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  War Machine  
James Rhodes (Scenesys ID: 705)
Name: James Rhodes
Superalias: War Machine
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York City
Education: USMC
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Avengers
Apparent Age: 41 Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth 05 May 1979 Played By Don Cheadle
Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @RhodeyWM
Theme Song: "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth

Character Info


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Friend and bodyguard to the inimitable Tony Stark, James 'Rhodey' Rhodes has stepped into his own since being made the pilot of the massive armor known as War Machine. Bristling with weapons and capable of massive destruction, War Machine is one of the most intimidating members of the Avengers and often serves as their first strike weapon.


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* 1979: James Rhodes is born in Philadelphia.
* 1997: After a rough upbringing in a dangerous neighborhood, young Rhodey, seeking stability, joins the United States Marine Corps.
* 2002: Rhodey is deployed to the Middle East. He serves as a helicopter pilot, seeing both direct combat and running rescue missions, while accruing experience and skills as an aeronatic engineer.
* 2007: After distinguished service through four tours of combat in the Middle East, Rhodey is eventually promoted to the rank of Colonel.
* 2013: When Tony Stark is kidnapped during a weapons demonstration, Rhodey is among those in command of the rescue operation. During the extraction, he and Tony become friends. Tony offers him a job in the private sector. Rhodes, at that time, refuses.
* 2017: After losing his temper with certain aspects of military life, James takes up Tony's offer and becomes his personal pilot and one of the chief security officers of Stark's corporation.
* 2019: When Tony isn't able to be in two places at once, he gives James use of a backup set of armor. Heavy duty and more heavily armed than the conventional Iron Man suit, the so-called War Machine proves to be a perfect fit. After proving himself in the field, Rhodey has been permanently assigned to the War Machine and allowed to use it freely, while maintaining his position at Stark's side.

IC Journal

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James is always looking out for the little guy. He knows his friends and associates often come from privileged backgrounds, are blind to the trials of average people. He tries to provide an alternative perspective. He has no interest in bullies or elitists and will do his best to take them apart.

James knows his worth and his abilities. He's not arrogant, but he isn't prone to a great deal of self-doubt either. He's learned to trust his instincts and his skills and rightfully so.

Unsurprisingly, James Rhodes is a military man to the core. He is an extremely disciplined individual, capable of maintaining concentration and attention, careful in his habits and strict in his self-control.

For as kind as he can be to those who deserve it, for as patient as he can be with the failings of others, James can be a tough customer when he has to be. When faced with evil or neglect or incompetence, he will act swiftly and without mercy. He isn't one for half-measures.

Rhodey doesn't like to rush. He's strategic. He likes to analyze, consider and choose the best possible options in a given situation. For all his warlike attributes, he isn't a hothead and doesn't tend to fly off the handle or operate on impulse.

Character Sheet


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James Rhodes does not possess any superhuman powers.


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James Rhodes spent 20 years in the United States Marine Corps. He is a highly qualified combatant in both close quarters and with almost any form of conventional firearm. He's a crack shot and a skilled grappler with experience on the mat and as a striker, practicing disciplines including boxing, muay thai, judo and krav maga.

Rhodey has been trained in the creation and defusion of high explosives, ranging from simple dynamite to sophisticated electronic detonators to cobbled-together IEDs. He is a skilled defuser and can deal with almost any form of conventional explosive from either side of the table. He knows where and how to set explosives for maximum efficiency and to impact only specified targets.

James is a fully qualified aeronatics engineer, trained as part of his service in the military. He knows how to repair, design and operate both aeronautic and weapons systems. While he often works with geniuses who don't need his help, he's still a solid technical hand and skilled enough to perform simple repairs on the War Machine armor in the field if need be.

Rhodes is one of the most qualified and capable helicopter pilots in the world. He also has some training with single-engine aircraft and military combat jets. And, of course, he's become an expert armor pilot.

James has taken on the role of helping to run security for Stark. He's proven to be good at it. He's fully updated on advanced security systems and techniques. He knows how to run a squad of bodyguards and keep a staff capable of protecting difficult locations with multiple exits.

Rhodey is an able military commander and battle strategist. He knows how to read enemy plans, find weaknesses and cobble together tactics. While he prefers time to plan and consider, he's still extremely skilled even under fire and can be relied upon as an able commander of strike teams and tactical forces.


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James is the primary pilot of a suit of mechanized power armor designated War Machine. The War Machine armor is composed of state of the art alloys including carbon steel and titanium, making it incredibly durable and capable of withstanding punishment. The armor can withstand direct hits from military grade missiles, punches from top-tier superhuman bricks or falls from a thousand feet in the air and leave the man within relatively unharmed (although not always, circumstances always depending). The servos and engines within the armor provide War Machine with incredible superhuman strength in the 100 ton range. He can lift city buses and throw them, punch his way easily through thick plate steel and tear apart a conventional tank with his bare hands.

The suit possesses life support systems including a ten hour supply of onboard oxygen, converters that allow for underwater operation and propulsion and filtration systems to protect Rhodey from toxic gases and fumes. The suit is shielded against high levels of radiation and can withstand extremely high or low temperatures and continue operation.

The War Machine armor is one of the most sophisticated and deadly weapons platforms in the entire world. The armor literally bristles with countless weapons and offensive additions, all of which can be reconfigured, added or removed to make room for new enhancements or to create specific battle configurations for situational effectiveness. Not all of the listed weapons will be present at any given time, but War Machine rarely uses only one weapon when 23 will do. The weapons packages on the War Machine include the following:

- Shoulder mounted gatling guns.
- Shoulder mounted missile arrays.
- Pop-up Forearm Miniguns
- Grenade launchers
- Heat-seeking magnetic mines and mini-missiles
- Palm and chest repulsor arrays capable of unleashing concussive energy blasts
- Detachable plasma rifle
- Cutting lasers of sufficient intensity to sear through eight inches of steel plate.
- Electro-charge grip equivalent to a lightning strike
- Grenade types including high explosive, shrapnel, tear gas, knockout gas and smoke.
- Retractable titanium arm blades for close combat
- Ammunition including armor-piercing, tracer rounds and rubber bullets for riot and civilian control

This list isn't intended to be exhaustive or all-encompassing but does give a general sense of War Machine's typical armament and offensive capabilities.

Rhodey is a member of the superhuman team known as the Avengers. He has access to the personnel, equipment, resources and technology given to members of that group.

The helmet in the War Machine armor has onboard targeting and control systems enabling the operator to coordinate and pre-program attacks in sequence and to design specific countermeasures and tactics. Thermal, infrared and nightvision capabilities are in place, along with light projection capabilities in the eyes to illuminate an area like a high-wattage lantern. The helmet can enhanced Rhodey's voice like a high level sound system and provides noise-dampening to prevent harm coming from the sounds of powerful engines or explosions.

The helmet contains an onboard AI of limited capacity, not as sophisticated as that in the traditional Iron Man armors. It can provide analysis of incoming data from the world outside, everything from temperature to seismic measurements to running potential combat simulations.

James Rhodes spent twenty years in the USMC. He's received numerous medals and honors for his service. He retains a high level security clearance and has extensive ties throughout the military-industrial complex, capable of getting messages or information from some fo the highest levels of the armed forces and the Defense department.

Rhodey serves as the chief of security for Stark Industries, as well as frequently serving as Tony's personal pilot and bodyguard. He has access to all of the resources of SI and has authority over most of its employees, overridden only by Tony himself or by Pepper Potts. His yearly salary is in the range of eight million dollars, most of which he banks.

The War Machine armor is powered by solar power cells and ambient energy convertors. These cells provide energy for up to twelve hours of continuous usage before recharging, although intensive use of energy weapons or physical punishment can lead to them draining faster. He can also draw energy from localized sources such as power lines in order to emergency recharge, although these energies aren't 100 percent compatible with his cutting-edge tech and can lead to damage or overcharging.

War Machine flies primarily with propulsor jets in the boots, along with stabilizing thrusters along the hips, back and under the arms to provide control and stability. At top speed, War Machine can fly at up to 500 miles per hour and maintain speed for up to six hours before requiring recharge and refuel. While not as maneuverable as some other power armors, War Machine is more agile in the air than on the ground and can engage effectively in dogfights and aerial combat.

Rhodey is one of the closest friends and confidantes of Tony Stark. Stark is a genius of immeasurable wealth and capabilities and, should Rhodey get in trouble, it would likely result in Tony doing everything in his vast and diverse power to help his friend. While their relationship can sometimes be tumultuous, there is a level of trust and a personal bond that would be extremely difficult to break in the long term.

The War Machine armor is equipped with a wide variety of practical tools, gadgetry and devices that can prove extremely useful in the field, providing information and solutions beyond the purely martial. His configuration and resources in the field can vary from configuration to configuration, but the following is a general list of what is typically at his fingertips.

- Eight mini-drones with HD cameras and data gathering sensor arrays. Drones also contain small mini-guns to coordinate combat and provide support in a firefight.
- Fingertip tools including a mini-laser for cutting, a welding tool, lockpick and encryption-cracking technogy for electronic locks.
- Signal scramblers capable of suppressing radio, microwave and other forms of communication.
- Onboard communication array with specific channels for the Avengers, Stark security and a private channelf for communication with Tony himself, along with broadband and wifi adaptability that lets Rhodey access and use the internet. Includes access to Stark private servers and computing.
- Force shield emitter, generating protective energy fields capable of withstanding up to forty tons of force impact. Can be used to provide extra shielding and lessen the burden on his actual armor. Can also be projected within twenty feet or attached to a drone in order to protect civilians or vulnerable allies.
- Bracing tech and gyros that allow the War Machine to 'plant', setting himself up as an obstacle and making him extremely difficult to topple, more or less turning the armor into a standing turret.
- Electro-magnetic pulse emitter, designed to disable nearby technology with a thirty percent chance of impacting the armor itself. Only used in dire circumstances.
- Oxygen converter 'gills' to enable underwater operation, along with a conversion of propulsion jets for underwater use.
- Self-containment enabling limited operation in the vacuum of space.

This list is not meant to be all-encompassing or exhaustive, but covers his usual capabilities and gives a sense of the tools War Machine has at hand.


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Armor Dependent:
James possesses no inherent superhuman abilities. His capabilities in superhuman battles are entirely a result of his armor. If his armor is disabled or he is caught in some way without it, he is merely an ordinary (albeit extremely capable) human.

If the power cells in his armor fail or run out of energy, including if they are drained by an outside source, the armor will cease to function. Rhodey will essentially become trapped within the suit and unable to remove it without outside help, leaving him immobilized and vulnerable.

Rhodey is extremely duty bound. He will follow orders even if he doesn't like them provided they're given by someone with the proper authority (Tony, a military general, Pepper), although he may feel free to voice disagreement or argue his point. He isn't prone to slacking and will do what needs to be done even at personal cost, often ignoring his own difficulties in order to focus on the job.

War Machine tends to be a first in and last out hero. His heavy offensive capabilities and armor lead him to put himself in the line of fire first and foremost. His obvious threat attracts attention and he often strategically takes the brunt of fire in order to let his allies have room to breathe. This means he often faces powerful opponents while they're fresh and takes some of their best shots in order to weaken them. This can put him in a dangerous position and, against extremely capable foes, can often lead to him being disabled or injured in fights.

Post-Traumatic Stress:
James has spent most of his adult life in warzones, dealing with constant threat and bombardment. He suffers from recurring incidents of PTSD, sometimes aggravated by intense violence. Mostly, it leads to periods of moodiness and withdrawing from others, but it can manifest in panic or blackouts in moments of extreme overstimulation.

As a prominent and public associate of Iron Man, Rhodey is a well known public figure. He can often be targetted or tracked by those wishing to do harm to Tony (or, of course, Rhodey himself). Because he is Tony's bodyguard, he will deliberately put himself in the line of fire to protect him.



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James Rhodes has 25 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
You Donut Want to Go In There May 9th, 2021 Ash and James Rhode stop for donuts at a truckstop. The trucks try to stop them.
Prepping for Memorial Day May 8th, 2021 Rhodey and Colt plan a memorial day event.
No A/C Outside the Armor April 21st, 2021 Rhodey gets his butt kicked running around an obstacle course at Nat's command.
Rhodey and Nat Watch Kung-Fu April 1st, 2021 They didn't actually watch Kung-Fu.
Revealing an Icon March 20th, 2021 Abcde, Harley, Irons, and Rhodes battle a rogue water elemental summoned by fire and water at the last day of shooting for a streaming BBQ competition show which has sadly just run out of money.
Something Suspicious in the Penthouse, 1950 March 13th, 2021 1950, Jarvis drops by with dinner and realizes the secret Peggy's been hiding -- a man!
That Is A Lot Of Avengers March 11th, 2021 Lunch at Chelsea Market brings various members of the Avengers, SHIELD, and the NYPD together.
Rhodey and Lytton in Brooklyn February 27th, 2021 Rhodey takes notes on Nick and Ginny's encounter with their doppelgangers.
And The Award Goes To February 22nd, 2021 Rhodes and Colt meet up at a USMC awards Ceremony and talk shop.
Nothing taken to SHIELD February 16th, 2021 No description
Anomaly: The Findening February 15th, 2021 James Rhodes finds a Nihil and decides to bring it to SHIELD
ARMOR Interview: Hank Pym February 11th, 2021 Rhodey learns some things about the doppelgangers and recruits people into ARMOR.
Quaff your cares away February 9th, 2021 Rhodey stops by the Asgardian embassy to drown his miserable week, and finds a willing listener -- and ARMOR strongman -- in none other than Thor
I Liked You Better When You Were Dead February 8th, 2021 SHIELD investigates a theft of prototype materials at the Port of NY. Things get explosive.
War Machine comes to TriSkel February 7th, 2021 No description
A Helping Hand pt. 1 February 5th, 2021 James gets some, uh,
Gun Show! February 4th, 2021 Trying to blow off some steam, Ty goes to the gun range where she meets up with James Rhodes. The pair have a long talk while taking shots at targets.
Home safe and sound February 3rd, 2021 Rhodey makes his way to the Penthouse, looking for Tony but finds Pepper. The pair get to talk about everything and nothing in front of the bar and the fireplace.
Secret Doors: Little help here February 2nd, 2021 The ghostly monster appears in the basement of the mansion, tangling with Avengers!
Gritty Streets of New York January 30th, 2021 Sandman robs Tiffanys and some unlikely heroes step in to save the rich people from being robbed... superheroing is odd.
It Came from the Deep: Pelagic Nightmare January 25th, 2021 Unleashed extra-dimensional terrors are fought, Meggan impales Eldritch Horror with her giant spear, Hyperion discovers his Laser Eyes are over 9000, Orbital weaponry is fired, new volcano created, Julio eats a kaiju, Scott is abducted into SPACE!, and Rhodey has a fascinating report to write.
The Monstrosity Under the Bridge June 6th, 2020 ULIK is brought forth through a portal to menace Midgard. Heroes respond and save the day!
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
New Friends May 25th, 2020 Robbie becomes acquainted with War Machine and Power Girl.
Vegas is no vacation! May 22nd, 2020 Rhodey checks in in Vegas, and boy is Pepper glad to see him!

(OOC Note: Takes place after the Casino appearance of IM and before the ceasing of the campaign)


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James Rhodes has 25 finished logs.

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