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Austin Reese (Scenesys ID: 3395)
Name: Austin Reese
Superalias: Osprey
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Vigilante and Student
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Enrolled at Gotham University
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 31 Oct 2001 Played By Joe Keery
Height: 6' 1" Weight: 200 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey
Theme Song: Trials by Starset (

Character Info


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Austin Reese has lived in Gotham his whole life, an orphan of the events that lead to No Man's Land, he has survived in the city on his own until he managed to garner the attention of The Batman. Having been recruited into Batman's family of heroes, he has taken to the training and lifestyle like it was what he was always meant to do. Given every opportunity that he was never given in life before, he has made it his goal to pay that kindness back however he can.


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* 2001: Born in Gotham General to Kyle and Sarah Reese
* 2005: As rumors of The Batman spread, Austin's father is placed on the Batman task force in the GCPD.
* 2011: Tsunami strikes Gotham leading to No Man's Land. Austin's father is killed in the chaos, and his mother is stabbed by a patient at the hospital leading to her death.
* 2011: Austin hooks up with the Falcon Street gang, a group of youths that have been orphaned by the tsunami and are trying to survive in Gotham.
* 2012: Falcon Street gang works to keep neighborhood safe against rioters and looters.
* 2013: As services return in Gotham, Austin and the gang stay together to look out for each other.
* 2014: The Falcon Street gang work on keeping their part of Gotham safe, though this extends out to battles with other gangs and the cops. Austin winds up in juvenile hall.
* 2016: Large portion of the gang breaks off and joins up with several supervillain gangs, seeing it as a chance for bigger and better things. Austin left as second in command.
* 2018: Gang all but dissolves after leader is killed. Most go their own way, with Austin trying to hold things together.
* 2020: While still calling themselves a gang, Austin's version of the gang is mostly him doing his best to protect shops and apartments in his small section of Gotham.
* 2021: Austin manages to gather up what's left of the gang to defend against a rival gang trying to extort local businesses, but the fight is broken up by GCPD. Austin manages to escape, but most aren't so lucky.

IC Journal

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Austin is a bit of a hothead, and he has a tendency to go off when he feels like he's been insulted. A result of his upbringing, or lack there of. He's been on his own or with his gang most of his life, so there aren't a lot of people who can calm him down when he gets pissed off.

His whole life has been hardship. There's been plenty of chances for Austin to give up or try to find an easier way to do things, but he persists with trying to do stuff the right way regardless. It was drilled into him by his dad before his death that it was the right way to do things.

Austin has always been protective of Gotham, though all he's ever really been able to protect is his little corner of the city and the people he cared about, and even then a lot of the latter still failed. He wants to be able to do more.

Sense of Humor:
It might be a bit on the dark side, but he absolutely has a sense of humor. He also has a tendency to make jokes at the absolute worst times, it's how he helps himself with dealing with stressful situations that he has no control over.

Character Sheet


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While not formally trained in any particular martial art, he has been having to fight for years, and he knows how to fight dirty. He'll throw sand, use low blows, or anything in between in order to win a fight.

Computer Skills:
No official training, but he has had to break computer systems before. His methods tend to be more brute force than anything else, but he's definitely broken an ATM or two before. He has a few tools at his disposal, but nothing fancy.

He owns a motorcycle and has been keeping it maintained for years. He was driving it before he ever had an official drivers license, and maintaining it for ever longer than that. He's done some side work on cars as well, usually for locals in the neighborhood that need something fixed. Mixed Martial Arts:
Training with Batman and the others has given Austin a lot more specific training in a multitude of martial arts. While his primary fighting style still tends to be very improvisational and less focused on a particular discipline, he has put a lot of focus on Judo, Wrestling and Boxing. Parkour:
Rooftops are an inevitable part of being a vigilante in Gotham, and running rooftops is a required skill. Austin has taken to it, loving to practice it even when he's not explicitly training, and always striving to get better and figure out ways to integrate gadgets. Stealth Training:
A key facet of being a member of Batman's team, stealth is key. Austin has worked hard to master it, and is always looking for opportunities to practice those skills. He's able to keep himself hidden even when being actively searched for, or disappear when being chased or hunted, once he's out of eyesight.


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Bat Family:
Having been inducted into the Bat Family by Batman himself, Austin has found himself able to access the vast array of knowledge and expertise that consists of. He is working hard to be able to add to it. Batcave:
Austin has access to the Batcave, and all the technology that comes with that access. Well perhaps not /all/ of the technology, but he can get his hands on what he needs in order to patrol at night. Batcycle:
He has a Batcycle that he works on in the motor pool in his spare time, fine tuning the engine and working on modifications and customizations to the vehicle. Gauntlets:
Osprey's fighting style being brawling based, he has worked with the other members of the Family to get a pair of gauntlets for his armor built that enhance his punches with an electrical, cryogenic or thermal charge. In terms of total power output they are roughly on par with the various grenade types in use by members of the Bat Family, though the energy release is more concentrated on a single target rather than as an area effect.

The gauntlets operate on power cartridges that store three charges at a time before needing to be reloaded. Austin can choose between a single type loadout (cryo, thermal or electrical), or a mixed cartridge which allows him one shot of each. Osprey Armor:
His signature armor, the Osprey armor offers protection from heavy impacts, blades and small arms. Designed to be able to take a hit and keep going, it fits his close quarters, high intensity fighting style better. Motorcycle:
A 2010 Harley-Davidson Night Rod, kept maintained by Austin for years. He loves the motorcycle, it's his most prized possession as it was once owned by his father, and it's the last thing he has of him.


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Austin is a human, he has no special regenerative powers or anything that would grant him any extra abilities, and can be killed just as easily as any other human.

No Killing:
Austin had already sworn to never cross the line of killing someone, be it other gang members or anyone who threatens his neighborhood. That hasn't stopped him from putting people in the hospital, though.

Secret Identity:
Now that he is working with Batman, he has taken on a the heroic name of Osprey, but as a result has begun to separate his heroic life and 'civilian' life. Maintaining that secret identity is critical. Stubborn:
The very idea of giving up on something just kills him inside. He's always had to act tough around others, it's the persona he made for himself growing up. He was never one to quit, no matter what happened. It's how he wound up in jail, and how he's wound up on the wrong side of some bad beatings. He continues to push forward well past when it would make sense to stop.



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Austin Reese has 107 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Finding Trouble in the Most Likely Places April 1st, 2024 Osprey and Beast Boy investigate an abandoned place and find it's not so abandoned after all.
Late Night Sight-Seeing March 31st, 2024 Osprey and Mania play cat and mouse, and then decide to go get chocolate instead of a fight.
Dent for DA (The Split - Part Two)r March 28th, 2024 Harvey Dent shakes hands, makes a speech and survives an assassination attempt. Only he's the one who ends up with blood on his hands.
A Cruz through Steel City March 13th, 2024 Content Warning: Violence, injury, drive-by piercing and latex-bound delivery

Osprey (Austin Reese), Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) and Red Hood (Jason Todd) visit Pittsburgh in hunting for Cruz.

Riot: Sunday Drivers March 11th, 2024 Osprey, Robin, and Orphan face off against the Grumpy Guard Shack Grannies, jousting pensioneers, and PsyOp -- and the assassin that tried to take Xavier Rollins from the Bats!
The Maroni Raid (The Split - Part I) March 9th, 2024 A moonlight raid on Sal Maroni's casino ship ends up with four dead cops, a pile of bloodied gangsters, Sal Maroni in cuffs and his oldest son disfigured. All under the orchestration of Harvey Dent
Xavier Rollin: Interrogation March 7th, 2024 Red Robin, Red Hood, Osprey and Essix play Monitor, Worse Cop, Bad Cop, Goo(p/d) cop with Xavier Rollins -- a person of interest in Phoebe Beacon's death -- getting more information on Cupp's schemes in Gotham, and Who Is Coming.


Person of Interest: Xavier Rollins March 5th, 2024 Xavier Rollin escapes a pizza delivery, only to get his car destroyed and have three bats and a goop fight an assassin for his head!
Heroes Assemble 4th Anniversary: The Watchers February 24th, 2024 For the four year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush, Uatu the Watcher again hosts some of his colleagues to share what he has witnessed over the last two years of events on a small blue planet called Earth.
Back to the Earth February 22nd, 2024 Phoebe comes back to the land of the living
Cupp in Trouble February 20th, 2024 TRIGGER WARNING: This scene gets DARK -- Violence, Blood, Broken Bones, Suggested Suicide

Osprey (Austin Reese) and Red Robin (Tim Drake) give Phillip Cupp a long overdue visit.

They find all the evidence they need -- illegal acts, the strange focus on Phoebe and his involvement with her imprisonment and murder.

And so many worse things. Gutless, spineless Phillip Cupp is given choices.

Dockyard Dogs Fight February 17th, 2024 The Dockyard Dogs against a Metahuman gang errupts into violence -- and it costs The Bats one of their number.
Injustice For All: Rogues On The Rampage February 16th, 2024 The Justice League and their allies respond to a threat at a nearby nuclear power plant by the Rogues of the Injustice League
Sewell's Office February 6th, 2024 Osprey, Damian Wayne, and Talia al Ghul investigate Shaw Sewell, a doctoral student and part of the vitamin project at GOtham U -- and in charge of the group of college students that all had traces of Fear toxin in their system -- including Phoebe Beacon. They find Shaw is in possession of knowledge he shouldn't have about Phoebe's past -- but Phillip Cupp does.
Sledding On Gotham's Suicide Hill February 2nd, 2024 Damian, Talia, Austin, Cassandra and Stephanie go sledding on Suicide Hill in Chelsea.
High Tea at Wayne Manor January 26th, 2024 High Tea is served, which quickly devolves into shennanigans and socializing as soon as Alfred's back is turned!
Better and Crazier January 20th, 2024 The Outsiders and the Shadow interrupt a gang meeting and have to fight three strange cyborgs. Mr. Gila seems to be behind the cybernetics, but wasn't he trafficking with bioengineered animals last year? Well, the Outsiders have the directions to a couple of black market cyberclinics, they can go ask him!
Help!: I'm being chased! January 15th, 2024 Roxy Rocket and Flatline cause chaos with the Help! app. Available in the Play Store now.
The Doom Preacher Speaks January 6th, 2024 When the Doom Preacher comes to Gotham U Campus, a bit of worrysome behavior breaks loose. Damian Wayne (Robin), Austin Reese (Osprey) handle the inside of the building while Talia Al Ghul, Kelly Praetor (Apex) and Joan Wright handle broken glass and the PReacher Himself, who takes credit for Joan's work!!
Rooftop Visitations January 4th, 2024 Damian uses a flight with Goliath as an excuse to bring Phoebe to the Titans rooftop to meet people. She's star-struck by Koriand'r.
Moles on the Farm December 29th, 2023 Nick Nottles (who gets kidnapped so often he should get a punch card) hosts The Moles (Oppo, Norjak and Clem) along with the Outsiders for a rural Christmas on the Farm. You won't see everyone piled into a 'slay' looking for 'snipes', but you can imagine everyone piled in to a sleigh pulled by the local marvel, The Monster.
Campaign of Cupp December 6th, 2023 A Joint Bats, Outsiders, and one friendly Avenger operation goes a little haywire -- but the Bats are now in the possession of the closed-network drives from Phillip Cupp's office and can confirm if Saif Hassan is working for Phillip Cupp -- and see if Cupp has more mages working under his thumb against a defenseless Harvey Dent and Phoebe herself!
Visitations November 22nd, 2023 Phoebe and Austin share some candid moments while Phoebe checks in on Caroline Beacon. Phoebe admits that she stole her mother's memories of her childhood and existence, to cause Caroline Beacon less stress.
Robbinsville Roundup November 10th, 2023 A Joint Bat and Outsider operation ends with Saif Hassan in custody, Rook (Damian Wayne) not liking Flux (Kiden Nixon). The path is laid out. What could happen to the next stop?
Night of the Living Dollatrons November 8th, 2023 The Bat Family faces off against the Circus of Strange!
Gotham Gallery Opening Gala October 31st, 2023 Malakim opens and there is no attempted kidnappings or anything else. Whew!
Are Androids Fleeced off Electric Sheep October 23rd, 2023 When some Metahumans start in on a drug distrobution scheme and start on their burner phones, there's plenty of Bats on hand to handle them.

No matter what oddities occur.

... like the healer not healing.

Just another day in Gotham October 4th, 2023 When some cretins invade a Gotham Children's Works playground, a simple schoolteacher for at-risk kids and a young heiress are totally at risk and in danger until OSPREY shows up!
Gotham University, 3 AM October 3rd, 2023 Osprey on patrol spots a visiting Beast Boy, and the two young heroes chat each other up while getting junk food.
Uh.. Surprise October 1st, 2023 It's Barbara's birthday so Jason and Phoebe put together a party at Wayne Manor. Theme for Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. Because We Wants The Red 'ead!
NOT MY FACE! September 30th, 2023 Riddles, faceless mages, a DRAMATIC ENTRANCE and Osprey getting a new hair style curtesy of KLARION, THE WITCH BOY
The Dog Days September 5th, 2023 A Wayne Charity event is interrupted when Killer Moth arrives to kidnap a Wayne kid! There are weirdly at least two official Wayne Kids on site, one who's not an official wayne kid but lives at the Mansion, and Barbara Gordon offers herself since she is OBVIOUSLY better than any of the Wayne Kids. Ant Man kites Moth along with a fear of the Avengers, and Charlie is allowed to take home a pet!
Bats over the Festival August 21st, 2023 The Gotham Summer Fair is in full swing, and the Bats show up to provide overwatch, and security for the safety of the citizens who just want a dang ol' night of fun for once!
Grad-ual Measures August 13th, 2023 Tim's graduation party is sprung sucsessfully. All are given brownies.
Heist at the Gotham Royal Hotel August 11th, 2023 Out on a routine patrol, Spider-Man (II) and Atom Eve stumble across a heist-in-progress at a Gotham Royal Hotel ancient artifact exhibit. With the help of Starfire, the Shadow, Osprey, and even Batman, the they are able to subdue the members of THE GILDED HAND... all except for ELARA THORNE, who escaped to pursue her coveted Obsidian Scarab another day. For what purposes? Perhaps The Shadow Knows...
Arms Dealers August 7th, 2023 Following up on information of small arms leaking into Gotham City, some Outsiders (Impulse and Phantasm), some Bats (Osprey, Nightwing, and Red Robin) and a new friend (Essix) accompany Balm to stop the flood of arms at their source, and come across a metahuman arms dealer shipping arms in arms!
Beantown Counters June 14th, 2023 When the Outsiders (and Michael Hannigan, in birb form) end up tracking some contraband items to be shipped out of Boston to Greenland, they have to get in and stop --

... fake Batburger toys?

They include: *'UPDATED BATMAN': Which is Nightwing with a cape and bat ears. *UPDATED BATGIR: Blonde variant *RETRO NIGHTWING: It's the Discowing Suit. *OSPREY: Except he's inexplicably blonde and also Robin-sized. *SUPERMAN: ... it's actually Captain America with bat ears and a cape.

Intervention May 22nd, 2023 Damaged bodies lead to damaged egos. Silver Sable is working Gotham? We'll see about that.
The River Bend Break May 21st, 2023 When DOLMOLOR THE CLEAN-ED ONE erupts from a Hellmouth whose binding is breaking down, Phantasm (Michael Hannigan) Osprey (Austin Reese), Detective Chimp (Detective Chimp) and Balm (Phoebe Beacon) reckon with acidic demon scrubbing bubbles, various imps, and what happens when the Michelin Man goes Bad.

Come for the Demonic Outbreak, stay for Phantasm and DOLLY THE CLEANER shouting insults back and forth

Monday Night Funday Fite May 17th, 2023 Discussion between three Bat Sibs and an Arrow, and fite
Batburger: The Search for Robin May 9th, 2023 So three billionaires/kids, an actor and Caleb walk into a Batburger...
Sticks and Stones II Pt II April 28th, 2023 The day is saved by a group of plucky young heroes and some highly experienced mole people!
Jonesin' for a Cone April 26th, 2023 Phoebe, Austin and Tim meet up for Ice Cream. Phoebe drives Tim. Tim gives in to his love of fluid dynamics. No one is allowed to continue the conversation of why everyone loves Dick. Typical Wayne siblings.
Joke's on You, Batman! April 18th, 2023 The Joker is on a rampage, and only the heroic duo of BATMAN and OSPREY can stop him! Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!
Sticks and Stones II April 14th, 2023 When a museum of birch bark basket making disappears down a sinkhole that weirdly shifts to the north, the Outsiders gather to try and find the cause, and rescue Nick Nottles and other Metropolis University history students.

They stumble across friends of Tim's, the mole-people Oppo, Norjak and Clem and their Subterrain THE UNDEFEATED, and hitch a ride.

Next they fight the LOTH IMPERIAL, who seem to have taken the whole of the (small) mill museum -- but for what dastardly purpose? Find out next time in -- STICKS AND STONES II PT II!

The Laugh Track April 7th, 2023 A series of events lead to an outbreak of the Joker's minions trying to reclaim the glory of the Joker's youth. A trial of a popular politician, a underlying discontent with the 'system' of Gotham City. It all comes to a boiling point, a tipping point, and the only hope of survival is the protectors of Gotham City, from it's brave police to it's outstanding heroes. But, where is the Joker?
To Pull from Thin Air March 13th, 2023 Thanks to Tim Drake's idea, Phoebe Beacon attempts to ask the spirit of Gotham City for a new callsign. Austin Reese is in attendance.

In the most Gotham-friendly result, Phoebe's smacked in the face with trash, which results in a new callsign for the Batling.


Gang Wars of Gotham March 5th, 2023 Several members of the Bat Family and the Birds arrive on scene to aid the Gotham police department in putting an end to the fighting between the Jade Tigers and Steel Cobras. After much butt kicking, and a few explosions, Nightwing goes home with an stowaway in his pouch.
Raid on Arkham March 2nd, 2023 Cheetah and the payday gang escape Arkham
Not A Birthday Gathering February 19th, 2023 A Very Not-A-Birthday full of meetings and good food.
Yippie-Kite-Yayyyy Mother Trucker February 5th, 2023 Kite Man ends up washed up as Osprey chases and Caleb has to deal with the gravest threat of all - 90's celebrity guest stars!
The End of the Ringmaster January 28th, 2023 The thrilling conclusion of an incidental, accidental plot inspirited by a typo of Merry-go-Wrong. The Ringmaster makes his last appearance. Michael Hannigan stops people from trampling each other twice. Osprey plays whack-a-mole with tendrils of shadow and destabilizes a magical gate. Daniel Ketch wrestles a Hellephant and Robbie Reyes ruins the Ringmaster.
Hunt Hunt Hunt January 24th, 2023 A black kitten, lost in the big city. Two evil monsters lurk, but it manages to tame them and eventually gets fed. So sad!
Cat's in the Cradle with the Sparkly Doom January 20th, 2023 The Cat, an Ospray, and some Tipsy Magical Women end up in a cat exhibition...
Grand Opening January 13th, 2023 Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
I'll Take A December 29th, 2022 A group meets over Soul Food, and Miles might be going to Hogwarts!
A Very Batfam Christmas December 17th, 2022 In the spirit of Christmas, Bruce runs a Nerf hunt through Wayne Manor. Alfred wins. Cassandra ninjas everyone in the end.
Reindeer Gala December 17th, 2022 Gotham Socialites gather for the final push for the Gotham Children Work's Hope House, funding an outdoor play area where the low-security convicts of Blackgate Prison can interact and have fun with their children as part of a rehabilitation project, when it's interrupted by a Snart in Grinch Clothing.

With Tim Drake, Austin Reese, Phoebe Beacon, Harper Row, Alfred Pennyworth, Michael Hannigan, Robbie Reyes and Gabby Kinney present you would think it would come to a dangerous head, but the day in Gotham was saved... by HARVEY DENT.

Holy Silver Age Batman: The Not So Great Arkham Escape December 15th, 2022 Holy Siver Age Batman as Arkham has an escape of the loonies and toonies and the Bat-Kids must give them all obliteroonies!
Same Old Paces December 10th, 2022 Bruce brings Austin and Phoebe in to spar. He learns both have been dealing with more ninjas than expected lately.
Got Worse on a Friday December 3rd, 2022 The Bats and Birds do battle with a beast from the bayou of biblical evil. Born on a Mundy, Chrissened on a Tuesdy, Married on a Wednesdy, Took Ill on a Thursdy, Got worse on a Fridy, and ... well... perished on a hook on a Saturdy. Look forward to the Sundy?
All Manor of Reasons for the Season December 1st, 2022 At Stately Wayne Manor on this dreary December day, the Bats gathered round and Christmas decorating was underway. The garland and baubles were hung with care, and cider was had by all to share... until Mariah Carey came on the radio and everyone scattered like rats.
The Cauldron Heats Up November 18th, 2022 While hunting an escaped convict, Osprey stumbles across Windrose and Alopex, and recruits them into helping him capture his target.
War on Christmas November 12th, 2022 A department store's early Christmas sale is attacked by Calendar Man in a Thanksgiving themed attempted heist, but Gotham's heroes, and one out of town visitor, clip his wings.
Urban Legends: The Old Hospital November 9th, 2022 Visions go haywire, some are caught in their nightmares
Defend the Clocktower November 6th, 2022 The Hand's war against the Defenders is just getting started, but the first assault is finally over with the capture of Nobu and the defeat of a small army of ninjas in Gotham City.
Magnetic Mayhem November 5th, 2022 Hired goons try a smash and grab at Gotham University, but some visitors come across a local and stop the gang from getting away with some powerful electromagnets, after seeing their power first hand.
Lightly Violenced Fish Fillets November 3rd, 2022 A minor mishap in teleportation to test grapple lines in a location where you don't guano get stuck in the wrong place results in Austin Reese adopting an orange cat and learning about Phoebe's 'cheating' when it comes to getting around Gotham.


A Night Out For Alfred November 2nd, 2022 Phoebe, Dick, Stephanie, Damian and Austin take a night to take Alfred out for Italian, and are joined by Michael Hannigan. Austin gets a birthday present. Stephanie and Dick get a duck.
Bonfire and Musing November 1st, 2022 Phoebe lights a balefire and is practicing magic on the grounds of the Wayne Estate. Austin Reese, Jason Todd, and Alfred Pennyworth join her for cider and marshmallow roasting and musing lightly about ancestors.
Urban Legends: The Wailing Women of Amusement Mile November 1st, 2022 While pursuing something thought to be an extension of the washer women of Ireland or La Llorna appearing in Gotham City, Michael Hannigan, Ariah Olivie, Alfred Bennyworth and Austin Reese encounter a woman begging for help, which turn sin the light of truth to be four very large spider-like creatures.

Austin and Ariah experience a minor displacement.

Ariah bites Alfred.

Halloween Harvest Scare November 1st, 2022 An event of the Gardens gets some surprises Halloween night as Ivy takes offense to some 'creatively' done pumpkins. Only to be 'thwarted?' by a few heroes on hand
Post-Gauntlet Plant Snacks October 30th, 2022 Phoebe, Austin and Tim eat at Planted Evidence, a vegetarian/vegan 'fancy casual' gastropub with a crime theme.
Harley Quinn and the Joker's Gauntlet October 29th, 2022 The Bats and the Birds put Harley to a bit of a test of will to get through a Joker-themed gauntlet to save her friend from certain death! Or... from plastic TNT under her chair. Certain boredom? Who knows! Batman attends, and isn't real pleased about the methods, but in the end... maybe it will pay off?
Joker vs ACME: Where the Anvils Roam October 9th, 2022 The Intrepid Bat-Kids track the Joker to an Abandoned Practical Joke Factory. They fight goons armed with the strangest array of backfiring gadgets this side of a 1960's comic book. LET THE ANVILS RING.
Friday Night Fight October 8th, 2022 What a mess.

Phoebe, Austin and Jason show up to investigate a Fight Club that someone was talking about. Unfortunately Robbie's friend Eli was anxious and on the hunt, and when Yin and Yang (Gabby Kinney and her sister) showed up out of the blue, the situation went all red.

Codie Nixon, the man of the hour, happened to survive, but not before Phoebe had to break one of Batman's rules. Again.

Good, Ol' Fashioned Gotham I September 8th, 2022 Following up on Red Robin and Orphan's report from one Alex Hyde of the St. Patrick Slithers, Balm, Osprey and Orphan take on a Steel Cobra's warehouse where presumably the kids related to the Slithers are being kept, and are joined by unlikely Allies Detective Chimp (following up on the dog fighting ring) and none other than Talia al Ghul, who shows remarkable restraint in not killing everyone. When Balm alerts that there is a Bomb, Osprey springs into action and saves everyone's bacon!

... but the fight is now spilling out and into the street, with Slithers and Cobras, GCPD and who knows what else!

Busting Up Bikers August 30th, 2022 Osprey and Balm bust up a biker drug deal
Carousel of De-Light August 2nd, 2022 When a carnival ends up being more than what it seems -- a trap for those seeking releif from the heat of the New York Summer, several heroes come out of the woodwork to provide escape and thrilling heroics!
Birds vs Dogs June 17th, 2022 Members of the Birds and Bat-family all converge on a situation in the Narrows involving what seems to be some odd form of Werewolf? A pack of werewolves in Gotham? Great!
Big fish in a small pond May 17th, 2022 The Big Fish plot ends, and Cassandra Cain is the end boss. She is taken down, and the mental damage is brutal.
FIGHT NIGHT!:Gotham's Lucha Underground May 15th, 2022 lots of commotion and a fight to the draw between 2 of the heaviest hitters around.
The Happy Bubble Hellmouth May 15th, 2022 Phoebe brings in Tim Drake, Gabby Kinney and Austin Reese to help her close a gate to Hell. She gives them all the gravity of the situation.

The demons are surprisingly easy to dismiss, though Phoebe appears to have taken damage that she's not healing.

Tim finds a way to get 'a head' of the issue. Gabby finds the way to a demon's insides is weirdly through its stomach. Reese finds out what a Hell Accordian sounds like

Gotham Spring Gala May 7th, 2022 A Gala in Gotham where... no one gets hurt and everything resolves rather peacefully?

Are we sure this is Gotham?

Round in Circles April 27th, 2022 Phoebe attempts a scrying canticle she'd picked up in a bar after finding Cassandra Cain hasn't checked in among the Bats and Donna Troy is missing from the Titans via Jon Sims. Julia Pennyworth finds using ritual knives gauche, Damian shows concern for Phoebe when the scrying circle goes awry, and Austin remains the relatively unflappy bird of the group. Phoebe lets the three in on the most important magic lesson she was ever taught: It's OK to puke.
Supply Run April 19th, 2022 Austin accompanies Phoebe to The Flipside, an Occult/Supernatural Hangout place where Phoebe grabs some supplies
Rooftop and Ramble April 13th, 2022 No description
Meanwhile Back at Stately Wayne Manor April 5th, 2022 Is any social gathering at Wayne Manor every really ordinary?
You Win Some, You Dim Sum April 3rd, 2022 Newest recruits Phoebe and Austin get to attend their first Hot Dumplings luncheon with a gaggle of various (former) Robins and adjacent Batfolk.
Dang She's Fast March 11th, 2022 Cheetah raids a Gotham University lab for a Themysciran artifact. Her hirelings doublecross her, and the Bats lay a trap. In the end the cat-villain gets away, but with a replica the Bats set out as bait.
Being Cassandra Cain March 10th, 2022 Barbara Gordon decrypts data salvaged from the remains of Cassandra Cain's old silo, finding hints of a Soviet spy operation.
A Lovely Night for Punching March 6th, 2022 What started out with a paper sack of fried plaintains ends up with rescuing stolen artifacts, gathering information about a man against returning artifacts to their countries of origin (for his collection's sake), and a brand new, somewhat creepy stalker for the Bat Fam to contend with. Raptor (Austin Reese), Balm (Phoebe) and Batman (Bruce Wayne) were on-scene for teamwork and combat.
Happy Birthday Phoebe! February 14th, 2022 Tim Drake springs a 'Surprise' Birthday Party on Phoebe, with members of Justice League Dark and The Outsiders in attendence. Everything goes off without a hitch due to Outsiders, Batfam, JLD and new friend Arrowfam Emiko making sure assassins didn't infiltrate the Gotham Pinball Museum & Arcade. Everyone eats tons of Japanese Food, Onion Maiden food and So Much Cake and Cupcakes.

For just one night, Phoebe is able to focus on her friends and the ties that bind them together.

Special Appearance from Chas Chandler, whose gift is going to make Phoebe cry for like, three hours at least.

Coming (not) Home February 12th, 2022 People gather in the kitchen. Julia Pennyworth meets people, and Austin gets his first glimpse of Wayne Manor.
Heroes Assemble Anniversary: The Watchers February 5th, 2022 The two year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush sees Uatu the Watcher showing three of his colleagues various moments from the last two years of Earth's history.
Gotham: Human Trafficking Rush Hour February 2nd, 2022 Heroes stop human traffickers from snatching refugees from Manhattan. The Foot make an appearance, but it doesn't go how the bad guys hoped.
Path of Glory: Love Them As Yourself January 19th, 2022 Misfit confronts Inque amidst one of the refugee camps in Gotham. Then she helps Tim Drake and Austin Reese with some heavy lifting.
A Rook's Gambit January 11th, 2022 Phoebe is taking a gamble on an untested theory that if it works, might either give the Justice League Dark the edge that it might need in the near future for fighting, or cause a very large target to be put to her back.

X-23 and Impulse from the Outsiders arrive to play defense, Sara Pezzini with the Witchblade arrive for great offence, and Austin Reese does *not* like the nickname Fledgeling, but gets to cut his teeth on some Celestial Host.

Unfortunately, Phoebe manages to bring down the house at Radio City Music Hall, but she got what she was looking for -- she captured a Virtue. She knows it's possible to capture more. But what will be done with this energy celestial that she is stealing?

It's a Zoo Out Here January 5th, 2022 Batwoman, Red Robin, Austin Reese, and newcomer Night Dragon find themselves near the zoo when the local sewer rats start behaving very, very strangely. In the end, a couple of punks in a suped up van end up in custody and there's a bat ton of data to analyze later.
Holly and Alley December 25th, 2021 Phoebe and Austin have a bit of a heart-to-heart on their way to a Bodega and discuss the super hero life -- which is interrupted by Batman fighting Tombstone.

Batman gets wished a Merry Christmas by Balm and Reese.

Birds of a -- wait a minute... November 24th, 2021 Balm and Impulse make acquaintence of one Austin Reese on a rooftop. A bit of discussion goes on (for instance, why it's a bad idea to sneak up on costumed vigilantes). Reese now has a number in case he needs the Calvary to show up in Gotham.
Narrows Dog-park Grand Re-opening November 2nd, 2021 The unveiling of the new Narrows Dog Park goes off without a hitch.
It Came from the 80s October 30th, 2021 An undying horror, the ghastly remains of serial killer Gustav Gantz is released from the dark pit that once contained him, and terrorizes the 20-year reunion of the teens that put him down once before. This time it was up to Huntress, two Batgirls, Red Robin, and as-yet-lacking-a-codename Austin Reese to do the deed. Our heroes, yet again, save the day.
EROTEME: The Old Ball Game October 29th, 2021 The Scarecrow brings terror to the final game of the World Series.
You were expecting something else October 29th, 2021 June and Austin go on a date. Wait. What do you mean it's not a date?
A Fright At The Museum October 26th, 2021 The Joker robs a museum and threatens an old man! But is there a greater plan behind this seemingly random act of violence?
Wait, they're after YOU October 19th, 2021 June and Austin team up when they both run into each other while being pursued by their perspective foes. And they make a good bit of money in the process.


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