!" Tabby points out and lets a few balls of plasma flicker like flames above the outstretched palm of her hand. All about the size of a marble but more and more keep forming and they all start floating up and up and up well into the sky before they start exploding in loud popping displays of psionic pyrotechics well away from anyone. She had warned that flying was a risk unless you were very experienced and or invulnerable.

"There's always debauchery eventually Mike. This is a school filled with a large number of people that look like all of us. It's not Olympic Village level of horndogs but I don't think even the Avengers or Justice League could keep up with them." she points out while Danielle gets greeted by a big side on one armed hug. "By the power of the Moonstar!" she beams brightly.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins at the words from Remy beside her. "Pagans?" She asks him. "What about grass skirts, and coconut bras?" She adds with a further grin and her head tipped forward a little. When she looks up and away again, she spies Dani, who gets an upnod. "You hittin' the whiskey, huh?" She asks the other as she passes by her at the side of the pool where the Belle is dangling her feet in the water, while holding a beach ball on her lap.

That beach ball is soon picked up, and tossed up in the air, before Rogue uses her palm to smack it at Michael across the pool near one of the arches. "Debauchery. Puh-lease. This is a house'a learned doctors." She says with a glimmering grin following her words.

Another sip of her drink is add as she looks toward Remy again. "Ice cream, and S'mores." She adds then with wide eyes at the Cajun's, like it was just a sudden thought that her Mind Muse shoved inside her head!

Bobby Drake has posed:
Acknowledging the finger wave from Kitty with a grin, Bobby shifts over to head in Tabitha's direction. "Ah yes, our key birthday girl. I certainly don't want a volatile situation to unfold here." He tosses a wink back at Kitty. Her time is coming. Oh yes.

Bobby takes a moment to glance over at the pool, a slight frown on his face as he notes the departure of Sam. That may require a minor change of plans...

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Apparently just /playing/ doctor," Michael offers to Rogue, smirking before he looks Tabby's way. "Sa'kaa eshtnaama, Tabayetta," he says then to Boom^2. "'Your spirit stays another year'." He winks. "Happy birthdy, that is. However late. I'm afraid I've been shoved in with my books and didn't look at the calendar."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I'm a hero in my own way, Mademoiselle la Lune," Remy calls back to Dani, raising an eyebrow at her.

Turning back to Rogue, he strokes his chin thoughtfully: "Where you gonna find coconuts? All you got 'round here is pine trees. Maybe a pine cone bra, non?"

The idea of ice cream and s'mores gets a firm nod from him: "You missed your callin' as a party planner, cher. Forget teachin' le enfants about poems."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar shakes her head at Michael, "Dammit, playing doctor was going to be my joke," she says, taking another sip of the whiskey, clearly already a little buzzed judging from her pupils and the warm glow underlying her bronzed skin. She returns the half-hug to Tabby, bumping foreheads with the birthday girl, belated or otherwise. "And yes, I find Mr. Daniels is a boon companion in times of trouble and joy alike," she says. To Remy, she grins, "I know, varlet, but I cannot resist a tease."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The fireworks stop, mostly so the hug to Danielle can be a two armed job. "Instigating birthday girl. I just get to bask in the adulation of being hostess. Plus Warren umm. Got me a motorbike." The booms almost feel as good as the ego stroking.

"Now don't forget the other birthday girls and boys. Betsy's ninja binging somwhere by now. Binja?" she ponders and chuckles.

"Oh what a lovely bunch of coconuts!" she sings and grins. Forehead counter rubbed and Hug released and beer chugged at. "Mike, we've had a lot going. This party is to make up for the stuff we missed. I'm sure next month someone else will end up doing the party running thing for those that couldn't rock on their own day. Hell, mine was back on the seventh. The professor was in a coma for his!" cake had by now, been delivered up along with a bunch of stuff to eat. Enough for him and Jean both.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is lowering her apple ale drink down to her other hand on her lap before she smirks over at Michael. "I'm more of a Nurse than a Doctah." She chides back at the man before she regards Bobby greeting the birthday girls. "Heya, Icey." She shoots over at him. "You were preservin' Sam nicely there, till he ran off."

A look is sent to Remy at her side, and Anna-Marie just smiles brightly at him with her chin rising up, and her darkly painted lashes fluttering some toward him. "I can find coconuts. Don't you doubt me, Mistah LeBeau." She cheerily teases back at the Cajun.

"Besides, you know my crafty skills aren't that great. I'd end up with pine cones all ovah me, and not in the places I would want them, or need them for optimal Lady-like coverage... ya see?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Ah, mea culpa," Remy says with a sad shake of his head, splaying fingers out on his chest, "I shoulda known better'n to not believe in you, cher. Sides, if you don't get coconuts den I guess we can just become one a dose sex cults dey talk about on de news. Y'know, they act like dere everywhere but I haven't found one yet."

To Dani, he just pokes out his tongue in response and winks.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Hellooooo nurse," Michael singsongs to himself, finishing off his longneck with another pull. "Right. Did you ever take that trip to Paris we gave you, now that I think of it? I didn't see you radiating joy and going around with a beret for weeks or anything."

    Tabitha gets a nod. "Well, you can always call me for fire support, if you need it. I've been a bit of a fifth wheel around here of late. Nobody seems all that interested in space, even with a real-live alien hanging around to teach about it."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar grins, "I do like coconuts. And pineapples. I go both ways," she says.

She makes her way over to the pool and plops down o the edge, drunking her own legs in and playfully paddling a little bit. Clearly, the whiskey bottle isn't her first bit of alcohol tonight.

"I was thinking about getting a bike myself. We should go riding. Born to be Wild and all that."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"The Space BlackBird I think is still being worked on. We can only get so high. And we've got weed like all over the place so we've tried!" Tabitha points out to Mike with a grin.

"As the pre-eminent extra wheel in this school. I know the feeling sometimes." she adds with a pat of the Shi'ar teacher's shoulder.

"Remy, if you find Kool-Aid, then you found the wrong cult. But maybe switch to leaves instead of pice cones. Much easier to make bikini's with. And may you never have to try and fit boobs in a coconut bikini. Soooo squishy and itchy." she points out.

Dani's idea of riding bikes gets a grin as well from the blonde woman in her own pink bikini. "Just steal Scott's like everyone else." she suggests and giggles.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just starts laughing softly at what Remy says back at her. She shakes her head then and says right back. "Those things are filled with fat old people, who look like the dad from Always Sunny." And she's then grinning at him. A serious expression befalls her face then as she gives a little shake of her head back and forth. "And do not worry, I'm not sayin' I've looked inta them, I promise. I'm just sayin'... I've looked inta them, and I promise."

With a big smile again, her green eyes shoot back over the water to Michael, and she nods her head. "I knew someone who was gonna get married in Paris this month, but their marriage was called off at the last minute. So Jean and I just decided t'go instead. We spent some time in Paris, and visited all the key touristy locations. Jean prattled on about their histories, while I gave flirty looks t'all the hot guys around." A smile is shot toward the Space Teacher, and the Belle bobs her head a single time while continuing to kick at the water with her feet dangling in to the pool. "Thank ya for the presents. You and Miss Drew too. Tell her I enjoyed that book from Hemingway quite a bit. He had a great way of writing his stories down like a novel."

Rogue spares a look over toward Tabi and Dani then. "Ya'll formin' a biker gang?" She inquires next.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    At Rogue's reply Michael's expression shifts, very subtly so, but he nods. "Next time I see her," he promises. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Paris really isn't anything to be missed when you get to go. I might go myself; it's been thirty years or so."

    A sidelong look at Tabitha. "One day, Tabayetta," he says, "I will show you how to ride antigrav bikes. I'll need to /get/ one, mind you, but I'll teach you. I think you'll enjoy it."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar grins at Rogue, "Why, thinking about joining up?" she asks. "We could get matching jackets and hit the roadhouses beating up assholes and rescuing their girlfriends," she says.

She takes a long swig from her bottle then slides off the side into the poool, going underneath for a long moment and coming up again, slicing back her hair. She's also kicked off her Daisy Dukes, leaving her properly in her bikini as she tosses the wet denim onto the side.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"We've got enough leather around this place for like five biker gangs A-M!!" Tabby states and makes a gesture similar to revving handlebars. "I dunno what was weirder about that one episode. the fact that everyone at the orgy looked as old as De Vito. Or they served mac and cheese at an orgy." she shakes her head and shudders.

"I've known how to ride normal bikes since i was a kid stealing cars and stuff. Hoverbikes! That'd rule. Mikey! I'm still trying to convince Forge to do a conversion on the Van." she beams a smile.


Somewhere out there, someone just had a sense of dread.

"The matching jackets wouldn't be difficult. God knows we all have matching uniforms for missions when we really need to fly the flag. The replicators should have us covered."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles brightly over at Michael. "You should go back... take a pretty lady and spend some romantic time together. Ain't no better place for it, Mistah. So yes, thanks a bunch for seein' how much it meant t'me, and helpin' me get there. That's something that my mother always wanted t'do, and never got a chance t'do. She's the one who made me wanna travel the world, in fact... Let alone what you do, travelin' the stars, an all that."

Rogue looks back over to Dani then, and grins at her. "Maybe. But summah is almost over, and it'll be time t'put the nose t' grind stone, so t'speak." She grins toward the drinking Remy. "Gotta teach them kiddies about poetry."

Rogue sets down her drink then and like Dani, she slips off the edge in to the pool water then, going down to her shoulders and starting to swim within the shimmering water.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar smiles, "Plans for next summer, then. We can do a road trip tour, head down to Tijuana on the bikes, get some sun on the beach, learn Spanish and pick up spring breakers looking to party," she says. She's on her back now, lazily floating on the surface of the water, the Native woman hard-muscled and lean.

"For the record, I hate matching uniforms. Jackets good, uniforms bad."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Too much to worry about now, really," Michael says to Rogue, shrugging faintly; he bends down to place his now empty bottle on the deck next to his feet. "My people are around now, after all. Don't think I trust a damn one of them yet. And they know I'm around. Hate looks from honor guard, that sort of thing. I'm a..." Michael pauses to consider the best term. "Bloody-handed traitor to many, regardless of what the Empress might say. And a deviant to the rest."

    That said, he flutters his lashes. "Aren't you all lucky?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You've gone one better and travelled worlds Rogue. Sure space air tastes like old farts but we've been all ov er the galaxy!" Tabby says right when hambone cues up Beastie Boy's and Intgergalactic Planetary on the sound system.

There's one more swig of the pint mug in hand before she refills for pint three and takes her own spot in the water finally. Turning the tank top see through once more while her pink and yellow trimmed bikini keeps her covered.

"We did Cancun for spring break Dani. Jean made us like explore old ruins after hours. We found a hidden dungeon. They wouldn't let me keep a conquistador's helmet though. I mean yeah. Dead guy dandruff. But he was the prisoner cause it was like old Aztec? Fort." she tries to recall.

"I was pretty high on local weed." she says while letting legs float and elbows on the edge of the pool heep her mostly above water for the important things like breathing.

Maybe bike trip to New Orleans for Mardis Gras. Remy can ride bitch behind Anna-Marie if Jean doesn't call dibs.

Mike gets a reassuring smile. "They gotta be sneakier than you ton try and do anything. But they know if they don't start none there won't be none!" she states. "We got you're back. And ain't like any of us haven't been called a deviant or abomination or something at some point."

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar swivels her head at Tabitha, "How do you know what old farts taste like?" she asks teasingly. She gives the blonde girl a wolf-whistle of appreciation as she grabs her bottle and takes another swig.

To Michael, she says, "Let me know if they cause trouble. I'd be amused to find out what they're afraid of...and then rub their noses in it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles over at Dani and Tabi. "You two an' your schemes." She chides them in good humor while she just wades through the water with her arms and legs moving beneath its surface. She hears the music change and just shakes her head slightly before her eyes go back over to Michael again.

"Mmh." She utters before reaching her right hand out of the water to rub at the side of her face. "I got chased outta Mississippi for puttin' a boy inta a coma, before I even understand how my powers worked. Now, I can't go back there, cause the locals wanna have me strung up for hurtin' the kid that I just wanted a kiss from... Sometimes, we can't go home, even if it wasn't our fault. Sometimes it was our fault, and we just know we couldn't have done it any other way neither..."

She reaches out for one of the pool noodles and raises her arms up out of the water to rest them over it while she kicks her feet still beneath the surface.

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Bullies don't like it when you punch them back," Michael agrees with a chuckle. "Ah, well. anyway. I think perhaps I might be bringing things down a bit - I'm going to go back to my lessons plans before heading out for the weekend. You lot have a good time, all right? Have good sex and remember protection." A wink, then, and he bends to collect his bottle.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby just smirks and raises an eyebrow. "You ask that while having grown up with the same teenage boys I did?" she reminds Danielle with an extra poke of her toe at the Cheyenne woman.

"Jean, they're afraid of Jean." she also points out while still in getting Michael's back declaration. "I blew the roof of my school off. Cause I discovered boys. I wasn't popular before then. Now add being treated like an active shooter. Just saying you're not alone Mike." she tries to chear him up with copmmiseration and a smile.

"I think Wade lefts some weapons for me. So we got protection!" she jokes and giggles. "Grab some cake while you can though! Good cake is like damn near a replacement for sex. And that cake cost me a lot!" she she states with a sage like nod and then a reach beind to take a sip of her beer mug.

Danielle Moonstar has posed:
Danielle Moonstar snorts, "I mean, I hung around them, but I wasn't gobbling up their cheek bombs," she says. "I guess I just didn't have gourmet tastes like you."

"Well...they're not wrong to be afraid of Jean. She's a fearsome creature, no doubt about it. I wouldn't cross her."

Michael Erickson has posed:
    "Well, all the same. Have a good time, you all." Sticking a finger in the top of the bottle Michael gives them all a little salute and heads off for the big French doors into the house, tracking the grounds with sharp blue eyes for just a moment before disappearing inside.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at the conversation unfolding around her. She picks up the pool noodle and throws it across the pool toward the shallow end! "Party on!" She says to everyone around her before suddenly she just lifts up out of the water and rockets up in to the sky! Leaving a trail of pool water behind her, the Belle curves through the blue sky toward the east, getting up higher and higher until she's barely even visible up there, soaring off toward the lake now, and curving back down toward it....

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Fart's linger in the air and double when there's not much recycling in a space ship. Let alone sharing space suits!" Tabby pinches her nose. "Jean doesn't scare me. Kinda the opposite. Big good and all that." Tabby points out. She just watched the redhead go Phoenixish not so long ago and kill monsters trying to kill her while tabby was playing fake Professor as a distraction. Rogue flying up just gets a giggle. "One day I might be able to fly and not just explode across a field." she states with a grin. "I think Remy snagged the strings on her top." she says and waits for the possible scream of a bikin top in a tree top.

The rest of the party keeps going till it iinevitably gets too late. Kids all inside. The few adults not on curfew snagging a last bunch of drinks and food. The Cake wheeled back inside to be stashed in the kitchens in a more manageble size before summer air can send it stale.

Even Tabby kicks back more relaxed with her friends and family at the School.

She'll start the clean up in the morning even if someone will probably jump on it ahead of time.

For now the last vestiges of party go on!