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Hydra vs UN: Zoo Animals Loosed
Date of Scene: 04 April 2024
Location: Central Park Zoo
Synopsis: Hydra operatives release large and dangerous animals from their pens in the Central Park Zoo, drawing heroes and first responders just before Hydra assaults the UN.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Emma Frost, Felicity Smoak, Julio Richter, Casey Jones, Priscilla Kitaen, April O'Neil, Frigga, Allen-James, Patty Sloan, Clea, Jamie Madrox, T'Challa
Tinyplot: Hydra vs UN

Steve Rogers has posed:
It is Saturday early in the day. It is a nice day out, warm enough to not need a jacket. The Central Park Zoo has a healthy-sized crowd there as people are getting out and enjoying themselves now the snow and cold weather seem to be staying away for the most part.

Families wander about, parents herding their kids from one exhibit to another. Food is being served at the the multitude of concession stands and eateries with which the zoo tries to eke out a few more dollars to keep the place going and the animals taken care of.

Unnoticed amidst all the bustle, a number of people dressed as employees make their way to predesignated locations in the zoo. In some cases they subdue real zoo employees in out of the way places where their nefarious deed can go undetected.

At a specified time, they start opening up a number of animal enclosures. Herding animals that are large, or dangerous, or both towards the exits left open.

It doesn't take long for shouts and screams to start as a procession of elephants makes their way out of the indoor part of their facility and out into the crowd.

Steve Rogers has posed:
A pride of lions growls at the man herding them out, but seem all to eager to escape their normal confines and emerge among the crowd. Over in the aquatic area, alligators are encouraged out of their pen with a trail of meat that leads out into the public area.

Rhinos are released. The giraffe enclosure is opened but the animals linger despite the best efforts of the man to herd them out. The hippos are handled differently. A small charge goes off, collapsing the retaining wall around the pen of one of the deadliest animals on earth. Creating a rubble-filled slope which the big animals start sniffing at before the first one tentatively starts to wallow up it.

People are screaming and running all across the zoo. Monkeys run through the crowd, jumping on people. Snow leopards get out of their pen but climb up into trees, watching the scurrying meatsicles - er, people - rushing about below them in a frenzy.

As the pandemonium spread, the news goes viral, popping up on social feeds and TV stations. Though there are other events competing for views in the news cycle, a collapse in the Holland tunnel and two runaway trains getting equal coverage.

Emma Frost has posed:
Why is Emma in Central Park? She loathes this ever so pretentious side of town (not that she isn't pretentious, so she does acknowledge the hypocricy). So as all the animals start to thrash and are let out of thier cages, Emma pauses. Not out of about to snark or heckle, but to try and give a quick sweep around for the one that she knows last initiated this sort of thing.

A quick psionic scan confirms there's no sign of that feral woman warped by a blood goddess. Emma breathes a little more easily.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
Felicity has been feeling a little bit antsy. Most nights, she just sits at a series of computer monitors being better than Oracle, afterall. That means, she decided to head out to check out the zoo. Seeing some animals should be relaxing.

Or so she thinks.

With the sudden ruckus of the people starting to scream, her eyes widen. PUrsing her lips, she runs around, looking for the nearest exits, "This way!" she calls out, trying to usher a few of the pedestrians towards one of the exits. At least, she can try to help that way.

And oh noes! As both humans and animals start to stampede, a little girl trips and falls and scrapes her knee. She's adorable and is holding onto her stuffed animal. Her mother is lost in the conundrum. WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (OOC: feel free to save this person)

Julio Richter has posed:
The pidgeons in the park are the first to really identify the problem. They had been feasting in the zoo area on spilled popcorn when a small coagulation of their numbers occurred, they almost seem to confer with each other and then divide into several lines of anxious birds, bobbing their way toward the safety of open air where they could fly up to the roof of the concession stand and cast very judgey gazes across the growing concern.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones was patronizing the hot dog cart. He and the proprietor went way back and Casey got some discounts on bratwurst after he ran off some punks who were trying to shake old Joe's Jumbo Dogs down. He's just put down his fourth chili cheese when he hears the ruckus, the commotion, the happening.

He drops his duffel bag down, yanking out his bandolier full of sports weaponry, drawing out his hockey mask and strapping it to his head.

"Save my dessert dog, Joe, Casey Jones got some skulls to crack!"

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
Priscilla managed to get an image of the zoo from the mind of what she now knows was a HYDRA agent. Not sure if she's even at the right zoo, she's a bit late in arriving, not able to stop what's happened but hopefully able to help. Her wings burst from her back, an explosion of green scales and soft tan membranes. She flys up and over the crowd and then drops hard onto the ground in front of a father facing off against a pair of hyenas in an effort to protect his daughter. She eyes the animals and reaches out with her powers, ordering them to sleep. "Go, take your kid and get out of here!" It's not the animals fault and Pris will gather them up one at a time and put them back into their enclosure. They should sleep until tomorrow. Once that's done she returns to the fray and looks for the next target. "Holy fucking elephants!" She stares aghast at the herd of alarmed animals. This.. this is gonna be a lot harder than ordering some small predators to sleep.

April O'Neil has posed:
As it happens, the Channel Six Eyewitness News van is on site this afternoon, with the news team of April O'Neil, her cameraman Vernon Fenwick and April's intern and understudy, a young British teenager. The trio had been in the zoo today reporting on a panda that was turning a ripe elderly age. It was definitely a puff piece, but it was a good measure of experience for the young intern to get to indulge in.

The three membrs of the news team are on their way out of the zoo, bags draped by straps over their shoulders, as they began to catch wind of something happening. "Quick, get the stuff back to the van, and lock yourself in it." April told her intern, who looked reluctant, but nevertheless began to book it for the zoo exit, with Vernon nearly considering to run after the teen. But with April grasping the 30-something by a wrist, she yanks him in to staying near to her. "Vern! Get the camera out." She commands him, before she spins on her heels and ducks behind a wooden bench to peer over it at a army of wild monkies running past them.

Vernon stammers as he opens his camera bag, fumbling to take the camera out of its interior, as a monkey swings by, stealing his sunglasses right off of his face! "Hey, damnit!" Vern shouts after the monkey thief!

Frigga has posed:
Slowly working her way 'back' into the world that has been so named Midgard, the All Mother is taking in the sights and sounds of this current era, this city called Brooklyn. Frigga is dressed in almost the same way as others around her, her own illusions tweaking as she espies something that she'd enjoy wearing. Golden hair is pulled back in a mix of braids and tresses; some things never change.

With a red and white striped bag in hand containing popcorn with which to feed the tamer animals, she's communing with some deer, handfeeding them, murmuring softly.. something about a feast?

Commotion, however, begins and as the cries ring out, Frigga's attention is pulled from her feeding, the bag dropped, where opportunistic squirrels can easily locate it in minutes. The elephants' trumpeting, the stamping in prelude to a stampede has her full now, and she begins to move towards the area, spinning around to help guide the young families and their children away. Subtle magics form, the shimmering of shield that animals cannot cross protects their departures.

Allen-James has posed:
    In spite of the warmth, AJ is still wearing his hoodie. After all, he keeps.. stuff in it. Like, for instance, that half eaten sandwich from earlier this morning. Right now, he was near the zoo, in the park, doing what he does for a living. Busking. He's rather skilled, for a guy who is clearly a hobo, tattered and worn clothes visibly clashing with a concert violinist's skill and a youthful face. He's making his beat up pawn shop violin wail, when screams begin, and people start running away from the zoo, and past him. Frowning, he looks around, and sees what seems to be causing the commotion, as he spots a cat in a tree that is /far/ too large for the area.
    AJ frowns, carefully tucking his violin into its case, and finding a handy bush to tuck it under, as he tries to decide how to help. About then, a crowd stampedes past him, chased by a monkey.
    AJ pulled a handfull of popcorn out of his pocket, "Hey, Monkey, monkey, you want some popcorn?" he asks, tossing it on the ground, as he flips his hood up to hide his face. He tucks his hands back into the big pocket of his hoodie, hands starting to glow orange under the cover of the threadbare fabric, as he watches for the monkey to come at him, or prepares to try to intervene in another manner.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty needed a break from being at school. She needed a break from her training and dancing and everything really. She just wanted to get out and have a good day. So she hopped in her car, put power steering fluid in it and drove to NYC where she found a place to park. Then into Central park she went, Walking her way into the Zoo, she pays and has a look around.

Given this is a very public place and her not wanting to cause trouble for herself, she has her wings hidden under a faded black leather jacket. She is wearing her typical tie-dye top and a pair of ripped up jeans. All finished with a pair of purple and white sneakers.

Then everything goes to chaos. People start screaming and running, racing here and there. Families are split apart. A small group of students happen to lose their teacher amidst the chaos. They are panicked. Patty quickly moves to the students, "Hey its alright! We will get out together. I'm a friend." She smiles to them. Then things take a turn for the worst. A Violent feline cry rings out. Patty whips around to see A pair of pissed off Snow Leopards. Someone had antagonized them to the point where they are stalking not just Patty but the kids as well.

Immediately the wind changes directions, blowing away from the kids and Patty. "Stay still. Back away slowly." She breathes deeply. She wasn't trained to fight big cats but there she was. "Just move nice and slow. Stay low." The Snow Leopards roar out their rage and hiss at the girl who happens to be still standing.

Clea has posed:
Clea appears to have reappeared on Earth at a moment that isn't too dull. The white haired woman could sense something was a miss, suddenly being uncaged in unknown territories was probably not good on the animals. Much less the humans that were between them and freedom.

"Try to get the animals contained without hurting them. They are just going by their instincts." her voice is amplified and covers everywhere really. She sets out to see if she can help with some of the bigger animals, like the elephants, putting up magical barriers between the animals and the humans so that they have time to get away safely.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie the Zookeeper was on assignment. That assignment's been disrupted when another employee sought to lead him to a secluded place and dispose of him. Thankfully Jamie the Zookeeper had saw it coming and given the intended assailant a good thrashing with a CAUTION WET FLOOR sign until the assailant had lost consciousness. The plan's been enacted though and that leaves Jamie, in the pursuit of his duties, seeking to arm himself with a tranquilizer rifle.

As panic ensues both among the staff and visitors, Jamie the Zookeeper does his level best to maintain a calm manner. Hurried, urgent, focused; but calm! Now armed with a tranquilizer rifle and having prevented the Venomous Snakes exhibit from being opened with his expert usage of warning signage, Jamie the Zoodefender's now on the case. Whether that's to subdue culprits or Alison the Snow Leapoard has yet to be seen.

"Proceed to the exits, please! I am a zookeeper!" Jamie calls out to those panicked individuals already rushing towards exits. He's an incredibly helpful zookeeper, obviously.

T'Challa has posed:
T'Challa is not often alone. This is something that is a rarity for him. Granted, he's not actually alone considering the handful of Dora Milaje that are lingering nearby but not close enough to him to be his exact escorts. He was taking a moment to himself to wander through the zoo and perhaps simply be enamored with the animals that were around. He could just fly back to Wakanda to see them more up close and personal but he has quite a few meetings in the morning.

When the commotion starts, T'Challa is immediately on the move. A glance at his Dora Milaje has them moving into action as well and the immediate task of protecting the innocents becomes the primary focus of all their actions. They almost seem to move in a strange unison even though T'Challa and the Dora Milaje are operating in different locations. The training and the effectiveness is top notch as they work on grabbing, slinging, pulling, shoving and other verb-ing innocent bystanders (byrunners?) out of the way of dangerous animals that are on the move.
T'Challa grabs a pair of children and spins them out of the way of something big running through. They are handed off to the arms of their parents before he spins back into the fray. As he does, his Black Panther Habit materializes onto his body because it might actually be time to try and tackle an elephant.

He hasn't done this since he was at least eleven!

Felicity Smoak has posed:
When Jamie identifies himself as a zookeeper, Felicity's eyes widen as she calls out to others. "GO THAT WAY! FOLLOW HIM!" She's about to let out a yelp when T'Chala scoops up the little girl who fell and tripped on the ground. Placing a hand on her chest, she lets out a sigh of relief, "THANK GOD."

It's then that she rushes on over in Jamie's direction, "What can I do? I don't have powers but.." and she nosewrinkles, "Is there an electronic system that will make sure the cages open and close? Maybe someone Jurassic Park'ed this place."

Steve Rogers has posed:
The hyenas are eyeing the crowd hungrily, saliva gathering amidst jaws so powerful they can crush bone. One of them yips towards the man and his daughter. Only for the pair of African predators to sway woozily and finally slump to the ground. One atop the other, snoozing while people run by in a panic.

The animals, some of them at least, were rather calm at first upon getting out of their enclosures. But the panicky actions and shouting of the zoo's customers begins to agitate a number of them.

An elephant gives a trumpet and its head swings back and forth in an aggressive way as someone comes running the wrong direction and ends up skidding to a stop in front of the towering beast. Another elephant steps up beside the first, a mother with her calf holding her tail with his trunk. The mother clearly seems to sense a threat to her young! Frigga's appearance on the scene helps get some people out of the way, but the one man is standing there dumbstruck!

Meanwhile T'Challa has some help in his royal guard, not to mention a teammate on site in Clea. And T'Challa might need that help. People run past him, sprinting and yelling, fathers holding children in their arms. With good reason. An enormous hippo comes down the paved path up ahead. Two thousand pounds of ugly and meanness, able to bite a person in half. Coming from Wakanda, T'Challa would know just how dangerous these animals are. Only the mosquito kills more people annually. And it's moving forward towards him!

Julio Richter has posed:
Ester, the recent addition to the snow leopard enclosure wanders out some moments after her parents. She was named Ester after a recent online contest had turned rather 4chanishly to the internet default; the top vote by Bot Net majority had chosen on 'Leppy McLeopardFace', and had then been quickly shot down by the board of directors.

"Mrow?" she wondered, looking for her parents in the commotion.

"Mrow?" she called, 'Mother'?

The peeling crowds of anxious pedestrians formed a barrier between her and her closest relations.

She crouched in place, trying to become small, her anxiety evident.

Emma Frost has posed:
In the jungle, the lions definitely aren't sleeping tonight. With the way they're all rampaging about, Emma's getting a sense that it's more than terror. Something's set them off. Normally zoo creatures are kept far too drugged and overfed to be antagonized by most things. So perhaps they've had some sort of phermones thrown over at them? Diet altered? Sonics?

Well, given the rather extreme array of firepower present as Emma's rather literally startled by everyone here.. THey have the bases covered.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones pelts his way past April O'Neil, turning and waving back at the reporter as he goes by, "Yo, April! I'm gonna wreck a rhino or some shit!" he calls back.

Editor's note: He should definitely not fight a rhino.

What he finds instead are a pair of hyenas that seem to be circling a car full of penguins. By which he means nuns, not actual penguins, although there are actual penguins but they're docile enough and not in need of a-whalloping with a...

Golf club? No. Squash bat? Too British. Ah, there we go. Good old Louisville slugger. The aluminum kind.

"Hey, Hunky and Dory, you wanna pick on somebody, you pick on Casey Jones, huh?" he says, smacking the bat against the sidewalk in challenge.

Clea has posed:
#teampurple are in route to the elephants. Clea sees T'Challa in Black Panther mode and there is a bit of a head dip to him, "Your Majesty." she greets him. "I don't think either of us are getting out of this paperwork sadly." she motions around as she finds one of the elephants that are trundling through the zoo. She raises a hand, moving it in a fluid motion as she tries to calm one of the elephants with her magic. She wasn't sure if it was going to work, but at least she would make a pretty corpse if it didn't! That left other elephants for T'Challa to tackle though!

April O'Neil has posed:
A man in a hockey goalie mask from the 1970s, running past with sports equipment, really only can mean one thing to April O'Neil. "Casey?" She says from her hiding place behind a park bench. "What in the f--" But he's already run on past, and in his absence a monkey face lunges up from the front of the bench to screach right at April's nose! The blue eyed reporter yelps in surprise, and falls back on to her butt in the grass behind the bench! She crawls backward a few feet, as the monkey snatched at her phone, but managed to barely miss it from April's grasp.

"Ape!" Vernon shouts, moving to help his reporter friend from certain monkey peril, only to be gang-rushed by a whole tree filled with the wild animals! Five of them drop down out of the sky right on to the tall Vernon's shoulders, and back. They begin rapidly slapping and poke, scratching and smack Vernon all over! He crouches, raises his hands to defensively protect his face and hair, as the little devils attack!

"Vernon!" April says, working her way back to her feet as she reaches for a branch from the nearby tree beside her. Cracking it off, the reporter comes at Vernon-- and his monkey problem --slapping at them with a big leafy tree branch.

"April! Ow, damnit! ow!" Vernon shouts, as he's pummeled by the monkies... and his friend with a tree branch!

Jamie Madrox has posed:
While Jamie doesn't exhibit panicking actions, he does at least do enough shouting to compete with the panicking zoo's customers who agitate the animals. "EVERYONE! GO! NOW!" he calls out, just short of dropping his rifle to sling itself around his frame so that he may cup his mouth with both hands. His shouting comes to an abrupt end when Felicity arrives at his side, asking questions. There's a moment of confusion, both at being addressed and the content of that address. Then Jamie the Zookeeper seems to remember that he is, in fact, an employee of the Central Park Zoo and he calls back in a voice that's just a little too loud, "What?! OH! That way, I think! Let's go, I'll show you!"

Jamie doesn't delay diligently diverting his attention away from the ensuing chaos and beginning to escort Felicity toward central control nexus. "They were dressed like employees," he explains for Felicity's sake and, perhaps, as some means of briefly explaining why he's simply trusting the aid of a stranger in such a time of crisis.

A loud roar erupts from behind the rushing crowds and Jamie doesn't hesitate to sweep his tranquilizer rifle aside and begin pulling the trigger.

PHFF! PHFF! PHFF! The rifle fires rapidly. Two of the darts find themselves stuck in the shoulder of Gretchen the Grizzly Bear, who bellows her annoyance at being pricked by Jamie. The third dart lands in the calf of Jeremy, an accountant that's in town from Lima, Ohio. Jeremy's soon lurching and stumbling, before collapsing to the ground near Gretchen the Grizzly Bear's snoozing form.

Jamie the Zookeeper swallows around the thickness building in his throat and with a glance to Felicity, swallows it down before he jerks his head in the direction of the control room, "Let's go!"

Allen-James has posed:
    The busker Bum, Allen-James, is thankful that the monkey is easily distracted, peeling off the people it was chasing, to scrabble for the popcorn. Taking a step, he starts painting the air with a glowing hand. One swipe, and he manages to get one arm, and its chest wrapped in a glowing orange ring, trapping it arms and keeping it stuck, as the orange barrier holds it tight.
    "Alright, people. Follow the nice folks to the exit." he says, pointing them at Jamie and Pattie, who were trying to evac the citizens. He himself begins to move against the flow, hoodie up to hide his face. He spots April, and her poor camera man, and, spotting a situation that's going to get worse, pulls out his half a sandwich, and tosses it to one side, trying to distract some of April's monkeys, and springing forward to slide a hand out, trying to set up a shield to block the simian barrage.
    "Hitting them with a branch is just gonna piss em off." He points out to April as he dashes in close.

Frigga has posed:
The magic that shimmers in the middle distance radiates a warmth that Frigga so easily recognizes. Looking in that direction while keeping the temporary escape shields up has her giving a warm but subtle smile. She nods her acknowledgement before turning around to see the dumbstruck man frozen in place, the elephants going from afraid and wary to aggressive and ready to make a path where there there will be none. And the man is right in the way.

Shooting forward to the man, Frigga is pulling him from the path with no little urgency and a great deal of strength. "Come on!" is called out even as she takes him, and on her path, she rolls some of the benches that are on the sides of the pathways in front of the pachyderms to slow their progress.

One saved... but where is the magic? Better by far by twos...

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
Relieved to see magical barriers containing the elephants, they are incredibly intelligent, more so than the so called animal experts even know, Priscilla moves past and finds a lion. She meets the creature's brown eyes with her own blue and they glow a fiery blue as she uses her empathic powers to soothe the beast and guide it to an out of the way place beside a large concrete alligator and then pets the animal on the head until it falls asleep. Hopefully it'll be safe there. Voodoo takes to the air again and spots a large group of monkey's attacking a guy by a news van. She hesitates a moment but then shifts fully into her alien form before dropping down and starting the task of sending the monkeys to sleep. They are smart too but with much smaller minds and it's easy to take them out one at a time as she stands protectively in front of Vernon. Hopefully he doesn't freak out over her alien appearance. Her SHIELD badge is attached to the gold belt at her hips at least.

Patty Sloan has posed:
The two leopards that happen to be eyeing Patty like she is a human sized steak step forward but are thrown off a little. They no longer smell the school children or the girl trying to protect them. They can of course still see them though and that doesn't help matters much.

Patty stays focused on the two big cats. "You're alright. You're okay. On my mark run kids." Her voice is soft, gentle, and very even toned. Is she scared? Oh God yes. Is she showing her fear? No she is not. She is hiding it very well. "The exit is about 100 years in that direction." She points toward the nearest exit. Her eyes stay locked on the two snow leopards. They were among her favorite animals but then again, she never thought she would be toe to toe with them when they were in a bad mood. "Go. Now." She states to the kids.

One of the big cats takes off towards the kids. Patty makes a move and punches it in the nose, trying to get the attention off of kids. The other leopard makes a move and swats at her. She darts back, narrowly avoiding getting cut up by some razor sharp claws.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
"Of course..." she says with a bit of a frown as she's led by the zookeeper towards the computers. Seeing a few security guards, she just speaks up like she owns the place. "Let me sit." Felicity says, as she takes the spot in front of a few monitors that are keeping track of various cages.

Typity, typity, type! Her fingers dance over the keyboard and her eyes widen, "I know this! I can do this!" Yes, she just quoted that little girl from Jurassic Park, as she looks over their UNIX systems. With a bash here and a ssh there, she purses her lips.

"There's a virus in the system. It'll take some time for me to get rid of it though." she says as she offers a thumbs up. "Just call me... IT SUPPORT."

T'Challa has posed:
Dodging elephants is easy but uh... that's a hippo. Not exactly something you want to mess with. In fact, one could turn to the esteemed Wu-Tang Clan and their appearance on Animal Planet to find out this.

Wu-Tang Clan on Animal Planet: "HIPPOS AIN'T NOTHIN' TO EFF WITH!"

Black Panther spots the hippo on the path ahead and realizes that there's a lot of potential deaths on the horizon. He looks over at Clea. "I do not care for paperwork." is his response to her before he offers a nod with that. "If you'll excuse me for one moment."

Black Panther takes off in the direction of the hippo and launches himself into the air. While airborne, he flings a pair of discs at the ground on either side of said hippo. The moment they impact they emit a high frequency sound up towards the hippo to see if it can't be held in place by the annoying sound since Black Panther's descent is aimed straight for it. Boots First.

Ah yes, Black Panther's going to try and knock out a hippo. What kind of Heart Shaped Herb BS is this madness?!

Steve Rogers has posed:
The two hyenas turn towards Casey Jones as he draws their attention banging the bat on the ground. They move to circle around him, one to either side. Closing in on him slowly, their body language aggressive as they bracket him to either side, preparing to attack!

Clea's magic causes the elephant to blink a few times. It blinks and sways a little. Then blinks again. It stops moving in such an agitated way, walking over instead to a bush along the path and starting to eat it, while people slip past as quietly and carefully as they can.

As Allen-James joins April and her fearless cameraman, the area around them grows a little more quiet. Quiet except for the yells of Vern as the monkey are perched on him and April is whacking him with a branch like she worked in a Russian spa.

The reason for the sudden dearth of other zoo goers in the area becomes clear as the unmistakable sound of a lion's roar is heard. There is he is, down the paved path. A big male, with four females around him. Head lifted, sniffing in the trio's direction!

Some of the animals whose pens were opened chose not to leave. The giraffes are still placidly eating leaves from trees. But meanwhile, the monkeys might have already scampered out and about the zoo. But the gorillas in their pen had not. Until, finally, one very big, muscular silverback gets curious, and slowly walks on his feet and knuckles out of the pen and stops on the pavement. He looks about at the scurrying people and then starts forward towards a girl who got separate from her family. She's crying, and seeing the approaching massive gorilla she cries louder.

The large ape walks over to her, and picks the crying 4 year old up. HOlding her in his arms protectively and rocking her back and forth.

Emma Frost has posed:
The sheer number of metahumans here are making the situation almost as chaotic as if the animals were being left over on their own to rampage about unchallenged. Emma Frost simply turns herself over to diamond, settling over against the wall as her fingers would go up and over to stroke along the side of a large black and grey jaguar that was hissing. "Don't worry, all the chaos will be over soon then you can go back to sleep. And what will I call you while we waste time together?"

Clea has posed:
"I remember that you don't." Clea grins at T'Challa at his statement on paperwork. She then nods to him when he excuses himself to go face off with the hippo. It wasn't in the water...but they were still nothing to trifle with. She then looks back to the elephant and waves people past with her free hand to safety. Once she has got the one elephant pascified she starts with the next, trying to get the bigger animals slowly back towards their enclosures. "Come on before they Harambe everyone." she whispers to the elephants.

Julio Richter has posed:
A small portion of the crowd notices one of the Silverbacks taking a human child into its arms, the begin screaming and pointing in horror. One of them knocks over a trashcan, garbage flows onto the pavement and gets spread around by fleeing registered voters.

From above, the pigeons perk up, side-eying the strewn detritus. 'Patience, lads, patience." ones wizened look would seem to say.

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones mutters to himself, "I immediately regret this decision."

He holds one hand up, raising his voice a little more. Why? Do they understand him? Unlikely and not only because he may be colorful in the way he expresses himself. "Look, brothers and sisters, we got one little problem here and that's this - I may have no problem unleashing the ultraviolence on a dim-witted punk or a mugger or serial killer or whatever, but I don't wanna hurt no animals, not even nasty little scuzzballs like you. Which means I only got one option," he says.

He drops the bat and puts on a great big catcher's mitt, "Who wants to tell me if this glove smells like ether?"

Patty Sloan has posed:
Once the kids are cleared and out of danger, Patty is free to focus completely on the two leopards. The two big cats come running at her. She starts running herself, trying to get away from them. Then an idea crosses her mind. A way to get away from the big cats for now. Its not a permanent solution but it is one that will get her out of immediate danger. She quickly takes off her jacket and tosses it aside. Her shiny, Gossamer wings catch the light just right to glisten. They start fluttering and up Patty goes into the air.

The two snow leopards growl and go after the leather jacket. "Oh come on not my jacket!" She complains. One of the leopards whips its head towards Patty and hisses at her. "Okay okay! Eat the jacket!" She shakes her head and begins looking for something. Anything. Just Anything that might be of some use to her in her predicament. The only thing she finds is her keys. On her keychain there are a number of small trinkets. Among them is a Laser pointer that she used to entertain her moms' cat. Would that work here? One way to tell. She points the laser pointer at the ground in front of the leopards and pushes the button.

Immediately, the leopards let out a roar and start going after the magic red dot on the ground. They both swat at it trying to get it. "Thats right you two... get the laser."

April O'Neil has posed:
"They look pretty pissed off already!" April shouts back to the man that rushes up to help she and Vernon. When the sandwich is used like a monkey luring grenade, it seems to pay off in part, getting half of the climbing clawing and crazy creatures off of the tall cameraman. They dash after the sandwich, but soon the rest of them flee from Vern's arms, leaving him to recover, and leaving April to just stand there clutching her tree branch. "Thanks." Vernon tells Alan.

"Thanks." April also tells Alan, glancing the man over before she hears Vernon speak up again.

"Oh shit..." Vernon states, his posture rigid as he stares down the pathway ahead of them. "April," he states softly, trying to stay calm. "run for the exit... I got this."

Seeing the Lions, April clutches her branch more carefully and with greater determination. She glances to Vernon, and furrows her dark brows at him. "You got this? They'll tear you apart!" She protests.

"Yeah, well... better me than you.. I think. Look, just go before I completely change my mind!"

"I'm not going anyw---" April stops when a Lion lets out a ground shaking roar upon its approach. "Okay, I'm going!" She revises her plan, dropping her branch and turning to hoof it toward the distant exit, her camera bag bouncing against her right hip!

"Me too! Run, run!" Vernon shouts, chasing after the smaller reporter, his own camera gear flopping around his sides, weighing him down to a degree that causes him to start pulling straps over his head to ditch them in the shrubs alongside the pathway toward the park exit.

Frigga has posed:
Once the man is out of danger, and the benches are dragged by unseen forces to make a little something of a barrier, Frigga is moving towards the other source of magic, Clea, and the departing T'Challa. She pauses and stares for a moment at the retreating form as he goes to tend more troubles, her brows creased. Familiar, perhaps? One of her sons' friends?


Frigga appears beside the other spellcaster, her own shield at the ready. "Shall we herd them instead with nudges? You can provide the wall and I will provide the impetus?"

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Yeah, she's, uh, with IT," Jamie offers in way of backup to Felicity's assertion that she is, in fact, with IT SUPPORT. "Fix it as fast as you can. If we can get the animals bac into their pens we're going to need to be able to seal them!"

The urgency hasn't dissipated though and Jamie's sure he's probably getting fired for letting a random person have access to central control, but the ends sometimes justify the means.

Jamie the Zookeeper doesn't delay in slipping away with his tranq rifle in hand. Sure, he messed up and put Jeremy to sleep, but there isn't a rampaging grizzly bear currently among the crowds. You're welcome, New York.

It's back to the paths that Jamie hustles, walking with his tranq ready but intent upon not making the same mistake he made with Jeremy the Accountant.

The presence of a laser pointer and the sudden diversion of a pair of snow leopards results in a triumphant cheer erupting from Jamie as he rounds a corner. He pauses so that he may lift his rifle to his shoulder. The tip of his tongue sticks out from the right corner of his lips and he takes aim, ready to delivery some of the best sleep the snow leopards have every had. As soon as the path's clear and there isn't another Jeremy incident at risk.

T'Challa has posed:
The Dora Milaje continue to work on making sure innocents do not get hurt. While a couple of them have to deal with some of these wild monkeys. There are some vibranium laced electric shocks that are happening as well because the Dora Milaje don't mind tasering some wild monkeys. Whatever gets them to calm down.

T'Challa's disks may have the hippo held in place from the sound but it also seems to be angrier? The sound that only those with incredible senses can hear is probably very annoying and is not doing anything to soothe the savage beast. Also the incoming Black Panther attack doesn't actually seem to be in the cards for calming it down either.

Which is why those boots skid off the top of the hippo's head, allowing him to slide onto his back. Black Panther flips over and clings to the beast's head, holding his gloved claws near the hippo's nostrils and he just straight up gasses the damn thing. And he's not going to let go until the hippo goes to sleep.

Allen-James has posed:
    "Well. Bugger me sideways." AJ spots the lion when the Roar makes him, and all the monkeys, freeze. The monkeys doubtless have the good sense to fuck off in the face of a predator, while Allen James glances towards April. "Do me a favor. Don't, you know.. hit that with the branch." he says softly, as he moves to position himself forward of the others. "OK, I know they keep you fed. So you're probably not hungry, right big guy? Just pissed off that everyone's running around and shouting.." he extends a hand, glowing with energy towards the lion, and takes another step forward.

    "I have never in my life wished more that I had a stun blast or something." He admits, swiping a hand in midair as the lion swipes at him, painting a small wall of force in front of its claws. While he doesn't have a stun blast, he does have reflective shields, and the shield bounces the lion's swipe back hard as he shouts, "Go on, get out of here, I'll keep it busy." he says, thankful that April and Verne got on the 'escape' page, as he begins dancing with the lion's attacks, slapping shields into place between himself and the lion, and dancing backwards. A casual swipe from the big cat can't break his shield, but a full body power one probably could, so he is careful to place and move, lest he get caught in the stunning blast of one of his shields exploding.

    Then he sees Patty in the air. "Hey! Pa... Uh.. Wing Girl? Could use an Evac! If I jump, can you push me up?" he calls out to her, as he backpedals away from Angry Lion that he has no way to knock out.

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
After dealing with the monkeys, Voodoo discovers the humans have fled. Two less people to worry about! She flies towards the sound of the roaring lion but pauses when she spots the gorilla protecting the girl. Voodoo (Priscilla in alien form) lands and approaches quietly and carefully. She uses her gifts to convince the gorilla she is a female of the same species and the child belongs to her. She gently takes the girls from him and leads him back to his enclosure, holding his hand. Once he's inside and asleep (her go to move in this situation apparently) she drops the child off outside where first responders are gthering. Now she should try to find that lion.. "Oh no." She drops down, a winged scaly green monster wrapping itself around the lion, using her tail to good affect as she tries to calm the enraged beast with her psionic powers. Something is allowing it to resist her.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Clea's magic is doing a wonderful job on the largest animals, that could indeed cause a tragedy just by moving about the people. The first few elephants she's pacified are moving back towards the familiar space of their pen. The herd mentality of the other elephants cause them to turn and begin following that way as well.

The hyenas keep moving in on Casey as he switches from a hitter to a catcher. One of them growls, but it is just to take his attention if possible, as it is the other one that darts in to try to snap at his leg!

Priscilla manages to get the child away from the silverback. A man is on the edge of the crowd, wringing his hands. "Becca," he calls quietly, trying to not agitate the silverback. "That's my daughter," he calls to Priscilla.

Meanwhile, April and Vern are beating a hasty retreat from the lions, while Allen-James comes to their aid. The lion appears a mix of confused and angry as he swats and his paw is stopped in the air. He noses at it and tries to bite the forefield, but not really something he can sink his teeth into so he isn't able to bring his bite force into play.

A few of the zookeepers emerge behind Allen-James, having gotten tranquilizer guns. They move around the hero and shoot a dart into the male lion and then the females of the pride. They each give a start and then start to trot back up the path away. Moving a little slower with each step.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma's just settled in over and continues to stroke over at the passive Jaguar while she was in diamond form. "I suppose I'll call you Ravage. That would go well at board meetings. Perhpas have some bones put out around and then note that they're the remainder of the last board member that wasted my time. Classier than having a lion do it and that lunatic with the hyenas has made it all trite."

Clea has posed:
Clea is an Avenger, but not a popular one and Thor has prettier hair. She gives a look over to the woman that joins her and there is a nod to her, "I can help do that." she states. "I think the elephants will go quietly." she states to Frigga. There is a violet gaze cast over to see what T'Challa is doing and she wasn't sure if he was going to be on the hippo when it fell over or not!

Hopefully not!

Patty Sloan has posed:
"I've never carried anyone before!" Patty exclaims before diving down and taking AJ by the arms. The wind changes directions again, this time its like its coming up from the ground with a lot of force. Its enough to lift her and Allen-James up. "Okay lets get you to safety." She is moving much slower than she was when flying alone. Her muscles burn and ache as she keeps going. A few moments later They are over the walls of the zoo and a little bit away from the gathering crowd.

She sets AJ down and she lands. "I need to get back in there. Those two Snow Leopards are a bit testy and I can get them back to their enclosure. Turns out they are just big kitties and like the laser pointer!" She giggles and flutters her wings again. She lifts up and goes back to try to get the Snow Leopards into their enclosure.

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
Voodoo manages to subdue the lion with sheer physical force. It should live but will have a helluva headache. She'll fly over and pick up the guy who was worried for his daughter, carry him to the first responders too. She probably should have looked for the girl's parents but her thought was to get the kid to safety and the gorilla too before there was any misunderstandings. He honestly was trying to help! "There. She's here. You're both safe now." Voodoo says. When she gets back inside the zoo, Voodoo is relieved that some of the keepers are taking charge. She does growl and catch a dart aimed at her by a paniced keeper. This does nothing good for her self esteem! She flies past them and lands with a heavy sigh, scuffing the ground angrily before dropping the dart and stomping it into oblivion. "I hate my life!" And then a leopard is leaping straight for her and Voodoo catches the animal, barely getting a scaled arm up in time to protect her throat. She's thrown onto her back, the animal atop her before she manages to send a wave of calm into it. Lying on the ground with a sleeping giant cat smothering her she sighs again. "Yep. Hate. My. Life." A green tail waves to puncuate each word.

Julio Richter has posed:
In one of the enclosures a Sea Lion raises his nose triumphantly toward the sky, holding still as the world churns around him.

April O'Neil has posed:
With the Sandwich Hero providing cover to block the Lions from pursuing the news team duo, April and Vernon manage to gain a decent amount of ground before they both pause not far from the main gate. Both winded, they stop near to a information kiosk, both of them taking a moment to check on the other's well-being.

"Where is Casey?" April asks Vernon, who looks back at her in surprise.

"That hockey weirdo ex of yours?" He asks her. "He's here? I didn't think he'd visit a zoo unless there was a free beer day." Needless to say, Vernon was never to in to Casey Jones, for whatever reasons why might dream up.

April ignores it though, as she searches the horizon for the hockey masked man. "We gotta go look for him." She states, still breathing at a rapid pace.

"That guy is fine, wherever he is. He's a walking fist, April." Vernon protests back at his counterpart. "Come on, we gotta go check on the kid. make sure she got out okay."

April seems torn by this, but she turns to move with Vernon anyway, only to pause when a rumbling ripple of water is seen in a puddle beside the info kiosk. "Vern..." April warns, clutching his elbow with one hand.

A second later, and a entire wall of bamboo is burst through by a charging rhino that storms toward the duo a good thirty yards away! Both of the news team duo look shocked for approximately 3.7 seconds, before they attempt to dash around the information kiosk to find shelter from the rampaging Rhinoceros!

Frigga has posed:
"Perfect," Frigga responds, "We can start and finish here, and then go to the ne-"

The All Mother follows Clea's gaze towards T'Challa, and brows rise in silent query, 'Do we aid him?'. The woman seems to know the leather clad hero, so..

In the meantime, the corraling and guiding continues to the point where it will be at the very least feasible to lock up the elephants once more. "I have a fondness for cats. Shall we help them if he does not require our help?"

Jamie Madrox has posed:
At some point Jamie becomes lost in the rush of the crowd. He can be heard calling out, offering shouted guidance and directions. On occasion the tranquilizer rifle puffs out sleepy-time concoctions for those animals whose path he crosses. He'll turn up again at some point, surely!

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones got the first one. He had to wrestle it and it bit him pretty good on the forearm, got a real chomp that even his hockey gloves couldn't entirely absorb. Definitely gonna need some bactine back at the garage.

No time for that, though. He got the glove on and put the hyene night-night, all snoozy and restful until he could be properly rounded up.

It's the other one that's chasing Casey when he runs past April again, "Don't worry, April, I got this guy focused on me, I just need to get him in the parking lot, I've got a dog pen in the back of my pick up OW CRAP HE BIT MY ASS GOD DAMMIT..."

It's all kind of stream of consciousness as he runs just ahead of the big Hyena really.

Allen-James has posed:
    "Oh, thank the shiny gods of explosive forcefields. Thanks, Wings!" AJ is so so relieved when the zookeepers show up to contain the lions. All the same, he hops into the air, letting her pull her away. "Well, I mostly wanted to get away from Big Cuddles the Lion down there." he says with a chuckle, as they land, and he nods, "I should get back in there as well... Good luck, and stay safe." he says, moving towards the main entrance again.
    Of course, this puts him.. rather near the exploding info kiosk, just as the Rhino bursts through it.

    "We gotta stop meeting this way. Why are you two always near the big ones?" he asks, as he waves his hands, creating larger shields, no less strong than the small ones, which he leaves hanging in midair at about hip height.. knee height for an assault unicorn, and he tries to get its attention, "This is a terrible idea! Hey, Beautiful! I heard that you love to give rides to virgins?" He shouts at the Rhino, trying to get it to run at the two forcefields as he dashes to the side, trying to avoid its charge.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The zoo visitors have largely cleared the area by now, though the situation in the parking lot is a mess as everyone is trying to get out of there at the same time. They clog up the streets around Central Park with the sudden infusion of cars. Meanwhile the sounds of sirens are all over, some near as first responders rush to the zoo. Others heading for the Holland Tunnel, the sirens softer with distance.

The zookeepers are locking the pens again where the animals have been returned, and in some cases are standing watch over tranquilized animals. A few people have bumps and bruises, or even a broken bone where they had an encounter with an animal. Or more often, with other panicked humans who were fleeing and ran them over. Paramedics are starting to arrive and some of the zoo staff are grabbing first aid kits. Even Casey's hot dog vendor is helping out.

Meanwhile there's still a rhino on the loose, and a hyena chasing Casey. The rhino blows through the info kiosk. And then ahead of it, sees... a clown. Thankfully not a real clown. It's just a statue of a clown where the zoo often has someone blowing up balloon animals to sell to the kids. Any suck clown employee is gone though.

But the rhino doesn't seem to know or care that. It stamps a front paw as it squares off with the inanimate clown. And then it charges forwards, blowing through the plastic statue, impaling it on his horn. The rhino thrashes it about. Which gives more zookeepers time to arrive. Tranq guns fire and soon the rhino is stuck with a few darts. It takes another few minutes to actually go down and sleep, but it gets drowsy enough it's no longer a threat to April and Vern.

Julio Richter has posed:
The time is finally nigh! The pigeons descend on the strewn garbage like dervishes raiding the iron age desert camps, they rip and tear, peck and gouge. Its an absolute massacre.

Clea has posed:
"I'm not sure if T'Challa needs help, but could see if that hippo is going to fall on him." Clea gives an amused look to that. "And sure, we can help the cats. I am just not wanting any of the animals harmed over whatever is going on. They didn't let themselves out I'm quite sure of that." she admits.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty catches sight of the two snow leopards. They have determined that chewing up the black leather jacket on the ground was the best idea since the red dot went away. "Dammit. Now I'm going to need to get a new jacket." She frowns. Quickly she uses the pen laser pointer and takes aim at the ground by the snow leopards.

The two Snow Leopards are back on the hunt, racing after the red dot. This time Patty is moving her way towards their enclosure. She quickly guides them into it by way of the door. Once they are in the door closes and Patty lands, breathing heavily. "Ugh That's the most flying I've ever done." She frowns and winces. "I hope you two are happy with that." She walks back and grabs her mauled coat. "What am I going to do?"

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
Voodoo carries the large cat to where it belongs and then hides long enough to shift back to her human form. She wanders through the zoo looking for further dangers, giving the flock of pigeons a wide berth. "This is a freakin' mess." She wonders if the zoo's insurance covers acts of HYDRA. Maybe they can blame it on ecoterrorists or something? Do they have insurance for that? She shrugs. Oh! Is that Thor's Mother?! Priscilla shyly ducks behind a food cart and watches. "At least the danger seems over.." She talks to herself softly.

Allen-James has posed:
    Allen-James dashes to the side, as the rhino ignores him, and his shields, and just wrecks a clown. Probably for the best, really. The tranq guns they break out for that one are more tranq cannons, and AJ is thrilled to have, for the second time, not gotten destroyed due to the timely intervention of the zoo keeper squad.

    "Well, that ended better than I expected." he mutters, watching the assault unicorn stumble around, and grow steadily more drowsy. He moves back away from the zoo entrance, and heads to retrieve his violin, and wanders away from the scene of the crime, pulling his hood off, and running his hand through his somewhat greasy hair, considering slowly. Should he stay and chat? Vanish like he sees some others doing? For now he sits there, watching the rhino get drunker and drunker on its tranq dose, and the zookeepers try to guide it into only destroying easily replaced things while it stumbles around.

April O'Neil has posed:
April and Vernon are left crouched behind one corner of the ruined kiosk, when Alan rejoins them to provide cover support with his shields. Both of the news team duo stare at the man with a measure of disbelief as neither one of them has any measure of 'fancy powers' to protect themselves, and even though they live in a world where fantastical things happen seemingly in plentiful supply, it is still a sight to behold such displays of raw power right in front of you.

"We have a knack for finding trouble." April states back to Alan, before she sees Casey rush past. "Casey!" She shouts, but he's already gone in a blur of motion and a wafting trail of Drakkar Noir. Admittedly, living with Harley Quinn as a roommate has made April rather used to Hyenas being around, but not ones quite as feral as the one on Casey's tail.

"Come on, Vernon." April says, tugging his sleeve. "We gotta go after them."

"Why?" Vernon asks, his voice laced with a deep grumbling discontent. "I think the guy belongs here, personally."

The two rush off, with April shouting another sincere 'thank you, again!' toward Alan.

Frigga has posed:
"T'Challa?" Frigga's heard the name before, certainly, and she nods. "I think even if we're not needed, the 'just in case' should be enough to explain our presence."

The great cats are just ahead, and apparently none need their aid, now that the animals are quieted and settled back into their enclosures. Once completed, Frigga is there with Clea once more, her manner and mien kind and genuine. "Now, I would love to speak with you. Shall we have some tea?"

Casey Jones has posed:
Casey Jones manages to get the last hyena into a kennel he had spare in the back of his pick-up, although it did cost him the leftover burrito he had stashed in the glove compartment. "Is guacamole bad for hyenas? I don't wanna make 'em sick," he says to the nearest Zookeeper he can find, dragging the cage full of hyena behind him, "I thought I could carry him but the, uh, handle snapped off so i gotta just pull him by this chain, but I think he's starting to like me...what's the adoption policy here?" asks the weirdo in the hockey mask.

Clea has posed:
"Yes, or umm, Black Panther when he's got his cowl on." Clea whispers. "Oh I hope I didn't mess that up." she frowns all of the sudden. But she hurries with Frigga over towards the man and the hippo. Or well...she floats in a hurry? She doesn't really touch the ground most times. "Your Majesty, can we be of assistance? I can catch the hippo for you." she offers. Then there is a look to Frigga, "Am I in trouble?" she asks. "Tea would be lovely." she adds.

T'Challa has posed:
The hippo has been taken care of and now Black Panther is back on his feet and dusting himself off. It takes him a moment to see that things are taken care of he allows the suit to dematerialize as he makes his way back over to others. "If you have a spell to put this back in its habitat that would be great. I do not wish to carry it." T'Challa has to make sure it is known that he /could/ if he needed to. But doesn't want to.

One after another the Dora Milaje fall in line behind him. After that, there will be no more distance between them and their king.

Frigga has posed:
Frigga chuckles softly and whispers, "We all have secrets. It is not mine to tell, so it is safe with me." After all, the All Mother doesn't exactly advertise her identity. "It's okay," she repeats gently. "Let's see.."

T'Challa chimes in with the manner and method of aid that would be perfect, and in tandem, her own magic relying upon Clea's input, Frigga begins that already practiced 'gentle nudge', giving T'Challa some breathing room between himself and the beast. "Once this is done, I would like to see it all when it is not chaos."


Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty lets her wings rest. She walks over to her jacket and looks it over. The thing is ragged, Its got holes all through out it and it looks ripped to shreds. She sighs and just ties it around her waist. Lifting her wings, she makes sure they aren't caught in it. Quietly she looks around at the various heroes and zookeepers who helped save the day. Was she actually one of them? Certainly now. Heck all she did was get the school kids out and put the snow leopards away.

Now Patty starts walking towards the exit. Traffic is going to be hell but she isn't going to get out unless she tries. What is she going to do? She shrugs and just decides to wait for a bit.

Allen-James has posed:
    AJ relaxes, lounging and watching the cleanup and the police moving in. He takes out his violin, and begins to play again, a slow, not quite mournful tune with plenty of mood for the scene as he watches Black Panther wrestle a Hippo down. Now that's entertainment, folks.

    He hums to himself, as he plays, fingers dancing on the neck, and he shoots a wry grin as Patty emerges. "Hey Wings. Looks like you sacrificed your coat. You gotta learn to carry some food, you know, in case you need to distract a group of monkeys, or a lion or two." Allen-James says with a smirk.

Priscilla Kitaen has posed:
Priscilla watches Frigga and her companion leave before making her own way out of the zoo. She'll call her driver and get a ride home. What a day! On top of a freakin' day. The zoo was never on her list of places to relax but after this it won't ever be added. God but she wishes drinking still affected her.. maybe she'll practice trying to slow her healing before she falls asleep again. Maybe she'll just sleep! Tomorrow has to be better, right?

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty walks up to AJ and snickers. "It was less of a sacrifice and more like some hungry snow leopards thought it was a snack. I dropped it when I needed to access my wings." She laughs. "I have to admit I have never used my wings as much as I did today. My back muscles are still burning from it."

She sits down by AJ and watches the tail end of the events that transpired. "Of all the things I expected to do today though, this was definitely not at the top of the list. Also, You are like me aren't you. A Mutant?" She asks curiously. "Not trying to call out or out you as one. I am just curious." She smiles to him and stretches her wings out. "I am getting used to everything still. Not quite used to thrilling heroics yet. I barely think I am any sort of hero. I just did what anyone else would have done in my position."

Allen-James has posed:
     AJ chuckles, and mmmmms, "Well... If I said I was possessed by the shiny god of explosive forcefields, and when he left my body, the smallest portion of his power remained within me, allowing me to harness some fraction of his might, and I decided to use my powers to protect random news crews because with great power blah blah blah... would you believe me?" he asks with a wry smirk.

    "Yeah. Guilty. I went full shiny forcefield in the middle of a car wreck, and pretty much ruined my life. How bout you? Does your college have an extra curricular flight program, or are you.. yanno.. in the closet there or something?" he asks bluntly, as he finishes up his song, and tucks his violin under his arm.

Patty Sloan has posed:
"I was working at a thrift store and a guy came in with a gun. I threw my hands up and was panicking. The gunman got blasted by high winds. Got pinned to the floor by it. I didn't realize I was doing it til a little later. Over the next few days my wings grew in." She smiles and shrugs. "It was a real crazy thing. Guns still freak me out. I'm getting better around them though." Patty smirks and then lets out a chuckle. "Well last time we were together I almost flew into that exploded hotel."

Then at the question concerning her college she has to laugh. "My college is complicated. Its one that you would probably really want to check out if you want to go to school or college. The place is... Well lets just say its hard to imagine, especially for people like us."

Allen-James has posed:
    "I... uh.. really?" Allen-James seems startled that there's some place that might be accepting of 'their kind'. "You were wearing shirt for.. Xavier's something, last time?" he asks, "Is that.. I mean.. I probably couldn't afford.. anything really." he laughs bitterly. "Seriously, the only reason I decided to try heroing is because I suck as a thief, and I didn't like the thought of getting sent to jail."

    He leans in close, whispering softly, "I really don't want my parents to get word of where I am. They might try to Cure me or something, and I'm not going to go be a lab rat anywhere." he says firmly.

Patty Sloan has posed:
Patty smiles, "Tell you what. If you want to go to College, even if you can't afford it. Let me know." She writes down her cell number and gives it over to him. "The people at Xavier's are definitely a different sort." She smiles a little smile and stretches. "As I have have been taught and as you've already learned. Our lives are definitely not normal. We wind up with all sorts of craziness happening around us. Part of being a Mutant is apparently a weird crap-o-meter that just seems to go off whenever we go somewhere."

Allen-James has posed:
    Allen-James takes the note, and hmmmms, looking at it with a frown. He nods, as he tucks it away. "I'll... I'll think about it." he says softly, seeming visibly distracted and in thought. What would it be like to go to college? Maybe do real music again, rather than just busking on the street? He bites his lip,a nd stands up. "I'll.. like.. give you a call. I need to think about some things." he says softly, giving Patty a nod. "It was good to see you again Wings. Stay safe." he says with a wry smirk, as he tucks his violin away, and tucks the case under an arm to get out of there, now that the cops have things starting to get dispersed around the area, slipping out and down into a subway station.