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Clea (Scenesys ID: 924)
Name: Clea of the Dark Dimension
Superalias: Clea
Gender: Female
Species: Faltine
Occupation: Sorceress of the Dark Dimension
Citizenship: Dark Dimension
Residence: Mobile
Education: Kamar-Taj
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, Avengers
Apparent Age: 27 Actual Age: 1033
Date of Birth 19 October 989 Played By Tanya Djerq
Height: 5'8" Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @Clea (V)
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Clea's footprint in the mortal world is extremely limited. The forbidden child of the Mhuruuks (Homo Magi)'s crown prince and an exiled Faltine, she was raised under the repressive reign of the extradimensional tyrant, Dormammu, her uncle. Longing to free her people and end the atrocities around her, she found a common ally in the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Through many hardships, she found her inner strength and eventually escaped to Kamar-Taj. Her magical studies reinforced a deep and abiding appreciation for humanity. Now she strives to use her magical abilities for the good of Earth and the Dark Dimension both.


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986: Umar and Dormammu invade the Dark Dimension. Umar proceeds to seduce Orini.
989: Born to Orini, prince of the Mhuruuks, and Umar, an embodied Faltine. After their relationship sours, Umar abandons Clea. Orini raises her as Dormammu's 'favoured daughter.'
1000s: Clea endures an unhappy childhood as the Faltines repress the Mhuruuks in a brutal civil war.
1081: Orini tries to force Clea into a ritual to honour Dormammu, and her magic flares when she refuses. He imprisons her.
1155: Released for good behaviour. Clea learns to adopt the mask of the good royal daughter: silent, obedient, graceful, disciplined. Secretly she's still a rebel and practicing magic.
1479: First meeting with Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Periodic contact over time establishes trust and a contact outside the Dark Dimension. She learns what she is.
500 years of good behaviour while secretly practicing magic and the Mystic Arts.
1880: The Ancient One initiates contact with Clea and starts instructing her via astral projection and dreamcraft.
1983: On a visit to the Dark Dimension, the Ancient One is attacked by Dormammu. Clea assists in his escape.
1997: Umar overthrows Dormammu and begins the Dark Dimension civil war. Her rule is equally tyrannical and cruel. Disgusted, Clea joins the resistance and gains the trust of their members, beginning a period of guerrilla conflict.
2004: The Ancient One frees Clea from the Dark Dimension and takes her to Kamar-Taj to refine her magic.
2004-2016: Clea remains secluded in Kamar-Taj mastering her powers. Meets Stephen Strange and sparks fly.
2016: Mourning the Ancient One, Clea honours his gift of freedom by returning to the Dark Dimension to lead a rebellion against Umar.
2017: Clea defeats Umar with aid from her father, and her people. She banishes Orini. The Faltines acknowledge her existence for the first time and imprison Umar.
2019: Clea returns to Earth to stand alongside its mighty defenders and mystics. She joins the Avengers.
2020: Dormammu contests Clea's right to rule, and war rages in the Dark Dimension again.

IC Journal

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Terrible mystic might rests in Clea's hands, and she grew up watching its unchecked practice devastate innocent people. Object lessons in abuses of power surrounded her every waking moment, and she long ago decided not to follow the horrible examples set by her family. She learned to check her use of the Mystic Arts, directing them to wholesome, productive purposes rather than personally satisfying ones. Her lodestone in this sense was the Ancient One, whose many lessons laying out the ethical and disciplined uses of personal might -- magical or not -- resonate through her actions today. She doesn't just fling a spell because. Every action has its consequence, and this is especially true for a magical being like her.

Fall far enough, you eventually come out the other side. Clea endured great trials where she struggled just to make it through another day. When a human sorcerer brought her a spark of positivity, she started to seek more than just survival. The Ancient One showed her dignity and compassion as a force standing against all she despised, and he gifted her with hope. The flames caught and they have never stopped burning. She believes, truly with all her heart, that the world can be a better place. Evil will not always win. There will be a silver lining if you look for it. She is driven to make this so for everyone who ever stood in her shoes.

For a long time, Clea relied on hiding her inner thoughts and ambitions to keep herself safe from Dormammu and his minions. They had to believe she was harmless. They had to see a pliable, obedient subject and not an independent mind disturbed and ultimately contemptuous of Dormammu's goals. Clea tends to protect her inner thoughts and emotions much more than she should. She doesn't always share what she thinks with strangers, or until her back is against the wall. Her determination runs incredibly deep, though she doesn't always show it as a matter of force. That may cause others to find it harder to trust her or crack her exterior, or they dismiss her as a vivacious lightweight and someone harder to take seriously. Her time at Kamar-Taj and working with the Dark Dimension rebels has opened up her horizons quite a bit, but it's still a problematic default she has to avoid going back to.

Given her monstrously cruel upbringing, Clea cares very much about people. She empathizes with their struggles to attain prosperity and realize their potential. When someone hurts, she seeks to soothe and encourage them. When someone suffers, she wants to empower them to overcome the situation. As she can find it difficult to build common ground and trust, she deeply values the friends she makes. They are fewer and further between than she might like, therefore precious not only for touchstones of normalcy but also their own sake. Friends are what give life purpose and meaning. She is the type of person to stand beside those she cares about, going the extra mile to help or defend their interests. Clea's protective streak rarely manifests as a smothering tactic, but rather her willingness to put herself in danger on their behalf.

Clea wants to know why. She does not take anything at face value when she can probe to understand a deeper meaning or purpose. This benefits her in building rational understanding and a logical approach through investigation. Though willing to follow the rules, she must test them against her inner standards and resists that which doesn't meet her expectations. She simply enjoys being able to analyze and figure out the truth. In situations where her choices are curtailed entirely, she gets very insecure and very unhappy.

Clea was born of seduction and hate. Her mother rejected her throughout her life and her father tried to turn her into Dormammu's most devoted little disciple. She yearns for meaningful emotional experiences, and she is much more in touch with her emotions than the average person. With such sensitivity, she experiences life with great intensity. Her romantic spirit is rooted heavily in the pursuit of originality and free expression of her emotions. Like the romantic thinkers of the 19th century, she is happiest when she can tap into her own inspiration by allowing imagination and emotions to blend together into a boundless, unfettered wellspring.

Foes and even some allies constantly underestimate Clea's tenacity. They forget the spirited young woman with a gentle smile lived for centuries directly under Dormammu's pitiless eye and pretended to go along to get along. Easy to overlook how she struggled in the dark with a mixed heritage and terrible legacy, forging a new, different path from the ones her parents walked. They forget every breath she drew was a threat to Dormammu, an insult to her mother, and she learned to hide in plain sight. Clea harbours dreams and daring same as everyone else, and she had to wait a very long time before it was safe to take a stand in defense of what she thought was good and right. But she has courage and determination in spades, the mental fortitude to pit herself against her own kin to do the right thing. When the going gets awfully tough, she finds the strength to put one foot forward on the path and keep going. This resilient spirit expresses itself strongest in defense of civilians or situations where a tyrant threatens vulnerable people. The Sorcerer Supreme has taught her a great deal about standing up for herself when the world wants to keep her down.

Character Sheet


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Astral Projection:
Clea's Faltine heritage and her natural connection to the magic-saturated Dark Dimension seem to give her particular ease in projecting her astral form from her body. She can travel at the speed of thought through the world, astral planes or alternate dimensions. Communicating with others telepathically is possible while astrally projected. Interacting with the physical world is incredibly limited without use of spells, though she is visible and audible to psychics or mediums. Clea does not have restrictions on how long she can remain away from her body as its own energies sustain her.

Clea can petition a mystical entity, like the Vishanti, to bestow a very powerful ritual spell. Beseeching involves the entity channeling its power through a caster with the benefit of greater might than Clea might possess. However, each entity requires a special invocation and requirements before a spell takes effect. For example, the seraphim may demand their magic-resistant shield be used to protect a specific injured spellcaster rather than only Clea herself. An entity is free to deny her request or manifest magic according to its wishes. Beseeching in combat is possible (and frequently necessary), but repeated channeling greatly fatigues her. She risks unconsciousness or the spell failing to work at all. Contacting dark powers runs a serious risk of owing debts or favours, so Clea avoids these at all costs.

The only Faltine ever born embodied, Clea's abilities reflect her unusual lineage. She appears in her twenties, but her lifespan extends thousands of years unaging (or conceivable longer). Her physiology is considerably denser than a human, making her heavier but also substantially more difficult to injure with mundane weaponry, falls or bashing damage. Superior physically to humans, she is able to move faster than Olympian athletes, lift several tons unassisted, and heal damage at an accelerated rate. Like her mother, she is all but immune to environmental extremes like the vacuum of space or crushing pressures at the bottom of the sea. She is unaffected by disease, toxins, and poisons unless these specifically target the Faltine.

Clea generates a tremendous amount of her own inner pool of energy, which she can use in her magical spells. Unlike mortal sorcerers, she can opt not to tap external sources (like objects or leylines) for magic and she can weave her personal energy as substitutes for certain components. For downsides, see +wea Faltine.

Due to her Faltine heritage, Clea naturally hovers in place and flies faster than a vehicle with balletic ease. This ability comes innately to her and she can remain floating when unconscious. With her magic, she can greatly accelerate her natural speeds.

Clea's gift for sorcery lies in the blood. She /is/ magic. Her mystic potential ranks among in the top tier, reinforced by lessons from the Sorcerer Supreme atop centuries of rigorous self-study. Her style draws from multiple traditions and lies rooted in Mystic Arts classical sorcery, allowing her to shift between performing standardized spells or artifacts and reading from grimoires to weaving grand illusions, teleportations, or transmutations from the sheer depth of her imagination. She has a strong affinity for 'subtle' magic, particularly those that involve mental applications: mind reading; suggestions; mind blocks; healing, and nuanced transformations of her appearance or objects. Due to her particular sworn promises to protect and aid, her shielding is very strong. She is a master at certain elemental magic, particularly light and fire, as should be no surprise for a Faltine. Due to her ability to see magical auras and energy through concentrating, she finds it easier to manipulate these flows, weaving protective barriers and manipulating raw energy into beams, bolts, and shields. Her time at Kamar-Taj gave her great expertise in summoning and banishment, warding, and dealing with interdimensional disruptions. Clea has less experience using destructive magics and mind dominating spells, as these are antithetical to her beliefs. She can try, but they demand rigorous practice and concentration.

Nonetheless, she is very young and inexperienced by Faltine standards. Clea needs to explore her capabilities channeling the Flames of Faltine (when she has them) or her own inner energy for more expansive uses. While she can incorporate these mystic energies as raw blasts or shields to unravel inbound magic, she doesn't understand their full use.

Through training at Kamar-Taj and her mystical energy production, Clea may stabilize or enhance the spells of other casters using her own magic. Insinuating a steady supply of power might spell the difference between success or failure in a greater working. Blending her own arcane arts to a spell she perceives and understands, she might enhance its range or effects accordingly, or less concentration or magical energy is required by participating casters. Her most effective synchronicity occurs with mages using familiar techniques and traditions, so practitioners of the Mystic Arts get the most bang for their buck from her.

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Clea loves to relax by painting or sketching, turning just about any medium into a wonderland of doodles and sweeping colour. Drawing is her outlet for the grandiose visions in her head. She is an amateur and her work has a sublime, ethereal appeal. Only recently has she branched out into digital painting and portraiture, but she loves her happy little trees in any medium.

Living at Kamar-Taj introduced Clea to the fundamentals of martial arts. She can use her greater strength and durability as a Faltine to good effect in a fight, fending off opponents or finding opportunities to exploit. The Ancient One helped her develop a personal style blending elements of wushu, wing chun, iaijutsu, and jujutsu to fight armed or unarmed. The training included single and double-edged swords, whips, and unconventional weapons (notably force energy or magic bindings). She doesn't like to rely on fighting in melee, preferring magic instead. Still, he insisted she hold her own in a battle while under pressure rather than only use her magic. Combat is an unpleasant necessity sometimes, and she is competent in it, but she doesn't like it.

As Dark Dimension royalty, Clea received proper education to be a sophisticated ornament among terrifying beings. She learned to wear a perfectly welcoming mask while suppressing any disgust or horror she might feel. Her graceful bearing and elegant words are assets to any diplomatic endeavour, particularly in avoiding conflicts between highstrung, excitable beings ready to disassemble enemies at the subatomic level over tiny offenses. She has a knack for avoiding trouble in the first place, and smoothing over great differences without drawing attention to her efforts. Wearing the mask to play the role is very important, after all. Her formidable persuasive skills draw on her mother's example with all the humanity and kindness absent in the Dark Dimension.

Clea demonstrates a keen awareness of other's needs, emotions, and motivations. Her acute perception gives her a good grounding in reading a room or an individual. Attuned to their mood, she often gets a good bead on how someone feels by intuition and studied observation. This can help her discern when someone is afraid, lying to her, or she is being manipulated, or just whether someone is uneasy and the best way to comfort them.

As an entirely magical being steeped in mystical culture, Clea possesses an exemplary knowledge about magic, artifacts, and arcane entities. Firsthand experience with mystical beings and other dimensions came during her formative years, and she can readily distinguish nuances between elementals and spirits where others might not. She dedicated the last ten centuries to the Mystic Arts and developing her mystical powers, and years under the personal tutelage of the Sorcerers Supreme of Earth. Few traditions or techniques exist outside her ken, and she is an expert particularly on dimensional lore, spell development, and banishment and protection. Clea uses a variety of modified magical techniques in her studies and makes a point to expand her knowledge at any given opportunity. She walks paths others might not.

A skill she rarely chooses to employ these days, Clea nonetheless mastered concealing her feelings and emotions from others as a habit of survival. Blending deception, performance, and stealth, she has no trouble making a convincing show of being a hapless young woman or a perfectly biddable subject to an interdimensional horror. This expertise usually extends to acting unassuming or socially invisible, but possibly put to much wider use if she had the need or reason to do so. She refined her social masks with help from the Sorcerer Supreme to avoid Dormammu's notice when studying magic.

Clea spent many years among the Dark Dimension resistance to Umar and Dormammu, so she knows quite a bit about organizing and leading a group. She excels in finding resources and building a rapport with teammates. Her natural charm and warmth -- literally, given her Faltine heritage -- attract people, and she inspires them with a common purpose against considerable odds. Her expressiveness and down-to-earth wisdom keep people by her side. Favouring a motivational leadership style, she relies heavily on empathy and moral awareness to help others reach their potential. Clea is happiest working in groups.


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Clea is an ally and member of the Avengers. These connections give her friends in times of need, assets, and an entry in their database to call when danger threatens Earth. Their enemies are her enemies.

Graduates of Kamar-Taj hold a certain prestige in the magical community, and Clea holds respect among her peers as a disciple of the Sorcerer Supreme. This gives access to the latest gossip and assistance, with the expectation she will help out her fellow mages.

She has loyalty from the Mhuruuks of the Dark Dimension after she deposed Umar, and she can currently count on their support. Holding the regency means other entities acknowledge her rank, but she has to live up to the mantle -- a problem in its own right. Titles have some limited diplomatic use when she wants to make an entrance or impress non-human societies.

Dark Dimension:
The Dark Dimension is an extradimensional plane accessible from Earth, renowned among sorcerers from other realms as a place of intense magic and unpredictable natural laws. The native denizens, a magical people called the Mhuruuks, form the majority of the population, along with invading peoples, including the gargantuan Mindless Ones, intangible dread wraiths, and exiled demons. Clea was born the rightful heir to the Dark Dimension, and claimed the throne after a lengthy civil war.

Regency conveys the title of Sorcerer Supreme over the dimension and the Flames of Faltine, a mystical nimbus of energy. Currently Clea holds the regency, but her understanding over her title is still rather fresh over the past few years. She derives certain magical potency from her subjects' faith in her while in the Dark Dimension, boosting her internal power. Still, her spells have enhanced effect and she can manipulate her magical abilities to accomplish tremendous feats, including greater banishments and transmutation. She heals herself and others rapidly, performing great workings.

The Dark Dimension is currently in turmoil with Dormammu attempting to wrest control away from her. His agents threaten and oppose her loyal subjects. It is hardly peaceful or safe, and its burden is fully hers to bear.

Clea worships the Vishanti, in particular Oshtur as the expression of creativity, compassion, and mystery. She is their disciple as taught by the Ancient One and the current Sorcerer Supreme.

Sanctum Sanctorum:
Clea resides at the Sanctum Santorum when invited by the Sorcerer Supreme. She benefits from its protective wards, practice rooms, and other resources made available to guests. It's a dubious question whether the weird fare in the fridge counts as a benefit.


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Clea has experience in human affairs... it's just strange. She understands poverty in Tibet and political power struggles well. Day-to-day concerns, like trains breaking down on a daily commute or paying taxes, don't quite make sense to her any more than scrambling for survival in a psychotropic realm against an immortal mystic-horror with a flaming pumpkin head do to the average New Yorker. She cannot fall back on tacit societal norms that she does not have.

Clea seems cool as a cucumber on the surface. She has to. The energy she commands seethe with the desire to burn, fueled by passion and intention. If she let go, the Ancient One warned her of the devastating effect her anger or pain might have. The Faltines are living magical energy, and even in her organic state, she can occasionally let off energy like a star throwing plasma out from the core. Nobody wants her lighting up and the actual flames crowning her head to start inflicting damage, least of all Clea. She must remain in control. She cannot let her emotions get the best of her. She aims to stay composed and calm, but of course situations happen where she slips. When she slips, bad things might happen. And she's young enough still to dread it, even run from it.

Dark Dimension:
Clea calls the Dark Dimension home. Her mystic connection as its rightful ruler gives her homeground advantage when in the realm. Great mystical feats are easier to achieve there -- even more so when crowned by the Flames of Faltine (not always the case) -- but they aren't so easily or smoothly replicated on Earth. When away from home, she cannot tap the magical wellspring of the Dark Dimension's energy without substantial concentration to offset the great difficulty. Channeling this power in combat is extremely difficult with the Sorcerer Supreme or another powerful practitioner to center her. Finally, the Dark Dimension is currently in a state of civil unrest as Dormammu aims to usurp his power back. She has to defend her people and her throne, which isn't easy.

Dread Dormammu is her implacable foe. His machinations are a source of chronic trouble for her. As he enslaved her father's people and terrorizes mages everywhere, he embodies everything she despises. Exceptionally few people know Dormammu is her uncle, something she prefers to keep hidden, since /some/ people would happily exploit this fact. There's no love lost there anyway. Clea fights back against his influence wherever she can, supporting the mystics brave enough to challenge Dormammu and weaken his hold. They are locked in a power struggle centuries old. He hid away her heritage out of fear of the power she might wield. He forces innocents to suffer in his name. Though she claimed the throne, Clea's hold is far from secure because he wants the Dark Dimension back. It is a battle she cannot hope to win without powerful friends and allies. Dormammu intends to make her pay every step of the way. She cannot afford to lose.

Clea has made powerful and dangerous enemies by choosing to reject tyranny and name herself the rightful queen of the Dark Dimension. She drove her parents into exile: her father banished to a pocket realm, her mother imprisoned by the Faltines. These aren't inescapable prisons. Her father, the deposed crown prince of the Mhuruuks, slavishly serves Dormammu and wants her to worship him. Her Faltine mother, Umar, was driven mad by adopting an organic, corporeal form and despises Clea for depriving her of power and rulership. Her Faltine uncle, Dormammu, is a whole other level of bad. The Mindless Ones, innumerable slavering hordes trapped in the Dark Dimension, constantly threaten her and her people. Finally, Clea shares the enemies of her two primary affiliations -- the Avengers and Doctor Strange. She inherited a rogues gallery, like Doctor Doom or Shuma-Gorath. When they are roused to fight, she is honour-bound to answer. Their darkest foes can do her a great deal of harm directly or manipulate her friendships and relationships.

Faith Is Power:
Ruling the Dark Dimension offers great power, though one subject to a terrific limitation. The strength of a ruler's mantle waxes and wanes dependent on their subjects' faith in their leader. When the denizens stand behind Clea and believe in her, her mystic powers conferred as queen stand at their zenith. They would wane if her people revolted in a coup to support someone else. She has no ambiguity about where she stands with them, feeling it in her blood.

Clea's Faltine heritage leaves her susceptible to magic users.

Mystic Aura: Her mystical aura stands out as a giant blazing bonfire, shouting "I'm Faltine!" unless she veils it with magic. Strange creatures and mystics alike are drawn to her.

Magic Conduit: Clea is vulnerable to mystics draining her deep energy reserves. She generates as much as a full Faltine, with the drawback of being embodied. The right spells or abilities can tap her as an unwilling magical channel or battery. Draining her causes disruption to her own magic, fatigue, or outright pain. This experience is considered sacrilege among her people.

Outsider: While protected against powers and spells affecting humans, she is susceptible to summoning, warding, or banishing spells affecting extraplanar creatures. Items keyed to outsiders work similarly well.

Faltinian Pity: Faltines themselves are composed of pure energy. They look on Clea with pity as someone trapped in a body. They generally treat her like a child or a curiosity. She resents that. A lot.

Magical Reliance:
Clea has always had magic. It saturated her world; it sings through her body. Her comfort level puts her at a disadvantage in situations where she cannot cast or consequences of using spells could be harmful to her or others. The effect would be like depriving her of a sense, like sight, and she responds accordingly.

Mystic Limits:
Willpower fuels Clea's magic. Belief empowers change to creation itself. When she lacks self-confidence, her spells suffer. Injuries or fatigue take their toll on how well or accurately she can cast. Extreme conditions can restrict her ability to cast arduous rituals or complex magic, especially if rare components are required. While Clea can often substitute her own magical energy in spells, she cannot make up any deficits demanded by channeling or beseeching external entities.

Mystic Oaths:
As a student of Kamar-Taj, Clea swore an oath to follow certain magical decrees on Earth. She would use her spells for a common good, and she would create, heal, and protect with them. Though she knows a great deal about the black arts as a master of the Mystic Arts, she is reluctant to use such shows of power or force outside of absolute self-defense. The Ancient One knew the temptation was strong for her, and she has lived by those principles for a very long time.



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Clea has 81 finished logs.

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Some Cultured, Elevated Down-Time March 11th, 2022 Clea and Natasha meet each other and exchange unexpected gifts!
Drinking in Oblivion February 22nd, 2022 Clea and Elijah Snow cross paths in the Oblivion. Sparks ensue.
The Brownstone That Ate the Upper East Side March 27th, 2021 Clea, the Question, and Spider-Man converge on a very mobile home.
With But A Spark... October 8th, 2020 Part 1: A suspicious fire sets off an investigation between the Hellblazer and the fire-crowned sorceress of the Dark Dimension.
Doom on Doom July 14th, 2020 Doom visits Coffee of Doom and receives a gift.
Die H4rd July 6th, 2020 A Science Experiment Goes Wrong, but the Fire Extenguishers Work!
Latverian Dreams and Brainiac Things July 3rd, 2020 Doom and his inner circle discussed what to do regarding Brainiac, and the formation of the Legion.
Upon a Midnight Clear June 25th, 2020 Proposals made and accepted, and plans hatched to deal with the Brainiac threat to Doom's eventual rulership of the Earth.
A Latverian Interlude June 16th, 2020 Latverian holidays are good for even Doom.
La-La-(tveria)-Land June 11th, 2020 Doom and Clea head to Latveria, and lay out their official commitments. And commitment!
A Little More Creamer June 8th, 2020 A number of friends old and new happen by the same coffee house.
When the Sky Fell... May 31st, 2020 A brief interlude in battle. Clea replenishes her energy stores after teleporting the army from Zod. Doom prepares to enter the fray. Rare softness displays.
War of Worlds pt 3 May 31st, 2020 The Worlds finest have come together to push Mongul's horde OUT of Metropolis and destroyed the weapon they were trying to construct in the country-side. Mongul was captured, but he's plenty of forces who eagerly attempt to free him from Green Lanterns traps... Zod faces off against Superman, Clea, and Zora on a mountain peak.

War of Worlds continues in HAM #1993

War of Worlds Part 2 May 26th, 2020 The Battle of Metropolis is on in full. Heroes from all over the World assemble in the City of Tomorrow to hold back Mongul's forces while Superman engages Zod in the air above. While the heroes have created enough space to begin a pushback, the threat of Zod and Mongul still looms over the planet as they move to Phase two.
This continues in Heroes Assembled issue #1913
Staying In With Knives Out May 25th, 2020 It's an adorable movie night with a supervillain. Captain America plays a bad guy!
Watching Clint Work May 22nd, 2020 Avengers gather to watch Clint work on a quinjet. Thor gets pranked.
A Doomed View of Metropolis May 13th, 2020 Political viewpoints exchanged peacefully. The EU could learn a few things!
A Doomnstration for Richards May 12th, 2020 Doom meets Richards and delivers a warning. Clea delivers a greeting!
Fairy House Guest May 6th, 2020 Clea's guest, Glamour, shares her tales of.. not... quite heroics and pint sized frustrations.
A Sword and a Lady May 4th, 2020 Directions and help given, and a friendship made.
The Mask Makes The Man April 29th, 2020 After a brief foray with Mindless Ones, Clea and Victor discuss philosophy
10,000 Masks, One Witch April 23rd, 2020 No description
Freedom Fighters or Terrorists April 17th, 2020 Clea and Doom catch up on a decades' long association...
Reunions a Chez Strange April 7th, 2020 Zatanna meets her aunt. Does Clea know?
Radio K.A.O.S. April 2nd, 2020 No description
Yesterday, Tomorrow March 29th, 2020 Philosophical ramblings on the importance of being in life.
Hashtag: Selfie March 25th, 2020 Fear and terror abound in the Dungeon Nightclub at the Hellfire as Dr. Crane tests out his newest ingestible fear toxin. And the big hero of the night... is HARLEY QUINN?
And One More For Luck March 13th, 2020 Doctor Strange heaps more responsibility on himself, but doesn't get to do it alone.
Strange Dreams March 12th, 2020 Weird things are afoot at the Sanctum


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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow March 12th, 2020 The aftermath of reunions gives reason for pause.

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