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  Alfred Pennyworth  
Alfred Pennyworth (Scenesys ID: 1637)
Name: Alfred Pennyworth
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Butler
Citizenship: Dual UK/US
Residence: Wayne Manor
Education: British Army
Theme: DC (AFC)
Groups: Bat Family
Apparent Age: 65 Actual Age: 65
Date of Birth 30 Apr 1955 Played By Jeremy Irons
Height: 6'2" Weight: 165 lb
Hair Color: Gray Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Alfred Pennyworth has been the Wayne family butler since before Thomas and Martha were killed. In their absence, he raised Bruce as his guardian, and has remained a trusted and devoted member of the family ever since. Much more than hired help, he exerts an exacting but grandfatherly influence over the entire clan of wards, adoptees, and occasional blood relatives that Bruce has assembled around himself. He maintains the estate all but alone, is rarely far from his employer, and (unbeknownst to anyone) even plays an occasional coordinating role for their vigilante operations.


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1955: Born in Cowes, England

1973: Enlisted in the British Army, trained as a field medic.

1975-1980: Assigned to a number of clandestine Cold War operations, involving some specialized training as a driver and in undercover operations.

1980: Leaves military service, begins working as an actor -- an interest piqued by his time working undercover.

1986: Moves to Gotham to be with his ailing father, Jarvis, the Wayne family butler. Takes over his father's duties to make ends meet.

1988: Jarvis Pennyworth dies.

1992: Thomas and Martha Wayne murdered; Alfred takes guardianship of their son, Bruce.

2000-2004: Alfred takes possession of the Wayne Estate while Bruce studies abroad.

2004: Bruce returns and, with Alfred's strategic and medical assistance, begins fighting crime as a vigilante.

2006-present: Alfred continues to act not only as the caretaker of the Wayne Estate and the Batcave, but as a steadfast mentor and confidant to the growing Bat family of crimefighters.

IC Journal

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Alfred is a man of refined bearing, whose diction and presentation are always precise, and whose adherence to protocol is legendary.

Alfred possesses a scathing wit that he has been known to deploy in such Sahara-dry one liners that listeners often aren't sure whether he's aware he's said anything funny at all. This happens most often around Bruce Wayne and his various wards, as his decision to give voice to his usually silent judgment is a mark of fondness (if a double-edged one).

Man of Conscience:
Alfred has an unshakable sense of right and wrong, and holds himself to it at all times. He does not abuse trust or betray confidence, especially not for his personal gain, and as a consequence he has been given monumental trust and told potentially devastating secrets.

Alfred has dealt with more chaos and crises in his years than most men, and responds to any new event, no matter how outlandish, with level-headed aplomb.

Character Sheet


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The first application of Alfred's skill as an actor was in undercover operations during the cold war, and that remains a talent he can bring to bear. Although his taxing schedule precludes the time commitment needed to continue to tread the boards himself, he maintains a general interest in theatre and attends local productions at least once a month.

Alfred is much more than a chauffeur. He's an expert driver certified on a number of military and civilian vehicles, with particular training in evasive driving and shaking pursuit. He also helped build and continues to maintain the fleet of Bat-vehicles; his skill as a mechanic is largely derived from books, online courses, and years of practice.

Field Medic:
Alfred is an army-trained medic whose skills were tested in the field. Much to his chagrin, those skills have been invaluable to the Batfam on more than one occasion. As a consequence, he subscribes to and meticulously reads a number of publications on medical first response, to keep his lifesaving techniques up to date.

Infantry Training:
Alfred was trained for and saw combat in the British Army. He is competent with a rifle or pistol, and owns one of each, which he keeps locked in a safe in his quarters. He is versed in hunting, camping, orienteering, and wilderness survival (including climbing and spelunking, which served him well during the construction of the Batcave). Though he knows some hand-to-hand techniques, both from his stint in the army and watching Bruce train the various Robins, he currently lacks the strength and agility to use them effectively except as a surprise attack against a mundane foe.

Renaissance Butler:
Alfred is an expert chef and gardener and an accomplished handyman and mechanic in addition to his normal buttling duties, allowing Bruce to maintain a nonexistent personal staff and only call in contractors on extremely rare occasions -- crucial prerequisites for maintaining his cover.


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I helped build the damned thing, sir. You're going to have to let me wander about from time to time if you don't want dust accumulating on your boomerangs.

Medical Equipment:
Alfred maintains quite an advanced medical suite in the Batcave, capable of hosting even surgical procedures, if necessary, and is absolutely never caught far from his comparably well-stocked first aid kit.

In addition to the Rolls, the flashy sports cars, and ... the /other/ car, sir, Alfred has full access to Bruce's fleet of vehicles. In the case of vehicles whose name starts with Bat-, this is generally for maintenance or to deploy remotely for rescue purposes, but there's nothing stopping Alfred from hopping behind the wheel (or the stick, or the rudder, or whatever) himself in a pinch.

Wayne Wealth:
Bruce has never had a reason to put any limitation on Alfred's access to his financial resources. The butler maintained the Wayne fortune for years for Bruce's inheritance, then drew on it strategically to maintain the estate during his absence, and has thereafter used it only to provide the family's expected lifestyle. (Be that poached duck dinners or smoke bombs with just the right amount of billow and opacity.)

Well Compensated:
Although he lives a relatively modest lifestyle in his quarters in Wayne Manor, Alfred is extremely well paid and maintains an array of bonds and other conservative investments. He also owns about a 1 percent stake as a silent partner in Wayne Enterprises, amounting to tens of millions of dollars in non-liquid assets. If he ever does retire, he will do so in extreme comfort, as he is occasionally wont to remind his employer.


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Though he was a force to reckoned with in his youth, and remains fit, active, and healthy, Alfred has reached the age when most men retire. He is simply not capable of standing toe-to-toe with supervillains alongside his vigilante family. This makes him, unquestionably, a weak link that could be exploited by their enemies, if his connection to the group were ever discovered.

Held In Trust:
All of Alfred's extraordinary resources are in fact the extraordinary resources of his former ward, Bruce Wayne. Although it's unlikely that Bruce would ever begrudge the man assistance, much less cut him off, Alfred's sense of decency would never allow him to use those resources except for the benefit of Bruce Wayne and his family. Where personal matters or interests are concerned, Alfred will only make use of his own resources and possessions.

Unto the Breach:
For all his dry comments, Alfred's loyalty to Bruce Wayne and his wards is such that he would sacrifice anything for their safety, including his own. His prudence and knowledge of his own limitations notwithstanding, he would absolutely put himself in the line of fire, or indeed lay down his life, to protect the other members of the Bat family.



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Alfred Pennyworth has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
What's For Lunch July 11th, 2020 A lunch at Wayne Manor brings Alfred and some of the Batlings together
(Bat) Family Matters July 5th, 2020 Alfred Pennyworth informs Bruce Wayne of the arrival of his granddaughter, Julia Pennyworth. Arrangements are made for her to stay at Wayne Manor.
A Pennyworth Reunion July 3rd, 2020 Julia Pennyworth arrives in Gotham and is met at the airport by her grandfather, Alfred. The pair discuss their lives and her plans in her new home.
Gotham: Demons In A Bottle June 30th, 2020 Along came a spider and sat down beside 'er...
Chilling with the Waynes June 26th, 2020 Hank McCoy, Carrie, and Alfred watch the Match Game. Easy evening of chatting.


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Alfred Pennyworth has 5 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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