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  Alanna Lyons  
Alanna Lyons (Scenesys ID: 953)
Name: Alanna Lyons
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Business Consultant, Lyon Aquisitions & Holdings
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York City
Education: BA in Business Administration, MBA in Operations Management
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 31 Actual Age: 31
Date of Birth 08 July 1988 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 155 lb
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: John Mayer - In the Blood -

Character Info


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Born as the heir apparent to a crime family, the dark underbelly has been all Alanna has known. In spite of it all, she has a strong moral compass and tries within her position in the family to steer their misdeeds into something a little less dark. The Lyon family is her family, however, her support system and the people she cares about. Even if her loyalty conflicts with her moral compass, she is still part of the family business. There's no denying she does work for them, leaving her in a very morally grey area.


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* 1988: Born to Lee and Amy Lyons.
*1995: Alanna's brother Brendan born.
*2000: At age 12, Alanna's grandfather, Daniel Lyons, chooses her to groom as his heir. She begins martial arts training, self defensive skills, and is prepared for further schooling in the family business.
*2009: Alanna graduates college with her BA in Business Administration
*2011: Alanna graduates again, this time with her MBA in Operations Management
*2015: Takes over control of the family's charitable organization, Lyon's Paw, an organization designed to help youth not attending college to get off to a good start once graduating high school.
*2017: Lyon's Paw is utterly ruined by a financial scandal caused by her cousin, Owen. Several months later, Owen disappears, his whereabouts unknown. He is presumed dead.
*2018: Alanna starts work for Lyon Acquisitions and Holdings
*2020: Lyon Acquisitions and Holdings flourishing, Lyon Family becoming more of a well-known name.

IC Journal

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Alanna has an analytical mind. While this doesn't mean she's cold and calculating, it means she likes to figure things out. People are puzzles, but ones she particularly likes looking into. She takes a look at who people are by breaking things down into layers. The more layers there are, the more interested she is. She also enjoys actual puzzles, as well as using her mind towards business analytics.

Part natural, part skill, Alanna relates to people easily. She can hold conversations with ease, change topics without it being awkward, and generally make people comfortable. Generally, she's easy to talk to, a good listener, and gives good advice.

Alanna understands a lot of emotions deeply. She offers an ear when it comes to trouble because she understands what it's like. She really feels for people and finds herself drawn to help, if for nothing else than to listen. If she honestly thinks someone deserves or needs her help, she can't resist.

Alanna has been raised in a place where her skills have been valued her whole life. She has always been given a purpose and something important to do within that. Which means she's able to be confident in her skills. She strides forward feeling prepared and knowing what she's doing not just on blind faith but because she just plain knows what she's doing. She's done her research and she knows exactly what she might need to travel forward with no questions in her mind.

Alanna doesn't do things in half-measures. When she's attached herself to a project or a cause, she's the driving force. Her loyalty is strong, her passion is strong, just about everything she does in life she aims for as high as she can reach.

Heart of Gold:
Deep down, Alanna is a good soul. She wants the best for people, she's kind and compassionate, and she wants people to be able to live their lives. She would do a lot for someone in need, even if it meant sacrificing life and limb. While not saintly radiant (she's certainly no saint nor perfect), she has the best of intentions for the world around her. She tries, at least.

Character Sheet


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Business Operations:
While not in charge of everything, Alanna has a hand in business operations for the company. With her education as well as her sharp natural analytical mind, she is able to streamline how the business is run in the day-to-day operations. It's a well-oiled machine under her watch and she's very easily able to pick up on mistakes or flaws in the flow of things. She knows what she's doing and truly understands how businesses run.

While some of it is natural, Alanna is very charismatic. She has a way with words, a way with people. She's funny and playful, and she uses her charm to get her way into places she might not have without such a skill. She's well-versed in how to socialize comfortably and is rarely awkward about it unless the situation well and truly catches her off-guard.

Information Brokering:
Often important in a crime family, Alanna is skilled in the art of information. She had an innate understanding of what information is important and to whom, the value of pieces of information, and the general fallout of an informational transaction. This makes her very skilled when it comes to creating deals where information is involved instead of stolen goods.

Hand in hand with charisma comes manipulation. Using charisma to chat up and charm someone, Alanna is also skilled at taking advantage of that connection she's forged with someone and using it to influence someone to do something. She can sway them to a cause, convince them to do something for her, and so on. She's fairly good at it, should the need arise.

Martial Arts:
Alanna first began to learn martial arts when she was a child. Originally she began to learn as a method of self-defense, but as she grew older she appreciated it more as an art and became interested in continuing her studies through several different types of martial arts. She currently knows jiu-jitsu and shotokan karate, but she is always learning more. It has become her stress-relief and she will often attend and compete in tournaments.

Besides martial arts, Alanna learned other weaponry skills to use for her own defensive purposes. She is fairly skilled in the use of a firearm as well as the use of knives, both close range and thrown.


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Criminal Underworld:
Coming from a crime family, Alanna has deep underworld connections. She's grown up in this life meaning she's been in the lives of some of these people for decades. Criminals from all walks of life, street level to mafia kingpins, are in her address book and often she's left a favorable impression on them--which means favors and connections can be made if asked nicely. Usually this is used for information, but supplies can be leveraged if asked for carefully.

Lyon Acquisitions:
The family business. A network of different branches, the family business controls criminal activity from drugs, gunrunning, stolen antiquities, money laundering, and more. The company does steer clear of direct hits on people and human trafficking, but sometimes things escape the eyes of even the family members. Alanna has access to business assets. Money, real estate, and illicit goods are accessible as well as any business related connections, both legal and illegal.

Lyon Family:
Family loyalty is key. Alanna is close with the members of her family, from her immediate family all the way to her cousins. While some of them don't agree with her and her grandfather, most of them get along with her. This means she has a wealth of people with various different skills that are willing to help her if necessary. That and they do provide a support system, even if it's a morally questionable one.


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Heir Apparent:
Alanna has been picked by her grandfather to carry on the family business. Her grandfather, Daniel, has been more sympathetic to the idea of steering the family into more legitimate waters and sees Alanna as the one to fulfill that. Unfortunately, not all of the family agrees. Several major members of the family have hinted (never in front of the patriarch) that they prefer the business to be run where the most profit can be made, regardless of the moral cost. With Alanna being in direct opposition to this, she is often in danger from her own family which can be a threat to her and those around her.

Lyon Crime Family:
Alanna is from a fairly well known crime family. Her name has weight and it's not always the good kind of weight. Often, if she waves around the name too openly, people may assume she's done something wrong and harass her, or they may try to get her to do favors for them that she's not interested in granting. The name certainly can be dangerous, especially around people who are fond of trying to break up organized crime.

Moral Compass:
Alanna has a moral compass in the middle of a crime organization. While she has firm beliefs and opinions about things, it often goes against what the family business is about. This leads her to either go against the wishes of her family and end having to deal with the fallout, or it means she has to cave on what she feels is the right thing to do.



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Alanna Lyons has 18 finished logs.

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Alanna Lyons has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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