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  Human Torch  
Johnny Storm (Scenesys ID: 418)
Name: Jonathan "Johnny" Lowell Storm
Superalias: Human Torch
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Superhero/Celebrity
Citizenship: American
Residence: Four Freedoms Plaza, NYC
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering, ESU
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Fantastic Four
Apparent Age: 46 Actual Age: 46
Date of Birth 18 October 1973 Played By Chase Hoyt
Height: 5'10" Weight: 170lbs
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @JStorm (V)
Theme Song: The Explosion "I'm on Fire"

( Far East Movement "Rocketeer" (

Character Info


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/The/ Teen Superhero of the 1990's, actor, explorer, race car driver, Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch has been a household name for almost thirty years now and is one of the most recognizable names in the superhero business. While others like Superman and the Avengers have eclipsed Johnny and his family somewhat in recent years, neither he nor the Fantastic Four show any signs of slowing down.


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1973 - Johnny Storm is born in Glenville, Long Island to Franklin and Mary Storm.

1987 - Johnny's mother is killed in a car accident that his father survives. The accident leaves his father traumatized and he drinks to cope, leaving most of Johnny's care in the hands of his older sister Sue. Johnny finds solace in the school auto shop and finds he has the makings of a skilled mechanic.

1989 - Johnny's father, now broke, kils a loan shark in self-defense, he becomes the ward of his sister Sue when their father is sent to prison. Now legal to drive, Johnny starts racing the cars he works on at school for a bit of extra money, the attention and the thrill.

1990 - Johnny joins his sister Sue on the ultimate thrill-ride when her fiance Reed takes them and his best friend and former astronaut Ben Grim on the maiden flight of an experimental space plane. All four are irradiated by cosmic rays and develop powers, Johnny's are the ability to turn his body into plasma and flame control. Upon returning to Earth they set up in the Baxter Building and are attacked by Reed's rival Doctor Doom, the battle is caught on live TV and they're dubbed the Fantastic Four, with Johnny taking the name of a World War II hero from his comic books: The Human Torch.

1990-1997 - After the incident, Johnny returns to High School in Glenville but his celebrity is inescapable and instead jumps in with both feet, and is often seen partying with other child celebrities, makes various guest appearances on popular sitcoms and takes questionable endorsement deals (two words: Jnco jeans) while traveling the galaxy with the other adventures with his family. After he graduated from high school he enrolls in Empire State University at Sue's urging, eventually graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering.

1997 - Falls in love with and secretly marries an alien woman named Lyja, who claims to be pregnant with Johhny's child but is believed to be killed when more of her people come looking for her

1998 - 2000 - Thinking Johnny needs some direction after the loss of his wife Sue appoints Johnny the CFO of Fantastic Four Inc. It goes about as well as you'd expect. While Johnny ultimately gives up the job, he does actually take the time to learn about business and gain an appreciation for everything Sue does as CEO. Takes up car racing as a hobby not having the time to commit to it full time with his duties to the Fantastic Four.

2002 - Sue falls sick and is saved through the cooperation of Reed and Doctor Doom, easing his vendetta against the Fantastic Four and the team spends more time on exploration. Including the Negative Zone.

2006 - 2010 - Johnny catches the acting bug and stars in several budget sci-fi and action films before getting the lead in the Rawhide Kid, a blockbuster western about an old west superhero, he is forced to leave production when Zod and Annihilus attack.

2010 - Zod and Annihilus attack Earth before being contained by the Fantastic Four and Superman, as part of the battle to send them back to the Negative Zone. During the battle Johnny is forced to go nova to drive their enemies back into the portal. The force of the blast knocking him out and combining with the energies of the rift cause a massive tidal wave along the eastern seaboard. Johnny is believed dead but is instead is trapped in the Negative Zone for two years (from his perspective) develops PTSD after dying and being brought back to life multiple times when he refuses to tell Annihlus how to open the portal. Eventually is able to escape and return to New York only to find only a couple months had passed outside the Negative Zone. Retires from the Fantastic Four. Having no memory of what happened once he went Nova, the Fantastic Four elect not to tell him about his role in causing the tidal wave.

2011 - Finding his PTSD triggered by his usual acting fare of sci-fi and action and lacking the chops for serious dramatic work, Johnny tries out for comedic roles, landing a supporting role in a rom-com before being cast as a star of a comedy film.

2012 - Mid production of his comedy film Johnny is kidnapped by Lyja who reveals that she was never pregnant but did love Johnny which is why she came to Earth to take him off-world before the Alliance Invasion. Johnny convinces her to return him to Earth, but they are too late to provide warning about the impending invasion. Johnny takes part in the fight alongside the Justice League, X-Men and the rest of the Fantastic Four. After the battle Johnny rejoins the Fantastic Four. Losing his role in the film, Johnny quits acting but takes up running the Fantastic Four Inc. Formula One team. Occasionally filling in as a driver.

2013 - The Baxter Building is launched into space and destroyed. The Fantastic Four begin constructing Four Freedoms Plaza. Johnny moves to Metropolis and joins the Justice League while the Four are temporarily homeless.

2014 - Johnny dates Lyja who returned to Earth disguised as another woman, when it's discovered Johnny and she break up and Lyja leaves Earth,

2015 - Takes part in the mission to Wakanda that leads to the scientific alliance between the african nation and the Fantastic Four.

2016 - Johnny publicly opposes the Mutant Felon Resettlement Act, causing some friction between the Fantastic Four and the authorities. Four Freedoms Plaza is completed.

2017 - The Justice League, The Fantastic Four and others attempt to stop Doomsday but fail. Johnny has a chance to go nova and possibly land a real blow against the monster but suffers flashbacks to the battle with Zod and Annihilus and loses his opportunity. Superman is killed and the Justice League is scattered.

2018 - The Fantastic Four go on an interplanetary and interdimensional journey. They are off-world when Loki attacks, and the Avengers are formed.

2020 - Hitting a mid-life crisis, Johnny tries to figure out what he wants out of the rest of his life, while continuing to work with his family, and what's left of the Justice League.

IC Journal

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Johnny died stopping Anhillus and Zod and that was traumatic enough, but then Annihilus had his worm healers bring Johnny back to life to try to discover the secret to escaping the Negative Zone. Johnny refused to give it up and died and was brought back over two years until he escaped back to his home dimension. The memory of those two years haunt him with flashbacks and bad dreams, something he's been working on but has never fully overcome and likely never will.

I know so on the nose, right? It's true though Johnny tends to speak or punch first and ask questions later. Jumping into life with both feet and without little forethought. It's gotten him in trouble a lot of times in the past and continues to do so, but he's reigned it in a lot from when he started out as a kid superhero.

Despite seeing enough of the ugly side of life to know better, Johnny still sees the world a good place worth protecting. By the same token he tends to see the best in people which can make him seem gullible at times but if he stopped to think about it, he'd probably still choose to look at the world the way he does, figuring better to be happy and take a few shots for it rather than being miserable all the time.

Johnny is one of those people who would rather die than betray his friends and family (and actually has). If you're one of those people you can count on Johnny to be there for you when the chips are down, yes, even Ben. If anyone ever hurts them? Well, Johnny's got two words for people responsible: flame on.

Winston Churchill once defined success as 'going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm' and by that measure, Johnny's love life is a success. Johnny's been sure that he's found 'the one' many times in his life (Lyja, Dorrie Evans, Frankie Raye and others) only to have his heart broken. Still despite all that (and as well as using his fame to be a bit of playboy when he doesn't have a main interest for his affections) Johnny Storm remains very much in love with love.

Johnny hasn't met a thrill he didn't love. Whether it's fighting an army of Doombots, riding in an experimental space plane, or driving a race car, Johnny is all about challenge and adrenaline. The bigger the risk, the bigger the thrill. Though a little older and wiser he's not quite as reckless about the thrills he seeks.

While the other members of the Fantastic Four all have their passions (Reed: science; Sue: the family and business; Ben: clobbering) Johnny has floated around from career choice to career choice besides 'celebrity, playboy hero guy'. Which was all fine growing up, but now in the middle of his fourth decade it's starting to eat at him making him wonder if there's more to life and what he has to do to find it.

Character Sheet


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While in his plasma state Johnny is incredibly durable, able to take punches from superstrong opponents like Namor and survive falls and impacts that should leave him a splatter on the street. However he's not invulnerable and blows and falls of sufficient strength can harm him and if struck in human form those blows will force him into his plasma state.

Fire and Heat Immunity:
Like it says on the tin, he can't be burned, scalded, or slightly toasted.

Nova Burst:
Johnny can release all his stored energy in a single burst that Johnny calls his Nova Burst. The blast vaporizes most matter within 900 feet, and has the power of a supernova. While stating the blast could destroy a small moon it comes at a cost, wiping out his reserve of power and reverting him back to his human state for a minimum of 12 hours. Also as a result of the potential for collateral damage, Johnny refuses to use the Nova Burst on Earth, unless he is sure there won't be innocents harmed by the blast.

Plasma Form:
By force of will Johnny can cover all or part of his body into a plasma-like substance radiating 780 degree flames out 1-5 inches out from his body at his basic level, and much hotter and wider with focus and more energy expended allowing him to vaporize projectiles with the heat.. Johnny calls this higher level version of his power his 'Nova Flame'. At his highest levels of this ability, Johnny's body becomes plasma and projectiles sent his way that aren't destroyed by the heat simply pass through him. He can maintain the low-level ability for roughly 20hrs straight (up from his original 16.8 hrs) but the hotter he gets or the more he turns himself into living plasma the time is reduced accordingly.

Johnny can make and shape flames from any point on his body (mostly his hands) and he can sculpt them into a variety of shapes, like spheres, cages, lassos, and of course famously skywriting. These forms remain as long as Johnny concentrates on them plus an additional 3 minutes once the concentration is broken unless dismissed. These constructs usually burn at around 2,800F but can be modified as long as Johnny is focusing on the construct.

Johnny's powers also allow him to manipulate heat which he uses to channel the heat put off by his plasma form to fly and fire concussive heat blasts. While flying he can carry up to 180lbs and can reach supersonic speeds, while his heat blasts can strike as softly as a punch or hit with the force of a runaway truck.

In addition Johnny can manipulate the temperature of the world around him to a distance of 80ft. While on Earth he can reduce an object's heat to around 30F and raise it to several hundred degrees and extinguish open flames. The catch to this is he adds heat; he's drawing it from his personal reserve of energy and when he takes it away he's drawing the heat into himself. If he takes enough heat into himself while in human form he will automatically transform into his plasma form, though once in that form there is no upper limit on how much heat he can draw into himself.


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Johnny has honed his skills at flying well himself, and is able to pull off a bunch of quick maneuvers and tricks when the need calls for it, often making it harder for less experienced fliers to keep up.

Business Administration:
Johnny took some online courses on business when he was the CFO of Fantastic Four Inc. He was horrible at that job, but now after some experience running his racing team he's actually not bad.

Johnny's not a ninja, a spy, or a spec ops guy, but he's got a lot of combat experience under his belt. He can handle himself in hand to hand and can fight with a wide array of alien weapons, but mainly his skills lay with using his powers effectively in combat, he's got good aim with his heat blasts and can expertly shape and use his fire constructs in the heat of the moment.

Fantastic Four:
When you roll with the Fantastic Four you pick up a lot of loose knowledge and skills that can't quite be quantified, ranging being able to fix some of Reed's simpler inventions, learning his way around the Negative Zone, greetings in a ton of alien languages, and all the things that piss off Doom, Johnny has a lot esoteric knowledge to pull from his adventures with his family.

Johnny can speak English, Kree and Tilan more or less fluently, and has phrasebook level knowledge of Atlantean, Wakandan, and a host of others. If you need to ask to find a bathroom or order a beer anywhere in the multiverse Johnny's your guy to ask.

Johnny has his BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a skilled hands on mechanic with experience ranging from his old Ford Fiesta, to the top of the line superscience spacecraft. He is capable of designing and building his own conventional vehicles and helping the super science types like Reed build vehicles that are truly...fantastic.

Vehicle Operation:
Johnny is an expert driver in all sorts of conventional vehicles, and through his time with his family picked up piloting, as well as the operation of vehicles like the Fantasticar and alien spacecraft as well


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Famous since he was 17, Johnny Storm is a household name and that name can open a lot of doors. Johnny can lean on his celebrity for a lot of perks and as the member of the Fantastic Four most engaged with social media he's got a sizable Twitter following to throw around as well.

Johnny knows a staggering number of people ranging from the guy at his favourite coffee cart, the doorman at his favourite club, to alien queens and interdimensional tyrants. Not all of them are friends but they all know the name of Johnny Storm and know he's a member of the Fantastic Four. Generally in Earth, space, or a number of dimensions, Johnny can usually find people willing to listen to him if not lend him a hand.

Fantastic Four:
Johnny is more than a member of the Fantastic Four, they're his family, so he can count on their support no matter what team he's currently associated with. As part of the First Family of Superheroes, Johnny has shares in Fantastic Four Inc, making him a millionaire in his own right, a home in Four Freedoms Plaza, as well as access to all the gadgets that Reed has cooked up for the team. Most important to Johnny though is that when he needs them his family will be there to back him up.

Justice League:
Johnny joined the Justice League sometime after its founding in 2012, and is currently a reserve member in good standing with access to League communications and resources as well as help from other League members when he's in a tight spot.

Storm Household:
Johnny has recently purchased his and Sue's family home lost when their late father's drinking ruined their finances. Continuously in a state of being renovated, it is less a home than the place Johnny goes when he needs to think.

The Garage:
Johnny has an extensive collection of cars ranging from old hot rods, to modern supercars? Why would someone who can fly under his own power want cars? Because cars are freaking awesome that's why!


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Johnny Storm is known around the world and that makes it hard to lay low, or not have your every mistake end up online, adding a layer of pressure to everyday life those with secret identities don't have to worry about. Plus it's not hard for villains to find you when you're face is splashed all over Instagram complete with location tags.

Johnny's flames can be put out by robbing them of oxygen while at his normal level of output, vacuum, water and fire retardant chemicals will all do the trick if used in sufficient volume. If put out this way, Johnny is forced back to his human state with all its weaknesses until the whatever put out his flames is removed and he can re-ignite. He is immune to this weakness in his full plasma state but the trade off is the amount of energy he has to use to maintain that form.

For all the friends the Fantastic Four has made over the years they have as many if not more enemies. They're all gunning for them at some level or another and they always turn up at just the wrong moment, but such is the life of a superhero.

Currently Johnny can maintain his low-level plasma state for 20hrs, if he we were to do so it would take him another 24 for before he could re-ignite, making him effectively human, but retaining his thermal and pyro kinetic abilities. Going into his nova flame mode, however taxes him much more quickly, and using his Nova Burst wipes out his energy reserves leaving him vulnerable for at least a day if not far longer.

Johnny has come a long way from his hotheaded teen years but he's still very much a leap first ask questions later kind of guy when it comes to a lot of things in life. In general he can still be counted on to throw the first punch or say the first thing to come to his mind without really thinking things through.

Power Synergism:
The Fantastic Four are linked by more than just family bonds but down to their core of their powers. While in the four are in the same dimension their powers remain stable regardless of distance, but if one or more are gone for an extended period of time the others begin to lose power and could with enough time lose their powers entirely.

Johnny was killed and brought back repeatedly over a span of two years while a prisoner in the Negative Zone. The memory of it haunts him giving him bad dreams and flashbacks. Additionally half-remembered images of unleashing his Nova Burst against Zod and Annihilus has made him hesitant to use the power and he will usually find any excuse to avoid it.



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Johnny Storm has 31 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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Art Night March 14th, 2021 Johnny Storm just wants to show off an alien statue he got on a mission. Things go perfectly!
Talk to the Hand February 22nd, 2021 Creepy Amatur Carny Causes Chaos and Gets Away. No one Harmed.
A Fantastic Favor February 4th, 2021 Jen works up the courage to ask Reed for help in being able to change back to Jennifer Walters. Reed does SCIENCE! and she and Johnny banter.
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Kind of Like Speed, But the Sequel. November 15th, 2020 Hercules, Hyperion, Human Torch, and Starfire ruins the naming scheme of all H names. Luckily they were still victorious in their battle against bio-organic marauders.
The Impossible Box October 29th, 2020 Johnny needs help testing a mysterious artifact. With the Thing away, he calls in another strongman: the Incredible Hercules! Will the lab survive?!
Oktoberfest in Salem Center October 7th, 2020 Oktoberfest in Salem Center sees dancing and drinking and eating but members of Xavier's school and other guests.
The Match of the Century September 19th, 2020 The Thing and She-Hulk have an epic wrestling match for charity! By the end, the stage was destroyed and everybody had a good time.
The Morning After August 19th, 2020 Do not poke the mamabear. (Also Val is grounded until she's 30.)
A Change of Atmosphere August 13th, 2020 Nessa speaks with Johnny and Ben about determining who to trust in a complex situation, with a side discussion about hero names that may have marketing potential.
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Stuffy Boring Parties July 24th, 2020 Lara and Johnny enjoy a bit of conversation after a social outing!
Hashbrowns July 21st, 2020 Johnny and Nessa continue their diner conversation over hashbrowns, followed by an entirely innocent shower serenade.
Greasy Spoons July 21st, 2020 Two symbiotes in a diner leads to some tense conversation while Johnny Storm is a smooth operator.
Do you want to build a Snowman July 20th, 2020 Johnny flies Nessa to Antarctia for some carefree practice of her abilities in her natural habitat, with nobody around to risk hurting! Fun was had!
Fantastic Fire Island July 19th, 2020 A small little party on fire island went off without a hitch, and no beacons visible from space were created in the making of this party!
Because it's a Tuesday July 15th, 2020 A decent Tuesday night at the Public House
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Genosha Burns: 10,000 Brainiacs (Scene 2260 overflow) July 11th, 2020 The Avengers, and more of Earth's heroes make Brainiac regret he ever chose to mess with Earth. But surely there are more threats out there aside from Brainiac...
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Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.
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An Afternoon in the Rathskeller, Hellfire Club March 15th, 2020 folks meet and mingle.


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Johnny Storm has 31 finished logs.

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