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Aldrif Odinsdottir (Scenesys ID: 975)
Name: Aldrif Odinsottir
Superalias: Angela
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mistress of the Hunt
Citizenship: Heven (Asgardian by Birth)
Residence: Unknown
Education: The Angel Training Fields of Heven
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Asgardians
Apparent Age: 1306 Actual Age: 1306
Date of Birth 31 March 714 Played By
Height: 6'2" (1.8 m) Weight: 480 lb (218 kg)
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: White
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A woman not in any systems. No, not even those fancy galactic databases. Not even what species she belongs to. Anyone who is this thoroughly undocumented either sprung into existence very recently and very implausibly, somehow came here from somewhere completely unknown without anyone noticing, or went through quite a bit of trouble to destroy all information pertaining to them. Only the most dire of criminals would want such a thing badly enough to undertake the numerous illegal activities necessary to achieve it.


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* 714 - Aldrif Odinsdottir is born to Freya and Odin, as the Aesir/Vanir royal heir.
* 715 - The Queen of Angels of Heven, in an attack on Asgard, kidnap Aldrif. When Odin refused to surrender, Aldrif was seemingly murdered. Odin uses his powers to force the Angels back and cuts off Heven from the realms of Yggdrasil with a powerful curse.
* 715 - Unbeknownst to all save for Loriel, the royal handmaiden tasked by the Queen of Angels with disposing of the body, Aldrif clung to life. Overcome by sorrow at Aldrif's fate, Loriel used her position to disguise the child as her own, raising her as Angela --- one of the traditional names for the rare Elysian children orphaned without known parents, of which the war had produced many.
* 800s - In mythical pre-history, the angelic warriors of Elysium served as commissioned frontline soldiers for Heaven's eternal conflict with demonic forces. Betrayal and catastrophic war saw their services abandoned and their crystal city-world of Elysium cast out to the unknown reaches of the universe: the Endworlds. Denied by Heaven and cut off from everything they knew, the most powerful surviving angels sealed records of their past, declared a new regime, and built their power through selling Elysium's talents to new buyers. Angela is raised in this new society as the sole child of one of the Queen of Angels' handmaidens, she was raised alongside but apart from the privilege of the ruling court. The obvious mark of her unfortunate mutation, a lack of wings, made her an easy target for abuse in Elysium's brutal, militaristic meritocracy. Angela turned her suffering into motivation to excel beyond her peers, such that one day even her fiercest rivals were forced to admit that she was perhaps their greatest warrior. As Loriel disappeared under mysterious circumstances centuries ago, there are few things capable of preventing the impending tragedy of Angela's true origin.
* 2020 - A yet unknown even has pulled Angela from Heven, leaving her confused and angry on Midgard, a realm that did not exist previously.

IC Journal

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Follow Or Leave:
She believes in doing things her way, or no way at all. She is very much her father's daughter, whether she'd admit it or not, and very much a stranger in a strange land... but to those who earn her respect and loyalty? They will never find a more steadfast companion. Angela tends to believe in hierarchy and self-reliance, that everyone should know how to take care of themselves and those who have earned authority should be respected for the beneficent order they bring to society. The things she has seen over her many years have created conflicting feelings on the blind obedience and self-hating bootstrapping that she learned in her younger years, but those impulses are still a part of her. In a crisis, she will ultimately side with a person she trusts over a bureaucracy she does not know, even if it sits uneasily with her.

Nothing For Nothing:
This phrase defines much of Angela's personality. Raised to believe she was an Angel, Angela is - ironically - by far one of the greatest proponents of their creed, believing in maintaining balance in all things, and that no action can be given without compensation in return -- her philosophy borders on something akin to every action having a consequence, but aligns more closely towards "every debt must be repaid." It gives her a set of moral beliefs that are decisively alien compared to msot others, but she follows them with an admirable sort of single-minded purity that has made her the greatest of her kind -- a true irony, considering the truth of her heritage.

True Blood Hardass:
Angela is blunt, stoic, and prideful, given more towards direct confrontation and unilateral action rather than playing well with others or trying more subtle approaches. The Asgardian blood in her veins marks her well: she lives for battle, and for the hunt, taking no small thrill in facing opponents that she has never encountered or who prove a suitable challenge. She is a warrior, through and through. She plays many things close to the vest, very rarely divulges her personal feelings, and has a difficult time expressing herself in emotional situations, having forged herself - by necessity thanks to the cruelty of her outsider status amongst what she believed to be her kind - into a hardened and unflagging bastion of stability.

Character Sheet


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Angela has the gift of the All-Tongue, letting her understand and be understood by all languages in the Ten Realms, spoken and written. It's very convenient when she's describing all the ways she's going to eviscerate people.

Not necessarily a boon from her Asgardian nature, it's unclear just how she does it, but Angela is capable of unaided flight like the other Angels of Heven -- even without wings to propel her. She can fly through atmosphere and even through space, and with her superhuman speed she is capable of crossing vast distances in a fairly short amount of time, with the superhuman durability to withstand the wind resistance such speeds would normally inflict.

Hevensent Asgardian:
Though Angela is a kidnapped Asgrdian trained as an Angel, she retains more than the ordinary measure of their other gifts. Angela is long-lived enough to be functionally immortal, blessed with immense health and endurance. She heals at an incredible rate, capable of regenerating from even grievous wounds within seconds --- which rarely happen, considering her nigh-invulnerability. Her strength is suspiciously godlike, even among the already-fearsome strength of angels. While she may not be among the strongest beings in all of the nine realms, her maximum effort approaches such paragons. Her senses are supernaturally developed, allowing her to perceive great distances and comprehend at great speeds, as well as track prey by scent alone. Even when she wishes she couldn't.

Yet, Angela's most-storied physical abilities are her speed and reflexes, said to be faster than lightning, faster than thought. Functionally, Angela is capable of moving faster than even most other angels could perceive. That she can do this while maintaining fine agility is monstrous. In the vacuum of space --- which she can reach from Earth's atmosphere under her own power --- she can attain enough speed to make decent time on a trip from Earth to the moon.

There are a few logistical issues with possessing speed like this without some means of supernatural mitigation. Moving as fast as she can within an atmosphere can cause highly destructive interactions with air pressure and all that, which limits her options in many circumstances. It's much easier to have an all-out faster-than-sight battle in the air above a city than inside a building that will proceed to collapse on you.

While Angela is extremely difficult to contend with physically, like many biologically superhuman subjects she is capable of being run down by exhaustion. For example, when she's fresh she may be capable of regenerating to wholeness after being burned down to a skeleton, but after enough beating her healing factor will begin to slow and stall until she rests.

Her vaunted quickness has the most notable interaction here. While she can keep up with speedsters, in some ways her powers have more in common with a human sprinting than superpowered speed. She prefers to use her swiftness in strategic bursts rather than go all-out on every whim. In most engagements, Angela's functional talent is being able to react incredibly quickly and be exactly where she needs to be, when she needs to be there.


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Best of Us:
Angela was raised in a highly militarized society, and from a young age she dedicated herself to becoming her people's finest daughter. The three primary trades of angels are soldiery, assassination, and spycraft: all aspects of the glorious hunt. Angela has honed her skills in these areas over millennia. Her abilities are vast enough, especially in her favored melee arts, that she rarely finds someone who can match her --- and it is a joyous occasion for her when she does, rather than a threatening one. Angela's maximum performance lends cold plausibility to seemingly embellished tales of taking on entire armies and slaying cosmic lords hiding in fortress-planets.

Negotiation of Angels:
Heven is unusual amongst the realms in its value of material things above all other considerations, making them excellent dealbreakers and tradespeople. While Angela vastly prefers the thrill of the hunt and the kill in a true testament of the strength of her Asgardian blood, she is still no slouch at negotiation and trade, able to barter with the best of them and possessed of a shrewd mind that usually -- usually -- come out ahead. Of course, her negotiation tactics often involve intimidation and threats of violence, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Queen of Hunters:
Angelic society exalts the hunt as the highest philosophical attainment. From a young age, Angela displayed an unusual amount of talent for pursuing this ideal. By the time she left the Endworlds, Angela was widely considered to be without peer. Angela is supremely skilled in the arts of tracking someone or something down and then observing, capturing, or killing them as necessary. The vast portfolio of her hunting experience makes it difficult to surprise her with bizarre situations and allows her to develop strategies to cope with even the most unusual problems. Moreso than many others, she grows exponentially more deadly when given time to prepare and opportunity to study.

Worlds Knowledgable:
Angela has traveled the Endworlds for thousands of years, encountering numerous civilizations and anomalies. Her vast experience has given her a broad understanding of all varieties of things: technologies, magics, mysterious events, superpowers, and so on. It helps that her profession demands learning about things so that she may hunt them. While Angela can't identify everything on sight (especially this far from home), she usually has enough contextual knowledge to start asking the right questions. This experience includes the fringe benefits of familiarity: for instance, it's much easier to know how to defend against bizarre attack vectors like telepathy and magic when you're from a place where they're common enough to have slang terms.


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Angelic Raiment:
Angela wears an angelic-forged combat outfit that can be uncharitably but accurately described as a space bikini. She would never call it a space bikini, but these things nicknames have a way of sticking. The very logical explanation for this is that while Elysium is capable of forging immensely tough armor, it can't make anything tougher than Angela is already without delving into ablative concepts. So, Angela decided to lean into her agility rather than stacking on cumbersome layers. Trust in the logic of the space bikini.

Angelic Ribbons:
As one of the angelic elite, Angela is bonded with a parasympathetic organism that takes the shape of numerous ribbons. The ribbons are a magical helper tool that responds to Angela's conscious and subconscious directions as well as act with their own intelligence. The upside is that they act as additional limbs even when she's unaware or overwhelmed. The downside is that sometimes they act perky when she's trying to look mean. The ribbons possess durability and regenerative properties enough to keep up with Angela's unique lifestyle choices.

Blades of Ichor:
Angela's Ichors are twin morphic weapons that are capable of shifting their mass into different forms. Functionally, this means that Angela can mentally command them to become hand axes, short swords, daggers, and other weapons. The can also be combined to create larger constructs. They are supernaturally sharp and durable, allowing for their use on various epic threats.

Dimensional Lance:
Dimensional lances are a unique angelic weapon, and their greatest answer to the most deadly foes they have faced. Lances take a form that is more akin to a spear built to the same exacting standards of other high-tier angelic weaponry. However, their true usefulness is in a complicated enchantment that allows them to emit various frequencies of dimensional resonance. These frequencies, when properly applied, can destabilize and dismiss (or at least interfere with) a wide variety of targets, including some... extremely persistent pests. A frequency in the general correct range can stun a target or temporarily interrupt an effect, while a precisely calibrated frequency can result in total obliteration.

While a dimensional lance is a powerful weapon, it has a significant drawback in that it requires the correct frequency to be effective, especially if one is aiming for the best results. The range of possible frequencies is immense, which means that experimenting during battle is not a realistic (or wise) choice. Further, Angela doesn't have the facilities or the support staff typically required to perform accurate analysis on unique targets. Considering these problems, the dimensional lance loses much of its edge against targets that are exotic and/or powerful.

Given Her Due:
Angela is materially wealthy and powerful in her own right but also within Elysium's society. Despite fierce rivalries, she frequently serves as the supreme mistress of important hunts and enjoys the esteem of the Queen of Angels herself. Angelic values have ensured that she has extracted proper compensation for her deeds over her long life. Between her personal wealth and the intangible collection of favors owed to her, Angela has nigh-unlimited access to the vast resources of Elysium's advanced cosmic assets, both equipment and personnel. Her own private vaults include innumerable trophies and relics, many of which have magical use beyond totems of sentimental remembrance. Even the famously taciturn Angela has a few close friends who would be willing to risk much to aid her.

The obvious downside is that Angela is currently on Earth and Elysium is very, very, very far away. There is currently no obvious way to return to where all these advantages reside. She is at least almost certain that she remembered to lock her door when she left.

Xiphos, Sword of Stars:
Xiphos is a many-storied weapon, as long as you know stories from before Elysium was cast out toward the Endworlds. While Xiphos possesses no flashy special abilities, it is a magical sword capable of withstanding and cutting exotic targets like spells and gods. Sometimes, a sword's legend is that it is a very good sword.


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Asgardian Blooded:
Angela is not really an angel. Unknown to everyone, herself included, she is one of the Asgardians she loathes so much -- in fact, she is the firstborn of their ruler, Odin All-Father. If she were to ever learn this, there's no telling what she might do, or how Heven might react (hint: not well). For right now, though, Angela can't even get home... and she very much considers those of Asgardian blood amongst her enemies, oftentimes limiting the things she can do. Her true nature is a weakness those who manage to glean it can potentially exploit -- a true, social achilles heel if there ever was one.

Debt of the Hevensent:
"Nothing for nothing," the creed of the Angels. Angela is an absolute embodiment of this creed, that nothing should be offered for nothing -- that every action must be compensated with another action, every good deed repaid. There is no such thing as a free gift, and there is no such thing as doing a deed for the sake of something as paltry as "glory." Angela settles all accounts, whether it be credit owed to her or debts to be repaid. There are very very few things in this world that Angela does not seek to balance the scales in, and this is a great limit to her very, incredibly stubborn behavior. If she owes someone a favor, she will repay it -- even if that person is loathsome and evil and utterly vile, she is duty-bound to settle her debts no matter what... a fact that can put her at odds with even her closest of friends (or only friends) at times.

Far From Home:
When Angela sets her mind to something, she sees it through, no matter what. She is incredibly bullheaded, unable to be reasoned with, and must do things -her- way, no matter -what-. This burning sense of pride makes her oftentimes refuse to explain herself, refuse to negotiate even when she ought to, and usually keep things close to the vest. In many ways Angela, like her hammer-wielding brother, is a force of nature, and this is not always to her benefit -- putting her often in precarious situations that could have been avoided if she had actually listened to others instead of just unilaterally deciding she knows best, no matter what.

The Permit:
The angelic bureaucracy dispenses magical tokens signifying an angel's right to carry out the business of hunting in any given area. These take the form of small gems encoded with an identifying enchantment. Angela received her permit from her queen, one of the few angels old enough to know the truth of Earth's existence. Though there is no one around to call Angela out on not having a proper permit should she lose it, she is enough of a stickler for rules that she would curtail her activities if it was taken from her. It is typically kept hidden in her raiment's magical storage enchantment, so stealing it is a bit more difficult than lifting it from her pocket while she's asleep.

Vulnerable To Magic:
Though magic certainly exists in Heven, Angela has never been particularly adept at it, and it remains one of her key weaknesses -- while she's no more or less vulnerable to magical weavings than anyone else with high amounts of willpower might be, her superhuman defenses also don't extend to the sorcerous arts, making it a particular achilles heel for the stoic assassin with the heart of gold (kind of (maybe)).



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An Asgardian Angel in Midgard's Court March 25th, 2020 Angela arrives on Earth. She's not happy. And she ruins Heidi's day. But Diana and Naomi help make it better!


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Aldrif Odinsdottir has 11 finished logs.

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