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This is the Group page for the Titans.


The Titans (not to be confused with the Titans of myth) are a well-known super-hero group based in Metropolis that became famous in the mid 2010s in large part for the youthful age of many of their members. The team became defunct after the tragedy of Doomsday's attack claiming the lives of two members of the team. After reassembling in 2020 they have grown to a significantly larger membership, and have played a pivotal role in global events.

Group Description:

The Titans are based at Titan's Tower on a small island just off the coast of St. Martin's in Metropolis. They are a high-profile group considered part of the 'Big Three', founded between the Justice League and Avengers. The Titans were media darlings as young adult heroes and were nicknamed 'Teen Titans' during their early years. They leverage this public presence into charity work and outreach, especially for young metahumans.

The team shies away from declaring any formal leaders, but has a leadership council consisting of Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Kate Bishop and Gar Logan, with Victor Stone and Damian Wayne as associate members of the council. The team is funded by philanthropic contributions, as well as savvy investments and brand marketing handled by the Titan Foundation.


The Titans have their origin in a group of young sidekicks and metas brought together by Nightwing (Dick Grayson). In the earliest days this had been a social support group, but in 2012 during the Alien Alliance Invasion, several of the soon-to-be Titans found themselves working together to defeat an advance Khund force in Metropolis. When the Justice League was founded in the aftermath of the invasion, the young heroes were refused membership on the basis of their youth. In response, Nightwing founded his own team.

Nightwing's new team was originally based at 'Titans Lair', an old records facility and cave complex in a cliff on the Delaware river belonging to Wayne Industries. The founding members besides Nightwing include Cyborg, Raven, Caitlin Fairchild, Troia, and Aqualad of Atlantis. After the Invasion, Kid Flash, Hawk, Dove, and Crystal joined the team. Later that year Garth left the team and was replaced by Starfire.

In 2015, The Titans moved into Titans Tower. Beast Boy joined shortly thereafter. Donna Troy quietly left the team in 2017. Later that year the Titans attempted to stop Doomsday's rampage through Metropolis; several members were seriously injured and Crystal and Dove were killed. The shock of these events was a fatal blow to the team. Every member apart from Raven moved out of the tower and the team ceased all operations. After one ill-fated Christmas reunion, most gave up any notion that the team would ever be active again.

Recent History

In 2020 Gar Logan left Hollywood and returned to the Tower with the intention of getting the team back together. Gar brought with newcomers Kian, Hawkeye and Vorpal to defeat a robot spider invasion of St. Martin's Island. Media speculation about reforming the team drew old friends to the Tower once more. It was there that they discovered Raven had slipped into a deep depression and trapped her spirit in a pocket dimension. Titans new and old ventured into the hellscape to retrieve her consciousness. The trial by fire returned the old sense of fraternity and the Titans declared themselves re-activated. Their reputation for working with young up-and-comers has almost tripled the size of their roster.

Titans played a in the defeat of Brainiac and restoration of Bushwick and Genosha alongside the Avengers and X-Men. During the Warzoon Invasion the Titan's fought on the ground and in space. They captured one of the dreadnoughts and took the assault to Warworld, forcing it to flee. Four members of the Titans on the dreadnought were trapped inside a black hole and believed killed. Hawkeye, Damian Wayne and Supergirl stepped up to keep the team together. The missing members returned to Earth in the company of the Guardians of the Galaxy after three months.

OOC info:

The Titans group has a broadly inclusive membership policy and are very RP-friendly. New members must RP their way into the group rather than being added de-facto. This is as easy as approaching any current members and playing a few scenes until there is IC trust to invite the character to the Tower.

The major theme of the Titans is the idea of a group that is connected not just by a cause, but through close friendships and a sense of family. To represent this there are two levels of membership in the group, with new members being given the 'Prospect' Tag. This does not represent an actual IC rank, but rather is used to indicate those characters who are working with the Titans but have not yet become part of the Titans 'family'. The shift to 'Member' Tag is simply a matter of you deciding your character is ready to commit to the team!

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Historical Timeline

Dick Grayson moves back to Bludhaven. Koriand'r takes up professional modelling. Gar Logan moves to Hollywood. Victor Stone gives up heroing and becomes a researcher at STAR Labs. Wally West starts a courier business. Hank Hall has a bitter falling out with the Titans and cuts all ties. A badly injured Caitlin Fairchild is taken by Diana Prince to Themyscira for six months to recover.

  • Early 2017: Donna Troy takes a leave of absence from the Titans and returns to Themyscira.
  • 2016: Gar Logan joins the Titans. The new Clock King is captured and left for the police, dangling like a pendulum. Members Team up several times with the Justice League. Much publicized production of a Titans reality TV show is canceled when Titans demand full control of footage.
  • 2015: The Titans move into Titans Tower. Help defend of Earth during Brood Invasion. Att Gar's urging, completes a mission with Doom Patrol to stymie the Brotherhood of Evil.
  • 2014: Garth leaves the Titans and returns to Atlantis. Titans foil plots from the Brotherhood of Evil and Toyman. A hostile Starfire is subdued and then recruited to the team. Titans become a pop culture phenomenon. Titans Foundation is formed and work starts on Titans Tower, funded by Bruce Wayne and Silas Stone.
  • 2013: Titans become increasingly active. Notable wins against Mad Mod, Gorilla Grodd, Doctor Light, and Mammoth & Shimmer. Kid Flash and Crystal join the team.
  • 2013: The Titans move into an abandoned cavern base and christen it Titans Lair. Koriand'r enslaved by The Citadel.
  • 2012: Caitlin and Donna meet. Victor Stone, kept alive with a largely prosthetic body and encouraged by his father to become a hero, starts spending time with Nightwing's gang. During the Alien Alliance Invasion, Caitlin & Donna team up with Nightwing, Victor and Raven to dislodge a Khund beachhead in Metropolis. After the invasion, the young heroes join together with Hawk & Dove to form The Titans.
  • 2011: Troia follows her sister to America, and takes the name Donna Troy. Nightwing and his growing gang help out during No Man's Land. Victor Stone almost killed in a lab explosion.
  • 2010: Dick retires as Robin and becomes Nightwing. Invites Kole to his support group.
  • 2009: Garth becomes ward of Aquaman, and is fast friends with Nightwing.
  • 2008: Dick, Raven, Hank and Don meet start socializing informally.
  • 2008: Caitlin Fairchild 'born' in a CADMUS lab and is put in the custody of her late father's longtime friend and Stormwatch member William Wintergreen.
  • 2007: Trigon gains control of Raven and destroys Azerath. Raven is freed and goes on the run on Earth.
  • 2004: Diana returns to Themyscira and meets her sister Troia for the first time.
  • 2002: Dick meets Batman, becomes the first Robin.
  • 2001: Birth of Garfield Logan.
  • 2000: Birth of Koriand'r.
  • 1997: Birth of Wally West.
  • 1996: Birth of Garth. & Kole Feathers.
  • 1994: Birth of Dick Grayson, Victor Stone, Raven and Troia.
  • 1993: Birth of Hank & Don Hall.