2213/Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash

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Mutant Town: Sexy Charity Car-Wash
Date of Scene: 24 June 2020
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Wherein there is charity and fanservice.
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Emma Frost, Alex Summers, Rogue, Samuel Morgan, Kitty Pryde, Piotr Rasputin, Ted Kord, Julio Richter, Franklin Richards, Robert Marksman

Wade Wilson has posed:
There is a giant torn up area where mutant town was. It's pretty grim, really: the emergency vehicles, the huge VIGIL thing that's set up near it, for all the missing loved ones...

There's also a parking lot area connected to a car-wash that has exploded in balloons and flags and festivities to attract attention. It's a little awkward next to the vigil.

Okay, it's a lot awkward.

It's sort of like a dance party in the room adjacent to the coffin at a memorial service; even if it might be what the deceased wanted, there's a weird /vibe/. But the intent is supportive, and there's enough cars and a large set of taco trucks pulled up that sort of block immediate view of the depressing reality of the missing section of Brooklyn. There is a charity area for money, some queues for the cars, a dog-washing spot where a poodle is currently loose and giving a merry chase to some volunteers in bikinis.

The volunteers were not necessarily told what this would be. Not exactly. It is a charity relief effort to raise money for mutant town. But they might not have expected to show up to bikinis and being handed sponges and suntan lotion. It's a surprise! ...

It's also really /loud/:


A mix of heroes are around, most of them in swimsuits, for the required swimsuit issue that this might be (teehee). It does include one Deadpool near the center, with a hose, who is standing on top of a caddy's hood, heroic pose -- except for the hose held like a lightsaber. He's not in a bikini, but his normal suit. Just soaked with water and suds. He's mostly spraying down people that are in bikinis at this point, but not exclusively; there was some sponge-rubbing on the caddy's windshield not long ago too. The sponge is in a holster now.

Emma Frost has posed:
Assisting with the car wash is EMMA FROST, dressed in a very skimpy sparkling white bikini that barely passes comics code muster: a thong bottom with silver hoops on the hips, and the top is functionally just strings and strategically placed triangles. Technically, she'd still be in recovery from her recent kidnapping and torture at the hands of MISTER SINISTER...

...however the editors and certain 'old school' comic guys (*cough cough*Perlmutter*cough*) have demanded that the current crossover of DEADPOOL and THE UNCANNY X-MEN have a swimsuit issue, and because despite not actually being an X-Man in this world, Emma still is tied for the 'most likely to fill your spank bank' female X-Man character... she's here to provide ultimate fanservice.

And she is providing it currently, as this panel is her bent over while scrubbing the front hood of an expensive muscle car with an outrageously foamy sponge, somehow with both her posterior AND her currently gravity-defying chest visible in the shot in ways that only work in comic books drawn by artists who have no concept of anatomy nor physics.

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alongside Emma (but much less colorful) is Alex Summers, who has stripped down to flip flops and a light blue swimsuit, mostly because the issue requires equal parts of beefcake with the cheesecake. Thus, Alex's chiseled pecs are lightly glistening in the sun from spray from the hose he's using to help Emma with her car, a little rainbow in the air fro the water droplets splitting the sun as it falls over the scene.

    Also because he wanted to be able to spray Emma with the hose if it becomes necessary.

    Because it will.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had ridden over to this event in one of the cars from Xavier's School. She'd been gathered up in the school foyer on her way to the pool where a birthday party was being celebrated for one of the younger students, so as it happens... Rogue was in a tied-off shirt and jeans shorts with a green and yellow snake-skin patterend bikini underneath it... Wade has strange timing sometimes.

Along the car ride she'd just quietly sat in the back and watched out the window as the scenery had gone by, but upon arrival... and realization of what the 'mission' really was, the Belle just exited the vehicle and put her hands on her hips to stare at the 'show' unfolding. She'd reached up to the lollipop stick that was poking out of her mouth since she left the school and plucked it from between them, then spent a bit of time just smirking and watching.

But, ultimately, she decided to join in after spotting Emma, and some of the others. "What the hell." She said then.

The Belle went to the dog washing area and after a spell, got her tied-up shirt so wet she just ripped it off of her body and tossed it into a waste bin. "When in Rome... wash dogs in a bikini? Somethin' like that."

So as of right now, Rogue is walking in sandaled feet, wet short denim shorts, and a green/yellow bikini top with her hair flowing over her shoulders in the sunshiny day, walking a big ol' doggy toward one of the washing stations.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    Charity is charity. The time for gloom and recriminations has past, and although <Flashback Panel> A short while ago Sam has put a shattered plate of the Techno suit at the Vigil, with a note taped 'I'm sorry' to it <Slash cut to present> now it's time to support the community. Washing cars? Nah. Sam, the teenager never seen without his German Shepherd Bear, is washing /dogs/!

    This seems to require flipflops, board shorts and a by now semi-translucent t-shirt displaying the scorpion tattoo on his right bicep. Suds go everywhere, dogs run around in various state of sod and sodden, a good time being had by all. All! By order!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde had been in the area, checking on friends who lived on the outskirts. Some were abducted, others their apartments and homes are still intact. Kitty leaves one such apartment building, pulling the door closed behind her and stuffing her hands into the pockets of a zip up hooded sweatshirt as she begins making her towards one of the subway lines. The trains, thankfully, run deeper than what was taken. Otherwise they would probably be a snarled mess with sections of track missing.

The sound is what draws her attention. The brunette looks over, squinting a bit given the distance. "Wade," she says with a soft sigh as she recognizes a figure. She kicks at a rock, sending it skittering towards the bowl-shaped depression and then makes her way over towards the car wash. As she approaches, Kitty can't help but shake her head and gift a soft laugh. Not exactly humor, but it seems the event is managing to cut through some of her dark thoughts.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr was informed that there was to be a car wash for charity. He was confused as he did not anticipate it to be like this. Fortunately, he had been given the memo of the appropriate attire, but the large Russian was still a little concerned, though at least protected from the sun by ample sunscreen.

Wearing his crimson trunks, the barechested and barefoot Piotr has begun working on cleaning one of the vehicles in the line, all business, focused as he tries with effort to wash the car, humming to himself quietly. At least it was for a good cause, even if Piotr is a bit embarrassed by this.

Ted Kord has posed:
Off in the distance, a buzzing whirring as a silver and blue bug-like aircraft comes into view. For all its size and speed the buzzing is somewhat subdued. It should be as it is played over loudspeakers. It normally makes almost no sound, but Ted wants to make an entrance. In the cockpit Ted looks outside the wide 'eye' of the bug and whistles, "I guess I should get my trunks... maybe not!" He just caught sight of Alex. Anyway, his costume is a fabric that breathes. "Geeze, I do parkour and I still look, not like that." He spots someone who looks official pointing to a wide area and he sets the Bug down with a flourish. Also a little dust from the retro thrusters. As a final touch he hits the back lights as he pops the hatch and jumps out... and is promptly tripped up by a very wet poodle fleeing n=human imposed hygiene. "Bwah!" All the pricey tech and he nearly flops due to a dog. And no one much notices except the parking valet who gives him a number to indicate his turn.

Julio Richter has posed:
It's been one of those days when Julio feels like his English is worse than it really is. No matter how many times people tried to explain this event to him, nothing made sense. Dress for swimming! It's for charity! There might be dogs! It's organized by a crazy man with swords who lives in the woods behind the school! For some reason, he just. wasn't. getting it.

But here he is, and if he thought the event itself was baffling, holy chimichangas was he not ready for the sheer amount of cheesecake. When he first sidles out of the car after Rogue, he's dressed essentially the same way she is, if you consider the Platonic Ideal -- which is to say that the practical effect couldn't be more different.

His loose pink tank top, with its wonderfully 90s neon gradient graphic, does NOT cling like that. His jorts do NOT have the Daisy Duke cut. He does NOT pause in the spray for a single slow-motion moment to fling his clothes aside and shake his hair out. He is very obviously the page in the swimsuit special where some clueless straight penciler was given the mission to gender balance things and just went, "uhh. This is. Summery. That's what girls like, right?"

Someone throws a sponge. He's so busy staring at Piotr that it bounces right off his forehead.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Franklin Richards isn't a great driver despite being certified by the DEMV (DEPARTMENT OF EXTRANORMAL MOTOR VEHICLE) to pilot virtually any vehicle a mad scientist can come up with. Flying cars don't really have to worry about traffic, though, and the airspace around Mutant Town is understandably barren. So he pulls up to the car-wash queue in a sleek, metallic twenty-something-foot, four-seater, hybrid landing craft, kicking off the rocket propulsors and using the electro fan lift to...try and find a place to park.
    He's dressed pretty tamely compared to the others since he doesn't plan on washing any cars (flying or otherwise). A white one-piece jumpsuit with a black trim that seamlessly blends with boots and gloves. He looks over the roofless top and smiles, calling out past the low hum of the vehicle's engine, "Hey! Room for one more?"

Wade Wilson has posed:

The song trails off. The thing is, that Carly Rae Jepson song has repeated.... eight times. Either it is a really long song, or somebody has a really twisted playlist.

        --- begins the song ....again.

That's time number nine. Maybe someone should do something about that /music/.

Or not, it could be worse, it could be 'What's new Pussycat?' on repeat.

"Pete? Pete. Pete. /Peeeet/," Wade singsongs at Piotr, with a myriad of waves of hand: it went from huge wave to miss america to blowing of kisses --- while not noticing where his hose is spraying. Julio might get doused by surprise suddenly by Wade's hose. "Hold his legs, we'll double-team making sure he has all the sunscreen he needs?" Wade offers belatedly towards Julio, no apology or awareness about the aim of hose incoming, probably.

"CAN YOU BAYWATCH RUN A LITTLE? ASKING FOR A FRIEND," Wade yells to Piotr. Or Emma. It's hard to tell where Wade is looking in that mask.

Emma Frost has posed:
Slooooow motion extra jiggly run time as Emma finishes up the muscle car and shimmies and bounces to the next vehicle in line, bubbles and rainbows sparkling in the air around her. "Hey, Julio!" she calls to him. "Can I have my sponge back please?" She waves to Rogue and Kitty.

Gravity doesn't actually work the way it's doing with the absolute lack of support she has. Also, who is the artist this issue? Because the last run she was at least two cup sizes smaller and her rear wasn't twice the size of her waist.

Cheesecake. Ugh.

Rogue has posed:
Washing dogs seemed a lot safer than washing cars, considering the number of people who were walking around any of the vehicles being put through the line. The dog stations were setup with hoses and folding tables, but the big Great Dane that Rogue has on a leash doesn't need one of the tables. So she gets him all sprayed down by the tub with the soapy water and is baby talking him to an alarming degree as he just stares at her with a confused - but pleased - look!

Taking a moment to step over to the tub to refresh the sponge, Rogue returns the wave to Emma and grins at her. "What the hell are we doing?!" She shouts over to the bombshell beauty in the bikini there-after. She then notes Kitty and waves at her too. "Wade kidnapped us!" She says over the noises of the loud washing bonanza.

Truth be told, this was far more interesting of a way to help those being effected by what happened near here, than to dwell in sadness like some many of the vigils are. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just not Rogue's bag to dwell in those kinds of emotions.

So whilst soaping up the doggie, naturally he does a giant body-shake and sends suds and water everywhere! At Julio and Piotr and anyone else near by! Beeeecause, Dogs.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    It's bedlam. It's mayhem. It's dogs being washed by people. Poodles, labradors, labradoodles! A british bull dog sits quietly, grinning his wide fanged smile while fingers massage his ears, a Dobermann observes regally while wrapped in a towel, and ... who put hair dryers there? Why are there three Dachshunds sitting in small dog sized chairs, with their heads under hair dryers, while someone manicures their claws? What is the artist smoking?

    Sam gives Rogue a grin as he soaps up a Chihuahua, leaving the poor thing a poofy cloud of suds with a pair of eyes and ears sticking out. "Can someone taser the DJ and put some more music on?"

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex moves up the line after Emma, pausing to streeeeetch. And flex slightly, making his pecs dance! "New Baywatch or old Baywatch!" he calls back to Deadpool. Because this is important! In one version, he'll be trying to carry a pair of fridges around in some sort of contest of strength and the Rock shows up. This can only improve things.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde replies to Rogue's comment about what they are doing with a softly shouted back, "I was going to ask you the same thing," she says. Kitty makes her way over, wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the light sweatshirt over top.

Kitty looks about the area, where the cars - and dogs!? - are being washed. "I suppose in a world this crazy maybe we need a little of that crazy," she says, glancing over towards Deadpool and raising her hand in a motionless wave towards him.

The brunette turns to look around, ponytail swaying. Some kids are coming over to watch, some of their faces breaking out in smiles. Especially the older boys. A few of the girls too. "Piotr, I'm so going to snap pictures of this," she warns the Russian with a big grin.

Kitty hesitates and then moves over towards where Rogue is helping wash the dogs. She removes her sweatshirt. "Hey Miss Frost. Nice to see you come out," she says with another small wave. Kitty looks at the next dog in line. "Ok, no biting now. This is for a good cause."

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord gets a hot dog and is walking around mesmerized by the women defying gravity.

Then his eyes light up with a wild reckless desire, the sort that would ruin a man, the sort that some hack artists would draw hearts in his eyes to suggest.

The last bit of hot dog is eaten and he walks over, scarcely believing his luck. "Hello beautiful, where have you been all my life? Oh, excuse me miss." He steps around a bikini clad lovely and walks in front of the Fantasticar. He looks up at Franklin Richards and says, "I must admit, I'm in awe. Dr. Richards does amazing work. I'm Blue Beetle." He sticks out a hand to the young man.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio is just diving to try to catch the sponge he took to the face when Wade swans past and douses him. He stands straight up, shocked and soaked, clutching the squeegee in front of him. He fish-mouths for a second at the idea that he would /rub sunscreen/ all over Piotr, the skin of his face reddening way farther into the russet range than the usual burnt sienna that his traitorous shoulders are still showing off in case anybody needed to measure his embarrassment with a swatch reference.

He turns, grateful for any distraction, when Emma calls out to him, and in an instant is much less grateful for any distraction. Forget 'distraction;' as she saunters over, her cartoonishly animated chest is nearly making the poor boy seasick.

He wordlessly holds out the sponge with both hands, turning aside just in time to catch Alex's stretch and flex move. Some guys aren't bad, they're just drawn that way. And it's /unfair/, damnit.

Mere moments later, Rogue's rogue dogue decides it's time to dry off, and he gets soaked for a second time. The only thing left dry is his expression of bemused regret. Fine, fate. When in Rome!

He does, in fact, peel off his tank top, stuffing it into the back pocket of his cutoffs. The good news is, he's not nearly as skinny as he was when he arrived at Xavier's. Definitely shading respectably out of pure twink territory into a sort of proto-twunk. (Ask Doug if you have any urban-dictionary-style queries.) The bad news is, he's standing between Piotr and Alex.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    Hopping out of the cockpit of the Fantasti-Car, Franklin floats to the earth on a little invisible disk of psionic energy, colored blue so readers know it's actually there. "It's pretty awesome, huh?" greets the dark-haired youth, who sees Ted's hand as an opportunity to initiate some sort of alternative handshake. One that involves sliding palms and faux explosions. He also takes out a holographic tablet that is remotely connected to the car's functions and nudges it into the line. "The Fantasti-Car MK II. It's actually my Uncle Johnny's baby, but I bet Dad helped."
    He eyes some of the volunteers, cheeks taking on a slight blush, before he looks at Ted. "Nice to meet you, Beetle. And yeah, I don't usually get to drive it very often, but my parents thought it would be good of me to show up with it. Solidarity and all that."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr is concerned as this song appears to either be repeating or if it is just a really long song. However, he is soon addressed by a few people and looks up, covered in suds and water at this point, glistening. He raises a brow at Deadpool and says, "Why run, car here?" The Russian had not seen the kisses being blown. He then is splashed by the shaking dog and frowns.

When Kitty approaches he says, "Da, that is a good idea! Good for public relations." He then begins going back to work cleaning the car

Wade Wilson has posed:
Aww, Piotr didn't get the memo; maybe Wade should have written a memo. Maybe a demonstration is neeeded. Wade bounces on the hood of the caddy twice (to the dismay of the owner, who yelps and is ignored, but there's no damage), and LEAPS off the car, arms splayed, feet tucked high, as if he were lunging off a table in a huge musical dance number.

Hose is flung! Drama! /Romance!/

"Whichever one involves that you catch meeee!" Wade calls to Alex, with very little warning: that is a leap with a full expectation to be caught heroically! "I have something to admit, I haven't seen the new one. Or I did and then there was an icepick in my head at some point and it's gone. I just remember some Rock eyebrow," Wade chatters. "I really don't feel like it's a big loss. Not like my childhood, which is asked about more than the plot of the new Baywatch, if you can believe that. I almost don't---"

"I HAVE SPARE BIKINIS KITTY," Wade suddenly max-volumes towards Kitty. Not a lie.

"And Emma don't leave, I need to finish this pose but then I have something to ask you---"

Yes really. It's my wall and I can break it if I want to. It's on my +sheet.

Somebody does manage to change the music, in that they get it onto the next track. It's 'better' (air quotes necessary here), just that it's not a repeat, but...


Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex blinks as Wade suddenly comes crowd surfing throw care to the winds flying through the air at him and reflexively drops the hose to, well, try to catch Wade. Ending up holding him over his head! The hose..of course immedaitely starts spraying water towards everyone in the area to get them good and soaked down.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma leans on the car she should be washing, but isn't, because ACTUAL cleaning of vehicles never gets done in a swimsuit issue, it's just a thinly contrived plot device to work as an excuse to see comic characters and their impossible physiques in swim attire that doesn't conform to how fabric or physics work at all. Thankfully, this isn't a Liefield art issue. People have feet, the muscles don't have extra muscles, and there's no questionable functionless pouches on anyone but Wade.

Emma is, of course, promptly soaked by the not-entirely phallic hose Alex just had in his hand, which is in absolutely no way indicative of anything that may be happening off page in their apartment later this evening.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Emma," Wade says, entirely jumping pose order for comedic value. "Can I come over later?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is covered in suds and water now, running her left hand through her wet hair to stroke it back ove rher head so it's flattened back out of her face. She looks over to Samuel then and grins at him. "I'm a walkin' tazer, sugah." She tells him, not eluding to what precisely she means about that. "But I think it best I keep that t'myself for now. Cute Chihuahua!" She says to Sam AND the dog in-question that he's washing. She grins then at him. "I'm Rogue, what's your name, Heartbreaker?" She asks Samuel then and there.

But when Kitty approaches, Rogue watches her with a grin shrug out of her hoodie. She goes about rinsing the big Great Dane off - and just so happens to miss with the hose to squirt Kitty - because she can't stop herself. "Welcome t'the party?" She says over to her friend with that big grin still there!

With the Great Dane washed clean, Rogue walks him back to his owner to is brave enough to put some money in to part of Rogue's clothing, though she warned him before hand about her mutation, so he's veeery careful!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives a brief gasp as the cool water hits her. She was kind of expecting it. Though she wasn't expecting Wade's offer. "Oh, thanks. But really, I'm ok wearing this!" she calls back to him. "I just don't even want to know what his bikini would be like. Would probably model it for us," she says under her breath towards Rogue and Samuel Morgan.

"Gorgeous dog," she tells Samuel as she goes over to the next lady in line. She has one of those large poodles. "Yours too," Kitty says with a smile. She picks up a bucket of water and wets the dog's fur while the woman holds him steady, then adds some shampoo and begins lathering it up. "Aw, who's a good boy?" Kitty asks the dog with a grin as she ruffles the fur on his head to work the soap in.

Kitty pulls out her phone and clicks a few pictures of Piotr. "So posting these," she says with a soft grin. "Hey Petey, smile!" she says, trying to get him to look over as she clicks the next one.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord stoops to look at the undercarriage. "Wow, miniaturized cryo-chillers, hydrogen fueled, MPD turbines. I have to tell you... I had a picture of the MK 1 on my office wall for motivation. I did my thesis on that sort of thing. Changed my major from robotics to aerospace. I'm working on a few tweaks to the Bug right now... I can shave a couple tons off the anti-grav and make her more power efficient. It's a constant process." He gets up and rubs his hands.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    For a few moments, Sam couldn't find the Chihuahua. The suds had gotten everywhere, and the little yapper had wandered a few steps, meaning that he was lost in a forest of soap, and the teenager grabs empty suds where a dog should have been. Cue frantic searching for the small thing, and finally the hose brings the rescue, washing away anything not-chihuahua, and leaving the small dog standing there like a drowned rat. Sam hurriedly wraps the critter in a towel and starts drying him off, which earns him a few happy licks from the breed otherwise known to be both loud and fractious. Seems he has a way with dogs.

    "Name's Sam, Sam Morgan. Pleasure to meet you Rogue." with the dog dried off and handed over, Sam gives a complicated whistle, and from the line of dogs steps a German Shepherd, whose collar proudly proclaims him to be 'Bear'... actually shepherding another dog to be washed. "Thankya Bear."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio reminds himself that he essentially wore a spandex onesie to fight Sinister's minions, and that seemed normal enough. Taking his shirt off in the middle of this beefcake parade can't possibly be any more humiliating than that.

A few seconds after Alex catches Deadpool in a dance lift, Julio snaps out of reminding himself how definitely not embarrassed he is and catches the hose that is now just flopping around. This gives him an idea. (Not THAT idea, you perverts.) He can ignore how ridiculous he feels by actually -- gasp -- washing! a car!

The flying blue bug thing seems unattended, so he turns, settles into a Western cowboy duel stance, and blasts it from the hip.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr blinks as Deadpool does his weird routine and is confused until he is addressed directly. The Russian looks over from cleaning the car and straightens his posture and gives a rare wide grin and a little flexing, breaking that cultural norm to keep up with another one.

"Hope it helps!" Piotr says and resumes cleaning if the pictures are complete and addresses Kitty further, "Get any good ones? Lots of people are out here, so that helps, and hopefully the tips are good." He resumes whistling to himself and continues being the pile of meat that is cleaning cars and gaining attention from a few others, though Piotr is not entirely sure why, as the cleaning is not going horrendously quickly.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~" That's Wade. He's having a good time in his dance lift. He's also weirdly and uncomfortably agile, willing to bend his body backwards and somewhat in half in a spine-straining twist.

And that reminds him.

"Emma. Can you advise? I cannot quite twist for both chest and booty facing the same way," Wade says, attempting to do it, but it's going to put a lot of weird twisting awkward weight on poor Alex's arms. Wade might fall. He'd deserve it.

"Eep," Wade says, sensing a weight shift that he actually probably caused himself, and attempts to wrap his body around Alex's face. Or arms, or whatever. Face-hugger-sideways-Wade style is an //experience//.

Alex can have therapy later.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "You should totally come over sometime. We can have Dad or Val take a look, and you nerds can exchange notes or whatever," Franklin offers a good-natured grin with his words, free of malice. "I know we have that glorified bathtub somewhere in storage." Is added, referring to the MK I. Ah. zoomers. No appreciation for the past.

    Blue eyes flicker between the Bug getting blasted and the Fantasti-Car next in the queue. With new apprehension, he muses, "You know, maybe Fantasti-Car doesn't really need a wash, after all."

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex acks and flails as he suddenly has a Deadpool on his face, staggering roughly towards Piotr and Julio. "Getitoffgetitoffaughitsmellslikeburntbacon!" Hopefully someone will pry the Deadpool facehugger off!"

Julio Richter has posed:
Another volunteer, passing near Julio, drops her sponge and bucket and sprints over to try to help pry Wade off of Alex. Julio, with his newfound direction in life -- washing cars and vaguely car-like supervehicles -- airily decides not to look in the direction of the shirtless men and the wrestling. What does a high-minded gentleman such as himself need with such base, earthly delights, anyway?

He grabs the sponge, getting a good head of foam ready, and then does his level best to clamber up on the Bug. Now, how was Emma doing this again? He sort of arches his back downward, struggling to maintain his balance on the oddly-shaped vehicle, and purses his lips as he smooshes suds around on a very specific, small surface that he can reach without changing his position too much. He sticks his denim-clad butt out. He hums and grunts as he presses the sponge, despite the total lack of physical effort required. He does, in fact, toss his hair, little droplets spattering in the eyes of any observers.

This is what they call the "Hawkeye Initiative," everyone. And it is really, really not working in Julio's favor, although one must suppose it is at least proving its rhetorical point.

Rogue has posed:
"Pleasure t'meet ya, Mistah Morgan." Rogue says back to Sam in her smooth southern belle tone, tagging a big smile for him back as well. She's walking a Boston Terrier along by it's leash now toward the suds station. When she hops him up on to it she offers him a dog biscuit from a metal bowl on the table then gets the sprayer hose ready.

Rogue glances over to where Deadpool is assaulting Alex, and she calls out while wetting the dog down. "Wade. Don't make me come over there'n drag you off by your scruff now!" She says with a grin. At Julio, Rogue watches him for a moment before smirking. "Hawkeye Initiative huh? You mean that Avenger fella with the bow? I wouldn't mind seein' him around here in a speedo, washin' a few cars..." She mutters that part, loudly, but still!

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    "Now that... would be a sight worth seeing." Sam agrees, getting to work on a Malinois. The dog gives him a look that seems to imply that it will suffer this indignity for the sake of hygiene, comedy, and at least one treat afterwards. In the background, Bear nods his assent to these terms, and so the canine conspiracy continues.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Wait, don't -- That's not my leg-- if you-- ---my butt," Wade gets out while being spun around by the panicked Alex. "Don't spin, I'll vomit. And that's really unpleasant inside this mask, I speak from experience. Repeated asphyxiation in vomit is one of the worst ways to go, though I've also had--- urgggh, that's still not my leg."

Deadpool's wrist got hit, and his image inducer flicks on. It's the image he'd been using when he FIRST started this monstrosity ... David Hasselhoff in red trunks. So that happened again.

"I would also like to be not in this situation," Wade-Hoff assures Alex, but attempts to pet his cheek.

There there.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde finishes washing the poodle, taking the donation from the elderly lady. "Thank you for coming out," Kitty tells her before wandering over to figure out where to put the money. She tells Rogue, "You're probably going to have to. He's like an octopus once he latches on."

Kitty drops a towel off to the side to dry and then walks over to where Franklin is. "Franklin. Long time no see," she tells him. Indeed, she'd been gone to the UK for a couple of years, so even if he had been around the school to visit they'd not have met up. "How are things?" she asks. She looks at his vehicle and shakes her head. "You always have the sweetest ride." Kitty looks over to Ted, smiling and giving him a wave of greeting. "Which seems to be going around," she says of his own vehicle.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord nods to Franklin and gives Kitty a wave, "Yeah not a technically minded bunch. I'd keep an eye on them if I were you. In my case the Bug is submersible to 50 meters, and water tight... if I had closed the hatch! Hang on!" He hits a stud on his glove and the hatch closes. He walks over to his crowning achievement and calls to Julio, "Great job you're doing. I guess hair whipping helps? Why not. Anyway do you guys have a tip jar? I have to head out."

He returns to Franklin and says, "I would love to come visit. I'll bring pizza... or wings. Give me a call and we'll work it out. Come by whenever you want. I have a helipad that can accommodate your runabout." With a wave he turns to the Bug, and promptly trips over another dog. He almost dodges a splash of water and makes it to the Bug a little wetter and dirtier then when he started. He hands the washing fee and a lot more to an attendant. Money is a superpower.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman comes walking up to check out the show, he considered bringing his car, but decided he could just make a donation. The big man will head to a spot where he can look over the things going on. He smiles a bit at the heticness, but also that people seem to be having fun. It maybe something here even more than the money is needed.

Julio Richter has posed:
His profoundly ineffectual attempt at car-washing complete, Julio splays out for balance and slowly sliiiiides down the curved carapace of the Bug, then drops off the edge, his blue-jeaned butt hitting the pavement with a thump. He stands, tosses his sponge back into the bucket, and rubs at his now-bruised behind with a frown, wondering what the hell just came over him. If anyone asks, he's just going to chalk it up to the difficulty of balancing atop a vehicle with practically zero flat surfaces.

"Si, there's a bucket over there," he answers Ted, pointing. "I think I saw a sign saying we take cashapp donations, too." Although in all likelihood that just goes into Deadpool's bikini waxing fund. After a second's thought about literally any other topic than the one brought up in the previous sentence, he decides to join the other volunteer in helping to pry David Holo-Hoff off of Alex Swole-o-holic.

"If you grab there and I pull here," he suggests, grunting. "Then I can prop my foot up here and push and..." YANK.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr is busy cleaning when he hears Alex and Wade struggling. He sets down his rag and strides over, "Alex, stop flailing!" He says as he tries to get into position. Once Piotr is comfortable with his plan, he inhales, goes metal, now very shiny in the sun and walks over and says, "I can help?" With that he helps grab and is able to extract Wade with the help of the others and is able to gently toss Deadpool nearby and says paternally, "You must respect people's personal space".

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex gahs. "That is /not/ a leg!" he agrees with alarm with Wade, staggering as Julio and the other volunteer bravely leap forward to Hassle the Hoff, though really, it's Piotr that provides the last bit of strength to pop Wade free as Alex staggers forward taking a deep breath and his eyes watering a bit. "Jebus do you ever wash your jock?" he says, gagging.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes up washing off the Boston Terrier who has HUGE CONCERNED EYES looking all over the place. She rinses the suds off of his fur and steps back as he too does that doggy water evacuation shake! She helps him jump down and takes him back to his owner with a big smile on her face... dripping with water and soap. When she accepts the money from that customer too, she takes it over to where she sees the money is being kept.

"Here you go." Rogue offers the old woman in the black sunglasses. The woman just stares blankly like she didn't see her. Rogue realizes it's a blind woman. "Uh... Hi?" the woman waits a moment and says "Is someone talkin' to me?"

"... Yes." Rogue says to her. "Hi. I'm Rogue, you takin' the money for this stuff?" She asks.

"Fuck, I dunno. Wade just said put it all in the usual spot." The blind woman replies, then mutters. "The jackass..."

Rogue reaches up to brush her white bangs back behind an ear and she glances over to Wade still doing what he does best to the others. "Right." She says back with a sly grin as she hands the money right into the woman's out reached hand, who then goes about stuffing it down her shirt.

Rogue just nods her head, puts her hands on her hips and stares for a moment. "Makes sense." She says before turning to walk back to the soaping area!

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "Hey Kitty," Franklin greets and if allowed, goes in for a brief hug. "I'm okay, considering..." He gestures vaguely past the taco trunks where Mutant Town was up and snatched from the face of the Earth. "Also," He amends, still amused by the antics. "I am a little worried about the structural integrity of Uncle Johnny's joyride. Then again, if it can't withstand a dubious car wash, then it's probably not flight-worthy anyway." Screeching in the background.

    "How are you? You know, if you guys need anything, you can always give us a call." 'Guys' said in a tone that suggests Franklin is not one of them. Which is technically true but also not.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade-Hoff flew. There was concrete and some crunchy sounds, but there were no children in immediate view and Wade-Hoff pops back up without apparent injury, so things are right in the world.

He leaps up to stick the landing really belatedly. "Of all the people who throw me places, you are... in the top five," Wade assures Piotr with an attempt to clap, but one wrist is broken, so it looks outright horrifying.

Wade shakes it out, pulling it back into place. He's also attracted over to the money table, to confer with the blind woman there briefly.

She gets two thumbs up (one a little sagging) that she can't see from Wade.

"---I almost forgot you asked me something, Alex. The answer is that my current one is made of duct-tape, because the other ---you know what, T-M-I. The bacon smell might be the dog treats, though."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde returns the hug to Franklin readily, though he might get a little wet from where she was splashed with the hose. "True, that thing has to deal with a lot worse than a stream of water," she concurs as she looks at the contraption.

"Thanks. Definitely might take you up on that sometime," she says. "There's... a lot going on and... well, just glad we got people like you and your parents out there," she says. She's in civilian clothes so keeps it low profile apparently. "Hope you've been well. When things settle down you should come by. We can take some of the horses out for a ride," she suggests. The school has stables.

Samuel Morgan has posed:
    A small army of dogs has grown around Sam. It started with the Malinois. Then a pair of poodles joined. This attracted attention of a Great Dane and a Bulldog. From that point on, there was no stopping it.

    "Aaaand, up." A dozen canines of various sizes stand on hind legs, form a conga line, and walk off towards their owners. "Another job well done..."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman walks over a bit towards kid but sees she is talking to someone so does not move to interrupt here. He looks over towards Deadpool at the obvious breaks and takes a few steps towards him, but seeing he is healing already stops and shakes his head a bit, before one of the kids in the area comes over to him, speaks to him a moment and leads him over to an elderly lady sitting on a stoop.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio falls flat on his ass for the second time today, as Piotr steps in with the strength of ten strong men and effortlessly tosses Wade around like he's -- well, in Piotr's specific case, like he's practically any other member of the team. The metal Russian does make shotputting his fellow X-men a bit of a habit.

Julio takes one look at Deadpool's horrific injuries and decides it's high time to make falling on his beleaguered butt /less/ of a habit, and leaves the climbing and washing of the Fantasticar to other, more agile volunteers. He'll just keep his feet on his good, good friend the ground, for now.

Franklin Richards has posed:
    "Cool. I'll bring my cowboy hat," Franklin winks and then turns, scanning the car-wash for the Fantasti-Car...which is finally being washed but mostly danced on. He groans. "I'm gonna go keep an eye on things," The car, definitely not the people washing it. "And drop something into the donation bucket. Always nice to see you, Kitty."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is helping a few others clean up a giant St. Bernard but she spies Sam and his conga line of dogs which makes her laugh. "I don't know how ya pulled that off, but I'm impressed." She tells the other before picking up a big wet sponge and winging it at the front windshield of someone's car! A second later and she floats over to stand on the car's hood and lean over it to start to scrub scrub scrub. "Don't worry, Sugah. I can float! Ain't gonna leave no dents on your hood!" She shouts at the men inside the car that now have the Belle on the hood of it on her hands and knees, doing the wax-on-wax-off motion.

Squeaky clean cars! That's the goal here, right!

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman will talk to the old lady for a few moments, making sure everything is ok. He spends quite some time there before dropping some money off with the other older blind lady, which may get a few choice swear words before it is put away with the other money and she can be heard to say something along the lines "Bless you sir." and adds in a sucker once he is out of ear shot.

Wade Wilson has posed:
The music didn't continue to repeat: it did move into some other songs mostly from the 90s, but it changes into one that might well make everyone groan. Was all of this an elaborate plot to get to a rickroll!?


"Oh, it's one of my 82 jams!" Wade orients, darting off to get his groove on with the willing (and probably unwilling). There's some clear effort at a flash-mob. Except that it might JUST be Wade. That hasn't stopped him before.

...There /might/ be some donations incoming to make it stop. ...Whatever works, right?