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Bishop (Scenesys ID: 1119)
Name: Lucas Bishop
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Rogue Mutant Hunter
Citizenship: None
Residence: New York City
Education: X.S.E. Academy graduate
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Xavier's School
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 28 Jan 2090 (32) Played By N/A
Height: 6'6" Weight: 275 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Warriors -- Imagine Dragons

Character Info


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Bishop is from a violent future over 80 years from the present day. A member of the X.S.E. he tried to fight to preserve Xavier's dream in as much as it could in a future that had been shaped by such violence. When the mutant criminal Trevor Fitzroy killed his sister it began a manhunt that would lead to Bishop chasing him to the present day. When he arrived he found that his partners were gone, and there was no trace of Trevor Fitzroy that he could find. Finding himself in a time where the heroes he idolized still lived, he's set out for answers and to see if he can keep his grim future from ever happening.


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* 2090: Bishop is born to parents Burnum and Kadee in a future ruled by the Sentinels. Branded with the M tatoo over his right eye.
* 2092: Bishop's sister Shard is born.
* 2095: Human's and Mutant band together to attempt to overthrow the Sentinels in what will come to be called the 'Summers Rebellion.'
* 2097: Burnum and Kadee are killed during the rebellion and Bishop and Shard go to live with their Grandmother, who tells them the stories of the X-men, and Bishop begins to idolize their legend.
* 2101: After 6 grueling years the Summers Rebellion ends with the fall of the Sentinel Regime. Human's are still reluctant to coexist with Mutants and the terrorist group the 'Exhumes' forms as disenfranchised mutants fight back.
* 2102: Believing Mutant's should police their own to preserve peaceful coexistance, a Summers Rebellion veteran named Hecate forms for the Xavier Security Enforcers for this purpose.
* 2104: The X.S.E. Academy completed and starts training young mutants to be Enforcers.
* 2105: The Exhume terrorist Viagro takes Shard hostage to escape her X.S.E. pursuers. Bishop jumps on her back to free his sister but she overpowers him. She readies to kill him when she is shot dead by an X.S.E. enforcer.
* 2107: Mutant criminal's Billboy and Halftrack murder Hancock, a friend of Bishop's grand mother. They attempt to kill Shard, but Bishop intercedes trying to use his energy absorbtion powers to stop them. He cannot defeat them but puts up a good fight long enough for X.S.E. members Amazon and Recoil to arrive and rescue them. Impressed by the two young mutants they take them to X.S.E. Academy to train
* 2110: Bishop meets Trevor Fitzroy, he thinks he is unstable, but admits his powers will make him an excellent hunter.
* 2111: Shard starts a relationship with Fitzroy despite Bishop's objections.
* 2112: Bishop and Shard graduate and become full fledged Officer's of the X.S.E. and take to their lives hunting mutant criminals.
* 2114 Bishop beings fellow officers Malcolm and Randall and they become one of the most feared teams of hunters. Shard ends her relationship with a continually unstable Fitzroy.
* 2116: Shard is promoted to Bishop's superior. He was happy to be passed over to continue working the streets with Randall and Malcolm.
* 2119: Trevor Fitzroy, turned criminal sets up an ambush for the X.S.E. Shard is killed in this ambush, and Bishop's vendetta to end him begins.
* 2120: Tracking Trevor Fitzroy, Bishop finds an old safehouse where he finds a grabled message from Jean Grey that speaks of a traitor that betrays the X-Men and leads to their deaths.*
* 2122: After 2 years without a lead, Bishop finally discovers that Fitzroy has gone to the past around the date when the message from Jean Grey was recorded with other Mutant Criminals. Understanding that whatever they are doing it could be catastrophic, Bishop, Randall and Malcolm all volunteer to go back in time to stop Fitzroy, knowing full well it is a one way trip, and they have no way back.
* 2020: Something goes wrong, Bishop finds himself in New York City in the present day. It is years later than he expected to arrive however, and many details of his Grandmother's story, and what he learned at the X.S.E. Academy's history cirriculum are vastly different. There is no sign of Randall or Malcolm and none of Fitzroy. And so the quest for answers begins.

IC Journal

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Good Friend:
While few would call Bishop 'friendly' to those that he calls friend will have his loyalty for life. As the saying goes, 'A friend will help you move. A true friend will help you move a body.' Bishop falls into the latter category. Around those that he is comfortable enough to call friend, the cracks in his stern exterior show and can even crumble away at times, while he will laugh about a funny adventure, or have a drink sharing old war stories over board game night.

There is a darker part of Bishop that he doesn't like to admit exists. Deep down, he enjoys the hunt. Though he truly wants and believes in peace between Man and Mutant secretly he is glad that there are Mutant Criminals out there to hunt. Bringing them down and bringing them to justice gives an outlet to pride, when he tells himself he is good at this. It also gives him a way to slake his rage at the deaths of his parents, his sisters, and whenever he couldn't save someone. He comes from a violent time.

Bishop believes, deeply, in the cause of peace and in Xavier's Dream. He feels that those that threaten the peace need to be dealt with swiftly and with finality, like you excise a tumor. He knows this is not how Xavier would want to see his dream realized, but he hopes that if someday peace is realized, men like him can dissappear into obselescence and be forgotten in favor of the brighter tales of Charles Xavier and his X-Men.

All Bishop has ever wanted to do is protect people. His parents died when he was too young to save them, and he spent the rest of his life throwing himself into danger to make up for that. His powers make him very hard to kill, but even when the danger to him is clear he doesn't hesitate throw himself into harms way to protect an innocent. However it also means he doesn't hesitate to take out someone threatening an innocent with the greatest deal of efficacy possible, include lethal force.

Some people are a delicate instrument, like a scaple. Bishop is a broadsword, and he knows this. If you are a criminal, and if you threaten the peace he will take you down. He is perfectly willing stain his hands so other's don't have to. Even though he knows this is not truly part of Xavier's dream he feels he is from to violent of a place to every really be able to exemplify it the way those he idols do.

Character Sheet


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Energy Absorbtion:
Bishop's Mutation allows him to aborb almost any form of energy. Fire, electricity, plasma, psionic, radioactive, kinetic, and possible more as he increases his exposure to them. His body is able to process this energy and redirect as powerful concussive blasts. Often he will project these blasts from his hands, or use it to perform an 'energy charged punch,' but he has also projected them from his eyes or mouth when his hands were not free. The upper limits have seldom been explored, but he can at least absorb energy of sufficient power to vaporize a normal human being. He can only store this energy so long before he has to expend it in some manner, which is why most of his blast tend to be forceful and unrestrained. He can only hold it for so long. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and the more he pushes his limits the more he can slowly expand them.

Physical Enchancement:
This is a minor ability that Bishop can achieve when trying to focus absorbed energy inwards instead of release it. He is able to increase his strength, durability and even his recovery briefly while focusing the energy he's absorbed internally. Currently he is only able to enhance himself to just slight above maximum human levels, and generally he's not been able to hold onto these enhancements for longer than a couple of minutes before he has to expell the built up force. With time and practice he may beable to push this ability further.


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Bishop was able to drive ground based vehicles of his time period at a tactical level. That level of proficiency doesn't tranlate to current day vehicles, but he is able to drive most small passanger vehicles without trouble.

Though he is far more 'Dirty Harry' Calahan than he is Sherlock Holmes, X.S.E. training and experience have taught Bishop how to be a skilled investigator. He can stake out a location, follow a lead, shadow a suspect, and string theory the heck out of a conspiracy. Though he is far from a prodigy in this regard, and often resorts to what was tried and true in his time period. Getting someone to tell him what he needs to know through bribery, intimidation and maybe even some light fisticuffs.

Bishop is a superb marksman, and is particularly skilled with sidearms and more compact carbines. Though he favors favors his X.S.E. issued blasters, they also trained extensively with older projectile firearms for use against mutants with varying degrees of resistance to energy. His skill is on par with someone that achieved the destinction of 'Sharpshooter' in modern militaries.

Bishop's prefered hunting grounds is the urban jungle, but his work as an X.S.E. officer included basic surival training. Enough criminals from his time tried to flee into the wilderness that he has picked up some tracking ability, but only very basic, and could be easily lost by someone more familiar with the region. He knows enough that he'd be able to get himself back to civilzation in all but the most savage of wildenress though.

Working with Randall, Malcolm, Shard and other X.S.E. officers, Bishop has become very skilled in small unit tactics, and generally makes good, if often destructive, battlefield decision. In the field with the X.S.E. he was usually looked to be a combat leader, and he was capable in this role, but he has a ways to go before he learns to be a true leader.

Trained Fighter:
His training at the X.S.E. Academy saw him train in a variety of hand to hand techniques adapted from past police and military commando techniques. His style focuses on sharp strikes. Efficent grabbles and quick take downs. The decade of experience that followed has seen him learn a variety of 'veteran tricks' that makes him a very capable, if unspectacular combatant.


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X.s.e. Blasters:
Bishop brought with him from the future two X.S.E. blasters that he can use in combat to devastating effect. They are small carbines of blocky design, each about the size of a sawn of shotgun. When going into battle, Bishop wears a harness that lets him holster them over each shoulder. They are meant to be close to mid range combat weapons, ideal for fighting in tight, urban and indoor combat. Each blaster can fire about 50 blasts before needing to be recharged, and they have been modified to allow Bishop to charge them with his powers. Making them a good way to bleed of excess energy he's absorbed but doesn't need to shoot anything with right away.


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Not Bulletproof!:
While the kinetic energy from knifes, bullets, blunt objects and so forth can charge Bishop's 'battery' this does not stop the horrible tissue damage such things can impart. He might be a little more durable than the average person on the street but all these things can do horrible damage and kill him.

Bishop can absorb a supreme amount of energy, but even at his strongest that energy has to go somewhere, and he can't hold it in forever. If he reaches his limit raw energy can burst from him in every direction causing devastation to all around and leaving him weakened, disabled and maybe even dead if he tried to push himself to far. Even if these limits grow as he gains greater master of his powers, he is likely to always have *a* limit that will lead to catastrophe if he exceeds.

In conflict, Bishop is aggressive, volitaile and very violent, and quick to go for the most extreme means of pacifying an enemy. Not only will this make it difficulty for him to make and keep heroic allies, but it will lead to trouble with contemporary authority. He's not utterly reckless, but he will shoot first and ask what the consquences are later if he feels a foe is dangerous enough.



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Bishop has 16 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fire, Friends and Beverages December 14th, 2020 After fun in the snow, a group at the school retire to the fireplace in Kitty's room. A man from the future makes them tea!
The Snikt Sisters and School July 19th, 2020 Laura & Gabby spar after seeking permission for them both to officially join Xavier's.
Cooking in the Kitchen with Gabby! July 10th, 2020 Small lunch meeting in the kitchen.
Betsy and Bishop talk security June 13th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop discuss security
The Saint and the Demon May 28th, 2020 Brainstorming about the attacks on Xavier's Mansion may have some leads.
A Sinister Plot: Claws of Fury May 26th, 2020 Another group of hunters, led by Bishop, check out the spot Gabby was taken.
A Sinister Plot: The Game is Afoot May 25th, 2020 Plans are made.
When Betsy met Bishop May 11th, 2020 Betsy and Bishop spend a nice afternoon shooting clay pigeons.
Genosha Expedition III: The Exiles April 26th, 2020 The Magistrates return to Genosha attempting some Gunboat Diplomacy, angering the mutants on site. It doesn't end well for the returning exiles when an angry and power-boosted Polaris attacks them.
Wait. This one is not a future Summers April 26th, 2020 Scott spent some time vetting Bishop and Bishop agrees to help where he can.
Guns, Swords, and Battleship April 22nd, 2020 Bishop proves the reasonable one. Magik steals hands and guns.
Winds of Change: Thought We Were Having Fish, Not Raptor April 17th, 2020 Fish tacos are interrupted by Laura and Jean having extreme makeovers
And a delivery is made to home. April 8th, 2020 Pizza tonight CAH another night.
No, I Promise I am Not Another Summers From the Future! April 7th, 2020 Jean gave Bishop's brainmeats a poke and determined him safe for Mansion co-habiation
To Check the Time April 6th, 2020 AGENT CROFT meets a TIME TRAVELER and they have a chat and a bit of a run!
Not Another Time Traveler April 5th, 2020 Lorna runs into ANOTHER stranger from the future. Wooo booy.


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Bishop has 16 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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