13352/Order Borne of Darkness - Cosmic Carnage Under the Sea

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Order Borne of Darkness - Cosmic Carnage Under the Sea
Date of Scene: 20 November 2022
Location: Ancient Undersea Vault
Synopsis: Intrepid heroes dive into the depths of the sea, and fight an ancient guardian protecting something most precious. An artifact that can bend reality. It is stolen from them and taken to deepest, darkest space. Now the heroes shall have to track down members.. Of the Black Order.
Cast of Characters: Monet St. Croix, Ben Grimm, Valeria Richards, Scott Summers, Cecily Winters, Megan Gwynn, Diana Prince, Iara Dos Santos, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Monet St. Croix has posed:
In the depths of the sea, no one can hear you scream. In the blackest pits of the water's crushing embrace. More than three kilometers down against the ocean floor, black as the depths of space. Where some hours ago had been but another unexplored place in the depths. Now alive with life and broadcasting it out to the cosmos. The depths lit up like the surface of the sun.
    Energy that would register to virtually every sensor imaginable, of every spectrum and possibility. Whether or not any had much of an idea of what it was.. The cosmic essence, the nature, could not be denied. Which no doubt had anyone anywhere on the planet or perhaps in space simply grabbing whomever was available, diving deep in pursuit of it.. And seeing what they could find.
    Before someone else of a far fouler nature did.
    Hundreds of leagues under the sea, the landscape glowing, eternal darkness blazing in the brightest light.

Ben Grimm has posed:
Ben Grimm, the Thing, was monitoring some whatchamacallit in the monitor room of the Fantastic Four science doo hickeys, when the alarms went off. "Uh oh." The Thing moves as fast as he can, but realises most of the team is off doing their own thing.

"Well, gotta be me!" Grabbing the latest thingamaghib "roomy" Submarine that Reed created, Ben puts on a "helmet" + suit that was meant for him in the depths of the ocean, takes a deep breath, and heads there with a "This'll be fun."

Valeria Richards has posed:
It's just the sort of energy signature that raises some major red flags when they're detected. Especially in the Four Freedoms Plaza's labs. The first ping had been discovered a while back with her friends at GIRL.

The second time. Valeria has put word out to most of the contacts available. Asking as much for science types as anyone more capable of fighting, and under water at crush depths at that.

Uncle Ben grimm had the submarine at his conbtrol while dive suits capable of protecting anyone that far down is made available to everyone else.

"Picked this ping up a while back with Nadia. This is going to be some very dangerous stuff. Some of you I've caklled to help with containment. The rest I called to help cover people doing containment. Cn't expect that only hero types caught that energy signature!" she points out to anyone that joined her on the sub or came along on other means.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers has brought several of his students from Xavier's along with him, at first just to meet Ben Grimm and become acquainted with the Fantastic Four - with the Future Foundation opening, more educational opportunities and connections between the groups seem assured, especially with Franklin Richards already being a potent mutant and ally of the Xers (OOC note: Please app now)

He's not dressed in his X-men uniform, but he does have his combat visor snapped into place, wearing a bomber jacket, t-shirt and jeans. "I don't know how much help we'll be," he says to the younger mutants, "But at the very least we'll get to see some of the Fantastic Four in action and hopefully help save a few lives."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    As always, it's an awful hour when something goes wrong. It's never convenient. It's never a 'I'm ready for this!' situation when the fecal matter impacts the oscillator. And this is no exception. Cecily's groping for her phone when she gets the call, other hand holding a towel to her face. Fresh out of the shower. "Winters here..." she answers and then suddenly mutters a string of expletives that ends with a loud f-bomb that echoes throughout her apartment. "Yeah! Yeah. I'll be right there. Son of a--" she grouses and hangs up, hurrying to put on her Sunday, Bloody Sunday best.

    As fast as humanly possible and with a generous tip to a cabbie, she's hauling herself through the doors of a STAR Labs armory situated on the coast of southern Long Island. "What will fit, what will fit..." she's stuffing things into a duffel bag. Magazines. C4. Would that she could call up Frank and borrow his party van for a situation like this but she's only got what she can get--and by that, it means what she can easily carry and what can fit in the sub she's being given. She gets the briefing while standing, no time to waste, and word on others scrambling should present at least some kind of landing party so she's not working alone. Small blessings.

    In the end it's everything she's sure she can carry, stuffed into a crate that's stuffed into a sub's back compartment. Eighteen meters of sleek, single-seater submersible that's even armed! At least if something goes wrong, the crush depth would see her dead pretty quickly. Still, a solid set of SCUBA gear is packed along with her artillery and she's eastbound and down--literally--to the depths of the Atlantic.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is actually a graduate and Xmen in training, but still fairly newbie when it comes to superheroics. But of course she jumped at the chance to meet the Fantastic Four, and to pursue a powerful magical artefact at the bottom of the ocean..Travelling by submarine? Count her in!

She is not in uniform either, wearing a green tshirt, jeans and a denim jacket. "Hey, if it's magic, I'm all over it. " you know, assuming she doesn't have to fight giant building sized undersea monsters or anything...Like she's heard stories of. But hey, she's getting ahead of herself!

And now they're in the sun and heading down down down, guess there's no turning back now!

Diana Prince has posed:
Being in transit between Manhattan and the Atlantic Starport set Diana up to be in a prime position to respond to this strange signal from deep below the surface of the ocean waters.

The 'Invisible Jet', being alien tech, picks up the strange sensor reading and reports it to the Amazons aboard the Jet. Diana has the two women piloting the plane to take it beneath the waters, and after submersing beneath the waves, the 'Jet' descends down in to the waters to get closer and closer to the signal.

"We are searching, the sensor reports show something, but we are not sure..." The redheaded Amazon pilot of the Jet says back to the Princess who stands behind the two pilot seats. Diana raises her hands to place them on the back of the chairs as she stares out in to the water. The Jet is still invisible from the outside, but on the inside its hull is mostly visible, but still somewhat transparent, allowing the Princess to look out of the vehicle from all directions as they descend ever deeper.

Ben Grimm has posed:
Scott Summers arrives with his students just in time to see Ben Grimm move with as much speed as he could muster towards the docking area, right past them. "Sorry. Emergency. Ocean. Gotta run. Clobberin' and such, feel free to sample tha' snacks!" Ben smiles. Was that a smile?

"Could always use tha' help Scotty!" Ben's hand keeps the door open long enough to give the Xers a chance to decide. Scotty...." A look at Megan Gwynn." "In or out?

With Valeria part of the expedition, much to his chagrin, Ben says, "Ok. You can come. Ah need yer smarts, kid. Stay outta trouble or Reed'll kill me! Not to mention yer mother..." Was that a shiver?
"Hail hail. Gangs here, etc." Ben sits at the pilot's seat. Hits the comms. "Alright! Buckle up kids. We're goin' ta' tha' depths a' tha' ocean! Trays and table in upright positions...etc. Here we go!"

With that, they were off, and in short order, arrive at where the readings were telling them bad things were happening.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Things are lit up like the surface of the sun despite the depths. The ocean is teaming with life. Despite at these depths there should barely be plankton. Even without sensors one can -feel- it. Through bulkheads, through force fields, through magic. The sea is vibrant. Invigorating.
    Down a hundred meters away from the diving Fantastic-Sub is the upper half of what looks like a giant sphere that registered to the sensors as having metals clearly not of this planet. Akin to matches from the blue areas of the moon..
    As if a giant sea shell had been as a watery tomb far, far down. Light pulses flying along the top of it. The size of a skyscraper, dug in from however long ago it had been dropped.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Uncle Ben, I'm packing strength augmentation that's seventyfive percent of your's, and forcefields mixing Dd's and Uncle Doom's tech. And you know how they get about energy shielding these days! I'll be fine!" she reassures while she makes sure the sub's shielding is working. And turns down the volume on any alarms that might want to go off.

eSeeing the size of the object. Val smiles over at the X-Menn and her uncle on the sub.

"That might be a bit on the large side. Might need to see if there's an entrance, or if we gotta try and contain that whole thing. Or neutralize it." she says and hmmms while letting the subs scanners go wild trying to find if it can be gotten into. Or if anyone should.

They shouldn't, but where's the fun in that!

She keeps an open comm channel on. "Those of you joining us on the own rides. I've increased the shield bubble size to keep everyone safe. But if you start feeling any symptoms like catching fire, elasticity, being invisible and not in a spacecraft built for it. Please alert myself or Uncle Ben post hate!"

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara darts in behind Megan and Scott, the 6'7" shark woman pretty unmistakeable - and IS dressed in her X-Men trainee uniform of black and yellow. She was warned this was a cosmic tier threat and she's dressing appropriately, damnit! Well, for as much as she can. The uniform ends at the upper bicep and mid-thigh, so it mostly protects her torso.

    "Oh man, The Thing!" she shouts when she gets close enough, "Big fan of your clobberin' work! You've gotta show me any clobberin' tips and tricks you have sometime!" The giant shark mouth on her forms into a big toothy grin as she gives him a thumbs up without waiting for a response, sticking close to Cyclops.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers claps Ben on the shoulder. The two have piloting in common at least, and for a couple of gearheads like them, that's a hell of a good start. "We've got your back, big guy. And yours," he says, a little more awkwardly to Valeria.

"Xavier's folks, our focus is first and foremost on saving lives. Volunteer your talents if you think they might be useful. Don't be shy. This is the work for which we are trained," he says.

He looks momentarily over at Iara, "Obviously, young lady, your talents might be among the most useful of all in this situation. Stick close."

Diana Prince has posed:
The 'Invisible Jet' glides through the oddly unusual state that the deep sea is experiencing. From within it, Wonder Woman broadcasts an open comm message to others within reach and on such channels.

"This is Diana Prince. I am close and monitoring what is going on. This is an active situation, however, so I urge you to proceed with your investigations with great caution."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Cecily is no stranger to tight spaces, and it's not hard to see where she needs to go. The sensors are lit up like Christmas in Rockefeller Plaza and getting her way down to the critical location isn't a difficulty at all. She does find the presence of the Fantastic Sub to be a non-surprise to her, though she seems to be more focused on any hostile entities or sea life that could be thriving down here. She waits for another sonar sweep before attempting to ping the other sub's comms.

    "Hailing unidentified submersible vehicle, this is STAR Labs Aurora-Six. I take it you're investigating the anomaly down here as well?" she asks, her voice calm and crisp, professional to the last. "Hopefully friend and not foe, but there won't be much to investigate if we can't find a way inside, hm?" there's a dry chuckle and she keeps the sub a respectable distance away. That is to say, if the comms even function with all of the power coming off of that thing.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The giant shell is certainly where the energy is coming from. Pouring out of it in massive, increasing amounts. Over on the top of it a large hole several meters wide where the super-heavy metal has disintegrated.. The metal likely designed to have prevented the energy radiating out from leaking in the first place. Even as the various submersibles go to sweep around it and communicate amongst themselves..
    The giant shell shudders. It creaks. Dark connections along it flickering to life. Parts start to bubble as the network along it glows. Huge parts seem to be slowly falling away from it in a controlled fashion. Peeling away, unfurling over like a sail being unfurled.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Onboard sensors pick up an energy spike of rare Zeta emissions and ...Pym Particles right before a distortion appears in the air next to Valeria and suddenly the Waspette, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, is standing next to her friend. "Oh hey it worked! That's great, I think I'm getting better at this. There was a non-zero chance of scattering my atoms across the ocean floor. Hi Val, sorry I'm late! I came as fast as I could!" Literally. "Oh Hi Val's Uncle!" She waves to the thing. She also recognizes the uniforms of the X-men but only one she is familiar with. "Megan! Hi!" She waves with a bright grin.

    Nadia is dressed in her Waspette armor, minus the helmet, with some enhancements for full environmental containment and resisting deep sea pressures. "So did we locate the source yet?" She asks Valeria.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn blinks and peers around once they're in the depths, realizing they are nit alone. "Boy, this must be something big, to have attracted so many other big wigs.." but for now her focus is on the big glowy orb, "Sooo what's that, an underground palace? ooh is this something to do with Atlantis?" even as she says it, she's got her magic senses peeled, trying to figure out if that orb is magical in nature.

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a huge big grin as Nadia arrives via Zeta beam. "Thank goodness I made sure the shields accounted for the Zeta beam. I'm the one that's gotta explain to Jan why you're in particles floating in the atlantic ocean if it went wrong!" Totally releived.

"I don't think it's Namor's summer crash pad Pixie!" Val points out playfully. "There's be slightly less danger otherwise." Namor did have a thing for Richards women. Ben sometimes had a jonesing to punch Namor. Understandable danger.

"Okay, so we have maybe some mechanised tranforming capabilities?" she states and keeps checking the scanners and the shields.

"Yeah, and I think maybe I kind of want to see what pym particles do to it. That thing is as they say. 'Hekkin chonk!'." she states.

"So umm, hopefully no one is shooting it yet. I mean maybe it might not be hostile but lets not risk exploding something with unfathomable power at so many fathoms!" she warns.

This gets Uncle Ben a decided look.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara nods to Scott, saying "Save lives, got it." before doing some quick math in her head, thinking... and then nodding again, saying "This distance... Yeah, if we had to abandon ship I could probably make..." before seeming to count on her fingers, and then winces, saying "Okay, it'd depend on circumstances and who I can grab but I can probably make a few trips to the surface in time to save lives here. I'm REALLY fast in the water... though uh, this does feel like a test I haven't studied for and if folks want mouth to mouth I feel like I should ask for a waiver first, with this face..."

     She then looks to where Megan is looking, shouting "Oh man, Atlantis!?" Iara looks excitedly at that giant glowing orb, pumping her fists, saying "I didn't know I was gonna meet The Thing AND Namor in the same day, puta merda..." She then elbows Megan, saying "Hey, think I got a shot with Namor? 'Princess of Atlantis" has a pretty nice ring to it..."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers considers gearing up with some scuba stuff just in case, but figures that the FF probably have that sort of thing managed. Hell, they probably just sciencey-teleport scuba gear onto you or give you temporary gills or something. Scott had always been a math whiz, but, beyond engineering and mechanics, some of the higher level sciences were still well above his proverbial pay grade.

He peers over shoulders to look at the sensors, "Looks like some serious energy spiking. Nothing I can absorb, from the looks of it," he says, "Do we have any life signs at all? Is that something your sensors can detect? The sooner we get innocent bystanders out of the way, the better."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The giant shell, made of ancient alien metals would continue to break apart. Or.. Less break apart and more reform. Panels sliding across, untethering, unlatching. Retracting, reinforcing. Lights along it flashing as energy would poru through. Joints and servos creaking as it would be easy to understand that what was a giant, hundred meter or more sea shell was now transmogrifying itself..
    Into what was a massive, leviathan armored crustacean with dozens upon dozens of claws, skewers, and blades across it's entire frame! An undersea mechanical marauder.. A guardian.
    And they were the things it had been made to guard against..

Diana Prince has posed:
The underwater Jet that the Amazons are aboard continues to do as its namesake suggests.

They stay invisible.

As the potential enemy takes on a aggressive construct, the Jet sweeps to the east and observes from afar.

"This thing seems to be taking a hostile stance against our presence. Proceed with great caution for your physical well beings."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Oh well now this is no good..." Cecily's vulpine ears go flat against her head and she stares at the...transforming monstrosity before them. She grumps and looks over her sub's control panel. "They picked me, not a fighter pilot, not a tank driver, but me..." she grumbles, thankful that the controls are pretty clearly labeled. "...power that... arm that..." she sighs and flicks some toggles and switches. Then she replies on comms, but specifically to Diana. "I don't think it's here for a dance-off, either. So it's retreat, or try to disable it. And while my vessel is armed, it's not going to survive a hit from... ANYTHING that monster can bring to bear on it."

    She does, in fact, use the sub's scanners to hunt for any kind of weak point in the structure, or a giant glowing eye that needs to be poked out. She really hates being under water. At least her tin can is maneuverable.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val points to some belts on one oif the benches. "Those you let anyone that wants to have a swim survive. Energy shielding will take care of any cosmic radiation. Be careful. It'll also let you guys handle depth pressures down here. Don't try to swim upwards unless it's an emergency!" she points out.

This one goes to Iara. Even big buff sharks can risk getting the bends. "Uncle Ben, if you want to play, by all means. It's a good time for it. I can pilot the sub. Nadia can help me with working on energy containment for after that thing is subdued. We can have fish and chips on our way home." she adds and grins.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers nods, "I have scuba registration and some rescue training, although it's been a while," he admits. "Still, if things get ugly, my optic blasts can probably blow that thing to smithereens. I kind of hope it doesn't come to that, though. Especially if it's an alien contact. I don't want to start an intergalactic war over a misunderstanding because I blew up an ambassador's ship or something," he says.

Hearing about the radiation from Val, he nods, "Anybody going out in the water, there is radiation out there, so please wait until we get the all clear before anyone tries to go to the docking hatch."

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn laughs nervously at Iara's suggestion, "Heh, I hear he likes fish so you'd fit right in with him.." but there are greater threats at hand right now..The giant glowy shell thingy is changing and reforming into..Somethimg else. And now there's a giant robo crab standing between them and whatever their true destination is.

She licks her lips, clenching her fists, "Uh, so now what, fearless leader? Do we fight, or do we try to sneak past it?" she pauses, waiting for orders from Cyclops before acting.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara squints at Val's words about not swimming upwards and handling the depth pressure down here like she doesn't know how to handle herself in the water already, but goes for a belt anyways. Sharks are famous for not getting cancer, but she's not one to risk the side effects of any kind of radiation if she doesn't have to, activating the belt.

     She then looks to Scott, saying "Hey, uh, Cyclops, whaddya say if this thing is hostile I like... grab you around the middle and pull you through the water at high speed and you can optic blast all over this thing?" Before she looks to the side and then back at Scott, whispering in that brazillian portugese accent "That's how I should use those words right? You optic blast things?"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And then the massive crab-mech goes to attack! Legs glowing over as they would blast out at the submsersibles with an array of torpedoes, lasers, rockets, and one -huge- claw over a hundred meters long slashing out at the Fantasti-Sub! The crab-mech's eyestalks would glow as they would blast out with an array of plasma through the depths!
    All the while, the radiating cosmic energy within would continue to pulse out in greater and greater radiance.. The jump starting of the crab's defensive mechanisms, the vault itself clearly kicking it inot high gear!
    It storms through the ocean floor, servos strong neough to not have the slightest concerns with the depth or the drag!

Ben Grimm has posed:
Ben pilots the ship, arrives at the location, and gets ready. With al these peeps, he knows he is just the backup. "It's Clobberin Time!" May have been uttered once or twice! It was great being a part of this with everyone present.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "I think that answers things!" Cecily shouts over the comms, going evasive, her sub certainly a lot smaller. "If we had smaller vehicles we could get inside that thing and shut it down!" she slides the sub sideways with the gimbaled engines to try and give the giant crab a wide berth. "There's an entrance in the top but it's better than trying to fight this thing toe-to-claw. If it doesn't kill us the pressure will," she grunts. Off-comms she's trying to run scans on the thing with whatever gear STAR gave her, refraining from firing her limited weapons at the moment. "Oh if only this damn thing was on dry land..." she looks over her shoulder to the weapons crate she'd brought along. Definitely not underwater-friendly gear.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Like her Uncle Ben for now. Val is just working on scanning and finding a weak spot for the Crab. "It's a mecha so joints will be a good spot to target. Like around the claws and legs!" Val suggests into the communications. "We are still armed Uncle Ben. We have torpedos. So if you find a good spot, like a thermal exhaust port, then we can blow this thing and go home." she suggests and giggles. Even she's seen Star Wars. It's culturally significant and most of her friends are nerds!

"Wonder if this thing can be remote accessed. is it piloted?" while she's doing that she broadcasts a few greetings along a bunch of alien languahes auto translated. "Hey, we don't really wanna destroy you but we will if you don't power down!" she sends out in her best Uhura.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers is, of course, dealt with the eternal dilemma of the ranged fighter - he really wants to shoot the bad guy, but he'd have to blow a hull in the sub to do that and he's not about to do that. By the time he got equipped enough to be seaworthy, the battle will be over.

"Let me know if you need a few spare hands at the controls of...anything," he says, feeling the natural frustration of a man of action doing his best being held in reserve, "Speaking of which, any way we can entice this thing to surface?"

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn bites her lip and grabs one of those belts, just incase. Glancing at Scott she ponders. "With your permission, if I can get out there and get close enough, say, 20 metres or so, I can try a faerie's curse, maybe screw up some of its electrical equipment, create a 'weak spot' if I'm lucky. Chaos magic can be pretty unpredictable though.." Even as she speaks, the crab bot is gearing up and attacking the sub. She yelps, grabbing onto something and bracing for impact.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
    Iara takes Megan grabbing onto her as a sign to take them both out the airlock, grabbing Scott and Megan (making sure each are able to breathe with some kind of device first) with one in each arm around the middle as she pulls them both out the airlock and dives, swimming... pretty damn fast, even carrying two people. She swims around and behind this giant crab thing, holding both of them out and letting them do their thing... at least until Scott starts to slip.

     Iara slows for a second, letting the momentum spring Scott forward so she can reach down, cup her fingers and grab... she's not... oh, no she actually isn't, she grabs a hold of Scott's belt buckle for a firmer grip. Soon all three X-men are up close and out of the crab's reach, giving Scott a great angle to go for the legs as Megan can do whatever she needs for her fae curse...

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The thing the group is fighting with is a giant automoton. A constructed defensive unit desgined to protect the contents of what it held within it from intruders. In other words, them! A burst of scarlet plasma would streak along the ocean floor, torpedoes would miss past the subs as rockets would detonate. The spread out nature of the heroes and the fact that most of the weapons on the thing so far seemed to be designed to hit heavier, bulkier, slower things meant that they had an easier time evading them. But if but a signle blast hit them..
    It also made one perhaps wonder what whatever ancient engineers had made the thing were expecting it to -fight- however many eons ago they had laid it to rest! Iara would be able to get in close along with her Scott-A-Pult as Valeria goes to scan along the thing. The joints of it are bulky and reinforced.. But could be taken out. The thing had eight 'limbs' to it - so just taking one set out wouldn't necessarily be useful. The large hole in it from whence the power seeping out that had registered all the energy in the first place was likely a weakness - the crab had likely been designed just as much ot keep the energy in as without..
    There were clearlyplaces where the armor was thinner and weaker that they could use to burst in.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia sits in the co-pilot seat next to Val, fingers flying over a holograph input matrix as she runs calculations on what sort of field they might be able to use to contain the Power Cosmic once this thing is subdued. She's really into it, few things build excitement like studying unknown energy interactions.

    Giant robo crabs are pretty cool though, that thing gets the young Pym Scion to glance up at least for a moment. "Target the joints, for a robot to have that degree of articulation it needs numerous joints which are generally the most delicate part of any construction due to the very moving parts that allow for the articulation. While a crab shape is great for mobility and overall armor plating, there's a good chance we can immobilize it by targeting the weak links in the construction." And then she's back to staring at energy readings, maybe Gamma could contain it... "Val have you tried Gamma?" She's already running another simulation without even waiting for the answer.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers doesn't object to such rough manhandling. The situation calls for it and, frankly, the sea is much more Iara's environment than his. He gets geared up quickly but does without the goggles, of course, his visor being waterproof enough to keep him protected as he breathes through the mechanism he's given.

When he's yanked through the water into the proper position, he takes measure, his strategic mind searching for weak points and joints to strike and then he unleashes a sweeping blast of his optic beams to try to take out the legs of the crab, left to right, his power surely more than enough to punch through even that extraterrestrial metal.

Valeria Richards has posed:
No sign of internal piloting or remote control. "Okay, this is just a giant crab shaped nonsentient automaton. You should be fine to wreck it as hard as you can, or at least immobiise it. We still need to contain." she confirms with Nadia's own scans.

"If I mixed Gamma with Cosmic, Dr Ross might pitch a fit. But we can give it a shot and hope we don't create a nunch of Red Hulks!" she agrees with giving it a shot.

"Turning the X-Men into the Fantastic Four is going to be a big enough worry as it is. But I bet at least Pixie out there would look fab all big and buff!" she hmms and giggles before getting to work. She's spent too much time with Uncle Jen.

"If you're going for joints, start with the claws. Take out them and maybe the other weapon emplacements. We need to go in there and retrieve or disable the power generator and not explode it.

"I if we can Zeta Beam this thing offworld to an empty spot on the moon or something with no danger to the planet?" she ponders other solutions.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is a fairly good swimmer, especially given her faerie wings help propel her even faster in the water as well as the air. Thankfully the shield belt offered her allows her to breathe underwater while also providing some much needed oxygen..And as Iara grabs both her and Scott, propelling them into the water and out of the Crab-Bot's range, she eventually slips out of the shark girl's grasp so she can focus on rubbing onto Scott, while Megan focuses on her own spell.

"Alright..Here goes nothing. Let's hope all the practicing paid off.." marroon eyes narrow on the giant crab, glowing intensely pink, as do her hands clenched into fists, unleashing a bolt of chaos magic at the giant crab bot - her own brand of a faerie's curse.

~Etrea Malus!~ she utters the incantation, and should it hit its mark, it may just make parts of the crab bot begin to malfunction, or it's next attack may well falter..

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The maneuver done by the group from Xavier's shall likely go down in the record books as the Scott-douken if there's any sort of archival notation ever taken of it's existence. Improvisatioanl or not, the maneuver is effective with Megan teleporting, Iara directing, and Scott blasting. What this results in is several precision strikes done over the crab which leave a 'dead' area of it. Where the joints have been blasted apart, the weapons and sensors destroyed, and a large hole blitzed into it that would be a vulnerable point for future attacks. It's got no real ability to defend itself against such things. Even as blades would slash and attack. It was most definitely designed to take on much, much bigger enemies - or to take hits from ones with immense strength.
    And the flicker-port from Megan -definitely- blitzes it. There's a large mass (relatively) of several dozen meters o fit's surface which are fully disabled. Weakened by blasts, attacks, and targets, it has no real way to defend itself from further damage there. And it's too slow to be able to effectively outmaneuver things further. There's just the issue now that it can throw out such huge masses of attacks that doing this to all of it might take awhile!
    Valeria and Nadia's coordination would let them quickly target weak points to attack, disrupt, and derail. They could take it down.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     It's hard to tell what exactly Iara said through the bubbles, and only Scott is close enough to hear, but it sounded like "Porra!" as Pixie slips out of her grasp, at first turning to go back for her but then seeing that she can handle herself, shaking her head but deciding to trust her fellow X-Woman. She grabs Scott with both hands now as she dives under the crab, the water boiling from the friction of Scott's kinetic beams.

     It sets her shark instincts on fire, feeling the danger in the water with her nose, but she has to ignore them... and then ignore them again as she goes belly-up under the crab, allowing Cyclops to strike at the underside and then one of the crab claws from below, hopefully disabling that one as she comes out the other side of the crab at an angle to try to present the two of them as a bad target, out of range of the other claw...

Valeria Richards has posed:
The blonde in the blue bodyglove that is Val dances a little in her seat. She is not that graceful. You want a trained dancer you ask Nadia beside her as the pair pick out points of opportunity. She's got her eye on energy levels of both the sub and it's shields. And any output from the Crab-Bot and it's weapons. Feeding everyone info on when and what direction they might fire.

It might not be as fast as a telepathic mind link which the X-men might be used to but at least they can avoid getting hit as best they can.

Ben's sub piloting keeping the GIRL girls in one piece each. And maybe firing back with it's own torpedo payloads. "I swear at this size we might beed to stop for lunch!" she jokes playfully.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers keeps unleashing his optic blasts, letting Shark-Girl guide him around and help him aim, driving his blasts up into the underbelly of the giant crab. This would be much stranger if he hadn't lived the life he had, but this sort of thing was getting oddly normal. Still, he was glad he had the aquatic mutant with him just in case he lost that rebreather.

He assumes the rest will keep an eye out for any rescue needs, he's got his hands full blasting away.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And as the group manages to disable the crab and get to the point where they can take it out section by section.. Another thing appears underneath the sea. There's the BWHOOMSH that is indicative of massive interstellar teleportation, but not in the same way as Zeta Rays.. Whatever it is, two beings appear on the 'top' of the crab's head. One seeming male, pale skinned with a dark hood and wielding an enormous blade and a dark jacket. The blade that would be identifiable as a western style glaive if one knew weapons. Next to him a tall female with blue skin, a white and black outfit, and an enormous trident.

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara clears the falling crab claw only to see... two more people standing on top of the crab? She points at them, unable to talk in the water with her air already used, and then quickly pulls her hand away in case Scott blasts them with his eye beams. She swims up with Cyclops, patting him on the shoulder and giving him an open palm as if asking him what to do wordlessly, expecting some sort of hand signal to engage, wait, or book it out of here...

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's new arrivvals and Val is wondering if the teleport in didn't just send a flood of water in the other direction even if it wasn't a Zeta Beam or Boom Tube.

The multi-alien lingual greeting and worning is broad case cver a few channels. "You really do not want to be hear. This is a very dangerous place to be. Interfering will only get you hurt!" she broadcasts and just to be on the safe side gets coordinating with the Thing and Waspette to make use of escape subs and Zeta beams to get everyone friendly away.

If these two were friendly they wouldn't be sitting their not attacking the crab. To the X-Men and other heroes Val sends a warning to keep safe and ready to get back on board with the new arrivals looking all menacy.

She's grown up with the Fantastic Four, knowing when things are going to go sideways came with the education and she's already planning for it.

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers makes a closed fist in the water, holding it up, a hand signal to the X-ers to draw back. He's not sure who those shadowy figures are, but anyone standing on top of a giant crab underwater are probably people that shouldn't be messed with, especially not without preparation or time to scout. "Good job," he murmurs close enough to Iara for the shark-girl to hear, "Take us back in," he says. Whatever these people have to say, for the moment, they're better off within the Fantastic Four vehicle's protection and not out in the water waiting to be attacked.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The male with the glaive would hiss. "It has what we came for."
    The woman would snap. "Yes, deep inside." The male would grimace, "We don't have the time to -dig-."
    The woman would grin, "Then I'll jus thave to cut to the point." She would raise the trident-weapon.. And stab it -directly- through the crab-mech's module.
    Cutting the thing through the middle as it would split all hte way down in complete halves!

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara nods her big shark snout over Scott's shoulder as she swims back, then turns, darting back to the sub and into the airlock, not stopping until she can finally inhale again and say "Who the hell were those guys?" as she drips with seawater, opening the inner hatch once the water has been drained out of the airlock. "They looked like some of Thor's people, you know, the evil ones..."

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott Summers gets into the airlock and shakes his head at Iara, pulling out his rebreather properly, "I don't know. But I don't think they're our friends," he says, pressing the communicator on the wall, "Okay, we're back inside," he says, making sure they know they're free to move again, the mutants momentarily unable to see what's happening outside as they make their way back to the bridge.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Once the X-Men are back on board and the pair outside are doing some pointy things to the crab and doing way more than the sub could to the armor Val hmmms to the group once they're on the drier side of the air lock.

"Spiky alien bad guys all kind of blue together. We'll try and run any ID through space cop databases and stuff. Nova Corps, Green Lantern, all that. We'll get names and stuff. I'll forward you guys any info if you want. I mean I know the X-Men have been up in the grills of a few space empires so at least you guys can deal easily enough." she says to Scott and Iara.

The Sub and the others that came with in their own rides making some speedy exits., "But I think for now, we're punching above our weight class and we need a dry field to level that field." she states.

Ben and Diana could easily throw down but water kind of makes things difficult when not an Atlantean.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The woman scythes through the crab, even as the man over with the glaive goes to swim his way through the wreckage. The heroes are for now left unaccosted as he's back up with the woman seconds later carrying an item in a large armored case. The item is glowing so brightly that it's blinding, even through the casing clearly meant to contain it.
    "I can't -see- through this." The woman would hiss. "Wretched thing.."
    The man would reprocah her, "But for our master, it would give everything. For our master, it would gain us his favor."
    And the woman continues, "For Thanos.. We shall do anything."

Iara Dos Santos has posed:
     Iara narrows her glossy black shark eyes at the words that reverberate through the hull of the ship, asking "Thanos? What the hell is Thanos?" as she leans over Valerie on the controls, trying to get a good look outside the ship at these super-powered folks cracking straight through that crab...

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
    Nadia looks up from her calculations and squints at the view screen. "Thanos?" That word has meaning for her not that of a giant purple archvillain. Lately she has been studying Themysciran Greek, "Isn't that Greek? A short form of Athanasios meaning Immortal? Serving immortal beings is never a good sign, I don't think I've ever seen that end well."

    She brings up a targeting display on a secondary console of the co-pilot's controls. "Val, I got an idea. Recently Tim has been teaching me this cool game called Dungeon's and Dragon's, anyway there's still spell called Faerie Fire that's really neat!" Lining up a shot with not a weapon but an otherwise harmless emitter for exotic particles, she aims a volley at the strange fleeing aliens. They'll probably laugh it off, primitive Earth weapon, but that's just what Nadia wants. "If we can't catch them now, we can always light them up, so we can track them down later." And with that she pushes the button.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val is not as curlturally learned as Nadia in this case. "I hear it's only fun in Themyscira." she states and giggles while she plots a safe course for Ben to pilot the sub out.

"Give it a shot but I think they're distracted plenty!" she considers it totally worth a shot. "You'll have to teach me that game. But at least we can track those guys as far as scanning range lasts!" she states and makes sure that she can in fact track that power signature that brought them here in the first place. "Think I got a bead on their teleport signature too. So we got some work to do once we're docked and home." she states to the others. "Big deal players we're looking at!" she warns seriosly for a change.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The two would go over together and Corvus Glaive would raise up the item. "To Lord Thanos. To our rewards. And to the sundering of existence!" Proxima Midnight would likewise state the same thing even as the Fantasti-Sub goes to mark them over with a 'bolt' for later..
    Even as the two vanish into nothingness, teleporting far, far away!
    And they're left with a three hundred or so meter large broken u pancient guardian crustacean robot rended to so many pieces, three kilometers underneath the sea.