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Open Event: Wardrobe Malfunction
Date of Scene: 16 April 2021
Location: American Museum of Natural History
Synopsis: Heroes at a museum exhibit about heroes and villains find the villainous costumes come to life with the powers of their former owners. Also, Trevor had a good time.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Sara Pezzini, Michael Hannigan, Tony Stark, Kate Bishop, Billy Batson, Natasha Cranston, Morrigan MacIntyre, Bruce Wayne, Kaida Connolly, Pepper Potts, Hank Pym, Jimmy Hudson, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, Valeria Richards

Steve Rogers has posed:
The American Museum of Natural History has a more contemporary exhibit opening tonight to great fanfare. 'Heroes and Villains' is an exhibit showcasing 'the history of the heroic' and 'the vagaries of villany'. It spans several display rooms in one wing, with exhibits that showcase some of the earliest known heroes and villains and the events that brought them to public attention, right up to the present.

The exhibit is full of displays of historic items. Costumes of heroes and villains abound, many of them complete and all of them authentic. An original costume from the Comet, the lion's mane outfit of Kraven the Hunter, the Penguin's poison-gas spewing umbrella, one of Miss America's costumes, authentic batarangs recovered from the streets of Gotham, a Doombot, a helmet knocked off Loki's head during the Battle of New York, one of Joker's colorful suits, and an outfit from Spider-Woman, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Guests can enter holographic displays and watch Doctor Doom's attack on the Baxter Building play out as if they were there. They can walk through timelines that show the known history of Captain America, of Superman and Wonder Woman. It is one of the biggest displays of superhero items ever assembled, with donations from many private collectors.

And tonight a gala is being thrown at the museum to celebrate the opening. Half of the proceeds from the exhibit are being donated to help refugees from violence in the Middle East. It is a red carpet affair, yet many tickets were made available to the public as well. Heroes of all types were invited to attend, whether in their costume or civilian clothing, and a few have answered the call. Hollywood stars and starlets vie for the moment on the red carpet as a national cable network is covering the event.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
After several weeks of recovery and required therapy, Detective Sara Pezzini was back to work for the NYPD! It just so happened that her first 'case' was really nothing more than glorified baby sitting, but she was more than happy to lend a hand working security at a large and prestigious event in which the heroes of the world were honored.

Wearing the standard clothing for a detective, nice suit jacket of grey, white button front shirt, comfortable slacks in black, and sensible lace up shoes, Sara begins the event by the entrance to watch as people arrive.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
It is indeed an impressive turnout. While Mike doesn't consider himself a hero. He does know a few and this event seems like a good way to provide some support to them. When he found out that there would be fundraising also tied to it, that gave all the more reason to attend as his rockstar stage and actor persona of Nick Drago. Every bit helps when it comes to drawing attention to a cause right?

His attire is cleaned up as a result. No knitcap or Goodwill esque clothing tonight. Instead his trademark locks are pulled back into a neat ponytail, set low upon the collar of the black suit jacket. A red dress shirt pops in contrast to the comfortably fitted suit.

Holding a glass of some chosen beverage being offered at the gala. Nick Drago is in full professional mode. Smiling politely to a local politician talking his ear off about one of his kids who is big on superheroes and vampire movies. You can guess where Nick plays into that topic.

Tony Stark has posed:
Laughter and cheers are suddenly set off in one of the Avenger's areas. The hologram of Iron Man having a brawl with multiple enemies in front of a circle of various items was being enjoyed by a group ... who have now realized that the hologram concealed the arrival of the flashy hero himself, in one of the older Iron Man mark suits.

The hologram continues around them, depicting real footage from a different heroic incident, while Tony playfully begins his meet and greet, shaking hands casually despite the armor, and flashing a wink across to Pepper. See? Fun.

The armor will not be staying at the musuem - there's no actual display for it - but there are a number of tech options, stations with VR experiences, that Stark provided instead. There's even a display for one of the villains specific to a vendetta against Stark, Whiplash, present, though the focus is mostly on heroic items in that area, not glamorizing villainy.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Honestly going to a high profile New York event in a Museum would be risky for Kate Bishop in costume. If it was anything other than this event. Her father despises Superheroes a lot and is intensely unlikely to attend this Gala. Her sister and brother in law tend to go the direction of the family Patriarch on these issues so they are unlikely to be here too.

There is of course some risk that some reporter who works the New York Gala beat may squint at the Titan's Archer and wonder, but that is a risk she takes pretty much every day she heads out in costume. Someday this will all fall down.

So here she is, in costume, with her full kit of equipment including bow/sword/batons/etc., come to represent the Titans if none of the others show up. She knows they all got the invite, there is a small exhibit on the history of the Titans which have not had a small role over the course of the last several years from Doomsday to Zod and everything in between.

Also Kate is a sucker for the Avengers and wants to check out their exhibits too.

The teen archer heads that way, wanting to see the Old Man Hawkeye Exhibit.

Steve Rogers has posed:
At the start of the section on the history of Steve Rogers stands a display case with Captain America's original costume. It also holds his original shield, a metal one with the flat top and point at the bottom, though painted in a patriotic way.

Behind to one side are uniforms from various Howling commandos, while on the other side are authentic clothing and costumes from the Red Skull, Baron Helmut Zemo, Baron Strucker and others that Captain America fought in the war, and after.

Steve himself arrived at the gala, just wearing a normal dark suit, walking up the red carpet with his hands in his pockets while multitudes of flashbulbs went off and photographers called his name. "Thank you for coming out and covering it," Steve says to them, giving a little wave as he walks in, carrying a round leather case. He has to stop and do an interview with a TV crew covering the event before moving further in.

He heads with one of the museum staff to the Captain America display, and unzips the case to reveal his famed, star-spangled, vibranium shield. "Thank you for letting us display it tonight, Captain Rogers," the man says. Steve passes it over. "Glad to be part of a good cause," he says, his smile genuine even if these kind of events are not his normal desired way of spending a Saturday evening. With that done, Steve turns back to the crowd, having to greet many of the guests touring the exhibit as he makes his way over towards Tony's display, a grin growing the nearer he gets.

Billy Batson has posed:
Stark in Armor. William J Batson is weaving through the crowds with the skill of a former pickpocket and is in full speed (as best as one can) for the location of Mr. Stark - camera phone out... Not bothering with audio; that's for later, but calling out just the same.

"Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark! Billy Batson for Super Focused!" as if his podcast had any traction yet. "Mr. Stark, do you have any plans for the next suit you'd be willing to tell people about!?" A little over excited? Yes. But Freddy isn't here, so -someone- has to be too enthusiastic. Thumb casually hovering to tap the mic-unmute if he gets answered.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    As a quiet donor, Natasha of has a VIP pass to the opening. Besides which, she can't quite help but be curious about the 'historical' exhibits. Grandfather had kept out of the public view as best he could, but a decades-long career means some slippage could happen.

    "I think I'll be a while, Benny," she tells her driver as she exits the car. "Feel free to enjoy the sights as well; if anyone asks I'll confirm you as my plus-one."

    Benny chuckles. "You're way too young to be my date, boss, but I ain't turning down that chance."

    Natasha laughs and makes her way to the VIP area, just beside the red carpet. There'll be time enough to indulge familial narcissism later. For now, she'd like to see some of America's greatest heroes up close.

    ... Speaking of narcissism, one of aforesaid heroes appears to already be present and showing off. She applauds politely as she joins the crowd surrounding Tony Stark, waiting patiently for her turn to the greet. "Mr. Stark, very impressive. I believe that's one of your earlier creations you're currently wearing?"

    As Billy starts questioning Tony she smiles and takes a step back, letting the young reporter have his moment...

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Doctor Morrigan MacIntyre is not a superhero, but she's dated one and works with a ton of them. She also runs a school that caters to the not so normal. Not to mention her family are patron's to a lot of the charity that takes place in New York. So the redhead showing up isn't a stretch. Except for the Doctor has recently been 'released' from the hospital. Probably a little overduing it for attending a gala. She's dressed up for this event though, a long sleeved green velvet dress that hits just below the knees and black heels. Jewelry consists of a necklace and earrings that are vintage with diamons and emeralds. Not the usual color she wears, but change is good! Her riot of hair is pinned back from her face and left to fall down her back in fiery red waves.

She's a quiet one in the sea of famous. There's a few smiles for the cameras that do capture her photo though. Once inside she decides that a drink is definitely needed. Liquid courage..or something sugary is going to take some of the edge off.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Of course it is not as if there are not plenty of social events that he garners invitations to in his natural stomping grounds of Gotham City, certainly not so much that he needs to feel obligated to make the trip up to New York for a museum exhibition opening. But this particular exhibit is a little nearer and dearer to his heart then most people would ever guess. It is also the sort of even that might very well attract the wrong sort of attention. So there is Bruce Wayne, wandering through the Gotham Exhibit, a hall of his very own deranged lunatics, looking over the displays.

Of course, there is an ulterior motive as well -- there always is with him afteall. But insuring that nothing on display is too dangerous or needs to be prevented from falling into the wrong hands is probably on the agenda too. They might publish an official list of what is being displayed, but he is well aware that not everything might make it onto the list and sometimes, what others might consider harmless is anything but.

While his alter ego did not make any sort of donation, there is of course assorted miscellanea -- lost batarangs and the like -- along with a rather extensive list of displays of some of his worst foes. The Joker, the Penguin of course. But a display of an early costume from Scarecrow is disturbingly realistic and while the display of Mr. Freeze's armor and ice gun is clearly fake, they are remarkably well done.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Wow!" The voice that creates that 'wow' is likely not heard by anyone up above. She's not yelling it, she's just esclaiming it as she walks casually through the displays. She idly weaves between feet and people, casually moving along the floor in a fashion that shows she doesn't really care at all who is here or who might see her. She wanted to see the museum! Plus, the advantage to being her size is she can slip right in without even being asked about such silly things like donations or entrance fees or whatever.

"Whoa, that's neat." Kaida runs over casually, cloak moving behind her and hood falling off her head as she approaches where Iron Man is and peers up at him. She considers him carefully, tilting her head this way and that, "I wonder..." She is the interrupted in her thoughts by Billy's arrival and then she spots Steve Rogers.

A little buzz of excitement ruffles up her hair and causes an ear to flip a little as it satelites in his direction.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper is used to the red carpet, mostly. She's the one that walks on the side, after being delivered to the gala via one of the dark, luxury sedans owned by Tony Stark. Upon arrival, the door is opened by be-tuxedoed Happy Hogan, and the red-head emerges in a deep emerald-colored evening dress.

While the era of the flashbulb has almost completely passed, there are some flickers of light as Pepper walks the carpet, smiling and offering greetings and light handshakes to those hosting the event. She knows them by name, having discussed at least Tony's display deeper within the museum. All the planning has finally come to fruition!

Once in the Avenger's area, Pepper is standing to the side, her clutch purse held in one hand, glass of wine in the other as she watches the guests playing with the VR. It's Tony's arrival that gains a bright smile, and with his acknowledgment, she offers an upnod. He's looking quite handsome this evening!

Of course, the questions begin for Tony, and she sidles just a little closer, offering up a small measure of support.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara has a brief taste of this sort of life, the pomp and circumstance of high society and their galas. It may have been very brief, but it was more than enough for the New York born Italian. This was not her kind of party to attend, which is reason number two that she is glad to be working and not an actual attendee.

Beginning to move slowly through the crowd, watching people as they begin to look at exhibits and rush the more famous heroes, her eyes maintain a constant vigil for signs of trouble from as many angles as possible. There was no way she could watch every exit, every exhibit, every person, but the other officers present and herself were all linked via comm and remained in constant contact with one another to ensure coverage for all present. The New York Police department was behing this exhibit and wanted those in attendance to have a good time.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Pale blue eyes glance up, spotting the woman in the green velvet dress to which Nick Drago's smile strengthens. Once he's sure Morrigan's looking his way. He gives a tilt of his chin in greeting. Anything more than that would probably be dismissive of the politician before him.

A brow raises as he catches glimpse of a certain small figure that had been the topic of conversation with Morrigan. He looks back to Morrigan and tilts his head in indication of the direction of Kaida. Look who it is!

Tony Stark has posed:
"It is; a four if we're counting. With the rate of progress, looks pretty ancient, doesn't it. I'm already missing all my new features. ...Still not as old as our Captain, though: he can keep that fame," Tony says conversationally to Natasha, voice amplified by the suit even as the helmet then slides up and back to reveal his face and mock-serious expression aimed past Natasha at Steve. He adjusts forward to physically meet Steve Rogers, with a strong clap to back that's only possible due to the suit: but nothing that would actually knock the super-soldier over, either.

The teenager bolting up to Tony doesn't phase or startle him, and he smiles back. "'Super Focused', huh," Tony repeats, a soundbite which may launch Billy's podcast into sudden fame shortly. "Sure thing, kid. Some massive improvements to the HUD and control are big boosts coming up; these VR experiences here tease a little bit of it, and how it applies to things beyond supersuits - medical use, training programs, and so on, for the other hardworking uncostumed heroes around the world."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers doesn't hear Kaida's comments unfortunately, though he is going to be passing by an exhibit she could scamper up to be noticed if she chose. Instead, Steve is stopping just outside of the holographic Iron Man exhibition. "I kind of remember a few more hits on Iron Man. Maybe a few, 'JARVIS, is he allowed to do that?' comments," Steve says towards Tony with a grin, though not moving nearer yet so he doesn't interrupt those who are meeting or seeking autographs from the famed inventor and industrialist.

When Tony comes over Steve chuckles and claps Tony back on the shoulder. "Well they managed to drag me out here. I don't know if Janet is going to make it or not though," he says, glancing around. "Could have done without seeing Red Skull's outfits though, truth be told."

Hank Pym has posed:
'Yellow Jacket --Villain or Hero?'

The words hit Hank like a brick.

The YellowJacket (no space thanks!) suit was his best work. When he updated it to the current Fire Ant model, making a facsimile of the earlier model seemed expedient. He'd been /wearing/ the damned thing out of necessity the last few weeks. He wore it helping the Avengers with that baby Cthulhu for god sake.

"This... they don't know me. I wanted to help out here and they... they put me right next to Doom? F*** this!" He snags a drink off of a passing server's tray and knocks it back. Then his hand reaches out to grab the case. Break the glass? Implode it into a micro world?

"They have no right. I fought mad gods, lunatic despots and monsters... why am I always judged by my worst day?!" He takes his hand away and starts walking to the exit. He can at least leave with some dignity.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's violet gaze flicks over certain things and there's a bit of a moment where she has to look back at Nick and there's a smile and a wave to him. She didn't want to interrupt his conversation. When he tilts his head in the direction of Kaida the woman eyes squint for a moment and then her smile grows, "Oh there she is." she muses. She gives a soft nod to Nick though and doesn't go rushing over to the mouse. She had another place to go look first.

The ginger arrives at one of the displays and looks over them with a softer smile. She'd never had a chance to look over things like this before and this was a learning experience for a lot of people.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers passes behind Hank Pym on his way over to see Tony Stark. As he walks by, he says quietly, "Language."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate stops in front of the Hawkeye display sizing it up, looking at the various things recovered and donated. Following the history that mentions both SHIELD and the Avengers. The Battle of New York. Other epic Avengers fights and missions.


She stops though at a part of the exhibit which has a picture of her and Old Hawk fighting the Shocker together in New York. She slow tilts her head a bit to the side there studying it. "I am not his Sidekick!" she exclaims without really meaning too out loud.

The insult though is pretty severe.

"I mean.. mentee sure. Borrower of arrows.... maybe. But .. sidekick.. that implies he is a better archer." which is the crux of it really for her. She just huffs lightly. ".. Maybe the Titan exhibits are more accurate."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha's eyes light up just a bit as she sees Captain America come over - not that she's alone in that reaction. "Captain Rogers. I'd heard rumors you were attending, but it's still an honor to meet you in the flesh. My grandfather always spoke highly of you." She reaches out for a brief handshake, unwilling to monopolize too much of the Captain's valuable and greatly sought-after time...

Steve Rogers has posed:
Over at the entrance, a TV commentator is interviewing people, and talking to the camera about attendees in between arrivals. "And I see Tony Stark has made an appearance over in the Avengers area. The bulk of the exhibits are authentic, but this is a chance to see the man himself wearing the Iron Man armor," she says.

"And I see a number of celebrities here. Coby Ward is here with Jangelina Olie, leading lady of his latest film, 'Cold Heat'. And over there I think I see none other than Bruce Wayne showing up to support the event, which as I mentioned, has proceeds going to help refugees of Middle Eastern violence," she tells the camera. "And who do we have here! I see the star villain of the CW's new hero series, 'Capes'. None other than Trevor Slattery!"

A man in his older years, with slightly greying hair and an obnoxiously long beard walks up, with three ladies in revealing dresses on his arms. Trevor is in a deep purple velvet suit, and wearing sunglasses with gleaming gold lenses, and some kind of sparkling jewels at various spots on the frames. They really stand out, flashing in the lights. "Ahoy hoy!" he calls over to the TV personality. Trevor's words are just slightly slurred as if he's already started the party before getting here.

"So Mr. Slattery, you're drawing great praise for your portrayal on 'Capes' of a villain known only as 'The Dark'," she says. Wherever else she was going to take the question, Trevor cuts her off.

"That's right luv. Finally a role I can spread my wings," he says. "Director knew a handsome lad when he saw one. Pulling off handsome and dark at once? That's why it's an artform, luv. Art."

The woman grins to him and says, "And now you're here where your art is imitating life with all of the hero and villain disp-"

"Right. Right right," Trevor says, swaying just a bit until one of the women with him helps him regain his balance. "I thought maybe they put this together for my show. But I guess not. Still a great to come to with my lovely birds," he says, turning his attention to the three women with him. "With three birds like this in my limo we definitely did a tour of the city. And I am NOT talking about bloody New York if you know what I mean!" Trevor says.

The TV hostess gives a polite laugh and says, "Well we hope you enjoy the exhibit, Trevor Slattery."

Trevor waves a hand a bit drunkenly and says to that camera. "Be sure to watch my show. The Trevor Slattery show. No it's not called that," he says. One of his escorts says, "Capes." Trevor nods. "Yes, right. Capes. Just remember me. Trevor Slattery. Or as my new marketing manager mandates I go with," he says before giving a flourish of his hand, "Trev." And he and the three women walk off into the crowd.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper is just to the periphery of Tony's circle, her smile remaining bright, and the warmth there when she catches Steve as he moves through the exhibit to get to Tony. "Steve," is given in greeting, though she doesn't give much more, though she does offer her own words of support to the Captain, "I'm sure she'll be by." It's for a good cause, after all.

The wine is sipped only occasionally, green eyes looking out into the audience, catching those whom she does recognize. One, two.. more.. it is certainly a good turnout.

Billy Batson has posed:
An enthusiastic shake of his head, listening to Tony's explanation, brows knitting and Freddy's voice in the back of his head, "Do you mean training programs for police and fire departments?" the next part sounding like he's piecing together bits he's practiced before, "Would Stark Industries be aiding with the cost of implementing some of these sorts of programs?" pause, blink... Billy takes a deep breath.

Then another.

He had to fight Dr. Sivanna, why is it so hard to speak with Tony Stark.

Because you're talking and trying not to look stupid. You aren't fist fighting him.

"There are smaller communities that could use it as much as the larger - but the fear of cost would keep them away. This also would continue to cement fears of Stark Industries maintaining an arms program, even if meant to train people to protect other people or medical specialists to heal others." swallow. "Has Stark Industries ever considered funding for Foster and Adoption programs in addition to military, paramilitary and uhhh... uhm." No no no... deep breath... Wisdom... why can't he call on the WISDOM!? "Uhh... Medical aid?" a bit of a squeak at the end. Maybe he didn't sound like a robot?

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"Would it be okay if I got a picture with you? My son would love that."

Nick looks back to the politician that is already readying his phone. He knows the start of a picture collecting frenzy when he sees it. That man will probably try to get a shot with every celebrity in the room. "Sure." He replies, "A picture will be fine. "

Encouraged the politician turns, waving over the nearest person. "Excuse me. Can you take our picture?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Kaida smiles up at the various people she recognizes. She blinks as she hears some voice get all upset or angry about something when she spots none other than Hank Pym. She blinks slowly at him before tilting her head and racing up to by his foot and then scrambles up a nearby wall and waves, "Hey, Dr. Pym! Big Fan!" She then leaps to an opposing wall and blinks and stops, "Sorta." And then she's off at a pace that is fairly incredible given her size. Hard to keep up with that one.

Of course, ya know, Hank could just be seeing things. That did appear to maybe be a talking mouse or something. Either way, that girl scrambles her way on to a display case and then leaps up on to an eave overlooking the Iron Man displays and to get a closer look at the flying armor before she skids down a column right near Steve Rogers, "Hey Captain America, you're awesome!" The small voice states in passing and then once more then mouse girl is gone. Sure, someone might get upset that a mouse is here but it's going to be awfully difficult for anyone to have time to point at her given her speed, even as she slides under another display to hide again.

Tony Stark has posed:
"You're suggesting I /might/ edit footage to suit a more exciting narrative? That I might cut out parts where things are dull or boring? Yep. All the 'greatest hits' are there, though," Tony chats to Steve, with a slight wince as one of the Iron Man holograms in the back gets blasted hard by something. "Maybe we could do another director's cut. Still, better to remember all of that. Even if Red Skull's hard to look at?" Tony shrugs just a little, his armored suit muting the physical gesture.

"No Janet? Ah well. Hope she does," votes the Avenger, but he's mostly unconcerned and wouldn't give the Wasp a hard time about it either way.

Tony is multitasking conversations, but isn't ignoring Billy. There's some distraction there, of course - but the man is good at managing a lot of things at once, so the distracted quality may be misleading. A mild, sly smile grows as Billy struggles with his words, but there's no pity there, just a quiet amusement. "We /do/ have a number of programs in the works. Ms. Potts is spearheading at least one," Tony observes, deftly pulling his assistant into the conversation for details.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks up and at Steve as he passes by. "Language..."

"This is all right with you, then. Figures," he says softly, barely a whisper. His hand falls on the plaque and it dwindles to nothing. He twitches out of his overcoat, showing his Fire Ant suit. The coat is thrown to the side as he shrinks and flits up onto the top of the case, out of sight and then to the rafters. Just catch his breath and he is gone from here.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers hears someone compliment him, turning over and not managing to get a reply back to Kaida before she's scurried off, literally, down the column. "I think, I just got greeted by a mouse," he says with that look of consternation that he has gotten hundreds, maybe thousands of times since he woke from the ice.

He turns back though as Pepper and Natasha Cranston are addressing him. "Pepper, you look lovely. Truly deserving of the words 'Tony's better half,'" he tells the woman with the strawberry blond hair.

Steve greets Natasha then with, "Your grandfather?" he repeats. "You are... Ms. Cranston, I believe? You were in some footage with Wanda, helping with relief efforts in Genosha if I remember right? Thank you for doing that," he tells her.

Tony's response draws a small grin from Steve. "Wow, it really has had quite the turnout, hasn't it?" he says. No matter how much attention he gets, it still seems to surprise him how people react to those they've dubbed superheroes.

Others? They just soak it up. Trevor Slattery might not be a hero or a villain, but thanks to his new show, he's famous. He wanders through the crowd, looking at the Gotham exhibit. "It's so... drab and dreary," he says with a wave of his hand towards one of the cases. "Though this one," he says, stopping in front of Joker's outfit, hand going to square away his golden, jeweled sunglasses as he looks at it. "I like this cat's style. Batman, should have sequins, you know? Nothing like a gleaming bat- oh drinks!"

Trevor's thoughts fall out of his head as a waiter passes with a tray of champagne. He claims five, three for his 'birds' and two for himself.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Keeping a slow, almost meandering pace as she makes her way through the people, Sara will on occasion pause to look an exhibit over, but that's not her purpose so the glance is quick. Not being the 'out in the open' hero type, it was nice to see that whose who were got their due. Many had sacrificed more than time to the cause, some had given their lives, other still were scarred, both physically and mentally. It was alright to be an average person and be a 'fan', but most people had no idea the cost that was truly paid. So many suits lost.

Passing by the Avenger exhibit, she offers Steve a brief nod and smile as she passes, he being the one she met, but she continues on her way and her duty for the evening.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy decided that it might not be a bad idea to find out a little more about the world he's been thrust into lately, so hopped in his car and headed down to New York for the opening of the exhibit. He's nobody famous, but it's open to the public, so he buys his ticket and wanders in, looking over the displays as he goes.

He's not really the type to pester the famous superheroes in attendance, so he simply contents himself with a couple cameraphone shots of Cap and Iron Man as he walks through the Avengers portion of the display. Probably unlike a lot of people who are here for the chance to spot heroes, he's actually paying attention to the information the exhibits are giving.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's gaze studies the displays as she walks along at a leisurely pace. This was a good way to not get into trouble. Or shot again. She gives a smile to a few people that pass her and recognize her, but she goes on with her perusing of things. The woman had tried to avoid Falcon's display, but, here she was staring at a picture of Sam with a bit of a sad look crossing her features for a few seconds.

She takes a breath and shakes it off before moving on when a large group pushes that way. She gives a look around and locates Hank's area...but he's no where to be found for the moment. Though the coat on the ground makes her look around before she bends to pick it up and she shakes it gently, "Doctor Pym are you hiding in here?" she whispers. Then she's walking off to go check the coat. Because he's obviously not in need of it!

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Some might express some concern about exhibits like this. That it glorifies the worst amongst them as well as the best. That it is too close to a celebration of some of the worst monsters in the history of humanity. Even as Bruce Wayne he is pretty good at playing things close to the vest, to give away nothing but what he chooses to do, what he plans to. This is really no different. Still, as he drifts in amongst the displays. "I'm not sure everyone would agree with you," he says quietly as he pauses in his slow survey, stopping near Trevor for just a moment. "I'm not sure that dressing up as a clown and committing atrocities is particularly stylish," he notes blandly.

Of course, who is he to criticize these sorts of exhibits. Certainly no one who had seen the Batcave would ever stand for it. Though it fairness that was never entirely his idea. While there are many benefits to the string of youthful partners he has trained up, it has meant the occasional... compromise. Even Batman doesn't get his way all the time.

"You're probably not the only one who has ever found Batman's sense of style a little... dour however," Bruce allows, a little more flippant. A little more in keeping with the image he has cultivated. Because really, when you're stalking across the rooftops and through the alleyways of Gotham, dodging gunfire, what you really want is a sequins outfit.

Everyone's a critic.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As the phone is taken by one of the passerbys, the politician gives a brief introductory course on how to hit the circle with the camera icon on it in order to take a picture. "...So once you line up your shot, you hit that button there. Take three in case one is blurry. Thank you."

Nick shifts aside as the man bounces back next to him, reaching an arm around him like they were the bestest of buds. Nick keeps his hands down, polite smile show to the camera as he watches the grimace of the person holding the phone as they tap tap away on the button. Awkward...

Once pictures are taken. Nick Drago is given a handshake before the man takes back his phone and scoots off to grab even more celebrity photos.


Nick takes a sip of his previously neglected drink, glancing around for his friends.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha smiles widely. "Natasha, please. 'Miss Cranston' makes me feel older than I really want to be," she replies with a musical chuckle, a hint of teasing mischief glittering in blue eyes.

    She nods at the mention of Genosha. "It was my privilege," she replies. "What good is power when you don't use it to help those in need?"

    As if to contradict her unexpectedly solemn statement, she suddenly reaches out and snatches a champagne glass off the tray of a passing waiter. "But I shouldn't monopolize your time. I'm sure you'll have a lot of people clamoring for your attention tonight. Do try to have a good time yourself as well, Captain Rogers..."

    With that, she turns and wanders off, meandering through the exhibits in the vague direction of the historical ones.

    She passes by the Gotham exhibit just in time to overhear Bruce's comments. "I'd say someone who has risked their lives to save only God knows how many people over the years have the right to be just as dour as they wish to be, wouldn't you agree?" she comments, sipping her glass and looking from Bruce to Slattery and back as if for introductions...

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate gives a couple of other guests who looked at her during her outburst a look. "What. I'm not his sidekick." with dry matter of factrness there.

There is then a sigh and she starts to make her way out of the Avengers area to find the Titans exhibits. Filtering into them she starts with the formation of the team, all the way through the Haitus with Doomsday and the deaths. "Well. This was at least done respectfully." staring at the exhibits which in part are a bit like a memorial.

Bruce Banner has posed:
And that's when Banner shows up in a cheap gray suit and slacks. It's slightly wrinkled to boot. He takes a sip from a small flask before entering the party proper. Crowds make him tense and he's going the extra mile to stay loosened up.. just not too loose.

Spotting several people he is acquainted with, or friends with sets him a bit at ease. He makes a beeline towards Stark, giving the other Bruce a nod as he passes by, "Tony remind me again why I come to these things..?"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper smiles under the compliment, her freckled cheeks pinking. "Thank you, Steve."

It's the young journalist, however, that does gain her attention, and as the questions rise to Tony, it's more her arena to answer them; she's the go-to on several of those very points.

"I'm not entirely certain this is the most appropriate of places to go into a deep discussion of this," she begins, her tones gentle but very professional. The smile remains, reaching those green eyes of hers. "But, Stark Industries, and the Maria Stark Foundation both hold stake in the development of not only the larger civic organizations in the city, but also the smaller. In some cases, yes, we do go to the individual levels. In the last couple of years, I am sure you're aware that Stark Industries has gotten out of the weapons side of business and instead is focusing on technology, on green, renewable energy. To that end, we support the high schools with their tech programs, teaching and encouraging them to think globally but act locally."

Steve Rogers has posed:
The English actor turns towards Bruce Wayne. He looks away, then back to him, eyes just visible behind those golden shades of his. "Oh my. Bruce Wayne isn't it!" he asks Bruce. "Should talk to you about advertising. My show is really taking off," he says assuredly. "Still, people love clowns, right?" he asks. Whigh gets a shake from one of his escort's heads. Trevor seems to take a few moments to sort that out. "Oh right. Creepy clowns. That was a thing wasn't it?" he says. "Well, yes, Batman. I mean, who wouldn't think he'd look better with maybe a few racing stripes down the legs. Like Liverpool's old unis," he says, giving Bruce's chest a little nudge with the back of his hand. "Right, birds, lets see more and mingle. I must be seen."

Giving a nod towards Bruce Wayne, Trevor Slattery and escorts leave behind Joker's outfit, though Trevor's deep purple velvet suit definitely isn't far from that aesthetic. He wanders through the crowd, drinking two glasses of champagne and switching an empty out for a fresh one as they move past a display with the origins of Wonder Woman. "Too bad that one isn't here," he says to his girls as they continue on. A costume from the Green Goblin just gets a glance from behind his sunglasses. "See, the problem with that is, it's too seasonal. Halloween, sure, the merchandise sales are there," he says, voice slurring. "But what about the rest of the year?"

As they reach the Captain America exhibit, Trevor starts to wave a hand at a display, and slops champagne in doing so. He hands the flute off to free his hand, and waves again. "See now this bloke," he says of Baron Helmut Zemo's display, Trevor's exotic sunglasses flashing in the lights as he looks at it. "Look at that mask. What's the good of that? You can't even see. His. Bloody. Face. How are you going to get famous and get recognized that way?"

One of his ladies says, "I think maybe that's the point for a villain in a mask?"

Trevor turns back to stare at Zemo's mask again. "Oh, right," he says before turning to the woman. "Fancy you the smart one!" he tells her, gathering the ladies up again and continuing on. He's making his way through the exhibits, more as an excuse of something to do while he drinks, than anything.

Billy Batson has posed:
Remember what was written. Remember what wha haw huwha hawhhh... Goggle eyed when Pepper steps up to him, "Holy moly..." Now he must become Tony's rival... about twoish years. Enjoy them while you can, Stark.

"I know I'm not... you know a big paper or magazine or news website. But is it possible - I could try to talk with someone from Stark about more of this... from a ground level uh... perspective?" swallow, try to remember the right words, Billy. Because that's Pepper Potts. "Even if it's just a sort of long range chat later on? I mean." adjusting focus now and using the time, "You and Mr. Stark are busy people. But if someone could maybe give a few words later to Super Focused - like you said. Too deep for the ahh.. uhrm... The venue?" is that the right word?

Stop staring Billy.

Nope. Gonna stare. Keep it chin-up though buddy. Don't want to get shot with a repulsor.

"I promise, no agenda. Just more information without looking for sound bytes, you know?" is he red? Probably redder than the suit he wears when he's the other guy. A brief glance, reflective surface. Smooth Billy.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy spends a little time on the Genosha portion of the exhibit, and the stuff about mutants in general, trying to get a read on the general timeline as the public sees it. He's got access to some inside info on the whole thing, but wants to see the general public's outlook on the whole thing, at least as translated by the museum display.

After a while, he gravitates towards the Avengers section again.. it seems to have the most going on, so why not poke around and see what there is to see? Watching Tony get interviewed and Pepper smoothly step in to field the question gives him a little grin, he's seen that kind of dynamic before.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Well, this is for charity, so /hopefully/ you are here to support that," Tony supplies to Banner without any hesitation, and direct teasing, pleasant to his fellow Avenger and friend. "If you're also here to remember why we do all of this, could be that. Or to get your picture taken with me?"

Tony chuckles a little, then, and upnods towards some reporters. He's ready for some photography, and lightly attempts to steer the introverted Banner towards that too. Being in Tony's immediate circle tends to be a spotlight area at these events: not a location for wallflowers!

Tony's also looking on towards Pepper's explanation to the reporter teen, with a smile curving the left side of his lips and goatee.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's violet gaze is amused as she rifles through Hank's coat pockets, that is until she finds the drug bottle and she quickly tucks that back into the pocket. Just in case he needs those. She makes sure the coat is safely away though before she turns to head back into things. She stepped back out and made her way back over towards the Avenger's displays. Maybe Doctor Druid had one. Or she could read up on new ones.

She does manage to spot Billy. Oh no. That kids in deep. But she doesn't go to save him. She stands on the outskirts of the group, an amused twinkle in her violet gaze. She gives a dip of her head to Bruce Banner and others in greeting, but she didn't look like she was here for an autograph.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Peeking out from her spot, Kaida smiles at all the people only to blink at the sight of Hank Pym shrinking and then going up to the top of a display. She stops when she spots Morrigan, thinking of going to say hello to her but she wants to not miss an opportunity to say hello to Dr. Hank Pym. So, she races up to the top of said display and casually creeps up toward Hank cause she isn't sure how he'll react and she's fast but he's a super person and so...anyway. She slips up near enough to him to wave a paw like hand, "Uh, hi." She states and then tilts her head to Hank Pym before looking in the direction of that plaque and then at the coat and Morrigan before back to Hank.

"Hi, I'm Kaida, yes, I'm small, yes I'm kinda a mouse but anyway big fan of your work and just wanted to really say hi now that you're small and also why are you up here cause people are excited to see super peoples and such and you are up here and not down there which is where you should be cause you can be and I can't be and honestly you're being a bit of a downer and maybe it is true you shouldn't meet your heroes but ya know you are kinda one and so ya know, hi but yeah, what's going on?" And yes, that was all one sentence and it was said rather quickly but that's what you get!

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards wanders the room, amicably chatting with any he encounters. Escorting Valeria, "Well, yes, getting our reputatio. out their is important, building the brand as it were. And being open with public about our endeavors, having that dialogue in addition to the good works. But fun must be had where it can." He cuckles.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
No longer bound by conversation, Nick smiles as he finds Morrigan again. Weaving his way through the crowd, he comes up to the principal, smile less practiced and more of a grin. "Catch a glimpse of our mousey friend?" He asks.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Banner manages a grin at Stark's words and keeps smiling. Smiling is part of his daily routine, he does a lot of it, it's the opposite of frowning after all. Frowning is bad, "Charity, good causes, I can be on board with that. I'm glad to say that I've been doing some good with my brain lately. No 'big guy' needed. It's been nice."

He allows himself to be directed to the 'photography session' currently going on, keeping his smile on, "I can reluctantly admit that it's not completely terrible to get out once in a while."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria finds herself just a touch overwhelmed it seems... or maybe her eyes always have that slightly widened expression as she looks about the gala and takes in attendees, exhibits, and surroundings in general about as swiftly as her brain can process.

She's clearly steeling herself for an evening of socializing and... well, whatever else happens at a gala. She's managed to avoid them so far, but it seems that time's at an end.

She's done her hair up in a loose collection of rings and waves, golden strands drawing the eye, shadowed eyes capturing them. Cheeks are lightly blushed, lips painted a lush pink. She fights back a sigh, and the urge to tug and work at the black dress she chose for the evening, not quite backless, thin straps cling to her svelte shoulders.

She sighs and shakes her head, murmuring dryly to Reed. "I don't know, I think I'd prefer some sort of crisis in deep space or my godfather getting ornery. This is so... structured!"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper always adjusts to the audience, she does. And there isn't a thing here, either in tone or body language that would even begin to suggest that she's shutting the young man down. Instead, she's more than ready to encourage him to greater things; just as she's worked with the schools in the great robot car race project.

Pepper takes the couple of steps forward to stand just at Tony's elbow; they're a team, certainly. "I'm certain I can find you again for the few words to Super Focused. Promise. In fact, I'll be sure that you're the only reporter I speak with tonight." Scoop, he has it.

A glance is given towards Tony, a quick, warm smile before she's happy to sort of go back to listening, the ever present Pepper. She'll be right here as he delivers up Bruce to the photographers...

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym watches the goings on from the head of a statue. "That Trevor guy is grade 'A' @$$#0! He could almost qualify for superhero status." He mutters to himself. "Geep!" He jumps up, bio energy flaring around one hand in a flame like effect. Well he was going with Fire Ant so it seemed fitting to change the visuals of his energy attack. It fades away.

"Please don't do things like that when I am weaponized and having a bad day. Nice to meet you. I heard of you actually." He smiles shyly and extends a hand. "Come on up. Ignore that..." He kicks the one twelfth scale plaque he stole. "It's... bee ess. People come to these exhibits, and see some shaky footage and they think they know us. They don't." He continues his vigil. "I want to be a nicer person, but my God, people are so stupid."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers takes a club soda from a passing waiter as he turns back to those around him. Sara Pezzini passing by gets a return smile and nod from him, though it might not be clear if he remembers her or is being polite. He looks back to Natasha Cranston to say, "I wish that more who had such power felt as you do." He uses his glass to give Natasha a small, appreciative salute.

The sight of a familiar face crossing the room in his gentle way draws a grin from Steve and he moves over to where Tony is greeting Bruce Banner. "Doctor Banner. Really glad that you made it tonight," he says. "It's a good cause. And I figure if it inspires a few people along the way? Well, then we all come out ahead, right?"

The festive mood is suddenly interrupted by the shattering of one of the displays. The supposed to be shatterproof glass around the Helmut Zemo display apparently is shatterproof when stabbed with a sword. The sword wielded by... Zemo's costume?

The costume seems to have come to life, stepping forward. It is filled out as if there is a body inside of it, though the mannequin it was on is left behind in the wreckage of the case.

Baron Zemo wastes no time, darting forward with perfect form, his sword going for the heart of Steve Rogers. Steve turned at the sound of the breaking glass. The super soldier clamps his hands on either side of the flats of the blade, stopping it but not before the tip of the sword has at least scored his chest, leaving a blood trail down his shirt before Steve throws the sword back and steps back to gain more room.

The sound of more shattering displays can be heard. The Green Goblin costume breaks through the glass while his warglider in another case blows the display open and flies out, the Goblin jumping on it and throwing a pair of pumpkin-shaped bombs into the crowd.

The sound of a gunshot is all that presages Joker's case shattering. Only this time, the costume is not full body. The purple suit is filled out like a body were in it, but only the faintest semblance of Joker's head can be seen. Like it were 10% real, one able to see right through his head. That doesn't stop him from laughing in Joker's voice, a comically large pistol in hand. "I didn't even know I was invited to this party. Whatever it is. But let's liven it up a bit!" he exclaims, grabbing a man and kneeing him in the stomach and knocking him to the floor. Joker steps on his wrist and shoots a hole in the man's hand.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Truthfully, Bruce is a bit of an expert in so many various fields. While few people would ever credit it, he speaks a multitude of languages and is well versed in all manner of fields, even outside of criminology and psychology. But when it comes to pop culture? Not somewhere that he expends a great deal of time and effort. Particularly when it comes to those who seem to be famous largely for being famous.

He has no earthly idea of who Trevor Slatterly is and couldn't introduce him if he wanted to. Of course Alfred is a little better about keeping track of such things and even now, in this place he is in contact with the man who is diligently sitting in the Batcave to relay any information that Bruce asks for. But the inebriated man is moving on and by the time he could provide any sorts of introductions he's gone. Which leaves the dark-haired billionaire to merely shrug his shoulders and offer a brief smile Natasha's way.

"I'm afraid I had never met him before, but as a resident of Gotham I felt the need to disagree with his assessment of clowns," he says casually. "Bruce Wayne," he offers up, just as casually before glancing about the nearby exhibits once more. "I was curious to see how they would display my home town, given it's reputation. Perhaps this is why that gentleman was right about one thing. It is rather gloomy isn't it? Perhaps sequins are called for. I mean, who would want to spend all of their time lurking around in shadows? Show off a little. Stop trying to play monster of the night."

Anything else he might have to add is abruptly cutoff as the sound of a gunshot echoes out nearby and the display around the Joker's costume shatters. As the hostly image of his nemesis stands there, Bruce's eyes narrow for just a moment before he makes a show of rapidly backing away.

Tony Stark has posed:
"I won't disagree it's nice to have your big brain around. You should bring it by the Tower again soon. I've a new playground you might find drool-worthy," Tony tempts Banner sleekly, while flippant with the photography. There's a skill to pretending to not be aware of the photography while giving off an air that you're not even aware of them... while holding good angles.

"That said, I'll be a forever fan of your turning green when we most need it, and I won't be swayed on that opinion." Because Hulk can be awesome as often as it is trouble or a PR nightmare...

"Even if--- oh hey," Tony says, abruptly, and physically throws one arm out across Banner defensively, as glass shatters and a Whiplash's electric whip lances out and impacts the shoulder of Tony's armor as he intercepts. "/I'm/ the only one that gets to taze him," Tony says, accusatory, while trying to orient on what is happening as a nemesis comes out of a display case!

Billy Batson has posed:
Private interview.

Pepper Potts.

Private interview -with- Pepper Potts.

"Oh! Holy moly! I. Thank you so much Ms. Potts!" polite but with the proper level of enthusiasm. Remain professional. Meanwhile inside of Billy's head it's a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. All the tiny Billys operating his brain panicking. The captain balled up in his chair just going 'OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!' and the chief operations officer just thrusting his arms in the air and making The Nature Boy WOO! sounds.

Autopilot kicks in, Pepper has stepped over to Tony so Billy steps back for now - they've got work to do bucko... But then now there's chaos as displays come to life. Gunfire, swords, chaos.

"Holy moly." third time in under fifteen minutes. We're going for the record today aren't we? Billy is booking into the crowd, looking for a corner, people not looking at him, people focused on what is happening and not at what is about to happen if he can get snuck behind another display.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate sort of does a meerkat move when there is a gunshot, twisting around from working through the Titan's displays.

Regretfully just having gotten to the reformation of the team where she is mentioned. Thankfully not as Hawkeye's sidekick too. But now.. distraction.

"Joker, Green Goblin, Baron Zemo, and .. Whiplash's costumes are coming alive... or animating. That isn't good." she mutters to herself drawing her sword now. She starts to jog towards Zemo and Cap, mostly because she has always wanted to tangle with Zemo in a sword fight.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a look to Billy as he's trying to use his words to talk to Pepper and the woman has to turn to cover a giggle. Teens. They were adorable. She gives a smile to Nick, "Mister Drago. I did see our mutual freind from the coffee shop. I think she...skittered off somewhere though." she admits. "How goes the schmoozing?" she asks him. She turns though, poised to ask a question of Doctor Banner, but he's being ushered off for photos and there's a look back to Nick, "I wanted to introduce myself, but..."

She's cut off by the sound of glass shattering. Her hands come out in front of her instinctively as she smells blood in the air. Her eyes take on a glow, "Nick, you want to fight or you want to move people to safety." she looks to the others around. Maybe they'd need a few people herding people for the door.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha watches Trevor leave. "... He's certainly... Outspoken, isn't he?" she remarks to Bruce - and that's as far as she gets before gunshots break the chatter. She wastes very little time before screaming in apparent fright, moving away and out of line of shot of the animated costume -- and 'accidentally' panick-throwing her half-full glass directly into where its face would be.

    "What!? What happened? What's going on?" she stammers as she accompanies Bruce in the general direction of Away From Here.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A big blink followed by another big blink, "Wait...wait wait...WAITwaitWAITwaitWAIT!" Kaida stares at Hank Pym before saying, "Wait, you have heard of me?!" She points at herself, seemingly unphased by all the energy flares and what not. She then blinks and then states, "And people have opinions and are jerks. What's new? I mean, hell, I'm a mouse and I know that." Not that she was always a mosue but she is now and so, there you go.

"Listen, I..." She then hears glass crashing, bullets, bombs, the whole thing, "Well, hold that thought." She pulls out her sword, "I got heroing to do."

And she's off. At fifty mph and her size and in this space, she looks like a blur. She leaps from display to display and immediately shoots off one like a bullet aimed right for a bomb, grabbing at it as she flies and then attempting to spin with it and send it sailing back toward the Goblin as she shoots by. She's fast, agile and REALLY REALLY strong...ya know, for a mouse. Hey, when you're 2 lbs, 20 lbs is REALLY strong.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Whether by full conscience thought or by instinct alone, the sound of the glass shattering and gun shot ringing puts Sara into motion.

"Head for the exits!" She orders the visitors in a loud voice of authority. Over the comm she says, "Costumes coming to life, get the civilians out of here, get the doors open, watch for any other signs of movement from displays and report them."

Ushering people past her toward the exits as she looks for which of the displays are attacking. At one point she pauses to help a woman with a panicking teenager, passing them off to another officer, her goal right now to get as many people out of the building as quickly as possible. If Witchblade is needed, it will know when to make an appearance.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards smiles, it is so rare to see his youngest child out of her depth. He chuckles. And takes a moment to look around and try to remember what this like when they were first starting out.

Reed laughs, "Is this your first gala? Truly? we've never drug you to one of these before? I mean you pull the short straw you have to take your ... " Reed stops as he sees the costumes coming to life, his mind is whirring, "No, no, nononono."

    Any pretense of mormalcy is dropped as Reed is flurry motion as he pulls the fire alarm and sprints deeper in to the museum to the display he'd most been dreading.

"Of course they would offer..."

"Of course he would accept-

    "THERE. CAN. BE. ONLY... "

Bruce Banner has posed:
Banner turns away from the cameras as soon as the sound of smashing glass is heard, "Please no.. please just be a tray of glasses that fell down.." He mutters to himself.. but no it's exactly what Banner didn't want tonight: Conflict.

He looks at Stark and then Steve, "Steve it's great to see you again, always is. Seems like we can't ever hang out, shoot the breeze, or play chess can we?" He turns to look at the other costumes coming to life, "You don't mind if I just.. take some deep breaths, and try not to get involved do you? I don't see anything requiring 'you know who' yet.."

He nervously straightens his collar, takes another drink from his flask, and breathes deeply, "I am pretty sure this can be dealt with with other present company.." He hopes.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick gives a slight smile, "Hopefully a few more donations will go towards the cause tonight? Either way. I'm hoping being here does something for the draw." He looks to the rest of the room, "But I'm probably not neccessary." He glances over to Banner being ushered off. "You could probably meet him through Han-"

Nick turns his head at the noise, watching as the exhibits come to life. Eyes open wide before looking over towards Morrigan. "People first. Fight later."

Turning, Nick moves through the crowd, interrupting the Looky Lou syndrome of a few attendees and directing them towards the exit.

Tony Stark has posed:
"Yeah, do some yoga, Banner," Tony suggests as his visor slaps down into place, the eyes of his Iron Man mask glowing suddenly and vibrantly....

As the whip twists and clasps onto Tony's armored wrist, and he dodges back away from people, to drag Whiplash back with him into the room behind one of the display walls, trying to just pull the foe clear of innocent people, or non-combatives like Pepper Potts. "I'd say I was upset but at this point, I'm glad we didn't display Ultron---"

"Let's get some holograms helping to direct people out," Tony asks inside his suit, and his AI connects quickly to begin to flash proper exits throughout the areas where the Avenger's holograms were present.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Green Goblin lets out a cackling laugh as he stands atop his warglider and sweeps over people's heads. He zooms right past Norman Osborne, who is standing looking at the Green Goblin in utter disbelief. "Come on!" one of Norman's security says. "We've got to get you out of here boss!" he says, grabbing Norman and hurrying him towards an exit, as many others are doing.

The Green Goblin meanwhile, finds one of his own bombs thrown back at him. It explodes, knocking him off the glider and through a display case that had an old cape of Superman's in it. He jumps back up, the glider banking and flying beneath his feet to catch him again. The costume lost some of its armor to the explosion, though is still functioning enough to throw a pair of hand-sized pumpkins at Reed and Valeria Richards. Razor sharp spikes extend from them on their way through the air towards the pair.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy is making his way through the crowd when all hell breaks loose. Glass shatters, gunshots go off, and some kind of glider thing whips along above the crowd. As two bombs go arcing towards the crowd, he starts running... towards them. One suddenly shoots off away from people as a little blur impacts it, but the other is almost to the floor. Jimmy mutters, "This is gonna suck" and dives like a wide receiver catching an overthrown pass.

The bomb drops into his hands and he curls his body around it and hits the floor, after which there is a muffled explosion in the area of his midsection and his body goes sailing through the Hawkeye display case and hits the floor a few feet past it.

Billy Batson has posed:
People are helping get others out, he's hiding in a corner and snugging himself behind something big, thick, opaque and while he might not be able to block sound in this sort of place.

Well he can at least keep himself from being seen when Billy Batson takes a breath, peaks around a corner, and then goes back to hiding. "Here we go. Avengers are here. Don't screw this up Billy." camera phone tucked away, open palms slapping his own cheeks to psyche up before:

________  ___  ___  ________  ________  ________  _____ ______      
|\   ____\|\  \|\  \|\   __  \|\_____  \|\   __  \|\   _ \  _   \    
\ \  \___|\ \  \\\  \ \  \|\  \\|___/  /\ \  \|\  \ \  \\\__\ \  \  
\ \_____  \ \   __  \ \   __  \   /  / /\ \   __  \ \  \\|__| \  \  
  \|____|\  \ \  \ \  \ \  \ \  \ /  /_/__\ \  \ \  \ \  \    \ \  \
    ____\_\  \ \__\ \__\ \__\ \__\\________\ \__\ \__\ \__\    \ \__\
   |\_________\|__|\|__|\|__|\|__|\|_______|\|__|\|__|\|__|     \|__|

Lightning strikes, smoke billows out and he steps out into view - cape blowing in winds that the power of the Council of Wizards conjures about himself and now - with that wisdom hoped for earlier, he starts to assess - where to start. Where to direct away from.

"Just your suits are on display! Not your antics!"

Not bad, this time, Billy.

Pepper Potts has posed:
As the glass shatters, Pepper is standing there, bringing her arms up in order to shield herself from the shards. Her wineglass is dropped, adding to the spray of glass now on the floor. A scream escapes her, and she takes one, two steps backwards, keeping her hands up, her clutch in front of her face. Around the sequined purse, however, she can see Tony's mask drop down, and the whip twirl around his wrist, which brings out a different sort of scream.


Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate hustles now that she has her sword out, it looks to be very similar to Swordsman in design.

She manages to get in, and parry the next sword strike off that was intended for Steve. "I got him."

At least for a moment.

"Get your SHIELD Cap." and she does not take her eyes often Zemo.

He is .. very good... and she starts to engage in one heck of a sword fight work out.

She is very glad she didn't come in her civvies to just check it out. "So. Why is it you hate Cap so much?" which isn't to say there isn't time for banter during sword fights. It is a requirement really.


Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria finds her planned evening of quiet, banal social interaction erased in... a wave of attacking costumes? Yes. That certainly fits with going out to represent the Fantastic four at a gala. She can't say she's really surprised. She springs into action ushering the civilians near her towards the exits, though she takes the opportunity to borrow a few electronic devices.

In fact, she's in the midst of disassembling and reassembling them from cell phones and a handheld video game system into something decidedly more useful when she looks up and sees the incoming pumpkins with a severe little frown.

Fingers move faster to assemble whatever device it is she's working on, waiting until the last moment to hook her foot under a nearby chair and kick it up in front of her to intercept the spinning pumpkin. "This was not my plan. This is not tiny canapes and champagne at all!"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner steps out of the way and starts to help people move towards the exits, "Come on! This way!" He's directing people to the holo-signs and helping people up who might be injured.

He's relieved to hear 'SHAZAM' thundering through the museum. If he's here then there isn't much chance of the Hulk being needed. That bodes well for the structure of this place.. and the surrounding area in fact.

He silently hopes that things stay that way.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards sighs exasperated as the rotating grenades arc towards him. His movements are deft and efficient, plucking a bomb from the air his fingers already shifting in shape as he disassembles it on the fly letting all but the explosive drop to the ground.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Nick works to snap people out of their gawker syndrome. The sudden proximity of a lightning boom causes for the musician to spin around on his feet to look to the source of the sound. Okay. Plenty of heroes here.

He turns back, looking to the latest person he was trying to move to the door. They're staring at the red suited figure still. "Oye." Nick snaps his fingers in front of the eyes, drawing their attention back to him. "Exit. Now."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"DOOM!" The voice calls out and then steps out of a display without even properly breaking the glass. The Doom that walks out just walks right through the glass, causing it to shatter and fall around him as if it weren't even there. He doesn't even pay mind to the idea that there was glass around him.

"What is the meaning of this?!" The booming voice of Doom calls out before Doctor Doom notices someone and then stands up straighter (if that is even possible) before pointing, "Richards! This is your doing! You will pay for wasting the time of Doom!" And then Doctor Doom raises up a hand and launches a blast of pure energy right at him.

"Ha! Take that!" Calls out Kaida even as she hears some booming voice from the distance and looks in the direction that Reed Richards went. She then blinks as she spots Shazam come in and then looks in the direction of Kate and apparently Baron Zemo. She nods, "Seems like things are well in hand here." She turns and starts toward the direction of that rather bombastic figure.

"I will destroy this travesty, Richards!" Calls out Doom, "Along with you!"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
One of the primary problems with having a secret identity is keeping it secret. Sara would really like to have a little more protection than her suit right now, but for the moment she is working to get people out. Most are more than willing to run screaming for an exit in a less than orderly fashion, but there are a few looky-loos who just want that one picture, or to hold their phones for a video, and those are the ones that get a not-so-gentle nudge toward the exit.

Looking back toward the collection of heroes and their newly arrived enemies, she was prepared to keep up the work as a cop when the Green Goblin goes zipping by and over the head of someone who isn't wearing a cape, then there is massive lightning, and a bomb goes off /in/ a guy who looks no worse for it.


Diving behind a large wall of exhibits, costumes that didn't come to life and start trying to murder New Yorkers, she pulls her jacket and pants off, the rest will just have to shred. Hidden as she is, she calls on Witchblade's power. Tendrils of metal expand from the silver bracelet to form a gauntlet on her right hand with a gleaming bastard sword in her hand. Even has that completes, they continue to wrap around her body, through the remaining clothing to form protective armor, The final moment, though only seconds have passed, they move up to her head and face, very important that face part... she learned from that mistake and now has a mask to conceal her.

Springing out from the other side, sword at the ready, Witchblade ascertains quickly which foe needs an extra hand in removing, and that would be the one tossing bombs around.

Wings of metal spring from her back and with a leap she is air born and after the Green Goblin.

Hank Pym has posed:
Glass shatters.

"Oh F*** no!" Hank yells as the Yellowjacket costume steps from the case.

Wow.. it even has Hank's strutting jerkwad walk down from those days. the Fire Ant leaps for the statue as Yellowjacket raises its gauntlets to send stinger shots far and wide, coincidentally sweeping the energies towards Morrigan. Fire Ant dives into the mouth of the costume. The Yellowjacket uniform wiggles and twists for a moment as Hank grows to fill it and more. Whatever is animating it hurts, it resists but when Hank intends to grow he will grow and even hulks or gods might get shoved aside.

With a soundless scream the uniform is shredded by Fire Ant, topping out at eight feet.

"You hurt Janet. You hurt the team. You tried to hurt Morrigan; you're done hurting people! Now where'd that damned Goblin go?"

Steve Rogers has posed:
Baron Zemo slices a waiter's arm, when he's near enough, but it's just on his way forward chasing Steve Rogers. The animated costume seems as intent on his old adversary as the wearer of it was.

Steve grabs the waiter's falling tray, using it to at least partially deflect a stab with the sword, before throwing the tray into Zemo's face. The costume rebounds as if it hurt, but attacks again.

And there's Hawkeye with her sword to parry the attack that would have landed on Steve. As she tells him to get his shield, Steve quickly replies, "Yes ma'am!" and he charges at Zemo, but slides under him at the last second when Zemo tries to bring his sword down onto the blond-haired man.

Steve pops up, rushing to the case where he'd let them display his shield for the night. Pulling it out, and after a moment, grabbing his original shield as well for the other hand.

The Joker costume is laughing at the man whose hand it shot. "So good of you to help me with that," the suit tells the man who is crying in pain. "I mean, you did 'give me a hand' after all," the costume says, doubling over with laughter. "Where's the little Missus?" Joker asks the man, and spotting a woman in a dress and with rich jewels on who is lingering nearby rather than running. "There you are!" Joker's costume says, lunging for her.

There's a shattering of another display case as Doc Oc's tentacles and costume smash through. Where the man's head should be visible is just that hazy, ghostly looking head much like the case of Joker. Doc Oc charges forward, right towards Bruce Banner.

Who should have known better than to hope that.

And oddly enough, in the middle of the cries of panic and the sound of combat can be heard a smattering of cheering and applause.

Tony Stark has posed:
Iron Man's on Avenger comms - and is doing a quick patch into others he can find local to that area. It may not be everyone at all, and he has to prioritize a little. He usually can trust Steve to immediately hook into Avenger communications, though, so his words won't go to nobody:

"Sound off on what we've got. I'm holding up a creepy headless Whiplash-mimic. I'm intending to drag it outside and see if I can out-distance whatever this effect is, ....if he would LET GO...."

Tony's trying to physically haul Whiplash villain-suit outside, but it is wrapped around both him and now part of the original display it was in, electrical whips crackling and starting to ramp up. The mark 4 is not as insulated as it could be, being an older suit, and Tony's voice carried the strain of that.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Bruce Wayne is anything but a hero. He might not be the useless playboy billionaire that the tabloids like to portray him as, but this is entirely outside of the sort of thing that he can deal with. Sure, he's been through enough similiar such incidents that seem to be a staple of GOtham high society events -- though never quite like this -- that he knows enough not to panic. But he's certainly not going to stand up to the Joker! Not even some weird apparition of the deranged clown.

So he staggers away from the laughing madman, not exactly a mad dash through the gloomy halls of the Gotham exhibit. And in that headlong dash the dark haired billionaire trips, stumbling into one of the glass display cases. The glass cracks, gives way and Bruce gives a little cry of shock and pain, hunched over for a moment. So inconvenient, so clumsy.

But it does let him palm a half dozen of the reclaimed batarangs on display there. Glancing around, he waits until everyone nearby appears distracted, particularly Natasha who seems to have followed close on his heels, before he hurls one of those batarangs towards the Joker's costume, watching as it tears right through, a billowing hole left but otherwise seeming to have little effect.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a nod to Nick and then kicks off her heels and tosses them...somewhere. She'll be back for them later or she'll buy another pair. They could be replaced. Human lives couldn't. There is a tendril of neon violet energy that snakes down her arm and shields a group that's making a run for the door from any wayward attacks that might come their way. She then gives a look to see where the three costumes have been reanimated.

And there were MORE. But...something was WAY off.

She forms a ball of energy when Doc Oc goes charging, hitting him hard enough to send him and his eight arms flailing. She knew that wouldn't put him down. "Time to go hunting." the Irishwoman states with a growl as she disappears to see if she can find something.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards casually tosses the explosive into the oncoming wave of energy with s flash of light and destruction the singe his tux and eyebrows. But stands firm and even smiles, "Your better than this Victor, endangering innocents what is this 2012?" Meanwhile despite the calm of his voice he is helping the last of the stragglers from the exhibit.

Billy Batson has posed:
Speed of Mercury.

Shazam moves first at the sight of the lunging Joker costume, to move the target and get her safely to one side so that it's his torso that the costume comes in contact with, the lightning emblem glowing like a beacon while electricity crackles over Billy's hands. "Don't worry ma'am!" angling himself to try and put a punch backed by mystical lightning into the stomach of the Joker Suit. Intent to send it flying if the mystical energy doesn't do more damage than that.

"Hey!" Billy. No. "Hey! Iron Man!?" Billy. "Need another Avenger?!"



Natasha Cranston has posed:
Outwardly, Natasha is fleeing in a confused panic from the clown suit with the pistol together with Bruce. Inwardly, she's cursing up a storm - she can't exactly ditch Wayne without raising more questions, and she can't contact Benny to have her outfit ready in the car until she does.

    As Bruce stumbles into a display case she helps him back to his feet with maybe just a bit more strength than her frame and rumored lifestyle would suggest - but panic does things like that to people, doesn't it? "Come on, we need to get out of here! This isn't the time to play hero!" she exhorts him, inwardly glad that Benny can't hear her right now or he'd never let her live it down...

    Speaking of the man - she spots him in the crowd, quite a bit ahead of her, getting away from the fight between Captain Rogers and Zemo. She meets his eyes and nods sharply. He nods in return and sprints for the exit at the next lull in the noise. Good man. He'll have her outfit ready. Just as soon as she can ditch Wayne here, she can get out - and come back to maybe do some good.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The Green Goblin banks the glider again, and suddenly a missile launches out of it, heading right towards the Witchblade as she jumps after him. He lets out a cackling laugh and razor sharp blades extend from the front of the glider as he dives it towards Hank Pym, the engine flaring to pick up speed!

Joker's costume gets ripped by the batarang, and though it flies through, there is a cry of pain as if the animated costume felt that hit. It also definitely feels the punch from Shazam who sends it flying across the room. It crashes into a display case with the force that the real Joker would, not just the weight of a costume.

It slow gets up again, an arm over its stomach as if pained, but laughing still. "OOooo! Lightning! That looks like fun!" Joker's costume says, ripping the thick electric cord that runs to one of the holographic displays from the console and pulling the two parts of the wire apart. It starts to rush at a waiter who had taken cover behind a display rather than flee, intent on electrocuting him!

Baron Zemo's costume trades sword strikes with Hawkeye, before turning to strike Captain America's thrown shield out of the way. The shield bounces off a pillar and back to Steve Rogers as he jumps forward, moving to get the Zemo costume between himself and Hawkeye's blade. "I always said even your fashion sense was bad, Zemo," Steve says. "But this is taking it too far."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym thinks . o O(Forget the blanketyy blank Goblin. Get the people out. You're sized for crowd control. And you got your guy already.) He shields the people heading for the exit assisting one teen trying for a photo with a BIG toe to the rear. "Move it guys. I got your backs. Don't look back... the song says." He takes a pumpkin blast in the back. Ow!! He turns and swats another upwards where it explodes dazzling is eyes. He keeps people moving. "Selfie... sure after this is over. Oh yes it's Fire Ant now! Thank you!"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner is sent hurtling towards a wall by the sudden attack by Doc Oc. It hurts, a lot, "Oh.. come on.." He can already feel the bruises. His fists clench, this is NOT good. He's wincing but he can still see well enough to know that everyone else is too occupied to stop what they are doing and go after his fellow doctor, or whatever is masquerading as him.

"You don't want to do this.." He says as he watches the costume stalk straight towards him, "I'm not Spider-Man.. this is not going to end with you in cuffs.." But 'Doc Oc' doesn't seem to care. The tentacles lash out again, bent on impaling Banner, and that's as far as the Hulk is willing to hold back.

Bruce Banner grows several feet, his skin and eyes turn green, and he's roaring as said tentacles collide with the Hulk's chest, sending him through the same wall he bounced off of a few seconds ago.

The Hulk gets up, runs through the hole in the wall, and roars again, and lands a punch at 'Doc Oc's' 'mid section'. The costume is sent flying and it crashes through the wall on the other side of the museum. So much for damage control..

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy groans and bleeds for a minute or two until his skin reknits itself over the ruin the bomb made of his abdomen. Finally he sits up and looks around, the floor being a little more clear now that a lot of the normals have run for the exits. Of course, in his slacks and ex-button shirt, he mostly looks like one of those normals.

Climbing back to his feet, he looks for the nearest problem, which is either Zemo or Whiplash. Since both Cap and the girl with the sword are on Zemo, he runs toward Whiplash. Claws snikt out of both hands as he slices through the support Whiplash is using to keep Iron Man from moving him. "Take him out!" He yells to the armored Avenger now that Whiplash is no longer anchored.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Witchblade spins herself in the air, putting the full metal of the wings toward the Goblin's missiles and allowing the armor to absorb the damage. "Look out below!" she warns regarding the chunks of missile metal that would fall from above, then swoops down to dive after the Goblin.

With his attention on that very large Fire Ant, intent on impaling him, she wings passed the glider, impaling it with the sword in her hand and dragging it through the machine.

The Goblin is grounded.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper can't help but see the struggle now, as she calls out to him again, her voice hoarse in fear and anger. "Tony!"

She's not frozen in her spot for long, however. Immediately after, she goes looking for something, anything that she can use as a weapon. It's a super hero museum, for crying out loud! There has to be something- and she grabs a piece of wood that had blown off one of the displays. Picking it up, hefting it, checking its weight, she turns around to advance on the display that has Tony and Whiplash.. and she takes a swing to hit it squarely. One, two..

And there's help!

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria hears a familiar booming voice and sighs, her purloined and borrowed bits of tech fashioned into a bracer she slips on, fingers tapping away on the touch screen, "Oh. A Doombot as well. It's my sweet sixteen all over again."

She finishes adjusting the bracer, apparently some sort of scanner as she snaps her fingers, "Well, time to... hero I guess?" She frowns slightly and begins moving to meet up with Reed, while downloading any signals she can find, figuring no one else is focusing on figuring out how exactly these exhibits are coming to life, since they're all too busy re-inanimating them.

Kate Bishop has posed:
Hawkeye has no issues buying Steve time. She does get a cut to her armored costume across her shoulder but it doesn't hit skin.

He is a very good swordsman it seems.

When Steve interposes himself back into the mix though with shield. Shields even. In hand the archer falls back sheathing her sword and shrugging her bow off her back into her hands.

"Okay what do we have to work with..." she muses.

Looks like a lot to work with.

She twists drawing an arrow with a funny looking head, which is like half the arrows in that quiver, then sends it with a blistering fast shot towards Zemo's legs.

At the last moment the arrow explodes outwards into multiple weighted lines like a complex bolo device. IF he tries to knock it aside with the sword it could really hamper his sword fighting for some critical moments too even if it doesn't hit his legs.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Richards, do not dare to tell Doom anything!" And the Doombot given Doom life strides forward and looks to the other villain costumes that are acting out as their villains and then quickly takes in the heroes that are trying to stop them before looking to the growing Hulk roaring before glancing to Reed, "Look who is endangering citizens now, Richards." Doom then strides forward toward Reed.

"Fear not, Richards. Doom only wishes to endanger one man this day."

Of course, then Doom is caught off guard by something of a blur that he did not expect. A tiny white and green blur suddenly slams into Doom and then by Doom causing the armor to stumble back in surprise. Kaida lands nearby in a sprawling spin that leaves her sitting against a wall. She wobbles back and forth, eyes spinning and head doing the same.

"Whoa...that armor is tough." Kaida reaches up to rub her head and then stumble up to her tiny feet, "Did not expect that."

"WHO DARES STRIKE DOOM!?" Doctor Doom looks around for a target, holding for a moment the spot that was hit before looking for the new target of his ire.

Tony Stark has posed:
"While I do dub honorary Avengers in the field, my hands are full at this moment for a proper knighting ceremony," Iron Man comments to SHAZAM, before any more is drowned out by the sizzling lashes of Whiplash bucking against the treatment, and trying to haul Iron man sideways. The hero twists and breaks loose, evading instead, with two repulsor blasts, short range, to force his opponent's wrist to send the whip more to the ceiling instead of at Iron Man's neck.

Tony's needing to concentrate a little: this older tech is not responding how he expects of a new mark at all. Like trying to do modern work on a dial-up modem. It's PAIN.

Also somewhat literally, those whips are not toys.

"Okay, Honorary Avenger #2, give Hulk backup if you--" Iron Man ends up snaring Whiplash's side as Jimmy Hudson -- teamed with Pepper Potts and her shrapnel! -- suddenly looses Whiplash's hold on the display, and with a trust of force, sends both himself and Whiplash hurtling sideways, then veering a bit, then going out the hole Doc Oc created.

There's a loud noise as they collide with Doc Oc, and all the whips and octopus pieces get tangled up.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With Hank taking a sizable chunk of the burden of evacuation duties. It gives Nick time to look around for any stragglers. A glimpse of Joker suit and electricity charging towards a waiter is less than appreciated.


He bolts towards the waiter, taking a more direct path. The ponytail on the back of his collar shifts slightly in the run as he grabs onto the waiter's arm to yank him from position. "RUN!" The mirrored musician snaps to the waiter.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan pops out of the ether into a room that she feels...something in. She looks desperately through things for whatever might be the source of this whole mess. Her hair is falling out of it's neat pinned back style and leaving her looking frazzled.

And then there is a roar that can only mean one thing and it makes her blood run cold for a moment. "Where are you..." she whispers as she brings her hands up, focusing on the layout of the museum. "Show me...before something even more drastic happens." she breathes out as she tries to find whatever fuckery that is causing this.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The exploding bolo arrow from Hawkeye detonates and wraps about Zemo's costume. It allows Captain America to dart forward, batting aside the sword strikes that still are directed his way by the wrapped costume. Steve gets inside of the sword's range and hits Zemo in his hoodeded head, then grabs the hood and rips it off.

Beneath is that ghostly looking head much like Joker and Doc Oc have. Though the mask being pulled away caused it to cry out as if in sharp pain. "You aren't really Zemo," Steve says finally, and then he smashes his shield into the figure's face again. Another cry of pain and then Steve is starting to tears away at the costume. It starts to writhe and little bits of smoke come out of it as it can't escape while wrapped up by Hawkeye. After large parts of the non-armored costume are destroyed, it falls limp and the ghostly body fades.

Meanwhile, Goblin snarls as his glide is destroyed. He deploys blades from his arms and lunches at Witcblade, throwing an arm ridged with a sword-like blade at her, and then kicking with a razor edge extending from his boot!

Elsewhere in the exhibit, Doc Oc crashes through a display, revealing Trevor Slattery in his purple suit and golden sunglasses and his escorts hiding behind it. There's a girlish scream. From Trevor. The costume that was in the display is Toad's, taken from him after the failed attack on Senator Kelley. IT falls to the ground in front of Trevor. And then it stirs, inflating as if a body were inside of it, and rising to a squatting stance. "Oh look, it's fun time!" it exclaims.

Another girl-like cry from Trevor, and he and the 'birds' scatter.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards raises an eyebrow at the kids guts as Kaida colides with the Armor, thank goodness this wasnt full battle.

     "Victor! are you getting old my friend? You let a child take your attention off me?" Reed lashes with a quick combination of blows to the arms and torso an unusual strategy to be sure.

A string of text streams across Val's screen the alphanumeric key to Doom's system.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Ahhh, the little difficulties in life. While Bruce might be doing his best to get Natasha to safety -- and then away from her -- the same thing is being done to him. Ironic to be sure, on both accounts.

Fortunately it would appear that she knows someone and as she is briefly distracted by flagging down her driver, Bruce takes advantage of the situation himself, utilizing all the chaos and confusion to slip away in the crowd -- most of whom are streaming for the door. Most, but not all. Still, it's distraction enough. It's not just night that can be his ally, and not that shadows that can mask his presence.

In this case, his escape is a nearby display that offers just enough of a gap between the wall and itself that the dark haired billionaire can squeeze himself into place. Crouching down, he could easily be mistaken for another visitor to the exhibition, now cowering and trying to stay out of the way, stay unnoticed. But peering through the glass he waits, waits as the Joker creeps closer and closer, that mad, cackling laugh as much a warning as any visual clue. And as he nears Bruce sinks a little lower, pushing against the glass display, putting it off balance and perparing to give that last little shove when the Joker costume passes by.

Billy Batson has posed:
OH! Oh man! The Hulk is here! And is that a batarang?! It came through the costume and hit him in the chest. Moving at 'hyper speed' to pick it up, tuck it in his belt. Souvenirs! But the Joker suit is moving again and Billy's attention flicks between trying to find where the batarang came from and the waiter.

"Shoot." turning when Tony says something about helping the Hulk - peering at Doctor Octopus and other limbs getting all mashed together. Shazam rushes again, to try and grab the Joker suit and keep it from getting close to anyone with those wires.

"Look... I..." an idea strikes, "Don't make me take you to The Rock." because if anywhere could possibly imprison this... it'd be a mystical mountain existing outside, but touching all of, reality. "I'm reasoning with a cheap suit."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper still holds the piece of board, her clutch pretty much forgotten now. Her dress is torn in places, the shards of glass that flew cutting into the fabric. There are cuts on the redhead, but nothing that looks as if it's going to stop her now.

Moving forward, one of the only 'normals' in the fight, she's not really caring who she may be up against. Once again, the board is raised and she follows the trio of Tony, Doc Oc and Whiplash out.. ready to take another full swing at one of them. "Get off!!"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym turns and spots the last minute save from being Pym kebab. He shoves a fist into the grounded Goblin suit and grows further until his hand bursts the costume similar to Yellowjacket. "Still an Avenger! @$$#0!!!"

Come to think of it... he was moving better and resizing faster than he had in a long time. Maybe... Save it for later. "Where are you Mouse Girl? I don't want to step on you..." He is backing up and being a human shield for the people heading out. That almost looks done?

Steve Rogers has posed:
Joker moves forward, dragging the high-voltage cable, and he cackles as he stabs them towards Nick and the waiter. JOker is expecting some resistance there though, but there's none, as Nick turns the waiter to phantasm like he is.

Joker stumbles forward right into the perfect spot for Bruce Wayne to launch his ambush. He pushes on that display case and it tips and then rocks forward, and finally crashes down, smashing the Joker costume flat. The live electric wires end up on his sleeve which catches fire. The purple suit is covered by the case from the chest down, leaving the top to burn, the arms flailing. Bruce hear's Joker's voice screaming as if he was burning until finally the voice goes silent and the costume falls flat, still burning.

As Joker's costume goes down, that applause heard before comes again, much louder, and there's definite cheering, though no obvious source for it.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Witchblade zips in and lands just as Fire Ant squishes the Goblin suit into the ground, when his fist moves and he goes looking for a mouse girl, she wastes no time in beginning a methodical and rather savage hacking and slashing of that suit.

"Just a suit... stay down... frickin piece of..." is mumbled with each hack, slash or stab. The suit probably stopped moving a while ago, but she's not taking any chances and pulverizing it. When she gets done it will take an act of the Almighty to put that suit back together again.

Bruce Banner has posed:
And 'get off' Doc Oc does, "Inferior!" Even a fake Doc Oc is as arrogant as the real one. Its' tentacles explode out in all directions, desperate to be free of the cords, and bindings, and the dogpile of heroes it landed with.

But it's not in the mood for talking. Saying nothing else, it rushes back into the building through the hole it flew out of, and charges the Hulk, tentacles first.

The Hulk tanks the attack for the most part, but grabs one of the tentacles as soon as the hit lands. The pair go flying through yet another wall and the Hulk's roaring just adds to the chaos. How much more can this building take? The Hulk proceeds to begin punching 'Doc Oc' repeatedly, targetting whatever appears physical.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy watches Iron Man drag the Whiplash armor through a hole in the wall, then blinks as Pepper takes off after them with a stick. With a shrug, he follows her in that direction, then cuts to the side as a new costume enters the fray. Toad might be more his speed at the moment, so he charges the costume from the rear, hops up onto a display table and dives, claws first.

Both sets of claws impact the rear of the costume, sinking through the fabric up to his knuckles, then his body hits and knocks it flat, with him on top. He rips both sets of claws to the sides, shredding the rear of the Toad from spine to sides before the claws tear free.

Tony Stark has posed:
Iron Man adjusts, taking a smash of Doc Oc's 4th tentacle to the chin as he went barreling back in to resume with Hulk, but twists, reeling in on the painful electric whip, using the moment of tangled confusion to get into better position with Whiplash.

Whiplash is still causing Iron Man problems, certainly: specifically when he gets beaned with some wood and rounds on Pepper. Which is ENTIRELY unacceptable. His leap towards Pepper brings immediate response from Tony, which is to unleash a massive Uni-beam from center chest. Normally not something he'd aim at that wattage at a human foe, but this is a puppet.

The intense need to save Pepper threw a lot of things out the window, and the blast also lashes inside back through the hole they'd come from, a fierce pulse of energy that contains little bits of the now-vaporized Whiplash construct.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's senses lock onto the next surge and that leads her to popping out right behind the Toad costume that has animated. Even if Trevor's girlish cries damage her eardrums as she fades back into existence. There is a rush of energy that staggers the Toad costume, giving her a second to move past it.

Her glowing gaze snaps to Trevor and she stalks towards him, "You..." she whispers as she bends. Her elegant fingers move towards his face, snatching the glasses off of them. "Won't be needing these anymore." she mutters as she closes her fist around them and envelopes her fist in mystical energy, trying to undo the magic that's making this happen. Her grip tightens around them as she does, cutting herself on the glasses as the glasses start to splinter.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha isn't sure where Bruce has run off to but she's not about to complain right now. With as much confusion as there is right now it takes little more than a touch of will -- and she drops out of everyone's perceptions. Not quite invisible, just... Overlooked. There are more important things to be concerned about right now, anyway.

    A few moments later she meets Benny by the car. He's already got the door open and her gear case is waiting for her inside.

    "I'm not sure what's going on, but keep the motor running," she tells him as she slips into the coat and gun harness. "So far they've stayed contained but depending on what else revives that could change quickly - and you won't want to be near if it does." the Shadow finishes, fading from view as she emerges from the car.

    Benny just nods and gets behind the wheel as the Shadow makes her way back into the building, heading for where the Joker was running around.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick skids to a stop with the waiter as Joker costume passes right through them. Okay so THAT happened. He steers the waiter around the scene, guiding him towards the exit before unleashing the waiter near the exit. Taking away the phantasmed effect from the now running waiter.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
The Doom 'Doombot' was struck repeatedly by Reed's attacks and stumbles back in surprise as it stares at Richards as he is attacked. Doom once more attempts to fire off a blast of power right toward Richards only to then notice that Valeria is here and stares at Reed with wide eyes, "Richards! YOu did not tell Doom his Goddaughter was here!" He then attempts to raise a boot and kick Richards away before turning more directly toward Valeria.

"Valeria, you should not be here. It is dangerous. Uncle Victor will speak with you later but now is the time for you to leave. It is far too dangerous."

It is then that Doom takes more note of the other villain costumes here before looking to Richards again and glaring as he starts stomping that way only to have himself get rocked again but this time as something or someone crashes through his cape.

Kaida finally got up and rushed past the cape, grabbing it with her sword as she passes, cutting and yanking on it which has him stumbling back.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Well, Bruce took care of Doc Oc.. who did let go when she asked.. told.. ish. But now, Pepper's got the board, and she's getting a few good strikes on Whiplash; good, solid feeling hits to the point where her arms are getting a little tired, more than a little tired. (Looks like a week of 'arms' is in her future?)

The beating of the thing on Tony has an unexpected effect, however. It/he turns his attention away from Tony (this is good), only to turn around to look at her. The electricity crackles, the whip, while not ready, is most decidedly still something of a threat. The LEAP towards her causes her to drop her board, and stumble backwards, the heel of her shoe getting caught in the back of her dress. Stumbling one, two steps, Pepper falls backwards, landing hard, and as Tony takes his shot, she's letting out a scream again and rolling to the side in an effort to not get jumped on.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The combined attacks of Antman and Witchblade rip apart the Green Goblin armor. The body armor is shredded first, chestplate blown apart and arms and legs slashed to bits by the mystically sharp Witchblade. The costume 'dies' before the helmet has been removed, giving no chance to see the face inside. Norman Osborn's identity is safe for another day.

As Goblin's armor dies, there is more applause and some cheering. Meanwhile, Jimmy Hudson attacks the Toad costume. He cries out in pain and his tongue lashes out. It may look hazy and insubstantial, but it slashes another display, behind which Trevor was hiding. The tongue misses him, and there are groans and catcalls from nowhere as if disappointed he wasn't hit.

Morrigan reaches the English actor and takes the gold and jeweled sunglasses from his face. "Bloody hell, bird if you wanted my glasses you coulda just asked," Trevor tells her, while behind him, Toad's costume is ripped to bits by Jimmy, resulting in more applause.

As Morrigan unleashes her magic power on the glasses and shatters them, there's a magical blast. To her it's nearly enough to shatter her eardrums, but her own magic protects her. To everyone else it's like a powerful gust of wind blow past, minus the movement of air. The remaining costumes fall to the ground, lifeless.

A cry of frustration is heard, and suddenly a large form appears, floating in the air nearby in some kind of hover chair. It's a fat, yellow-skinned body as finely toned as Jabba the Hut. Various cables or hoses plug into the body, and another into its head.

"I wasn't ready for this episode to end yet!" Mojo yells, glaring at Morrigan. "But you all did such a wonderful job. We will definitely have to order another season of Earth's Mightiest Heroes!" he says. That sound of audience applause can be heard all around him.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Witchblade whips around, expecting something else to attack. It never occurred to her to attack the helmet, the suit is what needed to be destroyed. As the wind blows through she turns again, looking around to see what is actually happening now, since she has a moment. Had she just heard applause?

Her eyes settle on the fat floating yellow thing, "What in the fu..." she exclaims, but even as she's saying it she is moving forward to attack what ever in the hell that thing was.

Billy Batson has posed:
The sounds of the Joker ending, even if he's not really here is enough to stop Shazam cold, if only for a moment. Blinking at the figures it passed through and then whipping back towards the Doom Voice speaking yet, eyes wide. And then they're collapsing and. Mojo? Oh jeeze! Mojo! He's even more gross in person than in television reports.

Lifting into the air, cape billowing out around him, Shazam tries to at least shoot out a hand to grab Mojo's chair, "You've picked the wrong time to try and go for a sweeps week, H. R. Grossenstuff!" Yeah! That's another good one liner Billy!

"Why would you want to hurt people for entertainment!" an attempt to grip the arm of the floating chair yet, and dig his fingers in if he can get a good grasp on the object.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With the magical blast, Nick is knocked off his feet. "The hell?" Glancing up as the yellow blob of creature appears. He blinks, glancing to the fallen costumes and finally starting to process the sound of applause. Wait. This was a #$@ing show?!

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Nick snaps at the man in the floating chair, "THIS ISN'T FUNNY!" He starts to push himself up off the floor.

Tony Stark has posed:
Tony moves to help Pepper to her feet, as Whiplash turned to bits of fried costume. He doesn't tell her to hide or stay out of it; she did help, and he doesn't treat her like a civilian. Still... "Stay behind me, alright?" He asks of her. Since he's in armor, as they head back inside to see what Mojo's doing.

Unfortunately they are probably framed very heroically in the debris and smoke, in armor and torn eveningwear.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The Hulk keeps punching until the faux Doc Oc stops moving. That's enough for the green giant and he turns his attention back to the inside of the building. At that moment, Mojo has made his presence known, and Hulk couldn't care less who it is, as much as what their intentions are. Clearly Mojo, whoever he is, needs to die.

At least that is what Hulk is thinking right now. Rage dominates his thoughts at this point, especially since one enemy is down.

With yet another roar, the Hulk charges Mojo, the anticipation of fist against bad guy motivating him to put the full force of his current strength in the run, the leap, and the theoretical punch that is aimed at the villain's skull.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
And then the Doombot loses its magical power at that exact moment. Kaida punches the air, "Ha I...ACK!" And she realizes that the Doombot is falling right for her and she grabs her sword and zips out of there as it crashes down. She stops right next to a tray of finger foods and shakes her head before looking at Mojo, "Oh wow! Gross!" She calls out as she reaches out and grabs up a piece of cheese, "I mean, way gross." She quickly chomps down the cheese with amazing alacrity.

"I can barely eat it is so gross. What is it?" She asks as she chows down on another piece, taking it down like a piranah on a piece of meat. Then she looks at Hulk, staring as he charges at Mojo, eyes turning that way and she just simply sits down and grabs up more cheese.

"Well, seems like this is about to solve itself." She reaches out for yet another piece of cheese.

"Still gross."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
Jimmy stands from the remains of the Toad costume and looks up at Mojo, giving voice to a simple, "What the hell is that thing?" He looks a bit disgusted by it, but can't do much when it's up there and he's down here. He does however duck at the Hulk leaps past him on a collision course with the bloated being.

"Oh, that's gonna hurt. I almost feel bad for it."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve Rogers steps forward, setting aside his old shield and carrying just the vibranium one. "This was just a show to you? But people were hurt, could have died-"

Mojo lets out a cackling laugh. "Yes, thank you, you gave the audience what they want. Granted not quite enough blood. But our real-time ratings say the irony of having to fight your enemy's costumes at a celebration of yourselves was a hit!" Mojo exclaims.

As Witchblade jumps at him, Mojo's hovering chair pivots rapidly and he shoots a blast of something at her. Unfortunately for the blob-like interdimensional network executive, that distracts him from the attack by the Hulk. The Hulk's massive fist pounds him and though it strikes an energy barrier, it's hard enough to send Mojo's chair flying backwards into the wall, his metal helmet with the connections knocked askew.

Mojo straightens it as he shakes his head as if clearing it. "Oh, YOU are a good one!" he says towards Hulk. Towards someone who can't be seen, Mojo shouts, "Work up an action figure line! We'll definitely be back for him. And maybe her as well," Mojo says towards Witchblade. "I wonder if the beast will kill the lady or woo her? Quick, get that to marketing analysis!" he shouts.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym is in over his head. Magic. The mages don't bother with his Pym Particles after all. he does reach into the coat kiosk and retireve his overcoat, holding down to Pepper. Then the Hulk charges Mojo and he braces for impact. The coat flutters to the ground. "Oh shiiiiiiii... plan on a lot of dizzy headachey and ugly kids you bloat!"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper blinks at Tony as he stands there, offering his hand. She's trying to focus, trying to process everything that just happened, and it's not really making too much sense to her. The clothing is flat on the ground, the thing that she'd hit, that Tony had hit with his... that must have been it. Vaporized.

She raises her hand now for him to take, and is aided up and onto her feet. The heels of her shoes are intact, thankfully, and slowly, she takes her first steps. Nodding quickly at Tony, she's searching for any hints that he may be hurt, anything..

Still, she's willing to listen to him, if only for the moment. "What in the world was that? It was coming after you.. and if I didn't.."

The pair return, walking through that hole in the wall.. Avenger and.. well, the evening dress is a loss.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's lets the dust of the glasses filter out of her fingers and blow away in the gust of wind that blows out from the area. The woman is bloodied and her left arm is hanging a bit limp from the wound that's been torn open from events earlier in the week. The cry of outrage makes her look up to Mojo and she for once doesn't have a witty rebuttal. She'd have to do it some other time. She shakes her arm, the drops of blood hitting the ground as she does, "This is the second dress that's been trashed this month. Goodness..."

She trails off rather abruptly as the Hulk comes leaping to smash Mojo in the skull and the Master of the Mystic Arts. "I'm asking for a cape the next time I see Strange." she mutters as she darts out of the way of the incoming Hulk and Mojo special episode.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Prepared to hit whatever that thing is, Witchblade was not expecting an attack. Even as she is blown backwards into a wall, embedded it in really, she is grateful her attempt distracted it long enough for the Hulk... OhMyGodItsTheHulk!!!.. to attack.

"Ow," she winces, then slides down the wall and lands on the ground, on her feet because most of the energy and damage was absorbed by the armor, but still... body into wall, ouch.

Bruce Banner has posed:
The Hulk continues his attack, not relenting after the first punch. He charges again, knowing full well that he might get hit this time, but doesn't care. Defense? Dodging? Planning? The Hulk doesn't have time for that!

This time he's attempting to tackle Mojo to the ground and punch over and over and over and over again.. ideally his head.

Tony Stark has posed:
"I guess the yoga didn't work," Tony observes aside to Pepper as they look on to the explosive vengance of Hulk on Mojo.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Witchblade staggers a moment where she landed, but recovers quick enough to make another running, jump fly at the thing. Hulk is not the only one who is going to have some fun with this yellow bastard. How dare he use lives for his entertainment!

"What the hell is wrong with you! We are not your play things! Go back where you came from!" She screams as she launches another attack with her sword.

Billy Batson has posed:
Hands slipping off of the barrier, Shazam blinks when Witchblade hurtles past and then the Hulk - taking the focus of the big yellow monstrosity. Drifting back while others seem to be handling things, Billy drops to the ground. Looking one way or another. Still wide eyed, still wondering what to do next at this point.

No way he's going to get an interview now, not with all this mess and with what is going to have to be done for cleanup. So he just stares at Greenfist McPunchnjudy there, hammering away at the interdimensional figure and the woman covered in metal scolding an entity that part of him screams in his thoughts as 'wrong.'.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper winces at the fight, and quickly searches the wreckage of the room for her purse that she'd dropped. Nothing too important was in it anyway...

"Maybe tai chi may work?" is returned in a stage whisper. "Cut out the caffeine?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick sighs, bringing a hand up to his face as he unphantasms. The hand obscuring the most noticable detail of the process. Oh the sheer STUPIDITY of-

Well one bit of stupidity deserves another...

He draws his hand down, covering his mouth as he murmurs lowly, rhythmically.

'St. Clare who watches over screens,
You have observed this hectic scene
These dangerous antics, they must stop,
help him experience a ratings flop.'

Is it going to work?

EEEehhhhh... One could hope.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's off to the side, watching the Hulk and Witchblade just punch the ever loving crap out of this poor yellow bastard. So she doesn't get back into things. Mainly because she's not sure if she is going to be needed in another area. There is a look to the flashy lightning guy though and she gives a nod to him. He looked familiar! She backs up a few more feet and manages to get a shard of glass stuck in her foot, "Ouch, damn it!" she hisses.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Mojo's gloating is suddenly interrupted by chilling laughter that seems to echo all around the room -- and a moment later, sparks erupt from the bottom of his chair, brief flashes illuminating the silhouette of a tall figure in a coat and hat as several conduits and cables are torn free. "You talk /entirely/ too much," the Shadow retorts, becoming fully visible as they have to dodge away from the suddenly uncontrolled chair.

    "... And listen /entirely/ too little." they finish as the chair crashes to the ground.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Standing up a moment, Kaida grabs a piece of meat, throws it on a cracker with a piece of cheese, adds another cracker and then sits back down as she watches the shield get struck. She shakes her head and yells out, "Boring!" She then devours her sandwich with a speed that no mortal mouse could ever hope to achieve...and where did all that food go in that tiny body? Unclear.

Steve Rogers has posed:
The prayer doesn't seem to affect Mojo. But the combination of attacks strain his normal defenses. He raises a hand, mystical energy flowing from it to strength then shield that can be seen physically cracking under the savage blows from The Hulk. The Witchblade actually pierces that barrier while it is weakened, and Mojo barely manages to deflect it with a blast from his other hand.

All of this leaves him unaware of The Shadow as she takes advantage of his weakened magical shields. Mojo cries out as his chair shudders and lurches, bouncing off the wall again and crashing to the ground.

"Oh!" Mojo cries. "Wait until next time. Just wait. Same Mojo-time. Same Mojo-channel!" he cries out and then slaps a control on the chair, fading him out of this dimension as quickly as he had appeared. Leaving behind only silence filling the well-trashed rooms of the museum.


"So," Trevor Slattery says as he staggers to his feet. "Who's up for a drinky poo?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick grumbles, watching Mojo depart. Well the spell may not have worked but at least the guy left. Hearing the other actor, Nick turns his head to look at him. "Shut up Trevor."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Witchblade hovers there where Mojo was, taking several deep breaths as the yellow blob disappears, then looks over at the Hulk. "I like you," she states plainly. "You got it going on."

Bruce Banner has posed:
When Mojo is defeated, the Hulk starts to slowly calm down. There aren't anymore hostiles, he makes sure of it, looking around frantically, eyes full of threatening rage. But it becomes clear pretty quickly that there's no one else to smash.

The big green guy charges towards the wall he got thrown out of before, politely exiting through the hole rather than making a new one. He's not transforming back here because his clothes are torn to shreads. His flask is probably somewhere in the wreckage too. But it's a good thing that suit was cheap..

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's bleeding and there's a look to Nick...and then Hank, "There you are!" she shouts. Like she'd not noticed the big FireAnt guy until now. Then the Hulk exits through the wall and there's a bit of a shake of her head, "Anyone carrying a medkit? Or surgical tools." she asks as she tiptoes over the glass and towards where her friends are.

Billy Batson has posed:
It's quiet. Not a good place to change back - the crowd is considerably thinned. So what does Billy do? He keeps in the red suit, lifts back off the ground and quietly floats back towards the doors. To get to the outside world and head for the sky. Need to get to cover, closer to Happy Harbor.

No call outs to others, maintain the mystery like Freddy suggested.

That'll build the hype - and how is he gonna explain why he is here anyway? HE won't. He's getting the heck out!

Sara Pezzini has posed:
That's it, everyone pay attention to the wounded sorcereress, no one notice the metal wearing bikini armored, sword wielding, bat shit crazy Witchblade start casually walking toward where she hid her clothing and gun and badge, oh gods there has to be a better way to do this!

"I need to find someone magic wielder able to make something that will survive this damn armor," she mutters to herself.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
And with that done, the heroine quietly slips away. Well, Kaida anyway. She simply hops off her spot, having grabbed some cheese to go and starts out, "I'm so gonna raid a donut shop later." She nods her head as she wanders toward the hole in the wall the Hulk made.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym goes full hank Pym mode. He fixes a large finger at Mo. "Don't move! There's glass all over. You opened your wounds, God knows what you'll do next. Honest to God, Wonder Woman wears high heels, the rest of us stick to comfortable shoes, because, she's Wonder Woman. First aid kit... of curse I have a first aid kit." He carefully picks her up and sets her on a counter, then pulls out the first aid kit. Can a vampire hybrid get tetanus? Screw it she's getting a shot. He shrinks to normal checking her foot for glass. "For God's sake." He gves her a small smile.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With Hank tending to Morrigan, Nick gives a slight smile towards the two before he looks around for Kaida. Spotting a bit of mouse in the Hulk hole. He starts to head that way.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan stops when Hank shouts at her. She huffs at him as he picks her up and then deposits her on a counter. "Hey. I helped." she points out. She didn't care if she was injured in the defense of folks. "The glass in my foot suchs though." she muses. Then she gives a look to the hole that the Hulk exited out of, "Do you think Banner will be alright?" she asks him.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Using this time when Hank is drawing all kinds of attention to other places, Witchblade slips into the space where she left her belongings, wraps them all up in her jacket, then slips out. Continuing on her way to the hole the Hulk made, she jumps out and flies off. She has to get to her car, get dressed and back to duty before she is missed.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym smiles a little more at Morrigan, "You were the key player in this. I just don't like seeing you hurt. Oh, this might hurt."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan shakes her head, "No, it was a group effort." she points out. She couldn't punch folks through walls! When Hank yanks the glass out of her foot she cringes, "Alright, alright. If there's anything else I'll dig it out myself." the Irishwoman grumps. "I'm going to make a really large donation to the museum...as soon as I find my shoes and my phone." she nods to this. "I put your coat in the coat check since I found it on the floor." she points out. "Getting hurt happens. I'm not dead. So that's the good thing." she adds.