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Atrid (Scenesys ID: 2771)
Name: Atrid Torsen
Superalias: Cryopyre
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: High School Student
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: None
Education: Still in school
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 02 mar 2004 Played By Tanner Buchanan
Height: 195 lb Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Two toned red and white. Eye Color: Hazel gold
Theme Song: We didn't start the fire and Ice Ice Baby

Character Info


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Atrid is an anti social yet good hearted person. Believing that training his mind and body are superior to socializing. Cynical and paranoid he trusts very few people and trusts the world less. Hes a bit hot headed and brash, with an impulsive nature. Over all he's a great friend and ally but a terrible enemy. Doing whatever it takes and using cunning to achieve his goals. To him the ends justify the means.


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* 2004: Atrid is born and raised in Bayridge Brooklyn New York, to Ivar and Lagertha.
* 2009: Atrid started out with Tball due to his love of Baseball and dreaming to one day be a pro ball player. His parents knowing also that New York City could be rough brutal and violent his parents started him on Mixed Martial Arts, where he studied BJJ Muay Thai and wrestling. He preferred Muay Thai and wrestling so focused more on that where his father taught him the more cultural style of their ancestors Glima.
* 2016: Years of practice and study had him on all star baseball teams every year throughout his time playing baseball. And he consistently went to state and even national MMA tournaments always finishing within the top three. It was about this time he started to feel weird like maybe he didn't fit in or belong. So he stayed alone most times and focused on his studies and his love of baseball and fighting. His parents just believed it to be hormonal changes due to puberty.
* 2017: By thirteen he was being bullied a lot, he'd taken to wearing all black with spiked bracelets and boots. Even painting his nails black, he'd become more or less a loner the only time he felt like socializing and not developing his mind and body. Well it was when he played ball but even his team mates made fun of him and kept a distance never doing it to his face after all he was the best pitcher they had. On his way home from school one day the gang that bullied him most chasing him into an alley. As they proceeded to beat him up it triggered something and from one hand manifested ice and he froze the ground under their feet. From the other he manifested fire, scared he flung his hand up and down causing a fire ball to ignite a near by trash can. The gang leader and his crew slipped on the ice and like dominos fell into each other causing the gang leader to fall face first into the flames causing severe third degree burns.
* 2021: Four years of hiding and trying not to get to angry scared or emotional so as not to manifest his powers. His parents hated mutants though he himself never understood why he was sure they were as decent as any one. One fateful night he'd brought up these opinions to his parents his mother though more understanding was afraid of his father so didn't voice it. Ivar started shouting and to try and protect himself Atrid put up his hands his right setting the kitchen trash ablaze the right freezing his fathers beer. Ivar freaked out calling him freak and mutie and beating him so bad and cutting his eye and a gash from each corner of the lips to his cheeks. Atrid was put in the hospital where his parents never returned for him a social worker checked him out and upon leaving he fled and escaped leaving her behind and him on the streets alone at 17.

IC Journal

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Brash and Abrasive:
Though cunning and smart he still has a problem of calling it exactly as he sees it. He uses no tact just blunt brutal honesty to the point of being a jerk. With this he tends to rub others the wrong way.

Cunning and Ambitious:
Wiley and smart, he will use stealth and subterfuge to get what he wants. At the end of the day he wants to be the best but more over to be left alone. He wants to make the world a better place and will use whatever means at his disposal to make that happen, even if it means lying or stepping on others to get there. The ends after all justify the means.

Heart of Gold:
Deep down passed that rough gruff whatever it takes to win exterior beats a heart of gold. He's Caring, loving, and protective once you're in his inner circle. Its hard to get here he loves few trusts fewer his trust is hard won but once you've got it he'll have your back for life so don't betray him.

Though he may be a loner and not big on group things, he's still rather impulsive. At the slightest whim he'll drop everything for the next big thrill.

From the time of puberty he felt uncomfortable in social settings. Instead he focused on reading and intellectual pursuits, mostly loving science and history. More over biology and and the study of genes and mutation. He reads anything he can get his hands one for the pure love of knowledge.

Being bullied and tormented for so long he decided it was best to keep himself to himself. He rapidly became loner and decided not to worry about what others were doing, to focus solely on himself. In his mind people as a general rule sucked.

Quick To Fight:
Hes got a hot head and its less likely with him to let cooler heads prevail. If he feels insulted or belittled or even like someone looked at him wrong he's ready to throw down at the drop of a dime.

Character Sheet


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The ability to manifest, produce and manipulate ice. He can throw balls of ice make weapons out of it even just freeze things. This uses both the water in the air around him as well as the water within his body. If he uses it for two long it can cause him to get dehydrated and can cause him to be so mellow nothing seems to matter to him.

The ability to manifest, generate and manipulate fire. This means as if from nowhere he can produce flames and make them do as he wishes. Though this if done for to long leaves him overheated and seems to make him more irritable.


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Through his years of intensive and extensive practice for baseball and training in Mixes Martial Arts, Atrid is a formidable Athlete. He's definitely not top tier bit he can bench press around 250 pounds but he excels in speed and dexterity able to run the mile and a half in around 8 minutes leaping objects and parkouring things with ease.

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Atrid knows this, but isn't that skilled in it. He didn't care much for grapples tosses and submissions it was to slow paced for him.

Finding a Weakness:
The years of being bullied and tormented made this necessary. Atrid learned how to look into and investigate his enemies to find a weakness and use it against them. It seems dirty but sometimes you have to get dirty to clean things up.

Glima (Nordic wrestling), Atrid studied this one and loves it most. The tie to his ancestors and skill it takes to use. Hes a national champion in this art. Fast paced and about technique more than just brute strength it combines intellect with strength.

Muay Thai:
Thai kick boxing, Atrid has training in this since he was a young child. He's well trained and at what could be considered black belt level. One of the best in the country and hard pressed to find his equal in this art.


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When using his control of ice for an extended period of time, Atrid gets dehydrated due to use of water within his own body as well as the air around him. This causes him to be weak and tired as well as massively thirsty.

Hot headed, rash, quick to fight, doesn't trust the world, paranoid.

Hot Headed:
Easy to anger, could be a dirty look given or insult thrown at him or anything above beyond or in between he thinks is disrespectful. These things will cause him to immediately be ready to throw down and fight.

After extended use of his ice control he gets slow and sluggish and doesn't really wish to move.

Extended use of his ice control causes his mind to get really mellow. This is to the point of not wanting to bother with any problems that arise and feeling folks just need to relax and go with the flow.

Prolonged and extended use of his fire control leaves him massively overheated. A feeling almost as though his blood and body were super heated to the point of feeling weak and brittle.

Given whats happened to him in his short life with the abuse from other kids in his preteen years and up, as well as the physical and emotional abuse he received from his parents after finding out he was a mutant. Atrid has become cautious to the point of paranoia when it comes down new people and things. The trauma inflicted from it all has caused him to become quite cynical and made him not trust the world as a whole. Hes hyper vigilant his head constantly on a swivel noting all entrances and exits being sure whenever possible not to have his back to any.



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Atrid has 41 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Taming the Tigress: Jailbreak! October 29th, 2022 While Art rushes to warn her mom, a jailbreak wrecks Havok at her prison and League agents move in..
Recovery and Plotting October 5th, 2022 Art recovers after her ordeal with help from Atrid.
Operation: Extraction October 1st, 2022 Atrid, Thomas and Jade team up to rescue Artemis from the League of Assassins. WARNING: contains mild to moderate Graphic Violence.
A Meeting One Night September 26th, 2022 Artemis will be SAVED!
A Nice Evening In...For Once! September 20th, 2022 Emotional agreement made.
Hidden Dangers September 14th, 2022 Art returns from Gotham and discusses her worries with Atrid.
Training Time September 11th, 2022 Art and Atrid get in some practice.
Fleeb vs Vampires September 8th, 2022 April O'Neil is kidnapped by vampires. An assortment of DIVERSE heroes come to her RESCUE! Tracy Fleeb witnesses the chaos she's been sewing...
Another Night, another Day September 7th, 2022 Hidden feelings are finally out in the open
Just a Dream...Or is it September 6th, 2022 Artemis has a very real nightmare, Atrid tries to comfort her.
Making New Friends September 1st, 2022 Artie brings her boyfriend Atrid over to meet her sister Jade.
Playing Chess August 31st, 2022 Artemis and Atrid plan their next move while getting ready to meet her long lost sister.
Recoup in New York August 30th, 2022 While recouperating, Artemis reveals more secrets to Atrid.
Bittersweet Reunions August 28th, 2022 Artemis is reunited with Atrid again.
Shadow X: Dance Night August 26th, 2022 Artemis visits New York in pursuit of an old enemy and makes a new ally..
The trouble maker a Mentor August 22nd, 2022 Atrid and Kitora had a meeting in the back yard of Xavier's school - and she agreed to go on a date with him.
Do they keep dynamite on campus August 21st, 2022 Jimmy catches up with the new graduate Atrid.
The Fruitcake Apocalypse December 12th, 2021 An unlikely gang of heroes and vigilantes save Columbia University from a monstrous fruitcake... er... slime monster.
Vroom Vroom December 11th, 2021 Rogue and Atrid chat a bit, then head out to get him some job applications!
A Meeting in the Rec center December 9th, 2021 No description
Out in the Wash II: Prelims December 8th, 2021 Atrid comes across Phoebe doin' an Investigate at the Laundromat. He doesn't beleive in magic, thinks tattoos are cool, and Phoebe, who is washing magic robes in order to try and bait a demonic possession of a washing machine, tries to keep it together since... you know... she was accosted by a possessed coke machine.
Fire and Nice December 6th, 2021 Phoebe and Atrid meet at a Pizza Joint
Chores for Wolves December 6th, 2021 A session in the stables turns into onesided flirting. The horses are unharmed in the making of this scene.
German Cooking, or German: Cooking December 5th, 2021 Kurt prepares a big German meal for Xavier's. There is a vampire visit, also a 'sister' visit, which leaves the elf feeling awkward after recent revelations.
Late Night Lake Viewing June 6th, 2021 Chatting at the lake with Gabby and Atrid. Some rocks are thrown.
Crocodile Mile June 5th, 2021 Jubilation Lee won an eBay auction for a new-in-box slip-and-slide toy from the 1990s, which promptly gets laid out on the Xavier's Mansion back yard. Students, faculty, and whatever Rogue is come to enjoy an afternoon slipping and sliding down none other than the...CROCODILE MILE!
Who Doesn't Like Milkshakes June 5th, 2021 Once again, conversation between Clarice and Atrid devolve into an arguement - because of course it does.
Following Orders May 31st, 2021 Atrid discovers a secret Clarice has been keeping, and agrees to keep it to himself, while also offering help. And the pair discuss the Brotherhood.
Pizza Soda and good times May 31st, 2021 Atrid meets with Gabby and her sister Rien for Pizza and soda.
Awkward Afternoon May 29th, 2021 Meet and greet apologies and picnics
And Don't Forget The Bagel May 28th, 2021 Happenstance brings people together at the Coffee Bean.
Visiting the Bean May 27th, 2021 New friends meet over coffee. Atrid gets info on Xaviers, and Gabby gets a date? Perhaps?
Random Alley walking May 22nd, 2021 Yay, random meeting!
Trial by Character May 21st, 2021 Emma is rescued by a knight in ragged armour. Recruitment commences.
Obsession: Part 2 of May 20th, 2021 No description
Brick oven and flames May 19th, 2021 A nice time eating talking and a little bit of icy flames
Three's A Crowd May 16th, 2021 Noriko Ashida comes by Burger Joint at the end of Jubilee's shift, but the pair are caught in a comedy of errors. Jubilee accidentally agrees to a date with Bjorn Knutsen...right in front of Nori! Meanwhile, Jacen Knight's burger never comes. Bad service at Burger Joint.
Not another teen Mutant! May 15th, 2021 Atrid finds himself in trouble with anti mutant folks and their hatred spills out causing his powers to flare up and developing some unlikely alliances.
Casual Coffee May 14th, 2021 Jovian and Atrid discuss baseball at a coffee shop.
Getting to know people. May 14th, 2021 No description
All The Time May 14th, 2021 Rogue and Atrid meet outside of a pizza place in Salem Center NY.


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Atrid has 41 finished logs.

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