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Rave (Scenesys ID: 1334)
Name: Naria Shepard
Superalias: Rave
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Musician/DJ
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York
Education: University Sophmore
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 14 Feb 2001 Played By
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Neon Blue Eye Color: Neon Blue
Theme Song: Neon -

Character Info


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A young Meta-Human who 'erupted' in public and embraced the excitement and the 'fun' that came with the life. A musical prodigy with an underground following before she became a 'Superhero', while she'll eagerly run into danger to save those in the most grave peril, that doesn't stop her from doing so with a big excited grin and the occasional snapped 'selfie'.


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2001: Born and Raised in Los Angeles, California, to parents Samantha and David.

2006: Demonstrated a talent for singing and music, entered her first contest.

2012: Continued to develop her musical talents and became more interested in less 'traditional' music that she'd been exposed to.

2013: Moved to New York after parent's employment shifts, commences highschool.

2016-2018: Naria is introduced to the electronic dance and rave scene courtesy of a fake ID here and there. After scoring a gig DJ'ing and performing at a few venues, begins to develop a following and fanbase. Adopts the stage name 'Rave'.

2018: Commenced study at ESU.

2019: Chance changes the course of her life, a drunk driver swerved and came hurtling towards her as she left an establishment. Witnesses would say that she simply vanished in a flash of brilliant blue light, while for her the world slowed to a crawl. The car was barely moving, the trash from the impacted can nearby hung in the air in some infinate 'pause' before she dashed out of the way.

With such a public display of her power 'awakening', rumor would spread fast enough, not least of all by the changes that occured in the girl herself with her bright blue hair and literally radiant features. With no hiding it, Naria came to embrace it wholely. She adopts the name 'Rave' entirely and sets out like many other Metahumans with one extra goal: defeat the bordem of a 'normal' life.

IC Journal

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Rave is a energetic, excitable, fun-loving young woman who is always looking for new thrills and a chance to have fun. Where once she'd danced and indulged in the occasional 'chemical experience enhancement', now she indulges in danger, excitement and thrills of the superhero lifestyle. Even so, she wears her heart on her sleeve, and happily races towards dangers for the sake of others.

Rave herself suffers from a noticable degree of impatience. Inactivity is stifling when you can achieve so much in a single instant at times. This can lead to a frustration and impulsiveness when things aren't seen to be progressing.

At her heart, Rave's biggest fear had been a mundane life of little significance, ignored by history as much as the world around her in one big 'meh'. Now she has the means to make a name for herself, make a difference in the world and let herself feel like she was actually 'doing' something? She's happy to run headlong towards it.

Character Sheet


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Healing Glow:
Rave's powers allow her body to recover from injury much faster than a normal human. She doesn't recover from injury immediately, but can heal from wounds that would cripple or even kill a normal human in a matter of hours to a day. The worse the injury, the longer it takes to heal and a near-lethal would render her unconcious while she 'repairs'. This power is lost if she's kept in complete darkness, as the light itself is required for healing her.

Rave is capable of absorbing, manipulating and intensifying light into destructive forms and 'hardlight' bursts. This illumination can be natural or artificial and while the energy is magnified, she cannot work without a source. Using this energy, Rave makes use of several techniques.

Light Blast: The most basic use of her energy projection, Rave is able to release the light energy she absorbs as an intense laser bolt capable of blasting through solid steel several inches thick with ease. While she can 'ramp up' the destructive energy she releases to do more damage, she requires both time and a sustained source of strong light beyond sunlight to do so.

Hardlight blast: By releasing light energy and causing it to 'burst' on itself, Rave can create a momentary 'solid' light that can hit with blunt force and be a 'non-lethal' option. While bigger bursts would mean bigger force (up to levels that would equal a 60mph car crash) she generally keeps it to the level equivlent to a beanbag round from a shotgun.

Burst Shield: Not truely a solid barrier so much as ablative pulsing 'bursts', Rave can combine her perception with her hardlight release to create a moment of a solid 'wall' to try and stop physical threats not comprised of energy she can absorb.

Shaping: Rave is capable of shaping and sustaining laser energy, allowing her to effectively create shaped constructs such as a 'bubble' of ongoing energy or imprisoning her target. She can project 'holograms' and projections, but they're unlikely to be mistaken for the real thing as they are visibly comprised of the same neon-glowing energy she releases.

Super Reflexes:
Super Speed is nothing without the ability to percieve the world moving at speed. Rave has the accelerated perception and thought to match her speed of movement, allowing her the ability to react to the world and situations around her.

Super Speed:
Rave is a speedster, someone blessed with hypermovement allowing her to run and move at speeds approaching that of the very light that she channels. Wrapped in a hardlight aura, she can outpace bullet trains and actual bullets with minimal effort, but sustaining her top speed for longer than a few minutes can exaust her much as running at top speed would exaust a human runner.

While Rave can reach the speed of light, as she approaches her top speed the aura spreads through her body and she becomes living hard light. Should she reach the speed of light, she is no longer able to maintain her 'mass' and her form becomes one of pure light and unable to interact with most physical things any more than a natural ray of light.


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A Little Training:
Rave has always been interested in martial arts, enjoying it for the confidence and fitness prior to the emergence of her powers. While she's certainly talented and even has the odd medal under her belt, her experience has come primarily from a class than true life-or-death combat and without her speed she would be completely outclassed by those with more training and experience.

Due as much to an energetic personality as any abilities or experience in customer service, Rave is great at charming most people and can convince people to relax around her. While she's not any more likely to talk down a rampaging supervillain than anyone else, she is an adept fast-talker and can talk her way into and out of trouble quite effectively.

Partially due to her gift, and mostly due to her passion Rave is something of a musical prodigy. She sings, she plays a variety of instruments, and is an extrmely talented DJ. Often she assumes many of the behind-the-stage jobs, too. While not carrying the same wide fame as others, Rave has her own following particularly within the 'underground' scene.


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Club Scene:
Rave is, as her assumed moniker might suggest, heavily into the clubbing scene though her time working as a DJ and performer to pay her way through college and indulge in her love of it all. While her new 'life' consumes much of her time, she still has enough friends in the right places to hear about others connected to the party scene, the occasional illegal party gathering and some of the seedier sides that tangle in with the lifestyle.

Rave is both an outed Meta and a known performer in certain circles. While it's not without its drawbacks, she isn't without a following of her own that can open the occasional door.


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Total darkness is extremely debilitating for Rave. Without light to absorb and channel, she cannot use any of her photokinetic abilities. While she can 'store' some inside herself, several minutes of fighting in darkness and she would be completely 'empty'.

While she has the powers and 'ideas' from her time exposed to the Metahumans, Mutants and superheroes, Rave is still new to being a superhero. Many of the consideratons, dangers and trials of the 'job' are simply not things she has an awareness of that others have already developed.

Rave utilizes bright laser lights and neon flashes when she utilizes her abilities. Even her running leave a glowing corona around her form. It almost completely removes her ability to be sneaky. People are going to notice her!

Rave is energetic, excitable and fittingly enough loves to have her moment to shine. There are better solutions than violence or charging in there are smarter ways to get things done, yet Rave would happily race into the front door and loudly announce her presence. Stealth, subtlety and the like are rarer in arsenal.



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Naria Shepard has 24 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Monday morning in the park July 5th, 2021 Three girls and a guy bump into one another at the park. Oh, and a dog stole a Jedi Academy backpack. Hijinks ensued!
Let's Dance May 16th, 2021 Mr. Immortal chases some crooks into a club where Rave is playing. Bloodshed ensues.
A Hellish Club March 19th, 2021 Andi and Rave meet at Purgatory and see about having a good time.
Neon-blue winter February 18th, 2021 No description
One Cold January Night.. January 25th, 2021 No description
Chillin in the Woods with our m-- ... mates January 4th, 2021 Pyro, Drake and Rave discover that under a bridge is a fantastic places for meeting new friends. Not just trolls.
Yippie-Ki-Yay Holiday: The Train December 5th, 2020 Simon begins his deadly game with some of New York's finest heroes. The Shadow solves a riddle, Rave rescues civilians, and X23 sort of teams up with Bolo to catch a train and disarm a bomb.
Just a Relaxing Spar Day December 1st, 2020 No description
Doublemint November 9th, 2020 Rave and Noriko meet their doppelgängers before their players lose steam.
Campus Connections October 5th, 2020 A typical Thusday, in which Karolina obtains a scroll of summoning for a demon named Levian, and meets Rave, whom invites them both to a concert.
A quick meeting. September 28th, 2020 No description
Fast as a... September 24th, 2020 No description
Bao and Blue August 30th, 2020 Meetings are made between Heather, Dawn and Rave over Chinese food.
Seeking The Barista Cat Of Doom August 2nd, 2020 Good drinks, good company, new friends, and cats. Today was a good day at DOOM Coffee.
Light and Shadow July 31st, 2020 Rave and Bolo meet and learn a bit about each other. 4 bad guys are foiled. Bolo cleans up the mess. Rave goes for pizza.
Rave and Landry after work July 22nd, 2020 No description
Who is Rave July 11th, 2020 Kara Danvers meets the out and proud hero Rave and interviews her about being the new hero on the block.
Blood and Neon June 15th, 2020 No description
Coffee Shop Chatter June 9th, 2020 Rave and Landry begin groundwork for a partnership. Ms. Winters buys lemon cake for everyone and gets embarrassed.
After-Party blues May 25th, 2020 Cecily and Rave discuss the aftermath of the attack on Rave's concert. Plans to track down villains and comforting cuddles are exchanged.
Underground Upset May 22nd, 2020 Horror and violence. Some mutants/Metas are kidnapped by unknown men and Rave is shot!
Halogen and Halocene May 21st, 2020 Elliot and Raze have a successful first set. Keagan gets fuel for a blog post. Is there more to come? Stay tuned!
Outfoxing the Crooks May 17th, 2020 Spider-Man attempts to foil an arms deal and meets up with Miss Winters and Rave
Dissension and Discord in Mutant Town May 15th, 2020 Rave and Cecily come across two gangs standing off outside a gas station in Mutant Town: The Ogres and the Bloody Talons. A rumble happens, but quick actions from Rave and Cecily (with a little help from Maxwell) seem the gang members incapacitated and wrapped up for the police. More importantly, Rave wins her choice of slushy.


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Naria Shepard has 24 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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