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Shayera Thal (Scenesys ID: 4046)
Name: Shayera Thal
Superalias: Hawkwoman
Gender: Female
Species: Thanagarian
Occupation: Police Officer (Exchange)
Citizenship: Thanagarian
Residence: New York City
Education: Thanagarian Military Academy
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Spaaaace!, Justice League
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 15 Aug 1996 Played By Chuuko
Height: 5'7" Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: Fly Like a Eagle

Character Info


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Lt. Shayera Thal, decorated hero of the Thanagarian Wingman Corps, is more popularly known on Earth as Hawkwoman. Sent to Earth as part of a cultural exchange to heal the lingering wounds of the Invasion, Hawkwoman studies police procedure and strives to defend the people of Earth as she would Thanagar itself. With her signature feathered wings, stylized hawk helmet, ancient mace, and bright green and yellow costume, one could be forgiven for wondering what connection this hero from another world might have with the legacy of some of Earth's greatest champions throughout history.


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* 1996: Thanagarian Minister of Defense Andar Pul has a secret affair with Shayera, the young adult daughter of Administrator Thal Porvis. In order to avoid scandal in two politically connecting families, the child is born in secret and sent to an orphanage in the Downside.
* 2008: Shayera is killed in a terrorist bombing. In his grief, Thal Porvis has her daughter recovered from the orphanage. The girl is given the name of his daughter, Shayera Thal, and raised as his own in the Towers.
* 2011: The Thanagarian Empire joins with the Dominators in the Alliance that invades Earth, only to be repulsed by the Justice League and Earth's heroes.
* 2014: In defiance of her adopted father, Shayera joins the Thanagarian Military Acadamey and trains to become a Wingman.
* 2018: Shayera graduates from the Academy with honors and is assigned a patrol in some of the worst areas of the Downside at her own request.
* 2019: As an Ensign, Shayera and her partner uncover and expose a corrupt Commander in the Wingman ranks.
* 2021: After the election of a new High Mor, and a decade after the Invasion, Thanagar sends a Diplomatic Envoy to Earth to attempt to open normalized relations.
* 2022: A distinguished Lieutenant in the Wingman Corps, Shayera is assigned to the Diplomatic Envoy and tasked with working with Earth's law enforcement and superheroes in an effort to smooth over relations between the two worlds.

IC Journal

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If there is a fine line between brace and foolhardy, Shayera lives on that edge. She won't hesitate to put herself in harm's way for a just cause and never seems to back down from a challenge, no matter the threat. Whether it comes from supreme confidence in her abilities or an insatiable need to prove herself, Shayera never lets fear stand in her way.

Guardian Angel:
Having spent part of her formative years as an orphan in the Downside, Shayera can empathize with those who feel helpless or innocent people in danger. She has no tolerance for those who prey on or exploit the less powerful. Threatening someone weaker, espercially a child, is the fastest way to set off Shayera's temper. While she can be violent and even ruthless in battle, she maintains an awarenss of innocent bystanders and will go out of her way to protect them from harm.

Shayera is the definition of willful. When she makes up her mind, she is rarely swayed from a course of action. Although she comes from a highly regulated and disciplined society, she frequently tests, bends, and can even outright break rules and conventions. When she expresses an opinion, it is usualy direct and blunt with little nuance or equivocation.

While Shayera is slow to trust, once she bonds with someone she is fiercely loyal and protective. She will go to great lengths to defend her friends and will stand by them, right or wrong. She wouldn't hesitate to put her life or reputation on the line in order to help out someone she cares about.

Even on Thanagar, Shayera was torn between worlds. The elite society of the Towers would never let her forget her humble beginnings; Downsiders resented the advantages and social station granted by her adoptive family. Serving with her wing-mates in the Corps was the closest she ever felt to fitting in: once the blasters start firing, where you came from matters a lot less than what you can do. On Earth, she feels even more out of place. She is not a diplomat, she is not a Terran, and she is certainly not a superhero --no matter how they make her dress up. She is constantly wondering who she really is and where she belongs.

To say Shayera can be prickly is an understatement. Words are weapons, and she deploys them lethal precision. She has a talent for getting under people's skin and when she is on the attack, her words can be as sharp as talons. Among friends, this takes the form of playful teasing and jovial banter, expecting to get back as good as she gives. In some ways, it is as if she is perpetually testing those around her, giving them an excuse to turn on her if they can't be trusted.

Character Sheet


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Labyrinthine Mind:
Raised in a culture that values grand schemes and secrets within secrets, Thanagarians are careful to keep their deep thoughts hidden. This trait is enhanced by frequent use of Absorbascon technology to telepathically learn new skills and information and even plant artificial memories in their minds. Consequently, Thanagarian minds can be extremely difficult to read with a casual telepathic scan. A skilled or powerful telepath can navigate the maze of thoughts and memories that make up a Thanagarian's mind, but it takes concerted effort and can often be uncomfortable for both the subject and the reader.

Thanagarian Physiology:
Due to higher gravity and thousands of years of selective breeding and genetic modification under Polaran rule, Thanagarians are blessed with physical advantages that make them ideal soldiers and gladiators. Thanagarians are roughly four times as strong and durable as a human of similar size and fitness with a comparable increase in reaction time. They are also able to recover from injuries in a quarter of the time of humans. Thanagarian sight and hearing is also enhanced, with ranged vision comparable to that of a raptor and directional hearing comparable to an owl. Upon reaching physical maturity, Thanagarians age at roughly a quarter the rate of humans; combined with their advanced medical technology, it is not uncommon for a wealthy Thanagarian to live hundreds of years.


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Aerial Maneuvers:
Thanagarians pride themselves on their wings, and mastery of the skies is expected and admired in Thanagarian society. Shayera took this lesson to heart and dedicated herself to mastering the art of flying, becoming one of the most adept aerialists in the Wingman Corps. She is as comfortable in the sky as on the ground and can easily execute complex and dangerous maneuvers. In combat, she makes use of altitude and mobility to maximize any tactical advantage her wings can provide.

Combat Training:
Shayera is a graduate of the Thanagarian military academy and has studied martial arts and marksmanship for as long as she can remember. Combined with a natural aptitude for fighting, her skill with firearms, melee, weapons, and hand to hand combat is formidable and there are only of handful of warriors on Thanagar who can match her martial skills.

As a wingman working the Downside beat, Shayera has extensive training and practice in investigating crimes and parsing clues. She can follow a trail of evidence and has a keen eye for spotting leads.

Due to Thanagar's advanced technology, Shayera grew up around a wide range of aerial vehicles and is a skilled pilot of both civilian and military vehicles. She is as comfortable piloting a craft in an atmosphere as she is in space. Ironically, because of the Thanagarian reliance on flying or hovering vehicles, she has little experience with land-based transportation.

Through the use of the Absorbascon, Shayera learned a number of language in addition to her native Thanagarian en route to Earth. She is able to read and speak fluent English, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, French, and Spanish. As longtime adversaries, Shayera, like most in the Wingman Corps, learned the basics of the Asgardian language in the academy, but she is far from fluent in it.

Growing up as an orphan in the Downside gave Shayera firsthand knowledge about how tougher areas in the shadows operate. Her time as a Wingman has only enhanced those early lessons. While Earth is very different from Thanagar, she has an understanding of how criminal organizations and individuals operate.

Shayera has a sharp mind and a keen awareness of her surroundings and she often puts those attributes in service to developing tactical strategies. While not an especially remarkable long-term planner, she has extraordinary situational awareness and can often turn the tide of an encounter by finding and exploiting an opponent's weakness. She knows her way around a battlefield and how to best deploy a team of soldiers in a wide range of environments and situations.


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Diplomatic Envoy:
The Thanagarian Diplomatic Envoy provides Shayera with all of the resources she needs to survive on Earth: food, housing, clothing, and a top notch PR team. The Envoy and a team of Terran public relations specialists have carefully designed her costume, work the press, provide her with vetted answers to anticipated questions, and work to construct the image of Hawkwoman as a hero of Thanagar and friend of Earth.

Family Ties:
Shayera comes from an extremely influential and well-connected family on Thanagar. Her adoptive father, Thal Porvis, is a high ranking Administrator of Justice who is inseparable from his closest ally, the Minister of Defense, Andar Pul. Her adoptive mother, Hyanthis, is a much feared harpy in the high society of the Towers. While her family would not overly endanger their positions in her defense, they are willing to pull strings on Shayera's behalf, whether she wants it or not. Her mission on Earth is a direct result of Andar Pul's influence-something he is quick to remind Shayera of at any opportunity.

Hawk Helmet:
A symbol as much as a tool, Shayera's stylized helmet contains a number of enhancements designed to optimize her versatility in operations. The helmet houses a full communications suite that lets her broadcast on a wide range of open and encrypted radio channels. Retractable lenses in the helmet allow for thermal and low-light vision. A limited oxygen supply allows a Thanagarian operator to function at high altitude or other low oxygen environments for up to 30 minutes.

Thanagarian Arsenal:
Shayera has access to a variety of advanced Thanagarian weapons of war including plasma blasters, plasma rifles, singularity grenades, and shadow field generators. However, her Thanagarian handlers have decided the visual difference between a fully armed Thanagarian Wingman and the superhero persona of Hawkwoman is a significant PR move and so Shayera does not typically carry any of her military weapons. She could access these weapons in a crisis, but she would likely face significant repercussions from her commanders.

Thanagarian War Mace:
Shayera's primary weapon is a Thanagarian War Mace that utilizes Nth Metal for devastating effect. The head of the mace contains a variable setting gravity generator that increases the mass of the mace by as much as twenty times in a nanosecond before impact, resulting in staggering force deployed against the target. In skilled hands, the nigh unbreakable mace can shatter tanks in a single blow and breach fortified bunkers with ease. As much of the mace is forged of Nth Metal, it exploits the mysterious anti-magic properties of that material and can disrupt magic fields and attacks or other effects in the vicinity of the wielder.

Thanagarian Wing Harness:
The signature technology of the Thanagarian Empire, the Wing Harness consists of a belt and wing armor infused with the mysterious Nth Metal. The wing harness enables the wearer to defy gravity, gracefully flying through the air at speeds up to that of a subsonic jet or to hover in place effortlessly. With almost unmatched maneuverability, the wing harness is a marvel to see in skilled hands. As the wing armor is infused with Nth Metal, it is highly durable and can be used to shield the users or others, able to withstand conventional small arms fire without risk and reducing the impact of more powerful weapons with some significant damage.


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Alien Anatomy:
Despite appearing almost identical to humans, Thanagarian physiology has some notable differences and they may respond differently to medications and procedures designed for humans. While not impossible to overcome, a doctor unfamiliar with their anatomy is likely to find themselves challenged trying to provide medical assistance or treating traumatic injuries.

Double Agent:
Like most Thanagarian actions, Shayera's mission on Earth is not what it appears. While she is tasked with winning over the hearts and minds of Earth's heroes and the general population, she is also tasked with learning everything she can about Earth's defenders and their weaknesses. Thanagar is still seething over their humiliating losses during the Dominator's Invasion and they want any weapon they can use against Earth's mightiest protectors. Shayera is extremely uncomfortable with this task, but she is a trained soldier and will dutifully report back to her commanders on what she uncovers-for now. Shayera is slowly learning to admire Earth's superheroes and has a genuine affection for its people. She is secretly torn over how to balance her duty and what she thinks might be the morally just course of action.

Scandalous Secret:
Shayera is secretly the illegitimate daughter of the original Shayera Thal and her father's best friend, Andar Pul. While Thanagarians tend to be fairly sexually liberal, the difference in age, power, and the close relationship of Andar to the Thal family would have proven scandalous and politically damaging should the affair have been uncovered. Shayera is unaware of the controversy of her parentage, but should it ever be exposed, her status on Thanagar could suffer. And, should Andar Pul ever be convinced that Shayera is a liability to his status and power, there would be few limits on what Minister of Defense might do to contain that threat.

Strange Planet:
While Shayera learned the basics of Earth culture and history before arriving, the staggering cultural difference from her home planet leaves her unprepared for many of the nuances. Television and advertising, for example, are completely alien to Thanagarians as are concepts like democracy, civil rights, and participatory government. It is one thing to learn about Earth's cultures in the abstract, but it is another to try to navigate the complexities of society and politics.

Despite the best efforts of her family and years of scolding by her superior officers, Shayera has a notable temper. She can be quick to anger and when she loses her temper things, and people, get broken. While she would never hurt someone smaller or weaker than herself, she is perfectly willing to solve disputes with her fists. If she feels like she is being pushed into a corner or disrespected by a peer or someone in power, she can lash out in extremely unproductive ways. While this anger may comes from a deep-seated insecurity about herself or a passionate defense of those she cares about, it gets her into trouble more often than it solves her problems.



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Shayera Thal has 19 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Hawk and the Rat April 18th, 2023 Shayera catches Caleb using an improvised shooting galery of his making, finds illegal weapons in his stash. His dislike for Thanagarians since the time of 'Invasion!' escalate things, and an arrest attempt follows. Caleb diverts the situation by talking about his ordeal with the Vittorelli family.
Fire from the Heavens: The Flame of Py'tar March 27th, 2023 The League and the allies meet to discuss the Flame of Py'tar and how they will proceed to deal with Despero once and for all. Plans are formulated, decisions made and pasteries consumed.
Fire from the Heavens: Enter Despero March 13th, 2023 The Justice League and their allies comes face to face with the Third Eye at last and are left reeling as the might of Despero is unleashed upon them in his quest to reclaim the Flame of Py'tar. How long will the the League be able to keep the alien despot from reaching his goals?
Fire from the Heavens: Emissaries of The Third Eye March 7th, 2023 To no one's surprise the Kalanorian's latest attempt to reclaim the 'Flame' for their religious despot, the 'Third Eye' meets fierce opposition from the Justice League and assembled protectors of Metropolis. And while the alien armada might prove to be little match for Earth's greatest protectors they are a mere herald for the threat to come...
Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice! February 27th, 2023 Shayera sends werewolf up the river.
A quiet cup of coffee! February 26th, 2023 Coffee and conversation is had by all!
To the Nth Degree February 23rd, 2023 No description
Fire From The Heavens: Harbinger's Warning February 22nd, 2023 Alien spacecraft battle above the skies over Metropolis. But one of them proves to be an alien refugee fleeing his world, bringing warning of a terrible threat from beyond the stars...
=Storytime at the Library February 19th, 2023 The seeds of the animal people revolution are planted. Or, just some storytime and conversation in a library.
=The STAR Labs Heist February 19th, 2023 The Hawks prey on a Kobra in Manhattan.
Say it With Flowers February 15th, 2023 Birds of a feather flock together.
The Hawk Trio break up a bank robbery. February 15th, 2023 After a run in with the new intergang and engaging in a aerial battle with suits that use stolen Stark and Lex Tech the Hawk family emerges victorious.
Who's got the ball February 15th, 2023 Karai steals an Nth metal device from a museum, Belinda mistakes her for someone else, and she draws the attention of Hawkman and Hawkwoman in the process.
Sorcerer's World: Faust's Comeuppance February 13th, 2023 Felix Faust seeks his revenge against the Justice League as his mad ambitions are thwarted. It goes about as well as would be expected.
Catching Up with Shayera February 12th, 2023 Diana and Shayera meet up to discuss Shay's return to Earth, return to the Justice League and what to expect.
Hawk Woman's Hobby February 10th, 2023 = The police eventually come and take the statement of Hawk Woman and the store owner. Turns out these particular criminal were known for robbing game stores for quick and easy cash and resell value on cards.
Officially An Actor February 10th, 2023 Aurora celebrates her newfound status as actress
High Speed Pursuit February 9th, 2023 Heroes respond to a shoot out that ranges through the streets of Brooklyn and up onto Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The fight is stopped, but Vulture swoops down and makes off with the unknown contents that the fight was over.
Commuter Train to Elsewhere Not Here February 7th, 2023 No description


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